Russel and Logan

by Anonymous

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Russel Fisher was a 16-year-old boy who lived outside of Malibu. It was a mere mile from his house to the beach, so it wasn’t surprising that he was a surfer. Not only that, but he was the stereotypical long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, perfectly tan, smooth body, toned, handsome surfer; and a quite talented one at that.

Almost every day of his summer vacations and many afternoons after school he was to be found down on the beach catching waves as well as the attention of both girls and guys, both of which were fine by him. Russel had been comfortable with his bisexuality since he had learned what sexuality was. He was very well endowed for his age and he proudly showed off for either sex.

One summer day, Russel was walking the beach aimlessly; the waves weren’t very good and he felt like showing off. He wore his usual outfit of blue-with-white-otter-print boardshorts and nothing else, leaving his muscular torso open to public viewing.

As he wandered towards the snack bar, he noticed Logan Byron, a junior whose almost ridiculously rich parents practically owned the school. Logan was a captain of the swim team (of which Russel was also a member) and the best wide receiver in their school’s history. In spite of this, he was one of the nicest, most modest guys Russel knew. Logan was no slouch in the physical department. He was muscular and lithe from the constant sports and spent almost as much time at the beach as Russel, giving him a perfect golden tan. He had a face at once both cute and masculinly handsome. He was wearing only a black Speedo which did little to hide the sizeable bulge apparent at his crotch. All these factors had given Russel a huge crush on him. He played it off well enough, always acting nonchalant and treating Logan like any of his other friends, but in private Russel fantasized about him.

Logan noticed Russel and waved him over; “Hey, Russel, what’s up?”

“Not much,” he replied, taking Logan’s outstretched hand for a greeting shake, “How ’bout you?”

“Just got off of football practice. I was hoping to relax a little before swim meet later. You going?”

“Yeah. Might as well, waves suck today,” Russel chuckled. It was well known that he only showed up for swim team when the surfing wasn’t at its best.

“So, Russel, I’m having a party tonight. Wanna come?”

Russel happily agreed and said he’d see Logan later. He then continued on his walk to the snack bar. But before he could get there he was stopped again, this time by something shiny in the sand. He crouched down to pick it up, thinking it was some change. However, he pulled it out of the sand to reveal a gold chain necklace with a saphire pendant shaped like a surfboard.

’Wow,’ Russel thought to himself as he examined the jewelry, ’This is really nice, somebody must have lost it.’

He looked around, but saw no one in the immediate vicinity. The closest person was a girl on a beach towel about ten yards away.

“Excuse me, ma’am, is this your necklace?” he asked and held it out for her to see. She took off her sunglasses and looked but shook her head and told him it wasn’t.

Russel decided he would get his snack and watch the spot were he had found it. If someone came along, he would give the necklace back.

He had gotten his nachos and water and was just getting up to throw his garbage away when he saw an older surfer slowly walking around where he had found the necklace and looking in the sand. Quickly pitching the trash into the nearest bin, Russel took the necklace and went over.

“Sir, is this your necklace?”

“Yeah, dude!” he put his board down and walked over.

He was in his early twenties and looked like he surfed as much as Russel did. As he thanked Russel for finding his necklace, another surfer, identical to him, came over and asked what was going on.

“Oh, this kid just found my necklace,” he replied.

The two must have been twins, they looked like clones of each other. The first guy was about to take the necklace when he stopped and looked at his double. Then, he turned back to Russel and held his hand up palm forward.

“You know what? Why don’t you keep it? I don’t think I need it anymore.”

“Really? Wow, thanks!” Russel accepted the necklace and slipped it on.

“Yep, I’m sure. It looks good on you, kid.”

The two surfers left and Russel decided to go home. There wasn’t any reason to stay with the waves so bad. He grabbed his board and headed back home.

After going home and taking a shower, Russel went to his room to get ready for the swim meet. His dad came home and drove him to the school. Russel walked into the locker room and began changing. Logan was already there.

“Hey, Russel! Nice necklace.”

