The manual

by MainAttraction

 Follow the directions carefully for the use of the three-stage ENH-Serum Ekto, customized especially for you for maximum physical improvement in all categories.

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Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing the ENH-Serum Ekto. This package includes 3 vials—blue, red, white. Please proceed in the correct order, as not following it will result in the formula not working. This formula and manual were personalized for your body type: ~1,85m, 86kg, normal build, penis size 15,5cm by 3,5cm.~ (Data highlighted between two tildes describes the effects based on your bodytype.)

Blue Vial

Please unwrap the blue vial and add about 10ml of water to it. Close the lid and shake for about 10 seconds to ensure the powder dissolves completely. Fun fact: You’ll need approximately 10 seconds to completely read out this sentence if you follow this instruction manual perfectly, and you’ll see that this manual will actually represent your changes in a similar fashion. Please check thoroughly whether the powder has dissolved. If you’re ready, please undress. For your own pleasure, consume in front of a mirror. The effect will begin in approximately 20 seconds. If you want to know what awaits, slowly read along the blue vial progress report, which will depict in clear detail all enhancements your body will receive. You may of course skip this part. Please do not proceed further if 10 minutes haven’t passed yet. Then, skip to the red vial.

Blue vial progress report: 20 seconds have passed, and you should be feeling a tingling sensation in your fingertips. This sensation will slowly creep up your hands. Slowly, you will feel the urge to fully flex and stretch your fingers, and you’ll end up making a fist. Do not be afraid as your fists seem to radiate a feeling of energy and power. Most customers do now feel an urge to flex their arm muscle or touch them, as you’ll slowly begin your biceps and triceps to be pumped firm with blood. The formula increases the body’s production of blood and enriches it with nutrients and our special formula, which will now have begun working their way to your musculature. You will feel a light pulse running through your body. This feeling will get more intense and intense with every breath you take, as the oxygen intake of your lungs will further activate all enzymes of the formula. You will take deeper and deeper breaths, feeling the power manifest in your legs, arms and core. Most customers now notice a big difference in muscle size. Your weight should now begin to rise, as your bodyfat percentage will reach 12%. Your abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles begin to take form and will grow with each breath. Your bodyweight should be at around ~90~ kg now. Stretching and flexing your arms will send more and more strength to your body, as your torso is beginning to form a V-shape. You will start to notice that your penis is still staying stubbornly soft, yet that your balls have already doubled in size. Also, your flaccid penis size has reached ~10~ cm now. Your facial features will begin to enhance, as your jawline will become sharper, and your beard will thicken. The last phase of the blue vial will begin now. You will feel a rush of more energy in your body and your muscles will thicken and grow further as you will grunt and admire your new strength and body. Your current weight will be ~96~ kg. Your full erection would be ~22x5~cm.Your arousal will make you start leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. Please continue and grab the red vial.

Red Vial

Please unwrap the red vial and add about 10ml of precum to it. Close the lid and shake for about 10 seconds to ensure the powder dissolves completely. Please check thoroughly whether the powder has dissolved. If you’re ready to invoke the next step, please slowly distribute the content of the vial over your erect penis.

Red vial progress report: You’ll feel a warm sensation, and a steady pulse. Your ~22x5~cm penis’ veins are going to come forth, and you’ll have a rock-hard erection. You’ll begin to feel a short push behind your penis’ base, near the prostate. This is part of the enhancement progress, and signifies the begin of the red vial’s effect. It is described as a very pleasurable feeling, similar to feeling fully penetrated, yet completely painless. Each push will become more intense. You will feel your grip on your penis widen, as each push will add girth and length. You should have experienced ~12~ pushes until now. Your penis will measure ~25x6~ cm to this point. You will feel a powerful orgasm coming, that will manifest itself in your balls. The feeling is described as a rush of endorphins. Your balls will be the size of ~grapefruit~. Grabbing them, you will feel your penis harden and your veins popping even more, resulting in a rapid series of pushes. You will experience ~52~ pushes. During these pushes you will orgasm and cum ~23~ times, producing a total of ~1,56~liters of cum. Your penis size will be ~34x9~ cm. You will feel invigorated and in possession of a most powerful manhood. Upon touching it, it will trigger a seductive erotic sensation up your arms into your pecs and down your legs, making your muscles grow and your height increase. You’ll measure ~1,95m, 158 kg~ from now on, making you a beast of a man. Your penis will stand hard and erect at your own desire. Squeezing your balls will amplify the amount of cum you will shoot during your next orgasm. If you are willing to become even bigger, please continue with the white vial.

White Vial

Please unwrap the red vial and add about 10ml of cum to it. Close the lid and shake for about 10 seconds to ensure the powder dissolves completely. Please check thoroughly whether the powder has dissolved. If you’re ready to invoke the next step, please drink the entire vial.

White vial progress report: The effect will take place almost immediately. Customers experience a strong warm energy that spreads around the body. You are likely to get an enormous pump, and will begin to grow more muscular. While reading this, you will grow with each word, and every bit of phrasing will slowly make you stronger and more virile. Due to the nature of the red vial, you will not only experience heavy muscle growth, but an extreme increase in sexual energy. Do not be afraid, as the growth as predefined manifests itself more horizontally—highlighting a very powerful torso and V-shape of your body. Each breath will make you broader and you will experience yourself flexing your new body to the max. You’ll measure ~2,02m, 234kg~ now. Your shoulder width is at ~1,55m~. You’ll begin to feel even stronger as your penis will lengthen up more and more towards your face, pulsating so hard, every vein will become visible. You are likely to feel orgasms in different regions of your body, as the growth stimulates the nerves in an extreme fashion. Flexing your arms or legs may intensify this feeling as it’ll grow stronger and will result in more growth in this particular area. Slowly but surely you will begin to become the man you wanted to be, with your penis growing fatter, thicker and longer with every beat of your heart. Your finished stats will be ~2,24m, 301kg~. Penis size ~103cm x 15cm~. Cum amount ~5,4 liters~. Cum distance ~16 meters~. Ball size ~40cm~.

We hope you enjoy our serum ENH-Serum Ekto.

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