The suitcase

by J Reynolds

 James comes into possession of a magical suitcase that allows a person to change their appearance using a simple photograph.

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My problem all started a few days ago when I got a phone call from the man who was handling the estate of my dead uncle. I already knew that I wasn’t going to get any money from him; I never really knew him all that well. The man asked if he could drop off something that my uncle had left me at my house that evening, and I said that wouldn’t be a problem.

I had just gotten to my apartment about 5:30 when the man arrived at my door. He was carrying a battered old suitcase and an envelope in his hand. After the usual pleasantries, he handed over the stuff, and told me “Young man, believe what your uncle wrote in his letter I have seen it for myself.”

What an odd little man, but then my uncle always seemed like he was a few cards short of a full deck himself. I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down in my chair by the computer. I opened the letter and started reading…

My nephew James,

I know that you didn’t expect to get anything from me after I passed on, but I wanted to give you my most prized possession. Out of anyone in the family you and I are the most alike, and you will appreciate this gift more than anyone I know. When I say you and I are the most alike, I don’t mean that you are quite the eccentric that I am, but rather, you and I are the only two gay people in the family. I know you never knew this about me; I asked your mother years ago not to tell anyone else in the family about me. The man who dropped this off this letter to you was my partner for the last twenty years. Now how I found out about you; I am sure you can figure it out by the time I get done with this letter.

I have a piece of advice that I want you to take. Talk to your mother and tell her you are gay. I have known her all her life, and she will love you no matter how you are. I am pretty sure she already suspects because she has hinted at to me several times, but I never said anything positive or negative to her. Trust me on this. Don’t hide who you are; it will only make life a whole lot less fun.

Now onto the battered old suitcase, doesn’t look like much does it? But, take my word for it in this case looks are VERY deceiving. I know you probably won’t believe me when I tell you this, but just humor a dead old man and just try it once. This suitcase has the power to make you into a copy of anyone you have a picture of. There are a few things that you need to know first. The person in the photo has to have some clothes on, at least on piece. Take the photo and a hair from your head and place it in the suitcase with the hair on top of the picture and shut the suitcase. Wait at least one hour; do not open the suitcase before an hour is up. After the hour is up open the suitcase back up. You will find the hair and the picture gone but the clothes the person was wearing in the picture. Put the clothes on. Don’t worry about the clothes fitting; they will fit when you put them on. When you get all of the clothes on, you will be an exact copy of the person from the picture.

There are a couple things you should know. You won’t be able to change anything about the body. You can’t cut the hair or go and get a tattoo or do anything to change the body. It just won’t work. The body will just return to the way it was in the picture. Don’t lose any of the clothes. To get you body back put all of the clothes back in the suitcase and shut the lid; your body will change back to your own. Don’t lose any of the clothes; I once spent a week as a thirteen year old because I lost a piece of the clothing. Also, while you are in the body you will be able to remember stuff from the original owner’s memories up to the time the picture was taken; I found that you have to concentrate some to do that. While you are in another body, you will continue to age just as you normally would, so you can be twenty for the rest of your life. But, you will still die.

Just one last thing about the suitcase, the man who gave it to me said that he never figured out how it worked. He did pass a warning along to me that I will give to you. Don’t do anything unusual with the suitcase because the suitcase can sometimes do unexpected things. I never knew what he meant as I never had any problem with the suitcase.

Be careful and have some fun; I know I sure did!

Your Uncle William

I said that the old man wasn’t quite all there, but I figured what the hell. I really didn’t have anything to lose, so I fired up my computer to print off a picture to try this with. If the crazy old man was right I could be anyone I wanted to be, but the big question of the night was who did I want to be first. Then it hit me; I had a picture of my favorite porn star with just a white thong on. I had always wondered what it would be like to be built like him. I printed up the picture pulled a hair from my head and placed them both in the suitcase. Now all I had to do was wait an hour.

While I waited I walked into the bathroom and took a look at myself wondering what it would be like to have a different body. What I saw in the mirror didn’t exactly inspire me. I am 38, thinning white blonde hair, a face that wasn’t really ugly but not really handsome, and the body I had when I was younger had started to go. I had too much fat around the middle, and what muscle I had in my youth had all gotten slack as I got older. I was tall enough at just 5’11”, but I really wasn’t happy with the way I had let myself go. If I start getting to the gym, I could do something about the body. I can’t do anything about the face, but I could do something about the body.

That was probably the longest hour I have ever waited, but when the hour was up I was naked in front of the suitcase just watching the clock. I finally opened the suitcase and in it was a white thong, two earrings and a bar stud. Fuck, I thought, the old man wasn’t lying. I grabbed all of the stuff and headed to the bathroom, so I could see the changes in my mirror. I started with the earrings, since they seemed like they would be the hardest to put in. But they just slid right in like I already had pierced ears. When I got done my hair had gone from blonde to black and my head was a different shape, but I face hadn’t completely changed yet. The bar stud kind of stumped me for a minute until I remembered that it went into my tongue. It slipped right through my tongue, and when I looked into the mirror my face was completely changed. Gone was the pale skin, blue eyes and slightly wrinkled skin of a middle aged man; it was replaced by a dark tan, brown eyes, and smooth skin of a 23 year old. When I looked in the mirror it looked kind of odd to see that beautiful face with its dark tan on my white slightly overweight body. I couldn’t wait to get into that thong. When I grabbed it and pulled it on, it was like watching one of those morph videos you can find on the web. It only took just a couple of seconds until my body was completely changed into that of the porn star.

Now don’t get me wrong this was a nice body smooth, nicely muscled, about 5’8” tall, but that wasn’t why I wanted to try out this body. This guy had one of the best looking dicks I have ever seen, and I wanted to try it out. It didn’t take any time at all after my transformation for it to start to get hard; in fact my whole body seemed to go into sexual fog. I just had to whip that 12-inch dick out and take it for a test drive. As I grabbed a hold, I was amazed that with my now smaller hands I couldn’t even get all the way around my new dick. As I went to town, I started to remember all the sex this guy had had, the movies he had made, and the escorting he had done. But what really got me was this guys fantasy about having sex with himself. In fact all I could think about was fucking myself, and getting fucked by my own beautiful dick. It didn’t take to long and I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. It seemed like it went on for about five minutes, and I had cum all over my bathroom.

When I finally got cleaned up and settled down a little bit, I had a hell of time getting my mind onto anything but sex. Even after my jerk off session I still wanted more sex. I got to thinking and found out that the original whose body I now had a copy of never really could get enough sex to suit him, so I reluctantly concluded I needed to change back to my own body just so I could get some thinking done. I went to the bathroom and got the thong and took out the earrings and tongue stud and put them all back into the suitcase. When I closed the lid, I looked down and I had my own middle age body back, and my brain seemed to clear from the excess hormones I had been experiencing.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I could be anyone I wanted to be as long as I could find a picture of them. This was going to be the best weekend I had ever had. Thank god it was Friday; I could play with my new toy all weekend long. Well I’m here to tell you that I went nuts. I tried every different kind of body I have ever wanted. Model. Actor. Bodybuilder. Teen. Hispanic. African-American. By Saturday night I was just flat wore out. I was going to use the body of some young stud and go out on the town, but I was just too tired to do it. It’s not like I hadn’t been out on the town in a different body. I had gone to the gym in the bodybuilder’s body earlier in the day. That was really a fun experience, but I wasn’t all that thrilled with the shriveled up cock and balls from the guy’s steroid use.

