The frat

by waytoohungforyou

Jake’s always been focused on his own cock, and how he wouldn’t mind if it were bigger. His interest in cock size takes on new dimensions when he goes to college and meets his first roommate.

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Jake was normal enough for a nineteen year old. He was reasonably good looking, tall, thin, and did pretty well at the college he attended. But one thing had always bothered him, his penis size. Now he wasn’t tiny mind you, he just wasn’t large. And he so very much wanted to be large…

This fascination with penis size started at an early age when a young boy made a comment during a harmless session of “let’s play doctor”. Even at that young age, the boy commented on how his penis seemed small compared to his brother’s, the only other penis he had ever seen. Now Jake knew his brother was older than him, but he just couldn’t get the thought that he was small down there out of his mind.

This of course led to an unhealthy middle and high school experience in general, and gym class and the required showering was a time of great fear for Jake. Rather than showering with the other guys, he would wait until everyone was finished and then would run in and do his thing trying not to be noticed. Often times he would sit on the bench in his towel and watch the other boys go to and from the shower. He noticed that the larger boys didn’t seem to mind being naked with their rods swinging and bouncing as they went about their business. How nice would it be to have one of those Jake thought…

Towards the end of his high school career Jake had tried to put these thoughts out of his mind and concentrated on fitting in and finding friends. He was sociable so this came easy to him, and while he wasn’t a stud exactly, he had his share of dates. Many of these encounters led to sex, and while self conscious, he never really heard complaints from his lovers. During one such romp, the boy told Jake he wanted to measure his penis. Reluctantly he grabbed a ruler from his nightstand drawer and allowed his to measure his erect tool.

“Wow it’s just under five inches!” He exclaimed in an excited way, then set the ruler aside and continued licking and sucking on it.

Jake thought this was fantastic and this one event helped him overcome the fears he had about being inadequate. At least for a little while…

Jake’s first semester of college was the start of the end of his confidence however. Rather than attending a smaller, local school, he decided that it would be fun to go to a larger school in a big city. The school he picked had an enormous campus, and tens of thousands of students. He found fitting into this environment difficult, and his sociable ways didn’t seem to win as many over at this school as it did in the small high school he attended.

He also found meeting hunks there more difficult, and after asking many out, only landed a handful of dates that never seemed to get anywhere. He decided if anything was going to change that he would have to join a fraternity. Lucky for him he had a friend, John, who was from his home town and a junior at the same college. With a little prodding he seemed eager to help Jake find a fraternity that would aide in his quest for popularity with the older, seemingly more sophisticated guys on campus.

Jake noticed that John seemed to do very well with the guys, as he always seemed had a small group of sexy hunks hanging around him. Jake also knew that John was in a fraternity, and one day Jake decided to ask his friend about joining that one.

“So how come you don’t get me into your frat?” Jake queried.

“Well to honest, my frat isn’t for everyone.” John responded calmly.

“Really, why’s that?”

“Well they only take a few guys each term, and they must be special to get in.”


“Yeah, but I can’t really talk about it.” John answered and reluctant to speak. “Look if you are serious about joining, I can have you meet with the elders ok?”

“Yeah that sounds great!” Jake answered excitedly.

Several weeks went by and John never mentioned a meeting with his fraternal leaders. This aggravated Jake, so one day at lunch he figured enough time had gone by, and he really wanted to know if he was going to get to meet with them or not.

“So John you’ve never mentioned anything about meeting with your frat leaders, what’s up with that?”

“I actually have talked to them, but I’ll warn you they are very selective and the chances of you getting in are very slim.”

“So I will get to meet with them though right?”

“Yes, but honestly I’m not sure if this frat is right for you.”

“You keep saying that, but I’m not sure why? In fact, I’m not even sure what you guys do?”

“Yeah we are pretty secretive about what we do, and in fact most members don’t even promote the fact that they are members at all.”

Jake thought this was weird. I mean why join a frat to meet people if you don’t want anyone to know that you belong to a fraternity?

“Well either way you seem to be doing just fine with the guys, and I want to have some of that action!”

“Ok, just don’t say I didn’t warn you and once you get to meet the elders whatever you do, please do as they ask. Non participation in the opening meeting means being banned for sure. Understand?”

“Yeah, cool, I got it.” Jake answered now more curious than ever.

Several more days went by, and then one afternoon Jake received a call from John.

“Hey what’s up buddy?”

“Not much, how about you?”

“I’m doing good. Hey look so I got you meeting with the elders tonight at 8:00. Just come to my dorm at around 7:30 and I’ll take you there, cool?”

“That’s awesome!” Jake nearly shouted. “I can’t wait!”

Jake did as he was told and met with John at 7:30 sharp at his dorm room.

“So are you ready to meet them?” John asked.

“You bet, let’s get going!”

They made their way across campus on foot, and ended up going into a small building next to the library that Jake had never been in before. Inside there were several rooms off of a main corridor that looked like meeting rooms of some sort. They were all pretty dark, and as John led him down the corridor past them, he peered into the rooms trying to figure out what they were used for. At the end of the hallway, John led him to a closed door on the right side of the hallway. Once there he knocked three times in a very specific way and the door opened very slightly.

“Password?” A deep voice from inside answered.

“Hung.” John replied.

What kind of password was that Jake thought to himself.

“You may enter.”

With that the door was slowly pulled open towards the room and Jake followed John in. The room was very dimly lit, and at the far end he could see a long table with eight men sitting behind it. They all wore black robes with hoods and had colorful party masks covering their faces. John sort of pushed Jake towards them with a smile and then stepped back against the wall into the shadows.

“Come towards us and speak your name.” A deep voice from a man in the middle of the group requested.

Jake did as he was told. He walked up to within about ten feet of the table and announced his full name to the group.

“Jake, why do you seek entry into our group?” The same man asked.

“Well…” He paused and stuttered a bit. “I’m friends with John, the guy who brought me here, and he seems to do really well with the ladies, and honestly I could use some help in that department.”

“So let me get this straight.” The deep voice spoke. “You want to join our brotherhood to meet hunks is that correct?”

“Um, well when you put it that way it doesn’t sound very good, but yeah I guess so.”

“Well Jake, that is one part of what our group does for it’s members, but certainly not the most important thing. Now, I will warn you that we only take a very small, select group of candidates each term, and regardless of whether you get to join us or not, you will never speak of what happens here tonight is that understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Very well. Now I’m going to ask you to do some things and they will seem strange, but they are a requirement for your entrance into our group. Do you understand?”


“Ok, first things first. I need you to remove your pants and your underwear if you are wearing any and stand before us for inspection.”

“Um, what?” Jake asked thinking he heard the question wrong.

“Please don’t make me repeat the questions or you will be asked to leave, do you understand?”

“Um, yeah I guess so.”

With that Jake decided to go along with the request. He had heard of fraternities asking new recruits to do all sorts of crazy things, so he figured this must be normal. He slowly undid his jeans and slid them down to his ankles, and then without looking at the group in front of him, pulled his boxers down as well. He stood there naked from the waist down in front of more than one person for the time ever in his life, and these were all men and complete strangers. As he stood there he watched the men at the table look at one another as if speaking without using words, and as they did this they made notes on pads of paper on the table in front of them.

