Supersize me

by LuciferRexMundie

We’ve all heard urban legends that get passed around towns. Harrison, a slacker fast food employee, is about to find out that sometimes wishes do come true; terribly, horribly erotically true. Whether he wants them to or not…

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Author’s Note

Disclaimer: The story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. All characters are fictional and not meant to be taken as anything beyond idle musings of the perverted mind of the author.


So, Harrison had heard this rumour from some of the guys from his school about this secret thing you could do to improve your cock size in the bathroom of the local branch of a certain massive, worldwide fast-food franchise. The place was just down the road from his old school and he would work there a few times a week through the summer holidays now that he had graduated. Now Harrison’s old fella wasn’t small exactly. It wasn’t that really, he was just curious and what young man didn’t want to improve himself? Also, it wasn’t like a silly high school spell thing could be true right?

The guys who told him about it had said they didn’t know anyone who had done it, but that they had heard through friends of friends of theirs that someone had successfully gone up a couple of inches in length over the summer. They couldn’t agree on who or why but they did all attribute it to this little ritual. In a certain stall at one of the franchise locations, you would ignore the out of order sign, slip into the room, lock the door, get your dick out, and while looking into the mirror with your dick in your hand say “Supersize Me” fifteen times. It was generally agreed that this would cause your dick to grow bigger through the magic of fast food and mirrors.

Now Harrison had heard all this and thought it was all bullshit. Still, he had started working at the restaurant in question just recently to earn a little money over the summer. One night he was staying back late and doing a final clean of the toilets before the end of his shift and he decided that, what the hell, he’d give the stupid rumour a try. Who could it hurt after all?

He slipped into the stall with his cleaning tools left outside, unzipped and took out his own tool. As he held it in his hand, it quickly got harder to its full 5-inch glory. For a young fellow, it wasn’t a bad size dick but he imagined what it’d be like to have something a little larger. He knew he couldn’t wait too long, having another 20 minutes or so of his shift left before he could bike home. He held his pants down with one thumb in the elastic of his boxer briefs and his dick in his other hand, looked into the mirror and recited “Super Size Me” the required fifteen times. He looked into the mirror at himself as he said it, feeling kind of stupid but super horny for doing this. As he finished, he looked back down at his dick.

No change was evident as he shook himself a bit, hoping to see a change. When he looked back up, all he could see was himself in his uniform looking back at him form the mirror. All of a sudden his cock flexed. It grew out from his hand to where it touched the tiny sink in front of the mirror, flexing each time it stretched out until it hit the porcelain, perhaps another two or three inches further than where it used to reach. Harrison was so shocked and turned on by this turn of events that he had to make use of his new mighty tool there and then. He turned and quickly pulled himself a few times and unloaded into the toilet bowl. Gasping with shock and weak at the knees from his orgasm and marvelling at his growth, he quickly cleaned off and stuffed his cock back into his pants before leaving the bathroom in a hurry to finish off his shift, determined to investigate his new fortunes more fully when he got back home again.

Well, he soon found out that his new appendage had changed from what would charitably called a grower, despite the small amount of growth that occurred, to a shower. His cock never really seemed to go all the way down anymore and he could feel it stretching out his briefs all day and night while at school and such, but most especially on that first night as he was biking home. He discovered that night in the shower that his balls had also grown slightly larger and sat like two small plums under his newly thickened cock. The next week or so was great. He managed to get a hand job in the bushes from a girl at a post-graduation yard party he had been invited to by some former school mates. He was jerking off three times a day at a minimum, up from once a day like usual. He was lovin’ it!

About fifteen days after the incident as he rotated through the jobs at work, he again found himself cleaning the bathrooms before going home again. He’d been working more now that he was free from school and had finally thought it time he went back into that bathroom stall. It was policy to keep it locked and out of service unless it was very busy but it was still required to be kept clean. He was in there last, after having finishing the other bathrooms and just before he was due to finish his shift. The memory from that night was making him horny again and he was anxious to get back home and relieve himself for the night, as he was not one who normally would jerk off in the bathrooms at work if he could at all help it, previous events having been the exception.

As he was cleaning, he happened to glance up in the mirror and saw that it wasn’t his actual reflection starring back at him, or rather it was him but not at the right angle at all. It was looking down at himself from out of the mirror coolly as he was mopping and when he noticed this irregularity, he stopped, stood up, and gaped at his not reflection in the mirror. His reflection, when it saw it had his attention opened its mouth and asked him.

