series: Telepathic Morph

The minotaur equation

By LeatherGryphon 
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Part 1: The Beast Awakens

I was bored. Perhaps jaded would have been a better word. In any case I wasn’t satisfied with my situation any more. Not that my situation was anything negative. Hell, I had one of the world’s two best physiques. More money than I knew what to do with, and more sex than I could schedule. Never-the-less, I was bored.

The secret that Lance and I kept had provided it all. A year earlier Lance’s telepathic sense had led him to me. He’d tuned in on my rare ability to visualize mental fantasies in great detail. This ability made it possible for me to control his laboratory equipment to generate, for both him and myself, custom tailored DNA serums that transformed us into muscle gods.

The experience of the transformation from a middle aged engineer and frustrated bodybuilder into a totally erotic more than prize winning muscle freak had been incredible. In two days my life had changed forever. Despite my chronological age, I was physically younger, more handsome of face, absolutely consumed by sexual urges, and had the genitals with which to satisfy them.

The experiences of the following year had also been absolutely incredible and unforgettable. I’d been walking around with the body of a winning bodybuilder since then. It had been fun. Easy to get as much sex as I wanted. I simply made an appearance in public and had men and women hanging all over me. Mostly men, which didn’t surprise me. Don’t let anyone tell you that “real” men don’t fantasize about having or embracing masculine bodies. They’re just too insecure to admit it.

It had been amusing to watch the watchers. Most men simply stared. Once in a while though one would approach me. If he was alone the conversation quickly led to either immediate rejection or a night they would never forget. If he was with his buddies he would find any excuse necessary to start a conversation with me, then either shy away or coyly dump his buddies. Straight men were the biggest tickler for me. I’d tip the conversation just a little bit toward the wild side and they’d usually leap at the opportunity. I took great pride in leading an otherwise “normal” guy into the world of man sex. They secretly loved it.

Once in a while I got somebody who was interested in something more than vanilla “huggy”, “kissy”, “feely” jerk-off sex and wanted to become really invasive. That’s when I started having fun. Leather bars usually turned up someone who was interested in handball. I was comfortable at either end of this activity. The trust and intimacy developed between two men connected almost up to an elbow resonates for years.

Easily available and uninhibited sex, actually makes one jaded after a while. Once I’d realized that I really was looking for something more I began thinking about those vials of special transform solutions I’d made. During my first encounter with Lance and during his own transformation while he was sleeping, I’d secretly used his laboratory to indulge my fantasies. Transforming my long repressed fantasies into DNA serum I’d kept the resulting vials in a freezer. They inevitably began to intrude more and more on my mind. Finally unable to stand it any more I started looking for an opportunity to use one of them.

Having become independently wealthy from porn movies and personal appearances the only thing that was keeping me from using the vials was my public schedules. So I purposely started eliminating my appearances and scheduled a year free. When the time came I examined my cache of chemical fantasies and picked one.

My first one labeled “M” was the Minotaur. The mental images of a half-man half-bull creature had been my favorite turn on for years. The massive muscles and pure sex it exuded had always excited me as an image. Now an opportunity had presented itself to me to investigate what it would feel like to actually become that obscene creature.

When the day came, when I had no scheduled appearances for well over a year. I set my answering machine to indicate that I was not available, and to contact my attorney for any business discussions. He’d been instructed to indicate that I’d be traveling for a long time.

My excitement grew as I prepared for the next transformation. Already massively muscular, my unashamed narcissistic tendencies resulted in mirrors all over the house. They would serve to reveal to me my bestial body. Plenty of growth nutrients were available for the intense feeding sessions I knew I’d have to endure.

The injection took just a few seconds. The anticipation was pure hell but sitting calmly and waiting for initial reactions was all I did. Once the reaction began then, like before, pain preceded everything else. I began to sweat profusely and the pain in my balls mounted. After about fifteen or twenty minutes I locked myself into my bedroom and rejoiced in the mounting pain. This time, though, something was different. I felt new types of pain. This transformation was going to destroy existing body tissue, such as my feet and face.

The pain in these areas masked the overall pain being experienced by the rest of my body. My screams were animalistic. I passed out.

I dreamed. I dreamed of animal sex. Of pure gratification. Huge genitals and overpowering mass gave me the assurance of superiority. Nothing could deny me. I had my way with anyone in my presence. My dreams felt so real. At one time I actually thought that the process was complete and that I had been the Minotaur for years. I felt unstoppable. My dreams of huge animal muscles on a human frame made me a god-like creation.

Finally about 10 hours later I woke up and anxiously examined my body. I wanted to see some visible proof that the serum worked. Yes. My head showed red sore bumps directly on the side of my head above the ears and close to the front. These would develop into horns I knew. My feet drew my attention next because they felt so strange. My human feet were strangely distorted. They were much shorter and the toes had started fusing into a clump that was pointing downward and developing into a hard chitenous mass. These I knew would become my hooves. Hair was sprouting all down my leg from the knee down.

I was ravenously hungry. I quickly grabbed some food supplement cans and downed them one after the other. Feeling better now. I could feel my body re-arranging itself. I was becoming more muscular. Much more muscular. As a human I was huge already. Becoming even larger seemed impossible, yet I knew it was happening. I remember the image I had created and knew that my body as the fully developed Minotaur would weigh about 420 pounds. That was a nearly 140 pounds more than I already weighed.

By mid-afternoon my cock had grown to unbelievable size. I must be at least fourteen inches soft but that wasn’t a condition it stayed in very long. I kept using the tool for my pleasure. When hard it was at least as long enough to reach my knees if it could be forced downward. The head of it was more than two inches in diameter. nearly a 9 inches around! I felt power like I had never felt before. I was the essence of maleness. I was also the essence of animal power. I was crazy with the feelings of sexual prowess. My horns were now about four inches long each and very well formed. They looked hot! I loved the way they added weight to my head. My neck was thickening like a bull. The long muscles down the side that attached to my breast bone grew into elongated balloons of muscle. Twitching and flexing every time I even slightly moved my head. My neck measurement had soared. My arms were now twenty six inches and still growing. My torso thickened like a bull. My waist had increased to thirty-eight inches but the seventy-five inch chest made it look positively wasp like.

My balls swung like oranges halfway to my knees. They were incredibly productive and I was leaking cum all the time. When I stroked myself to ejaculation, I would get nearly a half-pint of thick white cream. It took minutes of continuous ejaculation to get that much out. After it stopped, I’d still continue dribbling cum. My little sperm factories were running on overtime for sure.

I continued to metamorphosize into the creature I had imagined. A Minotaur of classic Greek history. A beast fit to be caged and used as ultimate punishment for those who offend the king of the region. I was that beast. I knew I was myself mentally but I was half animal physically. My hugeness made me need to flex and exercise my body almost all the time. I also needed sex. By god, I could feel the sex drive generated in my balls radiate outward through my body and demand to be expressed. I spent the next 24 hours of the transformation in the underground areas of my remote home. Somewhere during that period. I went berserk. Vague images of unbridled anger, breaking glass, crumbling walls and innocent furniture made it through my pain wracked mind. Sometime during the night I couldn’t stand it anymore and ran out into the darkness. My 350+ pound still growing body crashed through the woods. Decent sized saplings and tree limbs, fell victim to my wild rush. Huge deep hoof prints were left in the soft earth. Naked animal flight through the empty forest. The moon gave me enough light to recognize where I was going. I was heading for the caves on the cliff at the shore. In my befuddled mind I believed that was the perfect place for a creature like me.

Part 2: The Labyrinth

I had no plans other than to get to the caves. I was driven by the physical need to exercise and relieve the pressure of massive amounts of cum in my balls. I stopped a couple of times and stroked my twenty inch monster cock to climax. The shudders of the orgasm forced me to give away my presence with a bellow that must have been heard for miles. This forest was remote but not isolated. There was traffic along the coast road which was the only way into my property. My estate was eight miles straight east of the coast, deep into the forest.

Arriving at the opening to a cave I disappeared into the blackness beyond the entrance. The cave wound down through the cliff area and opened into large caverns in several places. There was no direct route through the cave, it was a relatively random arrangement of tunnels and caverns. There was, however, at the lower levels, a tunnel that lead to a partially obscured entrance about 15 feet up the cliff face on the beach.

I ran into the first cavern and stumbled into the back. Hunching in the dark my breath came in massive rasping gasps through my huge new jaws and thick bovine lips. Breath whistled through my flattened nose and my huge muscular chest heaved in and out at least a foot each time. I felt safe finally. I don’t know why this place felt safe, but I relaxed for the first time since I realized what the transformation was really doing to me. I sort of panicked when I realized that I had become really non-human. How was I going to continue my life. I would stay this way forever unless I had some more of the transformation virus. The only vials that I had left were all either half-human half-beast like this, or they were so obscenely, hugely, muscular and genitally endowed I couldn’t appear in public without attracting dangerous attention.

