Safe sex

by LuckyMuscle

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As I got to the club that night, I knew I was on the prowl. I just wanted to get laid, but I had no idea I was going to get this lucky. As I moved on the dancefloor, I could feel Tom behind me, his thick, round pecs pressed into my back. With my arms wrapped around Brad, Tom’s boyfriend, I had become the meat in the middle of this muscle sandwich.

Brad was the taller of the two, and a little younger than Tom. They both were well over six feet tall, and loaded with muscle. My face was buried in the middle of Brad’s back. My senses were in overload, with the musky smell coming from both men, the slick sweaty feeling of my chest against Brad’s back and Tom’s chest against mine. I didn’t think the scene could get any hotter, until Tom leaned down and asked “so what are you into tonight?”

I’d always fantasized about being with two hot guys at once, but had never had the opportunity to try it. These two guys were hotter than any single guy I had ever been with, so I thought that maybe this was my chance to live out one of my fantasies. Couldn’t hurt to ask, eh?

I turned my head to answer Tom’s question, yelling over the thumping dance music. “I’ve always wanted to be in the middle, uh, you know, I fuck Brad while you’re fucking me”. I could see Tom smile out of the corner of my eye. He leaned forward and said something into Brad’s ear that I couldn’t quite make out over the noise from the club. Then Brad turned around to me and smiled, he grabbed my hand, and led Tom and I out of the club.

In the bright white lights of the parking lot, I finally got a good view of exactly what it was that I had just scored. Both men were hot, to say the least. Brad was probably six foot four, and had to weigh at least 250 pounds. He was all muscle, with a red tank top stretched tight against his giant back. He wore tight black jeans that showed his big round muscle butt, just inviting me to grab it. Tom came up on the other side of me, and it was the first time I had really noticed his face. He had striking features, with a strong jaw, and piercing blue eyes. Tom was thicker than Brad, but in all the right ways. His massive shoulders looked like they were four feet across, and in his black sleeveless shirt, they popped out in such a way that he almost looked like he had the build of a giant gorilla. His upper arms were huge, with giant veins criss-crossing all the way down to his huge forearms.

As we walked through the parking lot, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had good luck at the clubs before, and had picked up some pretty cute guys. But these two were like gods to me. Exactly my type. Tall, muscular, dark hair, good looking. I was in heaven. We made small talk as we walked down the street. “So you cool with going back to our place?” Tom asked. “I, uh, I guess so”. I felt kind of stupid. I mean, I wasn’t just cool with it, I was living a fantasy.

They walked up to a shiny black Hummer parked about a block away from the club. Brad opened the back door on the driver’s side for me, and Tom climbed in up front. I got in and Brad shut the door, then walked around and got in the back seat on the other side. Tom drove us through the city faster than I’ve ever seen anyone drive before. At first I was a little scared. How much had he been drinking? Was he okay to drive? I even got a little bit of paranoia about where we were going. I don’t think my friends saw me leave the club. I wondered if they would worry about me.

I looked over at Brad as I had all of these thoughts swirling through my mind. He was rubbing his crotch and smiling at me. I couldn’t help but notice the giant bulge in his pants that he was rubbing. I started to get hard, and started to forget about everything I was worrying about. Brad leaned over and kissed me. He started slow and gentle, but by the time the Hummer came to a stop, we were in a mad embrace in the middle of the back seat. Brad had his tongue so far down my throat that I thought I was going to gag, but all I could do was enjoy it and the feeling of all of his muscles as my hands wandered all over his body.

“All right boys, save some of that for me” Tom laughed as he opened the back door. Brad and I climbed out, both of us sporting huge bulges in our pants from getting so worked up on the ride home. We were in some sort of parking garage, lit with distantly spaced fluorescent bulbs. I’m pretty sure we were underground, but I couldn’t tell, because there were no windows. The Hummer was the only car in the garage, and Tom had parked it right in the middle of the garage. Brad once again grabbed my hand and started leading me through the garage. Out of instinct, I reached back and grabbed Tom’s hand. The three of us walked hand in hand until we got to an elevator at the edge of the garage. The door opened as we approached, without anyone hitting a button. It was a large elevator, but standing between these two muscle studs, it felt very crowded. As the door shut, Brad turned around and thrust his ass toward my pelvis. Just like on the dancefloor, I grabbed around his waist and pushed my now throbbing hard-on into his ass. I wanted to get naked, to feel the flesh of his ass against my dick, but I was so nervous. Tom sensed my nervousness, as he wrapped his big thick arms around my waist, and told me just to relax. Wow, it was happening. I knew that in a matter of minutes, I would be living my biggest fantasy. My dick in this hot guy’s ass, while another stud fucked my ass.