About 10:30 Saturday night, I was about half asleep when the phone rang. One of my friends called and he was completely drunk. He asked if he could come over to my apartment and sleep it off since he was just around the corner at a bar. I told him to come on over and even asked him if he wanted to come and get him. He said not to bother he could be at my apartment in no time. About ten minutes later he started beating on my door.

He was fine specimen even dead drunk. About 6’3”, dark blonde hair streaked with highlights, built like a brick shithouse, and a beautiful face. I always kind of wondered how we became friends. He was straight as I am gay and a full 13 years younger than I am; in fact we met because he and his ex wife used to have the apartment across the hall.

I thought I might sober him up some before I put him to bed, so I thought maybe getting him talking might help.

“Hey buddy, what’s up?”

‘I ran into that bitch of an ex wife of mine down at the bar. She just got engaged to some guy who must be your age. She said she needed someone more mature after being married to me for three years.’

“Man, don’t let her get to you. Would that explain the shape you are in?”

‘Yea I couldn’t stand to see her all happy, so I had a few beers with the guys to drown her out.’

“Are you sure is was just beer? You seem awfully drunk for just a few beers. Don’t forget I been drinking with you before.”

‘It wasn’t the beer that got me drunk; it was the tequila shots the guys kept buying me. Man I got to piss. I’ll be right back.’

I sat there watching Saturday Night Live for about fifteen minutes before I realized that Sean had never come back into the living room. Great I thought, he’s passed out in my bathroom, but when I got back to the bathroom he wasn’t in there. I looked into my bedroom and he was passed out naked on my bed. Now mind you I’d never seen him completely naked before, although I knew that he always slept naked. His wife had always complained about it.

As I stood there admiring his body, I had the thought that I have had a hundred times before. I wish I could have sex with Sean, but he was straight and that was that. I began to wonder as I was standing there what a straight guy like Sean would do in that gay porn stars body. Would the hormones and memories take over or would he just be horny straight guy? At this point my brain seemed to shut down. I still don’t know why I went over and got one of the hairs of his head, but I did. I went into the living room and printed a second copy of the picture and put the pictures and a hair from both of our heads into the suitcase.

I must have fallen asleep in the chair because all of a sudden it was 1:30 in the morning. I got up and went to the suitcase and grabbed one of the thongs and the jewelry that went with it. I got the earrings onto Sean without to much trouble, but the tongue stud turned out to be a little harder. The only thing I had going for me was Sean was snoring like you wouldn’t believe. I finally managed to get the stud in, and that only meant I had to get the thong on him. This was just a little difficult because Sean was a pretty big guy, but eventually I managed it. He went from 6’3” down to 5’8” in just seconds and I found seeing the change was almost as much fun as being in the body as it changed.

I went back into the living room and grabbed the rest of the stuff out of the suitcase and quickly went through the transformation process myself. Although I was horny as hell just like the last time, but, I was still really tired from being up this late. I went into my bedroom and got into bed with Sean and curled up next to him.

I awoke the next morning to ‘What the FUCK?’ I rolled over and Sean was staring at himself in the mirror by my closet. The body already seemed to having its effect because his cock was already rock hard.

“Like what you see their Sean. Don’t worry it’s not permanent.”

He turned around and looked at me. ‘James is that you? How did this happen? We have exactly the same body, and I don’t know how to put this but I’m horny as hell and for some reason I want to have sex with you. I feel like that has been my fantasy all my life.’

I got up and walked over to him, all the while I was getting more and more excited. “Do you remember I told you my uncle died? Well he left me this suitcase that makes it possible to make our bodies into copies of another person. If you really don’t like this I can change you back.”

He didn’t answer; instead he pushed me back onto the bed and started kissing me. It didn’t take to long and I had worked my way down his body to his dick and started giving him a blow job. It didn’t take but just a minute and he had repositioned his body and started to go to town on my dick. It progressed from there and we spent the next three hours fulfilling our every fantasy. When we finally got done, Sean had this funny look on his face.

‘Dude, does this mean I’m gay now?’

“I don’t think so. These bodies are copies of this gay porn star’s body. He is really horny all the time. This was the first body I tried out after I got the suitcase. I hope you don’t think I took advantage of you. I still want us to be friends after this. I guess I really should have asked you before I changed you.”

‘Nah, that’s all right man. I really enjoyed it. I just don’t want to do this all the time. I am just really into women.’

“I understand. Let’s get us changed back into our own bodies. Grab those thongs of the floor and come on into the living room before our hormones take over again.”

He got the stuff off of the floor and we went into the living room. We got the earrings out of our ears and put those and the thongs into the suitcase. I closed the case but nothing happened. I reopened the case and the thongs and earrings were gone, but we still hadn’t changed back to our old selves.

I looked at Sean and said, “I don’t know why that didn’t work.” I looked at Sean and noticed a steel ball come out of his mouth. “Shit, we forgot the tongue studs. Get that baby out of your mouth. I hope this doesn’t change anything.”

I threw the studs into the empty suitcase and shut the lid again. I felt the transformation back to normal but something was really wrong. I was looking down at my body. That was two days ago, and we still haven’t been able to switch back. In fact the suitcase won’t work for either one of us anymore. I kind of feel sorry for the new James. He got my middle age body, and I got this prime young beef. We don’t seem to be having to many problems adjusting to work or anything because we still seem to be able to access the others memories. One thing we have both noticed since the change is that neither one of us can get enough sex. It’s almost like we carried the porn stars horniness over into these new bodies.

I finally gave the suitcase to a friend of mine so that he could have some fun, but I warned him to be careful because you can’t always predict what it is going to do.

Well two weeks ago I had gotten a strange gift from my buddy Tom. He told me that his friend Sean gave him a suitcase and told him that it has the power to give you the body of your dreams. All you have to do is put a picture of the person you want to look like in the suitcase and wait an hour and then put the stuff that appears inside on, and suddenly you become that person. I asked Tom if it was true and if he’d tried it, he said no, he didn’t really believe it was true and never tried it, and didn’t need anymore luggage, so he decided to give it to me since he knew I was about to go on a trip to Europe for the summer. Yeah, I could use another suitcase I suppose, so I figured, what the hell.

Well, it sat in my closet for most of the last two weeks, and then it was the final weekend before I was going to go to Europe for the next 2 months. I decided to give it a try. So I pulled it out and tried to remember everything Tom told me: put a picture in the case, wait an hour, then put the stuff inside on, when you’re done, put the stuff back and you become your old self. I’m pretty sure that’s all he told me. I went to my bathroom and looked at myself, just incase I wasn’t able to return to my original form for some reason, I wanted to remember what I looked like. I was mid 20s, average height, not fat and not skinny, I had tried working out in college and had a decent shape, but I wasn’t any kind of muscle god. I had light brown hair and a mustache and goatee, a fairly hairy chest, and green eyes. I got my fair share of looks.