“Now Jake, I need you to masturbate yourself to erection.” The deep voice again requested. “Can you do that or do you need assistance?”

“Um, assistance, what do you mean by assistance?”

“We have the services of a female who is here to pleasure you in order to achieve and erection. If you don’t need assistance then please begin otherwise simply ask.”

Jake was now very confused. He was supposed to masturbate in front of eight strange men and achieve an erection he thought to himself. Not in a million years would that happen!

“Um sir, I think I would like some assistance with that.”

With that a dark-haired boy came out of the shadows from the right side of the room. He was wearing nothing but boxer briefs. Jake watched as he came towards him. He had large, firm pecs and broad shoulders, and he started feeling a twinge in his crotch as he stared at his near naked flesh.

Without saying a word he came to a stop right in front of him, dropped down on both knees and completely engulfed his flaccid cock in his mouth. Jake was a little stunned to say the least, but the way he was kneading and stretching his soft flesh felt amazing. He felt his tongue swirl around his uncut helmet while in his mouth, and loved watching his lips gently caress the shaft as he push and pulled the soft meat to full hardness. Even when hard he easily swallowed his whole shaft into his mouth, and he could feel the tip of his erect penis pushing against the back of his throat on each thrust.

“Please let us know when you are erect Jake?” The voice asked calmly.

Jake didn’t want the fantastic blowjob to end, but he knew that if he didn’t stop the boy that he would cum, so he raised his hand and nodded. Without any warning, the boy released his tool from the confines of his mouth, and quickly rose and walked again into the shadows on the side of the room. Jake stared at his firm ass and beautiful back as he walked away, and again realized that he was standing naked in front of eight strange men, a now with a spit covered erection.

“Can I get a measurement please.” The voice again asked calmly.

Again a boy appeared from the shadows, this time from the left of the room. He was a red head and equally as attractive as the dark-haired boy who had serviced him earlier. He appeared to have a tape measure of sorts in his hand, and as the other boy had done without any warning, he knelt in front of him and placed the soft measuring tape against his groin and stretched it out over his erect phallus. He then took the soft tape and wrapped it around his erect pole. He found this highly erotic, and wanting to give his the best reading possible he tensed up hoping to add a bit of size to his tool.

“Just under five inches in length, and four and a half inches in circumference.” He announced to the group.

“Excellent, you may go.” The voice again spoke.

And just like the boy before his, the red head rose to his feet and walked back into the murky darkness on the side of the room. Jake noticed that the men were again looking at each other and nodding, and several of them were taking more notes. Five minutes of this went by, but for Jake who was still standing there naked, it seemed like an eternity.

“Jake we have a decision. We’ve decided that you will be a great asset to our group, and we warmly welcome you to our fraternity. You may now dress yourself, and once you are finished please stay where you are so that we can explain the next steps in your inductance into our group.”

Jake pulled his underwear and jeans up quickly. He had been naked in front of these guys long enough, and unless the hot hunks were going to come out again and service him some more, he figured being dressed was a good idea at that point!

“Jake, we welcome you to our brotherhood. We have very specific criteria for entrance into our group, and while on the larger side, your measurements are in line with our requirements.”

Thinking the man was complimenting him on his larger than usual size Jake replied.

“Well thanks, I’ve never really gotten any complaints!”

“Please Jake, I was not complimenting you on your size, I was merely stating that you meet our criteria and that is all that’s important.” The voice answered back sounding a little bothered.

“Um, sorry.”

“Now as you don’t understand what our group does, let me go over the details. Over twenty years ago our founder, a chemist who attended this school, discovered a compound that when applied to the spongy tissue of the penis caused it to grow larger. Feeling the need to share this discovery with the less fortunate he started this fraternity, and decided to give this compound to it’s members freely. He vowed to never take this compound public, and to this day protects the ingredients that make it up. He also strictly forbids giving this miraculous gift to anyone with a normal sized or larger penis. Do you understand so far?”

“Um, yeah so I guess you’ve picked me because my penis is small?” Jake answered solemnly thinking minutes ago that he was larger than normal.

“Well yes and no. We look at many factors in choosing our new members, but having a smaller than normal penis is a big part of the decision, and that more than anything assured you a spot in our group. Now over the years the rules of who we allow into our organization have been tightened up, and the prospects that are given the compound are sworn to secrecy about why and how the transformation in their private areas have taken place. From this point forward, you can tell nobody about this group, our mission, or the compound. Do you understand?”


“Good, so we can move along. Do you currently have a lover attending this college, or have you had one?”

“No, not really. I’ve had a couple of dates, but none of them had sex with me.”

“Excellent. That makes things much easier. As this is a permanent enlargement, do you have a lover or significant other that you will be returning to once you leave the school?”

“No, I’ve never really had a solid relationship with anyone.”

“Again excellent. Now before we go any further I must tell you that once you undergo the process, the results are a bit unpredictable, and they are completely irreversible. Do you understand?”

“So what you are saying is that you can’t tell me the outcome of the process in terms of my size growth, and I can’t ever change back to the way I am now right?”

“Correct Jake. For reference several of our members have achieved only modest gains in size, while others have been endowed with unbelievably massive penises, but regardless of your outcome, it cannot be undone and you will have to live with what you get.”

“I guess that sounds ok.” Jake responded a little unsure about things.

“This process is performed by one of our specially trained female members, and can be done anytime you want to. Are you ready to start the process this evening?”

Jake was trying to take everything in. So basically this was a big dick fraternity that he couldn’t talk about, and on top of that, he could never share his story with anyone in the future. He also didn’t really believe that these men possessed some magic penis enlargement formula, so he nodded his commitment to move forward thinking to himself what’s the worst thing that could happen?

“Please escort Jake into the lab.” The voice again spoke calmly.

For the third time a beautiful boy, this one a blond, came seemingly out of nowhere and approached him.

“Please come with me.” He asked taking his arm in his.

Following his lead, Jake was led out of the large room and again down the hall to another closed door. There the boy opened it and motioned for him to enter. Unlike the dark room he was in before, this room was well lit, and devoid of any furniture besides what looked to be a hospital style examination table with a paper covering, and small rolling cart next to it.

“Please get undressed again, and lay down on the table once you have removed your clothes” The boy asked calmly and pointed to the table.

Jake was ashamed to do this in front of a strange boy, but anxious to be a part of the group again started to undress, first removing his pants, and then his underwear.

“Take off your shorts as well please?”

Jake complied and quickly removed his shorts. He then made his way over to the paper covered table and climbed onto it. It was cold, but not wanting to cause any waves he quickly laid down and put his arms to his side. His penis was soft again, and rested on top of his scrotum. After situating himself, the boy came over to his side, and started rummaging through the top drawer of the rolling cart. He removed a box of latex gloves, and quickly put two of them on his hands. He then went into the second drawer and pulled out a tube that looked like something toothpaste would be in. Turning towards him he squeezed out a huge drop of thick, white cream on his right palm. It didn’t really have any smell that he could detect, and he figured it was just toothpaste.

“Now I must warn you, this will make you very uncomfortable, but you must not touch your penis for the next 12 hours. If you rub or wash off the cream before the 12 hours are up, you will reduce its effectiveness and you cannot reapply the cream ever again. Do you understand?”

“What do you mean by uncomfortable?”