“So, did you like your wish?”

Harrison gapped some more at the mirror before finally getting over the shock of his reflection talking back at him in the mirror and realising that his mirror self was referring to his newly improved cock. The tool in question chose this time to start to wake up and slightly cub up, as it had been doing so very frequently since that fateful night, but was not all the way hard yet and still firmly in his pants.

“My wish?” Harrison replied, not because he didn’t know what it was referring to but more because he didn’t remember the ritual actually comprising any sort of wish as such.

“Yes,” said the reflection. “You asked for your junk to be super-sized, and so I did, as the bargain dictates.”

“Umm, thank you,” Harrison stammered back. “I’ve been enjoying it heaps, actually.”

“Excellent,” replied the reflection with an aloof quirk of his lips, seeming to look off into the distance behind Harrison in a no callout, bored manner. “So when do you want the rest of the wish?”

“Rest of the wish?” Harrison gapped. “But I thought that was it. That’s all they told me to do. I thought it was done.”

“No way,” said the reflection focusing back on Harrison again. “You asked fifteen times, and three is the magic number, so five times you shall receive. That is the terms of the wish.”

“Five times? But I thought that was just to summon you.” Harrison was shocked at this and not really understanding the meaning of the number fifteen but instead was just thinking, bigger. Even though the idea was alarming and not something he wanted at all, being quite happy with his new 7 incher, the part of him that was thinking bigger dick equals greater pleasure was already speaking to his cock, which was reaching full hardness as the idea seemed to seep through into his head.

“Not at all. So when do you want to receive the remainder of the fifteen? Now -?” The reflection asked.

“No! Not now! Not while I’m at work. I don’t want any more! I’m quite big enough.” Harrison denied almost truthfully.

The reflection was starting to get peeved about the lack of enthusiasm his gift was receiving and was starting to sound mildly irritated, clearly wanting the whole thing done with so he could go back about his business.

“Well, it’s not negotiable. The bargain is already struck. I suppose I can wait for you to finish work but I will not wait too long, my little mortal. I’m getting bored of this already and you’d do well not to bore a being as powerful as me.” With that the mirror returned to ordinary, reflecting back Harrison’s own horrified face with the mop still in his hands from where he had half finished before the shocking encounter.

Shit, he thought, I have to get out of here. I have no idea what the fuck is going to even happen now. He quickly gathered up his cleaning tools and prepared to clock off, taking the trash out to the back dumpster before he could punch out. He was still achingly hard from the encounter in the mirror and after tossing the trash out, paused hidden by the dumpsters to rearrange his cock in his pants to be more comfortable. Holy shit, he thought, he had been enjoying having a 7 inch dick but now who knows how big it’s going to grow to. He stared at the bulge his hard dick made in his work slacks as he moved it to lie along his hipbone to try to make it as hidden as possible. He had a weird feeling in his balls but whether that was just the fright he had gotten or something more sinister he couldn’t tell. He thought, I’d better get home quick.

He managed, to clock off quickly and unobtrusively without anyone noticing how boned he was, making it out to the bike racks in record time. He took off riding without changing out of his uniform into street clothes but did undo his shirt to make it look less like he was a Maccas worker while riding.

The area was between a few different suburbs with sports fields all along one side of the road for a while and a pony club and cycling club track on the other. There was a good deal of open road before coming into any of the suburbs proper. This was lucky because as soon as he was off the grounds and onto the bike path beside the road he felt it.

His dick lurched in his pants pushing further up his hip bone and continued to twitch as his kugel muscle flexed it as it pushed out. He continued peddling for a few minutes, trying to get some distance closer to home and out of the well-lit areas of the intersection near the fast food places, towards the wilder parts of the park like areas. All the while his balls were churning and his dick was twitching and he could feel himself grinding against his pants as he peddled. He got to a slightly less lit area and ducked behind a tree, silently blessing the lack of traffic on the road and pathways at this time of night.

Still on his bike he reached down, pulling the waist of his pants and undies away from his taught thin body with his thumb to see the damage. His cock reached the edge of his hip bone and his balls felt bigger than before, though he could barely see them through the thickness of his cock, still mostly encased in his pants. Drawing his thumb along the top of his dick from the middle to its outer edge and along its helmeted head he realised that he was now drooling from the end of his dick. Precum coated his thumb when he reached the tip of the head and his cock gave another small spasm ejecting another small spurt, further soaking his briefs. Shit he thought, it was happening.

