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The frat's Friday party was about to start when several of the elder brothers grabbed Nate and dragged him into the basement. Steve, his sponsor clapped him on the back "It's your night Nate. After this you're truely be one of us!"

Once the basement door was locked, Mark the hunky frat president hushed everyone then turned to Nate, "Strip outsider."

Nate was roughly helped out of his clothes and stood among the elder brothers with hands firmly at his sides. He had nothing to be embarrassed about, despite being slightly shorter and not quite as muscular as the upper classmen. Years of track and wrestling had given him a physique that was enviable, and genetics had blessed him with piercing blue eyes, thick dark hair and a rather substantial endowment.

Someone shoved a foot between his feet and pushed his feet apart. His hands were grabbed and bound together behind his back.

"Get the apparatus." Mark intoned solemnly.

There was an air of reverence and awe among the brothers as Steve, presented and opened a wooden case about the size of lunchbox.

Mark lifted out a black plastic cyclinder about as big around as a fist and three times as long. Attached to its side was a stiff black hose which dangled about arms length, even though it was only as big around as a finger. It looked kind of like a penis enlarging vaccuum pump Nate had seen in one of his porn magazines.

Mark turned towards Nate, "You will not speak of this to outsiders."

Before Nate could even nod in agreement, Mark pressed the cool black plastic thing against Nate's cock and balls roughly, he muttered some words that were very definitely not in English and Nate cried out, feeling something roughly sucking at his dick and balls. He could feel them being pulled into the device.

Mark mumbled some more arcane words and pulled the device away.

Nate looked down and freaked out, he struggled to break free from the three boys holding him steady. There in his short dark pubes was… nothing. His pride and joy had vanished. There was nothing but a bald spot where they used to connect. "What the hell where's my dick!? Where are my balls!?"

Mark waved the black cylinder in a taunting "keep away" game as the classmen held Nate back.

The elders were laughing so hard some had tears in their eyes, "You'd make a pretty girl, Nate." Steve dry humped the front of his jeans against Nate's pelvis and kissed him in mocking passion. The other boys petted and fondled Nate lewdly.

Nate thought to himself, "it's just a trick everything's fine, they' just hypnotized me or something. It has to be some kind of trick!" He tried to look down again but Steve was blocking his view. Out of the corner of his eye, Nate saw Mark leave the room with the apparatus.

Nate was still protesting, was starting to notice that the boys around him weren't horsing around rudely like before, they were actually feeling up his naked body more seriously. It was rather distracting. "Uh guys? Guys?!"

Steve put a finger against Nates lips, "I said shush."

Nate frowned. The blond upperclassman removed his finger and kissed Nate deeply, there was no mistaking it, this wasn't play acting this was genuine interest.

Steve broke the kiss and moved his head to whisper quietly "Relax, the worst is almost over." Steve nibbled on Nate's ear while he was there. Nate was completely boxed in by three maybe four of the upperclassmen. He was more into girls than guys, but with all the physical attention he was getting he would have been rock hard… if he still had something between his legs which could get hard.

The boys quietly stroked and kissed Nate along his arms, back and chest, rubbing up against him with their jeans and dress shirt covered athletic bodies. The smell of light cologne swam about his head.

Steve whispered again, "Any moment now… hang in there little buddy."

Nate was nervous but starting to enjoy all the attention when suddenly there was an ice cold stabbing sensation, as if a huge slippery icicle had been screwed deep into his ass. "OWWW!! WHAT THE FUCK!" Again he was trying to break free, and nearly threw the larger boys off him for a moment as he tried to get away from the painful feeling.

The boys redoubled their petting and stroking, Steve whispering comforting words into his ear, "S'okay… relax, you're fine. You're doing great, just give it a moment."

Nate squirmed and yelped as the cold sensation spread through him. Part of it was like brain-freeze from eating ice cream too quickly… but in his lower torso instead. As it began to fade, he felt a incredibly urgent need to pee, and began squirming even more.

Some of the boys were drifting out to welcome the guests to the party, and soon it was only Nate and Steve in the basement. Steve untied Nate's hands, and was still being very hands-on with Nate's muscular body, nuzzling and exploring with his hands.