“Well some claim that it burns worse than anything they have put on their skin, but most just think it’s a dull pain like having a mild burn. I can tell you that those who experience the most pain typically get the best results, so it’s worth it.”

Jake wasn’t too sure about this now. A mild burn? On his cock? How was a mild burn on his cock not extremely painful?

“After the 12 hours are up, you may shower and wash the cream off. I don’t recommend any vigorous masturbation for 48 hours after that, and you won’t see the full results of the application for over a week. Also in some rare cases the final results aren’t achieved for nearly a month, do you understand?”

“Yes, I think so, I’m just not sure about the whole burning pain thing.”

“Honestly isn’t it worth a bit of pain to receive a gift like this?” The boy smiled as he spoke.

“Yeah I guess so, let’s do it.”

Without hesitation he rubbed his gloved hands together spreading the thick cream in both his palms. He then bent over Jake and started to rub the cream on his penis, taking care not to get any on the surrounding areas. Within seconds he could feel a burning sensation on his penis. It started out quite mild, but as he continued working the cream into his flesh it got worse.

“Holy shit, that’s really starting to sting!”

“I warned you there would be some discomfort.”

Jake lay there thinking only about the burning sensation that continued to grow. It was such an intense burning, he was sure he was using fire instead instead of cream on him.

“Wow, that really fucking hurts!” He stated loudly not caring about his use of profanity.

“There all done!” He acknowledged with a smile. “Now doesn’t that feel better?”

Jake almost started to cry, but figured he could do nothing except wince through the pain and nod.

“Uh yeah, I guess so.”

After answering he quickly gathered up some gauze wrapping bandage from the cart and began gently wrapping his small, burning penis with it. Was this all a sick joke after all?

“Remember, it needs to stay on for 12 hours to be effective, so don’t remove this wrapping until then and whatever you do, don’t masturbate and try not to become aroused. You can get dressed now.”

“Ok, sounds good.” Trying to sound happy through the pain.

Jake then hoped off the table and started to put his clothes back on, and the pain only got worse when he pulled first his underwear, then his jeans over his burning package. Struggling through it he managed to get everything back on, and them made his way to the door.

“Oh Jake I almost forgot.” The boy spoke just before he reached the door. “Please come back and see me everyday for the next week or two at about this same time just so I can make sure you are doing ok?”

“Yeah I will.”

Jake then opened the door and entered the hallway. John who had been absent the whole time this was taking place was waiting there for him.

“Well congratulations!”

“What the hell have you gotten me into dude.” Jake snapped at him as they walked towards the exit. “My fucking cock is basically on fire!”

“Yeah that’s not much fun, but you know I couldn’t tell you about any of this right?”

“Yeah I guess. Honestly I was kind of hoping your fraternity just had lot’s of parties with hot drunk hunks. I had no idea that you were involved in some crazy cult that thinks that putting some magic cream on my dick is going to make it grow.”

“I know it’s hard to believe, but come back with me to my dorm ok?”

“Yeah ok.”

They made their way across campus again. The burning appendage between Jake’s legs made walking difficult, and he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to deal with that much pain for another 12 hours.

“Here we are, come on in.” John motioned Jake towards his door.

Once inside Jake realized the room was small but nicely decorated. John had always been into heavy metal bands so there were several posters of groups he liked hanging on the walls. John then turned to face Jake and put his hands on the waistband of his pants.

“I’m going to show you something, and I don’t want you to freak out ok?” John said.

“Sure, no problem.” Jake responded with a smile.

Standing in front of Jake in the middle of the room, John unzipped his fly and began fishing around in his pants. With some effort he started to pull out his dick through the opened zipper. Jake assumed John was going to try and show off his penis, but he had seen it before when they were both younger, and it wasn’t any bigger than his own. Nothing could have prepared Jake for what John started pulling out of his pants however.

As John kept tugging at his fleshy rod still hidden by the fabric of his jeans, Jake noticed that he had managed to pull out a loop of thick flesh. At first Jake thought it was some large dildo that John had stuffed into his pants for a goof, but his continued tugging made the thick loop of flesh grow bigger and bigger, and Jake could tell it was the real thing.

“God I hate these jeans.” John stated. “The zipper opening is too small, but I was going for effect here.”

Jake could say nothing. He could only stare wide eyed at the long, fat lump of flesh his friend was extracting from his jeans. He hadn’t even seen the head yet, and already there was at least six inches of coiled flesh poking out of the zipper opening. With one final tug, John managed to free his tool from its confines.

“There, that’s got it!” John exhaled as the last of the flesh fell free of the zipper opening. He quickly crossed his arms letting the large appendage hang freely and smiled wide.

“Well what do you think about that?” John asked.

“Holy fucking shit dude, I’ve never seen anything like that, not even in porno movies!” Jake said pointing at his friends dangling meat.

“Yeah it’s not too bad. It’s actually about average for the frat.” John answered coolly.

Again Jake just stood in silence taking in the view. He didn’t want his friend to think he was gay or anything, but he could not take his eyes off John’s hanging meat. Although completely limp, it had to have been at least eight inches long and very thick.

“If you think it’s big like this, you should see it when it’s hard!” John exclaimed.

“No way, are you telling me that it get’s bigger than that, or just harder?”

“Want to see?”

Jake wanted to see that cock hard more than anything, but he already felt awkward enough staring at it for so long. After a brief moment of thought, he shook his head.

“I just can’t believe how much bigger you are now than you used to be. I mean I caught a glimpse of you getting out of the shower once back in high school, and you were about my size right?”

“Actually, I was half an inch smaller than you erect based on the measurements I heard tonight.” John stated while stuffing the large appendage back into his jeans.

“Well even though I’m in a ton of pain right now, I’m excited to see the results tomorrow.”

“Don’t get your hopes up if you don’t see any difference tomorrow. It took several weeks before I noticed anything at all, and I didn’t quit growing until almost a month after the procedure.”

“Ok but based on what I just saw, it looks like it will be worth it.”

“Yeah it’s nice, but I’ll warn you that there have been others who got too much of a good thing if you know what I mean.”

“Too much, what do you mean by too much?”

“Well for example one of the elders you stood in front of tonight goes by the nickname horse, and trust me when I say, he didn’t get that name by having a long mane of hair!”

“No way, seriously?”

“Yeah apparently he had some sort of strange reaction to the procedure, and I can assure you don’t want anything like he has dangling between your legs. Rumor is he has never been able to have sex since then!”

“Wow, well yeah I guess I wouldn’t want to be like that.” Jake responded in agreement but he secretly hoped otherwise.

“Cool well you better get back to your dorm and take it easy for the next little while, and whatever you do don’t wash your cock before the 12 hours are up!” John warned with a smile.


Jake’s long walk back to the his dorm left him plenty of time to take in the nights events. After seeing his friends huge improvement, he was excited and a little worried all the same time. What if it didn’t work for him? What if he never got any bigger? Only time would tell he thought…

Sleeping was difficult for Jake as the burning feeling in his groin was very intense. He tossed and turned all night, but tried to be careful not to touch or rub the bandaged area while doing so. By morning he couldn’t wait to get to the shower and wash off the cream that had been applied the night before.

