Santa’s big surprise

by Silverfox Dad

 Jeremy has not only been obsessed with Santa, he's seen him and knows he's real. So when a friend at the gym gives him a muscle-growth supplement meant to give him confidence enough to talk to his beautiful bodybuilder crush Marco, Jeremy decides instead to give Santa a gift of his own.

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Jeremy has been obsessed with the idea of Santa Claus ever since he was 6. He thought that a man visiting everyone on Christmas Eve and gifting them what they wished for was the most amazing thing that anyone could have possibly told him. Even as he got older he kept believing in him. His father, and his own friends as well, tried to convince Jeremy that Santa Claus didn’t actually exist and that most of the time someone dressed in a red coat and hat, black boots and a fake white beard was being ‘Santa’. Of course Jeremy knew about that all along already because the images and drawings he saw in books portrayed Santa as an elderly, bigger man wearing glasses who looked quite happy. None of the people that dressed up as him actually looked old or as if they ate quite a lot or that they needed a pair of glasses... and sometimes they didn’t even look happy. But he didn’t care about that one bit because he knew, somewhere out there that man existed and visited him and many other people to give them a gift on Christmas Eve.

Years went by; after he graduated from college Jeremy got a job as a fitness trainer at a local gym. It wasn’t a big nor a modern one but he was happy nonetheless. Aside Santa, Jeremy was interested in various kinds of sports—because he couldn’t choose which one he wanted to learn more about he decided to become a simple trainer instead. He still works at that gym to this day and he is 27 now. Even though it wasn’t that big it did have quite some customers, even some long-time visitors...

“Hey, Jeremy. Look. Marco is training his arms.”

His co-worker, Dan, was teasing him again. He knew that Jeremy had an eye on Marco who was a bodybuilder.

“Stop it. And by the way, I’ve been checking him out before you even mentioned this.”

“Oh come on! Just let me have a little fun sometimes.”

“You’re always having your fun when he enters the gym because you know the first thing I do is stare at him hoping he won’t notice me doing that.”

“Why haven’t you tried to be his personal trainer yet?”

That question hit Jeremy hard. Looking at Marco, that man he admired for 3 years now, that man who ties his black hair into a short ponytail, that man with the thick sideburns, the big masculine chin and nose, dark-brown eyes, slightly hairy arms and chest, tanned skin, and most importantly, that deep voice with that Italian accent, he didn’t know why he actually didn’t try. He staggered for an answer.

“W-well, a, he is 31.”


“32, whatever. b, he is a bodybuilder... I’m just...”

“A trainer? So? You know some work-out routines he could find helpful.”

“That’s not the point. He’s just so much... sigh... he is... massive.”

“Soooo? You look quite fit yourself.”

“Yeah, but that’s just because I actually do some of those work-out routines. Well, and c, he is just so... ugh... manl- I don’t even know why I’m telling you this! I mean, look at me! I just have this short brown hair, tiny nose and no facial hair. I look boring.”

“What are you talking about? There are quite a lot of women, and men, that check you out. Remember that guy from yesterday?”

“You mean Sampson?”

“That was his name. While you showed him some exercises with the dumbell he stared at your biceps the entire time. That dude wanted it so bad.”

“Wait, really? I didn’t even notice.”

“That’s because you were staring at-”

Dan tried to imitate an Italian accent.


Jeremy slapped him on his shoulder.

“Quit it already!”

“Haha, I haven’t even started yet. By the way, you’ve been so focused on talking about Marco that you haven’t even noticed that he’s been looking at you the entire time we’ve been talking.”

Jeremy slightly turned his head to the left to look at Marco who was still pumping his arm. Dan wasn’t lying. He actually did look at Jeremy and as soon as Marco saw him seeing that he checked out one of the employees he reverted his look back to his arm and pumped even harder, his bicep just popping up into a thick and round bulge every time he lifted the weight. Jeremy was looking for words, something to express his current feeling in an appropriate phrase, but he simply couldn’t. The guy, or rather man, he usually checked out checked him out now.

“Looks like someone is happy.”

Dan said with a smirk.

Since it was the 24th of December the gym already closed at midday. Jeremy and Dan put on their jacket and Jeremy closed the entrance with the gym key.


Dan pulled a plastic bottle out of his bag. It was filled with what appeared to be water.

