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Description Tired of settling or doing without, Josh is determined to find a boyfriend with a more than ample package. Dylan meets his requirements… and then some.

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Part 1: Grindr

After years of unsuccessful dating, meaningless one-night stands, and more or less horrible breakups, I was finally ready to accept the type of person I was. Before, I had dated everyone who would volunteer; I didn’t like being alone. I wasn’t picky, either, I entered more than a few relationships I’m not proud of today.

But I am proud to finally embrace myself because after all, isn’t that what adulthood is all about? Finding out who you truly are, knowing yourself, loving yourself? I finally did. And after a lonely, sexless year, I met a guy named Dylan.

“How?” you might ask.

… Grindr. But really, this story isn’t about how I found him, it’s about what I found.

Basically, I found myself a huge-ass dick. When I created the profile, I made it clear what I was looking for. It took some time, but here he was, possibly the man of my (wet) dreams.

His first question was quite obvious considering my on-point bio.

“So, you want to date a guy with a big dick?” he asked.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna fuck around anymore. Have one?”

I was quite surprised that he was writing to me—because judging by his looks, he could’ve picked whoever he wanted. His profile pic showed off a buzzcut and a strong, broad jawline. I couldn’t see much below his shoulders, but his shirt seemed to be stretched tightly over an athletic build. He might have been wearing an XS, who knows. For some people out there, it would be a negative to read that he only was 5’8” but I somehow was into it from the beginning.

Half an hour later (yes he kept me waiting) he wrote “I’m not usually the guy who sends dick pics to everyone, but I guess you want to see the cow before buying it. I do this because you’re cute. And you know what you want.”

And then…



I saw it, and my dick jumped to life immediately. I was rock hard within the blink of an eye, and I even had to open my pants to give my penis more room to grow. I’m so glad I was at home at the time we wrote… and not on my way to work, which was when I usually scrolled through Grindr and checked messages.

It was a shot of him waist down in briefs, and hell he could fill them out. The seams could hardly contain the penis, and because of its soft state, it was hard to guess how long it was. It definitely looked thicker than his wrist. His pouch was so stuffed full of meat the waistband couldn’t lay against his skin the way it was supposed to. The dick grew down, then turned up again when it ran out of space. It looked like a fat little anaconda, trying to find a way out of its prison. In the end, his head rested right next to the base of his shaft—there’s just no way that his pair of briefs could survive a hard-on.

Seeing this, I immediately wondered how he could stuff a bulge like that into a pair of jeans. It looked so fucking big and juicy! The gods of sex and masculinity truly blessed him—if it wasn’t fake. I tried to keep my expectations down because this could be, after all, a scam. Someone pranking gay guys online with shopped pics they made or found on the web, someone with too much time on their hands of course.

Dylan: I hope it’s not too big,

he wrote.

My heart was pounding, beating like my cock lying on my stomach.

Josh: It sounds like you had some bad experiences in the past.

He replied quickly.

Dylan: It’s a fucking big thing that has caused some trouble, yes. I wanna find someone who appreciates me as the person I am and not as the circus freak they want me to be.

Josh: I would never do that. I mean, damn, you’re blessed! And I’m not looking for a quick fuck here. Enough of that.

Dylan: That’s great! And sorry for the pic. I had to be sure that you won’t run off directly. I had fun nights before, and then they pull down my pants or feel the bulge I’m carrying and flee with some lame-ass excuse.

Josh: I will not run off. Not only because you have the package I’ve been dreaming of for years now but because you also seem like a decent guy!

Dylan: <3

Josh: <3

That was our first online conversation. After that, we followed each other on Instagram, and a week of chatting and commenting on each other’s life started. He was a fun guy, and I honestly couldn’t wait to meet him. I scrolled through his whole InstaAccount. He had it set to private because you could see a massive dick print in some pictures. I’m sure he would have had thousands of followers otherwise… but it looked like he tried to avoid showing off his monster bulge.

It was impossible to stay soft, looking through all his pictures.

And then the doubt hit me. Judging by his photos, he had plenty of friends, a nice stocky athletic body, an admirable job at the hospital… that monstrous pecker. He was just fucking handsome. A stud. I imagine he could have had a promising career as a model, had he been just a bit taller.

So… why was this guy still on the market?

Well, that would be a question for our first date. Speaking of which…we texted a little more.

Josh: So, when are you free?

Dylan: How about tomorrow?

Josh: Sounds good to me.

Dylan: Wanna go to the zoo? I love the zoo.

I admit I was a little surprised by his suggestion to have our first date at the zoo. What was he, six? Right after thinking those words, I smacked myself in the face and stepped off my high horse.

He liked the zoo? I liked the zoo, and we would have a wonderful time there, full stop.

Josh: Okay. Let’s meet at the zoo.

Dylan: Lol you’re not that keen on that plan, are you? But wait for it. You’ll see.

Part 2: Date

You know why I wasn’t that happy with the outdoor activity he had planned for us? Because it was November. The month that isn’t known for drinking margaritas at the beach, but for collecting chestnuts in the woods and chilling in front of a sizzling fireplace.

But please don’t get me wrong, I was excited as fuck. I started preparation three hours before we met, that’s how nervous I was. It was my first date after one year of doing nothing with no one, after all. I trimmed my beard, put on some cologne, brushed my teeth and almost choked on the mouthwash.

Everything was going just fine.

Around five, I took a cab downtown and walked the rest of the way. As I approached the zoo’s big entry gate, my heartbeat became almost audible. I wondered why I was this nervous until I realized: I did not want to blow it. This was the most promising relationship I had in … well, forever.

He wasn’t there yet, so I got my phone out and scrolled through my timeline. Of course, there was this little voice inside me saying that he wasn’t real; that nobody would come…

And then out of nowhere—there he was.

“Josh? Hi, I’m Dylan, but you probably know that.”

We hugged. I liked the way his muscles felt, all wrapped around me.

“Nice to finally meet you!”

Damn, he was just as beautiful in real life as he was online. His bright smile was contagious, and I wished he would never stop looking at me like that. I was quite a bit taller than him at 6’3”. And I loved it.

He tapped my arm and gestured to the small ticket booth in front of the zoo. “Shall we go in?”

The lady behind the counter gave us a strange look when we bought our tickets.

“Okay, but you guys are aware we’re closing the most areas of the zoo in less than an hour, right?” she said.

“That won’t be a problem,” Dylan said. “The evening is fully planned.”

She didn’t say anything else as she took our money. Dylan’s charming smile must have flustered her a bit.

He had a point. There was almost no sunlight left and almost no guests in the park, besides ourselves. With all the pathways and enclosures lit up, the zoo was an incredible sight.

We finally had each other’s full attention. It felt like a proper face-to-face introduction, but the small talk quickly gave way to some more personal details. How his last relationship lasted three years and ended without any warning. How much he loved his mom; how often he visited her. How hard it was to meet his friends when he had to work frequent night shifts in the hospital.

Mid-sentence, he stopped to show me the otters in a nearby pool. They were already asleep, floating on the surface of the water.