His cock was squashed sitting where it was and he could feel the resistance as it struggled in the confined space. The further he pulled the pants away the more it tried to straighten until it slipped out the top of the waistband, causing the button to strain against it. Not wanting his pants to break but also not wanting to keep it confined, Harrison quickly undid the button and rearranged his cock to stick out through the zipper hole of the pants, keeping his balls in the undies, and did the pants button back up. I’ll just have to ride a bit like this till I get home, he thought, getting back on his bike and resuming his ride home.

It felt really weird riding with his cock out like this, boned as he was. The length of it caused the shaft to wobble as he peddled. At least nine and a bit inches of fleshy tube like a baseball bat was flexing up and down as he rode, hoping nobody from the road could see him like this. His balls continued to churn from all the stimulation his flexing shaft was causing and he could feel an orgasm building up in them as it kept up, until finally he just had to let it go. Rising up off the seat as he continued to pedal he shot his seed into the night pumping his hips as best he could and trying to keep his legs working. It made for some very uneven pedal strokes but his momentum was enough that he kept moving forward, only spraying some on his undershirt and on the bike struts. After five or six shots he felt somewhat relieved and decided against stopping to clean up at this point. It was more important he get home before anything else too weird progressed.

His cock did not actually soften with the orgasm, staying mostly solid but flexing a little more with each movement than previously. He kept pedalling along the bike path heading down towards the local river. He’d have to make a choice soon, take the slightly longer but more private river route home or head down the shorter way through the suburb proper and into the streetlights and houses. After a quick inner debate, he opted for the river route as there was less chance of being seen with his cock out at this time of night.

He turned away from the road and on to the dimly lit path, cock still waggling and flexing as he pedalled. Speaking of flexing, that familiar feeling was returning, like not all of his cock’s movement was from the pedalling. He had just passed the first lamp light when he felt it happen. His cock strained up in a mighty flex and flicked itself back down again. It happened several more times as he rode through the dark patch and he could feel it growing each time, resisting gravity and tugging at his pelvis. He felt something cold touch his dick head after one of the drops and thought, shit it’s touching the handlebars.

It flexed one more time after that and came to rest with the helmet head of his cock sitting on top of the handlebars of the bike. He looked down at it as he approached the next lamplight. The head was almost half the size of the palm of his hand and the shaft was as thick as his wrist. He switched to coasting along through the lit patch, feeling the vibration of his bike on the road through his dick. Shit it felt good, he thought. The end of the shaft stretched the zipper hole of his pans wide open, filling it with his pubes poking out the top slightly. His balls were starting to feel quite snug in his undies and it was this and the waist band that had cause his dick’s rise upwards as it grew, resulting in its current location. Shit, it must be well over 12 inches long by now and would probably nearly touch his knees if it didn’t stick out further than them. The growths were getting bigger each time.

Running out of momentum as he flew past the lit area, he resumed pedalling again and encountered a new problem. His dick head kept rubbing along the handlebars as he moved, causing him to moan as he pedalled. The head still wet and sticky from its previous eruption and continued leaking so it didn’t hurt or catch on anything. It actually felt amazing, as the cool of the metal rubbed against the sweet spot under his dickhead. He couldn’t keep it up for much longer, he could feel another load building in his balls. He stopped the bike just as he came again, thrusting his hips and cock along the top of the bike he spirted out cum like a naughty water feature or a garden sprinkler made to look like a boy. It must have been at least ten ropes before it settled down to dripping out the end. The night air felt cool on his cock head as the cum lost its warmth to the night.

Fuck, Harrison thought, how am I gonna keep riding like this? I gotta keep it contained somehow. Knowing he didn’t have a lot of time, he shook off his cock as best he could—it was still fully hard but not achingly so– and stuffed it up underneath his shirt. It sat in between his nipples and began soaking through his shirt and drooling precum down his chest and abs. That’ll contain it while I ride he thought as he jumped back into the saddle and resumed his journey home.

