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The sleepover

by Mad Dog

Muscle-bosotted hIgh school brainiac Ethan has been quietly slipping his best friend and secret crush Joshua his startlingly effective growth formula, but things ratchet up a notch after Joshua agrees to spend a weekend at Ethan’s.

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Ethan had been waiting for Friday night all week long. It was a three-day weekend and he’d managed to talk his parents into letting his best friend Joshua stay over for most of it. Of course, it wasn’t such a huge battle to get it approved. Ethan was not the most popular kid in high school and his parents knew it was important to keep the social ties he did have healthy... and Joshua was quite healthy as of late. Ethan, however, was the definition of a high school nerd: short, skinny, glasses, a cowlick that wouldn’t slick down, and a GPA that was putting him on track to be valedictorian when senior year rolled around.

All those smarts had rarely come into practical use. His peers bullied him for his intellectual skills rather than celebrating him for them, and even the teachers seemed to resent him knowing more than they did. Still, it had given him one thing: the formula. He’d stumbled upon it after some idle experimentation in the school’s Honors Chemistry lab. He thought it’d been a fluke, but he’d managed to repeat it several times since then. By now he was sitting on a respectable hoard of the stuff, and it was going toward one goal: the ever-expanding hypertrophy of his best friend and secret crush, Joshua. You see, the formula was a marvel at building muscle, but even more than that, it seemed to have intense androgen properties, a la testosterone, only without the amped-up aggression. No, Joshua didn’t get roid rage, but he did get a very thick and healthy beard for a teenager, and handsome patches of chest, arm, and leg fur.

The best part? Joshua didn’t even know that Ethan was doing it to him. The formula was odorless and flavorless, allowing Ethan to sprinkle the powdery substance on food or drinks and get Joshua to ingest them. Hell, he’d even discovered that it could be absorbed through the skin when he decided to pour some into the hot tub that Joshua used to ease his muscles, sore from constant growth.

So yes, Ethan had been looking forward to this sleepover all week long.

Joshua had also been looking forward to spending the weekend with Ethan. They had been friends for a long time, and their geeky shared interests in games and movies and so on kept them together, even as they diverged dramatically in physical stature over the past year.

Knowing that he wouldn’t have time later that night, Joshua had put his big body through a punishing workout after classes, spending a full two hours in the gym down the street from school. Everything he read said not to work out for such an extended period of time, but he found that his body could handle it—an advantage of his youth, he surmised. Just like his crazy growth since starting in the gym a year ago, he seemed to break the “rules” that everyone else lived by. It was an odd thing, and one he had thought about several times, but eventually he just decided that there were exceptions to every rule, and it seemed that he was one of them.

He jogged home after the gym, his heavy backpack looking small on his tremendously wide back. In the shower he cleaned his sweaty body, then enjoyed a nice, slow jerk, working over his huge dick until he spewed. After, he dried off his huge body, got dressed, packed an overnight bag, and drove over to Ethan’s. He parked on the street and walked up to the door, an overnight bag slung over one shoulder, his huge arm effortlessly holding it in place as he rang the doorbell.

Ethan’s parents were, in a word, loaded. It helped when it came to having plenty of room in the huge house that allowed the boys to pretend that they were home alone all weekend. Ethan answered the door with a beaming smile, looking up into his friend’s bearded face. Damn, he looked huge today, he thought. He could smell the scent of soap trying to cover up the rich musk that his friend had built up over the last twelve months. He must’ve come back from the gym and showered, Ethan surmised. Fuck, Joshua looked like Mr. Olympia... no, bigger!

“Hey! Guess you got your reps in, huh?” he teased, a little friendly joshing when it came to Joshua’s hobby. In reality, the lifting had done next to nothing when it came to Joshua’s growth, aside from maybe a couple of pounds of muscle. Still, it provided good camouflage for Ethan’s experiment. It was why he’d suggested it to Joshua in the first place, after all.

“You noticed my pump?” Joshua joked back, drawling out the last word “puuuhmp” in a mock-Austrian accent. Then he grinned back at Ethan and walked in. “Just the usual. Chest, back, some arms and legs and shoulders... some abs... I guess it was everything.” He laughed and followed Ethan through the house. “Speaking of which, I only had one shake for my post-workout, so hopefully we’ll be getting some grub soon. Gotta eat to grow!” Joshua dropped his bag as they arrived in Ethan’s room.

How very true, Ethan thought. He’d noticed that Joshua had turned to the side a bit as he walked through the front door. He had to, in order to allow his shoulders to pass through what had now become a portal too narrow to contain his bulk. Ethan resisted the impulse to lick his lips with glee.

“Yeah, I told my mom we should keep some of your stuff stocked in case you came over. I can make it for you at the bar in the entertainment room,” he told Joshua, leading his friend over to the wing of the house that was essentially his own domain. He had his bedroom, a library, a guest room, and an entertainment room that were all his own. It was a shame that Joshua was the only friend he had.

Once they were in the spacious entertainment room, Joshua went behind the bar and took out the blender, and the jug of milk from the fridge, along with the tub of whey protein. He knew Joshua’s preferred ratio of powder to milk by heart now. Of course, he hadn’t told Joshua that the protein mix he kept in that room had the formula mixed into it already. He was practically on autopilot as he mixed it. “So, what do you wanna do tonight? Sky’s the limit!” he said with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Joshua laughed at Ethan’s mischievous eyebrow-waggle. It usually meant his old buddy was up to something, but sometimes Ethan did it just to mess with Joshua as well. Sometimes, he wondered if Ethan had feelings beyond friendship. But for such a big, imposing guy, Joshua had a shy side as well. He definitely didn’t want to ruin his friendship with Ethan in case he had misinterpreted something.