“Did you know,” Dylan said, “that otters hold each other’s hands while sleeping, so they don’t drift apart?”

He grabbed my hand and held it tight. I wanted to kiss him right there, right then, but it was too soon. We walked on, still holding hands. He had a warm, firm grip.

I started talking about my career as an independent graphic designer. I talked about my sister who emigrated to Spain for the love of her life years ago and how she lived by herself today. About my college friends and how much I miss having them around regularly. About my dream of opening an agency and specializing in typography.

Dylan listened well while I told him about myself, looking into my eyes on occasion. Our pace slowed as we neared the middle of the park. A large building of iron and glass stood waiting for us to come inside and leave the chilly November air behind.

Dylan nodded at the building. “I know most of the place is closing right about now, but… this restaurant is one of the best in the city. And they’re open a few more hours. You wanna?”

I nearly shouted out “Hell yes!”, but I could hold myself back. Visiting this restaurant had been his plan all along.

He dropped his last name to the hostess, who instantly took us to a reserved table. We’d be dining beside a panorama window overlooking the polar bear compound. The big fuzzy creatures slept soundly, just a few feet on the other side of the glass.

I took my jacket off and sat down. Dylan was still talking to the hostess about something; I couldn’t hear them. He gave her that delightful smile of his (damn, what a smile) and sat down across from me.

Up until this moment, dear reader, I hadn’t even been thinking about the original reason I agreed to date him. He’d charmed me, too, walking and talking and getting to know him.

“How could you forget?” you might be thinking.

I didn’t forget.

I just… misremembered.

Dylan had dressed snappy tonight. A thick coat that hung almost to his knees, combined with a woolly scarf. I studied the rest of his outfit as he draped his coat over his chair. Next came his grey tweed pants and a rich leather belt. An olive green shirt, well-fitted to his build and accentuating his eyes just right.

I caught his eyes for just a second.

And then I sat and stared.

I knew. I knew it already. He sent me that picture. I knew.

But seeing that enormous bulge, here and now, was a completely different story. I thought his zipper was going to burst open. As he hung his coat and pulled his chair out, I saw his entire package actually jiggle. It was like watching a bowl of jello in action.

It wasn’t just cock. Dylan was packing a huge pair of balls in there, too. I could see the contour of both testicles through his pants. I wondered what it was like, shopping for pants to hold those monsters. For underwear. I immediately started dreaming.

And then it was gone, disappeared under the table before he caught me staring.

“Everything okay?” he asked me with a slightly grim expression on his face—something I hadn’t seen before.

“Perfect. Everything’s all right.” It was hard to keep a straight face, watching this extremely erotic thing happen in front of me without anyone noticing.

He leaned in closer.

“I’ve seen that face before. The look you just made, I mean. Don’t be one of these guys.”

“What guys?”

“Those guys who get cold feet when they see the size of the package heading their way. I’m fed up with those guys.”

He sounded angry, but I didn’t feel like it was directed at me. More at all the past dates or potential lovers who fled at the sight of his massive appendage.

I understood what he was going through on a personal level. And I didn’t want him to think I was afraid of him or his abilities.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I just lost control over my face here because … I actually almost forgot about how massive you are down there. I’ve been having a wonderful time,” I said in earnest. “I wasn’t even thinking about it. Let me just say this: The photo you sent me really doesn’t do it justice.”

Dylan’s expression softened a tad and I grabbed him by his hand.

“Look, I’m not scared. Actually, I admire it. And I am not going to run off on you.”

Slowly, a small smile appeared. Not his confident seductive look from earlier. Just a gentle little shine.

“That… that actually means a lot to me. Thanks.”

Part 3: Kiss

We left the restaurant two hours later, full of food and a little drunk. In the end, I paid for it all, after we had this ‘no I will pay’ dance for about five minutes. We took a shortcut back to the entrance and stopped right in front of the zoo, under a street lamp.

“You know,” Dylan said, “the longer I think about it? I think we had two waitresses tonight.”

“She was pretty damn fast, wasn’t she?” I said.

Dylan nodded. “Maybe she has a twin! It’s the only explanation I can think of…”

The second he finished his sentences, we both started realizing that neither of us wanted this night to end just yet. But here we were, standing right next to Dylan’s car—and we had talked about the end of the date before. Especially the fact that we had all the time in the world and there was no need to rush.

“This was the most wonderful evening I had in months!” I said. I couldn’t keep the huge smile off my face—I was fighting my own excitement and a couple of martinis.

We moved closer together. Dylan smiled back. “It was my pleasure.”

I was closer to his face than I’d ever been.

“Do you have plans for Wednesday?”

He had his arms around my waist with a confident grip. And I loved the way he looked up at me.

“Yes I do, but,” Dylan shrugged. “I’d rather do something with you.”

Was it hot out here or was it all us, that heat?

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” I said, my heart trembling like a hummingbird.

I closed my eyes right before he leaned in for a kiss and the next thing I could feel were his lips on mine. We couldn’t get any closer, but still, I felt his hands pressing us together, pulling me against his tight little body.

He started smiling as he pulled his face away from me, and he looked down. Of course, we were standing too close together for him to see anything.

“Excuse me,” Dylan chuckled, as he lifted his gaze back to me. “What are you doing down there, mister?”

“Doing what?” I kissed him again, and it took Dylan a while to find words.

“Mmm,” Dylan moaned into the kiss. “With your hand, down there. Pushing, groping me publicly. I thought we were taking it slowly.”

We lost ourselves in another kiss, my tongue finding his. I hold his face with both my hands. Dylan realized that the thing he felt down there weren’t my hands.

I almost wished we hadn’t been kissing, so I could’ve seen his eyes pop wide as the realization dawned on him.

“Josh? What the—?” he started to say.

I kept kissing him. I smiled around his mouth.

“So you haven’t wondered, yet? About what I’m carrying around?”

I ran my fingers through his soft hair.

“Fuck, Josh!? I thought you were just looking for someone to live your fantasy!”

I could almost hear the fabric of his pants, straining, stretching, as he pushed his crotch against mine.

“Nooo, I was looking for someone like me.” I put one last little kiss on his forehead. “And I found even more than that.”

Each of us took a step back.

Luckily, there was no one around, except us.

His poor zipper had finally been defeated. It looked broken beyond repair. More and more of his underwear-covered package swelled out of the gap. The button on his waistband was holding on by a single thread. Seeing this got me even harder.

He pulled his coat together to hide and inspected my comparable situation. Unlike Dylan, I didn’t hide a thing. I presented myself proudly—a rock-hard bulge running down the inner thigh of my jeans, over thirteen inches long, the head was swollen, clearly visible, and larger than a ripe peach.

This time I pulled him nice and tight against myself. “Don’t worry, little guy.” I tucked his head under my chin. “Yours looks way bigger than mine. I still can’t believe how massive it is.”

“I’m so stupid,” he said with a chuckle. Again, I could feel our hefty bulges mushing against each other, rubbing, grinding gently. “I never questioned your search for a huge cock. I just thought you would have a decent five-incher and that’s it. Nothing special.”

“Nope, I’m huge all over.”


