Mustering up

By Krisiar 
2 parts
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Part 1

In the main locker room at Dawes College was a locker that hadn’t been opened in ages, for at least as long as anyone could remember. Guys on the football team would always bang on it as they walked past for good luck. When twenty guys walk past and one by one they pound on the hollow metal cabinet, it made a wonderful cacophony. I was proud to be part of the tradition—not only the tradition of the pre-game locker punch, but also of the tradition of wondering just what the hell was in there and why it had never been fixed. We blamed it, usually, on typical university bureaucracy never being able to get anything done. But something was odd about that unopened locker that we both trusted and didn’t want to see leave. Mystery, perhaps.

Until the one day when Connor and I had had enough, and we wanted to know once and for all what was in that damn locker. I walked in with a duffel bag with most of our usual workout gear… plus a pair of lock cutters. It was really the best way to conceal it. Still, we had to have permission from Coach Bronson to come into the lockers on a Sunday night during finals week. He had a lot of bullshit papers to grade and he said we didn’t have any business working out or using the equipment when we had essays to write and studying to do for other classes.

But Connor is a fast talker, and wicked handsome to boot, so if he can get in a word edgewise, he persuades anyone. He looks young, too, that’s his thing: even though he’s 22 like me, his face looks like he could still be in high school. Young face, great body… genes, I guess. With that combo, he can convince anyone of anything, and that’s just how we got to be in the locker room at 9:00 on a Sunday in May. We stood in front of the locker, and I unzipped my duffel bag and held the cutters up to the bar of the padlock. I hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” asked Connor.

“Nothing,” I answered, “Just… just nervous, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” said Connor. “But just clip ‘em and get it over with! I want to see what the hell’s in there!”

“All right,” I said.

I squeezed a little, getting ready, when all of a sudden we heard the door to the hall opening. We didn’t know what to do—we just looked at each other, frightened.

“Who’s in there?” came our coach’s voice, and we heaved a sigh of relief.

“Just go talk to him and tell him it’s us,” I whispered to Connor. He nodded and walked towards the door. I heard him and the coach talking, laughing a little bit as Connor guided him back out into the hall. I wiped my forehead of all the nervous sweat, held the lock cutter up to the padlock, and squeezed as hard as I could. With a surprisingly quiet clank, the rod of the lock snapped and dropped to the floor.

There it was. The locker that’d been sealed for ages, for as long as even Coach Bronson could remember. I hated to look inside without Connor being there, too, but the suspense was killing me, so I took the last remnants of the lock off and pulled the door open.

There was nothing inside except for a tiny vial with writing on it. When I picked it up, I realized that it must be some sort of cologne, since there was a top meant for spritzing, and I spritzed it twice, smelling at the fragrance. It actually smelled rather horrible, and what’s worse is it had settled onto my clothes.

“Ah, gross!” I muttered, “Smells like shit.”

And just like that, all of a sudden, the cologne smelled, quite literally, like a toilet. But what’s odder was that my brain registered that it had always smelled like that, even though I know for a fact beforehand it simply smelled like sweat and staleness. That was odd.

The door to the locker room opened again and I heard Connor call out my name. For some reason I got all nervous, so I pocketed the cologne and stood in front of the locker until Connor came around the corner.

“What’s up?” asked Connor, seeing the look on my face.

“The locker—”

“Yeah, what was inside it?”

I didn’t want to tell him the truth after what had happened with the smell of the cologne. If it was what I thought it was, I didn’t want Connor (or anyone else for that matter!) to know about it.

“It was, ah… There was—” I stumbled for anything, any bad lie, “There was a bunch of old socks in the locker. Funny, isn’t it?”

Connor pushed me aside and looked inside the locker for himself. And when I looked in the locker, I saw at leave seven or eight old knee-high, double-stripe socks, crusty and funky from years of being caked in sweat. And they hadn’t been in there a second ago, but my mind was racing to register that that’s what had been in the locker. I fumbled in my pocket—good, the cologne was still there, that hadn’t gotten rid of it.