Well, Friday night I went through my old picture filed on my computer and tried out several different bodies. I eventually decided on a hot young white dude about 19 years old, over 6 feet tall, with black hair and blue eyes and a nice toned build, and to my surprise, a nice cut cock with trimmed pubes.

Suitcase Part 2

When I talked to myself in the mirror I realized the only flaw, I had a very effeminate voice, which was really odd when combined with my normal masculine features. It kind of reminded me of Mike Tyson in a way. Well, I was originally going to go to the straight club, but after this bodies effects started to hit me (yes this kid was gay, I myself was bi), I went to a gay club downtown instead. I had tons of fun and even found another cute guy to take home. It was incredible making love in another person’s body. This guy was gorgeous too, I told him I wanted to take his picture, if that was cool (I was a photographer, or at least the guy who had this body before was, since I had his memories). He said sure.

He had a gorgeous toned body, another white dude with bleached blonde hair and a decent tan. He was probably about my normal age, around 25. He was a little shorter than me, but he made that up in muscle. His cock wasn’t as big as my new cock, but it was still nice and fit in my mouth nicely. And since my new body preferred to bottom, I found out it fit in my hole nicely too. This new body of mine was fantastic, the feelings I felt as he plowed my ass that night made me feel things in ways I never did before. Eventually, almost 2 o’clock in the morning, we fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up again that same morning about 10 am, and was surprised to already find him gone. He was nice enough to leave me a note that said:

<I>Dave, I had a great time last night. I would love to get together again if you want to. I would also like you to take more pics of me, since I’m interested in being a model. You seem to have a real talent for it. Call me some time! 555-4895 Kevin</i>

Well, I was amazed, I began to wonder if he like the real me, or the me that I was last night. Unfortunately, I was fairly sure that it was the fake me that he liked more. I decided that it was time to get back to my old body. I took the gay kids clothes off and put them into the suitcase, and within seconds I found myself back in my old body again. I quickly printed out the picture of my new friend Kevin and placed it into the suitcase. After an hour, I went back to open the case and found the same underwear and pants he had on last night when I took the picture. I quickly put them on and instantly found myself in Kevin’s beautiful body.

Suitcase Part 2

I went to look at the new me in the mirror and was automatically turned on. I could feel Kevin’s super hormone’s flowing through me. Just like the real me, he was bi too. I also found out that he was more interested in my body (and maybe getting some free pictures done for his portfolio) rather than the real me. I thought he was such a jerk at the moment, or rather; I’m a jerk since I am him now. I looked into his memories more and found out he was very racist and very ashamed of being bi. He was also prior military, in the Navy. Last night was the first night he had even been into a gay club since he was 16. I decided, with my new access to his memories, and all the live he had messed up over the years, I was going to play the karma police tonight. So I put on my best looking outfit and headed over to the gay club that was more often frequented by black dudes and Hispanic dudes. Tonight, I was going to set things right.

Within seconds of walking in the door I could tell this maybe wasn’t such a good idea. I had the more hard core black dudes eyeing me something fierce and the Hispanic dudes tried to avoid eye contact. I could see both groups talking about me and laughing. Then a thin fem Hispanic dude came up to me, some old coked up dude that did nothing for me. He tried to hit on me, asking if I wanted to go have fun with him. I didn’t even acknowledge him with a response, and he suddenly started going off on me with a string of obscenities in Spanish and English. I turned around and looked him straight in the eyes and said “Shut the fuck up you piece of shit, no one wants your doped up old ass, maybe if you cleaned yourself up a bit you might actually find someone to treat you nice, but don’t take you coked up, fucked up life out on me, ok bitch!” And I turned around and walked away, all the while he continued to curse me behind my back.

I was amazed at that outburst, I mean, sure, people piss me off, but I usually just leave it alone. I looked back into my new memories again and realized that this guy had been through more than I thought. Sure, he grew up pampered and never really had to work for anything, but he was constantly picked on in school for that. So all his life he learned to defend himself in one way or another. The worst were the Hispanic gang at his high school that beat him up one day and stole his money, jacket, and shoes. He had never even known that it was coming, it wasn’t like he had started shit with them, all they wanted was just to mug him, without any reason. After high school, he went into the Navy. When he was in the Navy, he was already prejudiced to Hispanic dudes; he had never really grown up around black dudes, so he didn’t know anything about them. But the black guys in his unit had heard he didn’t like Latinos, and they automatically assumed that he didn’t like blacks either, so they picked on him and made his life hell. He eventually fought back and ended up getting kicked out of the Navy with a dishonorable discharge for disorderly conduct. Now he found it difficult to get any kind of job other than a stripper, which he now was, and a model, which he hoped to be.

Suddenly I had second thoughts about screwing up his life, he had his reasons for being an ass, and who was I to judge, I had done bad shit to other people too. But I didn’t have time to rethink my approach and to leave for the night before a nice looking young black dude came up to me.

“Wow, brah, you sure put that old queen in his place, I gotta give you props man.” He held out his fist for me to tap. Man did he have a sexy deep voice. He almost made me cum in my shorts just talking to me.

“Well, I hate those people that just think that the world revolves around them, even though their passed their prime. I mean, there’s a difference between being older, and being an old stuck up troll. Besides, I hate drug users.”

“You mean you don’t even 420?” He asked me, looking at me with those gorgeous deep brown eyes.

“I tried it once in high school, just didn’t like it.”

“Yeah, I hear ya brah, I did it all through high school and got kicked out. I gave it up after that and got my life together, now I’m going to school for my Journalism degree. Trying to make up for lost opportunities, know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean dude, by the way, my name’s Dave.” I held out my hand to him.

“I’m Dion, nice to meet ya brah!” He gave me the funky handshake kind of thing. He had an interesting accent, I ended up asking where he was from and he told me Hawaii. He told me that his friends called him Oreo, because he was white on the inside and black outside. He grew up with the white and Hawaiian surfer dudes and pretty much grew up in a white school. He was one of only 10 black guys at his school, the others weren’t natives, they were military brats from the Navy base. When he mentioned Navy, Kevin’s memories returned again, even thought he was never stationed in Hawaii. My thoughts came back once I felt Dion’s hand on my thigh.

“Whoa…” I blurted out.

“Sorry brah, too forward?” He looked at me sadly.

“No, no, you just surprised me is all. You know what, besides you, fuck this place, lets get the fuck out of here, cool?” I looked at him and smiled.

“Sure where do you want to go?”

“Let’s go to my place. Cool?”

“Sure thing brah!”

Well, much like the previous night with Kevin, we made passionate love; he bottomed for me, which was great, because I was afraid to take his huge cut tool up my tight ass. I also took a picture of Dion on my couch.

Suitcase Part 2

We sat up most of the night and talked about our pasts. I found myself really liking him, and he really seemed to like me too. We made out and cuddled in my bed until we fell asleep.

Sunday morning, Dion was gone. Or at least not in my bed, since I saw his underwear, jeans, boots and shirt on the side of my bed. I came into the kitchen drawn by the most amazing scent. I found Dion in my kitchen wearing a pair of my CK Boxer shorts and sweatpants, which looked really nice on his tight bubble butt.

“Hey, sleepyhead, bout time you got up brah. Hope you don’t mind me wearing your gear, it’s only for a little bit.”