We stood there, hugging, enjoying each other’s heat and touch. It seemed a nice way to end the evening.

“I should probably get home before someone sees me like this,” Dylan said.

“Yeah, me too,” I groaned ironically.

I started to walk away, but then I turned back to call out “Can’t wait for Wednesday!”

“Me too.”

Part 4: Accident

It felt like Wednesday would never come. After our first date, I was horny all of the time, and I couldn’t think straight. Work was an absolute drag, sitting there trying to get shit done with a pulsing boner in my too tight pants. Trying to design and create and seek inspiration, when all I could think about was the promise of seeing Dylan’s titanic manhood.

Soon. Very soon, I told myself.

For our second date, I’d suggested a local gallery that showed the most impressive works by modern-day typographers—something I had wanted to see for weeks. It wasn’t something Dylan seemed overly enthused about, but at least we would see each other again.

I may have jacked off before our date … a lot. Dylan was omnipresent in my mind, and I even dreamed about him and our first date. I imagined what it might be like, burying my face in his soft and almost pillow-like bulge while it swelled bigger at my touch. So hefty, so massive I’d need both my hands to caress it thoroughly. And then … blast off. I couldn’t get past that point. I could sit and fantasize and jerk myself, and I could try to imagine the feeling of Dylan stuffing that fat prick deep inside me … but that always came after I lost it. Simply imagining that outlandishly-sized dick was enough.

What would happen when I got my hands on that thing in reality?

“Had some nice days?” he whispered in my ear when we entered the gallery. I almost didn’t hear; I had to bend down, and he had to stretch up like a kid. It was cute as fuck.

“Those days were two times longer than usual.”

He smiled brightly. “Yeah, I couldn’t wait, either.”

We walked through the exhibition hand-in-hand, and I helped him understand why this or that piece was extraordinary. At least, I tried to.

“All these letters and fonts look almost the same to me.”

“The details make the difference.”

While he tried finding those details by stepping closer to the piece that was in front of us, I watched him like the crazy lovebird I was. Seconds later, I stepped closer to him, encompassed his smaller body with my arms and held him tight. He turned his head a little, so I could see him smirk.

I muttered in his ear. “Hope this isn’t too much for you.”

“I don’t know anything about typography. But it’s interesting enough. And you have a passion for it.”

I let my hands slide down a little and I took a moment to feel his firm abs under his sweater. Then I went further. Lower. Down, down, to the baggy pair of jeans, hiding the giant inside. I grabbed his bulge a little.

“It’s not the only thing I have a passion for.”

Quickly he shoved me back, and this wasn’t a friendly or playful shove—he used more force than he intended too.

“Sorry! But please, we’re in public here… I can’t risk another broken zipper, Josh.”

I held my hands up in surrender. “Sorry, sorry! It’s just, I… I couldn’t think about anything else these last days. It’s hard, keeping my hands away from you.”

The next thing I did was idiotic, and I knew that it was wrong from the second I started moving towards Dylan.

And I did it anyway.

We entered a long hallway between exhibits. At the end was a cozy little dark corner, with a few chairs and a table covered in art magazines. With no exhibits on display here, the lighting was moodier… and with no one else around, I couldn’t resist. Still holding Dylan’s hand, I grabbed him and pressed him firmly against the wall with a kiss. For a second, he forgot about the museum around us too, and everything was well, but then my rock hard dick started grinding against his bulge. And I pressed in, and I rubbed.

This time he pushed hard. He broke my hug forcefully as if we were fighting. Dylan stepped away and made to leave, but he glanced back just once with a severe look in his eyes.

“Josh, I’m so sorry. I can’t do that.”

And that’s it. He ran away without saying another word. He was gone.

I found myself alone, sitting on a chair between the rooms of the museum; almost crying. Why had I done this? Why couldn’t I control myself?

I grabbed one of the stools and threw it against the wall with all my power, leaving a black scare on the raw concrete. The security team escorted me out of the museum. A lawsuit was on the way.

Part 5: Peace

I was so dumb. I hope you’re not feeling too down though, because… well, don’t worry. Things get better, believe it or not.

I took the three, and half an hour later I was home. On the train, I tried reaching Dylan, but he wasn’t answering my messages. Endlessly, I said I was sorry and that I had never lost control over my body like that before. I couldn’t explain it to him, or even myself really. It was beyond lust. I just wanted him to know it wasn’t his fault.

So there I was … sitting in my living room, the TV’s on but I’m not watching, drinking one beer after another … basically living in a 2008 melodrama pop song. Then it started to rain and it was all so fucking perfect. Even the weather was pissed on me.

I fucked this up so very much. This was my chance, and I fucked it up.

My mind was spinning in circles, and the beer was making it worse.

Before I could start crying, the doorbell rang. I immediately knew that it was Dylan. Somehow I just knew.

I tripped over some clutter on my way to the door and almost broke my damn leg. If I’d known to expect company I might’ve cleaned the place a bit better.

I opened the door, and there he was. Standing in the rain, soaked to his bones.

“Hey…” he said, quieter than the rain surrounding us.

“What are you doing here, Dylan?” My voice was trembling and the coldness of the night sent a shiver down my spine. I couldn’t believe he was there.

“I, uhh… I wanted to apologize.”

“Apol—Dylan you don’t have to! If someone should apologize, it’s me! You told me to stop, and I kept on going … like a stupid, horny fucking animal.”

“But that wasn’t the reason why I ran away.” He bit his lip, close to tears. He didn’t seem to be able to look up at me. He just stared down at the floor mat.

I grabbed him, pulled him in, and squeezed him tight with all my heart. I didn’t give a shit how wet he was. I set him down in my living room and brought him some towels and blankets, to wrap him up good and warm and dry.

Then we talked. The storm passed overhead, we talked so long.

He told me that he was scared. He was embarrassed by his monstrous member and he’d never had real sex before. Every time, it was the same thing: he’d get someone in bed, and they’d run in fright at the sight of his schlong. Or worse even worse, his potential partner would leave in frustration—it was so heavy, it couldn’t get fully hard.

And so he tried avoiding everything before it could actually happen.

This poor man.

“I mean, what if I disappoint you? What if I can’t deliver-”

I kissed him, and he went quiet.

“I will never again do anything you don’t want me to do, Dylan. You don’t need to be worried, and you can take as much time as you need. All those guys from your past? Leave them there. I got this under control.”

Another kiss, another hug and then I sent him to the shower because he was still freezing in his wet clothes.

I waited for him in my bed—the lights dimmed down—and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. That Dylan wasn’t gone at all; that he was here, with me.

The shower stopped.

“I put you a pair of my underwear next to the sink. I hope they fit you,” I said, trying to avoid any subtext.

Seconds later, he came out of the bathroom, still drying his hair, the towel covering up most of his body. He hesitated.

“Come here,” I said gently and lifted my blanket for him, the other hand supporting my head.