I had indeed painted myself into a corner. How in hell was I going to get out of this mess. More importantly, how was I going to feed myself, and what was I going to do about this sex drive. Already I had to stroke myself to satisfaction again. My bellows were uncontrollable, and I’m sure they resonated in the cavern and projected the sound out through the forest. If I was going to do that again I’d have to move to the lower levels in the dark. I cursed the fact that I’d come here without tools. I actually was a naked animal. My body was covered now with thin soft brown fur, just like I’d imagined it. I wasn’t going to freeze anytime soon, but I had nothing with me, no matches, no knife. I was either going to have to risk returning to the estate or fend for myself here. Starting from scratch like primitive man.

I had several advantages over primitive man though. First, I was highly intelligent and educated. I knew advanced physics, chemistry, geology, nutrition, and botany. Second, I was far stronger and more capable of defending myself than any naked human had ever been. Thirdly, I did have friends in the real world. I’d have to find some way to reach them. The estate was the obvious choice for that so I’d have to plan a trip back there sometime. Right now, however, I was relaxed enough to sit back in the darkness of this inner chamber I had groped my way into. I begin to explore my new body with my hands and huge tongue. I worked myself into sexual orgasm several times feeling myself everywhere I could. My hair raising bellows echoed over and over here in the cavern but I was sure that this far down, the noise wouldn’t get outside. For hours I brought myself to climax. The monster cock reached easily to my cavernous mouth and I greedily licked, sucked, and loved it. Finally the intense exercise that the run and the masturbation had given me exhausted my supply of energy and I fell into a deep sleep

I dreamed, I dreamed of a colony of massive man-bulls like myself engaging in wild orgies of animal competition and unabated sex. Every moment of existence dedicated to pleasuring our bodies. Our massive bodies. Our muscular, furred, horned, hoofed, and orgasmically hung, “hung like a bull”, (literally) bodies. Only our huge bovine shaped mouths could accommodate each others cocks. We fucked and ‘69’d each other incessantly, thrusting nearly two feet of coke can sized cock deep into any orifice that could take it, and even some that couldn’t.

I had no idea what time it was when I woke. I kind of snickered, “Time”, what use do I have of time. Then reality hit me again. I was hungry. This body needed lots of protein and all forms of nutrients to keep it functioning. Shit, what was I going to eat? I wondered again, what time is it? I knew I had to find out. I’d assumed it was morning but deep in the cave I had no indication of real time. It was absolutely lightless. There was no concept of direction any more. When I came in I had kept a mental picture of my movements, but after being unconscious I’d lost my mental reference. Gotta have light. Gotta have fire. Somehow I’d have to make a fire. Shit, what would burn in a cave? I could almost think I could get a spark somehow, but what in hell would burn? I stumbled around for a long time hoping I’d either find a piece of wood that had washed down here or find some indication of light from the outside. I was getting hungrier by the minute and starting to get worried about the stupid way I’d gotten myself into this situation.

Frustration prevailed. I gave up and sat with my huge back muscles resting against a boulder. I hung my big heavy horned head against my massive furred pecs and actually began to sob. Some monster I was. “Stupid cow, you’ve killed yourself.” I thought. Yea, it felt great actually to have a body like that but “Lance’s warning echoed in my head “Be careful what you wish for…”.

I don’t know what possessed me but I tried to sing a song I knew as a kid. I guess I was delirious. Nothing human came out of my mouth. I tried again. I tried to say anything. Nothing human came out. Oh, God no! I screamed in my head, I couldn’t talk. I threw my head back and bellowed again and again. Now even if I got out, how was I going to call Lance or anyone. My despair got deeper and I began picking up rocks and throwing them against the walls of the chamber. Some of those rocks were more than two foot in diameter and must have weighed 400 pounds. Strength was getting me nowhere. I collapsed again against a boulder and let myself drift off to sleep. It seemed like that was the only thing that was going to take my mind off my predicament.

I dreamed, I dreamed of my new body. I saw myself as a god among men like me. Worshipped and attended to. My physical needs satisfied by any and all in my court. The dream shifted. I was alone naked with my puny original body. Totally alone in an empty void. Just me and my thoughts. I woke drenched in sweat and matted fur and realized I was still in the cave. I ran my hands over my body and knew I was still the monster Minotaur. Unable to talk. Just a massive man-bull lost deep in the bowels of a lightless cave. Hunger, forced itself into my thoughts and I knew there was nothing here to eat. I forced my mind to go blank. If anyone could have seen me it would have been a strange sight. An obscenely massive muscular man-bull sitting in as close to a meditative position as I could get. Trying to achieve some level of peace. I was accepting my situation and wanted at least to die like a human. I promised myself I wouldn’t panic and go insane. I’d keep trying to find the way out and when the time came I would simply sit down and calmly die. My bones would be an interesting find for some future spelunker.

A sound of falling rock yanked me from my meditative state. I strained to listen and again I heard the unmistakable sound of a small cascade of rocks and pebbles off to my left and slightly above me perhaps a hundred feet away. Then like an electric shock I heard voices. Someone was coming. Almost as if my dream had predicted my salvation, spelunkers were exploring this cave, today. I wanted to yell to them but knew that only inhuman sounds would result. So close, but so far away. How was I going to handle this. If they saw me they’d be in for the shock of their lives and would probably run away. I decided I’d stay out of sight and see how the situation developed. Perhaps I’d think of some way to communicate with them.

A faint flash of light appeared then disappeared from the direction of the voices. The light re-appeared. There was enough light scattering around and my eyes had become so sensitive that I could see outlines of shapes within the cavern. I quietly slipped into a crevice behind a large boulder and waited for the men to work their way down into the cavern.

Two men came into my cavern. Their powerful flashlights slicing through the endless darkness. The intensity was so painful that I avoided looking at surfaces directly illuminated by the beams. Talking to themselves and joking, they started to unload their packs and equipment when they reached the floor of the cavern. The area picked was relatively flat and rock free. Once free of their equipment, they stood talking quietly to each other for a while then one reached over and embraced the other. They pulled closer and started kissing and feeling each other with the tenderness and forcefulness of experienced gay men. They were getting into it and quickly disrobed each other and rubbed and grabbed skin wherever it became available. Their breathing became heavy. The sounds of wet licking and sucking and kissing was punctuated by sharp slaps of hand against skin. Mutterings of sex talk began to echo in the cavern. “Yea, fucker, you want this.”

“Oh, yea, that’s it, that’s what I like. Again. Yea, harder.”

Their passion became more wild. Lowering themselves onto the flat rock they began to work into position for one to fuck the other. Moans of pleasure indicated their success, “Yea, come on fuck me crazy. Yea, deeper you mother fucker, ram that horse dick int’a me. You know I love it. Keep it coming buddy. What? You love your tits twisted? All right you horny son of a bitch, try this. A sharp sound came from the man on top, then again. He apparently liked it because he started driving harder and muttering “twist ‘em, pull ‘em make my tits sore, oh, yea, don’t be afraid of hurting ‘em. Yea, my tits are a direct connection to my cock. You want a good fuck? Keep workin’ those tits. Yea, man.”

The two continued, unaware of my presence. I was getting hot watching them. My huge cock started to rise. I started feeling myself safe in my hiding place. I stroked myself in concert with their performance. This was as hot for me as it was for them. I came with yards of hot thick cum. I tried to suppress my vocalizations but I must have made some noise, because suddenly one of them said, “Fuck, what was that?”. They stopped their play and grabbed their flashlights, waving them in my direction. Both of them started walking toward me scanning the area with their lights. I knew I couldn’t let them see my head or feet. Given what I’d just witnessed, I figured that they would be most receptive to me if I showed them something they might be interested in. I deliberately raised my head up into a hidden pocket in the rock shelf above me, sat on my knees and started stroking my monster cock in plain view of their flashlights. “Holy fucking shit!” Who the hell are you?” I was asked. I couldn’t answer. I let them know I had heard by stopping my action. I exaggerated the stroking of my huge cock so they could see it clearly, then started wagging it at them enticingly.

“I don’t know who the fuck you are, but if you want to play with that pole I’ll be glad to help.” one of them said. I continued to wave it at them. One of them finally got down on his knees in front of me and took the head of my long hard cock in his hands and started licking it juicily. The other man held the light on the cock and its attendant watching intently the action building down there. There was no way the head of my dick was going to make into his mouth but he was trying valiantly. Content finally to lick the head and shaft, he gave it a good washing. The man with the light propped it against a rock and got down beside his buddy and began licking my fleshy grapefruit sized nuts.

