The cake

by Orion

Matt is an average college student, frustrated with his below average body. But that is unexpectedly about to change, thanks to a little bit of magic.

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Somewhere in Louisiana…

Matt woke up that Friday morning feeling very tired. Like he almost always did as of late. Not that he was partying or anything like it all that much, but the simple routine of his boring and uneventful life was enough to depress him, so much so that he always felt exhausted.

Sure, life wasn’t bad for him. He was 20, still in college, studying French culture and history, partied as often as he could, had friends…no boyfriend, though. Matt thought, and maybe he was right, that it was because of his small size. Sure, he wasn’t all that small, but still, he was surrounded by a lot of tall, well-built people, and couldn’t help but feel small, compared to them. Standing at about 5’6, even most of his female friends were taller than him. He also had small feet, about a size 8, and his body wasn’t really something you’d look at in awe. He wasn’t particularly built or anything, just average. Painfully so in his point of view. The worst part for him, his greatest shame maybe, was his tiny package. With a dick only about 4 inches erect, and 3 soft, with balls that looked more like two small olives, he sure wasn’t getting laid much (mainly because he was too ashamed of it), and masturbating didn’t even feel good, since it wasn’t that sensitive at all. He was very self-conscious about it, and did everything he could to avoid it being seen by anyone.

Well, today was his birthday, so he thought maybe the day wouldn’t be as boring as the others. And he still had to get to class at 9am. So, he got up, and went to clean himself in his bathroom. He was renting a small flat, under the roof of an old apartment building, about 20 minutes away from uni, which had everything he needed, and just enough room to have some friends over when he felt like it. He could access it by going up stairs outside of the building, so he didn’t have to see any of his neighbours ever. He got to the mirror, and while looking at his own reflection, started undressing. He almost always slept in long pyjamas, hiding himself as much as he could from his own sight. There he was. Still puny, with sickly white skin, thin as a stick. Whatever sport he tried, he could never get any muscles, nothing at all. He seemed to be stuck at about 140 scrawny pounds. At least, he had a decent-looking face. He just wished he would get some hair to cover his jaw and, maybe, his body, but he was just desperately hairless. He loved hairy men, bears and such, and had always kind of wished he would look that way, growing up. But that never happened. He sighed, got his face cleaned up, and put on some clothes. He grabbed some biscuits in the kitchen, and with that, he was on his way to class.

On the way, while he was lost in his thoughts, on the sidewalk, he suddenly heard someone shout “HEY MAN, WAIT FOR MEEEE!”. He turned around, to find Elliot, his best friend for years, running toward him. He lived just ten minutes away, alone in a huge house, which belonged to his family. Elliot was French, and studied for the same degree as Matt, since he didn’t want anything complicated, and already knew most of what they were studying. Well, best friend, kind of, but Elliot actually felt more than friendship for Matt, and had confessed to him the year before. But Matt couldn’t bring himself to date him, since he felt unworthy of him. Not that he didn’t like him too, but well. Elliot was taller, about 6’1, better built, altogether better looking in Matt’s eyes. And from what he’d seen last summer, when they went swimming, he had less than nothing to be ashamed of in the crotch department. So, he felt he didn’t have a right to be with him as more than a friend. Ever since, Elliot had acted as if nothing had happened, but he always found a way to make it clear that he didn’t want anyone else than him, should he wait years before Matt would finally accept to date him.

“Hey. Hey. Hey? Hello? Bonjour? La Terre appelle Matt!

“Oh, sorry, man, I dozed off there.”

Elliot sighed. “Anyway, bon anniversaire, Matt!”

And with that, he pushed a present in Matt’s hands, all wrapped in blue and silver paper, with a bow on top.

“Elliot, you shouldn’t have, I told you…”

“Shoosh now, open it! And careful, it’s fragile.”

Knowing that Elliot would be disappointed if he didn’t do as he was told, Matt proceeded to open the present carefully. Inside was a cake, a Black Forest one, his favourite.

“Aw, Elliot, that’s adorable…”

“I know, I know. Don’t I deserve a kiss for that?”

Ah, there he went again. He was just so cute, bending so that his cheek was just at Matt’s level. Matt surrendered, and reluctantly gave him a little kiss, half expecting him to turn his head as he did, mischievous he.