Dylan did not lay down. He put the towel over a chair and sat on his knees right in front of my chest. A bulge, more gigantic than anything I had ever seen, almost ripped the pair of underwear apart I had given to him. The black fabric had gone sheer. The waistband had stretched all the way out; I could hear it quietly snapping as it failed in its duty. He pressed the whole package against my chest, and the feeling of it alone, of it being almost the same size as my chest, was enough to give me the hardest erection of my life.

He kissed me and said: “I really wanna thank you. You’re so kind”—he kissed me again—”I can hardly believe it.” My chin rested atop the pillowy mound of his vast endowment. It felt like it was spilling over me.

“I know what you wanna do since the minute you saw how much I am packing” Dylan nuzzled my hair. “I have never felt safer with anyone. If you still wanna do it—tonight—feel free.” He spread his legs a bit further apart. I leaned forward and dove into his groin without hesitation.

That night we had our first time.

Part 6: Sex

My mind was racing while I buried my face deeper and deeper in his bulge. It was as soft as a pillow and felt like heaven. I could sense his massive bull balls straining under the fabric, and the way his cock moves left and right slightly. My hands held me barely off the bed as I moaned like an animal… I actually drooled a little, that’s how lost in the moment I was.

Soon I realized how hard his package was pressing against the seams of his underwear. And so I held Dylan’s little body and laid him down, onto his back.

“Don’t be too gentle,” he whispered, and I saw that charming smile from before, but this time, there was an almost cocky bring it on attitude about him. I kissed his face one last time and then I started moving downward. Kiss after kiss, I passed his neck, his smooth chest, his hairy abs and then, finally, I was back at eye level with his still-caged beast. Grabbing him by the waistband, I released the first few inches. A thick, yet neatly trimmed bush of dark brown appeared and under it laid the thickest cock I had ever seen. I held my wrist next to it, but it was thicker than that. By a lot.

Before I removed his underwear, I grabbed into it. I wanted to feel it before I would see it in all its glory. The thickness of his dick (while still being soft!) was unimaginable. I could only reach halfway around the entire thing, and that’s with my hands being the size of plates. My hand discovered more and more of his flesh, pressed together like dough in a can, ready to explode any time. Dylan wriggled; he shuddered in delight.

You might’ve guessed that his balls dwarfed mine as well. They felt like big, ripe eggplants through the tight skin of his sack. I grabbed them and rolled them around in one hand—at least, I tried to. I gave them a gentle squeeze and he shivered and tilted his head back into the pillows.

I pulled my hands back and removed his underwear with a swift move. The boxer brief landed several feet next to my bed.

In front of me lay the sexiest guy I had ever seen, sporting the biggest cock the world has ever seen. I didn’t have a ruler on hand but I put his monster around eighteen inches, soft. His legs were spread, his balls were resting on the mattress. Dylan’s cock was laying on top of them, bending down after the length outgrew his ball’s size. The head of his massive cock could be located next to his knees.

“You’re impossible, man,” was all I could say after seeing this for the first time. “This is more beautiful than anything I could imagine.”

I shifted so I could lay my throbbing 14-inch cock next to his. Before that, my penis had never looked small; never in my whole life. But now it was being put in the shadows by a soft cock by several inches—in length and in thickness as well. I leaned into it, mashed my boner against him… we both shuddered so hard we shook the bed frame.

Next, I took his beast in both my hands and led it to my lips. Tenderly I kissed it. Dylan closed his eyes in pleasure.

I kissed it again and suckled the head a little. Within seconds eighteen inches had swollen to twenty-two. I could feel it getting heavier, weighing several pounds now. While sucking him, my cock ground between his balls and his inner thigh. In no time at all his crotch was slick with a glistening layer of my precum, and I was already whipping up another batch.

I lost myself by pressing my whole face into Dylan’s dick. What if the head grew to the size of my actual head? I thought, and this new fantasy caused me to spurt a fresh coat of pre, this time right onto his belly.

I was now using both arms to jack him off. He was now a full two feet long and even thicker than before; I was sure that if I rested that cock on his belly, it would reach up to his face.

My full body massage was driving Dylan crazy. He thrust his hips forward now and then and moaned almost non-stop. He, too, started to dribble and leak precum everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. His output shamed me. I couldn’t wait to see the full load.

After ten more minutes of jacking his enormous cock, I realized something. It was not growing larger. And it wasn’t growing erect. Not even half-hard.

Dylan’s eyes changed from lust to worry.

“I hope you’re not disappointed. I know I’ve got the biggest cock on the planet, but it can not grow hard anymore… for a few years now. Ever since it passed twenty inches.”

I was disappointed, in fact, but I tried not to show it. I wanted someone with a dick longer than anything I could imagine, and I got it. Its inability to grow hard was only natural, considering how much blood it would need to become erect. Either way, I wanted to get him screaming. Nevertheless, there were so many things to do with this dick, so many things to try out!

He added: “But yours looks ready to please! Give it to me.”

He flipped over on the bed and buried his magnificent cock from view. Dylan raised his ass high in the air for me to take hold.

I engulfed him. I was bigger, buffer, heavier, stronger. He would have fit inside me. I slid my cock up between his cheeks and then rested it in the small of his back. He groaned a little, and I could only imagine how he felt with the big warm shaft sliding along his spine, knowing that the hefty balls resting between his cheeks were ready to unload deep inside.

Dylan reached down and scooped up a handful of his precum, and covered his hole with it. He knew he was in for a big run.

I reached under his belly and found his majestic cock. It was like he had a lubricant factory under there. I made sure to slick my own shaft nice for him.

My cock was now wet and glistening in the dimmed lights of my bedroom. I gave him a few swats on the ass with my bat, and he opened his legs a little wider for me. My flared cock-head spoiled his hole with circular motions. I got him breathless with the anticipation.

“Don’t be gentle.”

I began to push.

Dylan moaned, loud. I pushed the head in, and then a few more inches. I let his ass get used to the situation and pulled my cock out a little.

“Nonono! It… put it back, that was amazing! Go on! Gimme some time, but go on!”

I started to grunt like a hog, fucking him deeper every second. I was losing myself to pure animal instinct. My pace became faster after eight inches were buried deep inside; six more to go. His ass felt marvelous. Much better than anything I had experienced before. Dylan’s cheerful cries grew stronger with every new inch filling him up. Now and again I pulled out, only to thrust back in a little further than the last time.

Slowly, the grip of his ass grew tighter around me, keeping me hard as stone… and the pleasure running through the roots of my abdomen became even grander. My cock was one foot into his body, and his whole frame was trembling; he couldn’t stop moaning. I could only imagine the pool of pre beneath his belly where I couldn’t see.

“Don’t-stop-Josh! ffffFuck me harder, please!” he said in a breathless hiss. Talking seemed to be a physical effort for him.

I squeezed my last two inches into him, fighting against his tighter confines. As soon as I was all the way, he threw his head back in pleasure and heavenly agony. Now I started going rougher, doing the best I could with every inch I owned. I pulled out a few times and just used the first third, making Dylan scream for his life (and my dick).

“Tell me how much you love this fucking dick of mine.”

“Uhhh, fuck!” he exclaimed, hardly able to speak. “I love it so fucking much. The size… the circ—the circumference, the way, the way you-you just-you just plunge into me.”

