Santa’s big surprise: Family visit

by Silverfox Dad

 Muscle studs Jeremy and Marco are incredibly happy together thanks to Santa’s gift the year before, and with their stunning physiques they have money and fans and everything they could need. Now, if only their families weren’t coming for Christmas…

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It’s been a year since Jeremy had his whole life turned on its head. First he finally met that man he’s been obsessed with since he was 6 years old, Santa Claus, and turned him into a muscle fetish fantasy, then he got a “supplement” from him to gain the confidence to talk to his crush, an Italian bodybuilder named Marco that was training for three years at the gym Jeremy worked at, which changed him from an ordinary man to an overly muscular colossus, and to top everything off Jeremy was turned into a hyper muscular man himself by the very guy he admired after they exchanged their love for each other. It all seemed like a surreal experience and if he hadn’t had lived through this by himself everyone would have thought him an insane person. All thanks to Jeremy’s best friend Dan, who’d initiated all of this by giving him a drink that “accelerated muscle growth” to help Jeremy gain the confidence to talk to his crush.

Every day Jeremy woke up next to his boyfriend he still couldn’t believe any of that happened. He was truly in love with Marco. And it wasn’t just him.

Marco had been overwhelmed with joy when Jeremy told him that he “liked” him. Living in that small town for three years knowing hardly anyone and then being told by the person he also “liked” when he first laid eyes upon him that he loved him was the best thing that ever happened to him. Even better was when Jeremy asked him if they should move in together. Of course Marco said yes—why wouldn’t he? Living with a partner was one of Marco’s many life fulfilling dreams. They always woke up together and ate breakfast together… they had to shower separately, however, since the shower cabin was too small for the two giants, but after each of them cleaned themselves they went to work together. Well, for Jeremy it was work, for Marco it was his usual work-out day.

Marco did try to get a job at some of the stores in town but due to his freakish proportions nobody was interested in hiring him. Partly because he might scare potential customers, partly because the employers were scared of Marco as well. Luckily ever since Jeremy and his partner obtained those unreal bodies, the gym where Jeremy worked gained quite a few new guests. In fact, it was because of the two of them that it was now the most visited place in the entire town. Articles had appeared in some newspapers (“More than just ‘Gains’?” “Gym Grows Giants” “Unreal: Two extremely muscular men take over town”) and there’d even been a TV interview that had quickly ended up online and gone viral. “Fans” were waiting in front of the building every morning just to see these two guys in action, and the two lovers were taking photos with them, doing some work out routines side by side with new guests, and sometimes—if they felt generous – they let them feel their biceps. The two of them raised so much money because of all those people coming to the gym that Jeremy was able to upgrade all of the equipment and start and expansion, and there was still enough left he even donated some of the money to the town so that the roads could be renewed and some of the buildings could be renovated. The gym had even become one of the main locations for bodybuilding competitions, starring Marco as the audience warm up before the actual pose downs. Life was incredible for them—but even the greatest feeling can’t last forever.

Marco suggested that the two of them invite their families to their home and celebrate Christmas together, and while this idea seemed cute at first Jeremy had a feeling it would cause more trouble than joy. He gave in to Marco’s request after countless times of him pleading Jeremy to reconsider inviting his family. The thought of facing his father tied up his insides and the closer Christmas came the tighter the knot got.

It was noon the 24th of December and the gym already closing early for the holiday. There were a couple of disappointed “aww”s from the fans and the more die-hard new regulars whose efforts were already showing impressive results, but playful disappointment was always happening whenever Jeremy finished everything up and was ready to close.

“Jeremy? Are you okay? You look so… distant?” Jeremy stared at his hand, not letting go of the knob to the entrance. “Are you listening?”

“He will be here… I haven’t seen him since I was 19.”