“No, not at all, you look better in it than I do anyway.” I said and smiled.

“Well, I’ve been up an hour and decided to make us breakfast, is that cool?”

“That’s great man; I didn’t even know you could cook. What are you making?”

“It’s your basic French toast, bacon and eggs. Go have a seat, it’ll be ready in a few.” And he came over and gave me a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his muscular back and gave his a strong hug.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, I see all these pictures around here of this guy,” He said pointing to the picture of the real me, “But none of you… Is there something I should know about? Is this your boyfriend?”

I looked down, debating how I should tell him the truth, should I tell him the truth? “Busted huh brah? I figured too good to be true, was I just a fling while the boyfriend’s out of town?”

“No, no Dion! Not at all… “

“Then what Dave?”

“Man, how do I begin… Look, I know you don’t know me very well, and I know what I’m about to tell you is going to be pretty weird…”

“Wow, this sounds heavy… should I sit down?”

“No, you don’t have to, it’s just, that the guy in those pictures is me… the real me…” I said, while looking at him in the eyes.

“Wow, dude, I don’t follow you… What do you mean the REAL you?”

“I mean, that’s me, my original body. Look,” I said taking a deep breath, “It’s like this…”

I proceeded to tell him the story of the suitcase and all the stuff that went with it. When I was finished he looks at me and said,

“Are you sure you don’t do drugs?”

“Actually,” I thought for a second, I still have Kevin’s clothes, “I can prove it.” I go to my room and grab Kevin’s clothes. “Put these on.” I tell him.

“Ok, so if I put these on, I’m become, like, your twin right?” He says with an eyebrow cocked. “Heh, they won’t be able to call me Oreo anymore, then I’ll be all white.”

Suitcase Part 2

He put on the clothes and within seconds, he became a perfect copy of me.

I gave him some time to explore his new form. Meanwhile I had placed his picture in the suit case. We began to make love to each other (very weird to make love to your own self, I wonder if this is considered masturbation?) Finally the hour was finished, and I told him,

“I have a surprise for you; an hour should have passed… I put that picture I took last night in the suitcase, is it cool if I assume your form for awhile?”

“Sure thing bro.” I found his accent was gone in Kevin’s body.

I made my way to the suitcase and opened the lid to find the same clothes that Dion still had on my bedroom floor. I looked at him and nodded; he nodded back to me and smiled, giving me a thumbs-up sign. Slowly I pulled on his underwear, then his pants, next his socks, and finally I pulled on his tan boots and laced them up. I could feel the changes overcoming me, and I closed my eyes…

“Um… Dave, something is wrong…” Dion said to me. I opened my eyes and looked down on my body. It was toned, and I had the pecs that Dion had, and also the abs that Kevin had. I also noticed that my skin was darker, but not the same hue as Dion’s. I thought for a second maybe I did something wrong..

Suitcase Part 2

“You look kind of like a cross between me and the Kevin you dude. That’s pretty cool, but that wasn’t what was supposed to happen huh?” Dion asked me.

“No, I think I was supposed to become you completely, maybe it just takes longer?”

We ate breakfast and cuddled most of the rest of the day, but there was no change in my shape. Eventually, Dion put Kevin’s clothes back into the suitcase and became his original form. I put Dion’s clothes back, but I didn’t turn back into my original self or Kevin. I began to get worried, and Dion consoled me by saying,

“I think you’re perfect just the way you are, don’t worry about what you look like on the outside, I like the real you on the inside.”

Inside my memories I knew that he was telling me the truth. I know found I had the memories of Dion, Kevin and myself, and Dion told me the same thing. We found that since we could be completely sympathetic with each other, we could build a great relationship.

Dion continued his life in the body he was born with, and I remained in the body with the combined features. He was never able to use the suitcase again, and neither was I. But it didn’t matter, like Dion said, it’s what’s inside that’s the real us…

We took the trip to Europe together and sold the suitcase at a garage sell when we got back.

Not a bad deal, only $5 for a pretty decent looking old suitcase. I’ve seen these suitcases from back in the 30s, usually in a lot worse shape than this one. Here was an old canvas suitcase with leather edging and handle. Pretty spacious, most suitcases today wouldn’t fit more than a few days worth of clothing, since they had to fit on the plane, but this one was much larger, like you could fit a weeks worth of clothes in there.

Well, I traded the good looking young tan guy my Abraham Lincoln for the suitcase, and he says to me, “Do you believe in magic?” And I paused and looked at him oddly, “I used to when I was a kid, why?” “Well, that suitcase is magic, believe it or not. I can tell you how it works if you want…” And he smiled. Well, how could I resist that cute smile and those gorgeous eyes? I said,”Sure, I might not believe you, but go ahead and tell me about it…”

So he proceeds to tell me about how the suitcase works and a few warnings about not doing anything beyond those instructions because you wouldn’t be able to change back and you wouldn’t be able to use the case again. Well, I thanked him for the info, not believing a word of it, and took my new purchase home.

Well, I had dinner with my friends that night, some gay some straight, all of us were college buddies. We ate and drank at a fancy Italian restaurant downtown. I knew the owners and their son, Marc, was a cook and around 28 years old. He was like a little brother to me, we grew up together and hung out almost every week. I found him in the back as I was going to talk to the owners. He was apparently off for the time being and playing around in the back with his shirt off. He was obviously drunk and making an ass of himself, apparently he and his wife were on the rocks again and he was here to blow off some steam. One of the other cooks happened to have a camera and he knew about how much I loved Marc, or at least his body. So he quickly snapped a few shots and told me that he’d e-mail them later.

After saying hi to the owners, I returned to my table and enjoyed the rest of the dinner. We split up after shooting the shit for a half an hour, catching up on all that had happened and when we’d get together next.

On the drive home, I thought deeply about what the cute tan guy told me at the garage sale. I decided that I would give it a shot, nothing to lose right? So I went to my computer and went through my massive porn and picture file. I wasn’t sure what kind of body I would want. Right now I was 38, getting a bit heavy, although I used to be pretty fit when I was younger. I still have a power lifter build and I don’t look half bad at all, just not as toned as I used to be.

Suitcase Part 3

So I thought to myself, “Come on, Doug, you can be anyone in the world, or at least on your computer, who do you choose?”

I couldn’t decide on young or my age, thin or built, black, white, or whatever. I finally decided on a nice young toned body. I put the picture in the suitcase and waited in front of the TV, watching a little news.

I reflected on my life until now. I had been a police officer for 10 years, and I’m now working as a security consultant at a major business. I had grown no taller than 5’8” in my entire life, which worked for me when I was ripped, but now that I’ve gone soft, it just looks like I’m fat. I weigh 200lbs now, but have been trying to get down to 180 at least. I usually dress pretty nice, mostly Polo shirts and Khakis with nice shoes.