“Thanks, I found it on the beach today.”

“Nobody was around to claim it.”

“Yeah, but the guy who did told me to keep it.”

“That’s pretty cool. Ready for the meet?”

“Sure am. We’ll beat them, no problem.”

Russel tucked the necklace into his bag and walked out in his blue Speedo. The meet went well, Russel and Logan both placed first in their divisions and their school got the best times.

Afterwards, the team went to shower off. Russel finished first and his locker was right next to the shower door. He placed the necklace over his head so he wouldn’t lose it. As he changed from his speedo to his underwear, Logan stepped out of the shower.

The entrance to the shower area had a raised edge to keep the water from spilling out. However, that edge was covered in a tile that was very slippery when wet. Many students had slipped on the edge and hurt themselves, but the school never bothered to change it, instead substituting a WATCH YOUR STEP sign.

Logan’s foot seemed to lose its traction in slow motion. He almost fell backwards, but caught himself. However, he over-compensated and fell forward … right into Russel, who dropped the underwear and caught him before he fell.

No sooner had Russel’s bare skin touched Logan’s than everything stopped. Russel was still aware, but could not move. Everything—sound, movement, even the water—stopped in time.

Russel stared, transfixed, as he saw what was happening. Had he been able to, he would have gasped. Logan’s short brown hair was turning lighter and longer. He felt his own hair change as it shortened; he wondered if it was changing color as well. He saw no one else changing, just him and Logan.

Next, he saw Logan get shorter and his shoulders get narrower while he felt himself become taller and gain broader shoulders. Logan’s tan lines moved to board shorts length, but Russel’s stayed the same. His goatee disappeared to match Russel’s smooth face.

The next thing to change happened south. Both boys were about equally gifted, Russel’s slightly longer, Logan’s slightly thicker. Logan’s gained length while Russel’s gained girth. However, Russel felt something strange and turned his gaze to watch as his foreskin grew back and covered his cock head. Russel’s balls enlarged while Logan’s minimal pubic hair disappeared.

Finally, Russel felt something like an invisible wave crash down on him. His mind was flooded with images and knowledge that he had not possesed before. An entire year of school was pounded into his brain. New memories of life as Logan’s identical twin flooded his thoughts. His dad was now with Logan’s mom, they were still rich, but lived in Russel’s house. They were now both in tenth grade instead of ninth and eleventh and both were captains of the swim team and star players on the football team. Russel’s old memory still existed, but it was more like a vivid dream than reality.

No sooner had Russel realized that he was now somehow Logan’s twin than time unfroze and everything continued as it had been. Only, not quite.

“Thanks, bro, almost split my head open. The school really needs to fix that. Maybe we should ask mom and dad to donate some money.”

Logan got on his feet and went over to his own locker, which was still in the same place. Russel seemed to be the only person who realized the changes; everyone else kept doing what they had been. Russel reached down to pick up his dropped boxers and found that they were not the Walmart brand he had been wearing earlier. They were now Calvin Klein silk boxers. He reached into his locker and pulled out more expensive and fashionable clothes. He put these on and found that his Speedo was now black like Logan’s. He picked up his bag, which was still the one the school had provided, and found that his watch, phone, and wallet were all much more expensive than what he previously owned.

He went over to the toilets as an excuse to examine himself further. The feel of his new foreskin gliding over his glans almost gave him an erection, but he forced himself to stay flaccid. Washing his hands allowed him to look in the mirror and see himself as the new Russel-Logan hybrid. He had to admit, he was pretty damn sexy. He also came to the conclusion that it must have been the necklace. The guy who had given it to him had been with a twin and said he didn’t need it anymore. That was because he had already used it.

Contemplating what this now meant for him, Russel was spacing when Logan came over and shut the water off.

“Dude, you’ve been washing your hands for five minutes. You alright?”

“What? Oh, yeah, I was just thinking of something.”

“Alright, you ready to go?”

“Yeah, sure,” Russel answered, curious as to what would happen next.