“What’s this?”

“I got this from a friend of mine. He took this to accelerate his muscle growth. Thing is, it actually did work.”

“Why are you showing this to me?”

“I know how insecure you feel about talking to Marco because you’re not as big as he is. I just want to help a little.”

Jeremy took the bottle and looked at it for a bit.

“Trust me, it’s gonna turn you into a bodybuilder, even beyond that. I hardly recognized my friend the next day we met. Anyway, you should definitely take this. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Dan waved and walked back home. Jeremy put the bottle into his bag and actually thought about drinking this stuff before he remembered that it’s the 24th and that he needed to prepare himself for some things.

Back home he put the bottle he got from Dan in the fridge and then went to bed to be ready for this evening.

One year in the evening of the 24th of December Jeremy noticed how an unknown figure entered the houses of several people. No one seemed to notice him but Jeremy. That figure eventually entered the apartment Jeremy lived in. At first he thought it was a thief but then he thought again and believed that it could have been Santa. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get a closer look. However, in the past 6 years he did some investigating and found out that that figure was indeed Santa and that he comes to this town at 11.30pm every year. He also comes to Jeremy’s apartment around 11.40pm every time. So this time he will wait in his room until Santa enters it to leave his gift.

Jeremy woke up at 11.30pm. He rubbed his eyes and then put his casual clothes back on. He still had 10 minutes to wait until ‘he’ arrives. Jeremy went to his small kitchen and got a glass-his plan was to ‘surprise’ Santa with a glass of milk because it is said that he enjoys it. Jeremy opened his fridge and got the milk but then noticed the bottle he got from Dan. He thought about his words-he did have a crush on Marco but he felt too shy to talk to him. He was also unsure about how Marco would feel if he tried to get to know him more. Maybe he would laugh at him, maybe he would dislike him, and that is something Jeremy simply didn’t want to risk. He opened the bottle containing the liquid and put his nose above the opening. He couldn’t smell anything-this stuff could actually be just water he thought. Without paying any attention he poured the liquid into the glass that was already filled with milk.

“Oh, damn it! Now I messed everything-”

He stopped and thought to himself for a moment. What if he gave this to... He quickly got a spoon and mixed both contents. The milk didn’t exactly look like milk anymore but because of the bad light in his apartment it wasn’t that obvious. He licked the spoon and immediately remembered how he just accidentally poured the muscle-growth liquid into the milk. Jeremy felt how every single of his muscles were moving on their own. However, that sensation was over already after only five seconds. Probably because he didn’t drink that much of it. He went in front of a mirror holding the glass in his left hand and using the other one to lift his shirt. He didn’t look bigger at all but he sure looked a lot more ripped. So if he actually drank more he could have been...

Jeremy heard his window open. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 11.40pm. He is here.

Jeremy felt the excitement rising inside of him. He didn’t know what to say or how to feel at that time. The moment the man, who entered the apartment, closed the window behind him and turned around he looked at Jeremy in confusion.

“Oh! Hmmm... I wasn’t expecting this meeting... Son, why are you not sleeping? You’re supposed to be sleeping right now.”

The man who seemed to be at least over 80 looked at Jeremy with a raised brow.

“White hair that reaches to his shoulders, long white beard, glasses, red coat, red pants and hat, black boots, elderly-looking and a bit bigger...” Jeremy muttered to himself.

“You must be... Santa?”

The old man slapped his big belly and laughed.

“Ohohoho! Well, over the years I did eat quite much, now didn’t I? Yes, I am the one people call Santa. You must be Jeremy, aren’t you?”

He simply nodded.

“Hoho! Don’t be so speechless, son! I am just here to give you the gift you wished for. But I assume you already know how I work. Oh! Hmmm... is this glass of milk for me? Have you been up all night because you wanted to give this to me?”

“Huh? Oh, oh, yeah, yeah! H-here!”

Santa took it and drank the entire content.




“Ahhh! Thank you, son! That was very... very... Hnngh...!”

A rumbling and churning could be heard from Santa’s stomach-it got louder. On his own accord Santa’s belly was moving and twitching-it was a strange spectacle and neither Santa nor Jeremy knew how they should react to this. But then-Santa’s stomach eventually got flatter and flatter, the fat was just melting away. The old man couldn’t believe his eyes. He quickly unbuckled his belt, let his coat slide to the ground, lifted his red sweater and put it behind his neck. He felt his stomach with one hand-absolutely no fat left, the big gut is gone. But that was not everything... The real muscle growth was just about to begin!