Finally the evening news was finished, and so was my hour. I went to the suitcase and was surprised to find inside a long sleeved shirt, visor cap, A & F boxers, and black jeans. At the back of the suitcase there were some dark gray socks and heavy tan boots. There was also a necklace. All these clothes seemed much smaller than I could possibly fit on me. I tried though. I found that most of the clothes were baggy enough that they fit me snugly. The T Shirt clung to my massive chest and gut, the underwear was stretched to the maximum limit of the elastic. The shoes, being bigger than my normal size 9 shoes, were mush larger than my feet; however they were very tight on the sides as I have wide feet. I finally had all the clothes on except for the visor; I slowly put it on and felt a falling feeling as I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror to find my body transforming as I watched. Slowly my gut began to disappear to reveal ripped abs like I’ve never had. My waist reduced to 29 inches and I found I had to hold up my pants until I readjusted the belt. The sleeves and chest of the shirt gradually became looser and I could feel my pecs and arms becoming more firm and more toned. My hair slowly darkened from blonde to brown and my eyes changed from blue to hazel. My face morphed to a younger one. Finally, my feet grew to take up the shape of the shoes. When it was finally finished, I found a stranger of maybe 17 standing in front of me. I was also now around 6-7 inches taller. I had to be at least 6’2” and about 165lbs.

Suitcase Part 3

Strange thoughts I never had before ran through my 17 year old mind. I had been gay ever since I hit puberty, but now I had a craving for some nice juicy pussy. Then it hit me, this kid must be straight. My mind became a passenger in this body as the original mind took over. I felt my body make my way to the living room, I went through the movies, looking for porn, hoping to find some hot twat fucking action or maybe some lesbians going at it. Nothing, it was all gay shit. My hormones were in overdrive now; I don’t ever remember being this horny when I was 17 before. I began to rub my thicker cock through my pants looking for something, ANYTHING, to get off on. My cock got to its full 7 inches (shorter than my original 8.5 uncut cock) but almost as thick as a soda can. I couldn’t take it anymore; I left my house and went looking for the nearest high school. The new me picked up on my memories and was at the local high school in less than 5 minutes.

Apparently there was a basketball game going on and I paid for a ticket and walked in. I looked at the teams playing, the home team was West View Rangers, and the away team was the Granby Stallions, and apparently the Stallions were winning by 50 points. I made my way to the stands and tried to find any hot looking girl to take back to my place. I went around and sat in the middle of the crowded stands and acted like I was watching the game. Occasionally I would lift my shirt and run my hard abs, showing them off to the girls around me. In almost no time at all I saw a cute white girl with brown hair and green eyes and some nice tits checking me out. When I caught her looking, she quickly looked away and giggled to her girlfriend. This is the one…

So I go over to them and introduce myself, “Hey, my name’s Doug”, hearing my new young voice for the first time, it has a slight Southern drawl to it. “I just moved here from Alabama, and I go to Granby, how about you girls?” I flashed them a killer smile.

“We go to West View, looks like your school is kicking our schools ass, we were about to leave, when you came along,” and she winked at me. “My name’s Shelly and this is Tanya.” She said, pointing to her equally gorgeous blonde girlfriend, with equally nice tits on her. “You’re pretty hot Doug; we were watching you and it kind of turned us on…” She said, getting quiet at the end. “Really?” I said, “I live really close to here, you guys want to come over for a while, since this game is pretty much over.” I said, smiling again. “Sure thing stud, let’s get the fuck out of here, you coming Tanya?” She said, looking at her friend, “No, I wish I could, but I got too much fucking homework to do tonight, but I’m sure you’ll tell me everything tomorrow right?” “Sure thing Tan, later girl.”

Within minutes I was going hard and heavy with Shelly. Her pert tits were in my mouth as she massaged my massive tool through my pants. I finally went down on her and began to eat her out, never having done this before in my previous life; it seemed to come naturally to this body. The way Shelly was moaning, I knew I had to be doing it right. Her juices were beginning to flow and so were mine. Precum completely soaked my boxers and my cock was totally wet. “Fuck me Doug, fuck me hard!” She shouted.

When I whipped out my massive cut cock, she took one look at it and her demeanor changed, “Wow, that’s fucking huge Doug. Take it easy, but I need that cock in me now.” This girl was a fucking nymphomaniac. So I gave my full 7 inches to her and let me tell you, it was TIGHT. She had a pretty loose pussy (no surprise) but my cock more than made up for it. In no time I was going full core on her pussy and she was fucking loving it. She begged me to go faster and harder. I fucked her for several hours, first in the missionary position, then doggie style, and then we tried some weirder positions until I began to get really close. I could feel these young balls about to reach climax. She was screaming at the top of her lungs now and that was throwing me for a loop. So I began to slow down and tease her (and myself) letting the pressure build and then letting it go, I did this for another half an hour before I finally couldn’t hold it anymore. I had made Shelly cum at least 3 times so far, and finally I released my load in her pussy. It was the greatest orgasm I had ever had. I had never fucked a girl before in my old life, and now I had fucked this hot young girl like a pro. I was spent. I lay on the bed and made out with her for several hours more before we went at it again. Eventually it was 3am and it was time for her to go. She left and I lay in the bed naked, caressing my naked young body and jacking off before I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up. I was back in control of the body and my room smelled of sex. I decided to get up and take a shower. I maintained control over the body, allowing myself to enjoy the younger, toned form as long as I could. I got out of the shower after jacking off a few times and picked up the clothes from this form and put them back in the suitcase. In a matter of seconds, my height had decreased, my body grew and my abs disappeared. My face filled out and my hair changed from brown back to blonde. Finally my naked cock regrew its foreskin as it extended a few inches which shrinking in girth. Once again, I was back in my original stocky middle aged form. But I was ready to play again. I finally had a great thought. I always had a thing for my little brother, but with all the taboos involved, I could never even hope to do anything. But now I would do sexual things with my brother and see his body too. So I went and got a picture of him I had in my family photos file on my computer and I was about to place it in the suitcase when I received an e-mail notification. I decided to check it out first before I did anything. I opened it up and found the picture that the cook at the restaurant had taken of the owner’s son. The message attached said “This was the best shot I took; I know you’ll like it. Hugs, Steve” I decided to postpone my transformation to my little brother for awhile so I could try out this hot Italian skin for a bit. Quickly I printed out the picture and put it in the suitcase.

While I was waiting for the hour to pass, I decided to reflect on my adventures last night. I finally decided that when I had allowed the hormones to take control of me, that was when I lost control of the body. Granted, that body had more hormones than I could handle. But still, I had to learn to control my urges if I was going to remain in control of my new form. The events of last night gave me a lot to think about, I mean, I fucked a girl, LOTS of times. I had never had sex with a girl. I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed it or whether the other me enjoyed it. It did feel pretty damn good, but then again, the young body felt good too, so maybe that’s what I was feeling. I eventually decided that I was going to think long and hard before I chose that body again, just incase it would bring me to more situations like that. I mean, what if she was pregnant, I know I’m technically the father, but then again, this body wasn’t the father, so what would happen to the baby if there was one? This was too much to think about, and I decided that if I do something like that again, it would be with protection on.

Finally the hour had passed and I went to the suit case and pulled out Marc’s underwear, jeans, ring, watch, necklace, visor, and socks and Nike shoes. I quickly put the gear on and felt my body getting younger and harder and my skin became darker, my hair turned from blonde to black and my facial hair grew out. Finally I felt my jeans becoming tighter as my ass filled out the back and my package filled out the front.