As we rode up in the elevator, we all held each other tight. Brad kept slowly moving his ass up and down, while Tom kept gently shoving his bulge into my ass. I couldn’t wait.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. I couldn’t believe what I saw. They had the coolest place I had ever been to. One big giant space, with windows on all four sides. I was guessing that this must be the penthouse. The views were just amazing. I stood just outside the elevator and turned a slow circle taking it all in while Tom and Brad scattered off. I wasn’t sure what they were up to, but they were very busy. Lost in the views, I barely noticed when Tom walked up to me and shoved a pill in my mouth. “Here, swallow that with this”. “What is it? I don’t do drugs!” I was taken aback by the fact that he just shoved it in my mouth without asking. “Oh, um, it’s not really drugs. It’s a new erection enhancement pill, like Viagra”. Well, I had never needed help getting an erection before, but I thought, what the heck, this could be a long night. “It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to really kick in. Come over here and mess around with Brad while we wait.”

I couldn’t object to that. Brad was already naked laying on top of the biggest bed I had ever seen. It had to be twice as big as a normal king sized bed. Brad was laying face down, with his ass pushed up just slightly. As I started undressing, I really started noticing Brad’s body. It was amazing. Huge round mounds of flesh topped two of the thickest legs I had ever seen. The deep crack between his ass cheeks almost connected with the deep crevice that ran down the middle of his wide back. His upper back looked to be almost twice the width of his waist, and he was resting on his elbows, with his huge upper arms flaring out from his shoulders.

I climbed onto the bed, and laid next to Brad. Tom wandered off again, but I didn’t care. I was a little nervous about being with both of them at once, so it was more comfortable to be here with Brad first. I was already hard as a rock, and hornier than I had ever been. I rubbed my hands, first across his wide shoulders, then I followed it down the grove in the middle of his back. I found his ass and rubbed one cheek at a time, amazed at how big and round his ass was. Brad moaned in pleasure, and my hand worked its way between the cheeks down to his asshole. It was warm and slightly damp from sweat. As my fingers played with the outside of it, Brad raised his but up in the air in unison with the movements of my hand. “Where are the condoms?” I asked. “You don’t need them. That pill that Tom gave you, it is actually a vaccine for all STD’s. Tom is a brilliant chemist, and was on the team that developed it.”

I didn’t know whether or not to believe Brad, but I didn’t care. I was so horny, and this ass was so hot, I decided to just go for it. I climbed on top of Brad, and laid against his back. I rubbed my cock between his ass cheeks for a second, just enjoying the feeling of his smooth skin against my raging hard-on. We both got into a sort of rhythm as I worked my cock back and forth in his crack, slowly making my way down to his asshole. At first it resisted. I pressed my hard cock into his fleshy hole, and felt it tense up. I kept the rhythm we had going, and slowly, he relaxed his hole and let me in. Once inside, it was amazing. We had not even used lube, but it was like we didn’t need it. His hole was ready to be fucked, and my dick was ready to fuck it. It had been years since I had fucked without a condom, and I had forgotten what it was like.

My hands were pressed against his massive back, exploring his back, his shoulders, his huge arms, as I started pumping harder and harder, going deeper and deeper with every thrust. All of a sudden, I felt Tom’s arms wrap around my chest. I had almost forgotten about Tom, and about my fantasy. They were going to make it come true! Tom’s massive pecs pressed into my back, and I felt his cock rub against my ass. I turned my head to look and could not believe what I saw. Tom had the largest cock I had ever seen. It must have been over twelve inches long, and it was easily as big around as a baseball! I stopped my thrusting into Brad, and reached back to grab Tom’s dick. Wow, what a feeling, my dick in Brad’s ass, and this giant dick behind me in my hand. “You better lube that up good, I’ve never taken one that big,” I said to Tom. “Oh you won’t need lube. You feeling that pill yet?” “What am I supposed to feel?” “You’ll know,” Tom said with a mischievous smile on his face.

I started to get nervous again, wondering what was in that pill. Tom grabbed my hips and started moving my dick in and out of Brad’s ass again, and the incredible feeling overwhelmed me again, and I forgot all about my fears. I could feel Tom’s giant cock rubbing against my asshole, knocking on my hole, trying to get in. I was trying to relax, overwhelmed by the sensory overload that was taking place. My hands exploring the mound of muscle in front of me, my dick plunging the best asshole I had ever fucked, this second set of hands wrapped around me, and this huge cock trying to enter my ass.

All of the sudden, I felt it. I wasn’t sure if the pill kicked in, or if my body just reacted to being impaled by this giant cock, but I felt it. My head started spinning, and I instantly felt like I was about to cum. I tried to focus, and hold it back. I realized that Tom’s dick was now all the way inside of me, and that my dick was all the way inside Brad. I reached back to grab Tom to slow him down. He grabbed both of my arms, and said “cross your arms in front of you”.

