The power of suggestion: School library

by BRK

 Jason suggests his suggestion abilities onto Kevin, only neither of them are aware of it.

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Kevin felt his best friend staring at him instead of his calculus book. Finally he looked up from his own textbook and whispered, “Okay, listen, Jason, I know all about your power of suggestion, dude, so don't try hitting me with that stuff.” He looked around hoping no one in the half-full school library had head him, idly scratching his nicely shaped chest through his custom-made Oxford-cloth button-down shirt with one of his right hands.

“My what?” Jason said innocently, eyeing his best bud's four buff arms with barely concealed amusement. His suggestion-power always made changes without the subject being aware of it, so the more his bud got cocky about having Jason's number, the longer he waited before undoing the stuff he did to him. And those long, bulging arms looked pretty awesome on his already nicely built friend.

“C’mon, you know I know about it,” Kevin whispered. “And I see how you're looking at me. You want to change me the way you changed Loren Maletsky.” He nodded over at Loren, who was studying at the next table, unaware there was anything unusual about having three nicely rounded pecs.

“Loren is very happy,” Jason said softly, his eyes glinting. “And besides, you weren't supposed to notice. No one was.” In fact Jason had deliberately let Kevin notice what he was doing to Loren the night before, when they all went over to Jason's to watch Iron Man 2 and they all got a little drunk. Kevin's bugged-out eyes were even more fun than the movie—though he pretended he hadn't seen anything at first, to avoid freaking out Loren.

“Well I did. And I've known you for ten years. Long enough to get nervous when you're bored. And you know what I'm talking about,” he added ominously.

“C’mon,” Jason said quietly. “That firecracker didn't hurt anyone.”

“Mrs. Johnson hasn't opened a desk drawer ever since!”

“I was more irrepressible in the fifth grade,” Jason said. “I'm more mature now.”

“Yeah,” Kevin scoffed, still trying to whisper, “you just tell Loren Maletsky that he has three pecs.”

“Or you that you have four arms,” Jason put in.

“Ha ha,” Kevin said, turning back to his book. “You're just jealous.” He leaned forward a little on his front arms, on the desk around his book; his back arms rested idly in his lap.

“A little,” Jason said, not untruthfully. He started to get a glimmer of how to get around being bored, even by the changes he could make: maybe if they weren't under his control…

“Well, don't be,” Kevin was saying.

“Why, because arm day at the gym takes twice as long?”

Kevin grinned despite himself, still determinedly trying to read the chapter on the Gilded Age that he just couldn't get interested in.

“Besides, you'd do it to me,” Jason whispered.

“No I wouldn't.”

“Sure you would. I know you want to,” Jason added carefully.

“No, I don't,” Kevin said uncertainly.

“Yes you do,” Jason said in a soft urgent voice. “You want to describe extras on my bod and make them come true in the worst way.”

“No I don't,” Kevin lied, glancing sidelong at what he knew from past experience was Jason's perfect swimmer's body, hinted at here and there under his loose polo shirt and chinos, and his supercute face. “You're just fine the way you are.”

“Yes, but you want to use your power of suggestion on me, I know,” Jason said, now feeling a little reckless. “It's okay, I get it,” he added comfortingly. Kevin was now looking him dead in the eyes. “If you want to change me I don't mind.”

“C’mon,” Kevin said uneasily. “It's not like I could get away with—with telling you you have four really hot arms,” he blurted out.

Jason blinked. Was Kevin really not getting this? “Well, you could get away with that, yeah,” he said, spreading his front hands wide a little in a “duh” sort of gesture. “But I know you really want to describe things about me I—haven't always had, you know?” He frowned, tilting his head. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Uh, no reason,” Kevin said, hurriedly cutting his eyes away from Jason's four amazing gymnast arms—arms that hadn't been there a second ago. And yet he knew they'd always been there—he somehow remembered becoming friends with Jason in third grade partly because they were both four-armed jocks even at that age.

Kevin realized his cock was fully engorged and hard as a rock. He adjusted his back hands in his lap to make sure his big boner wasn't visible.