“You’re lucky it’s winter, and it’s so cold outside, or that cake wouldn’t make it through the day.”

“Yeah, I prayed all night for cold weather, it would have been sad if I hadn’t been able to bring it to you.”

“Thanks, Elliot.”

De rien!”

With that they went on their way to campus. They barely made it in time before class began. Matt put the cake on the outside of a window, so that it wouldn’t suffer from the classroom’s heat. It was all Matt could think of as the teacher talked, and went on, and blathered still more about French literature. When the class was finally over, he and Elliot took off, going back to Matt’s place to eat. When they got there, it was already half past twelve. They decided that they ought to skip afternoon classes, since they weren’t really feeling like going anyway, and it was a good time to hang out together. They drank some beers, and played videogames all afternoon, until it was already time for dinner.

They made pasta, since it was one of the only things Matt had in his kitchen (student’s life, right?). Then, Elliot took the cake out of the fridge, all the while loudly singing “happy birthday”. Matt cut Elliot and himself a slice each. Matt ate it like he hadn’t eaten in months. True enough, it had been months since he last ate this kind of cake. He loved it so much!

They played some more, until Matt began to feel a bit drowsy, and decided they should go to sleep, fearing he might have drank a bit too much. It was better, he thought, than start blabbering about and say things unconsciously. Elliot set on the couch for the night, while Matt got to his bed, and had just enough energy to get undressed and slip under the covers.

He woke up the next morning, feeling very energised, this time. Which kind of surprised him. He got to the bathroom, in his boxers, and got them off before stepping in a hot shower. While he grabbed around for shampoo, and soap, things felt kind of off, since they didn’t seem to be exactly where he remembered them to be. He shrugged the thought off, and blamed it on maybe a bit of a hangover from last night. He got dressed in fresh clothes, and found that they didn’t fit quite right, today. He must have made them shrink a bit the last time he had washed them. He got to the kitchen, where Elliot was cooking breakfast. Eggs and bacon, it seemed, from the smell. At this moment, Matt realized he was awfully hungry, as his stomach growled for food. Elliot only had his pants on, and Matt had to admit, he had trouble laying eyes on anything else than him. He seemed even better built than the last time he had seen him shirtless.

Bonjour, mon cher! How did you sleep?”

“Well, very well, actually.”

“Good! Well, take a seat, I’m nearly done!”

Matt made his way to the table, but something struck him as curious. Elliot didn’t look quite the same, since last night. Maybe…a bit bigger? No, he thought. He brushed the thought aside, and sat at the table, while Elliot placed a bacon-and-eggs-filled plate in front of him.

“That’s a bit much, I think…”

Mais non, from the sound of it, you’ll manage, I’m sure!”

And as he was about to answer, his stomach made another growling sound, louder this time. He really was hungry. So he ate, and surprisingly quickly, he had finished his plate.

“See ? Told you so! Do you want some more?”

“Uh…well, I’ll admit I’m still hungry…”

“Well then, here you go.”

And with that, he filled Matt’s plate again. And Matt gulfed it all down in just a few minutes. Yet, he was still hungry.

“Oh, look at the time! I’m late! Désolé Matt, catch you later!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re supposed to work, right?”

Ouais, my boss is definitely going to kill me if I’m late again…”

Elliot grabbed his shirt, put his shoes on, swearing a bit as he had trouble putting them on. “Damn shoes, too small. Ugh, I’ll just buy another pair later!”, and with that, he was gone. Matt was left alone in the tiny kitchen, in nearly complete silence. God, he still was extremely hungry. But he didn’t have much let in his fridge, since Elliot had used the last of the eggs and the bacon. There were some pastas left, which he guiltily proceeded to eat. But then there was only the cake left. It was almost whole, apart from the small slice he had eaten the night before. Right now, it looked like he didn’t have a choice, he was just too hungry to ignore his stomach’s call.