Suitcase Part 3

I gazed down at my hot new form and had to try my best not to let the hormones take over again. I felt my hard abs, my massive pecs, and my scruffy face. I grabbed my crotch and felt the massive tool growing there. Marc was taller than me at 6’0”, and he weighed around 180lbs. I pulled down my boxers and saw the beautiful cock there. It was like a mix between my original cock, and the kid’s cock from last night. It was at least 9 inches long and as thick as my cock was last night in the horny teen’s body. It was also uncut like my original cock and very dark. I began to massage the cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth and allowing it to grow the full length. I was amazed. It arched up at a 45 degree angle, and the feelings I had from it were incredible.

I moved into the bathroom and began to jack off while looking in the mirror on the back of the door. Then I did the weirdest thing, I began to make out with… myself, in the mirror. I was kissing my own reflection. Then I began to flex my biceps and began to kiss and lick them too. I licked my fingers and began to rub my nipples. I had no idea I could get off on my own body, but here I was, turned on by myself and making out with myself. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door. I panicked. Should I answer it? Should I answer it like this or change back to the old me. I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and went to the door. Looking through the peephole it was Marc, I decided to talk to him through the door.

“Hey Marc, I’m naked, and about to hop in the shower, what’s up?” Great, my voice sounds like his, this probably isn’t going to work.

“I had another fight with that bitch, she kicked me out, I just need a place to crash for awhile, can I come in dude, I’ve seen you naked before, its not going to scare me.” He sounded a little drunk and a little depressed too, “By the way, are you sick, your voice sounds weird?”

“No, I’m cool bro. But you might be surprised if I open this door.” I said.

“What do you have another guy in there?”

“No quite,” I sighed, “Okay, brace yourself.” And I opened the door. Marc was so drunk he thought it was a trick.

“Cool trick dude, cool mirror, how did you do that?”

“Marc, it’s me, I’m you, or at least I have your body…”

“Ok, I definitely drank too much tonight, I’m just going to crash on the couch until I stop hallucinating.”

“Marc, you’re not hallucinating, it is me. It’s a long story, sit down.”

He sat down and I told him about everything that happened to me, I could tell he was getting turned on, because his ears got red, just like mine did when I was making out with myself. His eyes were half open, like he was floating on hormones.

“Dude, that is some story, but it must be true, because you have my body…” He said and smiles, “My hot, gorgeous body… I want you so bad…” His face moved towards mine and his lips met mine, gradually I lowered my guard and allowed his tongue to enter my mouth, he allowed me to do the same with him. So it ended up that I was making out with myself, literally. Apparently this had been a long time dream of Marc’s. He was totally straight, but he always had a fantasy of having a twin and then making love with that twin. And that fantasy ended up coming true. We took turns all night making love to one another and it was wonderful. He was so gentle and sexy, it was incredible. It was the most fantastic night I ever had. And somewhere inside I wished it could last. The way Marc treated me that night was perfect, I felt loved, I felt wanted, and I felt the passion. Something I had always wanted to do with Marc, but never could because he was straight. No we both had our fantasies fulfilled. We eventually fell asleep together on my bed in each others arms.

The next morning, he awoke first and looked at me, waking me up. “So it wasn’t a dream then, it was all real?” “Yeah Marc, it all happened.” “That was the most incredible night of my life Doug, I would leave my wife to be with you, or I mean, to be with me. Does that sound weird?” He asked me, putting his head on my shoulder. “A little, you’ve been married to Kate for 5 years; thankfully you don’t have any kids, but still, is there no hope for you two to work things out?” He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes thinking about my question. “I don’t know, we seem too different, Kate and I. I guess our problems are part my fault, because I always wanted to be alone, and it was always my fantasy to be with a clone of me. Now that I had the chance to be with… myself, I don’t know if I really want to go back to her. What do you think I should do?”

I thought for a few minutes, “You know that I always wanted to be with you Marc, but this isn’t the real me, I’m just a copy of you physically, and inside I’m still Doug, for the most part. I feel bits and pieces of you in my mind, but overall, it’s like I’m Doug with a mask on, would you be willing to be with me if I didn’t look like you? Would you give the same passion and love that I felt last night?” Then I looked into his deep brown eyes. “I… I don’t know Doug, I mean I do love you, but like a brother, we’ve been through a lot together, and I’ll never forget that. Could I have a relationship with another guy? I don’t know if I ever could do that. I mean, I’m straight, I don’t know if I can do something with another guy…” “You know Marc, technically, last night you were with another guy, just another guy who happened to look exactly like you, so in my mind I see no difference between having sex with a copy of yourself and having sex with another man, so long as you love them, right?” We sat in the bed for a few more minutes before deciding to take a shower. To fulfill his last fantasy, we took the shower together and he washed his own body from a different perspective, but we didn’t do anything sexual. We got out and dried off and he put his clothes back on while I put the clothes I had worn to become Marc back into the suitcase. He watched as my body slowly became my original form. I went and put some of my normal clothes on and returned to the living room to find Marc on the couch with two sodas. We sat and drank the sodas while watching TV for awhile. Finally he decided to leave and move to the door. Before he left he turned to me, “Doug, I want to thank you for letting me stay the night, and for the talk, I need to think about some things. I’ll call you later, cool?” “Sure thing Marc, you know I care about you.” “Yeah, I know Doug.” He said, as he moved closer to me. Then he surprised me by kissing me. He embraced me and we made out for a minute, before he broke off to say, “I care about you a lot too Doug.” Before he left my house, I noticed that his ears were red…

It had been a few months later, and I had forgotten all about the suitcase, as it seemed to only make my life weirder. It was a few weeks ago that I learned that Marc was looking into getting a divorce from his wife. Apparently, after thinking it over for quite awhile, he decided that he couldn’t be with her anymore. He never told me if he wanted to be with me, but I had a feeling that I was part of the reason he was leaving her.

It was a cold winter morning when I heard a faint knock at my door. I was dressed only in an old college sweatshirt and sweatpants. I opened the door to find a teenage girl standing on my step. She looked at me for a second and then asked, “Is Doug here?” I was about to say, “I’m Doug” when I suddenly recognized her at the girl I fucked when I was in the horny teenager body. Thinking fast, I said, “Oh, Doug? He was the previous owner’s son, they moved back down south. I’m not sure where, but they left a few months ago.” I could see how devastated she was. I could also see that she was at least a few months pregnant. “Crap!” I thought to myself, “I got her pregnant in the kid’s body.” I really hated to screw her over like that, but I had gotten in over my head. Now at 39, I was too old to take care of a kid, and I really didn’t want to get involved. But, on the other hand, I felt really bad for her, knowing that she would have to take care of the child on her own. It was all because of my inability to control my urges. If I had just tried to control the body better, I wouldn’t have lost it and fucked this girl, getting her pregnant. I could see her begin to cry as she said, “Oh… ok, thanks…” and she began to walk away. I watched her get back into her car and as she drove off, I slowly closed the door.

This was a pretty heavy situation, I mean; I got a teenage girl pregnant, because I was literally a stupid horny teenager thinking with my cock. I needed to relax. I was about to go soak in the tub when my phone rang. “Great, now what is it?” I said to myself. Something told me it was Marc, and that something was right.

“Hey Doug, I got into a fight with my parents, I need to crash at your place for awhile. Can I?”