Without his doing Santa’s stomach contracted and relaxed.

Contract... relax.

It was soon clear that his muscles were working on their own, and started to create creases.

One pair of abs slowly got visble.

Then a second one, the third followed right after. But that wasn’t all, his muscles didn’t stop shifting and writhing just there. A fourth pair of abs emerged, bulging, thickening, forming a beautifully symmetrical pair of 4 abs with the rest.

But that was STILL not everything. Continuing from there his obliques got more and more visible making his already ripped looking stomach even better. Sweat was running down between the bumps and creases leaving them all wet and glistening. The hair covering his upper body made the man’s abs even more delicious.

“Hurgh... My boy... what have you done to... HNNGH! me...?”

Santa clenched his abs making them just POP up. Jeremy swallowed hard at that sight. Santa let out a grunt and Jeremy stepped back. The old man’s chest, covered in hair, was now twitching. His pecs got more solid-looking, thicker and meatier, the thickness made his nipples point downward. The old man put both his hands on those two big orbs that were now his chest-they felt massive, they felt strong, and all of a sudden he wasn’t sure what to feel anymore. He only came to that apartment because he wanted to leave a gift but now it seems that he got a lot better gift in return. He looked at Jeremy then back down to his new chest. Distracted by his own pecs Santa was unaware of his swelling neck which was now pulling his sweater tight around it. Just when he felt something strangling him he used both his hands to rip off his sweater with absolute ease.

Left bare-chested Santa felt his swollen neck and laughed. “Hoho! My boy, I have not the slightest idea what is happening, but the longer I am feeling this sensation the more I want it to never end!” Santa held both arms in front of him. He looked down at them and thought about how easy it was for him to tear off his sweater-it was fun! it was incredible! He felt strong, and he wanted so much more”Hoho! Get a closer look of this here, son!” He said with an almost boyish laughter. Santa flexed his right arm. Now there wasn’t anything special to look at-but when he relaxed his arm again veines were bulging up snaking across his bicep and forearm before he eventually flexed his arm once more. He felt like as if his muscles were being fed strength-his once non-existent bicep now pumping with power, growing, swelling, getting bigger all around while those gorgeous veins made everything a hundred times sexier. And then his forearm! Muscles thickly woven together completing the look of his massive arm! He then put both his hands on his hips turning around showing off his widening and thickening back.

While Jeremy watched Santa’s back putting on muscle after muscle, creating a deep cut in the middle, he wondered if he made a mistake by giving him the muscle-growth drink Dan got him. On the one hand it was supposed to be for him to get a chance to talk to Marco but Jeremy didn’t believe it would have made any difference. On the other hand he now knew that Dan wasn’t lying about the effects of that drink and watching that one man he always wanted to meet, Santa Claus, grow those thick muscles was like a fantasy come true.

Jeremy’s train of thought came to a sudden halt when a hulking hand grabbed his left hand and put it on another veiny, swelling bicep. After Santa’s now wall of a muscular back stopped erupting with more muscles his other still ordinary but now growing arm underwent the same process his other massively bulging arm went through.

Jeremy couldn’t get out a single sound. What a sensation! He could perfectly feel how every muscle fiber was working on its own, twitching, shifting, swelling, his hand getting pushed up further and further by a gigantic boulder that was Santa’s bicep. Jeremy’s hand was now guided along the forearm to the pecs-those big round meaty orbs, topped off by those gorgeous nipples that pointed downward-to his delicious 8-pack. Jeremy had seen some nice abs but they were nothing in comparison to those bulging bricks that were carved in Santa’s stomach. And then the feel whenever his hand moved over another pair of abs; Bump... Bump... Bump... Bump...