The two continued, content to take advantage of my equipment without being too curious about the rest of me. Groping hands eventually started feeling my abs and chest. His excitement grew as he realized how big I was all over. I could sense him getting curious about what he was discovering. My fur was like dense human hair so I don’t think that was what he was checking out. Rather, the immense size seemed to draw his hands. He felt my bulging rock hard abs, and the massive pecs over them. His fingers found their way into the deep cuts between and under the chest muscles. He strained to reach up under my arm pits and around behind my wing like lats. I heard him mutter “Fuck, you’re a fuckin’ horse.”

“More like a bull” I thought with a snicker. All this time he’d kept his mouth on my cock greedily washing and sucking it. I grunted and my cock started to jerk violently. He lost the wild tool for a moment but eagerly grabbed it again and pressed his mouth directly over the piss hole and reamed it out with his tongue. That was it, I came directly into his mouth and he swallowed the thick salty nutrients as fast as he could. It was too much for him. He backed away catching his breath. My cum continued to spew forth and the guy on my balls saw his opportunity. He quickly grabbed the juice covered tool and took the job of keeping my gism from a useless death on the floor of the cave. He too took as much as he could and finally pulled away to breathe. I finally finished my ejaculation and sat back on my heels giving a sigh of satisfaction. The three of us sat there breathing heavy and just enjoying the situation.

“That’s one hell of a cock there friend”. “Come on out’a there. I wan’a see what else you’ve got”. I held my hand out as if to shake his hand. I tried to keep my horned head out of sight till I could get some more positive reactions from these guys. He finally got the idea and grabbed my hand in a friendly shake. Then I manipulated my hand in a way similar to sign language. I knew just a few signals but what I really wanted to impart was the fact that I was mute. They already knew I could hear but it was important for me to let them know I couldn’t speak. The other guy spoke out “I get it you can’t talk, right?” I clasped his hand with both my massive hairy hands and shook it in affirmation. Then I opened one palm flat up and pretended to write on it with the other. “Just a minute, one of them said. He came back with a small pad of paper and a pencil. He gave it to me and held the light on it so I could see to write.

This was it. Somehow I had to let them know my situation and yet protect myself from their reactions or worse yet, capture by the authorities. I wrote:

“Lost in cave. Scientist. Experiment gone wrong. No voice. Must be secret. Need help. Don’t panic. Help me!”

On the second page I wrote “Don’t panic. Help me! I won’t hurt you!” They took the pad and were silent for a moment. “OK, buddy, we’ll help.” I held my hand out again for a second handshake to reinforce my humanity before I showed them how inhuman I looked. I raised up off my knees a bit and swung one hairy hoofed leg out where they could see it. I don’t think they realized what they were seeing for a moment until I brought the other leg out. Suddenly, as they both scrambled away, “Holy fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck, geez, whoa man WHAT the fuck are you?” I stopped moving my legs and quick held out my hand again, and used the other one to wag my enormous cock. I heard him scrabble to back away a bit further, then he laughed. “Oh yea, you’re the cock in the corner.”

“OK friend, I won’t panic. Whatever the fuck you are, you’ve got one hot crotch and you can’t be all bad.

I eased my massive body out from under the ledge that covered the crevice I’d been hiding in. When my head came out, I had a bit of trouble with the horns catching on the rocks, but finally I was out, looking at two handsome, scared men with their jaws open starring at me. I tried to smile but I’m not sure how it really looked. My face wasn’t what your call human, much less friendly. I resorted to the handshake symbol again and indicated that I need the writing pad. They stood there just looking at me. I waved my hands in front of their eyes mockingly trying to break them from their spell. A second try at getting the writing pad finally worked. I took the pad from the incredulous rescuer who hesitantly handed it to me and I began to write. I tried to keep the story short, besides they didn’t need to know all the details and I didn’t want to give away too much information yet. “These things have to be handled delicately”. I finished with “My name is Dale”. They read the pad simultaneously, and took the hint at the end.

“I’m Roger.”

“I’m Travis.”

The introductions broke the ice. Travis reached over cautiously and felt my horns, and drew away when he realized they really were growing from my head. Not much was being said. I couldn’t say anything without writing and they were still in a trance trying to fathom me. Roger, the one who’d been sucking on my balls came over with a big smile on his face, reached down, and tried to grab my balls. He couldn’t get both of them in one hand so he cradled them in both hands, and massaged them gently. I nodded my head up and down and gave a gentle sigh. I reached my hand up and stroked his back. I felt his butt and worked my arm between his legs and gently enclosed his cock and balls with my massive hand.

Roger’s success, triggered Travis to touch me again. He got around behind me and rubbed his hands around my hugely muscled back. After a few tries he got the idea that he had to rub with the grain of the fur. I was somewhat hot and sweaty, and hadn’t taken a shower in almost three days, so I was probably pretty ripe considering the fur and all. It didn’t seem to bother Travis though. He dropped to his knees behind me wrapping his arms around me as far as he could (which wasn’t very far) His neck nuzzled mine. He licked behind my floppy bull’s ears and took the flaps of flesh into his mouth. His tongue cleaned my ears and worked it’s way down my neck, across my yard wide shoulders and dove his nose into the armpit. Long strokes of his tongue wet down the fur under in the pit. There was lots to clean in there. My massive muscles formed a tent over the pit that could almost swallow his head. I had to keep my arm up high. I could have smothered him if by flexing a bit and holding his head deep in my armpit. The cleaning he was giving me felt fantastic.

Roger had been equally busy cleaning my crotch, abs and chest. His tongue left no crevice unattended. Deep between the pecs, down the hard six pack of my abs, around the side undulating over the obliques. He paused on my enlarged nipples taking the inch long mini-penises in and sucking hungrily on them. Those nipples were something I’d forgotten that I had imagined. I’d always fantasized about having functional nipples as sensitive as my penis so I guess the image I came up with for this Minotaur inherited that fantasy. Roger was fascinated by the huge sensitive tits and it wasn’t long before he realized that they could cum also. He got a mouthful of salty cum from one then went over the other and satisfied it too. Each time one of my nipples came, I’d shudder and flex impulsively. This turned on my cleaning crew and they redoubled their efforts. I guess I’d finally gotten through to them that I was a friend worth helping.

After the two of them had been all over my body, cleaning it they started converging on my crotch. Again I found one working my balls and the other nibbling my monster cock. It wasn’t long before I was shooting long streams of cum. Wad after wad was ejected from my balls with enormous velocity up into my groin and out my firehose cock into one mouth or the other. They took turns catching as much as they could, getting a breath and coming back for more when the fountain was free. Satiated, they backed away and the cum still spraying from my dick splattered on their hot flesh several feet away. Travis lay on his back rubbing my cum around his belly and making quiet sounds of contentment.

I caught a quick glimpse of his ass hole and realized he was experienced at handball and if he could take an arm he could probably take my cock. I made my way over to him and lifted his legs over my shoulders. I was so big, that his butt lifted way off the ground and pointed his excited pucker right in front of my crotch. I took my spit slippery tool and guided it into that waiting hole. He gasped and made a small attempt to stop me but I pushed in further and his gasps turned to intoxicated moans. I thrust into him quite a ways initially. Unsurprisingly he definitely was experienced at taking things deeply. I was pleased to find someone to take my cock this far. I was in heaven. His hot hole was actually pulling me in. His gyrating and grasping anus muscles massaged my cock and sucked it further and further into his insides. I’d been using slobber from my huge mouth to lubricate the shaft and his whole crotch area was now slick with my spit. I pulled out a ways and thrust in again. His moans were intoxicating. I pulled out further and thrust in again. I played his ass like a trombone. Both of us were phasing out into a different world. I started cuming again and filled his insides so full the gism oozed out around my dick. I pulled out a bit to make room for more cum in him. Finally I was all the way out and I was still cuming. The moment of complete extraction sent him over the top. Screams of pure pleasure coincided with his collapsing anal muscles. Jerking wildly his dick pumped furiously. His cum wasn’t wasted though. Roger had worked his way around and had his mouth over Travis’s cock taking his load. When the waves of excitement abated we all lay back and rested again.

I lay down on my back put my hands behind my head and stretched flexing my oversized muscles, contracting and relaxing them in rhythms around my massive body. They both crawled over and curled up against me and snuggled close. I brought my arms down covering them, holding them close. We all fell asleep there.

I dreamed. I dreamed of warm unabated man sex. I dreamed of love and adoration, of worship, of satisfying my subjects. I was king of my domain. Again the colony of Minotaurs filled my dream. Endless powerful, musclebound, intimate, slimy, animal sex. Huge half-man half-bull lovers giving to each other the passionate attention they all needed. Creatures endowed with sex tools more than adequate for the nearly constant use they would make of them.

Part 3: Unwanted Changes

Travis’s noises woke me. This time the moans were not pleasant. He was holding his stomach and rolling on the ground. “It burns, Oh, God, it burns. Make it stop. Help me.”