“Games, grub, and I don’t know what else!” he responded, walking over to the bar as Ethan poured the protein shake into a large glass. Joshua lifted it and drained half in a series of chugs. “Aww fuck that’s good,” he rumbled, licking some stray shake off of his lips but missing the bits that were in his beard. He brought the glass back up and tilted it back, draining the other half. His huge arm was at the perfect height for Ethan to admire, to see the massive biceps and triceps muscles, even though he wasn’t flexing them or anything like that; his tee shirt hid little of his massive size.

Joshua licked his lips again, then wiped off the stray bits in his beard with the back of his hand as he set the glass down. “Can I get another one?” he asked, “I really pushed hard today, and I’m starving...” As if to underline the point, his stomach rumbled loudly. “And then we can order some delivery and start gaming... You got any ideas for solid food? You know the delivery places better than I do.”

Ethan watched his friend’s Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed that thick sludge of a shake in a few seconds flat. Goddamn, now he wanted a second one? He was going to get big. Big. But that was okay with Ethan. Joshua worked out so hard today, why shouldn’t he expect to rip the sleeves of that 3XL shirt with his massive arm? Ethan wanted to reach out and run his fingers over that huge bicep that looked bloated on Joshua’s upper arm, but he’d made a rule for himself so far: no touching. He pretended it was to preserve the experiment but in reality... he knew he was just too cowardly to be direct with his affection for his friend’s size.

“How about Mario’s?” he suggested, referring to the local gourmet pizza shoppe. “One for me... and four for you!” he laughed, poking Joshua’s mountainous chest and feeling the solid rock of muscle underneath the thin fabric. Okay, so there was some touching.

Joshua laughed as well. “Four pizzas for me. Hmm... three piled with meat then, and one veggie. You know, so I don’t blow up too much.” He winked and then bounced his huge pecs a few times, making his shirt dance up and down as well. “Can’t lose these babies,” he added, pulling up the hem of his shirt and swatting his abs a few times, producing drum-like thumps as he hit the bulges of hard muscle.

Then Joshua dropped his shirt and picked up the second shake. “This will get me started for now. And I’ll order the pizza—thanks for hosting me and for the shakes. What do you want?” Joshua turned as he pulled out his phone, Mario’s number in the contacts already. He settled down on the couch, shake in one hand, phone in the other, and began to order. “Three all-meat with extra chicken, one veggie, and one...” he looked over at Ethan expectantly.

“Um, just cheese,” Ethan said, blushing. He was so small, even a topping on his pizza would fill him up... and that one pizza would likely be what sustained him throughout their weekend. He was a bit speechless after seeing his friend’s abs. He’d counted eight of them. There’d only been six three months ago. That’s how defined Joshua was getting while also ramping up in pure mass. It confused the seasoned bodybuilders at the gym Joshua went to and they kept trying to tell him what he was accomplishing was impossible, but Joshua had ultimately chalked it up to jealousy. Pretty sad, considering he was a kid, and they were adults.

“...and one cheese,” Joshua finished the order, gave Ethan’s address, and then hung up. “Okay, they say twenty to thirty minutes, so that’s time to get started. You feeling like going head-to-head in a fighter or do you want to team up and cut our way through hordes of enemies?” Joshua gulped down about a third of the shake and set the rest aside as he grabbed a pair of controllers. He handed one to Ethan and kept the other; it looked almost comically small in his big hands, and positively tiny in comparison to the rest of him.

Ethan wondered if there would come a time when Joshua’s pecs and biceps got so pumped that he wouldn’t even be able to hold the controller in his hands anymore. Sure, Joshua would be sad about that, but he could still watch Ethan play and cheer him on. Ethan wouldn’t mind that one bit, the young nerd fantasized.

“Let’s play a fighter. I can show you the practice I’ve been putting in,” Ethan told his friend confidently, taking his controller and booting up his console. The 95” projection screen came down and the game began. Ethan knew the formula worked fast. Joshua would probably be growing by the time he finished picking out his fighter on the character select screen...

“You’re on, bro!” As usual, Joshua gravitated toward the larger, more muscled fighters. He hadn’t always done that, but it had become more common. After picking out a guy that looked about as big as he was, Joshua took another long drink from the glass, draining another third of it.

Joshua didn’t notice, but Ethan could see the first changes starting. Joshua’s sleeves were getting tighter as the delts filling them grew larger, the three heads of muscle bulging out like some massive pumpkin. “Let’s see, you’re going to play one of the little quick ones, aren’t you?” Joshua teased. He reached over and drained the last of the shake from his glass, still not realizing that his body was changing. But his muscles were getting more pumped, swelling with added size.

Ethan watched as Joshua’s pecs slowly swelled larger, pushing against his t-shirt increasingly. His nipples hadn’t been able to have been made out under the fabric previously, but now the size and shape of them was becoming apparent underneath the cotton. Ethan glanced below and watched as Joshua’s calves were gradually ballooning bigger and bigger. They were already the size of footballs... what would he be able to compare them to once they were done?

Before he knew it, the timer on the select screen ran out and Ethan realized the computer had selected the boring default karate guy for his character. Crap, he wasn’t any good with him.