It didn’t do that good a job really. At least it was out of the way while he road anxiously trying to not think too far ahead to the possible consequences of his growth, although its hardness strained against his shirt and made his hips have to flex weird while he pedalled. Just gotta get home, he thought hitting the more deserted part of the river path with almost no lighting. He could feel his balls still churning, even after that last epic cum and all the leaking his cock was still doing. The lubrication was making his cock slip and slide around underneath his shirt, rubbing back and forth between his nipples even as the bowing of his length pushed against the shirt material. He was getting harder again.

The flexing only happened three times this time. Once as his head slid up through the neck hole of his t-shirt, twice as the button on his pants finally broke and his undies strained against his balls, and thrice as his cock hit him in the chin. Oh fuck he though as he skidded to a halt, cock tapping itself on his chin. His pants chose this moment to slide down his legs to his knees, catching on the bike’s central strut as Harrison let the bike slide sideways down to the ground, pants following unintentionally.

An observer would have been able to see what had been going on with his balls if they were looking. They had grown considerably during the last two growth spirts but had been kept mostly contained by his undies. This was no longer the case. His balls had surpassed the size of twin apples and were approaching the size of smallish coconuts, keeping size with is cock’s growth. As it stood now, his balls weren’t just showing through the sides of the leg holes but were actually bulging out the sides, making the undies look like a thong barely covering but cheeks, stretched way out the front of his crotch. An observer would have seen this, had they been looking. Harrison however could not.

All he could see was his enormous cock head in his field of vision bobbing slightly with his movements just in front of his mouth. The feel of his breath on his slick dick head felt amazing. The temptation was too great. He reached out and licked it. His knees almost buckled with the sensation and he kept tonging it, his wide tongue scraping raspilly over this fist sized head. He couldn’t resist any longer. He reached out and pulled it to him, lips and tongue working over it as he cradled it to his body, hips flexing and arms working the length. He didn’t even take his t-shirt off. The head was too big to fit in his mouth by this point but he sure did make an effort to take it. His lips stretched obscenely as he strained to fit the fist-sized appendage into his mouth and although he strained he could not get it in. His tongue traced along his slit and the ridges on top of his dick, flexing wide to cover the maximum amount of area, trying desperately to reach the other side of the head and hit that sweet spot, the fraenum.

His fingers of his right hand trailed up and down the back of his cock, feeling the ribbing along the underside and coming up to poke at and caress the fraenum and play with the ridge of his large mushroom head. It felt so good and Harrison couldn’t help moan into his cock, the vibrations adding to his pleasure. His left hand had been caressing and trying to encircle the base of his dick where it met his body. It was too girthy to get one hand around and seemed to stretch his legs out at the hips where it continued further into his body at the base. His touching brought a hand around to his balls which he fondled and jiggled for a bit, finally coming to understand the approximate size of them where they hung out and down from his body around his knees. The movement was causing his legs to go weak as he kept readjusting his stance wider so that his balls could swing freer. He worked his stretched out thong like undies off one handed as the right hand continued to work his cock head. He could barely think straight, it was like all the nerves of his privates were multiplied in sensitivity and wired directly into the pleasure centres of his brain. The wiggling movement from getting his undies off kept causing his cock head to hit him in the face and when he finally got them off he stood, legs spread wide and balls swaying back and forth as his orgasm hit him.

The spray caught him mostly in the face, although plenty blew over his head, soaking his hair as he tried to thrust his hips frantic with pleasure. His cock was by this stage so large and so hard that the movement only succeeded in causing the mighty pole to sway back and forth, away then back towards his face, smacking him slightly in the chin and nose with the dripping head as the left-overs from each spirt ran down the almost head sized cock-head. He felt like he was going blind with the pleasure each spirt was causing, feeling the molten liquid blast through all his internal plumbing out of his balls and into his cock, Kegel muscles clenching and urethra resisting the pressure as cum sprayed out of the head. The journey was so long and all the normal sensations were so magnified by size and distance that his brain almost couldn’t process the feelings he was experiencing. It was indescribable! It was transcendent! It was orgasmic on a whole other level to normal. He was now so far past normal experience, that all he could do was moan. And, moan he did…

“Aaaaaaargh, ugh, ugh, oooooooooaaaaaaaaguh, ah, ah—” (and other such inscribable utterances that cannot possibly be related here through mere text). The boy was not quiet! He wasn’t able to even think about the possibility of being overheard here. So caught up in the moment was he, all alone and far from anyone who might be concerned at the noise, he sank to his knees as the orgasm continued for longer this time than any of the previous instances. It might have been a minute or two, it might have been an hour for all he could tell. He’d become so lost in the sensations, he completely missed what happened behind him.

