Centaur professor

by James Fourlegs

This learned descendant of the famous teaching centaur Chiron passes on more than just wisdom.

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Part 1: Love and Cum This learned descendant of the famous teaching centaur Chiron passes on more than just wisdom. (added: 1 Mar 1998)
Part 2: Addendum
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Part 1: Love and Cum

I think most of the guys took the advanced course series not because we were interested in an arcane branch of molecular biology, but because we were secretly wild about the teacher, Ed, who was the only centaur on the faculty. He was jaw-droppingly beautiful, and just watching him dip his head to come through the doorway turned me on. The seeming miles of gleaming coat and muscle of male horse that followed his bare-chested torso into the room made me ache with arousal.

He would smile and greet our class, and I could almost feel all the hardons heating up as we smiled and returned his greeting. Guys would become warm and aroused, and within minutes of Ed's arrival they would be stretching and sometimes trembling with arousal, secretly reaching for their crotches to adjust clothes around their expanding hardons.

We would simply drink in the sight of him this huge and statuesque centaur male, who dominated our vision and our thoughts as his spectacular body stood four-legged in front of us, while his long-muscled arms pointed to a chart or simply gestured while he clarified the endless minute complexities that filled our studies. Watching the four giant horselegs intelligently carry out seemingly impossible maneuvers around the desk, chalkboard, overhead projector and the various easels and charts left me in awe of him, as he discoursed on formulas and rare, detailed structures.

He was a good teacher, fair and with a knack for challenging and encouraging without finding fault; his dispassionate love of science seemed to emanate from his very core, but the very fact of having so much of him and his beauty in the room was almost too awesome to deal with. His height, from atop a graceful and powerful stallion's body, almost commanded a swoon in itself.

I kept noticing guys doing centaur doodles and sketches of Ed on little sheets of paper that could be quickly hidden away. Some of them were very good . Ed would guide his giant four-legged body skillfully among us at our desks, twisting and bending his broad, muscular shoulders as his long arms and beautiful hands reached down to check a paper or point out a possible solution in an equation. His four legs worked in seemingly effortless partnership, bearing the massive stallion body past us as we worked away at mind- searing problems, our calculators warm with use. His huge equine muscles gently radiated their own heat, the heat of the powerful centaur blood that pounded within his endless veins and arteries, the warmth of primal male life that filled his magnificent form.

As his four hooves carefully picked their way along the narrow aisles between our desks, I could feel even their quiet impact on the floor, through my soles and seat and arms as I sat at my desk, trying not to be distracted by the beautiful horse commanded by the mind and upper body of a god.

If he noticed the admiring stares of the students, he never let on; once he had passed by one's desk and checked one's work, one could hardly help but gaze upward at the passing parade of his centaur body. I would be in rapture at the stunningly powerful contours of his four legs, his flanks and back as he talked to a student several desks ahead. And there, like a loaded cannon between the massive muscle sweep of Ed's equine rear legs, was his huge male centaur organ, massive even while stowed away within his powerful warm hindquarters, elegantly draped from partial view by his hind legs and his long, gleaming horse tail.

Even though the members of the advanced class tended to be broad-shouldered, good-looking, long- legged guys on average, compared to him, we felt puny and small, through no fault of Ed's, of course. Guys would adopt extreme work-out schedules in between their study hours, just to emulate his torso's naturally huge, long muscles, and although none of us would have even thought of going shirtless in class, as Ed's natural naked state permitted him to do, most of the class was in awesome shape beneath their clothes. Somehow, his scholarly spirit provided the ideal mix with his intensely physical anatomical bodily endowment, and his quiet inspiration gave us an unquenchable thirst to continue to grow steadily in knowledge and in body.

It was common to see large groups of our well- built guys clustered near him before and after class, hanging on his every word and showing him their work, noting his suggestions and corrections. He never seemed to mind the extra time he had to take to work with them, even in spite of the crushing demands of his own research and publishing.

And the guys seemed to revel in the chance to be near to him, to have him personally examine their work, exchange a word or a smile at close range, or to feel the friendly weight of one of his giant, beautiful hands on our shoulders as his awesome torso and shoulders towered over us, his neck gently bent down so he could view our work and speak to us. We crowded around Ed, almost reveling in the chance to brush or bump his horse body while straining over each other's shoulders to watch him show something to a particular student. I know we worked really hard on our studies, because they were so entwined with the intense and wonderful experience of being near to our handsome centaur teacher, and it was the way we could become close to him.