“Hey…” Marco put his right hand under Jeremy’s chin and gently moved his head up a little. However, Jeremy was still not looking at Marco. He rested Jeremy’s head on his pecs, closing his arms around him as best as he could. “I will be there, and your mamma is going to be there too, no? And you will like my parents, especially my papà, and my sorella too! Who knows… maybe your papà isn’t the same man he was before.”

“No… He’s still the same.” Jeremy was muffling through Marco’s pecs. “I talk to my mom regularly. I know for a fact that he doesn’t get what I’m doing. And when he’ll see that you are my boyfriend…”

“Still… you don’t know what can happen, hm? Maybe there will be a Christmas miracle and your papà changes in a way you never thought is possible, eh?”

Chuckling Jeremy slapped Marco’s right pec. “I love that silly side of yours. Maybe he’ll change in a big way and grows some… kind of understanding. I would wish that…” Finally looking into his boyfriend’s eyes, his own a little wet because of his fear of meeting his father, he gave Marco a kiss on his lips. Holding hands, the couple went home to their shared apartment and set up some more decorations before the storm was about to unfold.

At 8 p.m. someone was ringing at the door to Jeremy’s and Marco’s apartment—it was none other than their expected guests, at least some of them. When Jeremy opened the door, the first thing he saw was his father. Short white receding hair, a wrinkly forehead from the years of frowning at him, and a thin long nose—just like he remembered him before he left his parents’ house to attend college. He was wearing a red sweater with some Christmas-tree-patterns, his jacket over his right arm. He had an absolute blank expression on his face while he scanned his son from head to toe. It felt like knives were rammed deep inside his flesh and moved up and down when his father looked at him. Jeremy desperately wanted this to end. Why did he listen to this stupid idea? Before all this he was joyful but now he simply wanted to drop dead.

“Jerry! Aww, it’s so good to finally see you!” His mother standing next to her husband went ahead and hugged her son – well, it was more like clinging to him than actually hugging, Jeremy’s wide upper body making it impossible for any human being to put their arms around it. “Look at you! I… didn’t expect you to be so… ehmm… you know when you told me that you put on some more weight? And when you showed me that photo?”

“Karren…” Jeremy’s father grunted and then went inside as well. But there was also a man Jeremy has never met before. From the looks of it he could be mistaken for an older version of his boyfriend, Marco. He had long black hair, which he tied into a ponytail, with some white streaks in it, thick sideburns, and lots of wrinkles around his eyes indicating that he enjoyed a good laugh or two. This could only be Marco’s father, Jeremy thought. But where is the rest of his family? Didn’t he say he got a mother and sister as well?

“Ciao, Marco!”

“Ciao, papà! Piacere di vederti.” Marco’s father went in for a hug but didn’t know how he could wrap his arms around his bigger-than-he-used-to-be son, so it came across as more of a dance. Marco saw the confusion in his father’s eyes and simply snickered at this silly “performance”. To cut this short Marco’s father patted his son’s big, round shoulder and gave him a smile, the wrinkles around his eyes creating deep creases.

“Sembri diverso, Marco. Così largo e muscoloso! Mi piace.”

“Grazie, papà.” Jeremy only understood some few bits, but he was certain that Marco’s father was happy to see him and that he liked how he looked, Marco’s big smile and flushed cheeks confirming his assumption. However, Marco soon looked at his father as if he was expecting something.

“Hm? Che cos’è?”

“Dov’è mamma? Isabella?”

“Ehhh… Devo dirti una cosa…”

Jeremy’s mother hung her coat on a hook and joined her son’s side. She kept her voice low so that neither Marco nor his father heard her talking about them. “What are they saying, Jerry?”

“Huh? I… uhm…” Jeremy listened to the conversation between the two. “I’m not so sure. Marco and I have been living together for a year now but I wasn’t learning Italian as hard as he did English. We practised a bit everyday but… well…” Jeremy was able to make out some phrases and if he understood correctly it appeared that both Marco’s mom and sister didn’t come because his mother didn’t like her son. “Uhmm… he said something along the lines of ‘your mother doesn’t like what you did and doesn’t want to see you’.”