Two points of golden light began to glow on either side of the bike path a-ways back from where Harrison had collapsed to his knees. The golden lights arched up into the night air like a golden rainbow, not quite meeting in the middle, dipping slightly to form a double arch, glowing in the night. A mirrored liquid surface formed in the interstitial space inside the arches, rippling and undulating in coruscating light and from this portal stepped forth an almost cloned replica of Harrison himself as last seen in the mirror and wearing an arrogant smile. The figure walked up from behind to the panting Harrison, who was just coming down from the end of his last orgasm, finally relaxing slightly after his release, and drawled as he approached.

“My my, that sure looked… enjoyable…”

Harrison startled visibly, turning to look at the stranger who wore his face as best he could with his still throbbing erection and bouncing balls hampering his movements.

“Who?.. What?… How?…” He panted, fear clearly painted across his face.

“Well, to answer your last two questions first,” the figure paused finishing his casual walk around to Harrison’s front side, stopping just clear of the toppled and forgotten bike. “For the what, I granted your wish, as requested. You’re welcome, by the way. And for the how, in case it wasn’t clear by the implausibility of this,” he paused to run his finger of the slick top of the throbbing appendage bobbing before them. “I’m magic.” He announced with a flourish of his hands, causing sparkles of golden glitter to fly through the night air of either side of him, ending by putting his cum slicked finger into his mouth, as his expression changed from theatrically ostentatious to appreciative.

“Mmm, thick and creamy,” he remarked to himself, taking in Harrison’s terrified expression at the mystery figure’s unsettling antics.

Leaning in close to Harrison, just far enough away from his face not to touch the cock in front the figure continued.

“And as to the who, well my dear employee… If you haven’t guessed who I am by now…”

With a pop, everything about him changed. The creature wearing his face and staring intensely into his eyes held all of Harrison’s terrified attention, but if he hadn’t been starring into its face, he would never have notice the change as its nose popped up into a shiny red clown’s nose and the shadows of its face shifted in the reflected light of the glowing golden gate into white face paint and a huge, terrifying, red-painted smile.

“Do I have to even tell you who I am?” the creature gloated. “Bwahahahahahaha!” It threw back its head in cackling laughter as the rest of the transformation into the towering clown figure with the familiar red hair, and white and yellow jump suit exploded out of it. It shot up in height and his bright red shoes snaked forward as the transformation completed, leaving the joyfully laughing clown howling into the gold lit night.

Harrison tried to back up in horror but he was still crouched down and only succeeded in falling backwards onto his butt. His throbbing cock just would not go down and kept booping him on the face as his balls dragged across the tarmac.

Finally calming down slightly and taking in the boy’s failed attempt to scramble away, the menacing creature stepped closer to the cowering boy. Towering over him and rounding on him with slitted eyes.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know what you were doing in the bathroom on company time?” he hissed menacingly. “Did you think you could shirk your work without me finding out, masturbating in the bathroom on company time? I’m me! I know all that goes on within my domain!”

Harrison goggled at the clown, sure that this all must be some sort of psychotic break, that he was hallucinating this whole time. A glance back down at his monstrous glands bobbing before him and the feeling radiating through his body confirmed his fears that this was all really happening to him after all.

“Oh yes,” the clown continued on, “Well now, it’s time I reclaimed what you owe and more! Payment for granting your wish. But hmmm, what am I forgetting?” The clown made a great show of searching for the answer to his question, rubbing his chin questioningly.

“Oh wait, I remember!” He said with a cheerful snap of his fingers. “Your wish! It still hasn’t been granted in full yet. You’ve only had four growth spirts so far. Lucky last pays for all, am I right?”

Harrison’s eyes widened in horror as he realised what was implied by the clown’s words.

“But, what will happen to me? If I get any bigger I’m not going to be able to move!” he spluttered, trying and failing to imagine life with organs bigger than the rest of his body and the unimaginable pleasure that might come from a further upgrade of this kind.