Roger was trying to comfort Travis but there wasn’t anything either of us could do. Travis’s pain increased and he went into convulsions screaming maniacally and finally passed out. A few moments later the convulsions slowed and stopped.

He looked strangely relaxed. We laid him out and covered him under and over with clothes. Roger started talking to me and said that he wanted make his way back to the surface and get help. I looked around and found the writing pad and pencil and quickly started writing.

“I think this is more serious than it looks. If this is what I think is happening you’ll need to get to phone as quickly as possible and call a friend of mine named Lance. He’ll knows what’s happening. He is the only one in the world who can help us.” He looked at the word “us”. I nodded my head affirmatively and grabbed the pad back.

“I think the virus that transformed my body, did not all die like it was supposed to. I think it survived in my balls and I’ve infected you both with my cum. I gave Travis a much larger load than you so he was affected first. I think both of you are going to transform like me. You must get to a phone in the next 24 hours or you may be unable to speak either. Lance and I together can change us back so it’s most important that we not be delayed by the authorities.

The look of shock on his face was frightening. I grabbed the pad back and wrote.

“Believe me this is reversible, but only I and Lance together can do it. Neither of us alone can do it. You must trust me and get a call to Lance right away. I repeat we must not be discovered by the authorities or anyone else. Can you do it?”

He nodded “yes”. Then remembering he was the one who could talk said in a quavering voice. “Phone’s not a problem, we have one in our pack, but I have to get to the surface to use it.” I jotted down the number and some special codes he’d need to get through directly to Lance wherever he might be. I told him that food was our next problem. Travis was going to start growing soon and without nutrition he’d probably die of starvation in 12 hours. I also needed food, I hadn’t eaten for over a day and I could feel my huge body running out of energy. You will probably start feeling the pain in 3 or four hours. Once your transformations begin you can’t rely on logical skillful thinking until the transformation is complete. I know because that’s how I ended up here lost in the dark.

He agreed, and started getting ready for the hour or so trip to the surface. He dumped his pack onto the cave floor and found the phone. He stuck the phone in his pocket, grabbed a couple of lights and started up. The trip into this cavern wasn’t difficult so he needed no special equipment. I looked over the contents of the back and found several high protein bars and some cans of juice. I ate a couple but saved the rest for Travis who was going to need them soon.

Roger was out of sight and hearing now so I sat there hunched over Travis waiting for signs of growth. I had to trust that Roger would succeed. I think that he believed me and would do the right thing. I had to hope so. After all, once you’ve seen me it’s kind of hard not believe at least part of my story.

I guess I could have made the trip to the surface myself but somehow I still felt comfortable in the cave. I felt confident because I knew which direction to get out and I had a light. Actually I started thinking about the situation and realized that I could have easily carried Travis out with me. I was so big that his weight would be no hindrance at all. Then I remembered that Roger wouldn’t know that we had moved and would come back to this particular cavern. We had to wait here for him. I decided to give him three hours. Then I’d take things into my own hands.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait more than three hours. Roger came back right away. He’d been able to get the call into Lance. Then said he’d gone to his car and gotten a case of food supplement bars he had in the trunk. I tore open several of them and practically inhaled them. He handed me a canteen of water and turned his attention to Travis. I heard him gasp and call me over. He pointed at Travis’s body and leaned down to feel the fur like hair that was growing on his now somewhat enlarged body. “Oh my God, It’s true. Oh, fuck! What have you done to us?” he wailed.

I pointed to the phone in his pocket and gave the OK hand signal. He understood what I meant. Help was coming. Looking directly into my eyes he asked. “But what’s going to happen to us. People will be looking for us if we don’t check in on time.” I pointed at his watch and drew a question mark in the air. “It’s 4 PM we’ll be missed if I don’t call in by noon tomorrow. We were going to spend the night in here anyway.” I pointed at his watch again and grabbed the note I’d written earlier that had Lance’s phone numbers on it. “Your friend Lance said he’d get here as soon as possible but it was probably going to take him at least twenty hours. I sat back on my haunches, my huge arms over my knees making my massive torso even bigger looking by pressing my thirty inch arms a bit flat and more prominent. I saw him examine my arms and follow them to the bulging round shoulders across the crushing chest and settle on my strange horned head. His eyes met mine again and they spoke a desperate question.

I looked around for the pad. He found it for me. I scribbled down.

“We can’t wait here, we have to go now. My estate is eight miles into the woods but probably more like 16 by road. We have to get to proper nutrition soon. Travis will wake in an hour or two and be ravenous. You will probably begin the process shortly after that and I don’t want to risk either of you. We have to get out of here now! I’ll carry Travis. You grab what you need and let’s go.”

The need for action flushed the fear from his mind and we were on our way out in less than five minutes. The trip to the surface was really quite easy. Roger had been this route many times in the past he explained to me while we were leaving. Easy that is if you have lights. I thought of the night I came down here in the dark crazy out of my mind with the side effects of the transformation. It’s a wonder I made it as deep as I did without breaking a leg. Travis was no problem for me to carry. One advantage of having a bull like body, I thought with a mental laugh.

Part 4: Duo

Light finally showed around a corner and the entrance was a welcome sight. Travis’ car was parked on a makeshift logging road about a quarter mile away. Roger helped me get Travis onto the back seat and I squeezed myself into the front seat. Thank god I wasn’t going cross country in this sardine can. It took us about a half hour to get to my estate. Once inside I realized how demented I’d been. The house was a mess. Doors off their hinges, windows broken tables smashed, holes in the walls. I didn’t even remember doing those things. I went right to a phone and dialed Lance again. I grabbed Roger and jammed the phone in his hand and quickly started scribbling instructions on paper. I told him to have Lance come here and come with lots of food supplements, I had enough for one for a couple of days, but with two growing boys and myself I had about a half-day supply. I also told him to check the records of the transformation computer and discover what I’d created and start thinking about what had gone wrong and how to fix it. After Roger relayed the information he handed the phone to me and said, “He wants to speak to you”.

I rolled my eyes, expecting an angry “what the hell are you doing” lecture. On the contrary, he said, “I knew what you had done before you even left the house that week. I didn’t say anything because I was interested in the results. I did however expect you to keep in closer touch with me. Keep me in the loop. I’ve got an open mind. Let’s talk about this when we get you back your vocal cords.” Relieved, I knew that everything was going to be OK. We just had to get through the next 18 or so hours.

I had Roger call his family and let them know he and Travis were out of the cave but had decided to spend a few days with friends and not to expect them back for a while. That gave us enough time to get these transformation problems straightened out. I hoped. Not five minutes after Roger hung up the phone, he started having pains. I led him to a bedroom and did what I could for him, which wasn’t much. He’d seen what Travis had been through and wasn’t looking forward to it. I had my hands full because Travis had revived and was hyper from the transformation effects. He was currently in the phase of examining his transforming body. His muscles were getting noticeably larger, and the fur was starting to appear thicker. He could still talk and I made sure that I told him the situation with us three. We would all become mute. The transformation caused dementia for about 10 hours and both he and Roger would become dangerous to themselves and perhaps me too. Cautiously I suggested that he let me lock him into a cell in my S/M dungeon so that he couldn’t run out into the woods like I had and nearly gotten myself dead.

“No way!” he said in a panic.

“Look!”, I wrote a little more forcefully, but as reassuringly as I could, “I’m in total control of myself now except that I have to write all this fucking stuff down. For your own protection you need to be restrained for the 10 hours you will be unable to control yourself. Believe me, you HAVE to let me protect you.” He still was saying no, but I could see that he was beginning to realize I might be right. I continued writing as fast as I could. “All right, think about it. Right now I’m about two hundred pounds heavier than you and could crush your neck with one hand. If I had any malice in me you’d both be hamburger hours ago. I’ve invited you into my house. I’m saving your life. Yea, I’ve infected you with a terrible, but as you’ll find out a wonderful disease. In 18 hours, you’ll be on top of the fucking world with how wonderful you feel. Hell, it’s almost a spiritual state of mind. The power, the incredible sensuality, the confidence. I want you to experience this as safely as you can. Lance and I together can get you back to normal if that’s what you want and it won’t take more than a few days. But, you’re going to have to trust me.”

He was half nodding his head, so I continued. “In an hour or two you are going to be so horny that you will take any type of sex. Why don’t we just have fun in the dungeon and when you get to the point of dementia, I’ll put the game on hold with you in the cell until you’re OK again. You’ll probably sleep most of those hours anyway.” Finally, hesitantly, he submitted. He was unconsciously feeling his body, all over with his hands. I extended my huge paw and stuck two fingers in his mouth, he sucked on them and started licking more and more of my hand and arm. He drew himself close and wrapped his growing arm around my waist and scratched as much of my back as he could reach.

His passion took over. “Oh, god, I feel so erotic!”

