by Clearlyhere

 Derrick submits to a procedure that may solve his … little problem.

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“All your tests are clear. No problems with circulation, blood pressure, and though you could stand to lose a little weight, you are in the prime of health.”

Derrick smiled, feeling slightly insulted and slightly relieved. He looked down and saw his gut the poked out over his waist band, size 36. He was a 5’8” 200 lbs guy, with a problem. A problem the surgery claimed to be able to fix. He hardly could believe the website when he read it:

   Is you pecker a little poker? Feel pressure to provide pleasure with a poorly proportioned penis? Through probiotics and priapic piquancy we can plump and improve the potency of your pendulum.

Derrick hadn’t been sure what it really meant. It had made him laugh. Sure, I’ll click to pump my pendulum. In fact, he had always been self conscious about his dick. It was, to be blunt, a micro penis. I was a genuine medical condition and as a consequence, he had never had sex with a woman. He had some girlfriends in the past, but it ended once they finally got to the sex phase. It was never the reason they broke up they said. He knew it was. Who wanted to spend the rest of their lives without an orgasm.

   “I’m huge now. I thought it was going to be a slightly longer penis and now I’m huge.”
   “Orgasms last longer and I am beating them off with my big stick.”
   “A big package attracts like bees to honey.”
   “Best money I ever spent.”

After reading the website carefully, reading the testimonials, Derrick decided to visit the office.

There was no one in the waiting room when he got there. It only had three chairs and a few magazines (Men’s Fitness and OUT) and a small window for the receptionist.

“Mr. Duggar?” a handsome man said through the window.


“The Doctor will see you now.”

“Oh, okay.” The receptionist looked like an actor. Maybe his cheek bones weren’t high enough, but he definitely looked fit. Maybe, he was a personal trainer too.

The hall way was white with 8x10 framed photos of penises. Large penises. 10 inches, maybe 12 or 14 inches. Some were hard, some were soft and they were all different types. Circumsized, uncircumsized, veiny, smooth, fat, flute-like. Not being a connoisseur of penises, he hadn’t considered how much variation there could be.

“So, you would like a new penis?” the doctor asked. He was a forty something and might be called a silver fox. He looked like a plastic surgeon with bulging biceps and chiseled weather features. Derrick was in awe of the man. He even involuntarily glance down, quickly, and saw a python going down the side of his leg. “It’s okay to look. Most men do.”

Derrick blushed and responded to the question “Well, a bigger one yeah.” His tiny penis seemed to perk up in front of this silver fox with python down his pants.

“Okay well, let’s have a look.” The doctor looked at Derrick’s pant expectantly. Derrick felt very self conscious. Wasn’t the doctor supposed to leave the room when a patient disrobed? “I’ve seen all types. Don’t be shy.” The doctor said with a small smile and twinkle in his eye.

Derrick decided it didn’t matter. He was just getting naked in front of a doctor who was going to handle his penis. That didn’t help. Removing his pants and his boxers, Derrick revealed his inch long penis. It was about as thick as his pinky and his balls little more than blueberries. His pecker pointed straight at the doctor, half aroused.

“Oh, a micropenis. Most men come in here with perfectly average penises and aren’t satisfied. I can see why you are having a problem with this model.”


“Figure of speech. Can you pump it for me?”


“Can you get it fully erect for me?”

“No, I don’t… It doesn’t get much bigger,” Derrick stopped, for some reason at the mere suggestion it when from half erect to harder than it had ever been. He wanted to impress the doctor, but there was no way his penis would do that.

“There we go.” The doctor began to handle it, looking at the head, the shaft and pulling Derrick’s foreskin. “Nice to see an uncircumsized penis. Well, there is potential.”

“For what?”

“Nevermind. What kind of penis would you want? I have a whole catalogue of what I can do.” With that he pulled out a penis catalogue and flipped open to the first page. Stats were listed next to each picture. They were of all colors and shaped just like the hall way and even longer than he guessed. None were under 10 inches hard and 6 inches soft. Derrick liked one pic of a black penis 13 inches and really wide, smaller head that eased into a flaringly thick shaft.

“Wow, that looks amazing.”

“I don’t think that would work with your skin tone.”

“So, it would change color. I can change my penis’s skin tone?”

“Oh, yes. I advise against the Frankenstein white man with a black penis, though some men get off on it. I may be a white boy, but I got a black man’s penis. We really can do anything. But you can grow more foreskin, get circumsized, grow longer, wider, change the curve of the shaft, everything that nature can do.”

Derrick could hardly believe was he was hearing. It couldn’t be real. No, his dick could become olive skinned 15 inch penis that looked slender in proportion, but was 8 inches around. He imagined having that hard prick poke out every time he want to fuck. Or that perfectly smooth 11 inch monster that was 12 inches around. Then, a peach one with a huge mushroom head foreskin and veiny, it was only 10 inches and looked small compared to the others.

