The Cockmoore Chronicles: Brandon

by CockTFBoi

When Brandon comes across a magic book that can change anyone, he does what most guys would do: give himself a bigger dick. As the growth goes unchecked, he struggles to find a way to stop it or the intense pleasure that goes with the changes.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #1 4,999 words Added Sep 2022 6,715 views 4.9 stars (9 votes)

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Cockmoore College is a small private all-boys college nestled in a small valley in the mountains. Surrounded by stunning vistas and a large lake, the campus is picturesque. In the middle of campus is the Cockmoore library and deep in the library lies a very special book. Hidden amongst the stacks of the 3rd subbasement past books of obscure history and stacks of dissertations by students long since graduated sits a nondescript leather-bound tome on a shelf by itself. The brown book lays flat, the cover closed. The edge of a sheet of old notebook paper sticks out of the top. Those curious enough to open it will find the Tome of Transformation. Only those that the tome wants to find it do, and the rest will never see it even when it’s directly in front of them.

These stories are a collection of those men who encountered the tome, used its power, and had to live with the consequences of it.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brandon rides the elevator down into the library’s basement. He has a history paper due Monday, and he hadn’t started it yet. So rather than going out with friends tonight, he was going to be stuck in the library all weekend trying to crank out a 20-page paper.

He lets out a heavy sigh, letting his forehead smack against the cool metal of the elevator. Yeah, he should have gotten started on this paper weeks ago, but there were so many parties to attend and cute guys to fuck. The doors slide open with a quiet squeak and Brandon steps out into the room.

All around him are metal shelves stacked high with books, an oppressive silence hanging on the air. It’s powerful, and it feels wrong to disturb the quiet. He suppresses a soft cough, unwilling to break the stillness. In the silence of the room, even his breathing seems loud. He tries to breathe quietly, not wanting to disturb the quelling atmosphere of the space.

There is a row of tables and chairs with dividers going down the central aisle, all of which are currently empty. Brandon sets his bag down at one of the chairs far from the elevator and starts moving through the stacks. The map said the history section is down here, so now he just has to find a few books on the American Revolution to cite and mix into the paper. The professor is a real hard ass about using actual books instead of just internet sources, but Brandon can’t help that now.

After about 15 minutes of browsing and grabbing a few books, Brandon spots a brown leather-bound book. Something about the book jumps out as being odd to Brandon, and he feels drawn towards it. He sets the books he has found on an empty shelf beside the book and opens it up.

On the first page in a large ornate script, it says “Tome of Transformation.” Beneath that in smaller font, surrounded by stylistic curves and lines, it reads “One sentence to change a person, one sentence to change a life. Make a change and watch it go.”

“That’s odd,” Brandon thinks as he reads it. “It doesn’t make much sense. Why is this in the history section?”

He flips through a few pages. Each page has sentences handwritten in silver ink. Many of them have parts scratched out and rewritten or just the original sentence crossed out entirely. Each sentence is on its own line and the handwriting styles vary significantly from one line to the next. Occasionally there are a couple sentences together that look like the same person wrote them, but these are rare. The places where people have marked out sentences are weirder. Sometimes it’s the same silver ink as the sentence, and sometimes it looks like regular black of blue pen marks. The black and blue marks however always end up behind the silver ink writing, even when it doesn’t seem possible.

Brandon notices a piece of paper sticking out at the top of the book and flips to it. The paper sits in-between two pages, one with a few sentences, and one that is blank. The piece of paper is a bit of lined notebook paper, the ragged edge where it was pulled from a spiral notebook still there. The page says “Welcome” at the top and then below that has a lot of text:

“To the guy reading this, welcome to a rare fraternity of sorts. If you found this book, then the book chose for you to find it. It does exactly what it says, it can change the world. It can’t change everything about the world, but it can change a lot. Write in the book in ink to make a change. If it’s accepted, the ink will turn silver.

“Below I’ve listed out the rules I found while…”

The writing keeps going but, Brandon ignores it, shoving the paper aside. He thinks that it seems a bit unbelievable that a book can change people, but there seems to be a lot of people who wrote in the book. Maybe it’s worth a test, just to see if it’s true. Brandon grabs a pen from his pocket and opens the cap. He finds the next blank line in the book and writes “I have a huge dick.”

The ink from his pen soaks into the page and dries, but as it does so the words seem to glitter and shift before his eyes. The lines stretch and twist turning silver as they do until the sentence now reads “Brandon Morris has a huge penis.”

