Rubber suit surprise!

by Peter Johns

 A yearning for a bit more rubber in his life is whispered in the ear of someone who can do something about it.

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I love wearing rubber and dream of all the things I would love to be changed into. I met this amazing gay guy at one of the out of town clubs. He was wearing what looked like a Spider-Man outfit that hid absolutely nothing, and wow did he have an amazing cock and pair of balls. He must have noticed me eyeing him up and came over and asked, “Do you like my suit? I made it myself, and the worse part was getting my cock and balls into the sheath, all the rest was easy.”

I thought a minute and said, “I wish I was able to get a suit like that. Though of course in a different design. I always fancied something like Little John from Robin Hood.”

Nothing like being subtle is there? He whispered in my ear, “Would you like to come back to my place for a nightcap and we can talk it over? I might be able to make one for you—although there are a few stipulations about wearing it.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I muttered. “Lovely. I will just get my coat.” I was actually only wearing a black lycra all-in-one hooded suit, and was a bit cold.

I drove us back to his place and we went in. He had a lovely home and we went and sat in his lounge. A guy came out with coffee for us, and I nearly fell of the sofa. He was only wearing a white rubber jock strap that simply did not hide his thick cockhead, shaft and monster balls. When he walked the whole lot swayed backwards and forwards. “There you are,” said James. “Even one of my jock straps can look erotic.”

As we drank our coffee, James managed to slide his hand up my leg and started massaging my cock, which shamed me by suddenly producing a big blob of pre cum through my suit. James laughed. “Fancy a bit of fun then?” he said. He unzipped the front of his spider costume and to my delight, his cock and ball sheath in black was still attached to his body. I lowered my mouth onto the rubber head, which was surprisingly soft and warm and licked and then sucked it. He managed to work it around my mouth and into my throat. I could feel something leaking out of the end and realised it must be precum. As the cock was able to slide into my throat, he jerked and suddenly my throat and mouth were filled with gorgeous warm sticky thick cum. He pulled out and I swallowed most of it, I saw he still had the cock and ball sheath on. He zipped up his rubber suit again, which fitted him soooo well.

“Well,” he said, “it’s midnight, you better go home and if you call here tomorrow lunchtime” (it was Saturday) “we will see what we can do.”

Next day could not come soon enough, I was around there about 12:30 and took him some flowers, which he said was just so sweet. I went in.

He took me into a workshop in the back of the house and this time he was wearing a black pair of rubber tights and still had his cock and ball sheath sticking out in front… he saw me looking at his cock again and laughed. “Better put a thing over this lot, as it keeps getting in the way! Right, before we start, will you strip off and I can see what needs doing first?” he said.

I stripped off, and as usual my cock decided to stand to attention. James looked at my completely shaved body and said I had done a good job. I just needed as shower with some special shampoo to prevent any body hair growing back again, and also some pain killing tablets on case the rubber might prove to be a little too warm.

“Oh James,” I said, “I didn’t think you would be doing me a suit so soon.”

James laughed again. “This is only a try out, to see how you like the rubber. We need to sort out your cock and balls first.”

It was strange, but since taking the pain killers my cock was really smarting and had actually got quote red, my balls were smarting too. I told James and he simply told me to watch them while he mixed the rubber solution and tell him what I thought. I watched my cock and suddenly it started to swell and grow longer, a large mushroom cut head bloomed out and my balls started to grow bigger to match. It stopped growing at about 10”, which was a monster and my balls were nice and firm underneath and big. “Right,” said James. “First part completed, let’s sort out the sheath now.”

They put a lot of cream over my cock and balls, and then both of them held a glossy black rubber cock and ball sheath over the head of my cock and forced it over the head and pulled it down the shaft, it was a bit tight, but I could cope. They then pulled apart the entrance hole and first pushed in one of my large balls into one side of the bag and the other into the other side, there was a divider at the entrance which made it rather difficult to get them in, but they managed. James asked if it was comfortable and I had to reply, “Well, my cock feels as though its getting strangled at the moment.” But as I said that, I feel the sheath starting to expand a little, veins started to appear on the outside and were actually throbbing with life. I put my had around the edge of sheath to pull it down a little more bit could not find the edge where it met the felsh in my crotch.