See, Marc separated from his wife shortly after our night together, and during that time, he had been staying with his parents. He came over to my place to hang out every weekend, but we never did anything sexual, we just hung out and drank a few beers while watching TV or movies. Now, he was asking, pretty much, if he could move in with me.

“You know you’re always welcome at my place bro. You’ll have to sleep on the couch though.” I said to him.

“Oh…” he said, sounding disappointed, “Okay…”

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Nothing, it’s cool…”

“All right. By the way, I was planning on seeing that new Lord of the Rings movie tonight, you want to come with me?”

“Damn, three and a half hours sitting in them uncomfortable theater seats, I don’t know how you can do it.”

“So is that a yes?” I asked.

“Of course bro, what else am I going to do? Sit on the couch and watch TV?” he said and laughed.

“Cool, well come on over, I’m just going to hop in the shower, I should be out by the time you get here.”

So I hopped in the shower, and tried to forget all about the girl at my door this morning. Besides, how could I be sure that the kid was ‘mine’, as much of a nymphomaniac as she was, it could be any of the guys at her school. I got out of the shower, dressing in some jeans, a sweater, and some boots. I sat down watching TV when five minutes later Marc was knocking at the door.

“Hey Bro!” he said, as he hugged me tightly, “Thanks for letting me stay with you… I’m looking forward to spending more time with you…” He said, as I noticed that his ears were as red as cherries. He was dressed pretty nicely. His club outfit, pretty much. His outfit was a tight fitting club shirt which showed off his chest nicely, unbuttoned towards the top to hint at his pecs, which was under his leather jacket, dressy slacks which showed off his tight ass, and Sketchers boots. He also reeked of what I call the “Gay Cologne”, Aqua di Gio. I have only met other gay dudes that wear that cologne, and I have never smelled it on Marc before today. Needless to say, I was instantly hard. He noticed and began to rub my crotch. “What do we have here bro? Getting off on my look? That’s cool, that’s what I was going for…” He smirked and winked.

“Damn Marc, you’re such a horn dog. Well, the movie starts in a few hours; we can keep our selves occupied here for a while.” I said with a smile.

“Well, I was interested in trying that suitcase of yours. You let me live my fantasy, now I want to live yours.” He said to me, as I looked at him astonished. After all the problems that thing seemed to cause, he wanted to bring it back into my life. I knew that I had buried it in the back of my closet. “So Doug, what’s your fantasy?”

It didn’t take me more than a second to blurt out, “My little brother.” “Really?” he said. “He is a little cutie; you always wanted to do a little incest huh?” I looked at him, slightly ashamed, “Yeah…” “It’s cool bro. Ha! Now I will be your bro, for real.”

So I dug out the case and brought into the living room. I printed out a picture of my little brother, one of him being goofy and posing in the bathroom.

Suitcase Part 4

At 24, he looked much younger. I took the picture into the living room, placing it in the suitcase. We sat on the couch, lying in each other’s arms for the next hour just watching ESPN. We made out occasionally. I guess Marc decided that he did want to be with me. Which was cool with me, I really did love him, at the fact that he was an Italian stud didn’t hurt either.

When the hour was up, he opened the case, pulling out the jeans, belt, socks, and plain white boxers my brother was wearing in the picture. Strange, they looked just like my boxers; I guess we had similar taste. He took the clothes into my bathroom. “When I come out, I want to surprise you, so close your eyes until I give you a signal.” “What’s the signal?” “You’ll know…” He said and winked. He pulled off his shirt before he disappeared into the bathroom and I got one last look at his gorgeous back and his pants bagged down enough to where I could see the top of his butt. Then I closed my eyes…

A few minutes later, I heard him moving towards me. I could sense him right next to me. Then I felt his lips on mine. He began to push his tongue into my mouth and we deep-kissed for a minute. Then he broke off. I opened my eyes and saw my little brother standing in front of me. Instant hard-on. I just had to have him right then and there. I pulled him down to me and we made out on the couch. Soon our clothes were off and my cock was in his mouth. He had a nice cock too. A cock I hadn’t seen since he was a little baby. It had grown since then, man, had it grown. It was about as large as Marc’s real cock, uncut too, just white like mine, with a bright red head. The pubic hair was neatly trimmed and the rest of the body was nearly hairless. The platinum blonde hair was a real turn on too. In no time at all, I was shooting my cum down my little brother’s mouth. He, in turn, blew his load all over my hairy chest. Then he licked off the cum and fed me a little of it. It tasted incredibly sweet. I was in heaven. We lay naked in each other’s arms for a while as the euphoria of the orgasm passed over us. Then he got us and looked at me in the eyes. “I have another fantasy I want to try.” He said, “What’s that?” “I always wanted to be with a military dude, even just once. Do you have any pictures of a military stud?” He asked. “Let me check, I’m sure I do somewhere.”

So I went over to my computer and looked through all the files. “Do you prefer younger or an older guy? With tats or without? What ethnicity?” I asked him. “Show me what you got, and I’ll decide.”

“How about this one?” I said, showing him a picture of a young airman showing off. “No, too scrawny, and he looks younger than me.”

“Okay, how about this one?” I said, showing him the picture of a large muscular hairy army officer. “No, too hairy, he’s even more hairy than you!” He said and smiled.

“Okay, or how about this one?” I said, showing him the picture of a half naked Latino navy dude. “Cute face, nice body, but just not butch enough to get me hot, what else you got?”

I was beginning to get tired of combing through my files, so I just pulled up random pictures. “This one?” I said, showing him the picture of a large muscular Air Force officer showing off his body in his office. He had a tattoo on his arm, but a really weird face. “Hell no! He’s got a totally fucked up face.”

“Man, I’m sorry for being so picky, I swear, I’ll go with the next one, whatever it is.” “Ah, here’s a good one!” a hot marine roughly his real age.

“Dude! That’s fucking perfect. Do that one!”

Suitcase Part 4

So I print out the picture and place it in the suitcase. In a little over an hour (and with little time to spare to get to the movie), I open the case and pull out the treasures inside: long camouflage pants and a large camouflage shirt, a green undershirt, a Marine cover, belt, and some plain white briefs, a watch, green socks, and very large black combat boots. Apparently, this Marine was pretty tall. From what I could judge from the clothes, he was at least 6’4”, if not more.

I strip naked in front of Marc, my “little brother” and put each item on. In a matter of moments, I feel the familiar transformation taking me over. Instantly my body shot up nearly a foot taller. My muscles contracted and veins began to appear on my forearms and biceps. I felt the pants fill out in both the front and the back. The size 36 briefs, which had previously fit somewhat loosely, now were quite tight, due to my now much larger cock. My feet grew and expanded until they had completely filled my size 14 boots. Both shirts became very tight as my muscles that had previously contracted began to re-grow and gain mass. My hair changed from blonde to dark brown and my eyes changed to green. I felt my face become square and hard, and my abs began to reappear on my stomach. In a matter of moments, I was a tall hard core Marine. Marc’s tongue hung out of his mouth as he could barely contain his drool.