“Could I get that one, but make it the same proportion at 12 inches long?” Derrick precame at the thought of having that veiny monter. The doctor looked at the model name, Joshua.

“I think that model could work.”

“How long does the treatment take? How does it work?”

“Oh, you come in the morning, we put you under pump you full of some chemicals, train your dick and you wake up 8 hours later. You must stay overnight for observation.”


“Of course, to make sure the change takes.”

“How long does it last?”

“Well, forever as far as we know.”

“When can I get it done?”

“We wouldn’t do for 3 weeks. Would you like to look at the book more and see if any other models appeal?” Derrick did want to look at the book more and spent twenty more minutes looking at all the varieties of dicks, but as he flipped through he knew he wanted the Joshua. Page after page of long and thick dicks, but Joshua was the one he wanted.

“Okay, now I just need a report of good health from your primary doctor and a semen sample.”


“Yes. We have some magazines on that counter. I’ll leave you alone.” The doctor left after putting a small sample cup on the counter with the magazines. Derrick looked through the stack, some had girls with huge breasts posing, guys with huge cocks, trannies, guys nailing girls, guys nailing guys. He grabbed a hardcore magazine and the cup, arranged it so he could jack his cock and flip through. His cock was at full mast still, small as it was, probably harder than it had ever been. Derrick jacked it back and forth while looking at girls being impaled by cut guys with huge cocks. He jacked it harder and harder with his two fingers thinking of how in a few weeks he would have to use both hands to get around his enormous cock.

Three weeks later, Derrick was in the same office with an overnight bag feeling very anxious. He had taken the week off work. Undressed except for a blue hospital gown, Derrick was starting to feel nervous and strangely horny. He had been thinking about his dick constantly for three weeks. How would it feel to have a 12 inch dick in his pants, filling his underwear. He wanted to feel that warm sensation down the side of his leg. Now it sat on top of his balls, but a 12 inch dick would hang down. The doctor had come in and examined his dick again and spent time examining his balls.

“I see you checked off hairless balls,” said the doctor with a smile. There had been a whole questionnaire and liability statement to sign.

* Penis ** Model: Joshua ** Size: 12.5 inches ** Circumference: 10 inches ** Foreskin: Yes ** Amount of foreskin: moderate * Balls ** Size: Large ** Scrotum: Hairless

I sign this waiver understanding that size is approximate and may vary to a small degree. Other side effects will result from penis enlargement. All liability is waived.

The other side effects worried Derrick, but to have a 12.5 inch penis he had stopped caring about the fine print. He had considered a small amount of hair on his balls, but what was the point? Hair on balls wasn’t manly, big balls were manly. He imagined playing with an extra large amount of foreskin. Pulling it up over the head of his dick, pulling it back, but he also decided against that. The doctor said that balls were harder to size, but he would try to size them to fit the dick. Medium balls just felt like wussing out. Large to X-Large sounded awesome. At the last minute Derrick change it to X-Large.

Derrick sat there as the hot receptionist came in with the IV.

“Oh, are you a nurse.” the receptionist/nurse just smiled. Derrick with an IV drip now hooked up to his arm, slid off the sleep on the bed. His last conscious thought was he couldn’t wait to wake up in 8 hours. The doctor came in with his receptionist who was actually a nurse. The assistant removed the blue gown and looked at Derrick’s naked body.

“Cute guy, it’s a pity for him to have such a small penis. Also, he needs to get a good hair cut.”

“Go get the tank. Joshua is ready and waiting.” The assistant opened the back door and in a small tank was a beautiful 12 by 10 inch penis floating in a tank with greenish water. The assistant had fished it out the larger tank in the back three weeks ago and gave it a treatment to grow from it’s 10 inch version to a full 12 inches.

The doctor started injecting Derrick’s balls with various chemicals. Chemicals he had worked and worked to provide the best results in the country, in the world. Immediately, his pitiful bean sized balls swelled, but would take a least 6 hours to get to the X-Large size Derrick desired. The unconscious Derrick moaned.

“Now those will go better with his new monster,” the assistant. His tiny penis looked lost on top of the growing gonads.

“How long has the IV been going?”

“45 minutes.”

“Good,” the doctor grabbed the micro dick and pulled it off like taffy. The nurse took it from him, put a gel coating on it and place it in the Joshua tank. His assistant, Joshua already in hand, place it on the tray next to the table. The doctor picked it up and the base of the shaft moved on it on toward the hole on Derrick. Carefully, the doctor guided it and centered it on him. Slowly, the new dick deflated releasing chemicals into the sleeping Derricks blood supply.

Derrick woke up eight hours later in another room. He felt exhausted, like he had run a marathon or swam in a meet. He needed something to drink. A glass of yellow liquid was next to him, probably Gatorade, and he drank it.

His third thought was something is pulling on my crotch. Derrick cautiously move the hospital gown up and there it was, Joshua. He touched it lightly and it felt great. The sensation was better than it used to be. He couldn’t believe it was his dick. How had his tiny, wimpy, micro dick become this beautiful long thick cock. Blood pumped into his crotch, slowly lengthening from a flaccid that was god damn impressive to porn star fucking hard.