He stumbled from his bed to the bathroom, and before doing anything took in the sight in the full length mirror which hung on the wall next to the door. His entire groin area was red as if he had a minor burn down there, and the small bandaged member appeared to be its usual size as well. Oh well he thought to himself, I’ll just get the bandages off and get this nasty shit off my penis.

Unwrapping the bandage proved to be quite painful as it stuck to the still gooey cream and his flesh. Slowly but surely Jake managed to unwrap all the bandage and discard it. He again looked in the mirror and the only difference he saw was the color. Everything was bright red and looked mildly inflamed.

He climbed into the shower and although it was painful at first, he noticed the pain start to subside after he managed to wash off the cream to some extent. He continued thinking about would be in his future as he scrubbed himself. He had always dreamed about having a large swinging cock like some of the boys in the shower room at his high school had, and now he might actually get it. This made him smile.

The next 48 hours went by quickly and Jake did as he was told. He went to visit the boy who had applied the cream initially both evenings. He did a very quick inspection, and during both visits told him everything looked good. He sort of thought it funny that he didn’t really even know his name, yet he had seen and handled his penis. He also didn’t masturbate or try to become aroused in any way during that time. He secretly hoped to find a change in his size each morning, but in reality the only thing that changed was the bright red color had subsided, and everything looked pretty much as it did before the procedure after the 48 hours had expired.

On the third night he had become very horny. As he was used to masturbating almost every night, this don’t touch period had seriously interrupted his cycle. After visiting the boy at the frat, he went back to his dorm room and fired up his computer in order to take in some quick online porn. As usual he pulled down his pants and underwear before taking a seat in his computer chair, and as usual he sat down without paying much attention to his groin. This night however, something was different.

Once in his chair, he noticed a strange pinching coming from his under his balls. At first he thought there might have been something on the chair poking him, but when he looked down between his legs for the first time that evening, he knew that wasn’t the problem. Normally his penis, when soft, would sit atop his balls like a small guardian poking outward from his crotch. Tonight when he had sad down, his penis was actually long enough that he had inadvertently sat on it. The long, thin piece of flesh was actually pinched tightly around his ball sack which was sitting on top of his head. Holy shit he thought to himself, I already have an erection and it’s pointing down, how in the hell did that happen?!?

Jake immediately stood up watching his crotch the whole time. He expected to see his penis spring up from his groin and point straight out, but instead it hung lifeless and limp with the head just slightly below the bottom of his loose scrotum. Oh my God he thought, it has begun!

Wanting to see this in better detail he headed towards the bathroom with his pants still around his ankles. As he hobbled in front of the mirror, he flicked the light switch on and took in the sight. No doubt about it, his penis had indeed grown longer. The last time he saw it was in the bathroom that afternoon while peeing, and he didn’t remember anything unusual then. But here it was larger than life! I’ve got to measure this thing he thought to himself.

He stumbled back out into the bedroom kicking off his pants and underwear as he went, and he fished around in his notebook for the clear page marker that had a ruler imprinted on it. After finding it and removing it from his notebook, he made his way back to the bathroom. Once in front of the mirror again, he placed the ruler on the top of his limp phallus and let it hang down over the top. He studied the red markings carefully and determined that the tip of his penis was hanging just past the six inch mark. Wow he thought to himself, its not even hard and it’s longer than it’s ever been!

He continued to inspect his newly grown appendage in the mirror for several more minutes. He lifted it and stretched a bit, and upon closer inspection he also thought it might have been a bit thicker, but he wasn’t sure. Deciding that he was happy with the flaccid development, he returned to his chair in front of the computer in order to see what awaited him when hard.

Jake went through page after page of his favorite porn sites taking in all he could as fast as he could. Once he found a large muscle site that he liked in particular, he found a boy that sort of resembled the dark-haired dude who gave him a blowjob and measured him that first evening. He took in the pictures of the beautiful boy, and as was normal his penis had began to swell before he even touched it. He looked down to take in what was happening, and while he normally would have been stroking it by now, he wanted to see the growth without any physical contact.

He continued alternating between looking at his growing tool and the large breasted boy on the website. Normally his penis didn’t have enough weight to hang once it started to grow, so it would literally point straight out and until it would finally point upwards slightly when fully erect. Tonight however his rod had started to lengthen, and continued doing so with no upward movement whatsoever. He thought it odd, but he enjoyed watching the head of his tool grow out past the edge of the chair. It has also grown quite thick, maybe half an inch more than it was when soft, and Jake was notably impressed.

Several more minutes of this went by and he realized that he had grown as large as he was going to get, so he decided to take another quick measurement. Taking the same clear ruler off the desk next to his keyboard, he again place it against his crotch and let it lay on top of his penis. In the dim light from the monitor he could tell that the head of his tool had in fact passed the eight inch mark.

“Holy shit!” He said out loud. “That stuff is really working!”

After admiring his new length for a few more seconds, he reached down and started stroking it. With his other hand he reached for a bottle of lotion and lovingly applied a small dollop to the top of his flesh and began working it in. He liked the feeling of it. Although it wasn’t hard like he was used to, it was still firm enough that it felt solid and thick in his grasp.

Without warning Jake heard someone knocking softly on his door. Oh shit Jake thought to himself, who in the hell could that be? Pulling his underwear on he stumbled to the door and stood behind it. He pulled it open just wide enough to peek his head around the edge in order to see who was there. In the dim light of the hallway he saw a stunningly beautiful dark-haired boy dressed in a sexy outfit and wearing a smile.

“Hi, my names Kris. Do you remember me?”

“Um, I don’t think so. Have we met?” Jake asked while trying to hide more of his naked body behind the door.

“We certainly have silly, it’s just that I was wearing less clothing at the time. Here, I know what will jog you memory!”

With a sexy glance at Jake he reached down and pulled his shorts open enough to reveal his large pecs and lustrous pink skin.

“I know you remember these, am I right?”

Jake instantly recognized those fantastic pecs. This was the boy who measured him that first night he met the elders.

“Um, yeah, I definitely remember those.” He said in an awkward voice staring intently at the exposed flesh.

“Can I come in?”

“Um, well, I’m sort of busy in here.”

“Oh I’ll bet you are, you better let me come in a take a look at what you’re working on.”

“Uh, yeah I guess that’s ok, come on in.”

He pulled the door open making sure to stay hidden behind it as he did. Kris slowly walked inside the room, making sure to expose more of his hot torso to him as he passed by. He also took note of the way his firm ass looked is the tight shorts he was wearing, and he felt a familiar twinge in his groin while giving him the inspection. As he got to his bed he turned and sat on the edge facing him.

“Jake dude, just what have you been up to?” He asked pointing to the image on his computer monitor.

Shit Jake thought to himself. In his haste to get to the door, he had left the website open and a large picture of the dark-haired boy with big pecs was there for anyone in the room to see.

“Uh yeah, I guess you caught me.” Jake said while closing the door and turning towards his, but making sure not to make eye contact.

“Now Jake, honestly don’t you think I know what guys your age like?” Kris said with a wink and a smile and very in a very seductive way pulled his shirt completely off and laid it on the bed next to his.

“Honestly though, wouldn’t you rather touch the real thing?”

Jake didn’t know what to do or even say. He had never had a hunk come on to him in this manner, and he wasn’t sure how to react to the situation.

“Well sure.” He finally muttered.