“Oh, that’s horrible. Poor, guy… I hope he’ll be fine. And his sister? You said there was a sister coming?”

“Their mom didn’t want her to go. I’m not sure why his dad is here, though. I didn’t understand that part.”

Marco’s father put his hand on Marco’s left cheek caressing it. “Mi dispiace, Marcolini…”

“Va bene… Nessun problema…” Marco was clearly crushed. He was eager to introduce his parents and sister to his boyfriend but now that plan was nothing more than a popped bubble.

“Is there an issue?” Jeremy’s father had made himself comfortable on the couch listening to the entire discussion with what was still a blank expression.

“Not really, signore.”

“Harrison! Don’t be so insensitive! They obviously don’t want to talk about—”

“Oh, no no, signora! It is all good! Don’t worry, please! Haha, it looked bad, eh? It was just some… personal thing. My son and I are okay. Haha.” Marco’s father extended a hand. “I am Cordelio. It’s nice to meet you, signora.”

Jeremy’s mother offered her hand, but Cordelio, instead of shaking it, touched it to his lips. “Ooh, what a gentleman. It’s also wonderful to meet you, sir. I am Karren, mother of your son’s boyfriend.”

Jeremy’s dad glared at his wife, he took quite the issue with that statement. “Couldn’t you have said ‘This is my son’ instead?”

“Do you have to start this again? Ugh… this is my ‘charming’ husband by the way, Harrison.” The two men shook hands stiffly, Cordelio’s expression one of concern, while Harrison continued to show no emotion at all.

Jeremy went to the kitchen already thinking about how he could possibly escape this mess. Maybe jump out of the window? That would definitely leave him with some broken bones… Marco followed him, and they went about preparing the dinner for their guests.

“Well? What do you think?”

“I regret everything…”

“No, no, hahaha! I meant my papà. What do you think?”

“Oh… he’s… great. Very much like you actually. Or you are like him?”

“Haha, many people say I remind them of him. It’s a shame it took some years to make him understand my passion…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… there was a time my parents loved me for just being their child but… when I got interested in bodybuilding they were disappointed. They said what I wanted to do has no purpose. I am wasting time… I felt hurt. But I knew that I should not give up. At that time I wanted to understand what I truly like and want. And if it weren’t for bodybuilding I would have never met you, amore mio. When my papà realized that and saw how happy I got when I started bodybuilding he said sorry and wished me a great future. I am glad he decided to come here on Christmas. It’s… making me sad that mamma still thinks bad of me.”

“Oh… what’s with her? I overheard you and your father talking about her not liking you and your sister not being here. Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but…”

Marco took a breath to gain some time to find the right words. “It’s fine, Jeremy. You should try to practise your Italian more, haha, then you don’t need to ask me about what I am saying. So… as I said before my parents didn’t like that I was interested in building muscles. My mamma was even stricter than my papà. She always said only stupid and superficial people focus on their body. So imagine her reaction when she figured out I wanted to become a bodybuilder. She stopped talking to me. My dear sorella, her name is Isabella, was always a supportive person. I am glad she is part of my life. Whenever I was sad she was able to make me smile again. And it was because of her I didn’t give up my dream. But she is also very obedient. She always did what she was told. So now you know why she is not here today—because my mamma told her to stay. Why my mamma isn’t here is because… eh… I know she did ignore that I am a bodybuilder for some time. And I thought that this would be an opportunity to talk but… when she saw us on TV and saw how muscular we were she was disgusted again and did not want to come.”

“She saw that interview of us from 4 or so months ago? Wow… I never thought that we are actually this popular.”

“Hahaha, why are you surprised?” Marco did a quick double bi pose, his biceps stretching the sleeves of his green sweater so tightly around his arms that the fabric was close to tearing apart.