“Sonny, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting something like this here, but I am enjoying it, oh, so much. But I do not believe this is over just yet. Do you want to see the rest? Ohohoho! Of course you do! You and I do!” Knowing how easy and fun it was for him Santa ripped off his red pants leaving him in his briefs and tight black leather boots. With a simple touch of his finger Santa’s normal white briefs became a skimpy red-and-white-striped speedo-the same one those bodybuilders wear when they wanna put more focus on their crotch area and show off more of their glutes, which was exactly Santa’s intention. “Can you see this, Jeremy?” He turned around again to give him a better view of what he meant-and what a view it was. Like the rest of his muscles Santa’s ass was twitching making it look like he was constantly flexing it while it rounded out pushing harder and harder into his skimpy speedo which was tightly hugging his huge glutes. It was definitely the beefiest bubble-butt Jeremy had seen in his entire life and just when he reached out to touch it Santa turned around once again and started shaking his left and then right thigh. It seemed that he made them grow meatier with every shake and around fifteen seconds of watching Santa shaking his quads in such a mesmerizing and arousing way he just SNAPPED them into jaw-dropping definition. Every muscle group was clear cut and ripped, the skin looked like it was painted on to those massive meaty thighs. Jeremy swallowed-he was close to fainting at this point. And then... he could hear the strings of Santa’s leather boots rip apart.

Pop! Pop! Pop! SnapHis calves were getting too swollen for his tight boots and when there isn’t enough room for something huge... then there needs to be more.

“Hoho! That was incredible! I feel magnificent! Check this out, Jeremy!”

Santa did a double-bi pose showing off those huge veiny peaks, then he put his arms behind his head and FLEXED his abs into definition. Jeremy was sitting on his couch now because he couldn’t take any more of that beatiful and huge beefy body of that old man. He felt weak in his legs so he decided to sit down before he just collapses on the ground. Santa turned around spreading his lats and even subtly swinging his hips. When he faced Jeremy again he grinned-his cheeks all flushed with excitement. He kneeled down before Jeremy on his left knee and steadied himself by putting his right massive arm on his right massive quad. He put his left hand on Jeremy’s shoulder.

“I must thank you, sonny. Admittedly this is an unconventional gift but it is by far the best I have ever gotten. Usually I am the one bringing presents to the people but tonight you gave me an even bigger one. That is why I will give you something else this year. I will bestow upon you three gifts instead of one. Two you will enjoy later this day and one you will enjoy right now.”

Santa got up again and got Jeremy out of his seat.

“Come on, give this here a good squeeze.”

He pointed at his tightly packed bulge.

“Don’t be shy now. If you want your presents you need to work this really good. Did I mention, one of your presents will involve Marco.”

This got his attention. If he was speaking the truth then he might get a chance to talk to the man of his dreams. At first Jeremy was a little hesitant, only gently rubbing Santa’s bulge but eventually he was rubbing it a little harder and squeezed his junk a couple of times.

“HNNGH...! Ah...ahhhh, yes, HNFFF... O-OOoohhh...! Th-that’s enough... Thank you...”

When Jeremy removed his hand a rumbling and churning like the one at the beginning could be heard from deep within Santa. His bulge was now swelling, gaining thickness and length-his dick pulling down his poser until... Snap! the thin strings ripped. Now he was standing completly naked in front of Jeremy-his muscles glistening in the dim light of the apartment and his dick freely hanging down to his knees.

“Ahh... Well would you look at that now, hmhm. Since you did your part I will fulfill mine. Say, do you have by any chance a container? A bottle or something similar?”

“I do. Follow me, please.”

Jeremy went to his kitchen with Santa right behind him, his large member swinging between his legs hitting his thighs with every step. Right at that spot he wanted to hit his climax so bad but he had to save it just a tiny bit longer for what he wanted to give to Jeremy. Santa knew that ‘this’ could help both Jeremy and Marco to find the confidence to talk to each other for once. What Jeremy was completely unaware of was the fact that Marco thought he was cute and that he would like to go out with him one day but he was afraid that he would reject him because he couldn’t stand the the thought that Jeremy might be disgusted by his... ‘big’ appearance and that he might think that he has nothing but muscles on his mind because he is a bodybuilder. Overall it was the fear of rejection that kept both away from each other even though they were clearly interested in a relationship...

“Here. This bottle used to contain the stuff that made you... well... a little different.”

“Hoho, you probably meant all muscluar and well-endowed! Hohoho! No need to be ashamed! You could have been direct like that, my friend. I’m taking no offence whatsoever, hahaha! After all, it is the truth. Look!”