Suddenly Loren was looming over them, smiling at their inability to study. The way his thick tee shirt clung tightly to his three thick pecs was intensely sexy to Kevin. He repressed an urge to reach up and caress them.

“Hey guys,” Loren said softly, tossing them a crooked grin. “Getting much done?”

“Hey Loren,” Jason said. “Don't you have any tighter shirts than that? We shouldn't be able to count your nipples.”

“Yeah,” broke in Kevin suddenly, looking into Loren's bright green eyes, “especially since we all know already that you have six of them.”

“Yeah, really dude,” Jason said. Loren just grinned. He set down his books and used the first two fingers of each hand to touch the nipples that poked from his outside pecs, a few inches apart. Kevin drew in a breath. Fuck, he thought. The nips on the middle pec were still visible, poking at his tight tee shirt.

“And yet you guys can't stop looking at them,” Loren said saucily, dropping his hands again. He gathered up his books and added, “Later, dudes,” and was gone.

“You're right, he is happy,” Kevin said, returning his gaze to Jason. God, he wanted to change him. And he wanted to be changed. But not knowing he's changing must be so frustrating!

“Yeah, he is,” Jason said wistfully.

“The way you're happy with your three legs,” Kevin added, watching Jason carefully.

“Yeah,” Jason sighed, rubbing his middle leg with the outer ones the way he always did when he was frustrated. He shook his head. The only way to get out of this mood was to change Kevin. “Just as much as you are with yours,” he said carelessly.

Kevin nodded. Pretty obvious giving Jason three legs to match Kevin's own, he thought. I'll have to be more creative. He leaned in confidentially. “So listen, what's it like being boned all the time?”

“Dude,” Jason said, suddenly a little flushed, his big rear arms twitching in his lap like they wanted to grab something. His hard nips were just visible under the thin polo shirt. “It's actually pretty awesome. Two boners no waiting!” His expression turned to a leer. “Good thing you have two heads dude, it's perfect.”

Kevin rolled his eyes in both his heads. “You always say that, and yet, I still haven't blown you.”

“Today. Yet.”

“Okay, yesterday doesn't count,” Kevin objected, then looked around quickly. A couple of other students were looking up at the noise. Alan Morris, the hot glee club tenor, was gazing at Kevin lustfully. Alan had nervously asked him once for a three-way kiss. He turned out to be a good kisser, too, surprisingly.

Kevin turned back to Jason. “I was drunk. And you were naked. You always strip your clothes off when you think you can get away with it.” He shook his heads. He still didn't understand how Jason had gotten away with the “they don't make three-legged gym shorts” excuse to go to P.E. nude for the last six years. Especially since Kevin was standing right there every year, wearing three-legged gym shorts.

“I only get naked because you're always staring at my cocks anyway,” Jason said, now impossibly horny.

“Well, four boners are hard to resist,” Kevin said.

“I know.”

“And then there are the four on the other side,” Kevin added, shifting his gaze from Jason's left crotch to his right, both monster bulges hidden now by all four of Jason's big twitching hands.

“I know. Though they're not as big as your cocks are,” Jason said.

“That's only because yours start out big and get bigger and bigger until you cum,” Kevin shot back.

Jason frowned. “Don't yours? Don't everyone’s?”

“Nope,” Kevin said. “Lucky for you it's really slow.”

“Yeah, but I still have to beat off between periods or they'll get so huge,” Jason said, staring down at his crotches in awe.

Damn, that's so fucking hot, Kevin thought. His two huge cocks twitched in his three-legged jeans. But it's gotta be a pain too. Maybe he can help. “Good thing your cum automatically teleports to your mouth before it even gets out of your cock,” he said.

Jason grinned. “I can cum anywhere, anytime,” he said proudly.

“And you always cum when you kiss me,” Kevin added.

“Oh dude I wanna cum so bad,” Jason said, suddenly reaching up with his right hand and pulling the nearer of Kevin's heads into a tight liplock. Suddenly Jason's mouth was full of cum, which immediately filled Kevin's hot mouth too. They quickly swallowed, making room for more cum, and still more, as Jason’s bod rocked silently.


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