The Cockmoore Chronicles: Joey

by CockTFBoi

Joey is tired of being bullied by his roommate, Randy. After the latest bit of grief, Joey decides to seek out this magic book he'd heard rumors of as a way to get his revenge. He concocts a way to get his revenge, and to improve himself at the same time. As the curse he created starts to unfold, both men are in for some sudden changes.

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Joey is walking out of his last class of the day, as the cool autumn wind blew through campus. He shudders a little and pulls his jacket a little tighter against his slim frame. He pushes his glasses back up his nose as he starts his trek across campus. The computer science building, being one of the newest at the school, is located on the edge of campus partway up the slope that led up to one of the mountains surrounding the school. Joey’s dorm on the other hand is on the opposite side of campus near the shores of the manmade lake that the school sits next to.

Joey quietly grumbles to himself, wishing that he had bought a bike so that the journey wouldn’t take quite so long. It is already sunset and there are few students around this end of campus. Even worse, the school’s buses have already stopped running for the day. A miserable 15-minute walk later Joey is at one of the dining halls located in the center of campus. He relaxes slightly, releasing some of the tension in his shoulders as he walks into the warmth of the dining hall. He heads over to the line and grabs himself some food, a plate of pasta with tomato sauce and a small salad.

After paying for his food, Joey looks around for a spot to sit down. The dining hall is crowded, and most of the tables are full, the boisterous crowd of young men making the room seem fuller by the sheer volume. He walks around, scanning the rows of tables, looking for one that has an empty spot that isn’t right next to someone else. He rounds the corner in the dining hall, and there are a few tables, tucked away in the back away from the lines and the bulk of the crowd. These tables are almost empty, and the noise from the rest of the room is a little quieter here. Joey sits down at a table halfway back where the noise was more muffled and eats his food. He tries to relax while he eats, letting go of all the ideas running through his head from class.

A few minutes later a door on the wall in the back of the corner near Joey’s table opens, and out walks a group of jocks. They creep up behind Joey and one grabs Joey’s drink and pours out the soda all over Joey’s food.

“What the fuck,” Joey cries out as he tries to stand up, but he’s blocked by the bulk of the jock standing behind him. The soda spreads across the table and begins to drip into his lap.

“Hey there, bitch,” Randy says as he walks around the table and leans over Joey’s soaked food.

Joey lets off an internal sigh of frustration as he sees who it was. Randy is Joey’s roommate, one of the football jocks for the school, and an asshole to Joey from day one. Due to a mistake by the school, Joey had been assigned to the Athletics dormitory instead of one of the general dormitories on campus. Every day he was surrounded by big, musclebound, jocks while he was this thin, nerdy computer science guy. While most of the athletes didn’t mess with him, Randy took exception to a “nerd” even being in the athletics dorm, let alone having to share a room with one.

“Guess you weren’t hungry, were you, nerd?” Randy says while he laughs, as if it is the funniest thing in the world to him. “Maybe if you’re still hungry when I get home, you can suck on my fat sausage.”

Joey cringes, knowing that others in the dining hall would be looking over by now, but nobody would intervene. They hadn’t intervened any other time Randy had bullied him, so why would this time be different? Somehow Randy assumed Joey was gay and would happily suck his jock cock, but the truth was Joey was completely straight.

“N-n-no, I don’t,” Joey stammers out before Randy interrupted him.

“Shut up, cocksucker. We both know you would love to have this cock, and you would love to have my load filling your mouth,” Randy teases as he started to walk off. “Come on guys, let’s grab some food, leave the cocksucker here to fantasize about our dicks.”

Joey fumes as Randy and the others walk off. He is so much weaker than Randy and knew he couldn’t do anything against him physically. He had already tried requesting a new dorm room and even filed a complaint with the school about Randy, but nothing had come of either of them. He mops the soda off of his jeans and threw the rest of his food away. He walks out of the dining hall quickly before Randy and the other jocks spot him again. The cold air hits his wet jeans and a shiver goes down his spine. He needs to do something about that asshole.