“Well,” said Connor, “That’s the way it goes.”

As it turned out, Connor actually did want to work out. I didn’t—my mind was still reeling from what I’d found in the locker. So that night, as I went back to our apartment a block away from campus, I realized what was happening. That stuff, that cologne I’d found in that locker, it was doing something to me. It was giving me some sort of power. Whatever I said, it became real. And it was scary to think it.

On the corner of the street I live on, I walked past the house of a guy Connor and I knew, like I always do. His name’s Finn, and we’d known each other for a few years. He wasn’t a jock or anything, didn’t play sports like Connor and I did, but he always seemed to take the same generals I did. He was cute in a geeky sort of way, with those big chunky black glasses that are popular these days and a wiry frame. Plus, he was a redhead. So he was out on the lawn, drinking a beer and reading a book. Without really thinking and feeling adventurous, I said, “Hey, Finn! How’s that new car treating you?”

Finn looked over his shoulder to the driveway, where a new green Mustang convertible rested, glistening in the moonlight. Yet… Wait a second. Finn’s family was so poor, he’d barely been able to go to college and afford an apartment. How could they have gotten him a flashy car like that? It was the cologne from the locker, I just knew it. I was right, and my suggestion had worked. I had to keep testing, though, to be sure.

“Looks great, doesn’t it?” he said, admiring the convertible. It looked out of place here, a typical run-down college student house. Paint peeled on the garage and house and the lawn was unkempt and browning. Still, there was the car, ritzy, sleek, and supercharged.

Finn laid down his book on the chair and walked over to meet me on the sidewalk. He wasn’t bad looking, just geeky, like I said. He wore those weird joke t-shirts with video game in-jokes on them. They never fit him well, though, sort of baggy. Plus, he had a shock of red hair that just sat on his head like a shag. He was the sort of kid who you knew had to have had a tough time growing up, looking as dweeby as he did. He tried his best now that he was older, though.

“Did you come into money or something?” I asked. Was that enough to change him? I thought. “I mean, you’ve always been poor, but—what, did you win the lottery?”

“Yeah, of course I did, didn’t you read the paper?” said Finn. He was talking like I was stupid or something. And then I remembered, well, yeah, of course I remembered hearing about him winning the lottery.

“Oh yeah. 150 million dollars.” I said, bluffing. But the bluff worked: as soon as I’d said it, Finn’s clothes transformed into high end designer apparel. His fratboy khakis changed into grey washed jeans with a nice black belt, and he was now wearing leather boots instead of those old Vans he used to wear. And I watched as that joke video game shirt morphed high and low, slitting down the middle and popping out buttons to form a slick button-up black shirt under a white blazer. His red hair was now stunning and cool, done up in a high slickback like Andrew Garfield. Finn looked like he’d stepped out of a goddamn GQ magazine he was so stylish now. Oddly, he also seemed a little taller.

“Feels great to finally have money to pass around,” said Finn. And I knew he was the same old Finn, same joking, geeky Finn. It made me smile, and he smiled, too.

“Speaking of which,” I said, choosing my words carefully, knowing I could work it out if I wanted, “Could I borrow some money for rent? I mean, I know you never say you’ll loan money to anyone just because you have money now, but we’ve been friends since we met, and it’s just a month’s rent. You know you want to help me out.”

And I could see in his face that he did. “Tell you what,” said Finn, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a very expensive looking brown leather wallet, “I’ll pay your rent for the rest of the year. You deserve it. And don’t even think about paying me back. Have some fun. See ya.”

And he walked inside. His tight grey pants made his ass look perfect. Quick! I said to myself, Say something, dammit!

“Hey!” I shouted.

“Yeah?” said Finn, turning in the front doorway.

“I heard your boyfriend dumped you about a week ago. That sucks.”