“What are you looking for?” asked James. “You won’t find a seam there, the sheath is now part of your body. You have a rubber cock and balls, which will last you forever, same as mine. The tablets that you took enhanced the growth and also enhanced a hormone that produced cells between the rubber and your flesh and they have now bonded as one. If you look carefully you will see where the rubber meets your flesh it simply blends seamlessly in.”

“Fuck me!” I shouted. “I want to piss, and you have sealed my cock up, what now?”

James looked surprised. “Go and piss normally and see what happens.”

I went into the toilet and held my strange monster rubber cock over the toilet and let go, a small hole opened in the mushroom head and I pissed, I thought what the fuck, and wanked myself off as well, and watched as an enormous stream of thick cum jetted into the pan. It took ages to stop, and I thought it was amazing. I still could not believe that it was stuck solid on me and tried to find a piece of loose rubber to pull away, but James was right, the rubber simply seemed to blend into my normal flesh.

I went back into the workshop and James looked at me and smiled. “I can tell you did well. And see, you managed to bang one out as well. Come over here and we will see how you feel encased on rubber.”

“I hope I can remove this part,” I said. “I have to work in the bank.”

They stood me in a sort of framework, having first put on long plastic glove that went up to just below my shoulders and then slipped a mask over my head like a balaclava, that fitted in a ring around my neck. James said this was to leave my arms and neck line bare like a T shirt. They sprayed me with red liquid rubber from my waist downwards carefully going around my black rubber cock and balls, tight down to my feet and in between my toes. Ten minutes to dry and then they lowered me down and sprayed the top of me. Thirty minutes later I was walking around the room in a super red rubber skin tight suit and hard as hell. “I love the feel,” I told James and could definitely cope with wear one for a reasonable time.

“Right, lads,” said James. “Peel this off him and prepare for a full suit to be fitted.” The rubber was like a face mask and peeled off.

Two guys sprayed a lotion all over my exposed body and within minutes it had soaked in, leaving my skin silky smooth. I sat on the edge of the inspection bed and they started to pull up the suit which was an amazing bright glossy red toes careful placed inside each bit and then up my legs. It got to my cock and ball sheath and slid over it sitting snugly around the base, then up my body each arm into the short sleeves and finally sat nicely around my neck. James ask me to stand still for a few minutes to let it accept my shape and for it to settle into my flesh. “Sorry,” I said. “What did you say about settling into my flesh?”

James smiled and said when he said it was permanent it was permanent, the spray on my flesh would absorb the rubber suit’s inner lining into my flesh and the outer red gloss rubber would then be completely attached to me and could never be removed. I could feel it tightening on me now, the red and black around my cock and balls blended into each other, and then my butt started to tighten and I told James. “Okay,” he said. “Don’t worry, it’s the inner seal ring pushing inside you butt hole and then the lining will adhere to the sides leaving a large thick ring at the entrance to grip cocks as they fuck you.”

There was nothing I could do. I waited and soon felt amazingly comfortable. My large cock and balls were throbbing in anticipation of a fuck my butt hole itching for a cock. James asked me would I like to try and fuck one of the guys? and I agreed. My cock was bigger than before, at least 12” now. I lubed my rubber cock and eased it through the entrance and then pushed ahead, my mushroom pushed past the inner ring and popped inside and then I fucked him like no tomorrow until I shot my load. I pulled out and the other guy went around the back of me and pushed his monster rubber cock inside my butt hole. Fucking hell it hurt! Then when he filled me with his thick hot cum, I thought I would burst. He pulled out and cum was everywhere, and my cock was still dripping cum like his. It was running down my legs, out of my hole… I cleaned up, the guys and James sprayed me with rubber polish. I put my outside clothes on, but my cock was too big for my trousers, so James gave me a rubber thong which held it up against my waist, and I went home. What happened next… well, that’s another story.

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