Joey suddenly remembers hearing the rumors from the past few weeks. Some guy who suddenly gained a ton of muscle from a magic book in the library. Most guys on campus assumed it was made up for some clickbait or something; but Joey thinks to himself, if it was real, maybe he could use it; get some more muscles and make Randy leave him alone. He isn’t far from the library, so instead of heading back to the dorm where he’d eventually have to face Randy, he hurries over to the library.

Walking into the entrance of the library, Joey remembers that the book was supposed to be down in one of the basements, but the rumors never said which one. So, he heads down the elevator to the first basement and starts searching. The rumor was that the book would be on a shelf by itself with a piece of paper sticking out, so he starts going up and down each of the aisles looking.

While he searches, he starts to fantasize about what he would do with the book. It isn’t going to be enough to just make himself muscular, he needs to humiliate Randy as well. Show him what it was like to be the scrawny little nerd surrounded by all the powerful jocks.

After 30 minutes Joey finishes searching the first basement but found nothing, so he moves down to the second basement. He continues thinking about Randy and how to humiliate him. He knows Randy had an OnlyFans, he’d walked in on Randy several times as he was snapping pictures and filming jack off videos. Randy would tell him to get out, but he’d never stop filming. Joey came up with a wicked idea, he’d shrink Randy’s dick. Take away that 9-inch dick he used to rake in cash and reduce him down to almost nothing. Make it happen while he was live; let him be humiliated as his dick shrank away to nothing for the world to see.

Joey moves down to the third basement after finding no sign of this book. His own cock is chubbed up a bit in his briefs from thinking about humiliating Randy; not that anyone could tell. Joey is on the other end of the spectrum of cock sizes, just a hair over 3 inches long when fully hard, his cock is barely above the size to be a micropenis. It takes another 20 minutes before Joey spots the book, laying closed on a shelf, with a page of notebook paper sticking out of it.

Joey opens the book, in awe that it is actually real. He glances through some of the prior entries, though none of the names sound familiar to him. He looks at the notebook paper and seeing the introduction and the list of rules he skims through them. He starts to think of it like a program, knowing he’d need to know the rules to make sure he gets what he wanted.

Of all the rules, one sticks out for him: “You can only make one entry in the book per semester. If you try to make more, the book will reject them, and maybe you.” That rule complicates things. He wanted to change both himself and Randy, but it only worked on one person at a time and only one entry per semester.

“I’m smart with this sort of stuff,” Joey thinks to himself, “I’ll be able to figure out a way around this. Since I want to have what he has, maybe I can just take it from him. Make it come to me and give it a condition on the change. I want him to be exposed as he changes, I want the world to watch him suffer.”

Joey pulls out his phone and uses the notes to draft up exactly what he’s going to write. He only has one shot at this, and he doesn’t want to fuck it up. He deletes, revises, and adjusts the wording several times on his phone before he’s satisfied. Then he pulls a blue pen from his bag, and gingerly starts writing in the book, glancing over at his phone after every word to make sure he copies it down correctly. Once he finishes, he looks at the words he had written: “Every time Randy Butler orgasms, his penis and muscles will get smaller, and Joey Kross will get all of it.”

Joey watches as the ink on the page starts to shimmer, turning silver. The change starts at the beginning of his sentence and moving across the page. The ink seems to pause when it got to his name, almost like it was processing it. Joey worries for a moment, that maybe the phrasing violated the rule about only changing one person at a time; but then the change in the ink color moves forward and changes the rest of the sentence. Joey stands there, pausing for a moment, feeling like something should be happening, but nothing does. Well, everything said that if it turned silver, it was accepted by the book; so, he guesses that it means it is going to work. Since it is triggered by Randy cumming, he figures he’ll just have to wait and see when that would happen.

Back at the dining hall, Randy is sitting with his friends chatting away, their food long since finished, when he feels a chill wind blow into the room. He suppresses a shiver as he pauses momentarily. He tries to keep chatting but pauses momentarily and feels a strange heat start at the top of his head and move down through his body. The sensation is strangely pleasant, but he doesn’t think much of it. The whole effect only lasts a few seconds before it was gone. None of his friends seem to notice him going quiet for a moment before he dove back into the conversation. He shakes his head, trying to clear the feeling. Most of the odd sensation passes, but a gentle pleasant buzz seemed to persist down in Randy’s loins, deep inside his body near the very root of his dick.