Joshua had plenty of practice with the larger characters, knew their strengths and weaknesses. He pummeled Ethan’s character with ease, a few heavy hits taking the default karate guy out quickly. “I thought you said you’d been practicing!” Joshua exclaimed, as he won the second bout and the match as a whole. He shifted position on the couch, adjusting his giant legs. His shorts hugged his enormous thighs and glutes, and his shirt was skin-tight around his massive torso and shoulders. He reached out with one hand and playfully reached across Ethan’s back, pulling him in close. “You’re going to have to do better than that to beat me, bro!” he chided. He held him in place for a moment, giving Ethan the opportunity to take in his masculine, muscular scent, then released him. “Try again, Ethan, and really try this time!” As Ethan looked over at Joshua again, he noticed that several seams had popped around the hulking stud’s sleeves, the shoulders peeking through in a couple places.

Ethan idly wondered if the hulking teen could feel any draft around those parts that were now becoming exposed... but he knew from sitting next to him that Joshua was running quite warm these days... if anything, he’d probably ask to turn the air conditioning up before too long. Ethan made a point of not looking at the lap of Joshua’s shorts. He couldn’t. He knew just from his peripheral vision that whatever was there was... impressive. Joshua had started out the school year with asthma, which had gotten him excused from gym class, so they’d never had an occasion to see each other undressed. Ethan had heard the rumors circulating around school (especially among the cheerleaders) speculating about what Joshua must have between his legs and he had to imagine his formula had something to do with that, too.

“I was just giving you a pity win. Didn’t want you to sulk all weekend, saying that you couldn’t win against me,” Ethan bluffed, concentrating on picking his favorite fighter the next fight, the speedy old man martial artist character.

“A likely tale!” Joshua scoffed. He adjusted how he was sitting again, and even reached down to adjust his crotch. The way the fabric moved... it was obvious that he was quite impressively hung. He too chose a different character, although again it was one of the larger brutes. Ethan could hear a few more seams popping as Joshua moved, could see that the tears around his sleeves were getting bigger. As Joshua lifted his arms to get into prime controller-holding position, Ethan could see that there were huge tears around Joshua’s lats, the big wings of muscle having torn through the sides of the shirt. “I see you’re going for old-and-speedy,” he said, shaking his head, “Didn’t I knock him silly last time we played? Or is this that ‘practice’ you were mentioning?”

“Just because you could clobber me in real life doesn’t mean I’ll let you do it in a video game; that’s my domain,” Ethan sniffed, trash-talking right back. He tried his best not to look at the growing muscle hunk next to him. He could’ve sworn the formula was improving Joshua’s looks, not just his muscles. Ethan thought Joshua had gotten so fucking cute over the last year, it hurt his heart sometimes to look at him. Fuck, even that beard, as manly as it was, just accentuated Joshua’s boyish good looks. It was unbelievable. If he didn’t want a career in bodybuilding, he could probably find one in modeling. Probably singlehandedly make musclemen the next fashion icons, too.

Fuck, there he was daydreaming again. Joshua had already gotten a few hits off on him with his bruiser. Luckily, he knew Joshua was shit at combos and after regrouping, Ethan began to juggle Joshua’s character with the greatest of ease. And all the while, Ethan swore he could hear more rips and popping from his friend’s direction.

The first match was close, but it went to Ethan in the end. For the second one, it was clear that Ethan had improved dramatically; he defeated Joshua with ease, taking only a single hit. “Damn...” Joshua exhaled, as the win screen celebrated Ethan, “You weren’t kidding about putting in some practice! I’ve never even seen some of those combos!”

As he talked, the doorbell rang. Joshua checked his phone, then stood up. “Pizza’s here. I’ll be right back.” He strode away, oblivious to the fact that his shirt was shredded in multiple places and looked painted on in the rest. As he walked, his giant legs filled his shorts nearly to bursting.

Ethan allowed his jaw to drop as he saw his friend saunter away, getting awfully close to a waddle. Joshua’s glutes were enormous, as always, but especially so now. They filled those shorts so much that the tops of them were starting to crest over the waistband, allowing Ethan a glimpse of Joshua’s massive globes of brawn that helped keep the growing young man balanced as he walked. He could literally see Joshua’s glutes flexing and pushing against each other with every step. He had to bite his lower lip. Did Joshua realize how sexy he was getting? He had to, right?

Ethan looked down in his lap after Joshua had left the room and realized that he was creating a small tent in his own shorts. Luckily, he could pass it off as just the fabric tenting on its own. But still... he put a pillow over his lap.

Two minutes later, Joshua was back, five pizza boxes in his giant arms. He set them on the bar and opened one of the meat pizzas with extra chicken, grabbing two slices and all but inhaling them in moments. “Fuck I’m starving,” he growled, as he reached in the box for more. As he ate, he twisted to look over at where Ethan was sitting on the couch. “You hungry?” he asked, looking through the boxes and pulling out the plain cheese and setting it aside. The way he moved his body just emphasized how broad his shoulders were getting, how thick his pecs were. His tee shirt was riding up over his waistband a bit, showing off part of his lower abs. It also gave Ethan a perfect view of Joshua’s crotch, a hefty sausage pushed out over two big eggs.