Dylan twisted back to look at me, his face aglow with delighted surprise. “You’re hitting spots no one has ever…” He took a second to catch his breath. “No one. Ever hit me. Touched me in there. Not like that, man.”

“That’s because I’m bigger than anyone you had before.”

“Yes, Josh, you’re the biggest! Fuck-fuck-FUCK I think I’m gonna come soon!

I took notice of a new sensation underneath him. I’d sort of noticed it earlier but now it was getting hard to ignore. There was a swelling. As if something were inside his bowels, bulging outwards, causing his ass to tighten up so bad around me that I was getting dangerously close. Was it his taint? Was it getting thicker, broader? What was happening to him?

In my pondering, I must have slowed down a little because Dylan suddenly yelled “Don’t stop now you’re doing it! … YOU ARE MAKING ME HARD!”

I lost my breath. I’d felt him raise up and I thought he’d used his arms to prop himself up… but in fact, it was his penis, forcing him up off the bed.

I almost laughed. It felt like a victory: I had found a point inside of him that—when penetrated, prodded, properly pushed and pressed—forced him to get viciously erect.

My body immediately started fucking Dylan as fierce as it could, pumping his dick bigger from within, bigger with every thrust. Dylan’s ass became so tight I wondered if he wasn’t shrinking around me.

“Turn around. I wanna see it,” I ordered him. Sweat drenched down through my chest hair, some of it dripping onto his hot little ass. I pulled my cock out so he could obey, releasing a little pool of precum with it.

Dylan flipped over excitedly in a swift motion. His cock had become so big that there was actually an audible ‘whoosh’ of air, followed by a loud wet smack as it hit his chest. It was covered in impossible thick veins. I had never seen something like this before. After years of softness, it was hard again, woken up by my monster.

It was almost as wide as Dylan’s waist, too big for a pair of hands, forcing his legs so wide he couldn’t have avoided getting fucked even if he’d tried. It grew from his crotch, up over his stomach, up to his chest and stopped somewhere above his head; the glanse exposed, red, and spurting endless streams of clear precum.

Before I could enter my new friend again, I had to push his massive balls out of the way. Orange-sized nuts lay heavily in my hands for a second and I thought about giving them a little massage, but I needed to be back in Dylan as fast as possible.

By now, I had to squeeze with all my power to enter him. The grip around my 14-incher had become almost unbearable, too good to be true. My cock was all-in in under a second and Dylan began to moan loudly again. With a shock, I saw that each of my big thrusts added another half-an-inch to his already enormous cock—in width and length. Bigger and bigger.

I had to touch it.

Soon, we were both sucking on his head, giving it little kisses and rubbing it with our hands. It was like a third person lying between us.

We were having a fucking threesome.

“You’re bigger than anything I could have ever imagined,” I whispered. Dylan’s cock was so fucking wide that I couldn’t even see his face under it. All that could be heard were his soft moans. I continued saying: “How big can it get? I wanna fuck you forever and ever.” I sucked down a pint of pre, it had to be a pint. “I wanna fuck you until you outgrow all your clothes. I wanna make you outgrow… the fuckin’ house.

“Ahhhh!” he cried, his dick lurching an inch forward. “Don’t stop! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“You want to be even bigger than that, don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“How can you be so tight?”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“I’m cumming!”

And then we both did.

Our balls contracted against each other, and while my load flooded his innards, he gushed like a geyser for fifteen seconds, it slapped against the wall so loud; the sheer power of it was driving me crazy. It was like a waterfall of cum. Dylan’s screams quieted to soft moans, then whimpers.

We simply collapsed on top of each other, breathing like we’d run a marathon, unable to believe what just had happened.

Yes, what had just happened?

Dylan’s cock steadily shrunk back to ‘normal,’ mashed between us, still twitching.

“What the fuck was that, bro?” I shook with quiet, disbelieving laughter.

He was just as flabbergasted as I was. “All I know is that it was the hottest experience of my life. Hell, I never blasted a load like that before.”

“Let me guess: You never were this hard before?”

He laughed a little.

“Not in years. And everything because of your beautiful monster cock.” Dylan reached over and gave my own heavy beast a stroke.

“I think you should be the one known for having a monster cock, after what just happened. Damn, how big was that thing, full-size, I wonder?”

I finally found the power to sit up. Dylan’s cock was still swollen, but it only reached up to his chest by now.

“I have no idea. It was like a dream.”

I reached down to kiss him.

You are a dream!”

Before we could sleep in each other’s arms, we had to clean up. Our clothes were ruined. My sheets and blankets were soaked through. Next time we would be more careful where we unleashed the beasts.

Part 7: The Store

We were standing in front of a shopping window. The reflection showed a pair of silhouettes, one large and broad, one small and stout, happily holding hands. Two weeks had passed since we had our third date—the sex date, that other time we had sex, the sexy time … Kuzco’s poison … The Emperor’s New Groove? Amazing.

And now Christmas was right around the corner and I was still looking for a present I could give him.

While my thoughts wandered off, Dylan was losing himself in the products on display.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked him.

“The underwear you lent me. I wore it the day afterward, and it fit me way better than everything else I own.”

“Are you telling me that despite being hung like a horse,” I put my arm around his shoulder and gave him a playful shake, “three times bigger than me and you don’t know shit about the right underwear?”

He just bit his lip. I realized that he was too shy too walk into a store and ask for some proper help—something that has never been a problem for me. So I decided to help him.

“Okay, let me show you the best store in town. The real deal. You have to meet Marcus.”

I took his hand again, and we wandered through the streets, passing large, glowing graffiti in midtown and the green park behind the old water tower. We arrived in the gay epicenter of the city. Here you could find one bar next to another and stores you couldn’t see anywhere else.

“You’ve been here before?”

“Not as often as I should, probably,” Dylan said. “I wasn’t much involved in the gay community with my previous boyfriend. Most of the time it was just too much for me.”

“I get that. If this is too much, just say something…” I smiled down at him. “Maybe we need a safe word!”

Dylan rolled his eyes, but he smiled too. “Okay, our safe word is: I’m having too much fun.”

“That’s not a word! That’s a short story! … but I like the sound of it.”

Speaking of ringing; I opened the door to Marcus’ Store and the bell above the door chimed.

“Well, this is it.” Dylan hesitated. I patted him on the back and gave him the tiniest little push in the process. “C’mon, check it out.”

Dylan’s uneasy posture turned into a confident stride as he walked further in, gazing around himself in pure wonder at the variety of the place. Between the many shelves stood male mannequins wearing nothing but under- or swimwear. He looked at all of them until he caught sight of a noticeably well-endowed statue. A dawning look of familiarity radiated from his face—he even touched the large bulge and gave it a little squeeze. This must have been the first honest representation of his own body in a much smaller reality. He lingered on it for a few more seconds, then smiled and went on.

Meanwhile, I walked up to the counter and greeted Marcus, the owner of the shop. I had bought almost all my underwear here over the last ten years.

“What’s up, Josh?”

“Hey, how are you? Everything’s fine. I wanted to show a friend of mine a few better-fitting alternatives to his old clothes.”