In fact, something occurred to me one day, watching him explain a difficult concept to a cluster of his tall, muscular students. His words flowed with his usual comforting mix of enthusiasm and pedagogy, while unfolding his huge long arms to describe the steps of a chemical process, with flowing gestures of his strong, long-fingered hands. His four giant horse legs did their own quiet choreography to carry out his gentle body language. I realized that there was literally a lot of love in that room. I also realized that the undercurrent of energy that carried the class ahead was the tremendous arousal that Ed sustained sexually in our bodies as well as intellectually in our minds. Yet he was as unaffected and natural as the beauty which radiated from his strapping centaur body, and he was totally professional, his awesome sexuality never mentioned, even as it bathed us in its sweetness and power.

The very first time I remember seeing Ed turned on, thinking back on that amazing moment, was the night of an end-of-semester party at Ed's house. It was a warm, balmy evening when the air was fresh with the wonderful fragrance of flowers and trees, and rich with the smell of barbeque. Since it was just guys, food and beer, no one felt shy about skinny-dipping in the brilliant aqua glow of the swimming pool, perhaps to show off well- developed muscles.

Naturally, it wasn't long until several of the guys, naked, laughing and beer-fed, managed to coax Ed into the pool as well, pulling at his hands and pushing at his gleaming flanks as he pretended to protest, laughing with pleasure as the horde of young muscular nudes pressed with their bodies and hardons against him, leading him down the steps in to the shallow end and finally into deeper water. It wasn't like Ed to stumble or trip, so when he fell off his four legs, so to speak, sending a wall of water crashing over the side of the pool, I knew it was the brew at work on his beautiful centaur body as well. But even then I had to admire his care for the guys; his four legs deliberately remained calm, without scrambling, so as not to kick anyone. He allowed his massive body to float, and gladly gave his hands to the guys who grabbed them, towing him back to shallow water.

It was amazing to see his natural dignity as a professor and a centaur interplay with the arousal of his horseplay with the tall young men. When the splashing and laughter finally subsided, again he gave his hands to the guys who pulled him, dripping gallons of water, up the pool steps, with four more naked, muscular students riding his horseback, holding on to his flanks with their long legs, glistening wet as they draped his horse body with a handsome blanket of human male leg muscle.

And there it was, swaying and bobbing massively between Ed's back legs as he laughed and stumbled, the first hardon I had ever seen him grow.

With the warmth of the evening, the great food and beer, and the camaraderie and love we all felt for Ed and for each other, it seemed the supreme moment for all of us to start coming—there was no other way to deal with his incredible sexuality. Ed laughed, obviously turned on, and highly honored to be the toast of the evening, as come flew as if it were champagne frothing from uncorked bottles, guys groaning, beating themselves off, beating each other off, and coming everywhere, come running down Ed's back and flanks and down the long legs of his riders.

“How 'bout you, Ed?” one of the nude students asked, licking his come off his hand while he leaned against Ed's hindquarters, indicating Ed's giant hardon.

“I'd like it, but you need a lesson in centaur come if you want to be prepared for the consequences,” Ed smiled.

“Not that I wouldn't love to see them work their effects on anybody.”

And in that moment, Ed the aroused, drunken centaur we lusted for became Ed the teacher we all loved, the only difference being the clumsiness of his lips and of his beautiful hands, and the swaying of his water-slicked body on its four legs.

And what a lesson it was. The guys gathered seated on the pool deck around Ed, their long-muscled nude bodies comforably resting against each other. Ed settled his horse body down on its four legs, resting on the lawn at the deck's edge, with his back legs sprawled sideways a little to give his huge hardon some room. As Ed talked about his centaur sexuality, that same wonderful arousal that had bonded the guys through endless hours of classtime returned, only this time it was refreshingly overt.

Even though everyone had just come, giant hardons sprung anew, and some guys quietly stroked themselves or their partners as Ed talked about his centaur come. We were amazed at what Ed told us about the properties of centaur come, and it was so arousing that some guys begged to serve as volunteers to demonstrate its effects.

We learned several things from Ed. First, the centaur precum itself was neutral, that is, not toxic or harmful to living tissue, but it caused a huge increase in the ability of tissue to stretch. This was a natural evolution in the development of the centaur, Ed explained, because those centaurs in the evolutionary chain that failed to develop such precum were limited to sexual partners with very large capacity to handle the enormous centaur penis. By natural selection, the centaurs that were able to breed and perpetuate the race were able to distend their partners to extremes, well beyond what their partners would normally be capable of handling. The precum permitted even the most hugely endowed centaurs to mate, since their giant penises were no longer an impediment to breeding.

The fact that centaurs evolved universally huge penises was another happy accident of evolution, Ed laughed, with the students sharing his laughter.