“Oh you’re cute, now come over here and let me look you over and see if you’re making any progress.” He asked while patting the bed next to his.

Jake did as he was told and walked to the bed slowly. He sat next to his making sure to leave some space between them as he was still very uncomfortable with the situation. As he sat down he tried to cover up his barely covered crotch with his hands, but quickly realized that his new growth had crept down the right leg of his boxers.

“Now what do we have here?” Kris asked while reaching towards his crotch and giving the easily visible shaft a squeeze and a stroke. “This looks and feels like progress to me!”

Jake still a little uncomfortable with what was going on, sat still and tried to enjoy the moment while Kris continued to message his semi turgid penis, and cupped his balls through the thin fabric of the boxers with both hands. Then all at once he stopped and sat up grinning ear to ear.

“Now Jake dude, let me explain why I’m here. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a willing servant of the fraternity you just joined. I’ve given myself completely to servicing the needs of the members, and I’ve been chosen specifically by the elders to assist with your needs. As you are a new member, I’m here to make sure that you are progressing without any problems, and I’m also here to give sexual aide where needed. Do you understand?”

Jake still a little upset he stopped stroking him, nodded in acknowledgment and smiled in return.

“Now stand up and take off those boxers so we can get a look at you!”

Jake again did as he was told and stood up and turned to face his. Without warning he reached out and with both hands pulled his boxer briefs to the floor around his feet. As he did this he noticed the smile on his face was replaced with a different expression.”

“That’s impressive considering it’s only been a few days!” Kris squeaked in excitement.

Jake looked down and indeed it was an impressive sight. While his penis looked to be about the same length as it was when he had started stroking it sitting in the chair, it hung straight down towards the ground, and swung gently as he shifted his weight.

“Yeah, I guess it’s doing ok.”

“Ok, I’d say that’s ok. I don’t think I’ve seen one grow so much in such a short period of time. Is it sore at all?”

“No, not really. I’m just a little worried that it didn’t get very hard when I was, you know playing earlier.”

“Oh don’t worry about that!” He quipped. “It’s perfectly normal during the growing stages to have soft erections and other minor side effects.”

Before finishing his sentence he slowly reached out with both of his hands and started milking the shaft in a soft, downward motion. The feeling was very nice, and Jake liked to watch the expressions on Kris’s beautiful face as he worked his organ. As he continued working the large floppy penis, he again noticed a strange tingling in his groin.

“Um, it’s starting to feel a little weird down there.”

“Describe what you’re feeling.”

“Um, I’m not sure. It’s kind of like it used to feel when it started to grow, but this is way more intense.”

“That’s excellent!” He said quickening his motions and tightening his grip.

The sensations he was feeling became very intense, almost to the point where he wanted to ask his to stop. The tingling had now turned into a slight burning sensation, and his firm grip and twisting motions while he pumped seemed to amplify this.

“Is it starting to hurt a little?” He asked mid stroke.

Jake didn’t even want to answer as he knew his voice would give away his true feelings. Instead he chose to look down and nod at his, hoping he would show him a little mercy. Rather than showing him mercy, he continued working his cock up and down even harder, twisting his grip as he did. The slight burning had now been replaced by full on pain. This felt almost as bad as the first night he had the cream on his genitals. Unable to contain himself any longer, he protested out loud.

“Oh shit, that really fucking hurts Kris!”

Then all at once he stopped and let his arms fall to his sides. The wave of pain he felt just seconds ago started to subside, and was replaced by a kind of numbness that wasn’t all to unpleasant.

“Is that feeling better?” Kris asked. “Messaging your penis is very important at this stage, especially if you want to achieve maximum results.”

“That was a message?”

“Yeah silly, what did you think I was doing, giving you a handjob?” He said laughing slightly.

“Well yeah, I guess that’s what I thought.”

“No, trust me when I tell you that if I give you a handjob, you’ll know it!”

Not doubting his for a minute, Jake continued to relax and let the pain dissipate.

“Can I sit down next to you again?” He asked.

“Sure come on over here dude!” He replied patting the bed next to his.

Turning and dropping to the bed, Jake immediately noticed something different. Aside from the new feelings that had been created by Kris, he felt something heavy pulling at his groin. Looking down he was shocked to discover that his somewhat larger flaccid cock, was now an enormous flaccid cock. It was red and swollen looking, but there was little doubt that it exceeded his earlier measurements in both length and width.

“Um, is this normal?” Jake said pointing between his legs.

Kris looked down and didn’t seem bothered at all by what he saw. He then grabbed his shirt from the bed and started to put it back on.

“Do you mean because it’s red and swollen?”

“Yeah and bigger.”

“Well I don’t really understand the technical side of the process, but yes after a vigorous message, you will be noticeably swollen and red. Give it a few hours and the swelling will go down.”

“Oh, well it’s ok then.” Jake answered trying not to sound concerned. “Can I masturbate with it like this?”

“Sure dude, but remember it needs to rest between sessions for the first little while, so try and not aggravate it too much. I think you’ve got the makings of a real monster cock there, and I wouldn’t want to see you spoil it!”

Then as quickly as he came in, he got up and headed for the door. Once there he opened it and stopped and turned back towards him still sitting naked on the bed.

“I’ll be back in a night or two, and we can work on the next step.” He said with a wink while blowing him a kiss.

He then exited the room and pulled the door shut behind his. Jake’s head was swimming with the nights events. Looking down at his swollen, red penis, he decided that he could hold off on masturbation for the evening. He finally got up the strength to go over and turn off his computer, turn off the lights, and then he lay down and fell asleep.

The next day Jake woke feeling refreshed. The activities the night before were still in the front of his mind, but he decided to get up and get the day started as he had classes that morning. Sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he made a startling discovery. When he looked down he realized that in turning, he had partially lodged his penis under his leg. Moving his leg to the side in order to free the organ, he again was shocked at what he uncovered.

His penis was back to its original color, but looked to be about the same size as it was when swollen the night before. Wanting to see it more clearly, he stood up and made his way into the bathroom where the full length mirror was. When he looked into the mirror, what he saw nearly caused him to faint. The reasonably large eight inch semi-erect penis that he had the night before, had somehow turned into a nine inch long, massively thick, completely flaccid dong.

“Holy fucking shit!” Jake exclaimed out loud and smiling wide. “This thing is enormous!”

Overcome by fascination, he just sort of checked himself out in the mirror for a while. He watched his groin intently as he shook his pelvis around making the newly formed member dance and wiggle like a giant dangling worm. He had always thought his balls were too large for his soft cock, but they now seemed to be in perfect proportion to the newly enlarged flesh tube hanging in front of them.

“God damn, I don’t know what’s in that cream, but I like it!”

Stepping back from the mirror he turned around and bent over slightly taking in the view of how his new angry dangler looked swinging between his legs from the back. He had tried to do this before, but his smaller penis had never extended below the bottom of his balls, so he had never seen it. While his balls still looked the same as always, it was the small baseball bat sized appendage extending more than halfway to his knees that was occupying his attention that morning.

Standing upright he realized that his morning piss was way past due, so he made his way over to the toilet watching the fat member between his legs bounce off his upper thighs as he walked. Lifting the seat, he took his normal stance a foot or so from the bowl, but decided at the last minute that he would put his new tool to the test. He had never been able to piss into a toilet without holding his penis in order to point it down, and he idolized the men who could. So he moved forward a bit so that the large head of his penis was dangling over the bowl, and without using his hands to support it, started to push.