Finn looked dejected now, and he said, “Yeah, it’s fine. I mean, he was fine, but… he said it wasn’t working out. Doesn’t matter, I have all this money now and friends like you. I don’t have to worry about his stupid ass anymore!”

“True, Finn!” I said, in disbelief that it had worked. He was gay now. Holy shit. “Well, I’ll see you around.”

“See you, Jonas.”

Back at the apartment, I was staring at a picture of the three of us—me, Connor, and Finn—taken outside Finn’s place. Connor and I were in our Dawes University hoodies like we usually are and Finn was in his baggy black swim trunks and a t-shirt. We’d gone to the beach that day, but a cold front had come in around 2:00 and dropped the temperature by about 20 degrees. It had been a crazy day, and we all had good memories. Still, I had to wonder something about my new powers.

Just then, Connor finally came in, heaving his duffel bag down on the couch. He was covered in sweat, and his muscles looked pump from a good workout.

“Cardio or weight training today?” I asked him.

“Nothing but weights,” said Connor, flumping down on the couch.

Connor’s muscles were distracting, but I did my best. I had a little job to do. “Hey, Connor.”


I held up the picture “Why the hell does Finn always wear Speedos if his dick’s so big?”

I turned it nonchalantly back towards myself, feigning confusion, as I watched the picture change before my eyes like I knew it would. I watched Finn’s black swim trunks retract and crawl up his thighs until they were just a tiny black Speedo hanging on his thin waist, nearly bursting from what looked like a 12 inch dick inside there. The Speedo actually was slightly off his body at the top, revealing a few short red hairs about where his dick must start.

“Maybe he just likes to show off the goods,” said Connor. “We all do. I’d show of my dick if I was that big.”

“How big is it again?” I said. “Twelve inches? Fourteen?”

I watched the Speedo grow bigger, and I watched as Finn’s muscles expanded a little underneath that t-shirt in the photo. As soon as I’d made it happen, I knew I wouldn’t be able to survive off of just looking at this picture for the rest of the night. I needed to have Connor and Finn in the same room. Then we’d have a little bit of fun.

“That sounds about right,” said Connor. “Fourteen inches, fifteen, somewhere around there.” He took out his phone and started texting.

“Whatever. I’ll just ask him when he comes over. I passed him on the way here and he said he’d like to hang out tonight, just do whatever. His boyfriend broke up with him, you know, he’s getting sort of lonely.”

“That’s cool,” said Connor, jumping up from the couch and going to crack open a beer. “Finn’s great. I’m sure he wouldn’t be embarrassed about telling you how long his dick is. I’d tell everyone if I had that tool.”

“Connor,” I said, bracing myself. “We all know your cock is huge. Twelve inches last time you told me. So quit complaining.”

Connor was lucky to be wearing his athletic work-out shorts, because I watched as the head of his cock grew out from the bottom of his shorts, just hanging there out of his jock. Connor smirked at me and grabbed his dick in that boyish, jocky sort of way. I laughed.

“That’s why everyone always believes whatever you say,” I told him, “Because your dick’s always looking them in the eye! Haha. Plus, with a body like that and the fact that you always go shirtless, no matter the occasion, I’d be surprised to find two people who could resist you.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” said Connor, now shirtless, as he downed the rest of his beer. With every gulp, I watched his body accommodate my suggestion. His stomach, which until now was just flat and fit, began to segment itself and slightly lengthen, creating blocks of muscle for some amazing abdominals, and I watched as his obliques became tough and hard like armor. His shoulders, which usually were unimpressive, suddenly ballooned with muscle, as did the rest of his arms. His waist shrank by about two inches. I tried my best not to look astonished as his nipples began protruding and his chest inflated, the muscle visible in striations beneath his now quite tan skin. In the end, his pecs hung off his body like tits, and his nipples were perfectly sized and brown. His abs were uniform, cut, and huge, in a row of eight. He had lats that weren’t too big but still gave him that sexy v-shape, and his biceps were powerful and his forearms sleek. His jaw was strong, and his neck was full of corded muscle. What’s more, he was almost completely hairless except for the stubble on his neck and the dusting of hair on his legs.