"Steve, man, I gotta pee!"

Steve chuckled and nodded. "I know." he ran a hand through Nate's utterly dickless groin, laughing softly, "Stop trying to hold it and relax. Don't worry about it."

Nate looked around the room worried about the carpeting.

Steve laughed. "Seriously. You can't pee right now even if you wanted to."

Nate frowned and tried, he felt something shift in him, but nothing came out. He still needed to pee but it felt like someone had clamped the end of his dick shut.

"Let's get you dressed and upstairs."

Steve helped Nate get dressed and before they left the basement Steve stopped and slipped a hand down into the front of Nate's jeans tickling the bald spot, Nate shivvered still confused.

Steve laughed, "Sorry, I'm just envious… you'll understand why soon enough. Remember, say nothing to anyone about this, especially the other younger brothers, they'll find out soon enough. Tonight is your night. Enjoy it."

Steve held open the door to let Nate out of the basement. "It'll get more intense as the evening goes on. Sneak into my room and just watch the party through my window if it gets to be too much."

Steve led Nate to the backyard and resumed acting like yet another horny hetero frat boy in front of the guests. Nate saw the other new pledges watching him, wondering what his secret hazing ritual was. None dared to ask, not while the Elder brothers were milling about.

It was warm and loud in the house, so Nate strolled out to the large back deck. Three kegs were lined up and… Nate's jaw dropped open when he saw the keg taps. The black pastic cylinder hand pump, the long black plastic pour spout with spigot on the end.

Someone elbowed past him with a plastic cup, "Pardon me, braw", the jock pounded on the pump of the left hand keg a few times and then filled his cup with the tap line. The guy took a few huge gulps and strode off looking for friends.

Moments later a gal came out and handed Nate and empty cup. "What's on tap?"

Nate shrugged, "Sorry, I dunno. Um, pick one?"

She put a finger to her lip thinking for a moment and then pointed at the keg on the right. "How about that one?"

Nate nodded and nervously leaned on the pump a few times, and filled her cup up with a pale pilsner. She grinned, "Thanks!" and she went back in the house.

It was still early yet, and guests were slowly filling up the house. Seeing that he was alone for the moment, Nate grabbed a plastic cup and reached out to pump the middle keg. The second he touched it he knew… he was connected to it. He could feel his fingers on the tap. Gently he pressed the plunger down and moaned, it was better than jacking off… it was like fucking something firm warm and wet.

After six pumps he could feel an orgasm building in him, but he stopped, and instead aimed the nozzle at his cup. He pulled the tab and… nothing came out. "Uh okay then…" he gave the plunger ten more long pumps and felt his knees go weak, he was right on the edge, but couldn't quite cum. Eagerly and clumsily he groped for the nozzle and aimed it at his cup. He slammed down the tab and out burst a heady stream of frothy amber ale "AAaaaaggghhhh!! Oooooohhhh!!" Nate dropped to his knees gasping and panting.

He could hear Steve laughing nearby. "Aww, that's cheating." He stepped up and grabbed a cup. "You're supposed to do it like this…" he began pumping the tap like crazy, Nate felt like he was going to have a heart attack, his pulse was hammering so hard as his body tried and tried to cum again, but was held back…

Steve slowly picked up the nozzle as wild eyed Nate grunted and sucked air in and out of his lungs. The pressure to cum again in him hanging there unreleased. Steve let the tap line drop from his fingers, "oops, clumsy me" Nate nearly screamed he needed to cum so badly.

Steve took pity on Nate and picked up the line again, holding it to his own mouth, he licked the spout and Nate could actually feel the warm tongue. Steve pulled the tab down and cold pale ale gushed into his mouth.

Nate grunted again explosively "Nyaaghh!! AAahhh! AAAaahhhhhhhh!!!" doubling over as the waves of pressure slowly faded, as Steve gulped down mouthful after mouthful of Nate's pale ale jizz.

Steve laughed, "I think you're enjoying this a little too much to be left out here in the open. Let's get you up into my room. You can watch people using the kegs from there."

Steve lifted Nate up off his knees and half carried the delerious young wrestler into house. As they crossed through the living room to the stairs, Steve bellowed across the room to Mark, "Dude! You gotta try the pale ale, it's awesome!" Steve waved a cup and motioned towards the back door.