He normally looked forward to his morning pee and the relief it provided, but that day was completely different. For some reason there was an intensity to the event, and as he strained to start the flow, he felt what could only be described as a hot poker being rammed down his piss tube from the inside out. At first Jake was concerned, but the need to pee overwhelmed the concern, and he continued pushing. When the first of the urine escaped, he nearly fainted from the feeling of relief. He looked down and watched what started as trickle turn into a thick and powerful stream the likes of which he had never seen before. The stream was nearly half an inch wide as it exited his new larger slit, and the pressure was such that he could actually feel the urine flowing out of his body and out through his cock.

This continued for what seemed like minutes, and as the stream started to diminish, Jake started to shake a bit and made guttural noises while throwing his head back and closing his eyes.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

As the trickle finally subsided, he reached down with his right hand and started to knead his dick from the root to the tip, giving it a quick shake once his hand reached the fat helmet. He did this several times enjoying the weight of it in his hand, and as he finished up, he could not believe how intense it was just to piss. It was almost sexual in nature he thought to himself, and speaking of sex, he also wondered when he would be able to use his new equipment for that purpose!

Jake then showered making sure to clean his new appendage thoroughly. He spent a good deal of time stroking and cleaning it, but noticed it never seemed to get any harder. This concerned him a bit, as his old cock would get as stiff as a board with very little encouragement. He figured he would bring this issue up when he went to visit the nurse boy who had put the cream on originally.

Getting dressed Jake started to realize that he may already have gotten too much of a good thing. The boxers he normally wore, didn’t support his new penis very well, and every time he tried on a pair of pants, he ended up with an obscene bulge running down one pant leg or the other. The quick fix was of course to wear the baggiest pants he could find, but from here on out he figured he would probably need to buy roomier pants, and brief style underwear to keep things in check while out in public.

The rest of the day went by quickly, and Jake looked forward to his meeting with the nurse boy that evening. On his way to the building, he noticed Kris standing outside and looking around as if he was waiting for someone.

“Hey what’s up?” Jake asked his as he approached.

“Nothing, just waiting for you that’s all.” He smiled as he answered.

“Really, why’s that?”

“I told you already silly, I’m here to help out the new guys!”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well I guess I had better get inside for my checkup.” Jake started for the entrance.

“Yeah Nate’s been waiting for you. Here I’ll follow you in and say hi.”

“Ok!” Jake responded happy to finally learn the nurse hunks name, and then opened the door and held it open for Kris to go through.

“So have you gotten any bigger?” He asked as if wanting to know the time.

“Um, yeah I think so.”

“You think so? Oh boy it sounds like I had better join in on this checkup for sure!”

Jake decided not to argue even though he really wasn’t sure about having Kris there, so he continued down the hall with his in tow until he reached the familiar door. He knocked quickly and pushed the door to the small room open.

“Hey Nate what’s up?” Kris said to the nurse with a smile.

“I’ve just been waiting for Jake to show up, how have you been?”

“Oh I’ve been fine. Do you mind if I joined in tonight?”

“Now not at all, as long as Jake is ok with it.”

Jake looked over at Nate and nodded his approval reluctantly, and then started to disrobe as he was accustomed to doing. He started with his shorts, then undid his belt and slid his jeans down.

“Holy shit!” Kris squealed while pointing at his crotch.

Jake looked down at his boxer covered mid section, and realized that nearly two inches of thick member was dangling down past the leg of his boxer shorts.

“Yeah sorry about that, I guess I need to get a different style of underwear now.”

“I think it’s grown since last night!” Kris uttered.

“Well let’s find out, go ahead and take off your boxers and come sit on my table.” Nate asked.

Jake did as he was told, and after removing his boxers climbed onto the table and scooted into position. He looked down and realized that even in a comfortable seating position, several inches of huge flaccid cock meat hung over the edge of the exam table.

“Maybe it is a little bigger tonight!” He exclaimed while inspecting himself.

Nate nodded in agreement and turned towards his cart where he grabbed a soft tape measure.

“Well let’s see what we have tonight shall we.”

He came over next to him and placed the end of the tape measure against his groin and stretched the rest of it over his limp phallus. Jake watched this eager to know what the number was.

“Wow Jake, you really are a growing boy aren’t you. I’ve got nine and a half inches in length tonight, and that’s a soft measurement. Now let’s get the circumference.”

He then wrapped the soft tape around the thickest part of his tool near the base, and took note of the measurement.

“And almost six and a half inches around! That’s very impressive at this stage Jake you’re doing great.” Nate continued.

“Oh my God, I’m actually getting hard just watching you measure that huge thing Nate!” Kris added.

“Well that’s a normal reaction for someone in your position, but when you’ve seen as many of these as I have, you just don’t get affected like that.”

“Yeah I’ve seen a couple of big dicks at this point, but nothing that looks like that thing does soft!”

Jake liked the hunks to talk about him and his new dick. He had always secretly wanted to be worshiped in this way, and this was as close as he had ever dared imagined up to this point.

“Well let’s get an erect measurement now.” Nate asked.

“Um, that’s actually something I was going to ask you about. I’m not sure how to get it hard anymore. I sort of played with it in the shower this morning, and well, nothing really happened.”

“That’s usually not something to worry about at this stage. I’ve seen several guys who have had the same problem during development stages. I’m sure that with the right stimulation you could become aroused, would you like Kris to see what he can do to help?”

Jake was still new to this, and having one beautiful boy offer up the services of another beautiful boy seemed strange. Still, he nodded in agreement and watched as Kris moved over in front of him. He stood between his legs and slowly and seductively took off his loose tee shirt exposing his perfect pecs once again. He then stooped down and got on his knees, leaned forward mouth open, and engulfed the end of his cock that was hanging over the edge of the table.

“Ummmmmmm.” Kris moaned while working his helmet with his lips and tongue.

“You said a mouth full!” Jake replied. ”That feels fantastic!”

Kris continued working just the end of his cock, making sure to explore the entire area with his wet mouth and tongue. He then put his hands on his ass and tried to pull him closer to the edge of the table. As he helped slide himself across the slippery paper covered table, he realized he was introducing his to more and more of his dangling tool. He accepted this offer by greedily pulling and sucking on it, taking more and more of his limp meat into his warm mouth with each scoot, moaning more with every new inch.

Then never removing his mouth from his schlong, he grabbed his cock near the base and began slowly stroking it with a firm grip. Jake had never had a blowjob like this, and the feeling of it was intense to say the least. Kris was obviously skilled at this, and as he watched his work his magic on his still limp rod, he realized that erection or not he was going to cum soon.

“Um, Kris?” He stammered. “I’m going to need to cum pretty soon if you keep that up.”

He removed his mouth from his appendage only long enough to announce his intentions.

“I want you to pump me full of cum from your big hose, and I want it now!”

Jake leaned back on his elbows, trying to concentrate on the feelings Kris’s mouth and hand were creating. Within thirty seconds he knew his load was on it’s way as he felt his balls tighten and contract.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk I’m going to cum!” He yelled.

Continuing to pump the root of his dick with his hand, Kris removed the end of it from his mouth and moved underneath it so that the head hung just an inch from his wide open mouth.

