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by NoGoodAlias

After an unfortunate hiking mishap, Jesse finds himself in the home of a massive, masculine stranger who seems to only be getting bigger by the day.

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Chapter 1

Jesse rechecked his map, watching in frustration as the listed trails and landmarks only seemed to become more obscure the longer he stared at them. It had been hours since his phone had found a signal, and his attempts at retracing his steps had left him even more confused about where he was. Finally, planting his scrawny ass on a nearby rock, Jesse stared down at his feet.

This hike was supposed to be his attempt to “recharge,” a vague recommendation by a wellness influencer on Instagram he never bothered to follow. After a breakdown that spanned a few days, Jesse found himself lost and alone in the real world. He had left his friends behind after moving closer to his job to pursue his writing, and the relationship between him and his parents was strained. His coming out to them had been meant with cold support, a well-meaning but otherwise fruitless reaction from people who had trouble expressing their emotions, a trait that Jesse had unfortunately inherited.

The trail was supposed to be simple: a few miles through a nice patch of forest and a pretty lake, surely nothing too hard for a newbie like himself. And yet here he was, lost on an almost endless series of trails with no signs to help.

“Fuck this stupid hike and this stupid map….” Jesse mumbled to himself, tired anger rising in him like the heat that permeated the air. His dark mop of curled hair dripped with sweat, and his thin muscles ached from overuse. His water bottle was empty, and his head soon would be too as Jesse found himself stricken with vertigo he had never experienced.

“What the—” was all he could muster out of his chapped lips before his vision turned black.

When Jesse awoke, he found himself lying on an unfamiliar bed, stripped down to nothing but his underwear. Panic began to rise within him but quickly receded as a blurry recollection of what had happened before slowly sharpened in his mind. He raised his head slightly from a pillow placed underneath it, a sore pain radiating from his weak muscles and sunburned skin.

Jesse was a man of tall and lanky stature, his olive-skinned, hairless body devoid of definition with a nice plump belly growing. His angular nose and deep brown eyes gave him an averagely handsome appearance, his dark heavy curls falling near his ears. An all-around average guy.

All except for one thing.

Jesse had been blessed by the Gods with a thick, heavy cock, hovering a little over 10 inches at full mast. His balls were heavy and sensitive, dusted with hair. It was nice, but it wasn’t much use in his current situation. Then, footsteps began approaching outside the room, snapping Jesse out of his persona-recollection.

The man who approached was an adonis. Hulking in front of Jesse like a 6-foot-4 wall of meat, the stranger was coiled in thick, heavy muscle. He wore a red flannel that strained to burst over his massive muscle tits and small gut, and he wore dark denim jeans that looked as if they were painted onto his tree-trunk thighs and fat, heavy bulge. That alone seemed to threaten the zipper, the significant mound looking ready to burst. Jesse’s eyes followed the man’s strong and hairy forearms to his thick neck and even thicker beard, which sat as a dark brown frame to his cupid-bow lips. His European nose flared as Jesse’s eyes continued upward, finding themselves staring into the deepest eyes he’d ever seen. They were sharp and feral, like a great beast of the hunt. They drew Jesse in and flushed his face, locking his gaze.

There was a moment of silence and awe until the man finally spoke.

“I have some hot chocolate cooking if you want some.”

That was the moment Jesse fell in love. His voice was baritone and virile, with a slight southern twang that tied off his words. It sent jolts of lust down Jesse’s dick. He didn’t know what to say, his face hot and his underwear unbearably tight.

“Th-thank you…” was all he could muster, still confused at the whole situation, not made any less confusing by the massive hunk standing in front of him.

The huge man looked at Jesse, flushing when he saw the massive bulge painfully jutting out of his too-tight underwear.

“Your clothes are over there,” the man said a little too awkwardly, pointing to a wooden desk in the corner of the room. He gave one more awkward smile before disappearing down the hall, the sound of his heavy steps trailing behind him.

Jesse sat on the bed, eyes wide and dick throbbing, still trying to wrap his head around what just happened. Could this be some kind of beautiful dream? Or maybe he had died from exhaustion on the hike and made it to heaven.

Regardless of what had happened, Jesse still had to deal with the current dilemma- getting dressed. The hulking hunk had told him that he had made hot chocolate, and Jesse needed to get some answers from him. After a few minutes of waiting for his boner to leave, Jesse got up and changed back into his hiking clothes, made up of tan cargo pants and a green shirt with a cheesy tree pun on it.

The cabin that Jesse walked through was small but cozy, and the kitchen wasn’t much different. Set up with a few cabinets and a tiny island, it seemed like the kind of place that would only fit a few people. Jesse scratched his shoulder and headed towards the stove, the smell of chocolate wafting off. The large man was nowhere to be found, but Jesse found two cups of hot cocoa sitting next to a pot, still steaming.