A couple of days later, Randy hasn’t cum since the change was made, and Joey is starting to doubt that it even worked. He isn’t sure if Randy has cum since, but it has been a while and the doubts are creeping in. While Joey is in class for the afternoon, Randy is in their dorm room, setting up ring lights and his camera, getting ready to do a video for his OnlyFans. After getting the lights into just the right position, he lays back on his bed and situates himself. He’s wearing a pair of skimpy red briefs that help to highlight his soft bulge.

He puts some porn on a screen behind the camera to help get him going, while also giving him something to focus on. He starts the recording and lies back, giving a sultry look to the camera. Randy makes a few poses, letting the muscles of his arms and chest bulge as he flexes them. He traces down his chest with one hand, letting it glide across the smooth mounds of hard muscle.

Randy’s hand moves down over his bulge, teasing himself through the briefs. He grips the pouch, kneading his cock with one hand while the other arm flexes. He feels the pleasant buzz that had been going on for the past couple of days suddenly begin to intensify. It quickly escalates from the barest background sensation to being at the forefront of his attention. Each time his hand brushes across the head, it sends an intense shock of pleasure down the shaft of his dick, hitting a spot deep inside himself. His cock leaks another big glob of precum into his briefs, leaving a dark wet spot.

Randy continues to massage himself like this for a couple minutes, teasing the camera by pulling the waistband of his briefs down, exposing his pubes and the base of his cock. He reaches down into his briefs and grabs his dick, moaning loudly. This isn’t the normal exaggerated moans he did to drive his viewers wild, but a genuine moan of intense pleasure. That buzzing within him hasn’t abated. It felt as though there is something vibrating against his prostate, but he’s never done any ass play, let alone leave something in there.

The question of where the buzzing was coming from is pushed from Randy’s mind as he starts stroking his dick. The intense wave of pleasure washes over his mind, destroying all thoughts except for the need to cum. Stroking his cock becomes his entire world as he forgets about everything around him including the camera recording every moment. His moans are loud, and he throws his head back as he quickly feels his orgasm approaching. He manages to spare a thought to pull his briefs down a bit more to let his cock free from them.

With a roar his orgasm hits Randy like a truck. His hips buck and gyrate as he fucks his hand, every muscle tensing up rhythmically, and his cock throbbing and pulsing. However, not a single drop of cum shoots from his dick. As he orgasms his cock feels strange, a pressing sensation from all sides, a pressure that is intense, but stops just shy of being painful. His head is laying back against the bed, so he doesn’t see the pressure compacting his dick, making it about an inch shorter. At the same time, he feels drained. His biceps don’t look quite as big, his pecs a little flatter, his thighs not quite as thick, and his abs just a little less noticeable.

Across campus, Joey is sitting in one of the large lecture halls trying not to fall asleep. It’s his required literature course. It has nothing to do with his major, but still, he has to sit through it in a class with nearly 50 other people. Just a few minutes ago though, he felt something strange. A tingle started at the base of his cock and spreading rapidly up his shaft and down into his balls. At first Joey tried to ignore it, but it started to become more intense. He could feel himself getting harder in his pants, his cock quickly rising to full mast. He shifted in his seat so his 3-inch cock would be hidden. Luckily nobody would notice with him sitting down.

Now, the tingling continues to spread, sweeping across his flat stomach and chest, down his scrawny legs, and over his arms until his whole body is alight with this strange sensation. It starts building to a crescendo. It takes Joey a moment to realize that this must be from what he wrote in the book. That stupid jock had finally jacked off. He doesn’t know if Randy had already cum or if these sensations were in time with Randy’s approaching orgasm, but he doesn’t really care. He just knows that soon he was going to get what he wanted.

This isn’t a great time for Joey though. In the middle of class, and the teacher isn’t likely to let him leave in the middle of it. He sits there trying to think of an excuse, but the growing tingling sensation is distracting, making it hard to fucks on anything. Suddenly, the tingling intensifies all at once. Every part of his body seems to feel taut at once, every muscle flexing at the same time and he can’t stop himself from moaning in the middle of the class.