“Give me everything you’ve got, I’m a very thirsty boy!” Kris announced.

As the first spasm of liquid love made it’s way down his shaft, he quickly realized that something different was happening. When his penis was smaller and erect, his cum shots were very powerful and he could actually shoot them quite a distance, but this didn’t feel the same. As the fluid neared the tip of his dangling cock, he actually thought it might be pee. He considered warning Kris, but he was too involved in all the new feelings to get any words out of his mouth other than a grunt.


As the first of the fluid left his cock it didn’t erupt from his tip, instead a few thick drops escaped, followed closely by a thick stream that reminded him of the piss he had taken earlier. He watched Kris intently through squinted eyes as this first spasm began to fill his open mouth, and the feeling of this release was awesome. The second contraction felt exactly the same, and had the same effect. There was no big eruption, just a thick continuous stream of cum that poured into his new cum-servant’s mouth. Between this and the next contraction, Kris quickly swallowed the love cocktail, and then opened his mouth again as if the cream from his loins was a life saving antidote for some rare illness he possessed.

“Oh my God you taste so good, I want more!” He half screamed.

This continued six more times, and the amount of cum decreased with each subsequent push until finally there was just a few dollops of cum dripping from the gaping slit of his cock. Jake determined that Kris seemed to like the stuff as he continued pumping him and licking him in order to make sure he got all of it. He then used his mouth to thoroughly clean him, making sure to suck and lick all around the helmet and the shaft, and he paid special attention to his gaping pee slit.

“Jesus Jake, you damn near drowned me!” Kris explained between licks.

“Yeah.” Jake muttered still breathing a little hard. “I don’t think anyone has ever cum that much before!”

Kris nodded while continuing to clean his tool. Jake was still concerned about his lack of an erection, and for the first time in minutes he looked over at Nate who was standing at the head of the table. His eyes were closed tight and he had one hand on an exposed nipple, and was working his thick cock through his slacks with the other.

“Nate?” Jake asked.

Nate then returned his nip to its hiding place and smiled acting as though he hadn’t been doing anything.

“Sorry about that, but you guys just got me going there!” He stammered. “Now did you have a question?”

“Yeah I’m really happy that my thing is getting bigger and all, but I’m worried about it not getting hard still. I mean during that blowjob, I should have been hard enough to break bricks!”

Nate seeming to understand his distress, walked over next to Jake where Kris was still cleaning him up with his tongue.

“Do me a favor Kris.”

“What’s that?” He answered looking up at Nate from his kneeling position.

“Grab the head of his penis and pull straight out on it as hard as you can.”

Kris did as he was told, and even though Jake didn’t understand why he wanted to do this, he watched anxiously. Using the hand that was kneading him, he grabbed the head of his cock, squeezed it gently and then pulled the limp flesh away from his groin. He felt some slight pressure as he did this, but watched intently as his cock stretched out from his body as he pulled. Although it got much thinner, he was amazed at the length it had reached, and by the looks on both hunks’ faces, he figured they were amazed too.

“Wow, that’s very impressive.” Nate stated. “Hold it there for a sec Kris.”

He then reached over behind Jake and once again grabbed the soft tape measure. Quickly he followed his standard protocol and stretched the tape across the top of his organ.

“Holy shit, is that thing twelve inches long?” Kris exclaimed reading the measurement before Nate had a chance to speak.

“It looks like just about that.” Nate answered calmly.

Kris then let go of his penis with a wink to Jake, and it returned quickly to its original size dangling over the edge of the table as it had before.

“Well I can tell you from experience that you are going to be fine Jake.” Nate stated. “There is plenty of growth potential there, you just need to let the rest of your system play catch up, ok?”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” He responded not sure what to believe exactly.

“Now make sure you come back and see me two nights from tonight ok?” Nate added.

“Yeah no problem.” Jake said as he slid off the table and reached for his clothes on the floor.

“Hey get dressed and I’ll walk you out ok.” Kris said with a smile and a wink as he pulled his shirt on over his head.

Jake put his clothes back on, noting the tenderness in his groin from all the effort. He once again positioned the long hanging appendage so that it would snake down his boxer brief leg, and then pulled up his pants and put his shorts.

Making his way to the door, he waved at Nate, and held it open for Kris as he waved at Nate and headed out the door. They both headed down the hallway back towards the buildings entrance. At about the halfway point, Kris grabbed Jake and forced him up against the wall and kissed him passionately. He wasn’t sure what came over him, but he would never pass up the chance to make out with a beautiful musclehunk, even one who had just swallowed a cup of his man broth. After a minute of so of some intense tonsil hockey and groping, he pulled away.

“Jake, I’ve wanted to do that since last night, but please don’t tell anyone ok?”

“Why, what’s the big deal?”

“Look I sort of got drug into this thing because a friend of mine recommended me to the elders, and while I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a size queen, I don’t like the thought of pleasing a bunch of strange guys. I really just want to please one guy. I really just want to please you!” He said with a wink while subtly biting his lower lip.

Excited about being lusted over by a hot boy, Jake didn’t know how to respond so he simply pulled his in close, and gave his a big hug. Thirty seconds into the hug, for the first time in a while, Jake felt a tingle in his groin. It started slowly and built in intensity as they embraced.

“Kiss me again.” He said softly.

And with that they locked into a heated embrace tongues entwined, searching out and exploring each others mouths. The tingling feeling was all too familiar to Jake, and he knew that his penis was in fact becoming erect as they kissed. Determined not to stop, he pulled Kris in closer and continued plunging his tongue into his mouth while squeezing his firm ass with his free hands.

“Ummmpphhh! What the fuck is that?” He pulled away from him without warning looking down at the same time.

Jake looked down as well, knowing that his once dormant flesh had in fact awakened. Where the baggy jeans he wore hid the soft version of his new tool quite well, there was no hiding the obscene bulge that ran down his pant leg that night. Kris stood mouth agape like in a trance, and then slowly extended his hands out and began to stroke the firm downward pointed flesh through his jeans.

“Holy shit Jake, look at this thing!” Kris said squeezing his hands around it, one working the top half, and the other working the bottom.

Jake did look, and the more he looked and Kris stroked, the harder and longer it got.

“Oh my God Jake, stroking your giant cock is making my ass twitch, and to think I already came while you drowned me in your cum a few minutes ago!” He exclaimed never taking his eyes off the bulge in his pants.

Jake again pulled his in towards him, and kissed him more passionately than ever. He then pushed his away far enough to make eye contact.

“Kris, we can’t do anything here.” He said looking around. “But we could go back to my dorm room?”

“Yeah, I think I’d like that!” He said with a sly smile still grasping his flesh through the pant material.

And with that they headed back down the hallway towards the exit. Jake found it difficult to walk with the hard member snaking down his pants, but he managed, and lucky for him it was dark outside so no one on the campus could really see what was going on down there.

When they arrived at his dorm, he unlocked the door and opened it for Kris. He immediately went inside taking off his shirt and throwing it on the bed as he crossed the room. Before he had even shut the door, Kris had turned and sat on the bed, and was stroking his boner mound through his tight jeans while facing him. The scene was extremely erotic, and Jake loved every minute of it. Jake then shut the door, leaned back against it, and watched the show.

