The Halloween costume

by frooooooo

 A Halloween costume you share with your brother? Might be fun. What's the worst that could happen?

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Tyler glanced at the clock before looking back at the t.v. His brother would be coming home from work soon, and he was impatiently waiting. The two of them had been renting a small apartment a week after Tyler had gotten into collage. His older brother, Dylan, payed the bills, and made sure there was always food in the house. Even though they were about six years apart, Dylan had always made a point of looking out for his brother and treating him nicely. They had grown up fairly close, and with some luck, Tyler hoped they might grow even closer. He had been playing a game to try and kill some time, and relax. He was a little worried about how the rest of the day might go.

There was the sound of keys jingling, and then the door being unlocked. Dylan came in, took off his jacket, and greeted his brother with a smile, “Hey Ty, how’s it going?”

“Things are fine, how was work?” Dylan shrugged his shoulders as he kicked off his shoes. Tyler stood up and watched, waiting for his chance to ask, but went into the kitchen to try and act natural. Dylan had seated himself next to where Tyler had been on the couch, and stretched out his arms. One on the arm rest, and the other along the back. When Tyler had come back with a can of coke, he plopped down beside his brother, close enough that their pants rubbed.

Dylan put his arm around Tyler’s shoulders, and gave his head a bit of a squeeze, “No class today, right?” Tyler loosened his brother’s hold, but let his arm stay in place, and gave a nod. “So, you’ve just been playing games all day. Is that it?”

“I forgot I needed a book from the library, so I ran to school to grab it. I stopped to have lunch, and bought some stuff too.” Tyler took a sip from his can. He tried to keep his voice steady, not wanting to sound excited. He grabbed the controller again with feigned interest, “I bought something for you.” Dylan looked over at him with raised eyebrows, “Well, technically I bought it for us.” Dylan continued to stare, waiting for Tyler to continue. He half turned to his older brother, “You know how Halloween is coming up right?”

Dylan smirked, “You mean, at the end of this month?”

“Whatever, it’s coming, just like Christmas.” Tyler rolled his eyes at his brother question. “Anyways… there’s going to be a party at some frat house, and pretty much everyone is invited, so I bought a costume.” Dylan still had the smirk on his face, making Tyler pause and think about how he should word what he was about to say. He sort of chuckled softly, “Well… I sort of need someone to wear it with me.”

Dylan’s head went back and he sighed with a laugh, “Oh fuck, it’s not one of those horse ones is it?!”

“Oh hell no!” Tyler laughed too and leaned into his brother’s side a little. “It’s… well, it’s a… two-headed one.” Dylan brought his head back up and gave Tyler a confused look. Tyler gulped, but put on a smile, “Ya, that’s right. A two-headed costume. And I was sort of thinking it might be cool if me and you…” Dylan looked at him as the smirk returned, and he gave a little shrug. Tyler wasn’t sure what else to say, so he held up his finger, and went to grab the costume. He came back holding a long sleeve shirt with two head holes, and a semi-large pair of jeans. Dylan stood up to take a look for himself. Tyler explained that there should be enough room for both of them inside, and waited for Dylan’s response.

“Cool.” Dylan said in a matter of fact tone and smiled. Tyler wanted to jump with joy, but contained himself. Dylan eyed up the costume a bit more, then glanced at his brother, “Are you sure we’d both fit?” Tyler gave a shrug and looked a bit disappointed. Dylan looked back at the clothes and shrugged too, “Well, only one way to find out!” He took his shirt off and threw it on the couch. Tyler tried not to stare at his brother’s pecs, and firm abs, but watched as he kicked off his pants, and started to climb into the bigger jeans. With one leg in, Dylan looked at his brother, “Hey… Ty… you want to try this or not?” Tyler rolled his eyes to keep up appearances, but quickly stripped down to his boxers as well.

They agreed that Tyler should get in front, seeing how he was a bit shorter. Dylan sat down on the couch, letting Tyler step into the jeans, and as Dylan stood up, he pulled them up with him. Tyler glanced down and grinned. He had hoped he’d be in the front, that way Dylan wouldn’t be able to tell what was going on until it was too late. As Tyler stared down, he could see two feet, and only two feet sticking out of the legs of the jeans. He watched as the left foot moved a bit to the side, and saw the toes wiggle, knowing that he hadn’t been the one to do it.

He could feel Dylan’s chest against his back, “Hey Ty, finish the pants while I grab the shirt, ok?” Tyler’s grin only grew. He reached down, fastening the zipper, and as he tightened the belt, he could feel his waist merging with Dylan’s. However, Dylan was too busy pulling the shirt over his head to notice. Tyler quickly put his arms in the sleeves along with Dylan’s, and finished sticking his head through the right-side hole. Tyler let out a quiet breathe, knowing that he and Dylan were now combined.

They stood motionless for a moment and Dylan glanced at his little brother, “Huh, guess we fit then!” Tyler smiled, and Dylan glanced down, then looked at their left arm. He then reached over with his right arm, and grabbed the sleeve, feeling only one arm, “Hey Ty, what did you do with your arms?” He turned to look at his brother, and noticed their heads were beside each other, rather than one being a bit forward like he expected. “And why is your head so close?”