“Oh stop it, you.” The two kissed each other. “Love you, Marcolini.”

“You heard that? Oh mio dio…” The couple laughed and continued preparing dinner for their invited guests. Marco baked some duck meat and cooked a sauce based on a family’s recipe. The smell was heavenly, the duck was baked until it had a deliciously and crispy golden-brown skin. Jeremy couldn’t wait to eat what Marco was making for all of them. The first thing Jeremy learned about his boyfriend was that he was an insanely talented cook. Cooking and eating together as a family was always a big part in Marco’s life when he grew up and he kept this as a hobby. It helped him to calm down since it reminded him of all the good times he had as a child, so naturally he was looking forward to serving this to his guests—especially his papà.

The evening was seemingly perfect, everyone sitting at the table silently enjoying their meal. “This is absolutely delicious! Who cooked this?” Jeremy’s mom couldn’t get enough of the duck meat. It was crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside, the sauce complemented the taste of the meat.

“Don’t look at me. Marco is responsible for all this here. He’s the chef.” Marco laughed nervously.

“You are such a great cook! This tastes wonderful!”

“Calm down, Karren.” Jeremy’s dad was obviously annoyed by his wife’s enthusiastic behaviour, although he couldn’t deny that Marco did an absolutely fantastic job at making this dinner. “What is it now, Harrison?” “Just leave them be for a moment. Ever since we came here you were constantly in their neck.” “So? Unlike someone else that didn’t care for a certain someone he’s the father of I wanna know how he’s doing.” “Don’t start that again, Karren…” “Start what, Harrison? You not showing any kind of feeling toward your own son? Being bitter all day long? Whenever Jeremy and I talk on the phone you sit in your corner impaling me with your eyes. I know what you want to tell me—”

“To stop,” Harrison said. “Don’t bring that up. Let it be. I accepted everything when he went through that door and didn’t come back. I don’t wanna hear or see anything about him.”

“Know what, Harrison? I’m done. I’ll go home. And you. Will stay. Here. Until you get along with your son again. I can’t believe you are this stubborn.” Jeremy’s mother pushed her seat back, got up, and rushed to her coat. Jeremy quickly went to her side to talk her out from leaving but to no avail. “Sorry, dear. It’s really not you. But your father needs to learn that he can’t do this any longer. I accepted your invitation because I hoped he’ll get along with you.”

“It’s okay, mom. I’m still happy that you came.”

“Love you, Jerry.”

“Love you more, mom.” And with that she left the apartment.

Marco and his father exchanged looks in hope of maybe understanding what just happened.

Jeremy tried some faux cheer. “Soooo… anyone want some more meat? No?”

“No. I just want to sleep now. I have to stay with you for a while, unfortunately. So I better get used to it.” Jeremy’s dad got up from his seat and went to the couch. “You got a blanket and a pillow?”

“Sì, signore.” Marco moved to the bedroom fetching some things for his boyfriend’s father. “Here, signore.” Jeremy’s dad grunted, which was his way of saying thanks.

“I guess we should all go sleep now, no?” Marco’s dad suggested. He got a blanket and a pillow from his son too so that he could set up a bed on a couch in the couple’s bedroom.

When Jeremy lay down next to Marco he reflected on what happened that evening. If only his father weren’t so stubborn then they all could have had a great dinner but, alas, that was not the case. He wished that his father would just try to understand. Exhausted he closed his eyes and moved in closer to his boyfriend.

It was 11.40 p.m., he discovered later, when Jeremy awoke to something tickling his nose. “Hm…?” He slowly opened his eyes, his vision blurry from the sleep, he wasn’t quite sure about what he saw since there was no light in his room, except for the streetlights from outside shining through the windows, but it looked like there was a massively muscular man standing in front of his bed.

“Hohohoho, still asleep, sonny?”