He followed Logan out to the parking lot were he took out a set of keys and unlocked the doors to a brand new black Rolls-Royce Phantom. Russel climbed in the passenger seat and they drove to where Russel’s house had been. Instead of his old middle-class house, however, a literal mansion had taken it’s place and the neighborhood which had surrounded it was now acres of yard. It appeared as though history had been rewritten to perfectly combine Russel’s and Logan’s lives.

As the two boys walked into the house, Logan led the way upstairs. Russel’s double memory made the mansion both new and familiar; he had never seen it before, but he knew where everything was.

They passed a woman in the hallway, she was dusting a bookshelf when she heard the two approach.

“Hello, boys! How did your meet go?”

“Hi, Ms. Stephanie,” both Russel and Logan said, Russel automatically knowing the maid’s name from his new memory. “It went good, we both tied for first.”

“Oh, is there anything you boys don’t do together?” she asked, teasing.

The two continued down the hall to where their bedroom was. Though the house had more than enough rooms, Russel and Logan had always shared their room. At least, now they had. It was a very large room, anyways, with two beds and double furniture, it still had plenty of room to spare. They dropped their bags at their respective beds and Logan went into the walk-in closet. He came back out with fresh clothes and looked at Russel.

“Well, aren’t you coming to take a shower?”

Russel wondered what he meant, but his new memory told him that “doing everything together” literally meant just that. Logan had absorbed Russel’s bisexuality and as Russel had loved Logan, Logan now loved Russel. They had come out to each other when they were just 13 and had experimented with each other until a strong bond had developed, stronger than their being twins had been.

Russel got his clothes and they went down to the bathroom. Inside, it was as big as their room. The shower stall was big enough for ten people to stand in comfortably and the jacuzzi tub was the size of one you would find outside. Logan began to strip right in front of Russel who began to do the same. Logan reached in the shower and turned it on.

“Let’s get it nice and steamy,” he said suggestively.

Russel couldn’t believe it, his sexual fantasies of Logan were coming true, albeit not how he had imagined it. He carefully placed the necklace over a towel hook and followed Logan into the shower. The glass door closed and steamed up, creating a private box for them to share with each other. Logan started by walking over and caressing Russel’s chest.

“You did great at the meet today,” Logan whispered.

“You too,” Russel replied, equally quiet, eager for what was to come.

“That was a nice catch at football, too.” Russel’s memory told him he had caught a long bomb from the opposite thirty yard line into the endzone during their mock scrimmage. “Let’s see what I can catch.”

Russel placed his hands on Logan’s waist and pulled him closer. The two were touching chest to chest, abs to abs, and cock to cock. Then, Russel gave Logan a quick kiss on the lips. He smiled and chuckled afterwards. Logan wrapped his arms around Russel’s back. The two started to walk with arms around each other to the water. The hot water felt great on their skin and only intensified the sexual feeling.

“What’s so funny?” inquired Logan as he massaged Russel’s back. Russel hugged Logan tighter and took a deep breath.

”Oh, I’m just so happy that you’re with me,” whispered Russel into Logan’s ear.

”Me, too bro. But I wouldn’t worry about that much. It was just a slip,” joked Logan.

Russel started to lightly grind his crouch into Logan’s. Their cocks were rubbing each other. Russel gave Logan another kiss. This time the kiss was longer and with tongue.

Logan broke off their kissing and grabbed the bottle of body wash. He got a dollop and slowly massaged the soap into Russel’s body. Russel also rubbed Logan’s chest and arms. They each took turns to clean their brother’s back. They washing each other’s hair and other parts of the body.

Their cocks were erect, and they felt the need to reach the climax. They hugged and held each other with rubbing their cocks together. They grinded in rhythm, they kissed, and soon, they released. Orgasmic bliss filled the shower as the two twins hugged each other tightly. Finally, Russel felt tears flowing from his eyes. He was incredibly happy. In his mind, he thanked that guy who gave him necklace. He and Logan were together now forever.