I was on a roll and I couldn’t help myself. “Then again, I’m stupid—of course you go shirtless. I mean, you don’t even wear any pants ever, either. Just that white jock. A black jock on formal occasions. It’s normal.”

“Uh, yeah?” said Connor. “I know. Why are you saying this?”

“No reason, really,” I replied hastily. “Just admiring it all.”

And admire it I did as his athletic shorts disappeared and his white jock stood on a body that otherwise was just wearing shoes and socks. His ass, like the rest of his body, was fantastically perfect, protruding in a big bubble, flexing every now and then so I could see it was teeming with muscle and power, framed perfectly by the straps of the jock. The front of his jock, of course, was straining to contain Connor’s intimidating foot-long cock.

“What’re you looking at?” Connor asked me, catching my gaze.

“Oh, nothing, just—just that body. It’s hypnotizing, haha. Not really of course, but—You know, everyone looks at you like this. You’re perfect.”

“Well, I know,” said Connor, cracking open another beer, “But we’re roommates. You see me every day. Would’ve seemed like you’d get used to it. Hey, when’s Finn coming over?”

“I dunno, pretty soon,” I improvised. “He always has to change first.”

“Right,” said Connor.

“Something about that kid and his Under Armour. He loves it. I mean, I know we all love it, but I never got why he always wants to wear it when we hang out.”

“Whatever. It’s just his thing,” said Connor. He took a swig of his beer and looked at me. “Hey, looks like those workouts have been doing well for you. You should’ve stayed with me at the gym tonight, we could’ve worked on it. You just need to keep training, man, and maybe you’ll look as good as me.”

“Ha, nobody looks as good as you,” I answered. “Though I do feel like I’ve been gaining muscle mass recently.” And slowly I began to feel my body’s muscles expanding, everywhere, but mostly in my chest. “And I’ve definitely been losing fat, especially around my waist.” Then I began feeling my shorts growing a little looser on my frame. “I shouldn’t have worn this shirt today, it’s one of the smallest I own.” And suddenly my black t-shirt was replaced with a gray one that I hardly ever wore anymore, and as my muscles grew, it felt very tight. “In fact, I’ve been growing so much lately, I feel like I could flex right out of it.”

“Try it, man!” said Connor. He moved to the arm of the couch and watched.

I pumped up and flexed my pecs and sure enough, a rip slowly formed across my chest. I flexed my abs tight and the rip grew. Then I put my arms up and flexed my biceps, and from the hem of the sleeve up there were two clean tears up to my shoulders. I felt so damn hot, standing there with my shirt torn in three places from my muscles. Connor, oddly enough, looked duly impressed.

I was shocked at myself. How could I have thought of transforming all of the men around me without paying attention to myself? I loved the feeling of muscle. If this was how Connor felt all the time with his muscle, how would anyone else feel? I could change the world at my whim. Of course, I wouldn’t change too much. Just whoever I wanted. And always for the better. A great guy like Connor and a guy who never had a break like Finn, they deserved my attention. And if I could get a little on the side, well then, all the better for me. I was enjoying the power I got from that cologne.

Part 2

Right then, the door opened and Finn walked in.

“Hey, Jonas!” he said to me, seeing my shirt in tatters. “I was right, those workouts ARE paying off!”

Finn stood there, his red shock of hair styled up and a fun smirk on his face. However, I found myself looking everywhere but his face for the next few seconds. Although his build was more wiry than Connor and I, who were now quite muscular and trim, Finn fit into a pair of black Under Armour running pants that cupped his ass suitably and his 14 inch soft dick left a bulge along along one of his two well-exercised legs. His upper body, which was noticeably skinny, was nonetheless done up in a long-sleeve black Under Armour spandex shirt. Finn just looked so sleek and smooth in his gear, and knowing that there was a millimeter of fabric between us and his skinny, big-cocked body was exciting.

