What do you do with four feet?

by Josh Dugan

In another vignette, you find yourself on a beach having been transformed into a four-legged man.

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Here follows a vignette from a recently recovered longer create-your-own-adventure thread.


Your warlock friend is mad about you and to indulge his private fantasy about you. He has cast a spell to make you four-legged. But you don’t know that, because the spell makes you unaware of being under a spell. Accordingly you have no natural curiosity about how you became four-legged, although you like it. In your innocence you simply find yourself naked and four-legged one day without wondering how or why.

What will you do, you think to yourself, looking down your four legs at your four feet. At least they’re good-looking, perfect copies of your original legs and feet. But four of them? Everyone will notice, you think to yourself. You realize you’ve gotten into a cross-legged position. It’s like sitting on your own lap, your front crossed legs actually resting on your hind pair of crossed legs. You feel all four of your feet. They feel the same, except there are, you still have a hard time accepting it, four of them. It’s not bad, really, you muse. They’re all healthy, strong legs, good muscles, good calves, good thighs, ankles, feet and all, and they don’t hurt. In fact, they feel good.

You easily scramble to all four legs, standing up, wanting to go for a run, and as easily as thought, you’re running, gracefully, on your four fine human legs. Your hind legs are a little more lightly burdened than your front legs, but they do their part to quickly move you along. It feels quite normal. How did you ever get along with only two legs? And as you become a bit winded, it feels a bit different, slowing your four feet down, because four legs have more momentum than two, and when you return to a walk, catching your breath, again you’re aware of the slightly more complex feeling of four feet touching the ground, four legs moving together. You feel something like a centaur might have felt like, with your two arms and your upright torso, but your four legs are four human legs, and your four feet are four human feet, much nicer than horselegs and hooves.

You take another break, because this is all so new, and it helps to stop and think. You find it comfortable to cross your hind legs and sort of sit on them, your front legs with feet on the ground, leaning your elbows on your front knees as your front legs comfortably sit on your crossed hind legs. There is so much of you now! It would be easier, you realize, if the rest of the world were four-legged, because being the only four legged human, with its physical advantages, might be socially uncomfortable, if others are envious or repelled by your enhanced anatomy, or attracted to you only because of your being four-legged. Of course, the latter would probably be easier to deal with than the former, and you hope that people will like you with four legs.

With that thought, you stand up on all four of your legs and decide you’d better get something to wear, before you’re seen walking around barefoot with four bare feet and, you realize, four bare legs, because you’ve forgotten that you aren’t wearing anything.

Now what? you ask yourself.

For reasons unknown to you, you feel a sudden double pang of arousal between both pairs of legs and you decide to barefoot it directly to your friend’s place. Off you go, your four handsome legs bounding gracefully as your twin boners bob and sway, hoping your friend will be as intrigued by your new configuration as you are.


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