He flexed his right arm. Although, Jeremy witnessed how Santa grew all those muscles he was still unable to process any of what happened that night but watching this old man flexing and moaning made him realize that this was no dream at all. After Santa’s little flexing-show he took the empty bottle out of Jeremy’s hand and then stroked his man-meat.

“Hnnf! Well then, I hope you will use this- HNNgh-ha... wise...”

When he came he released an inhuman grunt, it was deep and almost frightening but considering the length and girth of his shaft it wasn’t a surprise-every touch, every stroke, felt a thousand times more intense-an arousing prickling was spreading everywhere he touched his erection, the head being the most sensitive spot, which was also the reason why he came faster than someone else. He tried to fill the bottle with his cum but since he was caught up in an orgasmic jerk-off he had a rather complicated time actually hitting anything-aside the climax. Or the walls.

“Ha-ahhhhahhh... H-here. Give this to Marco.”

“Excuse me?”

“Trust me. He will be going to the gym doing his work-out routine. When he is done give this to him. I know how much you care about him but are too afraid to exchange a single word with him. Hohoho! I know all this, son. If you truly want to get to know him use this. When he asks you what this is simply tell him it’s a new protein drink. That would be the easiest and most believable excuse. Now then, my friend.”

Santa put the cum-filled bottle on a table, picked up Jeremy and kissed him. He felt his tongue mingling with his own. Jeremy felt a little odd but feeling such an intense kiss-and Santa’s monstrous manhood between their bodies-turned him also on.

“Hmhm, I’m sure Marco will be enjoying this as much I did, sonny. Now then.”

He put Jeremy down and went to the window he came through.

“It was more than just a pleasure meeting you, Jeremy. You are a good person, even though what you did to me was quite naughty. But it was such a bliss.”

Santa stroked his abs.

“A-anyway! I spent too much time here. I need to deliver some more gifts. Although that might get a little difficult now with this new ‘frame’. Ohohohoho! I’ll be looking forward to our next meeting next year. Until then, I wish you a wonderful night and even better one with Marco.”

With those words Santa Claus opened the window and squeezed his beefy body through it and closed it again. Jeremy went to his room, sat down on his bed and thought about what happened 20 minutes ago.

“Heh... I knew he was real. I doubt that anyone could say ‘I turned Santa Claus into a gay hyper-muscular bodybuilder’. That’s something you would only read in a gay fanfiction. Speaking of...”

His mind drifted toward Marco, yet again.

“... Ugh, why can’t I get it together? I’ve been watching him for 3 years and I still haven’t spoken to him. Maybe I should actually ask him if he wants me to do a work-out routine with him, like Dan told me to...”

He lay down on his bed and closed his eyes dreaming about a possible relationship with the man that gave him a hard time focusing on anything.

It was 9.53am when Jeremy woke up again.

“Hmmmm... What a night... What time is it now? ... 9.53!? Oh sh...! I have to be at the gym in 7 minutes! Damn it!”

Jeremy sprang up, ran to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and tried to comb his hair, put on some deodorant, ran back to his room to put on his jacket and grab his bag with his training suit and the key to the gym and then ran to the door of his apartment before he looked back and remembered the bottle Santa filled with his cum. Jeremy was grossed out by the thought of giving this to Marco but he told him that this would be a possibility to get to know him. Before he wasted any more time on whether or not he should give this to Marco he just put it in his bag anyway and finally left his apartment.

Jeremy arrived at the gym 10.06am. The gym and a store in a different street were the only places that were opened that day. Marco was already waiting in his hooded-sweater in front of the gym, his hair as usual tied back when he gets ready for a work-out.

“Oh, Ciao... eh... Jeremy, is it?”

Jeremy felt a little flustered now. This was the first time Marco talked to him with that manly and deep voice, let alone address him by his name. Keep it together, you two can talk like ordinary adults-he told himself to calm down but things got worse when he tried to open the entrance to the gym but he couldn’t get the damn key in the hole.

“Yes, my name is... oh for frick’s sake... Jeremy. Give me a second longer... Come on now!”

“May I, compagno?”

Marco smiled holding out his hand offering Jeremy that he’d open the entrance instead.