“Incredible, it feels so good to touch flesh and fur. Hot, muscle bulging all over, your huge lips and monster tongue feel so sensual, lick me with it monster. You wild animal with that unholy cock. Yea, lick me and suck me and slime me, tongue my throat till I gag. Yea, slobber my ears, neck, down the chest, under my arms, clean me all over you fuckin’ beast. Down my abs, feel my growing abs, they’re bunching up like stone. Hard carved blocks of muscle. Now you’re hot. Yea, fucker, lap that huge tongue around my cock and balls. Lather them up nice and slimy. Ohhhh, fuck man, it feels so good when you suck my growing dick and balls into your huge suck’n’ mouth. Yea, man, use your tongue, that massive slimy muscle. Wrap it ‘round m’dick & stick the tip of it up m’ ass. Twist it, suck it. pull it, Ohh, yea, god damn, hot mother fucker, Ahh, Ohhh, oh my god you’re sucking my cock and balls, and your tongue, that fucking huge tongue is lapping my butt crack at the same time. Fuck’n A!”

We wrestled with each other in hot sweaty passion. Grasping, groping, pinching twisting, licking, sucking, biting, rubbing, scratching, squeezing, kissing. The scene got hotter and hotter. My huge size was becoming less one sided as his growth continued. Empty cans of protein drinks littered the floor. Every chance we got we both downed another. I could feel his increasing weight. Growing, hot, bulging muscles. His fur was almost complete, his strength was becoming incredible. I could still easily out power him but I knew that in only a couple of more hours we’d be wrestling for real. He loved it. His growing sensual body was becoming more like mine. He was desperate for exercise and wild sex. I accommodated him gratefully. My new form was pure essence of maleness. Sex was so much more enjoyable and necessary. The male drive in my huge half-man, half-bull body endowed with its knee length cock and grapefruit sized balls was incessant. I had to relieve myself often. Travis too was becoming a beast driven by lust. The two of us accommodated each other eagerly for two or three hours. He was cumming almost continuously. His nuts had grown now to heavy low hanging tennis balls. His cock, standing stiff pointing up at a 45 degree angle, waving and bobbing as he moved. His walk was becoming exaggerated by his growing muscular thighs pressing against each other and forcing them wider as the hours passed. Into the night we played.

Somewhere in the fog of passion, I remembered that I had to make sure I had him under control before he became so inflamed with his animal drives of this transformation that he became uncontrollably obsessed and possibly violent. He loved handball and I worked the situation into the sling. It groaned under his new weight that was probably about 220 pounds by now. He knew this position well and automatically lifted his legs onto the chains holding the leather sling. While keeping him excited and fingering his hole, I tried to plan how I was going to get him immobilized and hopefully into the heavy barred cell. My lubricated arm had now worked it’s way about a foot into his anus and he was loving it. He moved his butt around as to slip my arm in further. He’d gasp, then groan, then smile and start moving again to help me get it in further. My huge forearms had stretched his hole big enough to have shoved a grapefruit into it. Carefully I wiggled my fingers deep in his gut. Pleasure, pure pleasure radiated from the sounds he made. His head fell back, he shuddered, and shook, and moaned gratefully. Again he shuddered and convulsed into an orgasm that could only have been primal animal passion. Streams of thick, salty, gism sprayed into the air. It splattered on the wall behind him, his wildly jerking cock then aimed the liquid bullets in all directions.

By time he finished cumming several minutes later we were both covered with his man-bull sperm. He collapsed in deep gasps. I carefully withdrew my arm, quickly wiped it with a towel and reached for a heavy bondage collar, I slipped it on him and used lengths of chain and padlocks to bind his legs and arm restraints to his neck. He was, for the moment, essentially immobilized. Now I had to get him into the cell before he came out of his trance and resisted my efforts. I undid the quick releases on one end of the sling chains allowing his legs to lower to the floor. I stood Travis up while he was still groggy, and quickly unlinked his arms from the sling chains and lifted him over my shoulder. I carried this 240 pound stupored man becoming beast like a long bag of concrete, over to the five by five foot cell. If I could get him into it he’d be secure. Even I couldn’t bend the inch diameter stainless steel bars. It was easier that I’d hoped. I had him in and the door locked several minutes before he stirred from his orgasmic trance.

He roused quickly and wildly rattled the bars of the cage. It held like I knew it would. He was making mad bellowing sounds. I think he was trying to yell at me but his throat structure and that huge tongue had now made that impossible just as it had done in me. It was most interesting to watch his behavior. I hadn’t had anybody to watch over my transformation and I’d gone amok, running into the forest and eventually blindly getting myself lost in a lightness cave. If this beast developing in front of my eyes could get free it would be hell trying to catch and subdue him. His enraged muscles strained at the bars. His animal bellow became louder and more crazed. I looked at him wishing I could talk to him to try to keep him calm. My muteness prevented that. I gave him a last look, turned down the lights and left the dungeon, closing the massive door behind me. He’d be OK for the next several hours until the morph induced insanity ran it’s course.

Part 5: Trio

I returned to check on Roger’s situation. I tried to estimate when he’d wake and be just as horny as Travis had been. If they were both berserk at the same time I’d have to think of how to restrain Roger, I only had one cell, so I might have to get creative. A quick check showed Roger passed out from the pain the initial infection causes. No doubt about it, the pain was incredible, I know I’d been through it myself. Hoping I had at least two more hours to myself, I entertained myself by finally taking time to explore my new body thoroughly. For the last 24 hours I’d either been demented, sleeping, fucking, or intently trying to control the situation I’d created.

Since my first transformation into a genetically morphed bodybuilder, I’d yielded to my narcissistic obsessions. I was in love with my muscle body. I’d wanted it for 40 years, and I’d gotten it in 48 hours a year ago. Lance’s technology and my ability to drive his machinery with my mental imaging talent had given us the power to create any transformations desired. Now I had this incredible body of a Minotaur. Massive muscular body of a man and a horned head with a short snout, thick bovine lips and unbelievably long thick muscular tongue of a bull. My feet had changed into hooves to complete the picture. God I was beautiful. An image of obscene masculinity. Brown fur covered most of this body. Not stiff bull hair, I’d deliberately envisioned short thick soft fur. I ran my wonderfully huge hands over the fur, feeling the curves and deep crevices of my rock hard bulging muscles.

I drove myself to a frenzy of self massage, feeling everything I could reach. Grabbing my stiffening cock, I lubricated it and broadly stroked the two foot monster. It was totally erotic the way my huge arms squeezed my massive pecs together when I held onto my cock with both hands. My chest muscles bulging up so far I couldn’t even see my cock without looking in the mirrors. Long strokes up and down and around the head, teasing myself with the intense sensual feeling of the cock and the body working in concert. I lost myself in the erotic shivers I was giving myself. Yes, I loved this body. It was almost perfect, except that I couldn’t speak. I’d allowed too much distortion of the head. When Lance got here, I’d work with him to modify the DNA programs and produce the changes that would re-morph my body.

I loved this body. I wanted to keep it, but I’d have to get back my speech. I’d do the same for Roger and Travis too of course. They had saved me from dying of starvation in that dark cave. I felt ashamed that I’d infected them with the morphing virus, but in a way I was excited at the prospect of sharing this experience. I could help return them to normal men if they wanted it. I actually expected, however, that at least one of them might opt to remain a monster of muscle and sex. I could provide for them here on the estate. The wonderful thing about this all is that we can always either return to normal or play with another transformation. I had several erotic ideas I wanted to try, and if I could get a “family” of men willing to share the possibilities with me then my prophetic fantasies would be made real.

I returned to the room where Roger was still passed out and sat for a moment watching him. I didn’t want to fall asleep for fear of not hearing him when he wakened and started experiencing the ecstasy of initial growth effects. Sitting quietly was something I hadn’t done since my latest transformation began nearly 3 days ago now.

Roger slept quietly, the initial pain of the infection had passed and he was starting to transform. I noticed that he seemed a little beefier and a shimmer of extremely fine fur had begun to sprout on his chest, arms, and legs. He was a good looking man already. Healthy and fit. By morning though he’d be well on his way to hugeness. I knew that by early afternoon though he too would be entering the dementia stage. A quick analysis of my prisoner Travis’s condition relieved me. He would be returning to sanity about the same time Roger was going to need to be restrained. I fell asleep in the chair.