All eyes turn to look at him as the teacher goes silent, only the slight hum of the lights filling the air. At the same time Joey’s muscles start growing bigger suddenly. The change is subtle, especially from a distance, so only a couple of nearby guys could tell anything was off about him. Even they are distracted by how Joey is acting, so they don’t pick up on the changes at first. Joey staggers out of his chair, his face red with embarrassment as his cock starts to grow in his pants. His hips push forward letting his little bulge lead the way as he falls against the chair in front of him. The guy in front of him, twists away from him quickly. Joey’s mind is overwhelmed with pleasure as his cock grew by an inch, and care barely focus on the fact that he’s surrounded by all his classmates.

The tingling dissipates Joey quickly except for one intense bit in his mouth. He isn’t sure what is happening for the next few long seconds until the tingling abruptly stops and his mouth is suddenly full of a warm sticky substance. He instinctively tries to swallow, but it’s appearing in his mouth faster than he can swallow and he needs to breathe. He starts coughing and catches himself on the chair as hot cum goes flying from his mouth. The cum covers the chair in front of him, some splashing onto the guy who was sitting there before. The air is filled with the musky scent of fresh spunk. Finally, the cum stops appearing in Joey’s mouth and he can collect himself enough to grab his bag and run from the classroom. He hears a few people asking if he’s all right, but he can’t face the class after that and doesn’t want to get caught up in any questions.

Back in their dorm room, Randy has recovered, but feels confused. He checked his abs, the bed, and even the floor for his cum but didn’t find any. That was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had and yet can’t find a trace of any cum. He stops the recording and opens the program his friend Matt had made for him. The program lets him mark stuff for editing and stuff like that, and Matt takes care of the rest as well as posting and promoting it all on his socials.

Randy brings up the video and started watching. He skims through the recording and sees himself in clear ecstasy on the bed stroking his big cock. Just the sight of it brings the memory of that pleasure up in his mind and he feels his cock getting hard again. “Fuck maybe I need to go a second time,” he thinks to himself. He keeps watching the video of himself jacking off, his left hand gliding up his shaft idly as he watches. He is getting more and more turned on by just the sight of himself jacking off that he’s finding it harder to focus on the video and focusing more on his hard dick.

As he strokes, Randy notices something seemed a little off. The normal rhythm of his hand seems off a little. He can’t quite put his finger on it, but it still feels good to stroke, so he sets his concerns aside. He’s stroking faster and faster, his eyes glazing over a bit as he stares at the video. Then the video gets to the point where he came. He watches as his cock bucks in the air pulsing as it shoots, fucking his fist, his moans resonating from the speakers, and yet not a single drop of cum came out of the tip of his dick in the video.

Then he sees something that sends a chill down his spine, his cock getting shorter in his hand on the video. It was clear that his dick had shrank as he came, but he was so caught up in the pleasure to even have noticed. Now it clicks as to why things feels a little different, his cock is shorter, throwing off his rhythm. He realizes his hand was still on his cock, stroking and with a monumental amount of willpower, he forces himself to stop. He’s breathing heavily in the room, the sound of his moans still coming from his laptop speakers. He is on the very verge of cumming, and he hadn’t even realized it until now.

He involuntarily flexes his hard cock and gasps as the wave of pleasure crashes. He feels his cock spasming and throbbing as if he is cumming. There’s pleasure, but it feels muted. Instead of the feeling of a satisfying load it feels empty and lacking in something. He stifles a groan that was a mix of frustration and pleasure. Without the overwhelming pleasure he can focus more on what is happening. He feels the tingling running throughout his entire body as it does its work. Randy watches closely as his dick compacts on itself, getting shorter, losing another inch of length. His now 7-inch cock continues to bob in the air, in time with some unheard beat. The wave of lethargy creeps across his body as his muscles become softer and smaller. His abs fading away to a mere hint of muscle, his pecs barely discernible from the rest of his torso. Randy tries to flex his arms, and while his bicep still pops up, the striations and the definition of the muscle are no longer visible. His thighs were now noticeably smaller and smoother, no longer having any definition to them at all.