Holy shit. Holy shiiiit. Ethan had to swallow for a moment before he walked over to the bar and got out a slice of cheese. “Uh, did you forget something?” Ethan asked him. It had become one of Joshua’s pizza rituals: sprinkling this chef’s seasoning over his pizza slices that Ethan had introduced him to. Of course, it had also been loaded up with more of the formula. Joshua had already had two big shakes cut with the stuff; he shouldn’t have offered him more. But Ethan couldn’t help himself at this point. He was hypnotized by his friend’s growing muscles, by his handsome, smiling, bearded face, by his packed crotch which, Ethan swore, actually jiggled with its own inertia as he moved around.

“Fuck man, I guess I didn’t realize how hungry I was!” Joshua laughed. He grabbed the seasoning and sprinkled it over the rest of his first pizza, as well as the other three. “I’ll even put it on the veggie one to make up for it,” he added, grinning. He dumped healthy amounts on each of his pizzas, more than usual, and began to dig in again, finishing off the first pie with gusto. “You sure you don’t want some of this stuff? I know you got it for me, since this brand is my fave, but you should really try it some day!” Joshua dumped the first box in the trash and then began working on his second pizza. He seemed unusually ravenous. Normally he would take a break between each pizza, but he was skipping the usual pause and digging right in!

Even Ethan, who had witnessed his friend’s binges before, was amazed by what he was seeing. Joshua was practically inhaling those pizzas. He was almost worried that he wasn’t chewing enough, because there was no hope of delivering the Heimlich maneuver on his enormous friend.

“Oh, I did try it once, didn’t I tell you? Gave me the runs a couple hours later. I must be allergic or something to one of the ingredients. It sucks, since it was pretty good!” he lied, trying to cover for why he never poured any for himself. Luckily, his friend was quite trusting. Why wouldn’t he be? They had been best friends since pre-school.

“That totally sucks!” Joshua commiserated, finishing the second pizza. “Thank you for getting it for me, though. Especially if you’re allergic to it. I’ll try not to spill any on you, or anything like that.” The hulking young man opened the third box. His eating slowed a bit, but he was still making substantial progress on the pizza. “So how much have you been practicing with the old guy? I’ve never seen some of those moves before. You been researching it online or something?” As Joshua ate, his stomach began to round out just a bit, filling up with pizza, stretching out his shirt even more. His muscles were looking even more pumped, the carbohydrates hitting him hard, his shirt tearing in a few more places. He finished the third and moved on to the home stretch: veggie pizza. This one was the slowest, but he knew he needed the vitamins, so he chewed it all down, then washed everything down with a glass of plain milk.

“Fuck, I’ve never eaten so much before!” Joshua laughed, rubbing his stomach under the shirt. Although his gut pushed out a bit, it was still covered with bricklike abs. “I hope I don’t go into a food coma! I need to figure out all your tricks so I can get back to beating you!” He sat down on the couch again, his legs a bit wider than before, his enormous arms looking ridiculously pumped, his sleeves all but shredded to bits.

“Oh Josh, you poor fool, while you’ve been slaving away in the gym, pumping those overblown muscles, I have been studying the fist and foot, training on the harsh streets online. There’s simply no substitute for real world practice,” Ethan tut-tutted, finishing his own meal at two slices, enough to make him feel a little bloated (he was awfully skinny).

He came back to the couch and sat next to Joshua again and involuntarily flared his nostrils. Dear god, the smell of the fresh pizza must’ve been hiding things, because Joshua’s musk was back with a vengeance. It smelled like sweat, like jockstraps, like locker rooms filled with musclebound brutes grunting and swaggering and jerking their long, fat schlongs that were dripping delectable clear cock honey onto the floor, making everything around them slippery and shiny. Dear god where had Ethan’s mind gone for a moment there? His eyes re-focused and he saw Joshua looking at him strangely.

Joshua’s confused look became a crooked grin. “Nothing wrong with enjoying the smell of a fresh, hot pizza,” he offered, having noticed the way that Ethan had been smelling the air. He gripped the controller and looked straight ahead. “Let’s try this again,” he said, leaning forward, selecting his character. As he moved through the selection screen, his gut began to recede just a bit, and his muscles began to swell once more. He paid no mind, picking his character again—another brute he hadn’t used in a while. “Okay, Ethan, old guy again. Let’s see how you fare this time.”

The game began well for Joshua. Although big, his character had some speed of his own and it was much harder to get into an annoying juggle-combo. Yet just as it looked like Joshua was about to win the first match, he let out a low groan. His shirt shredded in several places, his massive muscles pushing their way through, destroying the garment. “Aww fuck...” he groused, looking down at his shirt, seeing the tears. A bit frustrated, he set the controller aside and then grabbed his shirt with both hands and pulled. The wrecked shirt came apart easily and he tossed it aside, leaving him bare from the waist up. His muscles were looking massive, bloated with power, bigger than anything Ethan had ever seen before—Joshua was starting to look more like a comic book character or a muscle morph than a bodybuilder. “Okay, that damn shirt isn’t going to hold me back anymore,” he growled. Even his voice was deeper.

It wasn’t a rough or gravelly voice... just deeper. It had a musical quality to it that Joshua had had since the beginning. His tenor was becoming more of a baritone, but just as pleasing to listen to, just as playful, just as teasing, if Joshua wanted it to be. Goddamn, get it together, Ethan, the nerdy teen told himself.

When they got back to the match, Ethan managed to perform a reversal which set him up for a 23-hit combo that decimated Joshua’s life bar, leaving Ethan the winner, although it had been close for that moment before his friend had gotten distracted by his own muscular development overpowering his shirt.