“Hmmmm,” the clown disingenuously pretended to think on the poor boy’s plight. “I can think of some use that a boy of your… attributes could be put to both fulfil the bargain struck between us and pay me back for time and power lost in your transformation… After all, we can’t let all of this creamy goodness you’re producing be put to waste and just, spilt all over the floor now, can we?”

At this, the clown again ran a finger over the moistened tip of poor Harrison’s cock head and the licked still dripping ejaculate off his finger, loudly popping it against his lips as he removed it.

“Ummmm, thick and creamy! Just how we like it. I’m sure that accommodations that can be made for you back in MacDongalland to be kept and provide thick and milky shake mixture to be exported out to the world. After all, what did you think was in our thickshakes and icecream mix that made it taste so good? Pig fat? Ha!” he cackled.

Then the Mephistophelian clown’s voice lowered as he leaned forward menacingly.

“And did you really think you were the first unfortunate soul to be a recipient of my gifts? To be caught in my golden trap? Why do you think I let word get around about such fanciful tales the magic of Maccas and grant those that dare? Oh no dear boy, you are not the first and will not at all be the last happy meal to fall prey to their own greed and my golden magics…. Although I doubt you’re about to do much thinking around your current predicament with this in the way.” At which point he squeezes the massively inflated cock like it was a bike horn. Following the gesture up with two quick “Honk, Honk” and another round of side splitting, cackling laughter.

Wiping tears of apparent mirth of out his makeup beringed eyes he continued, “Not that we can even really call you a boy by this point in the transformation process. Maybe a cum cow or something… Ah well, I’ll let the boys at the magical dairy labs figure that part out. I’m less personally interested in the actual products of these little dalliances and much more in the thrill of the conquest, my dear happy meal boytoy!

Growing thoughtful and continuing to seemingly ignore Harrison’s ever growing terror and shame at the possibility of an eternity of carnal pleasure in some enchanted magical corporate fairyland, the clown continued his villainous monologue, obviously deriving pleasure from each drawn out word and the effects it was having on his poor hapless victim.

“You are correct in one thing though, I think your next growth spurt might render you too huge to easily move so best hurry to get you on your way, back through my magical golden arches to your new place in my experimental production factories in McFairyland! Good thing I brought backup with me!” He capered back towards the glowing golden arched gateway into the nether and shouted towards the opening, “Oh boys!”

The golden surface rippled and out through each arch stepped identical clones of some sort of tall, dark skinned, rippling hunks, with squared off unreal faces hidden in the shadows of the night and rippling muscles that looked certainly up the task of carrying Harrison on towards his new life of captive carnal horrors. As they stepped away and the light of the gateway backlit their magnificent physique, it became apparent that although they were wearing tight posing shorts of some sort of purple rubber material, their skin wasn’t as dark or as shaved and smooth as you’d expect from their bodybuilder proportions. It looked almost fuzzy, if that was at all possible, and a darker shade of purple than their pants, absorbing instead of reflecting the light.

Overall the effect was of as if two mannequins of Mr Olympia sportswear had been brought to life to fetch and tote for the creature capering with glee before them. Totally incongruous with the scene otherwise playing out this dark night on a shadowed bikeway in the urban parkland sprawl.

“Mr Grimaces, would you please be dears and carry our dear Mr Harrison away to his new residence? Afterall, we wouldn’t want to miss out on getting him in place before his last big spurt! Bwahahahahaha!” The clown trailed off into another fit of laughter after having punctuated his spurt comment with a pelvic thrust, followed by more dancing from foot large shoed foot.

The two behemoths didn’t reply but did move swiftly to obey, just as a shudder ran though Harrison’s body at being hoisted off the ground into a sedan carry. The boy’s oversized balls being carefully cradled by one arm as the other showed almost no effort at all, picking up the young man’s slim and barely finished growing frame. The pool noodle length cock boinking the boy on the face as they hustled him to the gateway and his new life. Or was the undulations of movement masking the start of his final stage of growth as his penis again bucked and stretched into something new and altogether more hedonistic and maddeningly erotic?

Unfortunately, it became impossible to tell as they disappeared through the golden arches, never to be seen on this plane again.

The clown, capering in joy as his prey disappeared through the gateway shuddered sensually, as if he could feel the very essence and potential of Harrison’s new future becoming his as it was swallowed through his golden arches into the great beyond.

“Mmmmmm!” he shuddered. “I’m lovin’ it!”

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