Jesse helped himself to a few sips and strode over to the kitchen island, cup in hand. After steadying himself on a rickety stool, he spent a moment recollecting his thoughts.

Where the hell am I? he thought to himself. The last thing Jesse remembered was sitting down during his hike, exhausted and probably a little heat-stricken. Then he had woken up in a stranger’s bed and was drinking hot chocolate out of this mystery man’s mug. Plus, said mystery man was hot as hell. What the fuck was going on?

Jesse’s thinking was interrupted as the telltale sound of heavy steps approached the kitchen. He strained his neck just in time to see the massive man lumber into view, awkwardly scratching his beard as their eyes locked for a small moment.

“So, uh, I see you found the hot chocolate,” the man said, trying to force anything besides a painfully embarrassed smile.

“Yeah. It’s really good, by the way. Did you make this from scratch?” Jesse asked.

“Yup. It’s an old recipe from my gran. Brought it with me when I moved up here,” replied the man.

So this guy lives here? So far from the city? Jesse thought. It was strange, living in a place that Jesse would have written off as a fun little vacation cabin.

The man lumbered over, his vast figure dwarfing the little kitchen. The man maneuvered to the stove, his ass bumping into the island behind him as he tried to turn. This man was built like a god and had an ass to match, his fat cheeks straining against the poor jeans. Jesse couldn’t believe the pants hadn’t torn, with so much space being fought for. He also couldn’t believe how quickly he had popped another boner after seeing such a full rump.

After a bit more maneuvering, the man moved through the kitchen and carried himself on the stool next to Jesse, the seat creaking in defiance at the massive figure. The man’s arms pressed close to Jesse, and he could smell the forest musk wafting from his hairy body.

“Name’s Warren, by the way,” he said.

Jesse perked up, eyes glued to the cup of cocoa before him, not daring to glance up to his left.

“I’m Jesse. Thanks for… saving me, I think,” Jesse chuckled, still unsure how to approach this beast of a man, Warren.

Jesse heard Warren curse under his breath before replying.

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry, I completely forgot to say something earlier. You were unconscious a ways off from any trails, so I brought you in to make sure you were safe. A bit of heatstroke but nothing serious.” Warren’s deep voice filled Jesse with longing. “Your belongings are over on the coffee table,” he added, gesturing his barrel-like arms towards a small couch and coffee table across the room.

Jesse gave a quick thanks and got up from the stool. Walking over, he picked up his phone, the back of it scratched badly. He turned it on- no signal. At all.

Jesse sighed, turning to Warren, hoping for a silver lining, but the man shrugged his weighty shoulders.

“No service out here,” he said.

Fuck, Jesse thought. Now what am I gonna do?

“I can drive you back to the trail tomorrow, get you back to your car,” Warren suggested, scratching the side of his neck.

“That’d be great, thanks,” replied Jesse, relieved. He would just need to stay a night, and then he’d be able to get home.

The day went by without much fanfare. Jesse kept a distance from Warren whenever he wasn’t asking any ice-breaker questions. He learned that Warren lived alone and made money by selling timber. It seemed like a fine job, nothing Jesse himself would have found fulfilling, but then again, that’s what got him into this mess in the first place. That gnawing feeling pressed against the back of his mind.

The cabin had been quiet for a while as Jesse fiddled with his phone, watching the battery drain ever closer to zero. At this point, dusk had long arrived, and the cabin had cooled, leaving Jesse sitting on the guestroom bed, a decorative blanket wrapped tightly around him. This was definitely not how he expected his day to go. To think he’d been stupid enough to go on a hike in the first place! That’s not his thing! His things were mindless scrolling and burning out, none of this rough-and-tumble bullshit!

Jesse huffed to himself before standing, now annoyed and tired of sitting. He just needed to do something, anything. With a soft creak, he walked barefoot to the bedroom door, his hand lingering on the doorframe. It still smelled like him, like Warren. Warm and musky, rough and oddly sensual.


Jesse snapped himself out of it, already feeling the blood rushing towards his dick. He really was fucked. He got his ass saved in the woods, and the first thing he did when he met his savior was pop a boner.

“I just need tomorrow to come already….” he mumbled to himself. But even then, his hand still lingered on his bulge, slowly kneading his rising flesh through the fabric for a second more.

He sighed and continued out in the hallway, finding it oddly silent. The sun was long gone at this point, and no light filled the halls besides his room. He walked back to the kitchen, finding it only slightly brighter thanks to the pale moonlight that shone through the windows. But even still, Warren was nowhere to be found. Jesse walked over and placed his phone on the coffee table with the rest of his stuff. It blinked before shutting off, completely dead.