“Fuck, you really have been practicing!” Joshua exclaimed, after his character was pummeled to defeat. The second round went better for Joshua. Without the distraction of his shirt, he was able to focus properly and managed to take Ethan’s character down, although it was close. That pushed them into a third bout to decide who would win the match. Again, it started out fairly even, until Joshua’s shorts began to tear around his giant legs and glutes, distracting him just as his shirt had. Snarling as he was defeated, Joshua stood up. He unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled them off, kicking them into the pile his shirt had made. “Much better,” he growled, turning back to Ethan and the couch.

It was only seconds before Joshua was seated again, but that was all the time Ethan needed to see his massive friend’s bulge, filling out the front of Joshua’s skintight briefs, looking hugely impressive. Not only that, but Ethan also noticed two things that were unmistakable: the scent of pre and the wet spot in the fabric where the tip of the muscleman’s big cock was.

“One more match,” Joshua growled, “I’ll kick that wrinkly old man ass yet!”

If Ethan thought he could smell precum before, it felt like he was swimming in a pool of it now, that was how intense the scent was. Ethan almost had to cough a little, that’s how thick it felt in the air. A normal friend would’ve said something about their friend shredding through his clothes and being left in nothing but his briefs. Ethan’s eyes were big as dinner plates as he kept his silence, wordlessly choosing his character again, feeling the heat radiating from Joshua’s enormous muscles. Even at rest, they looked crazy-big now. Definitely comic book territory. Mr. Olympia, eat your heart out.

Freed from confining clothes, Joshua powered through their match. It was Ethan’s distraction, as much as his own skill, that saw him finally hand Ethan two defeats in a row, enough to win the match. “There!” Joshua cheered, “Finally!” As the victory screen celebrated his character, Joshua stood up again. As his character flexed in his victory animation, so did Joshua, matching him from one pose to the next. But Joshua kept going when the animation ended. “Fuck, Ethan. Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting too big. I keep shredding clothes, keep having to buy more and more food... but fuck does it feel incredible to be this big... you should join me at the gym someday!” As Joshua flexed and showed off, Ethan could see that one part of his friend in particular was still growing—Joshua’s cock. It was stretching out the pouch of his briefs, getting longer and thicker as it slowly became erect, finally establishing that Joshua was both a shower and a grower!

It didn’t seem possible that a lump that was already that big could possibly grow even larger, but that was exactly what Ethan was seeing as he silently watched his friend exhibit the incredible body that he had unknowingly received from Ethan.

I’m gonna be a billionaire someday, Ethan thought to himself. His formula was apparently *that* good. If anything, Joshua looked *bigger* than the character he had been imitating, his biceps pumping up bigger as he flexed them, his pecs shoving out further, his lats mind-bogglingly broad. Holy shit, Ethan gasped internally. He could see some tears starting to form along the stressed cotton briefs.

“Well, I’ve been meaning to ask, Josh,” Ethan finally piped up, once he could find his voice. For as big as Joshua had been getting all these long months, he rarely directly talked about his muscles like this. Now was Ethan’s opportunity to ask about them without seeming too... interested. “What’s it like to be big like you? I mean, I saw you have to twist your torso to even fit through the door earlier...”

“It’s incredible!” Joshua responded, still flexing, the game forgotten, now just feeling a need to show off his huge body. “From day one it seemed like I would just grow... And then I started to get this beard... and my chest hair, arms, and legs... I shaved at first. But then I just gave up. Trim the beard as needed. If I ever do go into a bodybuilding competition, I guess I’ll have to shave the rest then...” He moved on to a double biceps pose, standing right in front of Ethan. “I’m a freak, man,” he said, sounding as if he had mixed feelings about that. “I shred my clothes, I’m hungry... but fuck do I feel incredible in the gym! Nobody lifts as much as I do—not anymore! And then there’s my cock... fuck man, it’s like, insatiable or something. I’m jerking off all the time!”

Joshua knew that he was crossing some lines, but he didn’t care. Not at that moment. “What do you think though, Ethan? Have I gone too far? I’m so big! And I like it! But I also worry that I’m fucking up, somehow...”

This was the first time that Ethan had sensed some trepidation from Joshua about what was happening to him. Was it possible that Ethan had gone too far in his “experiment?”

“What do you mean, man? Why would you be fucking up?” Ethan asked, his voice getting soft and quiet, genuinely attempting to connect with his friend, who used to be the same size as him... with the same hang-ups and insecurities. “Talk to me, Josh...”

“Every now and then it’s scary how big I am... how none of the usual rules seem to apply to me. Like, I’ve never touched roids, you know?” He dropped the pose and then brought his fists to his hips and flared out his lats, which were impossibly wide. “I shouldn’t be this big. It’s not possible. And I’ve loved the ride! But I’m also just so much bigger than everyone else! And the world isn’t made for guys this big, this strong... Its why I usually drive with the window down... so I can rest my big arm outside the car!”

Joshua stepped forward into a most muscular pose, his body enormous and freakish, every muscle looking ready to explode. His cock bobbed up and down aggressively, and several seams popped in his underwear. “I worry I’d be too big for people; you know? I mean, I’m close to 400 pounds... and not to mention my big dick... Not everybody is ready for a guy this huge...” Ethan was quite sure that 400 pounds was somewhere in the rearview mirror.

“What do you think?” Joshua asked, still flexing, “Have I gone overboard? Am I too damn big?”