As a demonstration, Ed had his volunteers rub their hands on the huge head of his penis, which was glistening with a thick glaze of precum, and rub the precum onto their hands as they would ordinary hand lotion. “Don't taste it,” Ed said. “Not yet.” The volunteers dutifully glazed their hands with Ed's precum. First one, then another, then all of them began saying “Wow,” and then the entire audience of Ed's muscular, nude class of students joined in the chorus of aroused amazement. I was dumbfounded. The guys with Ed's precum on their hands found that their hands became extremely stretchy and flexible.

It was sexy to see what they could do to their beautiful hands—pulling the fingers longer, stretching and twisting their wrists like taffy. They bent their hands over double. One guy pulled his fingers back over his shoulder like an archer or a kid with a slingshot. Guys could wrap their hands two and three times around their or their partner's penis.

Ed's broad shoulders shook gently as he chuckled, in a boys-will-be-boys way. The guys were passing precum hand-to-hand. “I think I like this,” he laughed, as students assiduously harvested precum from his huge penis head, which began to further swell with arousal and ooze more precum at the touch of so many male hands.

I could have predicted everyone's next move, and you can imagine why! Guys smeared gobs of Ed's centaur precum on their penises and anuses, and soon the balmy evening air was full of the pleasant cries of their arousal. The penises became huge and elastic, pythonlike,even seeming to add tissue, which in fact they were doing, Ed assured us.

“Try tasting my precum,” Ed suggested.

“Mmmmm!” the guys said, and the precum really did taste good, very male and glutinous, with the tiniest tang of salt. But the cool thing was that it made your mouth feel really warm and sensitive, and your mouth and jaws and throat could stretch big enough to swallow ridiculously large things, such as the giant stretched penises everybody was developing.

Guys began wrapping themselves in their huge, heavy penises, coming in quarts into their own mouths. One guy stretched his penis over his shoulder, his partner sucking it behind his back, while he stretched his partner's penis around from behind him and up to his own lips. As the harvest of Ed's precum continued, Ed smiled, a flushed and intense look on his handsome face, as his penis continued to swell beneath all the young men's hands.

Guys were smearing Ed's precum all over each other's bodies, and a wonderful, musical, continuous groan settled over the guys as Ed's precum enabled them to distend themselves, feeling intense pleasure in the stretching of arms, of legs, of necks, of penises, of anuses. The class clown literally stuck his own head up his own handsome ass, which was nothing like the typical doctored photos you see from time to time—it was really quite sexy to see his muscular neck disappear into the beautiful globes of his butt, his body lost in itself.

Their precum-stretched mouths became amazingly huge and flexible. Guys could swallow yards of pythonlike penis, even put entire arms and shoulders in their mouths.One guy got his mouth totally around his partner's body, like an extremely handsome stork. Another guy distended his partner's ass to the point where he could climb inside it, which of course made the other guy totally unable to walk, especially when the guy tied his buddy's legs into a handsome and oddly erotic granny knot, with big handsome male feet dangling at the ends.

And other guys slow danced nude with each other, their torsos twisting around each other like two pieces of taffy, until you couldn't tell which legs went with which guy. Necks intertwined, fingers interlaced, arms wrapped several times around partners' torsos, guys made themselves eight feet tall…

“Do any of you want to become centaurs,” Ed said suddenly, sounding very aroused and having a hard time controlling his breathing. “I have to come worse than I ever have before, but you have to know what my come will do to you when your body is dosed with it.”

“Yeah!” came the reply of several aroused young male voices, some slurred with distended tongues or muffled with come.

“Okay, guys, listen, because I want to tell you, and then I want to make love to every one of you. So this is the part I wanted to tell you about most,” Ed said feverishly, his hardon looking very huge and immensely long, as guys rubbed their faces and bodies on it to coat themselves with his precum.

“The centaur's precum sets the stage by distending the partner's body, which gives the centaur and his partner a really good fuck, number one,” Ed said, with a chorus of laughter from the nude students, largely a show of sympathy for Ed's hugely aroused state.

“But the come itself is transformational. Just as the precum stretches and even creates new tissue in the centaur's lover, the come is a total life force that changes the lover, but always in accordance with the lover's own desires, as there is a psycho-volitional link. It's totally driven by love.

“Centaur replication is very much like human or animal within the centaur species, but where there is love involved, a male centaur can create centaurs by transforming humans who desire centaurhood. If you make love to me and want to be a centaur, my come will distend you and change you into a centaur also. It's a very good feeling to change, and throughout the process you will be very hungry and will have to come nearly the whole time. so we have plenty of food on hand to feed you during the hours of your transformation into a centaur.If you suck each other off during this time it will help speed the transformation, and will make you into bigger, more beautiful centaurs. As I said, love is the driver.