With a hand through his hair, Jesse began walking back to his room, unsatisfied with the stillness. And that’s when he heard it. A soft, deep groan, one he almost wrote off before it happened again, some seconds later. He turned his head towards the sound, following it slowly. He walked through the cabin, down an unfamiliar hallway a bit past his own. The deep groans originated from another room, with its door barely cracked open and a warm firelight glowing. Jesse tried to slow his breathing when he realized it had sped up, walking over silently. This couldn’t actually be what he thought it was, right? Surely his sex-addled mind was pushing ideas and feelings into his body. Regardless, he was going to take the initiative.

“Oh hey, I just wanted to….” he began, his voice disappearing as his eyes peeked through the door crack.

It was Warren, that mountain of a man who had first introduced himself by barely fitting the doorframe of Jesse’s guest room. Lit up by what Jesse assumed to be a fireplace, the man lay sprawled out on a bed, one that creaked in protest against his powerful build. He wore a red shirt and tight underwear, which quivered against the massive bulge that pushed out from it. It was beyond anything Jesse had seen, bigger than his own 10-inches and barely even in the frame. Jesse creaked the door open ever so slightly despite his better judgment, silent still even as the huge bulge fell more and more into view.

Warren groaned again, deep yet uncontrolled. His massive, hairy body bulged as the bead creaked again, bulging and insane. His massive neck craned down to his bulge, sweat pouring from his heavy brow. One of his hands rested on one of his juicy pecs, still supple even as he flexed despite himself. His other hand glided downwards over his muscle gut, barely covered by his tight shirt, all the way down to his bulge. Warren gripped the base of his massive cock, this groan more guttural as a forest of hair revealed itself. The fabric of his underwear could barely hold the monster inside it, not only straining but being pushed beyond somehow.

What Jesse saw next literally took his breath away. Like a giant serpent freed from its prison, the biggest cock Jesse had ever seen swelled its way out of the underwear as Warren pulled it free, fat and monstrous. He tugged it out, a huge and heavy member accompanied by fat, swollen balls the sizes of oranges. And that was underselling it. Jesse’s mind could barely wrap his head around what he saw through that cracked door. 10 inches, 13, 14… The man’s massive tool just kept coming, and it wasn’t even hard. It sat fat and full, almost lethargic by how it plopped against the man’s abdomen once it was freed.

Jesse was too entranced to even realize what such a sight had done to his own body, his dick hard as a rock and his hand unconsciously rubbing it through his underwear, which already stained itself with precum. His legs felt weak, and his mouth was dry, but all he could do was watch.

Betwixt the groaning, Warren spoke to himself, his words bounding into Jesse’s mind.

“Oh shit… Not again…” That was all he could make out, the rest drowned out by the loud plop that occurred when the man reached a huge hand around his massive dick, smacking the thing against his chest. Like a strangled whale, his monster cock slapped against him, its smacks becoming more controlled as blood began to fill it. Soon enough, each hit left a puddle of precum on his muscle gut and between his hairy pecs. The sounds he made shifted from that deep groan to a more passive moan, an oddly erotic sound coming from such a masculine body.

The monster meat kept growing, and Warren kept moaning, trying in vain to keep them quiet. Soon, the slaps turned to strokes, and the man seemed to keep his other hand busy by the way his fingers traced his asshole, which sat exposed with his legs out. It was unlike anything Jesse had seen, a beast of epic proportions, moaning and growling like both predator and prey. It was, in fact, too much for Jesse, something he found out with a soft moan of his own as he came in his underwear.

His orgasm was so intense that he couldn’t stop himself before he bumped against the wall, the door swinging wider. Terrified, when Jesse turned back into the room, his eyes were met with Warren’s piercing and deep, filled with a storm of emotions. Jesse pressed his back against the wall, out of sight, breaths quick and stomach twisting. His dick still throbbed, but his heart skipped a beat. He was sweating and panicking, his body only allowing him the humiliation of slowly sliding down to the floor.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…..

There was no way around it. Jesse was fucked. He heard the heavy footsteps of Warren approaching, and he closed his eyes, ready for whatever slow death he would be subjected to. But, at least he could witness a monster pleasuring a monster; at least he’d have that.

Warren was silent at the door, out of sight. His musk wafted outwards, and Jesse covered his mouth, beyond turned on and scared. The man’s large hand gripped the door handle but, in silence, slowly closed it entirely. Jesse sat by the door for minutes, unsure what had just happened or what to do. His dick was still hard and wet, and with the smile of someone who had accepted their death, he jerked off again, mind still tattooed with the images of Warren.

“I really am fucked,” he whispered to himself, the cum dripping down his now exposed shaft. He really was.

3,029 words Added Sep 2022 6,152 views 4.9 stars (10 votes)

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