He stands up, shuddering as he tries to take in how he’s been changed. Fuck, the video. He’d recorded himself. He grabs the mouse and goes to click the button to delete it, but instead accidentally hits the button to send it to Matt. “Fuck!” he shouts. Matt would see it, probably wouldn’t even watch it if there were no edit marks and, he would post the video to his OF and all his socials. He had to stop it. He grabs the cord to the laptop and unplugs it roughly, but that doesn’t do anything to stop it. He closes the program and shuts it down, hoping that he stopped it in time. He waits for a couple of long moments before he hears the buzz of his phone across the room. He stands up and approaches it with trepidation. Turning on the screen he sees the notification from the program his friend had set up: “Video received!”

Back across campus, Joey is catching his breath in the bathroom. He had run from his class and ran several buildings away, trying to get himself back together. He’s in the bathroom splashing cold water on his face when he feels the tingling start again. This time it is coming on much faster. Barely a minute of warning before the wave of growth hits him followed by his mouth filling with cum. He spits as much cum into the sink as he can, but his tongue was coated in it and his breath is rank with the lingering scent of cum.

He pulls his cock out to assess it, now up to 5 inches long he’s now well into the average range. It wasn’t enough though, he needed more. He just wishes he knew why cum keeps appearing in his mouth. Thinking it over, eventually he realizes his mistake. When he wrote in the book, he wrote that he’d get all of it; which apparently the book took to include Randy’s load of cum. He didn’t know why it chose to go in his mouth, but that is a mystery for a later time. He needs to think through this, see if there is a way to get rid of just that part. He would really rather not have a guy cumming in his mouth all the time.

Joey looks over his muscles now. His stomach now showing the definition of a 4-pack, promising what is in store the next time Randy shoots another load. His arms have swollen further, showing a decent bicep when he flexes and a nice ball of muscle surrounding his shoulders. His back is starting to push outwards with muscle and the barest hints of a V leading towards his cock is visible. At this rate he’d have a porn star body and cock to go with it by the weekend.

Back in the dorm room, Randy is pulling his underwear back on over his turgid erection. His cock hadn’t gone down in the slightest and he is still incredibly horny, but he knows he has to resist the constant nagging urge to jack off again. He is horny enough he could just keep going, but he needed to try to keep what cock length he could and figure out what happened so he could stop it from happening again. He also needs to get over to Matt’s and stop him from uploading his video to the site.

He’d already tried calling a few times, but Matt wasn’t answering. He doesn’t know Matt’s class schedule, but he decided to head over there and hope he catches Matt before it was too late. Randy moans a bit as he zips up his jeans, the unintentional contact against his hard cock sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine. Whatever the fuck is happening to him has made his dick incredibly sensitive. He slides on his shoes and grabs a shirt, not even bothering to pull it on as he dashes out the door.

He takes the stairs two at a time, and once he’s outside does he finally pull the shirt on. His nipples are hard from the slight chill in the air and he suppresses a grunt of pleasure as his shirt rubs against them. He knows his nipples were visible through his shirt, but he didn’t dare risk touching them to try to hide them. He picks up speed, moving in a quick jog across campus.

The motion of his jogging has been rubbing the front of his jeans back and forth across his cock. He passes a table set up where some group was handing out fliers for an event going on in town. Unfortunately for Randy, the people handing out the flyers are college age women wearing tight clothes. Just the sight of the women is making his balls ache with need. Even though he had cum twice in the last hour, it felt like he hadn’t cum in months. He runs faster, hoping to get away, but that just served to increase the friction against his dick.

He makes it around the corner onto a path running between two dormitory buildings before he can’t hold back any longer. He doubles over, his hands on his knees while his cock throbs and pulses in his pants. A few guys walk past him and gave him a bit of a look, so he has to hope that they just think he is out of breath from running or something. It might be embarrassing for him to be seen as out of shape, but it was far better than if they knew the truth. He can feel his cock shrinking, like it was being squeezed by a vise into its smaller size. He feels the strength draining from his body, going down into his cock and seemingly vanishing with everything else.