I dreamed. I dreamed of my community of Minotaurs again. Content with our lives of pleasing each other. Amidst our numbers I noticed other groups of creatures. Satyrs, Centaurs, Werewolves, Gryphons. All intermingling and pleasing each other with most creative ways of having sex. Massive temples of marble columns crowned the hilltops of the countryside. Down the valley spreading out to the sea was a gleaming city of red-tiled roofs. The city center announced itself proudly with broad avenues between imposing columned buildings. The sea was dotted with ships of many colors silently gliding against the wind without sails. Once in a while an air ship floated swiftly and silently to and from several areas of the city. This image of ancient Greece and Star Trek didn’t seem incongruous at all. It felt perfectly normal. I knew it was special though, an idyllic setting at peace with itself and secure from threat. The images floated through my mind and gathered a reality that anchored itself within my being. I was that future, all emanated from here and now, unfolding itself into a space that could only be fantastic.

Movement around me yanked me back. Roger had sat up and was examining himself. I grasped at the last remnants of the dream but it dissolved into the present reality. Absorbed in his self examination, Roger had located a mirror and was posing for himself. His easy flowing movements told me that he was not unfamiliar with physique posing. Before the transformation he did have a decent body, but not really a body builder physique. This posing experience he demonstrated indicated his deep seated desire to be big. I began to see in him elements of myself. This boy was going to be interesting within 24 hours. He’d mentioned that he was an architect with one of the firms in San Francisco. I estimated his age at 29, still young enough to have a boyish innocence about him. Well, I’d deprived him of his innocence in one day. What ever he experienced in the next few days would leave him at least mentally transformed beyond his wildest imaginings.

“Incredible,” he said over and over. Feeling all over himself, his young adult body had matured into a muscular body builder. He was definitely enjoying the change. Reverting to well practiced poses his eyes glinted and examined the new man he saw in the mirrors. “Oh, yes, god, yes, look at those biceps, I’m fucking incredible.” Words were insufficient to express his amazement. Over and over he spoke the same few expressions. He finally noticed me watching him and quickly stopped his posing as if I’d caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. His face blushed and a quiet mumble of “just checking myself out” reached my ears. I smiled broadly and held up a double OK sign with both my hands. I ran my left hand down my hugely massive and chiseled right arm. I brought the hand over my bunched abs and up to my thick mounding chest, fingering the curves and crevices deliciously. He watched me do this entranced with what he was seeing. I made a quick gesture to indicate my whole body and pointed an index finger at myself, then at him again, and made the OK sign again. He got it. A smile of realization that he was going to become huge like me brightened his whole aura. Turning back to the mirror he resumed posing, not at all embarrassed anymore.

I left him to his mental masturbation and went to the kitchen to get another case of food supplements. I returned to him and held out one of the cans. He took it and opened it as if he hadn’t eaten in a week. Two more and he looked satisfied. The energy from the nutrient intake re-kindled his interest in his body. I knew that each time I ate while undergoing the transformation, the growth accelerated and caused intense body feelings. He grabbed his dick reveling in how large it was now. Thick and heavy. Playing with it excited him more and he stroked it frantically. I stepped behind him, put both my arms around him and took over the duty of satisfying his cock. His hands free again, he took the opportunity to feel his chest, and play with his sensitive tits. His head came backwards and rubbed against my neck. He leaned back into my chest and let me support him while he dissolved into the erotic passions arising from our efforts. His arms left his chest and began to feel my arms and torso, stroking the fur lightly he examined my muscles intently.

I brought him to an exhausting climax. Cum sprayed on the mirror. Neither of us cared. Our passions were in control now. He turned to face me examining my head. His eyes scanned over my face up to the broad horizontal horns that came out of the heavy boned temples. They extend about seven inches out on each side and curved up slightly at the ends to a dangerous but not sharp point. They were about an inch and a half in diameter. He reached up and felt them wonderingly, running his hand over and around it, examining the tip and back down to where they joined my temples. The area around the base of them was sensitive and sensual. His touch excited my cock as he felt the side of my face and massaged my fleshy furry ears. Not human ears but soft thick pointed muscle covered cartilage like an animal. His eyes came back to my face and he clasped my head on either side with his hands and drew my face to his.

Our lips met and a sensuous kiss united us for a long time. Forcing his tongue into my huge mouth he washed my teeth and sucked on my fleshy lips. I carefully returned the favor with my strong massive tongue. I filled his mouth with it and stroked the back of his throat gently not wanting to induce a gagging response. His eyes closed and he sucked my tongue in farther. Gentle darts down his throat sent shudders through his body. Pulling my tongue back a bit periodically I allowed him to breathe. I synchronized my breathing with his and started sharing breath with him. Passing stale air several times between our lungs, quickly induced a carbon-dioxide high in him, He pulled away swooning and sucking in fresh air till he was ready for more. Over and over we filled each others lungs with our moist warm personalized air. Lowering ourselves to the floor we continued our love making on into the night.

After we fell back exhausted, I remembered Travis locked in the doggie cell in the dungeon. I knew that Roger would be approaching the phase of his transformation where dementia would make his actions unpredictable and I had to get Travis out and Roger into confinement. While Roger was still coherent and able to speak I’d have to convince him to let me confine him during the dementia stage. I got up and located the notes I’d written to Travis explaining the situation. He read them intently, glancing at me once in a while. He nodded at me, smiled, and sunk to his knees taking my cock in his hands and mouthing as much of it as he could. This boy was one hot man now, I thought, just think what he’ll be like when the transformation is complete. I smiled inwardly and considered my next actions.

Breaking the spell, I helped him to his feet and lead him by the hand like a child down to the dungeon. A quick punch of the combination unlocked the massive door. We entered the dimly lit rooms. I didn’t take him to the room where Travis was being held. I wanted to check out the situation before Roger saw him. I played with Roger for a while, he seemed to know exactly what to do here. He faced the wall and leaned against it holding him chest away from the wall with his arms. I stroked his body with my hands for a few minutes, slapped his ass a couple of times to test his reactions.

His response was just what I wanted, and I was doing just what he wanted. This boy was surprising me again to my delight. I reached behind me and selected my favorite flogger. I ran the long soft strips of leather through my fingers a few times as if caressing an old friend. I swung the handle slowly and gently let the ends of the strips announce their presence on his back. He arched his back a little and steadied himself in anticipation of more. I continued stroking his back and ass accelerating both the speed and intensity of my strokes slowly. Red blushes of sensitive skin formed in long rows on his back. I stepped up the intensity within a few strokes and he gave a groan of “yesss, oh yes sir! More sir, please!” I accommodated quickly to the point where his breath hesitated the moment the heavy stinging leather struck home.

I kept this pace for a while letting him get used to it. Careful not to strike really sensitive places too hard too quickly I could see his trust and understanding of my skill was growing. His body language told me he wanted more so I stepped up the tempo again. His butt quivered, small whimpers escaped from his mouth. Finally I’d reached the point where he pulled his butt away from me. I saw him biting his lip trying to stay silent. I walked up behind him and massaged his body. My huge cock flopped between his legs, I reached around him and grabbed my cock between his legs and stroked both him and myself simultaneously for a while. I kissed his back and butt with my wet muscular lips and tongued his ass deeply with the monster tongue that kept me from being able to speak.

After I stopped the caressing, the flogging resumed. He was ready for much more now, and I accommodated. His gasps were genuine but he loved it. I could see his head drooping and his attention drifting into an endorphin high induced by the pain he’d so patiently endured. This is what he was after. Sometime I wondered who was controlling who in these situation. I was enjoying see himself enjoy my attention and getting off on his pain. He was getting me to do his bidding. I was pleased that he was letting me love him this way. He was good. He knew how to give me enough feedback to know how to control the strokes. I was controlling the strokes, but he was controlling me. Top, Bottom, it’s all relative, depending on who is teaching who what.

When I decided that he’d had enough. (Rather, when he indicated that I should decide that) we stopped. I hugged him from behind soothing his now bright red back, ass and thighs. The heat from his blood enriched skin excited me and I hugged him tighter. I turned him around and indicated that he should kneel. He did so, promptly and perfectly, head bowed slightly, knees slightly separated, his palms resting gently on the top of his thighs. He waited silently. His body was definitely much bigger now. Before I let him see himself clearly in a mirror again I wanted to continue this scene properly. I located a bondage collar and wrist and ankle restraints. I dressed him ceremoniously, silently ordering him to stand when necessary. I attached a leash to the collar and led him to a mirror and let him discover how big he’d grown. He tried to speak and his tongue got in the way. He tried again and realized that his face had morphed so much that he was becoming mute like me. A look of shock entered his face. I was quick to indicate that all would be OK. I scanned the rack of equipment hanging on the walls and selected a set of chains which I connected to his collar, wrists, and ankle restraints. another chain attached around others was firmly latched to a mounting eyelet in the concrete floor. We wasn’t going anywhere. I kissed him gently and left the room.

