Island duty

by Bud Boytaurbody

The magical natives at the neighboring island drape your shoulders not with a flowered lei but something way different.

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The guys in my unit don't mind going shirtless, to put it mildly. I've always thought it's pretty cool. We pretty much have the island to ourselves, so the duties are light. But we train pretty hard anyway. Nobody says anything, but it's awesome.

The other island, the only one in the whole ocean around here, is kind of our local shore leave spot. It's more exotic, especially the natives. Oddly enough, there's a large native population, said to be very handsome, all guys. They all do magic, good stuff, they call it. I've never been over.

So anyway, it's sunset, and Stewart comes back from shore leave (which means he got to go to the other island) wearing a couple of—!!—big feet strung around his neck like a couple of dogtags, dangling down the front of his parka.

"Where the fuck did you get these," I asked him, grabbing the two feet and pulling at the leather strap that held them. Holy fuck! They were alive! I quickly dropped them. Stewart smiled, boned as I was, as the big feet dangled there on his chest.

I touched one of them. It was healthy, warm, pulsing, sweating. "What the fuck . . ? I asked Stewart.

"Island magic stuff, I guess," Stewart smiled. "Look at this!" he said, with a big grin.

He lifted up the parka, baring his waist and a second pair of arms! They were tanned, with light golden-brown hairs on the hands and forearms just like his first pair of arms.

"They can do this kind of stuff all they want," Steward smiled. "I think that's why there are so many of them over there." He couldn't stop smiling. He was obviously really boned.

He removed the leather cord and the two big dangling feet from around his neck and held it in one of his hands that was protruding from under the parka, and deftly pulled off his parka using the other new hand, sliding his two original arms out from the parka sleeves as he took it off.

I was too stunned to think, but he looked awesome, the dumb galoot. All four of his hands helped with hanging the big feet and their leather cord around his neck again. The big feet dangled happily against Stewart's bare chest, where his four hands kept feeling them, holding them.

"They got everything over there we want," Steward smiled.

Owen was hiking up to us from the little pier where he and a small group of our guys had just tied up.

It was hard to make out his silhouette at first, with the sunset glare from behind him like that. As he got closer I could see that he had a pair of nice big feet dangling around his neck, too. Different, but good-looking and healthy, just like Stewart's.

"What is it with the feet?" I asked Owen. Despite myself, I was boned. Damn. Who'd have thought the guys would be coming back with these feet around their necks!

"Well, if one of the natives bonds with you, he gives you his feet," Owen said. "It brings his luck and magic with you."

"Well, what does he do, walk around on stumps?" I asked, sounding more derisive than I meant to.

"They've got four feet," Steward said, seeing Owen's surprise at the way I asked.

"Yeah," Owen said, encouraged by Stewart's help. "They just grow them back. See?" he said, turning the feet on their leather cord. "You can almost feel the magic in them."

"What kind of magic," I asked.

"Well, like Stewart did, you can use them for that," Owen said. "Most of the guys want bigger penises, you know. More penises and bigger. Everyone on that island is in love," he said.

I looked down to the little pier where I could see the figures of more of the guys silhouetted against the brilliant sunset. The guys were coming up from the little pier.

As they got closer, I could make out that Morrissey was helping Alvarez. No, that wasn't right. I had to look twice. There were two of Alvarez. Actually, one of Alvarez was on each side of Morrissey and it was Alvarez who was helping Morrissey, who was naked, hair tousled, laughing, obviously drunk, and stumbling on four bare feet. Alvarez, both of him, were also laughing, but not as drunk as Morrissey. Morrissey was boned.

I turned to watch them pass. Alvarez, that is, one of Alvarez, waved at me and smiled, patting Morrissey on the butt of his hind legs as all four of Morrissey's legs reeled by, Morrissey almost knocking one Alvarez over and then the other.

And was that the clatter of hooves? Who the fuck had a horse on the island? I turned to where the sound was coming from, my hand shielding my eyes from the receding glare of the ebbing sunset.

It was Joey, our unit's most dedicated bodybuilder, not a horse. But yes he was, a partial horse. A centaur. Big, gleaming, sleek. As he got closer and more towering, he waved at me. Yes, it was Joey all right, the crazy kid. How perfect he looked this way. He smiled, all flashing smile and muscle, and moved his centaur stallion body to and fro like the parade horses on New Years Day, his great horsetail gleaming and his four hooves noisy on the earth.