Dylan appeared between the shelves and held up something in his hand that looked like a butt plug.

“Hey Josh, uhh, I think I wanna try this thing—Ohh!” he saw Marcus standing next to me, smiling. Dylan let out a nervous “Hi!” before he disappeared again.

I turned back to Marcus. “He’s a little shy so don’t be too up front with him.”

“How long have we known each other now, Josh? I’m the most laid-back guy you’ll ever know!” It wasn’t true. Even now he was laughing loudly. He always joked the raunchiest and laughed the loudest. Marcus was a bear kind of guy, almost stereotypically so. Even at work, he wore a leather vest and nothing under that. He had round gut poking out between his jacket, greeting the world beneath a proud hairy chest. Under his clothes, you could catch glimpses of his pierced nipples and the heavy rings hanging down from them. Over the year, Marcus had invited me to many weird parties, and I had always passed on his invites. Partly because I was a bit afraid of the things happening at these gang-bang parties and partly because, well… in a room full of horny gay men, I’d definitely be reduced to my massive cock.

Even now, he was passing me a little piece of cardstock with RSVP information on it, trying to encourage me. “…I’m just saying that it would be awesome having you there. The other guys heard stories of you, stud; they definitely wanna meet you.”

“Ohh, I’m sure they do.”

Marcus knew I wouldn’t come to his party, but he wasn’t mad at me, not even for a second. “So, what does your friend need?”

We both started looking for him in the store. I said: “He’s in the same situation as us.”

Marcus’ mouth made a little ‘ohh’ shape, but he didn’t say anything. He just wriggled his eyebrows and nodded in understanding.

At that moment Dylan came to us from the back of the store holding a whip in his hand. He just ignored Marcus for a sec.

“Are you into domination by the way?” he asked, all the while looking like the most innocent little boy in the world. Well, a rather muscular, innocent little boy… with a days’ growth of stubble and an expensive, manly haircut. But really it was just the eyes.

I winked at him. “Let’s find out tonight.”

Marcus’ eyes grew bigger hearing this. I knew he was suddenly wishing very hard he could join us.

“I apologize, guys, I should have introduced you properly right off the bat.” I reached out and pulled Dylan close to me, giving him a quick little squeeze. “Marcus, this is Dylan. And Dylan, this is Marcus. He owns the place. And has helped me pick out my own underwear since he knows how much I’m packin’ down there.”

“Hell-lllooo, Dylan,” Marcus crooned, his meaty hand rubbing back and forth on his bearded chin.

Dylan waved, shyly. “S’up?”

Once introductions were out of the way, I took a peek at what Dylan had in his hands. “So did you find something you liked? Something that fits okay?”

“A few basic things here and there, but I don’t know if they fit me or not. They look comfortable and pretty close to the briefs I wore the other day, but, uhh, I don’t know.”

“Well, then let’s see,” Marcus said. “Show me what you’re interested in.”

As we walked to the other side of the store, I could feel that Dylan was slightly nervous. He showed us a pair of basic black-and-white boxer briefs with an extra big pouch. And then he froze.

Shit, I thought, I forgot to warn him about Marcus’ package. The burly leatherman had been behind the register until now, with everything below his firm waistline hidden from view by the countertop. Now he was standing next to me, watching Dylan holding a pair of basics, and presenting his bulge like a God-given gift.

I should mention: Marcus had a few “slight” silicone enhancements forcing him to wear custom-sized jeans. I don’t know if he injected his dick too, but he had the biggest balls in the city for sure. I’ve seen pics of him online, holding up a couple of jack-o-lanterns to his crotch… and the pumpkins are just barely bigger. Perhaps an inch in diameter, if that.

But Marcus was a professional. He just ignored Dylan’s stare and continued like nothing ever happened.

“Why don’t you just try them on?”

“Can I?”

“Of course.”

And with that, Dylan vanished into the changing room.

Marcus immediately started laughing when he was gone.

“My sex life has been so much better after my enhancements, but the shocked stares are the best part of it all.”

I smiled and started a mental countdown because it would soon be Marcus’ turn to have his mind blown. He hasn’t seen Dylan’s bulge yet (so far it had been hidden under his long coat).

And then it was his time to shine. Dylan came back out, proudly displaying his sculpted little body. The only thing he was wearing anymore was his potential purchase.

“It could be a bit roomier,” he said and smiled, almost ashamed by his enormous size.

“Holy fuck!”

“Told you, he needs something bigger.”

“Tell me you’re shitting me, kiddo.”

“Well… mmmh… no?” Dylan wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, and I was busy laughing in the background. He shook his hips a few times, but his bulge was packed in so tightly that it didn’t shake or jiggle in the slightest.

“I don’t know what will happen if I get a boner in these.”

“I don’t think you can,” I said as I stared at his bulge with a dreamy look.

Dylan looked from me to Marcus. “You got anything bigger?”

Marcus was still speechless. His own bulge was more prominent, no question, but he had never seen something this big and natural. He still couldn’t believe it. Dylan and Marcus went back to the shelves with the boxer briefs, and I watched them happily chit-chatting. I couldn’t hear them, but seeing them was enough. It was a delight to watch Dylan getting used to Marcus and the store in general. While talking about the product line, their bulges touched now and then. I started fantasizing; putting my head between them. I woke up when I felt the rising tightness of my pants. At the end of their talk, Dylan actually let Marcus reach down and touch his enormous bulge, which the bear did with a gentle sort of reverence. Right about then, I decided to step back into the scene.

“Found anything?”

“Yeah, the same edition but the pouch is two times bigger.”

“Nice. Now you finally have some comfortable underwear.”

“Yeah, thanks, babe.”

We kissed each other, and I paid for the whole shopping trip.

“Let’s just say this is my Christmas present for you.”

“I can not—”

“You can. I bought a few things for both of us too—something we can try out later tonight.”

A devilish smile appeared on his face. He was ready to experiment a little more.

Part 8: Christmas

And you’re sure this will work?”

“Not really, but I definitely want to try it!”

We were standing in Dylan’s cozy bedroom, both of us naked, our cocks hanging heavily between our thighs. On the bed in front of us were two different sex toys I had bought in Marcus’ store.

I told him about my plan on our way back home. I was driving the car, busy watching the traffic around us. Suddenly he hushed me, his face tense with anticipation.

“If you keep on talking, you will have to cut me out of this car.”

My plans for the night kept his blood boiling, and his dick was already chubbing up in his pants. So I shut my mouth and told him the rest when we were at home. And now we were showered and ready to go.

We shoved the toys to the side a little, and I pushed Dylan flat on the bed. Kissing him was one of my favorite new hobbies. Mainly because I couldn’t shake the feeling that his cock wasn’t his only extra-long body part. Every time he entered my mouth with his tongue, I was surprised by how long and thick it was.

“You ready?” he said with his soft low voice.