After the release, Russel and Logan washed each other again. They climbed out of the shower and dried each other off.

“You seem to be incredibly happy today,” commented Logan.

”How can you be sad when we won the swim meet!” answered Russel. Russel wasn’t really sure whether or not he should tell Logan the truth. This just seems to good to be true. However, Russel’s old life seem to fade little by little. Logan pulled on Russel’s arm and led to him to their bedroom.

However, Russel let go of Logan’s grip when he caught his reflection in the mirror. Russel was amazed at his new body. He started flexing his muscles.

“Wow I look amazing!” cried Russel.

”Yes you are, bro,” agreed Logan. He joined Russel at flexing in the mirror. The two were incredibly identical. Their muscles were well defined and toned. Their arms and legs were sculpted. They didn’t incredibly large muscles. Their faces were chiseled and handsome. Their faces were a combination of both The old faces of Russel and Logan. The new Russel and Logan looked exactly alike. They even had the same haircut. Logan hugged Russel and when looked at the mirror, they looked like a two headed person.

“Hey I was thinking, why don’t we push our beds together, so we’re sleeping in one bed?” asked Russel.

”Huh? I thought we already discussed this. Mom and dad don’t know about our ’relationship’” answered Logan.

”Oh that’s right!” remembered Russel. The two weren’t out to anyone else besides themselves. They did sleep together on one bed, but they ruffled the other bed’s sheet to make it seem that someone slept on it.

”When are we going to be out?” asked Russel.

”I don’t know. All I know is I’m glad that I’m not alone in this,” said Logan. He gave his brother a quick kiss. The two brothers walked over to one of the beds and hugged and kissed each other. Russel felt that this new life is perfect, and he and Logan drifted to sleep.

Russel woke up from his sleep. It was morning already. He is still Logan’s twin. Although he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was not his original life. It didn’t matter he thought. This is his real life now.

Logan and Russel were spooning. Russel was the one at the back. His morning wood was right between Logan’s butt crack. Russel’s hand was near Logan’s cock. Logan was still asleep, so Russel was careful not to make any sudden movements to wake his brother.

Russel took a whiff of Logan’s hair, and he enjoyed it thoroughly. A few seconds later, Logan stirred a bit. Russel whispered good morning into Logan’s ear. Logan smiled and said good morning as well. Russel quickly grabbed Logan’s cock, which caused Logan to gasp loudly.

”Wow, you’re really impatient!” exclaimed Logan.

”I’m just greedy, you know,” responded Russel.

Logan turned to face Russel and he grabbed Russel’s cock, too. The two twins then masturbated each other. They stroked slowly at first, but then they picked up the pace. Their breaths were also synchronized. They stared intensely into each other’s eyes. As soon as they climaxed and released simultaneously, they drew their bodies together, and their cum was like a glue connecting their chests and abs together. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each passionately.

“Great as always, bro,” praised Logan.

”I am great!” boasted Russel. The two laughed. They stayed in bed for quite a long time while staring at the ceiling.

Finally, Russel gave in. He wanted to share this tiny doubt he has been feeling.

”I’ve been having the weirdest dream recently,” said Russel.

”Oh what about?” asked Logan.

”Well, it was about the two of us. Um, I can’t remember the exact details, but I think we weren’t together.”

”Sounds like a nightmare.”

”I know. We weren’t lovers. We weren’t twins or brothers.”

”That is definitely a nightmare!”

”But then, I found this necklace and we got together again. That was the greatest thing at the end.”

”At least it ended happily.”

”I know. You really are the greatest thing that happened to me, Logan. I really am lucky and blessed to be with you. I…I love you,” Russel was tearing up at this point.

”I love you Russel. I too am lucky” said Logan. He wiped Russel’s tears away and they kissed each other again.

After this, the twins walked side by side to the shower with their arms around their shoulders. After the shower, they went into their closet and picked out their speedos. Both Russel and Logan picked the same black speedos that had a yellow waistband. The two then raced each other to their pool for swim practice.

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