“What the fuck,” Brandon says, breaking the silence of the room. He feels a knot form in his stomach and a sinking feeling as a tingle starts to run down his spine. He feels flush as his breathing starts to become labored. Blood is rushing to his cock, and he can feel himself getting hard.

A quick glance either way for cameras or other people and Brandon undoes his belt and pulls his pants and briefs down, letting his manhood spring free. His cut cock is about 5 inches long and bobs in the air, a slight glint of precum visible on the tip. His cock throbs pulling tight as his ass and hip muscles involuntarily flex. As it does so, his cock starts to visibly grow over the course of 5 minutes. After five minutes he gasps and moans as his cock starts cumming, shooting a load of cum onto the bookshelf in front of him. Brandon’s muscles are tensed the whole time and through his orgasm. When he finally is able to relax, he is out of breath, slumping forward against the bookshelf.

He waits to see what happens now, but for several long minutes nothing seems to happen. He’s a little confused but also a bit scared of what just happened. Brandon hurriedly tucks his cock back into his pants and gets his pants closed back up. He tosses the page of rules back into the tome and closes the book. He just wants to get out of there. He leaves the other books where they are, not even bothering to clean up his cum, and rushes back to his backpack.

Brandon makes it over to the elevator, but before he can push the button, he feels his muscles tensing again. It’s hard to walk like that and he staggers to a nearby table, gripping the edge until his knuckles turn white. He can feel his underwear feeling tighter and tighter. He steadies himself with one hand for a moment while the other pulls his dick out, hoping to avoid cumming in his pants. Just like the first time, his cock swells and after a few minutes of it, his cock fires off a load of cum onto the table.

He tucks his dick away while he tries to recover. He figures he had about 5 minutes between the end of one and the next. If he runs, he can make it to his room in the East dorm before the next orgasm hits. He wants to get away from this place before someone catches him and the mess he’s made already. Plus, he doesn’t want to walk around with his briefs full of cum. He realizes he doesn’t have time to clean up the mess on the table, so he’ll just have to hope there’s no camera or something watching him.

Brandon pushes the button again for the elevator, tapping it repeatedly as though it will make the elevator come any faster. Finally, the doors slide open, and he jumps on. The numbers tick up as it glides up the shaft until it stops at the ground floor. He hurries across the library lobby and out the doors. He breaks into a jog, trying not to stand out too much, but he can feel his cock throbbing with each step.

He feels himself getting close as he passes one of the classroom buildings. Rather than trying to run the rest of the way to his dorm, he darts into the bathroom in the building near the entrance. A quick glance at his watch tells him that it had barely been 5 minutes since he left the library plus a few minutes to make it up the elevator. “Well, that’s at least a little longer between loads,” he thinks to himself as he runs inside. He barely makes it into a stall, not even taking the time to lock the door, before he rips the front of his pants down.

His cock springs free just as it fires its first long strand of cum to splatter against the wall behind the toilet. Brandon doubles over, leaning against the wall as his cock continues to spray hot cum uncontrollably onto the toilet, wall, and the floor beneath him. With each rope of cum that shoots from his dick, it grows bigger and bigger, until it is 7 inches long. Brandon struggles to catch his breath as his cock stops shooting. His cock throbs again, staying rock hard in the air.

“Fuck, how many more times is this going to happen?” he wonders aloud, his voice echoing slightly in the bathroom. He tucks his now much bigger dick into his underwear and struggles to zip his tight jeans back up over the bulge. With a new urgency, Brandon sprints from the bathroom and down the street. He’s desperate to make it back to his room before he cums again.

He keeps glancing at his watch as he runs, his backpack is making it difficult to run as it jostles with each step he takes. He doesn’t want to slow down though. He rounds the corner and sees his dorm building on the opposite corner. A sleek rectangle of modern design with extra accents added to the outside. He runs up to the door and fishes out his ID card from his pocket. Holding it up to the reader, to unlock the door but nothing happens. He tries waving it back and forth, even cleaning the card with his fingers. Brandon can feel the next orgasm starting to build inside him, a low rumble of pleasure starting deep within him.

Finally, giving up on getting the card reader to work, he runs around the building to get to the main entrance. His breathing is getting heavier as he feels his cock throbbing in his briefs. He gets through the doors of the lobby and starts moving between the couches and chairs positioned around the lounge area to get to the stairs. He makes it about halfway across the room before his control gives out and his cock starts shooting.