He showed me the pair of big handsome feet dangling from the leather cord around his neck.

"I know, I know, an islander bonded with you," I smiled. I liked Joey.

I tried to hide my shock and then my arousal as Joey sprung huge stallion hardons from between his front and rear stallion legs, thinking of his island love.

"He wants me back," Joey smiled.

"So do I," I smiled.

Joey looked straight at me, as if searching inside me, and he smiled.

"Here, put these on," he said, reaching the big dangling pair of feet down to me. They felt warm against my chest as I settled the leather cord around my neck.

I looked back up at my Joey, the handsome centaur. Or now, Joey, the two handsome centaurs.

"How do you want me," they both said to me—then they laughed, smiling at each other and me, surprised to say the same thing at the same time.

"Well, can I have you stacked?" I asked Joey. I wasn't sure which of him to ask, since there were two of him, so I asked both of him.

"Stacked?" one of the Joeys said. The other Joey looked at him, and then looked at me, his sweet face also a question mark.

"You know, stacked, like you're two stories," I explained. "You have two torsos, the top one growing out of the shoulders of the bottom one."

Both Joeys tried to visualize being stacked, and a slow smile spread over the face of the first Joey, and he grew two huge centaur boners as he pictured being stacked, his huge boners bobbing enormously from between his front horselegs and between his hind horselegs.

"Cool!" he said. "Let me put the feet on," he said, reaching for the handsome pair of live male feet dangling lazily against my chest from their leather cord around my neck.

So I grasped the big, smooth soles of the gorgeous pair of feet with one hand, which I used to hold them both together at once, and used my other hand to lift the leather cord from around my neck.

I passed the feet and their cord to the Joey who was about to stack. He took both of the feet in one hand, holding the leather cord in the other, kissed the beautiful feet and put the cord around his neck, settling the big pair of feet comfortably against his chest as they dangled heavily from their leather cord.

"So how do you stack?" the other Joey asked him.

"I think I just make a wish on the feet," he said, closing his eyes and mentally making the wish. "Oh, wow, I think I know how to do it!" he said excitedly, his bodybuilder's torso clenching.

He clenched his eyes shut, pressed the pair of feet tightly against his chest and held his breath, almost as if he were about to bench press a thousand pounds.

The huge, sleek, shiny lower stallion's body part of him crouched on its four horselegs, then reared itself on its hind legs. I expected Joey to neigh, except, with their human upper part, centaurs don't neigh.

But he may as well have—sure enough, as he towered way up there at his full centaur height, his head and shoulders shot up yet another torso-height, springing anew out of the shoulders of his original torso.

He settled back down on his four stallion legs and stopped holding his breath, unclenching his muscles and opening his eyes.

"Whew!" he said, smiling, brushing the sweat from his forehead, pushing his hair back. "This is nice up here!"

Nice wasn't the word for it. He was awesome this way, tall even for a centaur, what with a second beautiful bodybuilder's narrow-waisted torso springing from the massive shoulders of his first.

His upper torso's shoulders were just as muscular and broad as the shoulders of his lower torso, and each torso had its own beautifully developed pair of muscular bodybuilder's arms.

As the other Joey and I gazed at him, we could tell he was getting acclimatized to his new height. His four hands were slowly exploring his double-decked human half.

"This is cool," he smiled, his upper hands reaching down to feel the part of him where his abs grew out of his lower torso's broad shoulders.

His lower torso's hands were likewise feeling their shoulders and the place where his upper torso grew up out of them. Then they reached up and touched his upper hands. "Wow, there's a lot of me!" he smiled.

He flicked his horse's tail and pranced around a bit on his four hooves, getting used to his extraordinary height.

"I'm gonna like this," he smiled, feeling his tall two-story body with his four hands. He paused, his upper arms holding the pair of feet to his lips while his lower arms patted their big hands idly on his lower torso's abs.

"I have an idea," he said. "I'll stay here with you, but first let's take Joey back to my island love. He can have him, and you can have me."

Both Joeys nodded smiling at each other, and then both turned to me. They were quite a pair, Joey my handsome body builder centaur, and Joey my newly stacked body builder centaur.