“Hey there, Finn,” Connor greeted, standing up and adjusting himself inside his jockstrap. “Oh, by the way, Jonas wanted to know something. We wanted to ask you when you came over, and now you are, so—?” Connor directed that last part to me, prompting me to ask.

“Oh, right,” I said. “But first, let me take care of this.” I flexed again, more powerfully, concentrating on expanding my pecs and biceps, and sure enough, my shirt split right down the front, from the collar to the bottom hem. It just sat there on my muscular frame, fluttering, exposing my large, quarter size, hard, pointy nipples. “All right, so what we wanted to know is… Well, see, we all know it’s a huge cock.”

“Right,” said Finn, looking down at the snaking bulge he had on his thigh under his spandex running pants.

“So why do you wear Speedos all the time? It’s got to be a lot to wedge in there, ha ha.”

“Well, that’s true,” said Finn, grabbing a beer from the fridge and cracking it open. “It’s just, when you’ve got the goods, you like to show them off? And I like how skinny I am. I’d like to be muscular like you two—fuck, Jonas, you really put on the muscle these past weeks! I’m really in awe.”

“Thanks, Finn,” I said, nonchalantly sitting down in a chair and letting my open shirt stay open to reveal my thin, 30” waist, cut abs, and a solid line that divided my great pecs in half and my line of eight abs that, though incredible, were not nearly as superhumanly sexy as Connor’s were. And right then, I had an idea. “Well, that’s just the thing, though, Finn. That’s how people know us. We’re the three guys with different attributes. You’re the redhead who’s skinny with a huge cock. Connor’s the one with godly muscles who never wears clothes. And I’m the one who’s seven feet tall and has nipples that leak muscle-enhancing cum.”

They watched me grow like nothing was happening—after all, I’d always been this way. My shirt ripped even more as my frame grew to fit my suggestion. My feet grew in size until they were easily more than 24” in length, and I shot up to 7’. I’m glad I was sitting down, because standing up my head would graze the ceiling. Everything grew in proportion, and I heard the chair creak underneath my added weight as I grew a foot and a half in height instantly. Then, the other part came through—I felt a slight pinching in my nipples. I looked down and saw that they had grown even large, to the size of half-dollars, and right at the end, they were leaking precum. After all, I was quite aroused. The cum, which had the power to grow muscle if you drank it, dripped off my perfect, divine nipples and ran down in a little stream over my abs and down to my waistband, which grew more wet by the second.

“That’s true,” said Finn. “It’s how people know us.”

“Which makes it even more dumb that you decided to wear that shirt today!” pointed out Connor.

“Yeah, well,” I said sheepishly, running my hands over my abs which were glistening in nipple cum, “I get absentminded sometimes. Distracted easily. It’s just how I am. And we all love wearing old clothes from our glory days. Just like Finn. That’s why he wears those tight-fitting Under Armour pants and shirt all the time. I mean, spandex is tight, but he’s way too muscular now for them.”

“It’s just a preference,” said Finn, “Like you said, Jonas.”

Finn’s body was no longer the wiry frame I’d always known it as. He was now bulky and the spandex was trying its best to contain his rippling muscle. The shirt and pants were so tight that we could see every muscle, every curve. The bottom part of the shirt was beginning to ride up, and I could see the deep crevices of Finn’s lower abs. Plus, the cuffs of his running pants were way past his ankles now, practically mid-calf. It was very hot seeing every muscle accentuated by the spandex that fit his every contour and pulled it up.

“See, that’s why I don’t wear clothes anymore,” said Connor. “It’s too hard to find stuff that fits.”