Brandon stumbles, catching himself on the back of the couch as his cock floods his briefs. He can’t hold back the moans as he shoots uncontrollably. He can barely focus enough to keep himself off the floor, let alone move out of the middle of the lounge. Already everyone around him is staring at him like a freak. Most people rush past, disgusted looks on their faces, while a few others are staring incredulously at him.

His cheeks burn with embarrassment as his orgasm continues. A dark wet spot shows clearly through on his jeans, a bit of the white cum showing through leaving no question to the onlookers as to what’s happening. Finally, his orgasm stops, and Brandon is able to get back to his feet. He quickly runs to the backstairs and takes them three at a time to get up quickly. “Fuck, how am I going to be able to show my face ever again?” he thinks as he opens the door to his floor. He makes it down the hall without running into anyone else and opens the door to his room.

Thankfully, his roommate, Quentin, isn’t home and he can get out of his messy clothes. He drops his backpack on the floor and peels his jeans and briefs off. They’re drenched in cum and stink of his musk. He tosses them into his laundry basket and shifts a few other items around to bury them, hoping his roommate won’t see them.

Brandon turns towards the mirror in his room, taking in the sight. His cock is still rock hard and bobbing in the air, 8 inches of thick cock. It throbs once, a bead of precum glinting at the tip. The rest of his body looks unchanged, his arms with just a little bulk to them but no real definition, his chest and stomach with a little bit of fat but nothing much. He is just an average guy, never went to the gym, and doesn’t really care about what he ate.

He grabs his towel and walks into the bathroom that he and his roommate share with the room next door. He needs to try to clean off at least a little bit of this cum, and maybe catch the next load whenever it decides to start spraying out. Despite these huge loads of cum he’s been shooting, Brandon still feels horny. He turns on the water and hangs up the towel and steps under the spray of the warm water. He feels the beginnings of the orgasm starting to build as he lathers up his chest.

Brandon’s soapy hands drift down his chest and stomach to his cock, covering it in soap. He can’t help himself and starts stroking his cock. It feels huge in his hand, unfamiliar in size, yet its form is the same. He leans backwards, his back resting against the cold wall of the shower as his left hand started to glide up and down his shaft. His mind relaxes into the sensations, the worries of the last hour seeming to melt away with the warm water of the shower. He just strokes, enjoying the sensations. He can feel the orgasm building slowly, but his stroking doesn’t seem to change how quickly it was approaching. He takes his hands off for a second, reveling in the sensation as the orgasm continues to build despite him stopping. He strokes faster and harder, trying to work the load out quicker, but it doesn’t budge. His oncoming orgasm continues its slow, persistent build up.

He continues stroking his cock anyways, enjoying the extra pleasure as it happens. When his cock cums the spunk launches into the air, splattering against the wall above the showerhead. He keeps stroking, milking that load out as it erupts. He doesn’t even try to stifle his moans, letting them ring out loud and clear in the bathroom. He is well beyond the point of caring if his roommate or neighbors hear him. In fact, he hopes they can hear him. The thought of them hearing his moans, maybe getting hard in their pants, turns him on even more.

Brandon’s eyes are slammed shut in pleasure as he is lost in his orgasmic fantasy that he doesn’t notice how his cock was changing. His dick is becoming thicker, his balls growing in size, and his cock getting longer and heavier. By the time he finishes cumming, his dick is 10 inches long—double the size it was when he woke up this morning. His balls have swollen to the size of a tennis ball.

As he comes down from his orgasm, Brandon looks down at his new package. He admires his new dick, and the heavy, pendulous balls hanging below it. His cock is at least going a little soft now, though it is still half-hard. He wraps a towel around his waist and walks back into his bedroom.

Quentin is sitting at his desk in the far corner of the room reading a textbook. He nods to Brandon quickly but turns back to the book to read. Brandon notices that Quentin has a bit of a bulge showing in his shorts even sitting down. Brandon’s cock throbs a little, chubbing up a bit.

Brandon finishes drying off and pulls on a pair of shorts. Sitting down on the small couch they have on one side of the room; he turns on the TV. Brandon can’t relax though, as he’s trying to stay aware of any oncoming orgasms. It seems a lot longer than before.

He thinks, “Maybe jacking off during the forced orgasm stopped the growth. 10 inches is certainly big, so maybe that will stop it.”

The two men sit there in silence while Quentin studies, or at least tries to. He’s caught a glimpse of Brandon’s dick while he was changing and knows Brandon wasn’t nearly that big before. He was already hard from hearing Brandon’s loud jack off session, but after the sight of that big dick he’s enthralled. Quentin doesn’t know how to broach the subject.