Noticing my reaction to seeing the two of them like this, they walked their glorious stallion centaur bodies over to each other and stood side by side, looking at me, arm in arm, the stacked Joey's torso towering over that of the other Joey.

"Fine," I smiled. I was aching from being so very boned for so very long. "I've got to see this island for myself, anyway."

As we got closer by boat to the mysterious island of the good stuff, I couldn’t take my mind off my two centaurs, Joey, with his fantastic bodybuilder physique and awesomely muscled bodybuilder arms, and stacked Joey with his two-story body builder torso and his four fabulously muscled bodybuilder arms.

One of the four-legged, beautiful native natives of the island had fallen for Joey during Joey’s first visit to the island, and we were taking Joey back to the island to give him to his love.

Since I was also in love with Joey, he had sweetly replicated himself into two centaurs for me so I could keep one of him for myself, even stacking himself for me at my request, as it was just amazing to see him with two of his awesome bodybuilder torsos, one growing out of the horse stallion body, and the second growing out of his own fantastically muscled shoulders, making him irresistibly tall and beautiful, each torso having its own fantastically muscular pair of arms, the four of those glorious arms so awesome to see.

Joey was quite taken with the muscles of his four beautiful arms as well, loving the way they could reach for each other and feel each other’s muscles, using them to feel the rippling, bulging muscles of his body builder torsos, upper and lower, his four hands almost always exploring the gorgeous contours of his upper and lower torsos, which drove me absolutely wild and kept him almost permanently boned.

Anyway, as usual, I was unable to clear my mind of thinking about him as we neared the island, when in his characteristically impulsive way, all of a sudden the two of him decided to jump off and swim the last few hundred yards to the island, making a wonderful splash as the two big, beautiful centaurs hit the water.

All eyes were on Joey the centaur with the single bodybuilder torso, who just looked amazing, his magnificent horse body navigating the calm seas, as well as my Joey, his double stacked muscular torso so eye-poppingly beautiful, one gorgeous and muscular torso growing out of the equally gorgeous and muscular torso that sprung from his stallion lower half.

“Come on, I’ll race ya!” he yelled over his upper shoulder to his single-storied centaur self, and off they went with their powerful swimming stallion bodies, churning the waters around them, their hooves flying furiously below the water as they bent their upper bodies with effort toward the island, the double stacked torso of my Joey again amazing to look at, his two broad backs, one on top of another, leaning forward intently, his four beautifully muscled arms of the upper torso and the lower torso clenched as he swam his lower stallion body as hard as he could, his single-torso stallion self providing stiff competition, both of them so young and ridiculously cute in their handsome human upper halves and sleek stallion lower halves.

I was so boned watching them that I scarcely realized that we had arrived, met by a colorful welcoming committee crowd of tall, beautiful native muscle boys, barefoot and four legged in grass skirts, flowers behind their ears and radiant smiles on their handsome faces, so beautiful upon their long muscular necks and wide shoulders, their bodies absolutely beautiful to behold, well shaped and beautifully muscled, impressive on their four wonderfully muscular legs, their four ankles decorated with colorful beads, accentuating their foursomes of beautiful feet.

Their very broad, muscular shoulders and long, muscular arms and torsos were handsomely tattooed, and their hair was up to the moment in style, some close-cropped and long on top, some with buzz cuts and buzz beards, some with hair dyed blonde, red, blue, or green, each more beautiful than the last, the friendly, big crowd of magnificent natives looking very beautifully muscled and handsomely cool upon their beautifully muscled foursomes of legs, gladly welcoming us to the island.

They were not shy in the least about greeting us, their large boners poking through their grass skirts as their bright eyes took in the members of our boarding group, a good looking bunch, if I do say so myself, in good shape and in a good mood as we embarked on our “shore leave.”

We all boned as they walked their foursomes of legs toward us, lifting their beautiful arms to us to take us by the hand, helping us disembark, each of us flushed and aroused at being gently drawn into the care of such beautiful and gorgeous creatures, whose handsome tall bodies were as welcoming as their brilliant smiles, graceful and dancer-like upon their four beautiful feet, even their enormous protruding penises beautiful as they swayed and bobbed happily, unconstrained by their grass skirts.

