Uncle C

by Portowulf

Charles finds a trinket at a small store in the city that brings unexpected changes.

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It was a warm night in late May, and Charlie laid in his room, his mind filled with what was to come in the future. He had graduated two weeks ago, and the 19 year old was already packed to finally move to the big city. A box filled with wrestling trophies and gear was the only thing left in his room. The rest was in the old family van already.

At one point, he worried about leaving, but after his girlfriend Jenna left him, he had nothing holding him back anymore. He grew up with a single father, who loved him but was very stern and didn’t show it. He joined wrestling as a way to get closer with his father, having remembered watching his uncle and father wrestle at family cookouts, and always being impressed by the trophies and photos of father and uncle’s days in national competitions, but his father never warmed up.

Years ago, his father and uncle got into a fight, and his uncle, who had been living with them until that time, left to move to New York City. This left Charlie and his father alone in the middle of a small town, and Charlie never felt so alone.

Despite his father’s reluctance, he was going to college in New York, and had reached out to his Uncle after years of silence, to see if he had any space for him before he could move into the dorms that fall.

The young stud laid out on his bed, thinking about his big move. The heat left him in nothing but some basketball shorts. Beads of sweat all over his bulky body. Charles was built like an ox, wide and thick, and had always been unusually hairy for his age. His cellphone balanced on his thick pecs, when suddenly it lit up with green light. A message from his uncle.

“Hey sport, got your message. You should be asleep! But I’m very happy to see you too,” read the message.

Charlie smirked and texted back. “Can’t sleep tho, too pumped.”

He waited a few seconds, before getting a reply. “Can always rest here, but I want to show you around so don’t come too tired. Haha”

“LOL” Charlie replied, dropping the phone to his side. It was already 2 a.m. He really needed to sleep…

The next morning, Charlie said goodbye to his father after breakfast. His dad gave him a ‘manly’ one-armed hug. He had always been awkward at showing affection to his son, and Charlie knew it, so the small gesture meant a lot.

The young jock was wearing typical sporty attire, tee-shirt, loose shorts, sneakers, and as he sat in the driver’s seat of the old van, his father placed a cap over Charlie’s head, purposely covering his eyes with it.

“Guess you’re going to need this,” he said, jokingly.

Charlie ripped it off his head, and looked at it. It was a Yankees hat.

“I ain’t no traitor!” Charlie exclaimed, goofily, throwing the hat on the ground. Instead, he rummaged through his messy front seat, and pulled out a battered Red Sox hat, and put it on. “Boston for life!” he yelled.

His father laughed. “I guess there’s still some honor in you yet, kid.”

Charlie’s smile crooked. It was a joke, but his words twinged Charlie with a sense of guilt. He wondered if his father thought he was running away, like his Uncle had all those years ago.

His father put a big hand on his son’s head, as if he was going to tussle his hair, despite it being covered by a cap. “Drive safe.”

Charlie nodded, and started the van. Soon, he was on his way.

Five hours later, he was pulling up to his Uncle’s building. He saw his uncle standing outside, waiting.

“Uncle C!” Charlie called from the van

His Uncle waved, and went to meet him by the van. He was a tall man, with a goatee. He had sunken eyes, and tan skin, and still maintained the physique he had during his wrestling days. He looked pretty good for his age, Charlie thought.

“Please tell me you have a bathroom,” said Charlie. “I need to pee.”

His uncle replied, completely deadpan. “No, New York apartments are small. Couldn’t afford a bathroom, hope you brought a bottle.”

Charlie stared at him, but his uncle couldn’t keep a straight face. “Ha, you should have seen your face. Of course I have a toilet! Come on, I’ll show you.”

Charlie power-walked to the apartment building, and the two got into the elevator together.

“You should tell your dad you got here safe,” said Uncle C.

“Yea. After I pee, though,” said Charlie.

Luckily, they got to the floor quickly, and Uncle C lived near the elevator. As soon as Uncle C opened the door, Charles made a run for the toilet, shutting the door behind him.

“I thought we could go out into the city,” said Uncle C, outside the door. “If you’re not too tired.”

“Uhh, sure!” said Charlie from inside. “That sounds fun!”

Uncle C waited until he heard the sound of the toilet flushing. “Don’t forget to text your dad.”

Charlie came out. “You couldn’t have texted him?” he said, teasing his uncle.

“We still haven’t talked since you were little. I think it’s best if you do it,” replied Uncle C.

“All right, all right,” said Charlie, already writing a response without even looking at his phone “So where do you want to go?”

“Come with me, we’ll take the subway. We can see the sights. Live as a tourist for a day,” said Uncle C with a smile.

“I am a tourist though!” joked Charlie

“Not for long, kiddo,” said his uncle. “Soon you’ll be a proper New Yorker.”