Tyler smiled, “What are you talking about? My left arm is right here!” Tyler waved their left arm in-front of Dylan and wiggled their fingers.

“What the hell?” Dylan looked a bit freaked out, and pushed the sleeve up with their other hand. There was only a single arm, which Dylan moved around quickly, only to have it move around again after he had stopped. Dylan’s eyes went wide as he turned back to Tyler, and it started to sink in. He glanced down, and lifted a leg upon only seeing the two feet. Tyler watched as Dylan lifted their shirt, only to revile a single body underneath. Dylan stumbled backwards and fell on the couch, “What the fuck?!”

“Um, ya…” Tyler felt the need to explain, but Dylan started to pull the shirt off over their heads. He was expecting to be separated, but to his horror they were still one. While Dylan had a mini freak-out, Tyler was in heaven. He was dominate on their right half, so he used that hand to feel their body. He closed his eyes as he ran his hand down their chest, knowing that they were now sharing skin, muscle, and everything else, including feeling. He had traced their abs with his finger, and was now firmly rubbing themselves on Dylan’s side of their body.

“W-what are you doing?!” Dylan exclaimed and pushed Tyler’s hand away. He then tried to move away, but the distance between them didn’t change. In a vain attempt to get away from the situation, Dylan stood up and walked away. Tyler let his brother take them into Dylan’s room, content enough with being joined. “This can’t be happening, it’s not real!” Dylan had lead them over to his dresser and stared into the mirror.

Dylan had the left side, leaving Tyler with the right. They had Tyler’s right arm, and Dylan’s left, but their body was a pure combination of themselves. The muscle they had, had merged, giving them hard abs, and very firm pecs. Their skin seemed to blend from one side to the other, and the trail of hair on their tummy was both dark and blonde. Dylan liked the body, but being attached to his brother in such a way was still weird. He looked at Tyler in the mirror, only to see him in awe of what they had become. Tyler once again ran his hand over their shared body, but this time Dylan didn’t fight it. He could feel his brother touching him, but not the hand that was doing it. Dylan started to walk back to the door, “Come on Ty. W-we need to find a way apart.”

“What? Why?!” Tyler groaned as he planted his foot, bringing them to a stop. Dylan gave his brother an annoyed look, and started to pull them towards the door again, making Tyler grunt as he resisted. Their body stumbled about the room as they fought an inward battle of wills. Their legs would bump together, the jeans would swish, and occasionally they’d put a hand on their chest to try and push away. The more that the two brothers struggled with the need to move as one, the harder it was for Tyler to resist the ever growing boner in their pants.

Dylan only seemed to notice the bulge when Tyler stuck his finger down the front of their jeans to touch their cock head. He gasped in shock and lost his footing, falling to the floor and pulling his little brother with him. They landed softly, and the new position allowed Tyler to shove his whole hand down their pants. Their wasn’t much space, so all Tyler could do was gently rub the cock. Dylan started scooting across the floor on their back. He had to get themselves back on their feet, but knew that Tyler wasn’t about to help. Dylan had pulled them over to his bed and they were now leaning against it with their back. Despite Dylan’s attempt to lift themselves up, Tyler had began stroking their cock. Dylan’s head went back as he started to feel the pleasure racing throughout their body.

Finally he gave in, and grabbed Tyler’s arm, “Ty, here…” He pulled Tyler’s hand out of their jeans, and together they started to undo their belt and jeans. Tyler immediately reach in and fished the cock out of their boxers. Just like the rest of their body, it was a combination of their original dicks. Again Tyler started to stroke, but this time, Dylan helped, by running his hand up and down their chest. The brothers started moaning and groaning as they got closer to cumming. Their muscles twitched, causing one of the boys to lean forward, while the other tried to arch their back. The body jerked back and forth from the mixed messages, making the boy’s heads would bump together. Both boys moaned loudly as their cock shot a load of their cum up and onto their stomach.

Tyler leaned back, his eyes closed, and his chest heaving as he caught his breath. Dylan’s hand was still rubbing Tyler’s chest, and he smiled. Tyler leaned forward, and twisted sideways, giving Dylan a poke. Dylan opened his eyes and could see Tyler sitting up, away from himself. He was shocked to see that he and Tyler had split apart… mostly. Dylan glanced down and chuckled. He had his pecs and his abs, but at the waist, his skin curved upwards, joining with Tyler’s and continued up his back. Dylan leaned forward, pressing his chest into his brother’s back so he could look over Tyler’s shoulder. From the waist down they were still merged together and Dylan looked to his brother for an answer.

Tyler grinned, and explained. The ’costume’ he had bought, was actually clothing from the ModBod shop near school. They had been designed to fuse the wearers together, even if the clothes were taken off. The slogan on the tag had read, ’The only way for separation, is through joint masturbation!’ Dylan shook his head with a smirk. To Tyler’s surprise, Dylan reach down, zipped their jeans and fastened their belt. He flipped them over, and the pair awkwardly crawled over to where they had left the shirt. They slipped it on until they had re-merged, then pulled it off again. Tyler looked at his brother with shock, making Dylan smile, “Well, as long as we know how to get apart…” He reached up and ruffled Tyler’s hair. They both laughed and walked back out to the living room, going about the rest of their daily routine together.

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