We heard the clattering of hooves as the two centaurs in our party finally arrived, dripping wet, laughing and exhausted from their race, and hugging each other just for the sake of enjoying each other’s beauty, with Joey in his double stacked torso bending down to hug his single torso self. Their gorgeous stallion bodies were amazingly aroused, and as they waved their greetings to us, they begged our pardon, mounting each other furiously with screams of pleasure as their giant clusters of stupendously beautiful human penises fired off enormous, splattering gouts of come.

I hadn’t remembered them having these when we embarked on our crossing. One of the four legged welcoming muscle boys noticed my quizzical expression as I ogled Joey mounting his double stacked self before trading off to be mounted by him.

“Just a little stray magic from the island,” the handsome four-legged native explained. “It’s even in the water.”

His own boner was swollen beautifully at full salute through his grass skirt as he admired the laughing, lovemaking centaurs as they screamed with pleasure, unable to stop mounting each other. It was hard to tell them apart now, because suddenly both of them were now stacked, impressively muscled with two stories of godlike chests and shoulders and gloriously muscled arms, all the better for them to embrace and deep kiss each other, lower arms embracing lower torsos, upper arms embracing upper torsos as their penises exploded and exploded with cum, the two beautiful stacked centaur Joeys breathing raggedly as their equine bodies ejaculated and ejaculated out of dozens of enormous, beautiful human penises while they deep kissed, groaning as they urgently returned to mounting each other in turn, their beautiful stallion coats shiny and slick with massive, oozing rivulets of come from their giant frontal human penises as well as all of the ejaculating crowds of giant human penises along their undersides, in addition to their hindmost giant human penises as they mounted each other.

I had to get the crew on onto the island, and I had to clear my mind, crazed as it was by Joey and Joey.

I decided to let them have at each other as much as they wanted, and I would get the rest of the crew heading for the many temptations promised by the island, many of which were graciously accompanying us on their four gorgeous legs, beautiful, boned island natives who stayed with us and walked their foursomes of legs with us and did everything they could to let their beautiful bodies and their beautiful smiles welcome us and make us happy.

Dazzled as we were and beside ourselves with amazement at the beauty of the natives, we managed to find a show, an island magic show, and it was nice to take a load off as we seated ourselves in the audience.

The stage magician called for a volunteer to be sawed in half.

By popular acclamation, we nominated Kim, who protested laughingly, saying that McCarthy or Drexel were much taller and needed to be shortened. But they were having none of it, and in a moment a bevy of beautifully muscled native islander guys, assistants to the magician, walked their foursomes of legs over to us and escorted Kim to the magician’s table, Kim almost passing out at the beauty of their smiles and fantastic bodies.

As Kim lay on the magician’s table, the handsome four-legged assistants placed a glass sided display case, obviously made for the table, over his lower half, rendering it visible through the glass, which was elegantly framed in a dark rosewood veneer to match the magician’s table.

The caped magician and the assistants turned the table around several times on its rollers, showing everyone that Kim was clearly there, lying on the table, partly covered by the glass sided framework over his legs.

The magician snapped his fingers and a shimmering black curtain lowered itself from among the many stage lights, raised curtains and backdrop assemblies and cat walks of the ceiling, and with an assistant, helped to cover the glass display case housing Kim’s legs.

Once again the magician and his assistant turned the magician’s table around several times so that all could see the shimmering black cloth fully draping the glass sided display case.

With a sudden dramatic pull, the magician swept the black shroud off of the display case, revealing Kim suddenly naked from the waist down, his bare feet and legs completely nude inside the glass cabinetry.

The room applauded the amazing illusion. Kim, lying on his back, appeared confused about the audience applause whereupon the magician produced a mirror to show him why, startling Kim, who giggled and grew a huge boner in spite of himself.

The audience roared with laughter at poor Kim’s plight, delighted with his arousal and distress.

In kindness, the magician turned to Kim and pronounced a magical spell, the magician bringing his arms up and letting his sleeves fall back from his wrists, and with a single clap of his hands, put Kim instantly into a deep sleep.

The magician produced a sleeping mask and gently placed it over Kim’s closed eyes. The audience couldn’t help but notice that in the glass cabinet, Kim’s boner relaxed as it fell asleep, too.