They can hear as the sound of the water from the bathroom turned on as one of their neighbors hops in. Brandon starts sweating though. A couple minutes after the water turned on, he felt the low rumble of pleasure. “Seems it isn’t done with me yet,” he thinks as he stands up and tries to think of somewhere he can go to have a bit of privacy as he cums.

“Hey, what’s up?” Quentin asks as he looks up from his book.

“Oh, I just need to uh use the bathroom,” Brandon says.

Quentin glances down and sees Brandon’s cock starting to tent out his shorts, a dark spot forming at the head of his cock as Brandon’s cock begins to throb.

“Oh, uhhh…” Brandon tries to say something, anything to try to take Quentin’s eyes off his package. He can’t think of anything as the pleasure starts flooding in. Brandon’s cock is leaking precum through his shorts until it starts dripping down the front and onto the floor. He sits back down, unable to resist the call of his dick anymore. He pushes his shorts down, letting his 10 inches flop out and bounce in the air.

Quentin is salivating at the sight of Brandon’s dick and moves slowly across the room until he’s standing in front of Brandon. The two of them had never done anything together. Though they are both gay, neither of them had been into one another. But with that huge cock bobbing in front of him, Quentin can’t seem to control himself.

Quentin gets down on his knees in front of Brandon, taking the head of his dick into his mouth and started licking and sucking on it. He continues sucking, moving the dick further and further into his mouth. Soon he’s gagging around it, but still continues to suck on it. Quentin’s 6-inch cock is rock hard in his briefs, but he doesn’t touch it. He’s so focused on Brandon’s cock he can’t even think about his own. Brandon’s moans fill his ears, even as he moans around the dick lodged in his throat.

After several long minutes, Brandon’s cock starts cumming, firing rope after rope directly down into Quentin’s stomach. After 10 minutes of constant cumming, Brandon’s dick stops, and Quentin pulls back. Quentin’s stomach is swollen with all the cum he has just swallowed, and Brandon’s dick is much larger, nearly 18 inches long.

When Brandon stands up, he had to catch himself on the edge of the bed. The weight of his dick is pulling him forward and the fatigue of all the orgasms was setting in. Quentin, for his part, is passed out on the floor from the sheer amount of cum in his belly, his cock tenting his shorts and leaking precum. Brandon staggers to his bed and passes out on top of the covers.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning the two men wake up sore from their ordeal the day before. Brandon stands up but is dragged down to the floor by the weight of his dick. He’s sitting in a puddle of cold cum where his cock has had at least a couple more orgasms while he had been asleep. His dick is still hard, but now over two feet long. Quentin’s stomach still looks bloated from all the cum he swallowed the night before, though his cum gut has shrunken significantly.

Quentin sits up, his slim body covered in the drying cum and red marks from the texture of the cheap commercial carpet embedded on his skin. “Dude, what the fuck happened last night? And how did your dick get so big?”

“You won’t believe me,” Brandon says.

“Fuckin’ try me. I know you didn’t have a 2-foot-long dick the other day, so something’s going on.”

“Okay, I found this strange book in the library last night. It was weird, but the note someone left on it said whatever I wrote in the book would come true. I didn’t really believe it either, but lots of people had been writing in the thing. I figured I’d give it a try just a laugh and just move on. Well, I wrote ‘I have a big dick’ and well as you can see, the book wasn’t a joke.”

“You know, I’d think you were insane if you didn’t have a dick the size of your arm sitting in front of you right now.”

“Yeah, I need to go find that book. I need to try to stop this and try to undo it or something. There’s no way I can handle a dick this big. I can barely stand up with it. Can you help me up?”

Quentin nods and moves over, grabbing Brandon’s arm and helps pull him upright. Brandon staggers to his closet, clutching onto the furniture as he goes. Even then he can barely keep himself from tipping over. Opening the closet, he digs around for a few minutes looking for something that will at least keep him from getting arrested for indecent exposure. He finds a pair of baggy pants and pulls them up, stuffing his huge dick down one leg. Checking himself in the mirror, his dick is clearly visible through the fabric, but maybe people will think it’s just a dumb frat prank or something. He puts on a belt, sinching it tightly around his waist and pulls a shirt on over top.