“I think...” Ethan said slowly, trying to think through this response. He was a trusted friend to Joshua. What he said next could determine where Joshua went with the rest of his life... and they were still young. “I think the only thing you’re too big for is a pair of posers. No way they’ll let your musclefreak-ass on stage,” he teased, looking up at Joshua with a mixture of admiration, lust, and, ultimately, friendship. He gave Joshua’s enormous pecs, just inches from his face, a playful punch, feeling just how impenetrable they now were, even with the masculine layer of curls growing over them.

Joshua guffawed at Ethan’s crack about the posers. He flexed harder when Ethan punched one giant pec, making it hard like a sack of concrete. “Well, at least I won’t have to shave the whole body then,” he growled. There was the sound of elastic snapping and cloth tearing, and suddenly Joshua was completely nude, his underwear floating down between his feet. He looked down at his raging erection and then up at Ethan, his face reddening. “It would certainly be a scandal if that happened on stage, wouldn’t it?” he asked. But something in his voice let Ethan know that Joshua wasn’t entirely opposed to the idea.

The hulking muscleman stepped back out of the pose, his huge muscles settling into a relaxed state. But his dick still jutted out eagerly, dark red and throbbing with lust. “It was, uh, nine inches a month or so ago when I last measured. It looks bigger now, though. Quite a bit bigger.” He turned, so that Ethan could see it from a different angle. “What about this, though? Is it too much?”

Ethan had never seen Joshua’s genitals before, not even when they used to change into swimsuits to go use the pool in his backyard. To someone small like Ethan, seven inches was big. Eight was porn star-level. Nine was... monster cock territory. Whatever he was looking at now was not nine inches. It was more, a whole hell of a lot more.

Ethan could only swallow the lump in his throat at first, sweat breaking out over his forehead. “Uh, i-i-it’s a lot,” he responded, a somewhat evasive answer. Of course, it was a lot, but was it too much? Ethan could feel the thought sneak past the filter in his mind and escape his lips before he could catch it. “Do you want to measure it?”

Joshua blinked a few times. Then he laughed. “Actually, I kinda do. Fuck, Ethan. This thing just keeps getting bigger! And it’s got me horned up, like, all the time! Like now, even! Just look at this thing!”

The hulking man walked over to his bag and picked it up. Every muscle swelled and rolled under his skin as he moved; it was mesmerizing to watch. He unzipped a side pouch and pulled out a cloth tape measure, then tossed it to Ethan. “Go on, then,” he said, setting his bag down again and standing in front of Ethan, “Let’s see how big this guy is now.” He turned partially to the side and performed another lat spread, thrusting his hips forward and his crotch out, his giant dick jutting out eagerly.

“Y-You want me to?” Ethan asked meekly, holding the tape measure like a baby bird in his hands, glancing from it to the hulking mountain of meat in front of him. The erection had not flagged one bit since it had made itself known outside of those tortured briefs, even with Joshua not having touched it once. In fact, it seemed bigger and harder, if anything. Oh damn... did the genitals continue growing after the muscles were finished? Ethan asked himself. If that was the case, it was possible that what they were seeing was the last wave of growth riding through Joshua’s magnificent member. How big would it be by the end?

Ethan shuffled up and timidly brought the end of the tape up to Joshua’s bush, afraid to actually touch it against his friend’s private area. He could see the bulbous end of that cock and it was starting to drip fragrant precum onto the wood floor of the room. Joshua’s testes were hanging low in their scrotum, heavy, oblong-shaped masses that radiated heat and virility. Just the musk itself was starting to make Ethan feel a little lightheaded. His hand was shaking visibly as he wavered in his task.

“Don’t worry,” Joshua said softly in his deep voice, “you’re my best friend, Ethan. Always have been. There is no one else I would trust to measure my cock like you. But you’re going to have to actually lay the tape measure down on it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite...”

Maybe it didn’t bite, but Joshua’s dick seemed to swell even bigger as Ethan hesitated, a wave of growth pushing through it. As the growth hit the cockhead at the end it subsided, only for a hefty string of crystal clear pre to gush out the end. “Fuck I’m getting so horny...” Joshua moaned. He sounded almost desperate. “Give me the news, Ethan? Just how big is it now?”

Ethan did as he was told, actually touching his friend’s cock for the first time. It was so warm Ethan thought for a second he was actually getting a burn, but instead it was just... this side of scalding. His friend ran hot. He brought the length of the tape along the cock, making sure one end was firmly planted in his friend’s bush along the top of that cock as it went up and up along the gently curving erection of Joshua’s monolithic cock. There was an enormous, throbbing vein along the top. Ethan could actually feel Joshua’s heartbeat through it. He swallowed again. The tape ran up to the bulbous, swollen, throbbing glans, the slit gaping open and pouring out a steady stream of slick lubricant now. Ethan wondered just how much his friend had stored up in what had to be his super-charged glands. He must get dehydrated every time he jerks off.

“You said you were nine inches a month ago? Josh... you’re fifteen inches now.”

“Fuck!” Joshua responded, shock in his voice. “Fifteen? That’s... that’s impossible!” He dropped the pose and looked down over his giant pecs at his enormous dick, taking in the measurement for himself, able to see the measuring tape that Ethan had run along the giant rod. “How am I ever going to fuck with this thing?” he asked, sounding worried. But his huge dick did not seem to share in his worry; it gushed out pre.

Joshua shook his head. “Do you think there’s any guy out there that can take a dick like this? I mean, nine was already huge. Fifteen is unheard of!”