He proceeded to eat a slice...but then…

Suddenly, he felt very hot, and constricted in his clothes. He undressed here and there, leaving only his boxers on. He got up to check on the heating, since it felt so hot in there. Standing up, he nearly lost his balance. It was very queer, he felt like everything looked different, and felt different himself. He realized, at this moment, that he was eye-level with his stove, which he normally looked up at. He had to be sure, it just wasn’t possible. He got his tape measure out of his desk, and proceeded to check his height. He couldn’t believe it. The tape read 6’2. Had he gained 8 inches in just one night? That couldn’t be, he thought. But well, that would explain why he had felt so weird since he had woken up. He decided he should check himself entirely, just to be sure. He started by measuring his feet. They had grown to a size 12, if he had calculated it correctly. He went to weigh himself, just to see that he had gained 50 pounds, putting him at about 190lbs. Indeed, it looked as though he had gained quite a deal of muscle here and there. He was ecstatic. The last part he wanted to check was the bulge that had appeared in his boxers. It was growing harder every second, and it seemed bigger than it did before.

He pulled the boxers off, and it looked almost too good to be true. It seemed it had grown too, and not just proportionally, but enough so that it would look big on him. He took the tape, and measured it with shaking hands. 7 and a half inch hard. Wow. And his balls had gotten to the size of plums. The shaft looked ridiculously thick too, and as he wrapped one hand around it, he found that his fingers didn’t touch at all. In fact, there was at least an inch between his thumb and his middle finger. He realized at this moment that his hands had grown bigger too, looking like a big man’s hands, rather than the puny things he had before. He was extremely turned on by all of this. He grabbed his cock, which only made it harder. It was way more sensitive than he remembered. He began to jerk off, losing himself in bliss. It felt so good! He came in just a few seconds, incredibly turned on by himself. He had never seen so much cum, he was covered in his own juice, and loving every second of it.

He stood there, for a moment, then decided he should clean it up. After about 10 minutes, he was done cleaning his mess. He put his briefs, which were now painfully tight, back on.But damn, it had made him hungry again, and his belly was beginning to rumble again. He patted it, to find that it was rock hard and getting a bit scratchy, as if hair was growing on it. But he couldn’t care less at the moment. He just went for another slice of the cake, and then, another. As he sat in his chair, eating a third one, he could feel himself growing. He was getting rock hard from the feeling of it. His boxer-briefs felt uncomfortably tight, and as he looked down, he first saw that his pecs had grown a lot, and were beginning to look very big. He saw that his shoulders had definitely gotten broader, and a lot bigger. He looked at his legs, which had become bodybuilder-thick, like tree trunks, only they were made of muscle. He was getting enormous, and that’s all he had ever wanted. He looked further down still, to see that his calves were looking big and muscular. And below, his feet, which now looked gigantic, even on him. He finished his little inspection by checking his private parts, which had seemingly become enormous. He hefted his heavy bulge with both hands, which hugely aroused him. His balls were too big for it, as was his cock, and everything was basically spilling out of his underwear. He went to grab one his balls with one hand, and his dick with the other. Each testicle seemed to be the size of a cantaloupe, and his cock had grown extremely thick and long. He decided he should measure himself again. He got up, getting used to his new size. As he did, one of his testicles “fell” out of his briefs, while the other looked like it might soon do so too. His dick barely fit inside too. He felt enormous. As he walked, his huge package felt so good, swaying from side to side, that he got hard instantly. He proceeded to take the tape and measured himself. He was now 6’10, with size 19 feet, and weighed about 350 pounds. His biceps were enormous, about 21 inches around, and his hands were huge too, with long and thick fingers. His legs were tremendous, his thighs rubbing against one another when he walked. And his cock, god, it was now 17 inches long, and so thick that both of his hands could barely encircle it. The head was huge and throbbing, dripping precum continuously, ant it was still creeping slowly up his torso. His balls were about 13 inches in diameter each, and dropped down to his knees. He looked at his face to find that his jaw had become more square, more masculine, and that he had the beginnings of a beard on it. His neck was enormous too. And he was getting hairy all over.

He realized, at this moment, that maybe it was because of the cake that he grew. And there was still half of it. He went back in the kitchen, took the rest of the cake, and brought it to the bathroom, where he could watch himself grow. “Let’s hope this works.” He said out loud. God, his voice sounded so deep and masculine. He cut the cake, and ate the rest of it within minutes.