All at once, the magician produced an enormous curved sword, highly decorated, with a blade that made a singing sound when the magician unsheathed it, the metallic ringing of the blade filling the auditorium as the magician swung it up and down and over, up, down and over, up, down and over, finally stopping still as a statue, posing with the blade raised directly over Kim’s midsection.

The magician passed the sword to a four-legged assistant who stepped his four legs to the side of the stage.

Two more four-legged assistants swept forward to mark Kim’s midsection by placing two narrow rosewood inserts side by side across Kim’s lower waist, with enough room between them that a sword blade could easily pass between them and through Kim’s midsection.

The magician strolled over to the assistant who held the sword, taking it from him and turning to face Kim from a distance.

Suddenly, the magician bounded forward, raised the blade high over his head and brought the singing blade down dramatically between the two inserts as he cleaved Kim in two, shouting an unpronounceable magic word, leaving the audience stunned.

The magician flourished the sword several times up, down and sideways, up, down and sideways, up, down and sideways, making its blade sing through the air as it swept in dramatic arcs, before bringing it in and sheathing it with a flourish.

Handing the sword and its sheath off to another of his four-legged assistants, the magician summoned three more of them, having them take positions around the half of the magician’s table that held Kim’s sleeping upper half and the half of the table that held the glass display case with Kim’s naked lower half.

At the magician’s nod, they rolled apart the two halves, separating Kim’s legs from Kim’s upper half.

The magician and an assistant turned the glass display case containing Kim’s naked lower half around and around to show the audience clearly that Kim’s lower half was there, his handsome hindquarters, legs and bare feet; the actual cut blocked from view by the large rosewood insert.

The magician walked over to Kim’s upper half, peacefully asleep on its half of the magician’s table, under the black sleeping mask, the actual cut again blocked by the rosewood insert.

He put his index finger to his lips to cue the audience to silence, and bending down, gave sleeping Kim a gentle kiss on the lips.

Over in the glass cabinet with Kim’s naked lower half, nobody could miss Kim boning from the kiss. The audience laughed and applauded, giving a genuine ovation to the magician, who bowed deeply.

All at once a couple of four-legged assistants swept over to the glass display case of Kim’s legs and rolled it over to a larger container.

The magician strode over to the display case and with a snap of his fingers, summoned another shimmering black curtain from the obscure heights of the light riddled ceiling, and, with the help of the assistants, again shrouded the display case that held Kim’s naked lower half.

They inserted the draped case into the larger container and, summoning yet another curtain from the ceiling, draped it over the large container.

They turned the large container around and around, clearly showing the audience that it was fully covered in the black curtain.

Then all at once they stopped.

With one theatrical motion, the magician swept the curtain off of the container and cast the curtain aside, and pulled out what appeared to be the glass display case containing Kim’s naked lower half, itself still shrouded neatly in black.

The magician and assistants then pulled out two more identically shrouded items that appeared to be the same dimensions as the original glass display case.

The magician and his four-legged assistants placed all three of the shrouded cases on separate rolling tables, turning all three of them around and around in front of the audience to confirm that they looked alike and were equally shrouded.

The magician directed the four legged assistants to place them side by side whereupon he strode up and with a single motion, raised his hand high in the air and brought it down in one smooth motion to remove all three shrouds, tossing them to the floor, revealing three identical glass sided display cases, the audience reacting with shock and pleasure at the surprise: three identical naked lower halves in the cabinets, giving another a round of amazed applause to the magician, who bowed deeply in appreciation,

Then, holding his finger to his lips to signal the audience to silence, he quietly tiptoed over to sleeping Kim, and bending down, gave him another gentle kiss on the lips.

The room exploded in shouts and applause at the sight of all three of Kim’s lower halves popping boners.

The next part happened almost too quickly to follow: a flurry of four-legged assistants swarmed around the three cases, standing them on end with the rosewood blocks at the top and Kim’s naked pairs of feet at the bottom.

The four-legged assistants latched all of the cabinets together, and the magician and another four-legged assistant mounted sleeping Kim upright atop the first of the three cabinets.

The magician signaled the audience to silence again, and turning his head sideways, gave yet a third kiss on the lips to sleeping Kim, gently awakening him and removing the black sleeping mask.