The alluring old man laughed again but not too loud because he didn’t want to wake Marco and his father that were sleeping in the same room. His hgandsome face bent close to Jeremy’s, and Jeremy felt a rush of muzzy arousal. “It is in fact me. It’s so good to see you, sonny. How are you, my buff friend? I see you gave Marco my gift I left behind, hohohoho!” Santa grabbed Jeremy’s bulge and squeezed it.

“Uhuh… I’m sorry I don’t wanna sound rude but… what are you doing in my room, especially right now? If you’re looking for the Christmas tree it is in the living room.”

“Oh, it’s quite simple, son. I’m here because I wanted to inform you that I left a present for your father in the fridge. It was your wish that he’ll understand you… and when he drinks it, he will ‘gain’ all the understanding, hoho!” Jeremy was confused but he was too tired to try to wrap his head around what he was just told so he simply nodded. Santa went in for a kiss pushing his tongue down Jeremy’s throat. “I modified your present a little bit. It was quite the fun milking me out for that, hmhm… Now then, Jeremy. Merry Christmas and hopefully we’ll meet again.” The old man left through the window he came in from. Jeremy closed his eyes, already forgetting that beefy Santa was in his room telling him about a present for his father and making out with him, and went back to sleep.

At midnight Harrison woke up. He couldn’t sleep any more, so he walked over to the kitchen to get a coffee. He quickly turned around when he heard someone behind him. “It’s you. Ugh… Don’t scare me like that.”

“Scusi signore,” Cordelio said. “Oh, are you making coffee?”


“Would you be so nice and make one for me too?” Jeremy’s dad sighed and got another cup. He then went to the fridge to get some milk for his coffee. He saw a bottle with some creamy white content labelled “Santa Milk”. He assumed that Jeremy got this as some sort of festive joke because the label said Santa, but, since it was the only bottle in there, he had no other option than taking it; so he grabbed it, closed the fridge, went back to the living room and sat down on the couch, Marco’s father joining right next to him. Harrison was a little unsettled by that but he couldn’t get himself to care about it either. He opened the bottle and poured the milk in his coffee until the cup was completely filled. He took a few sips before he put his cup back down.

Marco’s dad left his coffee on the table for the moment. “So uhm… can’t sleep anymore I see, signore.”


“If… if you don’t care when I am asking—”

“I do.” Harrison moved his cup to his lips and took some more sips of his coffee. He sighed. “What do you want to know… what was your name again?”


“All right, Cordelio. I usually don’t do this so don’t expect some sort of meaningful conversation.”

“Okay uhm… I know it’s not my… ehm… interest?”

“Whatever you mean by that I already agree with you.”

“You and your son. You don’t talk a lot, no?” Jeremy’s father finished his cup and put it back on the table with an audible clack indicating that he was in no mood to talk at all.

“Why would you think that? Because my wife was being mad at me? Listen, all I ever wanted for my little Jeremy was that he grows up to be better than me.”


Harrison appeared to be a little overwhelmed, and for the first time his face had a different expression—he looked devastated. “He doesn’t know but I used to be a personal trainer just like he is now. I was young, I was energetic and optimistic. I wanted to share that energy. But I’ve never gotten a good job. I wanted to be like those other men, those bodybuilders, in the gym. Dedicated, keeping my eyes on my goal, but I’ve never made it. And when I got a son I hoped—wished!—that he’ll have a better life than me. But instead he became a trainer like I did. I couldn’t bear the thought of him ending up like me so I just… well… stopped talking to him.”

Cordelio had to process this. It took him a few seconds since he didn’t understand English as well as his son. “But… isn’t your son happy now? He is… uhm… successful? No? He was on TV.”

“Yes, but…”

“What ‘but’? Signore, I was worried for my son too when he was younger. I did not understand why he wanted to be so muscular like those other men in our town in Italia. But when I saw how happy he was I knew I should not take it from him, hm? So I allowed him to leave Italia and move to other country to follow his dream. Look where he is now. If I did not allow him to be a culturista—”

“A what?”