“You are awake, right on schedule,” the nurse said as he came in. Derrick smiled and proudly displayed his new erect cock, not self conscious at all. Feeling proud, really.

“Well, let’s measure the results while we’ve got it here. You don’t mind.” It didn’t seem to be a question.

“Go ahead touch it,” Derrick wanted the man to touch his cock. Dared him to. The nurse grabbed a measuring tape and wrapped it around Joshua. “Are you fully hard or do you think you could go a little bit more?”

“I think I could go a little bit more,” said Derrick. With that, the nurse jacked his new cock up and down. His hand couldn’t reach all the way around and he gripped it harder and harder. Derrick closed his eyes, but opened them again not wanting to miss seeing this guy gripping his giant cock.

The nurse stopped and said, “10 inches plus and…. almost 13. It is grew a little more than expected. Sensation is definitely working well.” He jacked Derrick’s cock a few more times and smiled. Derrick just thought 13 inches was awesome, amazing.

“Any comments?”

“It feels great,” he put both hands on his crotch feeling this foreign object that wasn’t there 24 hours ago. Joshua was perfect. He started rubbing his balls that had expanded and felt heavy and plump and… amazing. They were fucking sexy. Joshua’s shaft was thick and really veiny and just beautiful.

“So, you are liking the results?”

“God, yes.” Derrick said jacking his cock and looking at the nurse. The nurse had a bulge in his pants too. It looked like it was pulling against the fabric of his scrubs. Derrick wondered if the nurse had grown his dick, too. He wondered if it was as big as Joshua. Without asking Derrick leaned forward and pulled the nurse’s pants down. He was wearing boxer briefs, but his dick was extended below the bottom of the briefs and swelling rapidly.

“I’ve got to pull these off,” the nurse said and released his penis from the confines of this underwear. It sprang up with a curve upward toward his taught stomach. It looked longer than Joshua, but not a thick and smooth with a ridge on the underside.

“Nice dick. 15 inches?”

“Yeah, my previous dick curved to the right, but I wanted to try an upward curve this time.”

“Your previous dick? How many times have you received the treatment?”

“Oh, I’ve tried a few. In many different ways.” He moved closer and licked Derrick’s new dick’s head. Gently to let him feel the new sensation, teasing the piss hole, circling the head. Derrick wanted to stuff it down the nurse’s throat. It took all his will not to. It felt like an hour of licking, but eventually the nurse went deeper on the dick taking the head all the way in his mouth and rolling his tongue around. This man knew how to give a blow job. Derrick wanted to close his eyes to just live in the sensation, but his cock was just so beautiful in this man’s mouth. Briefly a thought passed through his head. Getting a blow job from a guy was pretty gay. Then, the nurse deep throated his new cock.

“Fuck yeah. Take it all.” It felt better than anything he had ever experience. Derrick moved his hips up and down and started face fuck the nurse. The nurse looked slightly alarmed, but Derrick started going faster and the nurse just gripped the table. Tear dropped from the nurse’s eyes and Derrick didn’t care. He just kept on thrusting in and out. The nurse got used to the girth and started actively pushing his mouth down on the huge cock. Down the long shaft, taking it all and back up. Derrick had never felt anything like it. He loved seeing his cock bulge in the throat of this man. How could that be his cock. He pulled his cock out of the nurse and jacked it with one hand fondled his balls and taint with the other. The nurse put one hand on Joshua and his other hand on Derrick’s ass, slipping two fingers in and out.

Spunk jetted out and hit the nurse in the face and the chest. More than ten volleys sprayed before Derrick let go and rubbed his own stomach. Laying there enjoying the after effects of his orgasm, Derrick rubbed his stomach which seemed smaller than it had been this morning. He look down at his crotch and noticed he had dips now. And abs. There were abs working their way up his chest.

“Oh, you noticed.”

“Noticed what?”

“That your body is sore from the treatment. Your stomach is gone and your butt is firmer. Right now your pecs are starting to get bigger, but it will take another 8 hours for the full effect of treatment to get to your arms. It sort of radiates out from your balls.” Sure enough, his pecs were gaining cleavage. He could practically see it happening. He got up, now naked, from the table and looked at himself in the mirror on the door. His arms were still the untoned ones he was used to, but his ass looked great. It looked muscular and hard like he did squats five days a week like all he wanted when he worked out was muscle hot ass. Leaning slightly to the left, his dick rested on his now totally vascular thighs. He flexed in the mirror and his dick perked up a little. It fattened and was ready for another round. Derrick was horny from looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He looked like a personal trainer. He rubbed the relief of his abs and it fel! t great. His 13 inch dick pointed at his reflection with a naked nurse behind him.

“So, what else would you like to do with your new tool?” The nurse had taken off his shirt and slowly jacked his own cock while kissing Derrick’s neck.

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