Finn took another swig from his beer and walked across the kitchen to us. And I yelled out, “No, Finn! Take one more step and you’re going to rip it wide—”

Suddenly, with the next step Finn took, his running pants split straight up the legs, completely separating from his body, leaving the pants to hang from the waistband. I saw now that his legs were insanely powerful, throbbing with muscle. His ass was flawless and perky, seeming to protrude more up than out. The same destruction happened to his shirt, only it completely shredded apart, exploding off his body to reveal a fantastic body covered in redhead freckles and a dusting of auburn hair on some beefy pecs and just-visible abs. He was nowhere near as well-muscled as Connor and I, but he was well-endowed, slender, sinewy, and manly enough to burst out of Under Armour.

“Not again!” shouted Finn, exasperated. His limp 14-inches just hung there out of his destroyed pants. He worriedly adjusted his thick black glasses, looking down at his practically nude body. He shrugged and made his way to the couch and sat next to Connor. “Well, whatever, looks like I’ll be walking home naked again.”

“Hey guys?” I said, feigning reluctance to say something.

“Yeah?” they replied.

“I’ve got something to tell you, and Finn’s huge cock reminded me of it.”

“Just say it,” said Connor, put his arms out along the back of the couch.

“Well… You know that the cum that comes out of my nipples has muscle-enhancing quialities, right? I mean, Connor, you suck on my nipples every night, it’s part of your muscle-growing regimen. Well, I think I found out that you don’t need to drink it for it to work. See, I’ve been using my nipple-cum as lube for the past couple of days because I ran out of regular lube. And, well, it’s been having a big effect on my cock’s size.”

“What kind of effect?” asked Finn, leaning closer. I could tell he wanted me. “Ten inches is big enough, Jonas.”

“Well, no, it’s been—enormous. I didn’t think it could grow this much.”

“How big is it now, Jonas?” asked Connor.

“It’s ah… well… It’s five feet long.”

“Holy shit!” yelled Finn, jumping up. “I was wondering what that thing coiled around your leg was!”

“And the worst part is that that’s how long it is when it’s soft. To tell you the truth, guys, your muscles have been turning me on for the past couple of minutes. It’s growing. And I can’t stop it!”

I felt my cock, which now was wound around my leg, grow. With every beat of my heart, Finn and Connor watched it surge with power. Within seconds, it was erect, about six feet long, resting on the couch between them, stretching over the coffee table from where I sat in that armchair. It shredded my shorts before long, and I moaned as it stretched to seven feet long. It bobbed and bounced. Finn stared at it. What’s more, it was incredibly thick, like a tree branch growing out of my groin, and two dodgeball-sized balls hung below it.

It still wasn’t done. It grew to nine feet, and it was so hard and strong that it tipped the couch over backward, spilling out Finn and Connor, who scrambled to do something about it. As it reached ten feet and it became apparent that there was no way I could be stopped, Connor ran over to me and began suckling at my cum tits, prodding my nipples, forcing more come to flow out, and he rubbed it all over his abs, which instantly became like steel, flat like a table and segmented incredibly. I watched as more abs formed, because the only way to stack in more muscle was to make his torso longer. Eight abs, ten abs, twelve abs—Connor kept rubbing the cum in him until he no longer had a six pack, but a twenty pack. He flexed and growled, feeling the strength now in him.

I feared how large my cock would grow, being five feet long soft. It kept growing and growing, up to twelve feet, thirteen feet, working its way into the kitchen. Finn could only watch, adjusting those thick nerdy glasses, as his own cock became fully erect, three feet long in front of him, dwarfed by my monstrous dick. He started pumping away furiously.

“Christ, Jonas!” he yelled, staring at my gigantic dick. “I didn’t think this was possible! Holy shit, Jonas, this is so fucking hot! I want to have that dick! I want to have a dick that big and I want to have a dick that big inside me!”

“Of course,” I said to Finn. “We all know that your ass, though tight and perfect, can accommodate any cock you want. Come here!”

Connor watched in awe as my now fifteen foot cock wound its way around the furniture to find Finn, who was now bent over and bracing himself for what I was going to give him. My cock spread his cheeks and plunged in deep, pushing its way deep into his ass.