Guy? Ethan had wondered if Joshua might be gay for a while. That slip seemed to confirm it.

“I dunno... I heard maybe one of those novelty dildos they sell at sex shops might be that big... nothing that people are actually meant to take, though,” Ethan admitted, shocked at just how effective the formula was on his friend’s junk. Was it possible that, unlike muscle growth, genital growth was on a different exponential curve, with the bigger it got increasing the amount it grew? He’d had no idea. Now his friend had a cock that definitely didn’t seem like it would be going inside anything living anytime soon. “I mean... you could always fuck one of those silicon toys. Or maybe... maybe you wouldn’t be the top. Or maybe you meet someone who has a black hole for an ass,” Ethan mused with no small amount of wonder at the organ he was looking at. He had decided that playing Joshua’s coming out off casually was the right move.

Joshua shook his head. “I’ve seen a couple of porn guys online that probably could. But what normal guy is going to go through the work of getting his ass fuckable by me? And what if I keep getting bigger?! Nine was already huge. Fifteen... I wouldn’t have believed it, except there it is!” His cock bounced happily, as if waving to him. “What if I go to sixteen? Eighteen? TWENTY!?” A tremor ran through Joshua’s huge body. “I’m going to be a virgin forever, if things keep going like this...”

Ethan started to feel guilty, really guilty, for the first time. He thought he’d been giving his friend something good, something any man would be happy to have, but it was looking like he might have given a little too much. “I... I’m sorry, man. Don’t be scared,” he told Joshua, ignoring that giant column of rigidly hard cock, and hugging as much of Joshua as he could encompass from the side. “You don’t have to go through any of this alone, buddy.”

“Thanks man,” Joshua responded, sounding profoundly grateful. He wrapped his own giant arms around Ethan and lifted him up in the air, pulling him into a powerful hug. Ethan felt one of his legs brush up against the enormous cock as he rose. “Sorry I’m getting so morose,” Joshua said softly, “I’m just getting so big... and I think I let it freak me out a bit. I mean, there’s worse things than being the most hung dude in the world, right?”

Joshua held the hug for a bit longer, then gently set Ethan down again. “Um, I am going to have to deal with this thing at some point, though. Otherwise, it’s just going to leak pre everywhere.” He chuckled self-consciously.

Ethan was tempted to tell his friend that that was fine with him. “Um, sure, but what do you want to do about it?” he asked, as dense with flirting as he was smart with chemistry. “By the way, I think the odds of it getting even bigger are pretty darn good. I mean, guys can keep growing until they’re about 18 or so... sometimes even after, depending on their hormone levels. Maybe you really will get a twenty-inch cock... or bigger!”

“Twenty-one... fuck...” Joshua mused. He sounded half horrified at the thought, half intrigued. “Right now, I just need a place to unload. Bathroom should do the trick. But I kind of wanted to ask permission first. You know, in case I make a mess by accident and need help cleaning up or something...”

“Oh, right, right. I think it should be okay if you use the bathroom here. How...” Ethan began asking the question before he realized it. He saw Joshua expecting the rest of the sentence and felt he couldn’t just pretend he hadn’t said anything, so... out it had to come. “How much do you usually... y’know... shoot?”

“Lots,” Joshua responded, before turning and walking toward the bathroom. His legs were so huge, it was more of a waddle, each leg having to move around the other, his huge cock swaying back and forth as he walked. He turned sideways to get into the bathroom, and partially closed the door, but not all the way. Moments later there was the unmistakable sound of his big hands working over his huge tool as he grunted with effort. Ethan realized that with the door only partially closed, he could watch some of the action by standing off to the side and watching Joshua’s reflection in the mirror. The massive man’s enormous pecs mashed together as he stroked himself off, his huge arms and shoulders going back and forth as he attended to his fifteen-incher. His breathing became more labored, punctuated by the occasional soft groan. Suddenly he was gasping and grunting and there was the sound of thick ropes of semen hitting the toilet, only some of them going in the bowl. Joshua’s ejaculation seemed to last forever, two minutes of deep breathing and the dripping of thick gobs of cum before he finally was ready to flush, begin cleaning pre off the toilet, and flush again. “Fuck...” he groaned to himself softly. A few minutes later he exited, his dick finally just hanging off of him, rather than jutting out. “I have to admit, nine inches was fun, but fifteen is crazy intense!”

Ethan saw that limp cock hanging from his friend’s groin and estimated it had to be at least eleven inches... maybe even twelve. A foot of cock soft, limp, and loose, wagging between one’s thighs for the rest of one’s life. Was that really such a terrible thing? Ethan wondered. That wasn’t even factoring in those fat goose eggs that Joshua called his balls, battering back and forth in their scrotum with every swinging step. Ethan was fairly sure just those nuts would overwhelm the front of his own briefs. The cock itself would be absolutely preposterous.

“You mean... it feels better the bigger it gets?”

“You bet,” Joshua replied, seeming cheerier now that he was no longer painfully erect. “I figure it’s the extra size. More size means more to stroke means more pleasure to be had. That’s my working theory, anyway.” He opened his bag and rooted around in the clothes inside, pulling out some spandex shorts, gym shorts, and a huge tee shirt. He gave them a considered look. “I tend to dress loosely at the gym, so these were all too big. I wonder if they still are?” He set the clothes down, then sat down on the couch again, still naked, as massive as ever. “I hope this isn’t too weird for you, Ethan. After busting out of my clothes, I’m just kind of not ready to put on new ones yet.” He chuckled self-consciously.