Randy stands upright as his orgasm ends and he is able to catch his breath. He takes a quick glance around to see if anyone was looking. Confident nobody is looking, he pulls his shorts open briefly to check his cock. He feels his heart drop as he sees his cock is now only 6 inches long. He doesn’t know how much longer he could last like this. He takes off running, trying to get to Matt’s before something else triggers him enough that he cums again.

Finally, Matt’s building is in sight and Randy dashes inside. He takes the stairs 3 or 4 at a time, pushing past a few people to get up to Matt’s floor. He is out of breath as he reaches Matt’s door. He knocks on the door urgently, but the door swings open slightly from the force of his first knock. Matt must not have closed it completely.

Randy pushes the door open further and his eyes adjust to the darkness quickly. Across the room is Matt sitting at his computer, his big noise cancelling headphones on his ears. His cock is out, a respectable 6 inches, with his hand gliding up and down the smooth shaft. On the screen is Randy’s video from earlier that afternoon.

Randy freezes in shock. He had guessed that Matt might have been gay or something for helping him with his OF, even if he was paying him for it, but seeing his friend jacking off to his video was another thing altogether. Then Randy sees on the screen that the video was getting close to the point where he orgasmed. Matt hadn’t noticed Randy at the door. Randy resolves himself and moves into the room, wanting to stop the video before Matt saw his cock shrink. He’s halfway across the room when something hits him, causing him to stop in his tracks. The smell of Matt’s dick, the musky precum he’s leaking, even the sound of Matt’s lubed hand gliding up and down his shaft; it is all making Randy incredibly horny.

He’d always been straight, but something about seeing Matt’s cock made him stop. His mouth is watering looking at Matt, he can’t tear his eyes away from Matt’s dick. On the screen he can see the video of himself, his hips bucking during the dry orgasm that started this whole mess. Matt’s eyes go wide as he sees the changes happen to Randy’s cock on the video.

“Did his dick just… get smaller?” Matt says aloud as he sits upright in surprise. At that moment he finally notices Randy standing there just a few feet away. He jumps in his chair, nearly falling out of it. “Randy!? What the fuck are you doing here? How the fuck did you get in here? Wait, your dick… did you dick actually get smaller?”

Randy stands there; his cheeks red with embarrassment. He can’t look Matt in the eyes and keeps looking away because every time he looked towards Matt, his eyes keep drifting to Matt’s still hard cock. “Y-yeah, I uh don’t know why it keeps happening. But please, you can’t post that video. I can’t have people seeing that. I’ve gotta find out a way to get it back before anyone else sees, just please don’t post it!”

An evil grin comes across Matt’s face as he says, “Oh, I won’t post it, don’t worry. You said it keeps happening, though. How many times has this happened?” Thoughts are running through Matt’s head about what he could do with this video. He could probably make a lot of money if he found the right way to market it.

“Ummm, three times. I couldn’t control it. It’s doesn’t take much to set me off now. Each time I came it was just like that time: my cock shrinks, my muscles shrink, and nothing shoots out of my cock.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and show me,” Matt says looking at the bulge in Randy’s jeans.

“I guess. I mean it isn’t like you haven’t seen it before.” Randy undoes his belt and unbuttons his jeans. He tugs his pants down to his knees. His 6-inch cock springs free, hard and dripping precum.

Matt grins when he sees it. Randy’s big dick reduced to being merely average now. Matt moves forward, and Randy shifts backwards a little but doesn’t step away. Matt brings his cock right next to Randy’s and holds them both in his hand. Matt’s cock is actually just a little bit bigger than Randy’s.

“Fuck, who did you piss off I wonder” Matt says aloud while he starts to stroke their cocks together. Randy doesn’t have a clue and was going to say something in response but stopped as he let out a moan. He didn’t want to be moaning like this in front of his friend, it made him feel vulnerable. He was straight, but he was barely holding onto himself to keep from cumming.