“What did you call them? Bodybuilder?” Harrison nodded to reassure Cordelio he was correct. “If I did not allow him to be a bodybuilder he would not have met your son. He is so kind.”

Hearing this Harrison couldn’t withhold a smile. “He is… I remember how he helped out his mom when I didn’t. I didn’t give her an easy time.”

“I am sure she will forgive you, signore.”

“Heh… you are too nice, Cordelio.” Now both men laughed. It had been too long Harrison thought. At first he’d regretted agreeing to come here but if he had never had this conversation with this man next to him he might have been emotionless until the rest of his life. “Thank you for this.”

“Prego, signore! Prego!” Cordelio took his cup of his now cold coffee and was ready to drink it when Harrison leaned forward to grab that bottle of milk.

While he leaned forward, Cordelio couldn’t help but stare at Harrison’s crotch. Was it just him or did it seem… fuller? When he first looked at him he didn’t notice anything unusual. Sure he had a little protruding gut but that’s normal for a man his age.

“Here, try this milk. It’s surprisingly creamy. It tastes really good!” Harrison poured some into Cordelio’s coffee. “There you go.”

“Grazie, signore.”

“Please, just call me Harrison. Did anyone tell you that you look quite handsome for your age?”

“No, Harrison. You are the first. Grazie.”

“How old are you? I don’t think you are older than me. I am 62.”

“59, signore. Sorry! I did not mean to say that. I was… distracted.”

“Ha! That’s okay, don’t worry. So you are younger. I would have been surprised if you were older than me. You look too good to be older than me.”

While Cordelio finished drinking his entire coffee he kept averting his eyes to Harrison’s lower part. He never saw such a full and bulging crotch before. However, it looked bigger than it did one minute ago. Was it… growing? Speaking of growing, Cordelio was fairly sure that Harrison’s neck wasn’t that thick before either. His pants also looked a lot more tighter around his legs. Maybe it was because he woke up in the middle of the night and was still not fully awake but it did seem that Harrison’s muscles were growing. Cordelio observed Harrison’s upper body for any changes. Since his sweater was so thick he couldn’t see if his pecs and arms were growing as well. Why was he wondering about that now? Why was he even caring that that gorgeous, handsome, man next to him was getting more muscular? “Eh… uhm… Harrison?”


“Please do not get mad but could you… flex your arms for me? Please.”

Harrison was dumbfounded. Another man wanting him to flex his arms for him… what an awkward request. Secretly he was happy that Cordelio asked him, though. He couldn’t explain, but for whatever reason he wanted to strip down his clothes and show off his body to Cordelio. It made his heart and blood pumping faster when this desire aroused within him. Without hesitation he put his arms right up. “Well? Satisfied?”

Cordelio took a close look. Harrison’s biceps did appear to have a visible peak when he made that pose. He wanted to be 100% sure though. “Could you roll your… ehh… sleeves, Harrison? I… want to see your arms. I… must…”

“Of course?” Harrison rolled up the right sleeve of his sweater his jaw, dropping as he laid his eyes upon his arm. Was ‘that’ really his? It was so defined and muscular, even though his last workout had been nearly 30 years ago. He flexed his arms a few times, felt his bicep, as the muscle pushed up the skin, with his other hand. “Do… do you see that, Cordelio??” The other man just moved his head up and down. Harrison rolled up his other sleeve. His right arm was slightly bigger than his left. He was marvelling at his growing arms, those thick cords of muscles woven into each other, twisting with every pulse of growth. He took off his sweater showing off his upper body. His pecs were already huge and swollen, his nipples, sensitive and yearning to be teased, pointing downwards due to their roundness.