Kim smiled at the magician and gently returned his kiss.

“Gentlemen,” intoned the magician, once he had recovered from the kiss, “I give you Mr. Kim!”

He turned and thanked Kim, shaking his hand and congratulating him on participating in the magical act.

Kim bowed deeply to the magician, thanking him as well, happily heading back to his seat, and the audience screamed and roared and applauded and whistled as Kim noticed to his aroused astonishment that he was six legged, three boners bobbing, laughing and trying to turn to congratulate the magician but stumbling, confused by so many legs, his handsome new feet stepping all over each other.

Several four-legged assistants kept him from tripping on his six naked legs as he laughed, he and the magician laughing and shaking hands sincerely, Kim smacking himself upside the head in amazement as he walked his six gorgeous bare feet down to rejoin all of us, his comrades, as we made additional seats available for his several handsome legs and their big, bobbing boners.

We were wandering among the shops and booths on the magic island, in the company of our tall, gorgeous four-legged native guides, unable to resist the temptation to hold hands with them and let them drape their arms around us as we draped ours around them, leaning our bodies against theirs and loving their gentle warm contact as they swayed against us, lazily ambling on their four beautiful legs, generous and sweet about sharing their muscular four-legged beauty with us, happy to hold us and to have us hold them, enjoying this wonderful meeting with their magical world.

The shops were something else, even just in passing, because we hadn’t really gotten into them yet.

Foster had traded at one just of them, a boner-boinging purchase that made some of us nearly come on the spot.

To tell the truth, I hadn’t keyed in on what the shop was about until the last minute. I just thought that Foster, being in the military, would have an interest in visiting the shop, which was an arms dealer.

The handsome four-legged islander running the shop took measurements of him, presumably for a gun or ammo vest or something, so I thought, but he returned with a long and rather heavy box that was moving from something jumping inside it.

“These are perfect for you, and exactly your size and genetics,” smiled the shopkeeper.

“Awesome!” whispered Foster, the arousal in his voice catching my ear.

“This is like a pet store!” laughed Foster, while the shopkeeper opened the jumping box along its length.

“It’s true,” agreed the shopkeeper. “And they know it’s you,” he said, holding the box to Foster, at which point we all about fell over.

A pair of lively, good looking long male arms reached out of the long box, trying to reach for Foster, almost begging him to take them, their handsome hands a perfect match for his, as were their very nicely muscled forearms and biceps and triceps, just like Foster’s, beautifully formed, all the way up to the deltoid muscles.

And just like a puppy in a pet store, the handsome long pair of arms were animated and eager and so wanting him to take them, which he did, laughing with pleasure as he figured out how to deal with them, the beautiful pair of long, handsome arms gladly holding him and hugging him as he tried to figure out what to do with them.

“It’s better if you take your shirt off,” explained the shopkeeper, trying to help Foster out of the shirt, as the handsome, joyful pair of good-looking arms kept re-positioning themselves around his torso, hugging him as he and the shopkeeper gradually got his shirt off.

“Just place the deltoid muscle under your arm pit,” explained the shopkeeper. “Be sure you place the correct arm for the correct side of your body,” he said, helping Foster decide which was which. Which was not easy, given the excitement and animation of the happy pair of arms about to join their new owner. “Once you get it in place, you’ll know it connects because you will come very hard,” explained the shopkeeper.

It took two hands for Foster to get hold of the one arm he was about to install, a hand very friendly and trying to shake his hand, and squeezing his muscles and wanting to hug him so badly, but Foster managed to get it in place, firmly inserting the arm’s beautifully formed deltoid muscle under his armpit after making absolutely sure it was the correct arm for that side.

“Agghh! That’s one!” grunted Foster, doubling over with the force of his ejaculation as he came mightily inside his clothes, the newly attached arm immediately acting as one of his own, helping him steady himself by grabbing the countertop. “Whew!” he gasped. “I need a moment. And a lot of tissue.”

The other arm happily held onto him for dear life, so happy to have found its true home. The shopkeeper returned with a large box of tissue just as Foster was being jolted by his second giant ejaculation, the second new arm immediately his own, reaching for the tissue offered by the shopkeeper as Foster recuperated from the second blast.