He worked the visible bulge through his jeans for several minutes with one hand, while alternating lifting one pec and then the other to his mouth with his free hand. He liked watching his big strong hand grasp his large musclebags, and the way he swirled his tongue as he did this was driving him crazy!

“Oh fuck that looks hot Kris!”

Deciding to move the project forward he quickly stood up, and then pulled down his tight jeans. He then put his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them to the floor kicking them off his feet as he did, finally exposing Kris’s wide, flat 7-inch cock. Returning to his seated position on the bed, he spread his legs slightly in order to let Jake take in the view, and he continued working his pecs with both hands.

“Kris, you are fucking driving me nuts making me watch that!”

“Well if you don’t want to watch you don’t have to, but I suggest you free that huge cock of yours before coming over here.”

“Ok.” Jake answered intently and for the second time that night, disrobed himself slowly for effect.

“Oh my God Jake, it’s just fucking unbelievable!”

After kicking off his boxers, he looked down again taking in the sight of his newly formed manhood. While not completely erect, it had retained a bit of the hardness achieved earlier, and he was sporting what looked to be at least eleven inches of fat semi-erect cock meat.

“Yeah I guess it is pretty good isn’t it?” He said feeling very proud.

He started to make his way over to the bed where Kris lay still stroking herself, but before he got completely there, he reached out and again started pulling on his tool with both hands greedily. His grip assured him that he meant business, and the look in his eyes confirmed he was enjoying herself.

“I could do this all night baby!”

“Trust me I could watch you do that all night!” He responded leaning down to kiss his.

As their tongues became entwined, the familiar tingling in his stomach returned telling him that things were going to be firming up again, and sure enough within minutes of this he felt the blood rushing to his crotch. Breaking away from his lips for a moment, he glanced down in order to see the effect all the attention was really having on his tool as he had not actually seen it hard yet. Between Kris’s still stroking hands, he could make out a very thick, very long slab of flesh that was sticking nearly straight out from his groin.

“Oh shit Kris… Keep doing that… It’s getting harder!” Jake groaned.

He looked up to see Kris’s expression, and found his staring at his crotch with his mouth slightly agape and his eyes wide open. Although he had never really experienced any of this before, he was sure he looked exactly like what a man in heat should look like.

“Oh baby, I need you to fuck my hot ass with your big cock. Can you do that for me?”

“Um, are you sure?”

“Please give it to me now.”


Having never used his new and improved cock for sex, he figured he ought to take it easy, for both his sake and his own. Kris had other ideas, and with a firm grip and a swift tug on his appendage, he managed to lodge the fat head of his dong into the tight opening of his anus.

“Oh my God!” He squealed mouth and eyes wide open.

Jake felt enormous pressure on the tip of his tool, and he looked down and watched his fat helmet pulsate at the entrance of his ass. He had never had problems penetrating a boy before, especially not ones who were used to being fucked like Kris was, and it filled him with a sense of pride and self confidence. This new emotion quickly washed over him making him think things he had never thought of before.

“Are you going to take that fat dick or what baby?” He growled.

He had never said anything like that to a guy before, but he liked how it sounded and saying it made his dick even harder. Kris lay back on the bed with his mouth wide open, but his eyes were now tightly closed.

“Oh fuck that’s thick… Got to get… Unghhhhh…” He moaned pulling on his cock even harder with both hands.

Finally he watched and felt the head of his cock penetrate his hot opening, and it felt like a vise had clamped down on the tip of his pole.

“Oh shit, you’re gonna split me in two pieces!” Kris groaned loudly.

Pausing only for moment to catch his breath, Kris immediately starting pulling him into his ass again. Jake felt like a young boy with a new toy as he watched this writhing, beautiful hunk take his enormous phallus into his body. Rather than helping at all, he just let him do all the work. He watched intently as more and more of his meat disappeared into his amazing body and his technique seemed to help with this task. After pulling as much cock as he could into herself, he would pause, pull the newly moistened member out several inches and then plunge it back in again trying to moisten more of his thick tool.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” He screamed as he panted loudly between groans.

Jake looked down and could see that he had managed to pull about eight hard inches of his manhood into his ass, but as he continued thrusting he felt a new sensation at the tip of his cock on each upstroke. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, but he had never felt anything like it before and wasn’t sure if something was wrong.

“What is that I’m rubbing against?” He asked.

“Oh shit you’re bottoming me out!” He moaned eyes still closed tightly. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard baby!”

Thinking this might make Kris apprehensive about continuing using him as a human fuck toy was a mistake. Rather than slowing his pace or the amount force he was using, he pulled Jake’s ass toward him harder and faster like a man possessed! This went on for several minutes and then he took a deep breath and suddenly stopped tugging.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuccckkkkk I’m cummminnnnggggg!” Kris screamed.

His whole body tensed up, and his ass spasmed wildly around his cock. Jake forced his huge tool into his writhing insides even deeper than he had pulled him in before, and began long rhythmic strokes pulling his swollen tool all the way out, and then jamming it back in his hot hole. He watched as Kris’s entire ass gripped and rubbed his fat tool as it made it’s way in and out of his opening. He liked how his inner lips stretched obscenely as he pulled out, and then disappeared back into his body on each down stroke. Suddenly Kris’s beautiful cock burst, spraying once, twice, three times over Kris’s sixpack and oversized pecs.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuccckkkkk meeeeeee!” He yelled still vibrating from his orgasm.

The friction against the tip of his cock was creating an intense feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he knew that if he continued like he was, it wouldn’t be long before he needed to cum as well. He tried to think of non-sexual things in order to extend his performance, and while this worked to some degree, Kris’s hot body and tight ass was working against his plan. He decided that he would pull back a bit, and not ram the tip of his penis into the end of Kris’s colon. This made for shorter, faster strokes, and while it lessened the sensation around his helmet certainly prolonging the encounter, Kris really seemed to enjoy it.

“Uh, uh, uh, oh, oh, uh!” He grunted in time with each inward stroke and then screamed. “Pound me with your fucking horse cock!”

Jake kept this up for another ten minutes or so and wanted to go for more, but Kris came five more times each time more intense than the one before it, and each one constricted and tugged on his cock forcing the man milk in balls to start its escape.

“Fuck I’m going to cum baby!” Jake shouted.

He immediately withdrew his member from his pulsating ass, and before even getting the tip out of his the stream of cum had already started flowing. The initial arc of fluid drizzled onto his lower abdomen, and once he got a hold of his cannon and aimed it, he started pumping the hot white jizz all over his stomach and lower chest. While not as impressive as the load he let loose earlier in the evening, it was still copious enough to be considered a record breaker, and Kris didn’t seem to be complaining

Speaking of Kris, he laid on his back his body motionless, but was still breathing hard as he emptied his nut juice onto his belly. Once his orgasm subsided, Kris sat up a bit brushed his hand aside and started tugging and squeezing on his cock with both hands making sure he got all the cream out of him.

“Holy shit Jake I’ve never cum that much before!” He said with a wink and then sat up completely and started sucking on his tool furiously trying to suck the remaining juices from his body.

As he cleaned up his softening but still immense tool, Jake knew good things were headed his way. He had just had sex with the hottest man he had ever met, and his new found confidence made him think there was probably no one he couldn’t get.


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