“Nah,” teased Charlie. “Boston for life!” he exclaimed, echoing his last words to his father.

“Haha, you remind me of him. He was always so stubborn,” said his uncle. “Okay, let’s head out.”

The two took the subway all the way downtown. They used the time to catch up on all the years they missed. Uncle C pointed out different things at each stop, as they traveled all the way down the island of Manhattan. Eventually they got off at the southern tip, and started to walk north.

They saw the New York Stock Exchange, and the Running Bull statue; they saw the World Trade Center memorial; they saw different stores and parks and restaurants and Uncle C told Charlie about years ago and what they used to be and memories of the area. Eventually, they made it to Canal Street where Chinatown was. Uncle C bought the two of them food from a street cart, and brought him towards a store.

“I know you ran to the bathroom earlier, but if you noticed my apartment, it’s filled with a lot of objects,” Uncle C began.

“Oh, you mean all the junk everywhere? Yeah, I noticed,” Charlie said mockingly.

“It’s not junk!” exclaimed Uncle C. “They’re quality items, and this is the biggest source of those items.”

The two entered a dimly lit hole-in-the-wall of a shop. It was tightly packed with furniture, art, and trinkets. Many things were of East Asian design, but the entire store was a mix-match of cultures, styles, and design.

Charlie was drawn towards the one wall with a rack of weapons. “Whoa, cool,” he said, in a jockish drawl.

Uncle C put a hand on his shoulder and turned him around. “No weapons,” he said. “And no furniture or big items. But if you can carry it back on the subway, I’ll buy you whatever you want. One thing.”

“You just want me to be a hoarder like you,” Charlie joked.

“You caught me,” replied Uncle C sarcastically.

Charlie walked to the opposite wall, and looked at a palm-sized piece of metal, with intricate designs on it. A shopkeeper entered from the back, and approached Charlie, while Uncle C continued to browse.

“You like what you see?” asked the shop attendant.

“Yeah” Charlie said, almost in a trance. “…What is it?”

“It’s an old Ukrainian trinket. Supposedly it brings the heart’s desire if you keep it with you at all times,” replied the attendant. He was really attempting to sell the mystery.

“Uh huh, my heart’s desire. Sure,” Charlie said, unimpressed. “Like, what, it’ll bring Jenna back?”

The shopkeep narrowed his eyes. “It doesn’t do what you ask of it, it brings your heart’s desire. Even if you do not know it yourself.”

“How would I not know my own desires?” Charlie asked, confused.

The shopkeeper played coy. “How should I know?” he said, turning around to pretend-clean.

Charlie was sold. “Sure. I’ll take it.” He turned to call for his uncle. “Hey Uncle C! I found something.”

Uncle C walked over, and saw the trinket. “Oh, that’s cool,” he exclaimed. “You have a good eye, kid.”

“I have one other, if you want the pair,” said the shopkeep.

“Can’t separate the two, I guess. I can have one as well. We’ll match,” Uncle C said with a chuckle.

He paid for the two, and each put theirs in their respective pockets. The two left, to continue their walking tour of Manhattan.

For hours, they walked the streets, grabbing bites to eat, checking the sights, and otherwise having fun out about the city. They saw the Empire State Building and Madison Square; they saw Rockefeller Center, and the stores on Madison Avenue; they got dinner in Hell’s Kitchen, and walked a bit at the Central Park Zoo.

Soon, Charlie was getting tired. He wasn’t used to all this walking around, even if his Uncle was ready to keep going. Uncle C noticed though, and without making it a big deal, he suggested they take the subway back the rest of the way because it was “getting late.”

The two took the subway up to Uncle C’s apartment. By the time they got back, Charlie was too tired to unpack his van. “We can do it tomorrow, don’t worry,” assured Uncle C.

They entered the apartment, and Charlie looked for a couch to crash on, since he hadn’t unpacked his air mattress or bedding yet. He stood, exhausted, finding the sole couch covered in boxes and knick-knacks.

“Heh, sorry about that. I should have cleaned up before I had company,” said Uncle C.

“It’s okay, dude, do you have some blankets? I’m so tired I could just sleep on the floor,” replied Charlie, exhausted.

“Nonsense, I have a huge bed. I’m not going to make you sleep on the floor,” said Uncle C.

“If it’s not too much of a bother, I’ll get the air mattress tomorrow,” Charlie assured him.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m tired too,” said Uncle C.

Charlie went to the bedroom and sat on the bed. He had taken off his sneakers when he entered the apartment, but was still wearing the rest of his clothing. He wanted to take a shower and change, but his clothes were down in the van.

Luckily, Uncle C understood. “We’ll do laundry tomorrow. For now, get some rest.”