“The human who wants to be transformed by a centaur but wishes to remain human becomes more so, as a multiple-limbed human. If you and I make love and in your heart you wish to remain human, you will also be distended by me, and my come will make you four-legged, and while your legs will be longer and more muscular they will remain male human legs. You'll also have four arms, longer and more muscular, and you'll be quite a few inches taller. But it feels good to transform to multiple-limbed as well, and I recommend you eat a lot and help the process along by sucking each other off throughout the night, as that will make you bigger and more beautiful as multi-limbers also.

“That's about all I can tell you now because I have to come in the worst way! May I make love to any of you or all of you?”

And the rest of that wonderful night remains a milestone in each of our lives. From the blinding pleasure of being distended and penetrated by Ed to the satisfying fulfillment of becoming centaurs or multilimbers, all of us were incredibly transformed that night and found each of our bliss in magnificent love with Ed. And it was very erotic to see pairs or clusters of guys, feeding each other and faithfully sucking each other down as their bodies grew larger, heavier and more beautiful. By dawn we were still feasting, and the warm air in morning's early light bore the tang of sweat and come from the beautiful centaur bodies that slept with other centaurs, with multilimbers asleep in multiple armed embraces, and with centaurs and multilimbers peacefully snoozing in the warmth of each other's closeness.

Like the good teacher he was, Ed walked his four horselegs among us, checking our progress, sucking us off here or there as needed, giving a touch or a hug of assurance and welcome.

Needless to say, they've enlarged the classrooms and reworked the furniture to accommodate us, but with our intellectual processes sharpened as well, a welcome side effect of our transformartions from the centaur gene, it's not stretching a point to say that our minds have grown, too!


Part 2: Addendum

Ed had managed to keep the edge off while in class with his handsome students, but just barely. While he had long yearned to make love to all of them, he had been able to have enough sex at home every day to keep him from losing control around his beautiful students.

The school's valedictorian of some years back, who was staying on doing postgraduate thesis work and living with Ed, had fallen in love with him. Captain of the swim team and a gifted and beautiful body builder with several years' worth of muscle packed onto his tanned and tall body, Rafe had long since transformed under Ed's endless torrents of centaur come. In fact, Rafe had transformed several times over, and had grown only more beautiful with time and come. Mad with love for Ed, Rafe edited and published Ed's research and much of his own when he was not working out or making love with Ed.

When Rafe was not making love to Ed, he made up the lonely hours making love to his clone, another of Ed's research projects that had turned out beautiful beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

Rafe himself was not so much a centaur as a team of centaurs, with a stunning, broad-shouldered, six-armed torso that towered at the head of a pair of hextaur stallion bodies, that is, each centaur body six-legged by virtue of double hindquarters. His boyish beauty and sweet lips drove Ed wild, and he had enjoyed so much exposure to Ed's stretch- inducing precum that he and his clone were both very flexible and stretchy, whether at will or involuntarily.

His clone, cloned as human, before Rafe chose to become a centaur, had proven that clones take on their own direction after cloning. Identical in every other way to the beautiful Rafe, Jose the clone had opted to remain human. Naturally, his beautiful muscle-sculpted swimmer's body had been distended endless times by Ed's incredible centaur organ, and Jose bore in his body the beautiful attributes of Ed's repeated lovemaking—he was as tall as Rafe and Ed, with a double layer of broad, beautiful shoulders, spangled with three long arms each. He was nearly a centaur in his multiple complement of handsome human legs, twelve long-muscled male beauties to complement his twelve beautiful arms.

Oddly enough, he was as wild about Rafe the twelve-legged double-hextaur as Rafe was about him as the most multiple of multi- limbers. And when their massive, beautiful bodies weren't stretched and twined in sweating, pulsing love, giant centaur and multilimber penises shooting come profusely in every possible direction, they would relax together, seemingly of one mind as their several beautiful hands thumbed through research books or, with consummate delicacy for such big, strong hands, gently typed away at the computer keyboard.

It was a matter of some serious discipline that Rafe and Jose tried not to look at one another's beautiful faces during their work; otherwise, a look invariably led to a gaze, a gaze to a smile, a smile to a kiss, and a kiss would lead to multiple burning giant penises in full arousal, followed by hours upon hours of come-soaked love.

For fun, they played complex games of every description, as masters of the highest levels of nearly every real time and computer game ever invented. For further fun, they played the stock market on-line, with skill and luck. But no wealth would ever match their endless, burning love for each other and for Ed. Nor Ed's love for them.

It still amused Ed that Rafe and Jose would simply lose some of their limbs from time to time, due to the sometimes involuntary stretchiness. Ed would patiently pick up extra foursomes of legs or fallen stallion hindquarters where they sprawled, and lovingly press them back onto the owners as they made love to each other.

Only the giant, aroused penises that had become separated truly distracted Ed for any amount of time—he loved to gather them all up and spend hours nuzzling and sucking them before returning them to the sleeping Rafe and Jose.

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