Mark yelled back "Oh yeah? Which keg?"

Steve yelled back louder than ever "The middle one! Definitely!"

Nate was yanking on Steve's arm desperately, "Stop it man!!"

Steve just laughed and whispered. "You got a few seconds before there's a line of thirsty folks at your keg. Hurry up!"

Nate ran up the stairs closely followed by Steve. He made it to the door when his legs went weak again, he could feel large strong hands had wrapped around his cock, stroking away and the pressure was building up in him again.

"Unggh… Steve… help!" he grunted and moaned as another orgasm swept over him. Not as powerful as before, it was only a few pumps this time.

As they crashed into Steve's bedroom, Nate could feel some girls slender fingers working his pump, someone was holding the tap open at the same time and he could feel the ale flowing, "whoa, wow, that's kinda nice!" he purred at Steve. The feeling went on for a while as several cups were slowly filled.

After that round was done, Steve let Nate take a sip from his cup. "Tasty huh?" Nate nodded and crumpled again as another orgasm suddenly started, someone had started pouring without pumping even.

The next person in line figured the keg needed some more pressure though and was pumping away rapidly.

"Oh god… steve… Nrggh… how can this… how long… er, how many times."

Steve chuckled and ran a hand through Nate's hair as the freshman shuddered and convulsed in another orgasm. "Until the keg is empty man. Until the keg is dry." Steve helped Nate up into the loft where he usually slept. "Look, you can see straight down through the window and enjoy all the different folks pumping your cock for the rest of the night. Oh hey, look there's Mark."

Nate's eyes went wide as Mark looked up into the dark bedroom window, he smiling wickedly and started pumping.

Nate whimpered, "Aah… aaah… AH! AAHH!! AAGGH!! Dammit!" He was near screaming now and still Mark kept pumping. There was a small line forming behind him. "AAAaaaaaghhh!!!" Nate was starting to lose his voice.

Steve laughed and watched out the window. "He did that to me too, back when it was my turn."

Finally, Mark could pump no more, it wasn't possible to pressurize the keg more than it was. He was apparently talking to a few people and waving the nozzle around as he made some joke. Nate thought he was going to explode.

Mark finally had pity on the lower classman and aimed for his cup releasing a thin hard stream of beer, splattering and making way too much of a frothy head, while up in Steve's room Nate was thrashing about wildly, sweat pouring off him as he felt every drop spray through his cock. Mark filled several cups were filled and there was still a lot of pressure left in the keg when he finally stopped pouring.

Steve fondly kissed Nate on his gasping mouth. "That'll probably be the biggest one tonight, but there's lots to come yet. This party is just getting started!" He nuzzled closer to Nate. "Let's get out of these clothes, eh?"

Nate gasped and nodded, not able to help Steve too much with the task as orgasm after orgasm started and stopped with little warning.

Nate was beyond being able to speak, the pressure in the keg stayed high for a long time. He was sweating profusely, while outside the keg dripped chilly condensation. As the beer in the keg slowly drained away, Nate felt thirstier, he drank the rest of Steve's cup and began licking Steve's body between orgasms, out of his mind with lust. He wasn't just willing but eager to try anything that Steve suggested as they rolled about in the loft.

When the keg finally began spitting air instead of beer Nate passed out, beyond exhausted from the ordeal. It was still early yet, barely past midnight. Around 1am Steve woke Nate up again, "How you doing little buddy?"

Nate groaned, groggy but happy, "That was amazing."

Steve grinned, "Take a look out the window."

Nate rolled over on the bunk and looked outside. Mark was wheeling up a new keg as one of the other elder brothers gently worked the tap off the empty keg of pale ale. Nate felt something strange, like someone sucking on his balls for a moment and then pulling away, leaving them exposed to the cool air. He watched and then yelped, "No… NO!!!" Mark took the tap and rammed it onto the mounting point of the new frosty keg and Nate felt that icicle sensation jab through him. "Aaauugghhhh!!!!"

Down below the window, Mark could hear Nate and laughed. "Anyone up for a nice imported stout?" and he began pumping the new keg.

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