The two of them collapsed onto the bed, and passed out. As they slept, Charlie felt a warmness coming from his pocket, but did not think much of it, nor did his Uncle C.

As Charlie slept, he had an intense dream. He relived the scene of Jenna leaving him, saying he was never affectionate enough. He never ‘tried anything’ with her, and she didn’t see the relationship going anywhere. Yet from there the dream went into all his wrestling bros. They always supported him. He was always happy with them. He looked up to them, and always wanted to look like them too. Their huge bulking bodies; thick necks; tight asses; huge bulges. He always had tried to hide the thoughts, but his dream brought them all to the front.

While Charlie tossed and turned from his dream, Uncle C was having his own dreams. Getting into a fight with his younger brother after coming out to him. Leaving for New York where he could live his sexual fantasies. All the young, thick men. Lubing up his virgin ass every night, hoping to find the right one, but always going home empty handed.

Both of their dreams got intense, as they imagined the ideal man. Charlie’s body began to thicken. His muscles became tight and thick. His neck became meaty and solid, and his frame widened to the ultimate bull of a man. Uncle C also grew, but remained mostly slender. His ass and pecs swelling the most, giving him an hourglass figure, while his abs became more defined. His features became younger, while Charles became more mature yet youthful.

The changes made them hot, and they stripped in their sleep, ripping off their shirts, and pulling down their pants. Uncle C’s ass became lubed up, like how he’d go out at night years ago, as if by magic. Charlie’s cock grew, and angled towards Uncle C’s ass.

Slowly, Charlie’s cock pressed on Uncle C’s hole. Uncle C woke up, feeling a presence. He didn’t say anything. His sexy nephew practically taking advantage of him was a fantasy he never knew he had. His heart raced, and his blood pumped hot and heavy, but he didn’t move or say anything, waiting for Charlie’s next move.

Charlie was half awake, feeling horny. The tip of his cock rimming his uncle’s ass, he accepted who he was, and realized he wanted his uncle’s body badly, but didn’t want to ruin anything. He inched closer, and found his uncle’s ass exposed and lubed up. He took a chance, and pushed in.

Uncle C’s eyes lit up like stars, as he inhaled silently. Charlie was going to fuck him. He wasn’t expecting it, but it was the best experience in his mind. Charlie, on the other hand, was fighting the animalistic urges to breed his uncle like rabbits. His newly thickened form was much bigger than his uncle now, and gingerly, he lowered his huge meaty hands to his uncle’s waist. At the touch, Uncle C gasped, and Charlie heard it. Charlie froze in place, not knowing what to expect. But Uncle C pressed his ass back down Charlie’s huge rod, and Charlie knew it was okay.

Charlie pulled his uncle’s hips closer to him, and rocked back and forth, working up momentum until they were power fucking. Charlie suddenly had energy to spare. He crawled on top of his uncle, and fucked him missionary style, leaning down and kissing him deeply. His hips bucking like a bronco, before pulling out, and wrestling his uncle in order to flip him onto his stomach.

Now, with his huge hands on his uncle’s broad shoulders, he rode him doggy style, bouncing off his uncle’s ass like a monkey.

Next it was Uncle C’s turn for energy, and he pushed Charlie off, and crawled up to him, and grabbed Charlie’s junk in his hands. They felt so warm and heavy. Instinctively, he shoved the cock down his throat, and expertly deepthroated Charles.

The two went off and on in every style, angle, and position. They fucked for hours, with Charlie releasing many loads of cum throughout the night. The more they fucked, the thicker Charlie’s muscles got, and the more submissive Uncle C became. The metal glowed from their pockets on the floor.

By the end of the night, they were entirely different people. Uncle C looked up at Charlie, and Charlie looked down at him. “You call me Daddy now,” Charles’s voice boomed.

“Yes, Daddy,” he replied. “Baby boy is here to serve.”

Daddy grabbed his baby boy and pulled him in for a deep kiss. Baby boy knew to go down between his legs, and suckle his Daddy’s cock.

“Oh damn,” he moaned “Keep going like that. Fuck yeah.”

He tried to drain his balls, but after seven cum loads, he stopped trying and just let Daddy use his holes as he saw fit.

Several hours later, they laid on top each other in bed, sticky with sweat and cum.

Charles was now too big, and looked too old, to ever go back to college. Uncle C looked too different to go back to work either. But luckily there were plenty of ways two huge and hung guys could make money doing what they do best.

Video of the two fucking became viral in the gay community. They continued to make money year after year, and they seemed to be timeless. The metal disks kept changing them into the ideal men every night, and continuing their fuck sessions to improve each round. Eventually word made it back to the father who stopped talking to either of them.

But it was better this way. Charles was the better Daddy than any other. The two were happy, horny, and energized; and that’s all that mattered.

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