A short trip into the room where Travis had been confined in the heavy steel barred small cell held no surprises. He was there, sitting on his haunches jerking himself off. He looked up at me and his mouth moved but no human sound came out. I nodded, knowing that the worse had passed and he was regaining control of himself, His transformation was almost complete. He was like me a huge half-man half-bull monster of sensuous muscle and genitals. My cock rose to attention quickly, I was definitely turned on by my new brother. I reached my hand into the cell to see if he would respond by shaking it. He did. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment silently communicating. We scanned each others monstrously large muscular, furred, horned, hoofed bodies. He squeezed my hand a bit and nodded his head indicating he was OK.

I retrieved the keys and unlocked the cell. It was a tight squeeze for him to turn around and get himself out but except for catching his horns on the bars a couple of times he got himself out and stood facing me. We both seemed to know what we wanted immediately. My huge mouth and tongue were a challenge to normal humans but here was a matching orifice.

We greedily opened our mouths and kissed like no creatures on Earth had ever kissed before. Deep and wet. Huge tongues winding around each other and examining the cavernous mouths. Slippery wet bovine tongues trading love between their owners. I synchronized my breathing with his and attempted to get him to share breath with me. It took a few tries but he eventually got the idea. Our huge chests and their corresponding lung capacity were equals. Once we got into it, the deep long exchanges of moist stale air was intoxicating. Almost to unconsciousness we shared our oxygen depleted air. A quick inhale through one nose or the other was enough to replenish enough oxygen and keep us lip locked for nearly a half-hour. We finally separated and staggered apart dizzy with the carbon-dioxide overload. I slid down the wall and sat on the floor, he dropped to his knees, put his hands on the floor and rested there panting deeply.

We recovered our breath and I remembered Roger chained to the floor in the other room. I motioned Travis to follow me. When we entered the other room, Roger was wildly yanking on the chains holding his arms and legs to the eyelet in the floor. He took one look at the two huge Minotaurs approaching him and cowered as far away from us as his chains would let him. I don’t think he knew us as his friends. I’d let him progress into the dementia farther than Travis had. I’m not sure I could get him into the cell without a fight. I tried to calm the almost panicked chained demented half-beast but he’d have nothing of my advances. I looked plaintively at Travis, shrugged my shoulders and waited. He knew what had to be done. He pointed at the chains and then at me, then he pointed at himself and indicated he’d try to control Roger. I nodded, and bent down to unlock the chain padlocked to the floor.

Travis got behind Roger and wrapped his huge animal arms around the frightened transforming man. Roger’s fear was vocal, he bellowed and struggled. Travis the fully transformed Minotaur holding him was determined to control his friend and help me get him to the cell. He’d be safe in the cell for the next 10 hours or so while the transformation ran it’s course. I had the chains unlocked and held securely in my strong hands. The two of us forced a violently struggling Roger into the cell and locked the door. We sat nearby for a while watching him cower in the small cell. I noticed a tear emerge from the corner of Travis’s eye and get absorbed into his facial fur. I motioned to Travis to follow me and we left the caged animal in his cell and left the dungeon closing and locking the massive door behind us.

Travis and I went upstairs and consumed mass quantities of food. A couple of hours of mad passionate beast sex, and we both fell asleep entwined around each other on the floor.

I dreamed, I dreamed of centuries. Long, very long memories ran through my mind in what seemed like seconds. A twisting tunnel of events sucked me through the universe like an electron in a magnetic field. I was propelled towards the future not certain what was ahead, but able to see what was behind. I watched seasons ebb and flow like waves on a beach. Cities and the roads between them grew and flourished. Lights covered the Earth. Then were instantly extinguished. Dark charcoal remnants of forest’s and cities were buried under decades of snow and ice. The ice receded and the Earth healed itself. Hundreds of years passed, simple villages appeared on the shores of the lakes and rivers left by the ice. Civilization returned to the Earth and great cities appeared again. Beautiful cities, gleaming white cities of stunning architecture. Somehow I knew I was at the center of these events. I was there. Through all that time. It seemed perfectly natural, not incongruous at all. I was the seed of the future. The decades and centuries accelerated behind me. The flower of humanity blossomed and seeded itself around the solar system and slowly to the nearby stars then almost instantly began to appear all over the galaxy. The rush of space/time slowed and came to a stop on the other side of the galaxy on a planet I was calling Omega. The images faded and I woke to the sounds of the doorbell.

Part 6: Like Moths To A Flame

Lance looked me over and said, “Well, well, you seem to have a really interesting imagination Dale.” I reached out and hugged him tenderly, lifting him off his feet. He’d grown to nearly 300 pounds of beef, based on the virus programs I’d visualized for him, but I lifted him like a puppy dog. I backed through the front door which seemed a bit too small now that I was about 6’8 and 420 pounds of massive muscle. He followed me in and glanced around the entry hall. I followed his gaze and realized he was drinking in the disarray the room was in. In my demented state I’d punched holes in the walls and broken things here and there. The pieces of plaster and glass and porcelain were still littering the floor. I hung my massive horned head, gave a big sigh, shrugged my shoulders, looked up and smiled broadly. He laughed and said, “Glad I missed that part of your grand experiment.”

“OK, show me your friends and we’ll take care of this stuff later. I nodded and led him upstairs.

I shook Travis awake. He stiffly rolled over and sat up. I reached down extending my hand. He grabbed it and I yanked him onto his hooves. Lance, never one to mince words, quickly introduced himself and gave Travis as big a hug as he could. This seemed to win over Travis and he reached down and grabbed Lance’s obvious bulge and licked his own face with his huge bovine tongue. The sparkle they both showed in their eyes, told me they were going to be close friends very soon.

Pleased that the first introduction had gone off so well, I thought about what state Roger was in now. I didn’t think the dementia had passed yet. I went over the desk and retrieved paper and pencil and began to write out the essentials of the current situation. Lance read as I wrote. I could see him stare off to his right like he always did when he was examining an inner thought, then he’d look back to the paper and catch up with what I was writing.

“No worries, mate,” in that fake Australian accent he liked to use when talking among friends. “I’ve got the equipment in the air and it should arrive in 6 or seven hours. We’ll need a room to set it up in. I hope you’ve got enough electricity. He told me the amperage needed and I nodded and waved my hand at the whole house and all the out buildings. He got the idea and said, “Yea, if you can run this “hotel”, I guess we can re-wire a couple of circuits together and charge up the scanners. Now. I’ve got a team of movers and engineers arriving with the equipment so we’ll have to get the house straightened up as much as possible and get you gorgeous beasts out of sight until they leave.” He smiled gave me a mock kiss and grabbed my cock with one hand and Travis’s with the other, stroking them their full lengths. We stood there for a moment enjoying the intimate moment. He broke it off suddenly and started ordering us around.

He was taking over like he always did and we obeyed willingly. He had us sweep up the litter on the floor in the main areas of the house and pick up trash wherever we found it. Not a difficult task but we’d been too busy surviving and fucking for the last 36 hours to pay any attention to civilities. His guidance kept us organized and things got done quickly. By 11:00 the house looked presentable except for the holes in the walls but there was nothing we could do about those for now. I pointed at a clock and pointed down toward the dungeon and motioned both of them to come with me.

We found Roger exactly the same way I’d found Travis, sitting on his haunches jerking himself off. Another fully transformed Minotaur emerged from the cell. Travis hugged his friend forcefully. They embraced lovingly for a while then began playing with each other. I motioned to Lance to follow me out. We left them alone for a little while. Travis was the obvious one to help Roger through this situation, although it didn’t look like there was going to be any problem, I thought grinning.

Lance talked to me a while. He’d run some analyses of what had gone wrong and explained that since I’d generated the morphing virus while I was still in the process of my first transformation, that the results were somewhat beyond what I had intended. I nodded in agreement and grabbed my half-snout and stuck out my enormous tongue. “I think we can get you synchronized with your original intentions. The computer records of what you envisioned can be used to compare with your current DNA structure. The differences can be dispersed with the virus again, this time using proper preparation of growth hormones and agents to permit the virus to spread evenly. That should prevent the crippling pain you described. The DNA changes will be slight but the snout and tongue will reduce to more human proportions. I might add that if there is anything else you’d like to change, think about it now. I want to get started as soon as the equipment is ready. I really want to talk to you about this.

We peeked in on Travis and Roger, they were fully engaged and paid us no notice so we left them there. We left a note on the inside of the dungeon door telling them not to come out until we came back for them. We didn’t what them being discovered by the people who would be arriving soon. I helped Lance prepare one of the basement rooms as the new laboratory and showed him where the electrical service boxes were. He said that he’d take care of everything now and that I should get out of sight too. I went back down into the dungeon and joined Roger and Travis. If I had to be out of sight, it was sure going to be a lot more fun playing with my new brothers of flesh.

We exulted in our new bodies. Hot sweaty, man sex like never seen on Earth. Man/Beast/Muscle/Sex an orgy of heavy, invasive, exhilarating play. No ordinary man could satisfy us again. The experience was totally addicting. I knew in my heart that I would never again be totally human. I didn’t want to be. This was too much fucking fun. I had wished for this and now I had it. This was one wish that was worth the trouble. If I could just get my voice back we could actually function as fully civilized “men”.