I nodded, and we flipped over. He somehow managed to bury me under his smaller frame. I loved the way he looked at me. He went down, I raised my legs, and his tongue was inside me the next second, after teasing me for a little while. After only playing with dildos for months, it was incredible feeling something alive deep down inside of me. Soon, he added a finger to his play to prepare my butt for even bigger visitors. I admit it; his tongue would have been enough for me to cum. But we had bigger plans, and so I tried to hold myself back. This proved difficult, as my cock was rock hard in no time, bumping up and down my chest.

He added another finger, and it took me some time to get used to it. My mind wandered off for a second. It occurred to me that he hadn’t grabbed the lube from the drawer nearby, and at first I wondered where he was getting the stuff he was now slicking me up with. Then I remembered that his cock was probably spitting gallons of it already.

Then came the first toy. The inflatable butt-plug he had shown me in the store. The one that gave me this idea.

It was shaped like a cone, filled with air and made of rubber. The cone was attached to a thin hose ending with a hand pump. Dylan gave the pump a few little squeezes, and we both saw the object swell bigger. He then released most of the air.

“All right … here we go.”

I could feel him pressing the toy against my hole. Then he pushed a little harder, and it slid inside me.

“Ohh, damn!” I couldn’t hold myself back; my dick drooled a long spurt of precum. The inflatable plug hadn’t looked that big, but it definitely felt like it. Luckily, I got used to it in no time.

Dylan gave my chest a quick rub. “And now, big boy, just imagine it’s me, growing inside of you.”

And then he pressed the pump two times.

I immediately went to nirvana. He pressed again, and my rectum grew wider. Another pump and a bit of pain started to spread but a moment later it was gone and only bliss was left. He went a little too far at first and I felt it outgrowing my hole; I grabbed his arm.

“Not so fast, stud. I need some time to get used to this size.”

He pumped three times, and I yelled out. It was heaven and hell at the same time, and I couldn’t tell if I wanted him to stop or keep going. I came immediately after he gave that toy one last squeeze. A heavy load of semen splashed right into my face, and I continued squirting out more and more. There had been no need for touching myself. The plug was enough.

He only whispered in my ear: “I hope you’re still hungry for the real show. I think we’ve still got some … preparations to make. Gotta spread you a little wider, big guy. But, fuck, I can’t wait to see how you react to it when it’s me in there.”

Luckily we were prepared for the gallons of cum this time. Dylan passed me a towel, and I cleaned my face, neck, and chest. It was a futile task because that first time cumming had been like a dam bursting. My cock was now leaking precum non-stop. There were a few more involuntary spurts that matted my chest hair down once more, and I threw the towel aside and laughed, giving up for now.

Soon my ass was ready for Dylan’s tool. At least we hoped so.

He pulled the plug from my hole very slowly, and I tilted my head back. I felt like he was tearing me open, turning me inside out. Fuck! If they couldn’t hear me moaning all throughout the city, I would’ve been surprised.

I was in need of a pause but Dylan wanted to go on. While kissing me passionately, I could feel him pressing his massive soft cock against my ass.

“Let’s see if this works,” he said between kisses, his eyes closed.

And then he pushed his head against my hole and then into it. My eyes popped wide open instantly. The thickness forced the walls of my rectum even further apart, and I could feel every square inch of his girth gliding into me. I came again, but this time I was fast enough to aim my cock at Dylan’s face, just between my thighs. A smaller yet nonetheless impressive cum shot pasted his face. He licked his lips, gave me a cocky grin, and pushed three more inches into me. I was so fucking stuffed at that moment, you wouldn’t believe it. It felt like he was twisting my internal anatomy upside down already and we were nowhere near finished. But I simply couldn’t take another inch.

“I think this might not work,” I said, but it sounded like begging.

“Come on, big boy. We’ve gone this far already.”

“Oo–okay … ooooh fuck … but remember the safe word.”

Dylan smiled, and continued to push inside. Deeper. More.

My ass tried to force him back out now and then. I couldn’t help it. So he had to shove it a bit further back in every now and then. Probably going even deeper “accidentally.”

It was finally time for the second sex toy. We bought a medium-sized dildo that could stimulate your prostate with little electrical signals. We didn’t know for sure yet how Dylan’s erections were working, but it had something to do with anal penetration. And this toy could fake it as good as it gets.

Without removing himself from me, he lubed that thing up and put it in his own ass. His cock reacted immediately. We both instantly felt it. It was pulsing, not swelling bigger yet, just pulsing.

He shoved more of the electric dildo inside, way slower than he entered me. I teased his cock by thrusting my hips up and down a little.

“Fuck!” he said. “I’ve been waiting for this all my life! Where’s the remote for this thing? I wanna try it.”

But I already had the remote in my hand.

“Merry Christmas!” I said, and pushed the start button.

Part 9: The Hospital

Chapter 9 – The Hospital

I woke up in a white-walled hospital room. It was probably nine or ten in the morning. Snow was blowing against the big windows. My body felt sore, like I’d been run over by a train. What happened?

Then I noticed Dylan sitting next to my bed. He was smiling, but I could tell he was trying to mask how worried he was.

“Josh, thank God you’re awake.”

“What happened? Why are we in a hospital?”

He took my hand.

“I think we might’ve went a little too fast there yesterday. My cock actually hurt you pretty much down there.” Dylan bit his lip, looking a little ashamed of himself. “But the doc says you’ll be fine in a few days. I’m so sorry for hurting you like that.”

“Hey, I’m the one who pressed the button. Come to think of it, I can’t even remember what happened after that.”

He leaned in a bit closer, he was almost whispering now: “It worked way too good, honey”—a smile played around his mouth. “You should have seen me. It grew so fucking big so fucking fast. Probably the greatest dick there’s ever been.”

I had to readjust the hard-on growing under my sheets. Dylan continued, his eyes glowing.

“But I had to pull it out seconds after you pressed that button. You passed out after screaming Fuck! really loud.”

“That sounds like me. What did the doc say when you told him what caused all this?”

“Well thankfully, he was too afraid to ask, hahaha.”

“And can we try it again?”

Dylan looked surprised by how eager I was.

“You should get well first. Then we can talk about filling you up again, big guy.

Part 10: Coming Home

My ass needed a few weeks of recovery after the incident but that never stopped me from fucking Dylan as long and as intense as I wanted. He was still sorry about almost impaling me with his enormous dick, even though it was nobody’s fault but my own.

Our time together following those first weeks was terrific. I enjoyed my relationship with Dylan like no other before. When he came back from a long shift at the hospital, we sat together on his couch, and he told me about his day. It was my own little daily soap full of workplace drama and medical extravaganza. When he was too tired after a shift and almost falling asleep in my arms, I gave his shoulders a little massage.

“Mhh, yes! Thanks, babe.”

“Want me to go a little deeper?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” he said eyes closed and smiling widely.

So I moved over, opened his stuffed jeans, and freed the tight package. I just couldn’t imagine how he was able to hide his beast of a bulge in hospital scrubs. I stopped wondering and grabbed his soft monster.

“No matter how often I see this whale cock of yours, I can never get used to it.”

With his eyes closed, slightly moaning, he answered: “I often cannot believe it myself. When we bought the new underwear weeks ago, I was standing in the changing cubicle thinking I’m the most hung stud in the world.”