And then, it happened. He saw his frame stretch taller still, nearing maybe 7’2 in height. His scale gave up after he passed the 500 pounds mark. His feet grew until they looked like a size 30, at least. But he wasn’t done growing, oh no. He kept getting taller, until his head started pushing against the ceiling, which must have been roughly 7 feet and a half high. He was still getting bigger all over, especially his cock and balls, the former now reaching up his chin, and still getting thicker too, the latter getting too big for him to keep his legs close to each other. He ended up squatting a bit, so that his balls could have room, and that he wouldn’t crush the ceiling. He was feeling so good. His feet continued growing too, as they reached what looked about a size 40, maybe more, not that he could really tell with his overall growth. His muscles were getting enormous too, reaching sizes never even dreamt about by the biggest bodybuilders. His shoulders looked like cannonballs, his biceps were so big he had to bend his arms a bit, and his forearms were thick with sinuous muscle. His pecs blocked most of his view of his lower half, but he could see himself in the mirror, at least. His abs looked like they were sculpted bricks on his abdomen, thick and strong. Hs legs were huge, too, like he had never thought could be possible. His growth seemed to slow, and within minutes, it stopped. He didn’t really care, though he would have liked it to go endlessly. His balls now rested heavily on the floor, like huge sacks of flesh, hairy and soft. Well, he was squatting still, so they might not reach that low when he would stand up, with his now longer legs, but still, what a feeling. His cock was now as thick as his waist, and reached up above his head, by maybe 5 inches or so. It was so sensitive, he was afraid if he’d move now, he’d just explode all over the walls of his now too small bathroom. He looked at his mirror, to take in all of his new form. He was seemingly covered in hair, except for his shoulders. He was truly a sight to behold.

He proceeded to get out of the bathroom, slowly but surely. It was really hard, and he cursed himself for not having thought of the hassle he’d have to go through. Not that he really could have known, though. He nearly got stuck in the doorway because of his pecs, and he had a really hard time figuring out how to get his balls to go through. When he was finally done, he was able to stand up a bit, since the living room had a higher ceiling. Well, it was only about 8 feet and a half at most, where the roof peaked. There, he could almost stand up normally, but he couldn’t stretch at all. He was getting sore from crouching. He stood a bit straighter, and felt his huge balls lift themselves from the ground, swinging heavily between his legs. Well, from now on, he would have to walk a bit like a duck, or he’d end up crushing them between his legs.

He looked at the time, only to find out that it was already 2pm. He must have really been lost in the moment, for the time to go by so fast without him noticing. He was getting hungry again. It struck him, at this exact moment, that there was no way he could go outside like this, now.

“Fuck…what have I done…?” he asked himself. He didn’t regret it in the least, but he didn’t want to slowly die from hunger in his apartment. He decided the only option was to call Elliot, since he was the closest friend he had. He reached for his phone, and searched for Elliot’s number as well as he could, but his phone looked and felt just like a toy now, in his huge hands. He managed, though, and finally could call him.

Allô?” said Elliot.

“Uh, yeah, sorry man, I know you’re working right now…but I could really use your help.” His voice was so deep, it sent shivers down his own spine.

“You sound a bit strange, Matt, ça va? Nevermind, I’m coming, apparently, I’m getting laid off next week anyway.”

“Thanks, just come in when you’re there, I unlocked the door.”

About half an hour later, he heard Elliot entering the apartment.

“Matt? I’m here, where are y-” he stopped, as if struck by lightning, when he saw Matt’s enormous form in the living room.

Oh mon dieu. Oh mon dieu. Putain. Matt, is that you?”

“Yeah, sorry for the shock…”

“Oh my fucking god that’s what she meant.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“The powder that old hag gave me, I really thought it was a scam at first, but she was giving it away, for free, so I figured, might as well try it, and-”

“Start from the beginning, maybe?”

“Right. So, last week, I was strolling through the market, you know, the one in the little street near the park. It does look dangerous, but really it isn’t, and-”

“Get to the point!”

“Sorry, sorry man, well, so there I was, and an old black woman calls me, and tells me she knows how I have a friend who isn’t confident in his own skin, that I like, and that she wanted to help me by helping you…So she gave me this powder thing, which looks like sugar, kind of, and told me to give it to you!”

“And you did, even though it might have been poison?” Matt said, reaching for Elliot. God, he was so small now.

“Well, it worked, didn’t it? Although not quite the way I thought it would.”

“Yeah… I must say I really like the way it did though…”

“Me too.” Followed Elliot.

