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I started a new job at a Bakery in a food store, and it was paying more money then my old job. Plus there were a lot more cute guys working at this new job. Especially another guy in the Bakery, his name was James. He was 25 and really built, tall and strong. The only problem was that he seemed kinda messed up in the head, he would talk to himself, and smile when there was no reason to. Plus he angered the store personel, especially those in the Bakery department.

I however wanted to get to know him… He went to the same school that I was currently at, so that gave us something to talk about. I asked if I could stop by his apartment to hang, he was busy for awhile, and it seemed like he made any excuse not to see me. I almost thought he knew I was gay, but one day at work, he said he wouldn't be busy and that I was welcome to come over.

I jumped at the chance, and went over to his apartment with a plan. You see I have this extreme fetish to shrink in front of another guy. I knew the stuff I made from my “Young evil scientists kit” would work, or at least I hoped it would. I got there and he welcomed me in, we talked for awhile, then watched TV and played video games. It was almost time for me to leave and I still hadn't drank the formula. I put some in my glass, but didn't notice that some went into James glass as well. I gave him his drink and we both downed them within seconds.

He asked me to get the bag of chips for him, and I figured the potion would take its course by then. as I approached him with the bag our hands met, and I gave him a shock since I had socks on and was rubbing along his carpet. The shock was more intense then most jolts you get from such a little amount of static electricity. After about ten minutes he said, he had to go pick up a friend. I said I would get going, but I didn't understand why the potion wasn't working.

I suddenly got a pain in my stomach and bent over in agony, the pain consumed my body and gave a warm tingling all over. I got up and realized that James was taller then he already was.His 6’3” body now looked 7' to me.

“Somethings wrong…” he said, “You look different…”

Pain stabbed my stomach once more and I watch as James got even taller, his body now bigger then before, but he wasn't growing, I was shrinking.

“Dude, you're shrinking!” he said, “But how can that be?”

I yelled in pain, and shrunk some more, my body now reaching his abs.

“I took a shrinking potion…” I said.

“No way, really?!”

“Yeah, and I'm gonna get real small…” I whimpered.

“How small, like dog s mall?”


“Cat s mall?”


“Mouse small…?” He shouted in disbelief.

“Probably smaller…” I said.

“Dude this is so awesome…!” he shouted in his now booming voice.

It was then that I realised how stupid I was taking that potion as now I would be shrunk so tiny, and put in the hands of this really weird 25 yr old…

I kept shrinking smaller, down to his crotch, then to his knees, then to his ankles, and stopped at 6 inches tall.

“WOW! YOU'RE LIKE TOTALLY PUNY!” he shouted in an earth shattering voice.

I couldn't believe what I had done, and if things weren't worse, he suddenly writhed in pain. I looked up at his massive body and noticed that it was even more massive. But I hadn't shrunk anymore… I then noticed that he in fact was growing, at a very rapid rate. He ripped through his clothes in a matter of seconds revealing to me what I longed to see. He had a beautiful set of pecs which were well rounded and the nipples were just the right size. He was hairless except for the ones that covered lightly around his navel which slowly diminished into his tight six pack of abs. That seemed to be getting tighter by the minute, and his muscles were hardening and growing along with him, and proportionate to him. His dick was growing to like 20 feet long, and that was if I was normal, to me it was like 1,000 feet.

I watched as he stood up and plowed through the ceiling, and at that moment, I started to shrink again. I went down to 4 inches, but noticed James grew larger faster. I then realised that everytime I shrank he grew more, my energy was somehow being transfered to him giving him size.

I shrank even more, down to like 2 inches, now not only did everything look massive around me, but the continuously growing James was the most gigantic thing I had ever seen. He was the size of the moon to me…

I heard James let an erotic moan and knew his massive balls were probably filled to capacity. He groaned in his deep voice and let an explosion of cum erupt from hid titanic manhood. I watched as it cam down on me, I shrank even more—down to 1/2 an inch. The cum splattered all over me, it was like a sea of jizm all over, I tried swimming, but it was too hard and I started to drown. I shrank once more before I sank into the cum and swallowed too much.

James watched as his height continued to increase he blew his load all over, he wasn't sure why he was growing but didn't care. He had some revenge to enact. James stomped his way towards his work, continuing to grow with each passing minute. He ripped off the ceiling and the Bakery managers looked up to see the gigantic face of their worst employee.

“Heidily hoo!!!” James shouted.

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