My tongue glided up and down his thick and soft 18 inches.

“Tell me, Dylan. Do you like to be super hung?”

“Wanna hear the truth … G~o~d!” He started groaning mid-sentence because I began sucking his fat prick’s head.

“Tell me how much you like it, while I try sucking you off, stud.”

He tilted his head back. I started pressing his cock head into my mouth. It was like trying to eat a BigMac with just one bite. I could feel my own monster already hard between my legs, bumping into the couch.

“It’s so fucking massive all the time,” he started to say, only interrupted by his own moans. “It has been so fucking huge all my life. Dragging heavy meat, wet all the time, and accompanied by some big ass balls. Jeez, you should have seen my school friends back when I was a senior. They wanted to touch that fat prick of mine all the time! And I was only 14 inches big back then. I’ve grown so much.”

Most of his head was in my mouth now. I used my tongue to give him the best show possible.

“Oh Josh, don’t stop, I love you so fucking much for this. No one was ever able to give me a fucking blowjob like you do.”

I don’t know if it was intended or just his lust acting out, but he fixed my head in position with his hands and thrust forward with his hips. His dick head slid down my throat with over 5 inches of his shaft following. I wanted to scream and groan at the same time, but his cock was lodged my throat. It was so painfully thick that my body couldn’t even respond with a gag reflex.

Dylan was in heaven.

Yesssssss! You’re so fucking good, boy!”

He still didn’t look up. I tried stopping him because my neck was in a lot of pain taking his monster, but all he did was pushing down more and more of his endless penis. I thought I heard him whisper the word sorry, but perhaps it was just another heavenly moan.

Another thrust and more of his whale dick wandered into my mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That fat anaconda, covered in veins and my salvia, was being pushed down my throat one inch after another. All Dylan could do was scream while keep pushing for more. At least a foot of his cock was soon down my throat. I was so lucky that Dylan was usually quick to cum because I was running out of breath. In the final seconds, before he came, I could feel his massive cock head entering my belly with a lot of force. FUCK. How was I even able to take all this meat?

I sensed his balls raising and a second later a warm and pleasant feeling spread in my stomach like warm milk. He was still cumming, but the dick was already on his way out. The fat snake left my mouth with a loud and wet smack. I started to breathe for my dear life. The lasts blasts of cum hit me in the face. Dylan was suddenly aware of the things he had done.

“Shit, I’m so sorry! I got lost! You were so damn good!”

I laid on my back in front of our couch and held my cum inflated belly. I felt like a water balloon. My abs were gone but it felt so good. My throat was sore and I was still short of breath.

“Everything all right? Listen, I’m so sorry-”

“Don’t be sorry,” I mumbled. “That was amazing. A bit much, but amazing.”

… and this is how most nights went.

Part 11: Spring

Weeks later I was standing in Dylan’s bathroom flossing my teeth when his voice blasted from the other room.

“Josh! It happened! Come fast!”

For a second I thought he had a heart attack, but nothing could prepare me for the thing I came to see in Dylan’s bedroom. My boyfriend Dylan was sitting on the edge of his bed only in his underwear—the one we had bought together ages ago. Back then it had been a good fit, but now it was deformed and almost ripping by force from within. His former 18-inch cock looked more than three times as big now. How was that possible?

He was crying his eyes out about the massive anaconda in his undies.

“I knew that this would happen one day, but not so fucking early!”

“Oh my God, Dylan! What is this?”

I came closer to his side, but my hands were shaking too much to comfort him. After a few seconds, I could finally touch the thing bulging out his underwear … and it wasn’t real.

“Hahaha! April fools!”

He jumped up, and his package nearly knocked me out of life. He nailed me down on the bed, and I could finally laugh about his stupid joke.

“You really believed me for a second here, did you?”

I felt slightly embarrassed by it, but he was right. And it wasn’t helping too that I could feel the weight of his fake monster bulge between our legs.

“Say, do you want me to have an even bigger cock for you?”

I could finally shake him off.

“Don’t be ridiculous! You’re the most hung stud in the world. I couldn’t be any happier.”

“But that wasn’t the question. I remember your grindr description back then.” He sat back up. “You were looking for someone genuinely gifted. Tell me, Josh, what’s the most perfect size for a man’s cock you can think of?

My own cock was rock hard all the time, and I was still blushing and staring down at his fake package when I said: “You have to understand that this fetish of mine doesn’t have any limits. And I love your monster dick so fucking much, you wouldn’t believe it. And that’s only one of one thousand reasons why I love you.”

Suddenly I found myself in one of the tightest hugs of my life, and I couldn’t understand the world anymore.

“Is everything okay?” I asked him.

“Yes, I just wanna hug you because you’re so fucking beautiful. I truly don’t deserve you.”

Back then I wasn’t really listening to his words. Maybe if I had paid attention to the things he was really saying, I could have heard that he was already saying goodbye to me.

Description Tired of settling or doing without, Josh is determined to find a boyfriend with a more than ample package. Dylan meets his requirements… and then some.

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  • There’s something about Billy by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock XBalls XCock  Billy seems like perfectly normal, good-looking guy from the waist up. But there’s something going on inside Billy’s weird, super-baggy pants, and Duke and Kevin were determined to find out what it was.  Added Feb 2017(10)
  • Practice by Massim0  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Self  Andrew is tired and covered in mud after cleaning up his team’s sodden footie pitch after a long, sodden practice. All he wants is to slough off the muck in the team’s dilapidated showers… and, all right, maybe sneak in a secret wank while he’s at it. While he’s in the changing rooms alone, though, he comes across a most unexpected piece of equipment.  Added Apr 2018  •  Updated Jun 2018(33)
  • Doctor Doomsday by Marquis de Rent  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Grow  Somewhere in a carefully observed multiverse, a bodybuilder tests a new device intended to cater to his every size ambition.  Added Jul 2017(8)
  • Lactose intolerant by The Other One  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  Jake has always been very well hung, but after an unknown allergic reaction, his 8-inch cock turned to a steady 12. Unhappy with his new endowment, he would soon learn that size does in fact matter, especially when it starts again.  Added Aug 2018(7)
  • Growing relationship by Alakazam1988  CGrow Grad Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  Shortly after finding the love of his life, Connor has these strange shivers now and then. First, he tries to deny everything, but the truth can’t hide for long. Connor’s cock grows with each shiver. Year after year after year.  Added Nov 2018(12)
  • Loading... by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock HMusc Immob Musc MGrow  Russel is feeling embarrassingly puny his first day trying to work out at the gym, but with a little determination, a few simple exercises, and his friend’s gag gift—a “Loading muscles…” workout tank and an “Enhance” brand jock strap to go with it—things start to turn around pretty rapidly.  Added Feb 2019(12)
  • Genetics by joushy123  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow    Added Dec 2012(7)
  • Pria(plus) by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock  Kieran’s friends tease him with a bottle of what the label claims are “Magic dick growing pills!” And, scoff thought he may, he does what any guy who’s slightly insecure about his package would do in such a situation.  Added Oct 2017(7)