“Do you?”

“I mean, it’s no secret I like you, and I really like bigger men too...and it would appear you are both, well, you, and big, and-”

Matt cut Elliot’s sentence by kissing him, and immediately Elliot relaxed, losing himself in the kiss. He broke the kiss, and proceeded to reach for Matt’s cock, which had finally calmed down. He stroked it gently, getting rid of his own clothes at the same time. It would appear that Matt had been right about his appendage. Or maybe, just the small slice of cake he had eaten was in cause. It looked about 10 inches hard, with big balls too, plum-sized from what Matt could tell. It looked tiny to him, but it really was big on Elliot. The latter kept stroking, a bit quicker, and within seconds, he was hard as a rock. Elliot looked just about to cum too, so he took hold of the smaller man’s dick in his fingers, and massaged it softly, carefully, so that he wouldn’t hurt him. Around thirty seconds later, they both came, in a climax that seemed to go on forever. Matt filled the room with hot semen, until there were puddles of it about everywhere in it. They stood still, exhausted from what had just happened.

“Hey… you can’t stay here, Matt. Someone might notice, someday, and you won’t be able to go out altogether anyway, you need someone to help you with food and such.”

“You’re right…what should I do?”

“How about you come live with me? I mean, my place is huge, and empty, since it’s supposed to be my grandmother’s house, but she’s never there…”

“How high are your ceilings?”

“About 10 feet?”

“Then, that’s a deal. But, well, I don’t know what to do about university…”

“We’ll work something out, don’t worry. For the time being, I’ll just give you my notes, and maybe, in time, you could come back, we’ll tell everyone you’re an exchange student or something.”

“Yeah…we’ll figure something out.”

They waited for the night, and around 11pm, they got out of the apartment. The stairs just barely held on, because of Matt’s weight. It was very cold, like it ought to be on a cold January night. Matt had just been able to wrap himself in his blanket, and had used the sheets to use as a makeshift underwear, so that he could walk more normally. Thankfully, Elliot’s house wasn’t far. They got there in about ten minutes, without crossing anyone’s path on their way. Cold weather, eh.

“Well, here we are!” Elliot said, opening the door. “The ceilings are high, the doors are all double doors, so you should be fine.”

And indeed, Matt was able to stand up just right, still having more than a foot between his head and the ceiling.

“Do you want me to…get your measurements, big guy?”

“Yep, I think I’ll need some help with that. Thanks.”

They got to it right away, using a tape measure that Elliot had found in his grandma’s belongings. Still, they weren’t very precise, since the tape wasn’t long enough for everything.

Matt was now 8 feet and 8 inches tall, with size 47 feet, which looked gigantic even with his new height. They weren’t able to get most of his chest, so they figured they’d get another tape to measure it soon. His arms were just above 50 inches around, and his thighs were around 60. Of course, what really interested them was Matt’s impressive bulge. His cock was now just above the 3 feet mark, when soft, and about 5 feet when erect. His large, heavy balls were each around 3 feet in diameter, looking like huge beach balls, and dangling down to his calves. They seemed to inflate a bit when he was aroused, gaining maybe half a foot then. If he squatted just a bit, they would rest solidly on the floor, a feeling that Matt absolutely loved. It felt so huge, like he was sitting on two giant pillows, except they had become quite sensitive too, with their size. The huge head of his cock, which the foreskin couldn’t hold entirely anymore, also touched the ground when he did, leaving him even more aroused. Matt and Elliot, though extremely turned on, resolved not to make a mess of the place for the moment. Matt got his sheets back on, until he could order a custom-sized underwear, one for people with scrotum elephantiasis maybe. Matt turned to Elliot.

“Thanks, Elliot. For everything. I mean it.”

“Don’t mention it. Oh, you know…”


“Well, the powder. The woman gave me a lot of it, and I only used like half a pound in the cake. But there’s still about ten pounds left.”

Matt took a minute to ponder what Elliot had just said.


“Yeah…I was thinking we could have a little fun together, non?”

“Definitely, Elliot. Definitely.” And with that, he leaned to kiss Elliot tenderly.

It would appear that their growth had only started.

Somewhere, in an old house by a river, an old hag smiled, and went on with her witchcraft, knowing she had done a good deed.

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