“AHH! HOLY SHIT!” screamed Finn, pleasure unmistakable in his voice. “HOLY SHIT, JONAS! YES! YOU’RE A FUCKING GOD!”

I began to pump in and out, ten feet of my cock disappearing into his body, which seemed impossible, but here we were, Finn’s ass and my cock working in perfect unison. Before long, Connor himself was boned, his own two-and-a-half feet of hard tool fully erect. He walked up to me and started sucking at my tits for sustenance, the muscle cum flowing out into his eager mouth. As I fucked Finn ever harder, I could see Connor’s already huge muscles bulging, throbbing, ballooning, expanding with every gulp of cum from my nipples. His jock tore at the ass and fell off, looking tiny compared to all of the huge muscle and cock and men in our house. His glutes were the size of prize watermelons, and his pecs were like beach balls, with the air nozzle for his nipples, they were that long and stiff. The abs kept stacking, each one as cut and defined to the max as the ones before it. Rows and rows filled in his ever-lengthening torso, so now he had a 24-pack of abs, three times as long as what he’d started the night out with!

“Oh God, Jonas!” bellowed Connor, flexing his growing muscle. “My body! I feel like I’m going to burst out of my skin! There’s nowhere for the muscle to go! I’m totally maxed out!”

“It’s all right!” I shouted, still fucking Finn, who was loving every inch of my fifteen footer. “When your body hits its 100% point, it’ll just start giving you extra limbs, just like with your abs!”

Right as I said it, Connor tore himself away from my nipples and collapsed onto the floor, screaming in pain. A second dick was growing out of his stomach, right above where his first dick was, and I watched his body lengthen and legs start to grow out from his side. His body began to form his lower half into a sexy set of boytaur legs, each one as muscular as the last, and his new dick in the front was impressive, four feet long, resting in the crevice between Connor’s superhuman higher-up abs, just poking at his left nipple. He stood up shakily on his new boytaur body and began jacking himself off.

Finn looked over his shoulder and caught sight of Connor. “Oh my god, man! You’re… You’re—!” And Finn came right there, shooting seed all over the kitchen, dousing the floor in at least ten jets of steaming white cum, bellowing with pride and strength, moaning so loud it seemed to shake the foundations of the house. Seeing Finn cum and his abs flexing with every spasm of jizz, it sent me over the edge—I tried to scream out a warning, but I was too overcome. My new god-cock was too large for me to handle anything but staying standing up and unloading dozens and dozens of gallons of cum into Finn’s rock-hard body. My nipples spurted in tandem with my dick’s orgasm, spraying Finn’s back, and instantly I saw his delts and lats bulge and augment, instantly stacking on at least 50 pounds of muscle, filling his back with huge cords of hard flesh. And, as you might expect, seeing this happen pushed Connor to cum, too. Both of his cocks unloaded all over the carpet in the living room, and I watched his rear glutes, now even bigger than before, flex with every powerful spray from those twin tools.

“I really am going to be the greatest quarterback Dawes College has ever seen with these legs!” said Connor, recovering, leaning on the back of the couch once he’d propped it back up again. “Thanks, Jonas!”

Finn was panting, leaning on the counter, having pulled himself off of my now soft, seven foot cock, still shrinking. It took a long time to return to normal after a huge load like that. Finn turned slowly and Connor and I saw that all of that cum hadn’t left him yet—it was still inside him. Finn’s belly, though still retaining the definition of his cut abs and obliques, was bulging out. His insides were still coated and saturated in cum, and it forced his abdomen to expand.

“What’s going to happen to him, Jonas?” Connor asked me.

“Well, the cum from my nipples is at least as powerful as that in my cock,” I said. “Real semen must be even more effective than what you had, Connor. I’m not sure what’s going to go on with Finn.”

“I can feel it—” said Finn. “The muscle… the power… it’s growing in me—”

We stood, watching, waiting. Finn seemed to quiver. Connor and I were a little bit afraid. Finn just smiled.

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