“So much for my shirt,” laughed Foster, when he had recuperated somewhat from the two ejaculations and had gotten himself reasonably dry, shaking hands with the shopkeeper with one of his brand new hands.

“You don’t need a shirt now, or ever.” said Smithers.

“If I looked that good, I would never wear a shirt again,” added Kim.

“I may not,” agreed Foster, delightedly feeling his four arms, the four arms feeling each other, Foster checking himself out in the shop mirror, loving the way he looked with four of his handsome hands and arms.

“And if I looked as good as you,” he told Kim, “I would never again wear pants, footwear or underwear.”

“I may not,” laughed Kim, smoothing his six legs together as he sat there upon his four-legged mount, his handsome islander, who also smoothed his hands along Kim’s six legs, greatly engorging his massive boner as it further probed beyond the flimsy boundaries of his grass skirt. Kim leaned forward and reached his lips towards the beautiful face of his handsomely four-legged mount, who turned to Kim and exchanged a beautiful long kiss with him.

I noticed many of my crew were happily enjoying their new found dreams, their four legged islanders.

They were the gentlest and most beautiful masculine creatures, their sweet personalities magnified by their radiant smiles and incredibly tall, gorgeous muscular bodies, graceful and spectacularly beautiful as the ambled along with us on their foursomes of handsome bare feet, the colorful beads around their four ankles only further setting off the beauty of their four beautifully shaped, gracefully coordinated feet.

It was so dumbfounding to see the tall, handsome four-legged islanders ambling along.

A poetry of movement, visual and provocative, emanated from the graceful slow dance of their four godlike feet, as beautiful to see in motion as they were to stare at when they were relaxed together, standing together, or idly caressing or pressing against each other, their four beautiful feet in constant gentle communion with each other, comfortable and beautiful in their familiar proximity as four handsome brother feet, seeming to enjoy their provocative, erotic redundancy, seemingly wanting to be stared at and admired, arousingly handsome in their close multiple company.

The four-legged natives were generally always aroused at the sight of each other’s foursomes of gorgeous feet, always enjoying the beauty of them and always a little flushed and aroused with the cool and constantly boning feeling of the size, comfort and appearance of their own four beautiful feet as well as being quite taken with the amazing attractiveness of each other’s four footedness, the irresistible beauty of their four feet always a preoccupation for them, a constant source of attraction and arousal, keeping themselves and each other forever hot and bothered over their beautiful foursomes of gorgeous male feet, their eyes forever straying longingly to the four of them.

Likewise, the handsome natives enjoyed others being drawn to their foursomes of handsomely attractive feet, and were generous in always being willing to show them off in seemingly ordinary ways, such as using a hind foot to point to something, or such as involving their four handsome bare feet in body language during conversation, like the insertion of the hind feet between the spread front feet when pausing before coming up with an answer to a question, or piling the four gorgeous feet awkwardly upon each other to signal confusion.

Body language signaling nonchalance included idly grabbing a hind foot and gently pulling at it in a stretch, while standing on the other three feet.

Informal gatherings invited casual seating upon two pairs of crossed legs, or randomly folding the four legs under one self to express informality, or crossing the hind legs while sitting the front legs in the hind lap, front legs casually crossed, the front feet relaxed and the hind feet within massaging distance of the hands. Alternately, the front legs could be spread forward, the rear legs spread backwards either straight or folding the hind legs to bring the large, comfortable soles of the hind feet up against the back, creating a comfortable human beach chair made entirely of one’s own handsome legs and feet.

During seated conversations, their four feet were always front and center on display, idly caressing each other when all four legs were crossed together, or sometimes the hind feet would be crossed on the floor with the crossed front feet piled on top of them, or the front feet crossed on the floor with the hind legs reaching around from behind the waist of the handsome four-legged native, provocatively dangling in space as the hind legs rested on the thighs of the front legs, or smoothing all four beautiful feet together, or one foot on the ground with the other three feet gathered for idle massaging, or seemingly unconscious caressing of all four feet when seated on two pairs of handsomely muscled crossed legs.

The beautiful four-legged islanders commonly shared their foursomes of feet with each other when relaxing together, always desiring to hold and enjoy them, and likewise gladly gave their four beautiful feet to the visitors on the island, only too happy to have the guys hold and caress and kiss the four of them, always willing to wow and satisfy them with their beauty and amazing form, times four.