Great start... maybe there is an actual reason as to why I didn’t talk to him. I’m such a messJeremy was crushed, he didn’t want his first encounter with Marco to be so odd. He didn’t know that everything will get a lot better from that moment on, though. When he opened the door Marco returned the key to Jeremy and went inside, straight to the changing room, Jeremy following right after, only he went to the employees’ office. When he came out again wearing his training suit Marco was already changed in his sleeveless shirt, displaying his beefy arms, and tight training shorts lifting some weights. Jeremy did that one thing that he always did when Marco was pumping his muscles: stare. Only this time the two of them were alone in the gym since the rest of the town was at home spending time with their family-Dan said that he’d be here too but something else needed his attention. This was the chance for Marco to start a conversation with Jeremy.

“Mi scusi signore! Uhm... wh-why don’t you come over here, hm? We’re the only people in this gym on this day. So, why don’t... don’t we talk a bit while I’m working out, eh? I think company does us good, mio amico.”

Jeremy couldn’t feel the ground beneath his feet anymore. Did Marco seriously offer him to have a talk with him? He didn’t know how to react but he knew that if he didn’t use this chance now he might never get such an opportunity again.

“Of-of course! I’d be happy to!”

Jeremy tried his very best to walk over to Marco as casually as he could but his nervousness gave him some difficulties. He was standing next to Marco now.

“Sooo... your name is Marco, right? Why are you not with your family today? If that’s ok to ask!”

“Sì, that is my name, signore. Well, the reason why I’m not enjoying my time with my family is because they live in Italy and I don’t have the necessary means to fly back. So instead of being all alone in my... what is the word... quite? small apartment I came here today. I was hoping that you would be here too, signore.”

“O-oh! Really? That’s...”

“Mi dispiace! I did not mean to make you feel... eh... unwelcome? Forgive me, signore!”

“No, no! It’s perfectly fine! And you don’t need to be so polite. You can call me Jeremy.”

“I feel glad. Grazie amico. If I may ask, Jeremy, why are you here?”

“I... let’s just say this is the place where I am happiest.”

“You don’t like your family?”

“My father never understood how I was thinking so he dismissed everything I did. I followed the path that lead me to this place and all I can say is that I am happy now.”

“Hmm... I think I understand you, Jeremy. Even though my parents didn’t support me for a long part of my life I knew that I should follow what makes me happy. Bodybuilding helped me realize this. I got to meet a lot of cool persons, while I also met some... how do you call them? Unpleasent? Is this correct?”

“We usually call them assholes but for the sake of being an intelligent human we call them rude.”

“I understand.”

“How long have you been talking English now?”

“Let me see... I moved here after I competed in a bodybuilder show. That was three years back. I had not known a single word in English. I moved to this town the same day the bodybuilder competition was over and was learning it very hard every day. I am liking this town, Jeremy. The people are nice while some others give me... awkward? I think that’s the fitting word here. Awkward stares. But that did not annoy me. I am used to those stares. People believe that I am stupid and only have muscles and bodybuilding in my head. But all I want is a true good friend, do you understand, compagno?”

“I’m not a bodybuilder myself, but I admire them for their dedication. And that’s good! Dedication helps focusing on the things that will bring you happiness. And everyone deserves this! I like you for not losing your focus.”

Now Marcus felt a little flustered. He was glad that Jeremy didn’t think him stupid and that he even admired him-and quoting what he just told him-”liking” him.

“Grazie, Jeremy. You are a kind man.”

“Heh, thanks! So... you’ve been living here for three years?”


“You said you moved here after your competition. And I saw you in this gym for the first time three years ago.”

“Oh? Three years now, hm... So you looked at me for three years.”

He gaped at Marco, but Marco smiled. “Oh, no, no, no! Hahaha! Don’t panic, I am happy to know you didn’t look at me because I made you feel... bad? You said that you like me, no?”

“I... yeah... I just... didn’t... oh man...”

“Hahaha! You are cute, Jeremy! I like you too! I am glad that this town has a gym. I would have missed you and a possibility to talk to someone that is not afraid of me. I would be so very happy if we became more than friends.”

This was the moment! He couldn’t believe that this is happening right now! Marcus becoming his friend? “More” than his friend? Jeremy never imagined that a simple conversation would just solve everything! Then he remembered what Santa said to him. If he gave Marcus that bottle he could get to know him.

“I-I’ll be back shortly! Just gonna fetch something real quick!”