I went to the bathroom to check myself out and nearly creamed at my new appearance. Again I began to feel straight thoughts running through my head. “Oh shit” I said to myself, “I can’t let that happen again.” So I did my best to keep this body’s straight urges under control. I really wanted to check out my cock right then, but we had a movie to get to, and I had to get going. Should I go in this outfit? I decided to dress down a little bit. I played off a grunge look. I kept the pants and boots on, throwing on one of my large hooded sweatshirts and a ball cap. The look was unusual, but I thought it would work.

So we headed to the movie and sat in the back row. Thankfully, since the movie came out weeks ago, there weren’t many people in the theater. My sweatshirt, even though it was large, was a little small on this new body and very tight. I was starting to get hot, as the theater had the heater on, so I took my sweatshirt off, leaving my tight green undershirt on. I put the sweatshirt on the armrest between me and my “brother’s” seat. I felt Marc begin to rub my leg, and so I did the same in return. He began to move his hand up to my large cock (I hadn’t had a chance to find out how large it was yet, but I was sure it was larger than even Marc’s original 9 inches), and even though the pants were tight, he managed to get his hand under my belt and felt my cock. I could tell I was uncut again, as he began to move the foreskin back and forth. I leaned back in my seat as he began to jack me off. I felt the huge cock just ooze pre-cum non-stop. It was amazing. My briefs and Marc’s hands were completely drenched. This body was so sensitive, I felt like I was high on drugs as he jacked my cock. I moaned, softly at first, feeling like my head was floating. Gradually I began to moan louder, until I was drawing attention to myself. There was only five other people in the theater, and they were all looking at us. My “brother”, thinking fast, mouthed “He’s not feeling himself.” (which was technically true) and he made motions as if to say that I was sick. The other movie-goers seemed to accept this and went back to watching the movie.

I had been so close to blowing my load. Now I was going to have some blue balls, because Marc stopped, not wanting us to get in trouble. He leaned over and said, “We’ll finish this later.” And he winked. Then he began to lick my pre-cum off of his fingers. I looked over at him, astonished. “You want to try some?” He asked, offering his fingers. I reached my hand down my pants and took a small droplet from the tip. I put it on my tongue and savored the taste. It was slightly salty, but a little sweet too, it tasted a little like vinegar. “Good stuff isn’t it?” He asked, “Sure is!” I said back.

When the movie was finished (and my briefs had dried) I put the sweatshirt back on, trying my best to cover my massive tool, which hadn’t gone down the whole movie. I felt Marc pinch my ass as I was pulling the shirt on. I turned around quickly and smile, as he winked. “Let’s go home!” I said, “Hell yeah bro!” he said, like it was his birthday.

Back home, naked in my bedroom, we began to make passionate love. It was similar to the first time we had sex together. I saw my naked body for the first time in all its glory. I had an amazing 11 inch cock, thick and uncut. My body wasn’t as gargantuan as a bodybuilder’s, but it was tall and very well proportioned. He even massaged my large feet and began to suck my large toes. I explored every inch of my “little brother’s” body as he did the same to me. Again, my head floated and I was moaning so loud, I’m sure the neighbors could hear. Marc, on the other hand, was pretty quiet, and he just kind of whimpered. As there was no way my cock would fit in his ass (we tried, it wasn’t going to work) I ended up being the bottom. My ass was tight, as it was virgin (this body being straight and all), and I began to moan even loader than before. Slowly, he began to pump me harder and faster, and at the same time, I was nearly screaming at the top of my lungs, my deeper voice echoing in my room. I was just a big butch bottom, getting plowed by my “little brother”.

His whimpering came quicker and a little louder. Suddenly I could tell he was almost there. He began to slow down. In a few more thrusts, he came deep inside my straight Marine ass. He collapsed on top of me and we made out until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The Next Day

Marc had told me that he got up before me that day. He decided to return to his original form, and maybe try out another body. He told me that he saw two similar boxers on the floor. They were both red plaid, and they were both size 36 (my little brother liked to wear baggy boxers, I had no idea why). He tried his best to remember which one was the one that he wore on my brother’s body last night. He grabbed the rest of the clothes and put them in the suitcase. In a matter of seconds, he felt himself growing again. He looked down at his body, expecting it to regain the deep Mediterranean hue he was used to. But instead, his skin remained white. His body grew and he became more muscular. But he did not regain his original body. He was taller than his 6’ height, and a little stockier than muscular. He went into the bathroom to see what had happened.

Suitcase Part 4

He looked like an older version of my little brother. It was like the suitcase averaged our age, making him about 31 years old. He realized that he had goofed and he was now still my little brother, just a few years older. He went to my computer and found the picture of himself. He put it in the case and waited the hour. When he went back to check the case, he found his old clothes in it. He quickly put the clothes on, and waited for the change to happen. But he still remained the hybrid form. He began to freak out. He came back into my bedroom and woke me up.

“Doug, we have a problem”. He said, shaking me awake. I rolled over and looked at him. “So you played with the case huh?” I thought he decided to try out another body, “Who is that supposed to be?” “Doug, I tried to put your little brother’s clothes back in the suit case, and I guess I grabbed your boxers instead of his, and now I’m an older version of your little brother.” He explained.

“No shit?” I said, “So why don’t you just change back?” “I tired,” he said, motioning to his real clothes, “But it looks like I’m stuck like this.” “Well, let me try your clothes then.” “I don’t think you should, you might get stuck too. First, put the Marine’s clothes back in the case, then I’ll put my clothes in. Then put my picture back in, hopefully that will work.”

In a little over an hour, I was back in my old body (the resemblance was uncanny, him being older now, he really looked like my brother, almost a twin). I went to the case and pulled out the clothes that Marc had been wearing only a short while ago. I put them on and felt the change come over me. In a matter of minutes, I was in Marc’s body again. “Okay, they worked for me,” I said, stripping down, “Now you try the clothes.” And he did. But still he remained the same. He was really worried now, and he began to cry.

“Marc, it’s okay.” I said, trying to comfort him. “It’ll be all right. I still love you, and always will. We’ll make it through this together.”

He collapsed in my arms. I could tell he was worried about his family, his friends, his past, and how he would never be able to live that life again. He felt trapped.

“Look Marc,” I said softly, “If worse comes to worse, you can live my life, and I’ll live yours. And we can still be together.” I leaned down and kissed him, then wiped away his tears. “I love you Marc; I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” He hugged me back tightly and put his face in my chest (or I should say, his chest) and we sat like that for nearly an hour until I suggested that we go get some lunch. He began to feel better, and in the car, he said to me. “This won’t be so bad; I’m still with the man I love, even if I’m not in my right body.” “That’s the spirit,” I said to him smiling, “We’ll make it through together.” He grabbed my hand and held it tight, and then kissed it. He continued to hold it all the way to the restaurant.

Tomorrow would be a new day. But I had to decide if I wanted to keep the case, or get rid of it. After a long talk that evening with Marc, he told me to keep my body and get rid of the case. He was afraid that one day I would get stuck too. So I took the case down to the Thrift Store and dropped it off. I hoped that the next person to buy the case wouldn’t be cursed by its misuse. Actually, I can’t say we were cursed; it seemed to bring a lot more to our life than it took away. I left some instructions on how to use the case in a hidden compartment. If no one ever found them, then maybe the case would never be used again…

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