While Brandon is digging through the closet, Quentin grabs some clothes. While he wants to shower off some of the dried cum, they both know that if they wait too long Brandon might orgasm again and his dick will grow even bigger. The two of them start hurrying across campus. It’s still early Saturday morning, so most of the other students are asleep. They have to stop a few times for Brandon to catch his breath and steady himself. It takes a lot of effort for him to just keep himself upright, let alone the brisk walk they’re maintaining.

Nearly 45 minutes after they left their dorm room Brandon and Quentin make it to the library. They make it through the lobby with only a few odd looks from the few students that are there and get to the elevators in the back of the building. As they ride the elevator down, Brandon can feel the slow rumble of pleasure building up again, though it seems to be building slower than before.

“Fuck, it’s coming again,” Brandon says, looking over at Quentin. “We need to hurry.”

The doors chime and open onto the silent third sub-basement. The table near the elevator is clean, no sign of Brandon’s load from yesterday. Brandon leads the way as they make their way through the stacks of books, until they get to the Tome. Again, there is no sign of his cum and Brandon flips the Tome open to the page with the list of rules. Pushing the rules sheet over to Quentin, he pulls out his pen and looks for his entry from the day before.

He pauses for a moment, but the surging pleasure deep inside his balls reminds him that his dick is about to grow even more if he doesn’t do something now. He takes the pen and scratches through the whole sentence, but the silver ink just shows through the new marks he made.

Quentin had been reading through some of the rules and speaks up. “I don’t think that will work,” he says. “It’s like the first thing on here. It says the changes are permanent and you can’t undo them once they’re made. You can edit and update the entry, but it says the book only allows certain kinds of edits. It doesn’t really elaborate more on that though.”

“What should I do?”

“Well, you scratched up so much, I don’t think you can change any of the existing words. Maybe you can add a couple?”

“What good would that do?”

“Give yourself some more muscles or something. Enough where you could at least walk normally down the street.”

“Yeah, good idea!” Brandon turns to the book and adds to the end of the sentence ‘and muscles.’

Almost immediately the pleasure building up inside of Brandon is amplified a hundred-fold. He can’t hold back and before he can even think about undoing his belt, his dick is spasming and flooding his pants with cum. Quentin jumps back as he watches Brandon quiver and moan. Brandon’s neck strains as his muscles contract rhythmically. The muscles in his neck become thicker, though the effect is subtle. Then, it starts spreading.

From his neck the flexing spreads to his shoulders, each one swelling with muscle, going from bony knobs to thick balls of muscle. The growth causes his shoulders to sit wider, stretching his shirt, the seams creaking slightly as the expansion. The changes continue to spread down his arms, his biceps swelling with muscle, contracting and relaxing to the beat of some unheard song. Soon his biceps are the size of softballs, and his triceps expand to balance out. The change progresses down his forearms, becoming striated with new muscle and amplifying the power of his grip as he holds onto the bookshelf in front of him.

The tingling sensation that heralds the changes moves along his back, his muscles growing and flexing with new power. Then the change wraps around his sides, moving up into his pecs. They quickly swell from nearly flat, soon bulging outwards into thick slabs of muscle. His abs become thicker and there is a hint of definition under the bit of body fat he’s carrying, but soon that seems to dissipate, showing a defined six-pack. His shirt can’t handle the growth and the seams start to pop, leaving his pale skin exposed in the growing gaps in the fabric.

The changes continue downwards, the ridge of a defined atlas belt showing as his shirt rides up. His ass flexes as it swells into a thick muscular bubble butt. His quad and hamstrings flex and grow, quickly filling the space in the baggy pants with muscle. Within a few minutes they go from loose baggy pants, to practically looking painted onto his legs. His legs keep growing and with his hard cock shoved inside of them the poor fabric of his pants can’t handle it, ripping at the seams along each side of his thighs.

Quentin has been silent the whole time, staring in shock at Brandon. Just yesterday Brandon had been a slightly chubby college twink with an average cock, and now he was this huge muscle stud with a dick bigger than anyone could take.

Brandon is catching his breath and says, “Let’s get back to the dorm room. Fuck, I’m going to need to get some new clothes.” Brandon starts heading for the elevator, the shredded remains of his pants at least keeping his cock relatively hidden.

Before following Brandon, Quentin grabs the notebook paper full of rules and adds a sentence at the next line: “Be specific about your change. If you’re vague about the size or whatever, you might get more than you can handle.” With that he closes the book with the page inside and leaves it on the shelf, running to catch up to Brandon.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #1 4,999 words Added Sep 2022 6,715 views 4.9 stars (9 votes)

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