It was so common to see the departing visitors happily flushed and aroused not only by their newly multiple boners, but proudly displaying their new foursomes of handsome feet, even if the four beautiful feet stumbled and got in each others’ way from time to time as their new owners became used to four-leggedness.

Anyway, in no small part due to the continuous pleasant erotic buzz brought about by the beautiful four-leggedness of the natives, time seemed different on the island, endless and immeasurable, pleasant and exciting, relaxing and absolutely beautiful.

Me and my crew were aimlessly, happily lost, arm in arm with our four-legged god-guides, with the exception of Kim, who in the course of several island street-vendor mystery drinks celebrating his six new beautiful feet, needed to request a ride from a beautiful tall four-legged islander who caught his eye, happily piggybacking with his arms around the obliging islander, Kim’s six beautiful bare feet bobbing in mid air as he rode the islander’s four muscular legs, Kim apologizing for ejaculating so much through his three new gigantic phalluses. “No worries, bro,” laughed the islander, “when you ejaculate it makes me ejaculate, so we must be in love.”

We all laughed appreciatively, but at that point Foster said, “Speaking of being in love, check this out,” pointing his new pair of left arms to two fallen beautiful, barefoot drunken young centaurs, clumsily deep kissing each other as their foursomes of hugely muscled arms stupidly felt each other up, handsomely stacked, and, according to my experienced eye, really swacked.

Their gigantically muscled lower arms clumsily embraced their lower muscular torsos; the huge, beautiful muscles of their body builder’s upper arms held each other’s godlike upper torsos while running their hands through each other’s hair, deep kissing and laughing and sobbing drunkenly, rivers of thick, oozing come flooding the area where their fallen, drunken centaur stallion bodies lay all over each other where they fell, unable to stand even though they had now become six legged, gorgeously and hugely human barefooted times six, with no end in sight to the continuous explosions of come from their massive crowds of giant human penises. My Joeys, at least one of them.

It was at that point that one of them spotted me, drunkenly waving to me with his two long, gorgeously muscled, clumsy right arms, his two beautiful, stupid right hands heavy and limp upon their strong wrists, and smiling his sweet although for the moment stupid smile, but it still hit me where I live.

“We were drinking to you,” the one Joey said, his tongue shiny and stupid, slow but still arousing to me with the virile youth of his gorgeous male voice, oddly musical in his drunken state, the slurred formation of his words making me want to mate with him in the worst way, in a way I can never hope to explain. As usual, my mind was crazy over him, hopelessly out of control crazy.

“But we fell in love,” the other Joey slurred, almost falling over as he tried to turn his gorgeous muscular stacked bodybuilder torso towards me, his four huge, gorgeously muscled arms stupid and clumsy as they dangled. The first Joey saved him from toppling, rescuing him with his own four bodybuilder arms, his four beautiful strong young hands stupid as well, barely able to hold their muscular bodies together.

“We were drinking to you,” he repeated drunkenly, “but we fell in love.” He was sobbing drunkenly, the two of them sobbing drunkenly, trying to smile, the one Joey trying to deep kiss the Joey speaking to me, causing all of their clusters of penises to spurt anew with giant splattering ropes of come that pulsed and pulsed, subsiding only gradually over a long time.

My crew stood close around me, as did our four-legged hosts, sympathetic to the situation. My handsome four legged islander, the one with whom I had been walking arm in arm all this time, confided that according to the island culture, Joey’s island love would understand and celebrate the true love that Joey had found.

Grateful for this wisdom, coming like the proverbial bolt out of the blue, I had an immediate sense of clarity.

“Joey, I would never deny you your true love, especially if it’s you, because I know what it’s like to be in love with you, and I would gladly wish that for you, and I celebrate your love for your self, your two selves. You have my blessing, truly.”

I felt an immediate and powerful sense of relief, blinking back tears, and I think it was shared by all of my crew, by our sensitive and sweet four-legged hosts, and especially by Joey and Joey, who smiled radiantly if somewhat stupidly for the moment, clumsily trying to dry each other’s tears.

“Thank you!” they said in drunken unison, my Joey adding in his beautiful, stupid drunken slur, “Drinks are on us!”

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