He went to the employees’ office and got the cum-filled bottle and walked right back to the main hall. Marco was focused on his work-out again.

“Hurgh! Hngh! Hurgh! Oh! Hngh! You’re back! That was definitely fast! Wait a bit, please.”

Marco lifted his weight-set three more times before he finally finished his back-muscle training.

“Phew! That felt good! Oh? What is this there, Jeremy?”

“Ehhh, ehm, well, it’s for you! Someone... I met gave this to me and said it’s a newwww... protein drink! Yes! That’s what he told me... I don’t usually drink this kind of stuff.”

Especially not this one, he thought.

“So, why don’t you drink all of this and tell me if I should buy it?”

“Huhmm... I say that this sounds like a great plan. Come here.”

When Marco stood in front of him he could swear that the front of his shorts made a small bulge-could it be that Marco felt a little aroused? Jeremy handed over the bottle with the creamy-looking content. When Marco opened the bottle he put his nose over the opening.

“This has a... eh... different smell. Is your friend sure this is a protein drink, Jeremy?”

“He made it himself.”

“Oh... well... I will just drink all of it. It’s only filled halfway, anyway.”

“Haha, yeah...”




“Aaaahh! Mama mia! That was quite the drink. So thick and creamy... It tasted very familiar to me.”

“It did??”

“Sì. There was that one time when I... when I... Hurgh! My god... I feel so bad inside... Oourrgh...!”

Marco was holding his stomach with his left hand and his mouth with his other.

“Toilet... Ooohhh... I need it... Plea-OOOoourrgh!!”

“Eh, ehh! H-here, follow me!”

Jeremy escorted Marco to the bathroom as fast as humanly possible. He was honestly worried that Marco drinking the cum made him sick or even worse. But things got a whole lot more weird when Marco closed the door to the cabin behind him. It was a situation Jeremy remembered well from a different incident with an older man that turned into a gay hyper-muscle fantasy one night ago. Was the same happening to Marco now too?? But how? Jeremy heard how Marco was torn between grunting and moaning and sometimes coughing until a noise he most certainly heard last night got his attention. A rumbling and churning that got louder could be heard from the other side of the door.

“Marco? Are you ok?”

“Oo-ooohhh...! I-I can not tell!”

He looked down his arms-were they? Yes they definitely were! They were swelling bigger! His muscles started growing! Marco’s jaw dropped open.

“Mio Dio! Aiutami Dio! I miei muscoli! I miei muscoli! A-ahhh! HNNGH! Non riesco a smettere! Aiutami per favore!”

“I... assume that’s a no since I understood nothing.”

“HURGH! M-my muscles! They become bigger! I-HArgh! I can’t stop! You need to help me! HNNNFF...!”

Marco felt the walls of the cabin he was standing in rubbing against his extending boulder-like shoulders. Sooner or later he would get out of the cabin one way or another. His sleeveless shirt pressed tightly against his growing upper body, the front slowly ripping down further and further in the pec-area. He struggled keeping his balance but he regained it when his legs increased in thickness. Marco already had some meaty thighs some guys would drool over but now they gained definition. Like his shirt his pants gave up struggling to keep that massive meat covered so they simply ripped open at the sides leaving Marco in nothing but his shoes and a green posing speedo.



“I feel bad now for giving you that bottle. I think I should have told you some things first...”

“No, no, no, no, no! It is ok! I... I do like this here actually! Wait. I’m coming out.”

Since there wasn’t enough space he couldn’t turn around so instead he walked backwards until he felt the door in his back and slammed it open with one hit of his huge muscle-ass. The first thing that greeted Jeremy was a big bubble-butt barely covered by a bodybuilder speedo followed by a wide wall of a muscular back, huge shoulders, thick slabs of beef that were pecs hovering above a wonderfully shaped set of 5 pairs of bulging bricks of abs until Marco was completely outside facing Jeremy.

“Check this out, haha!”

Marco flexed all his newly grown muscles for Jeremy.

“I wished to be one of the greatest bodybuilders but this even better. This is such a big surprise! Grazie, Jeremy!”

“You-you’re welcome? Oh, hey!”

Marco lifted Jeremy off the ground holding him in front of him-as best as he could because the size of his arms and his massive lats made it quite hard for him to actually push his arms together.