Cordelio was quite turned on by this spectacle. He reached out with his left hand and played with one of Harrison’s nipples, pinching and pulling it making Harrison moan with pleasure. “Th-this feels incredible. God, I wish you could experience this too…” Harrison dropped on his wide wall of a back spreading his legs that forced his pants to rip open at their seams because of their increasing thickness. Cordelio started rubbing those meaty thighs and bulging calves. Worshipping the muscles of another man… he could find some enjoyment in that he thought. “Hnngh haa god…” That gut Harrison got from eating and mostly sitting around was getting flatter, the fat melting away until his abs were on display. They started flexing and twitching without his doing becoming more defined and bulgier by the second, creating a beautiful set of four pairs of abs. Harrison had one hand behind his head and used the other one to feel his pecs, squeezing those big slabs of muscle hard, then moving lower to his abdominal area, he “outlined” each pair with his index finger. “One… two… three… four… five… six… hmhm… seven… eight… nine and… heh… ten…” He counted 5 pairs of perfectly shaped abs that were carved into his stomach. It had been 30 years since he last had a decent six pack but now he even has a way more defined and more pronounced 10 pack, every single ab felt so… tight and round, Harrison couldn’t stop moving his hand up and down—it was an addictive sensation! “Well? How do you like me, Cordelio? Do you like worshipping me? Your pants speak for themselves already. Look at that bulge. I’ve never thought that I’d see a man packing so much meat down there!”

Cordelio was perplexed by what he just said. What did he mean by “so much meat”? He did not pack any meat in his pants. As he looked at his own crotch he realized what Harrison meant with those words. He stopped rubbing Harrison’s legs for a moment and grabbed his dick. It was so… big. That couldn’t be his dick, impossible. Yet that tent his pants made spoke an entirely different story. Harrison smirked, getting up from his laying position slipping his right hand in Cordelio’s pants and fishing out that monster that was begging to be freed from its prison. “Mio dio…”

“Yeah, mio dio. That is a thick cock you got there, Cordelio.” Harrison started giving him a hand job, his hand moving up and down with a firm grip and steady motion. “You’ve been so kind to me all night, Cordelio. I think it would only be fair if I paid you back, what do you say?” His entire body was shaking, the constant up and down movement of Harrison’s hand on his hard and erect penis, the blood rushing to it, and that other “growing” tingling inside of him. Harrison was closing his mouth around the tip of Cordelio’s manhood drawing a low grunt form him.

He couldn’t take it any longer, the increasing heat was too much for him. With both his hands Cordelio ripped off his black sweater with absolute ease revealing a quite strong upper body. Huge swollen pecs, chiseled abs… Cordelio couldn’t believe what he saw when he looked down, or at least tried to since his massive pecs were blocking the way. While he had been so hypnotised by Harrison’s growing body he didn’t notice that his very body was getting more muscular as well. He put his arms in front of him pushing his pecs together so that they created a deep and beefy cleavage. “Ha…ahhhh… Ha-Harrison… Non fermarti… Si sente bene…” Cordelio was panting, sweat running down his colossal body, Harrison’s sucking was putting him on the edge, he was so close to erupting right in his mouth – there was no stopping Harrison’s tongue, he was wildly licking the thick round shaft of Cordelio before he used both his hands to grab the back of Harrison’s head to shove his dick down his throat.

Harrison had no time to adjust to the cock sliding in and out. He wanted to gag but the sensation of those thick veins snaking across Cornelio’s manhood was turning him so on that he suppressed that reflex and let Cordelio do his thing. He felt how his balls were pumping his juice up to the tip of his penis, the closer it got the more intense that tingling feeling got. And when he finally came he let out an inhuman roar. “HNNGHAAAAAAA!” Harrison felt Cordelio’s thick and warm load running down his throat filling him up. He swallowed and swallowed not letting a single drop of his partner’s cum go to waste.