What was weird about your enormous hulking best friend standing in your entertainment room completely naked, radiating warmth and post-nut good vibes? “I get it. I mean... I don’t, I’ve never busted out of my clothing... but I bet if I did, I’d be a little wary about putting some back on. My parents basically promised me they were gonna ignore us this weekend, so... I guess just do whatever?” he said, trying to sound casual and cool and not like a million tons of fireworks were going off in his head and in his tummy. “I mean, truth be told, they’re still probably too small. You look titanic. Bigger than Mr. O.”

Joshua laughed. “I feel titanic. Hope I don’t sink and drown!” He raised his giant arms and flexed hard, his biceps rising up insanely, bigger than anything Ethan had ever seen. “All this muscle is not that buoyant, after all. I’d be in real trouble, out at sea.” He lowered his arms slowly, but made his giant pecs bounce a few times. “I think Mr. O is safe from me. We’ve seen what happens. No way I can stay decent up on stage, flexing for all those people. I’d be disqualified in a heartbeat!”

Ethan chuckled at that. He was glad that Joshua was feeling more accepting of his size now that the pressure of an orgasm wasn’t building up inside of him. “I wonder if anyone would have the nerve to disqualify you, though. I mean... look at how huge you are. I bet if you just tossed the judges a look they’d mind their own business,” he chuckled, going to sit next to his friend. “I mean, think of how much publicity you’d bring the sport, standing up there in those little bodybuilder panties with a cock and balls ready to spring out!”

Joshua had to join in laughing at it. It was absurd, but also a little hot. “I suppose there might be an issue with them discriminating against me for being too hung. I mean, it’s not like my dick is pumped full of silicone or whatever. It just a really, really big dick!” He laughed again, then adjusted said dick, as well as his balls, to keep them comfortable between his giant legs. “Although I’d probably need help with the full-body shaving thing. It’s just not something I’m used to. Beard trim every week and I’m good.”

“I’d be up for helping you,” Ethan blurted out again. He was having a real problem with that tonight, being so close to a source of incredible pheromones. He’d have to study that later. If he could think clearly. He slowly turned and looked at Joshua nervously, worried what his reaction would be.

“That would be great,” Joshua beamed back, “No one I’d trust more than you, dude.” He sat back and sighed. “Never would have imagined it, when I started in the gym a year ago. Me, a bodybuilder? I was just trying to get a bit bigger, a bit stronger. And now I’m a lot more of both! Never had to worry about things like this before.” He chuckled again. “And if I’m going to do that, I’ll need a custom set of posing trunks—not ‘bodybuilder panties’ as you just called them.” His voice was teasing.

“On you, you might as well call them an eyepatch for as much as they’re gonna cover,” Ethan teased right back. He knew he was going to give more of the formula to Joshua, grow him even bigger. This was just the start. He was going to be enormous... in every respect. “And hey, if bodybuilding doesn’t work out, there’s always movies. They’re better-paying, anyhow.”

Joshua laughed again. “I don’t know, I think the comic book movies are about to dry up. People are getting sick of superheroes. Still, just think of the CG money they could save by casting me as the Hulk, instead of that weird computer animation that looks half-real, half-fake.” Joshua’s criticism of the computer-generated Hulk was not new. “Or any other bruiser that needs to be bigger than life. It worked for Arnold and Lou, after all. Why not me?” Then he looked down at his eleven-inch soft dick. “I don’t know if I’m really ready for the other kind of movie that might want me.” He chuckled. “Although I’m guessing porn would be willing to pay for *all* of me.”

“Dude, you’re underestimating how charismatic you are. And you were really good in the school’s production of Death of a Salesman. I bet you could get an Oscar, easy,” he said with a grin, playfully punching Joshua’s shoulder and feeling like he’d just hit the side of a brick building instead of flesh. “You’re so good you could be more than just a thug or a bruiser,” he said sincerely. “You shouldn’t feel limited just because you’re big. You’re strong enough to smash any barrier to smithereens, aren’t you?” he added with a wink.

“Ah yes, ‘Death of a Salesman.’ That was rather good, wasn’t it?” Joshua mused. “But I’ll probably still have to start with Hercules and Conan and roles like that. Then the action stuff. It was a while before Arnold was able to be in that movie where he played a pregnant guy.” Joshua laughed loudly at that. “Not sure that’s a role I’d be ready for, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?”

Ethan laughed at that and felt himself lean against Joshua, whose body could easily support the added weight. His friend’s body felt like warm granite, covered in a thin layer of satin. He could get used to this. Poor Ethan hadn’t even allowed himself to think that Joshua could be interested in him. After all, didn’t all gay guys want to be with big muscle guys? Who would want to be in a relationship with a small, skinny nerd?

“All right, how about a rematch? You’re not going to beat me again,” Ethan promised his herculean friend.

“You’re on,” came Joshua’s reply, “And I hope you’re prepared to lose, now that I know your tricks!” He bounced his pecs, which were right next to Ethan’s head since he was leaning against one of Joshua’s barn door lat muscles. Ethan couldn’t help but marvel at how thick that chest was, with the whole mound of muscle shaking delectably as its own weight brought it back down. Ethan could even see Joshua’s nipple on the underside of it, pointing straight down.

He didn’t notice when the fight announcer called the start of the next match.

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