The heat of the other man’s cock next to his makes Randy gasp in pleasure and as Matt starts stroking it is hard for him not to moan. His shrunken cock feels so much more sensitive. He reaches down, wanting to push Matt’s hand away, but instead grabs Matt’s wrist and helps his slide his hand up and down their shafts. Matt was already close, but he was fighting to hold back, wanting to see Randy’s cock shrink in person. He’d never thought about it before, but now the idea of watching the cock and muscles of his friend drain away was the biggest turn on he’d ever imagined.

Randy looks up into his friend’s eyes for the first time since he walked in the room. He sees a strange hunger in Matt’s eyes, something within him that wants to bring Randy low. While he’s scared of losing his cock and all the muscles, he had spent so long in the gym building, the idea of having it taken from him is starting to appeal to him more and more.

Matt’s moans become louder and louder as he strokes until he can’t hold back anymore. Randy was already on the edge the whole time. Matt’s cock sprays cum onto the base of Randy’s cock and his flat stomach and Randy can’t stop himself as he goes over the edge. Randy’s cock pulses and twitches as he came even harder than he had before, but still a completely dry orgasm. Matt keeps stroking them as Randy orgasms.

Randy’s knees go weak as his muscles drain away, his clothes now hanging loose on his thin frame. Randy’s cock shrinks quickly, losing 2 full inches of length as he moans. His now 4-inch cock so much smaller than Matt’s dick. Matt groans, getting turned on watching his friend’s cock shrink even further. His cock that had been going soft is now rock hard again.

Matt releases their cocks, but the two men stand there, their cocks still touching. Both men are breathing heavy, trying to catch their breath. For Randy the orgasm had been one of the most satisfying orgasmed he’d ever had, and the post-nut clarity hit him like a freight train.

Randy pulls his shirt up to see his stomach and chest, both smooth and flat with the barest suggestion of his ribs starting to show through. He realizes he was still standing there with his shrunken dick out, touching Matt’s still-hard cock and Randy tucks his cock back into his pants hurriedly, his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“Ummm, please don’t post the video. I gotta go. I gotta stop this before it’s too late.” Randy says as he sprints out of Matt’s dorm room.

Matt grins as Randy runs out the door, still turned on by the thoughts running through his head. He wanted to help his friend, but also wanted to experience this again. Maybe there was some truth to those rumors of a guy’s dick swelling to huge sizes overnight. Maybe he should take a look into those rumors.

Joey walks into his dorm room across campus. His shirt had torn on the walk back with the new growth from his new muscles and his pants were barely holding together. He spits out another big clump of cum into the trash can. He was getting really annoyed by the cum in his mouth, but it’s a small price to pay for this body. He’s even starting to get used to the taste of Randy’s cum, as distasteful of a thought as that may be.

He sees Randy’s filming equipment was still out, the camera sitting on the ring light, and all the lights turned on and pointed at the bed. He grabs the camera and sees the video still loaded on the screen. He rewinds the video a couple minutes and watches as Randy strokes his cock until the moment of dry orgasm. He thinks that it’s kinda hot watching his asshole roommate’s dick shrink away. He hooks the camera up to his computer and starts downloading the video to one of his cloud services. Joey figures it would come in handy for blackmail later if nothing else.

He moves over to his closet and peels his jeans off, tearing the seams in the process to get them off his new muscled body. He tears his underwear off, not even bothering to try to slide them down, and tosses them and the remains of his clothes into the trash can. Knowing that he won’t fit into anything else he has, he pulls open Randy’s closet and takes out one of Randy’s outfits to wear. It isn’t really his style, but it isn’t like they would fit Randy too well by now either.

He pulls on Randy’s boxers, feeling a little strange wearing another man’s underwear, and starts pulling the jeans up when the door opens. Randy is standing there slack jawed wearing a shirt that looks 3 sizes too big on him. He’s staring at Joey’s muscled torso, the curve of the pecs and the definition of his abs looking familiar to Randy.

Randy figures out immediately that somehow Joey was connected to his changes as well as where all his muscles had ended up. Judging by the bulge in the boxers, Randy figured his dick must have gone the same way. Randy assumes that Joey might be behind the changes, but he has no idea how the fucking nerd could have accomplished such a thing. A cold rage burns in Randy’s heart, aching for revenge. But first he needs to find out a way to undo whatever curse Joey had put on him.

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