When he eventually stopped Cordelio slowly pulled his dick out of Harrison’s mouth allowing him to enjoy the feeling of the skin of his cock on his tongue. Cordelio pushed Harrison down on his back so that he could sit on top of him, his giant quads locking his upper body between them. “Grazie, Harrison… It was… incredible…”

“Heh… no need to thank me. I am the one who should be thanking you. If it weren’t for you who knows how I would have continued to live my life. You are truly a wonderful man, Cordelio. And now that you are as massive as I am…” Harrison slapped Cordelio’s right thigh. “You are even more gorgeous than you already were.”

“That is so kind of you…” Cordelio went in for a kiss, the tongues of the two men twisting in their mouths. And while they would have loved to resume their lovemaking they were too exhausted, so they both fell asleep on the couch instead.

When Marco woke up in the morning he went to the kitchen to make him some coffee and get breakfast for his boyfriend when he noticed something unusual, something that was most certainly not there yesterday. He went a few steps back to get a better look at the living room. “Ah, mio dio!”

He rushed back to the bedroom and shook Jeremy as if he were some sort of doll. “Jeremy! Jeremy! Open your eyes!”

“Hnghmmmm… What… why are you so loud? Is someone dying?”

“No! No! Your papà! My papà! They…!”

Jeremy rubbed his eyes and got up in a vertical position. “Okay… what’s with them?”

“They… uhh… they… they are big!”

“I know… my dad does have a little gut. Your dad… I don’t know, he seemed normal to me.”

“No, no, no, no, no! Not biiiig, uhmm… I mean muscoloso! Like us!”

Jeremy didn’t get a single word his boyfriend was shouting at him. Was Marco dreaming? “Let me see for myself…” Jeremy got on his feet and walked to the living room. He rubbed his eyes again when he saw two muscular giants on the couch. “D-dad!?”

The two mountains started moving, the upper one fell to the floor as they turned around. “Hm? Are you okay, Cordelio?”

“Sì, sì.” Harrison lent him a hand so that he could pull himself up.

“What on earth happened to you!?”

“We uhmm… I don’t know… I woke up in the middle of the night and got myself a coffee. Your boyfriend’s father joined me, we talked and then one thing led to another.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re so huge! Seriously, look at you! You are—”

Harrison flexed his biceps. “Magnificent? I know. Look at Cordelio! He’s just as buff as I am. Don’t you guys think he looks handsome?” he added, an appreciative glint in his eyes.

“Wha—” Before Jeremy could respond he saw a bottle on the table which was half empty. It had a label on it saying “Santa Milk”. “He got a present for him… That’s what he told me…”



“You just talked to yourself, son. Who a got a present for whom?”

“N-nothing! Nothing important. … Did you just call me son?”

“Yeah, that’s because you are, son. Why are you so surprised?”

“Because you haven’t called me like that since I left the house…”

“Oh… well…” Harrison moved closer, clasping Jeremy’s thick shoulder. “You know, people can be blinded by their emotions. Obviously I was no exception to that. It can take a very long time until you understand why someone gets so passionate about something and sometimes you just want to protect them from that passion since you don’t want them to get hurt and be disappointed in case it doesn’t work out. Sometimes a good and long conversation with another person can help you realize your error and then you can start to change and be a better man. I am honestly sorry for what happened and that I ignored you for such a long time. I only wanted you to be happy but in a way that meant security for you. Something that I could never give you. I hope you understand now and will be able to look past this. I don’t ask you for forgiveness but rather that you don’t think about it anymore. I know that it must have been very hard for you to let me into your life again after what happened.”

“I… I know you mean well and all and I really appreciate that you made this apology but… I can’t take it too seriously when you aren’t wearing anything at all.”

“Oh, hahaha! Well, getting an apology from a naked man does feel a little awkward, doesn’t it? It’s okay, I get it. But at least I got it out. And now you know how I feel.”

“I do, and to be clear, I am in fact grateful that you said all that to me. Just… next time put something on first.”

“Haha, will do, son, will do!” Harrison wanted to give his son a hug but Jeremy stepped back instead. “What is it now?”

“Still naked, dad.”

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