I followed his instructions. I crossed my arms in front of me, and I just sat there. Brad was moaning in front of me to fuck him harder, and Tom was behind me plowing my ass. The feelings were incredible. I didn’t know what to focus on, my dick or my ass. It all felt so good. I closed my eyes and put my head back, and the spinning came back. I relaxed into it, and it became more intense. I felt like I was falling. I reached my arm out to brace myself, but realized that I couldn’t move it. I opened my eyes and looked around, and suddenly my whole perspective had changed. Had I fallen? What happened? I looked up and saw Tom still fucking away. I looked forward and saw Brad’s ass getting plowed in front of me. But I still couldn’t move my arms. The sensations overwhelmed me again, and I closed my eyes again. This time the spinning stopped, but the feelings took over my body. Instead of worrying about whether to focus on my dick or my ass, I was just completely taken over by this feeling that my whole body was being fucked. It was incredible. I opened my eyes again just in time to see Tom’s face, he was about to cum! I watched in eager anticipation, as he thrust, and thrust, and thrust. Then with a loud grunt, he started shooting, shooting his load right into me! I felt the rush of cum shooting load after load. It was too much for me to handle. My body went into convulsions, and I had an orgasm like I have never had before. I didn’t feel like I shot, but my body shuddered and spasmed over and over. Exhausted, I finally stopped shaking.

I tried to reach back to touch Tom, and I still couldn’t move my arms. I was starting to get a little nervous, and Tom started to pull his dick out. As he started backing away, I noticed that I was also moving away from Brad. I looked back and I couldn’t see my legs. I really started to freak out. I slipped out of Brad, but Tom was still inside of me. Tom started laughing and said to Brad, “look at this, it really worked!” Brad rolled over, and looked straight at me. “Holy shit, you’re right, you turned him into a condom!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A condom? How can that be. I could still see, I could still hear. They must have slipped me a hallucinogenic drug! There is no way they turned me into a condom. Tom walked up to the full-length mirror that sat in the corner of their bedroom. As he walked up, my perspective was so strange. I was looking into the mirror, but I couldn’t see myself. All I could se was Tom, and his giant cock, with a cum filled condom on it. Had they really turned me into a condom?

Brad came up behind Tom. “It’s my turn! Let me wear him”. As he walked around, I got the first look I had seen of Brad’s dick. It was even bigger that Tom’s! Just as thick, but probably at least 15 inches long. I felt Tom’s hand around me. I looked back in the mirror and watched as Tom slowly pulled me off his dick. It felt so strange, as he withdrew himself from me. He had me stretched out pretty good, and as I returned to the shape of an unworn condom, I could still feel the load of cum he left inside me.

Brad pulled the end of me open, and started to slide me down his dick. I watched as he pulled me over his dick, cum filled end hanging off his dick. It felt incredible. As he stretched my now latex-like body, it felt like he was sticking his giant cock all the way up my ass into my throat. He pulled me all the way on until the end of me, the condom, met up with the giant mushroom head of his dick. As he pulled me on, the cum left by Tom’s last plowing of me spread out in the condom and ran all the way down, oozing out the bottom. With Brad’s dick being a few inches longer, he had to unroll some more of me to cover his dick all the way. Being unrolled was a whole new sensation. I felt like I was stretching and being pulled, a sensation I had never felt before.

Tom turned around and bent over the bed, with his ass in the air. Brad walked us over to Tom’s ass, and started teasing it with me and his dick. I could see the tiny hairs and pink hole I was about to enter. Brad pushed his dick against Tom’s hole. I began to feel aroused again, as if I was getting my own hard on. I looked back at Brad, and all I could see was his perfect six pack right above me, with the little trail of hair leading from his belly button down to his pubic hairs, right down to the base of his shaft, right down to me wrapped around him. Was this really happening? Could I be hallucinating? It was all too real, but so incredibly hot. I wanted to be fucked by one while I was fucking the other one, but this is not exactly what I meant.

Then I felt it. Brad’s giant dick finally punctured Tom’s warm asshole, and I was suddenly emerged in flesh. This time I left my eyes opened and watched. I could see Brad’s balls banging against Tom’s ass. I could see Tom’s asshole pull and stretch as Brad pumped his dick in and out. I could even see more of Tom’s cum from earlier leaking out around the edge of me, the condom. I began to feel like I was going to come again, like if I could, I would shoot my load. I started to shudder and shake, like a full body spasm, and as I was lost in the incredible sensations, I heard Tom talking again. “This is an affect I didn’t expect. I new he would still be able to see and hear, but I didn’t think he would be able to orgasm. God it feels great, doesn’t it?”

I looked back at Brad. I could see his face now, as he had leaned back a little. He moaned an indication of agreement, but it was obvious he was about to cum himself. They had been pumping and plowing with me on Brad’s dick for who knows how long. I had lost track of time during my own orgasmic spasm, and had no idea how long we had been going. Brad’s moans got louder and louder, and faster and faster, then I felt it. He shot hard! I could feel the end of myself deep inside Tom stretching to accommodate the powerful bursts of cum that were shooting out of Brad’s dick. Again and again he shot, more and more cum inside me. I could feel it mixing with Tom’s cum, and I could feel it working its way down Brad’s shaft. How much cum did he have in him?

As his thrusting got slower and slower, Brad collapsed on top of Tom, and everything got dark. I felt them move to their side, and then they stopped moving. I was trapped between the two muscle gods exactly where I wanted to be, but I had no idea it was going to happen like this.

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