We were a new species of man. I remembered my dreams and knew that this was the beginning of the future I saw. I withdrew from the tangle of muscle and lay on my back for a moment thinking. How was it that I saw myself in that future for so many centuries. It must have been a thousand years of future history that I had foreseen, yet I knew that I was there and would be there through it all.

A flash of insight hit me so abruptly I convulsed involuntarily. DNA regeneration. The cause of aging was gradual degradation of DNA, that’s why Life had evolved “Death”. Life in the broadest sense was eternal. Life has existed continuously in an unbroken time line since the first self replicating molecules existed on earth. Without mutation, there is no chance of evolution. Cells that clone themselves have no future. Individuality arises out of DNA restructuring through sexual differentiation. The price paid is that each organism becomes unique and “Death” is an illusion of an end. However, “Life”, that endless chord going back 3 billion years continues. The more advanced a species, the more it recognizes it’s individuality and fears death. Humans pay the biggest price of all, we run our frantic short lives trying to avoid the illusion of death instead of facing it as an illusion. Deep inside us is the “Life” we really are. Eternal. Connected.

I flashed back onto the thought that started this revelation. DNA regeneration. I could re-program my DNA to counter the effects of aging and degeneration. I could probably do this for others too. My mind reeled. I’d just convinced my self that death was nothing to be feared but now I knew I could avoid a natural death for centuries perhaps even the thousand years I’d seen in my dream. The paradox tied my thoughts in knots. If I helped evolve human species into beings like myself I could also give them near eternal life. Is this what I wanted to do? Is this what I should do. Just because something “can” be done doesn’t mean that it “should” be done.

Right now, I needed to decide the future course of humanity. The reality of the situation exploded in my mind. This tiny moment in all of “Life” on earth would dictate the evolution of life throughout the galaxy for at least a thousand years. Even if humanity eventually died out or evolved beyond corporeal existence, our effect on the billions of stars and countless more planets of this galaxy for millions of years to come was focused on me right here and now.

The weight of this realization and the near immediate decision needed lifted my body from this space/time and I instantly saw the whole thing unfolded. I had no choice. It was going to happen, it had happened, it was happening. The process was immutable. All of time and space was open to me. I saw the planet Omega and knew why I had called it Omega. I saw “Life” spread to other galaxies and flourish for billions of years more. The rare places in the universe where conditions had been just right had started “Life” like bacteria in a culture dish. It is destiny that “Life” bloom and nourish itself to consume and spread to the limits of it’s medium. The beauty of it though was that there is no limit. I saw universes without end. Creation eternal. Time, the consummate illusion. It all had happened, it all would happen, it all was happening. Rain falling from the sky. Each drop interacting with it’s neighbors and experiencing the fall, but it’s life was an illusion, The drop came from the ocean and would return to the ocean. that’s the way it is. The ocean of Energy creates all space/time.

This grand vision flashed with such brilliance that I was thrown from the intimate presence of God back into time and space again. As I fell back to the here and now, this truth remained certain. I know that the Universe is but the shadow of the body of God, that Wisdom is but the shadow of the mind of God, and that Life, all Life everywhere is the process of God discovering Self.

Suddenly returned to my body I realized there was no decision to make. I would simply do what had to be done when it had to be done. I felt great confidence and trust in the universe. The ocean of energy from which we emerge will take us back. All we can do is enjoy the fall.

I sat up and watched Travis and Roger. They certainly were enjoying themselves. I thought of Lance organizing the unpacking and setting up of the equipment out in the new laboratory. Right now I had no decision to make. I was going to enjoy the fall, and eagerly joined The orgy already in progress.

Part 7: Alpha

It had been five years since my transformation to a Minotaur. Lance was able to establish his laboratory at my estate. The first test of it was reprogramming my DNA to counteract the excessive effects my poorly planned experiment had generated. We used the same technique on both Travis and Roger. As I expected neither of them wanted to return to human form. They took up residence with me at the estate. The genetic engineering company that Lance and I had set up flourished. Of course we didn’t let on how we engineered the DNA changes or how far we had taken the process.

We all kept out of the public eye. Roger, Travis and I had to because we were non-human looking. Lance was just barely human looking because of his extreme muscularity. Had he wanted to, he could have taken every bodybuilding trophy in the world. He did travel though, he loved having people idolize and worship his body, but he went where he wanted, when he wanted, and with whom he wanted.

Business was handled primarily through a board of directors, lawyers, of our medical laboratory that simply grew and packaged the viruses we produced in minute quantities in our home lab. We didn’t introduce a new strain very often, it would evoke too many questions. So we essentially had nothing to do except enjoy ourselves and watch the money roll in. One could get used to it very easy.

Roger, Travis and I were the only people on the estate. The isolation and 12 foot high walls around the 50 acre grounds. The main house was so big we really only used a couple of apartments worth of rooms. Most of the house was unvisited for months at a time. Dust was a problem and we sometimes wrote a date in the dust on a table just to see how infrequently we went there. Every four months or so Lance would be home and would arrange for cleaners to come in and take care of all the housecleaning for all the buildings. We also had any major repairs done during the two or three weeks he was around. He was a wonderful organizer.

Again, our transformations made it imperative that we not be seen by anybody. The whole scheme of things to come depended on vast amounts of money and we couldn’t risk too many questions before we were financially able to move the plan to phase two. Phase one was to make money and make plans beyond phase two, and enjoy ourselves.

The letters, calls, faxes, and e-mail we got from Lance all indicated that he certainly was having fun. Once in a while he’d send a coded message indicating a new idea to consider for the grand plan. Travis, Roger and I had no difficulty enjoying ourselves. The huge genitals we had saw to that. We played all together or in pairs, or alone at least three or four times a day. Sex was a constant part of our life. We couldn’t conceive of hostilities toward each other. We never tired of play. We could suppress it for a while to accomplish something that needed doing, but if time was available sex inevitably filled the gaps.

We actually were achieving progress with “The Plan”. Phase one was in progress. Phase two was on paper, and Phase three was beginning to take shape in our minds. Time was the problem though. We expected phase two to take approximately 40 years. My visions were our basis for our timing estimates. In 40 years, I’d be almost 95, Lance 113, and the two younger members of my species would be about 75.

We had to solve the DNA degradation problem. Somewhere in the next 10 years we needed to learn how to repair damaged DNA. In effect a youth serum to keep us healthy enough to guide our plan for as long as we could. A plan as grand as this would take hundreds of years to nurture until it matured and could survive on its own. No one else could be trusted to see this through to the vision that I know must happen. It was Destiny. Destiny is that which must happen. In my grand vision I know that it had happened. Everything that has happened was destiny. The foggy illusion of time and space creates the paradox. But I’ve seen beyond the veil.

The plan had revealed itself to me first, then the other two who had transformed into Minotaurs had lesser visions. They saw the future for about four hundred years, and never did get the grand vision I achieved. They had to believe in me. Our visions agreed to the smallest details so they were confident that my future reality true and was in our hands for a while. Furthermore, the images I saw beyond theirs were consistent with the path we were establishing for humanity. All was coming to pass.

We didn’t know what was going to cause the destruction of current human civilizations, but we did know it was going to happen about the year 2035. We needed to be prepared. A colony of transformed humans who shared our mutual eroticism and love for each other needed to be secure and safe from the ravages of the destruction which was coming. It would help if we knew what the destruction was. Based on the almost instantaneous blacking out of the Earth in our visions, there were two primary causes that popped to mind first. War or asteroid hit.

Since I was the only person we’d found who could properly control or “drive” the DNA mapper scanners by my mental imaging we were stuck with my abilities. Lance was always on the look out for another “driver”. Perhaps another mind would hold the answer to our DNA regeneration problem.

Slowly we selected new members for our species. Approached carefully they were recruited and transformed. Once our intentions were fully known, they were committed. We could not permit our presence to be known yet. The memory of the two that rejected us still pains me, for I had to resolve the situation myself.

About the year 2020 though, rumors had begun to spread about a cult of beasts hidden in the remote Himalayas. Well the rumors were off by 10,000 miles but our presence was suspected. It wasn’t long before Lance showed up with the first large group. He’d followed the rumors to Nepal and located a weird group of mis-informed devotees. From the group of nearly 100 he selected 30 and flew them back to the estate.

Construction of new housing soon became necessary. Eventually the estate had to be abandoned completely. A new site called “Alpha” was chosen and prepared for the increasing tide of obsessed. Like moths to a flame they came heedless of their fate. To enter “Alpha” was to leave the world of man forever. The Plan was proceeding well. The elements of a formula were adding up properly. The solution offered by the Minotaur equation was at hand.

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