“Forgive me, mio amico, for what I will do to you but you made me so happy that I need to share this with you. I know we don’t know each other but I would gladly spend my life time with you.”

“You’d wha-”

But before Jeremy could finish his word Marco already pressed his lips against his new friend’s. Jeremy was in heaven! There was nothing that could possibly make this moment better! Or maybe... there was? Their tongues were deep inside each other’s mouths, lusting moans were the only thing that could be heard from the other man. Marco just dropped down on his massive ass with an audible THUD! and then lay down on his back while holding Jeremy in both his arms in a save embrace. Jeremy steadied himself on Marco’s big chest. The two didn’t break their kiss once.

“I-Hmm... have to-oohh...tell you that-Hnnnn...I liked you from the-Hmmm! first day I saw you, Marco...”

“I thought are cute and I-Hmmpf...really wanted to get to-Oohh! know you...”

The two men were so caught up in their kissing that they could hardly breathe, let alone find words to utter. Marco opened his embrace lowering his hands to his speedo and tried to take it off. His meaty quads made this process a little more complicated for him so he stopped halfway through leaving his hard dick freely on display. It looked a little... thin to the rest of his body but it hadn’t been stimulated like Santa’s just yet. Jeremy opened the jacket of his training suit and threw it to the ground, then he unzipped his pants and took them off as well. Now he was laying on top of Marco in just his briefs and a tank top.

“Let me help, compagno...”

He LOVED it when Marco spoke in Italian. He just sounded so irresistibly sexy, even when he was talking English he still had that thick accent whenever he was talking. Marco removed Jeremy’s top and put it on the ground next to him and then pulled down his briefs and put it next to him as well. Marco sat up, Jeremy sitting in his lap, their erections between each other.

“Mio Dio, Jeremy... You are so... well-muscled. I never noticed.”

“What about you, big man? You look buff yourself.”

Jeremy touched Marco’s dick making him let out a low grunt.

“I need you now, Jeremy...”

Marco opened his lap and with his left hand he gently pushed Jeremy to the ground and lifted his legs in the air.

“I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will, mio amico. I always wanted to share such an intimate moment with another man. And you are the one I would be more than happy to share it with, Jeremy.”

Marco put the tip of his already aching man-meat in Jeremy’s hole until he, with a slow yet steady shove, pushed it inside. With a constant rhythm Marco was shoving his penis in and out. Jeremy moaned in pleasure.

“O-ooohhh, god! Hnnngh...! Haaaa... Don’t... don’t slow down, Mar-haaaaaa...!”

Then another rumbling emitted from deep within Marco-his fucking was losing its rhythm, it got more abrupt and harder. His manhood became longer and thicker and with every thrust he entered Jeremy deeper and deeper stretching his hole. Marco’s balls were fat and filled with cum and yearned for release. Cum was dripping on Jeremy’s ripped six-pack abs.

“Ha...haaa...! Y-you can’t... HNNNF! hold it... HMMM! much longer, big man... a-AAAHHhh... can you?”

“Il mio cazzo... HARGH! Il mio cazzo... Fa così male...! A-AHHHH!”

And then he came. Marco could feel his balls pumping his juice which then slowly flowed through his dick-the closer it got to the tip the louder his moans got and when he eventually came he released an inhuman grunt just like Santa did when he beat off his pole. Both men arched their backs-Marco because he couldn’t hold it in any longer and Jeremy because his entire body felt a bliss he had never experienced before. Jeremy felt something warm other than Marco’s meat inside him and he enjoyed every bit of it, especially as it moved deeper inside of him.

“Jeremy? Y-your butt is getting too tight for my cock.”

Actually Jeremy was getting beefier now. It appeared that Marco’s cum now made Jeremy gain more muscles and his growing glutes closed in tighter around Marco’s shaft.

“Santo Dio... Il tuo corpo! Il tuo muscoli, Jeremy!”

Marco marveled at the twitching and swelling muscles of his partner below him-his abs getting bulgier and creating another pair of abs giving him an 8 instead of a 6-pack, his shoulders stretching out broader and getting rounder, his arms putting on more beef just like his-in comparison to Marco’s legs at least-thin limbs, while his arms got pushed further aside by the increasing width of his back until his growth finally stopped. The two men were now at a similar size. Marco pushed his cock out of Jeremy’s round and beefy muscle-ass and lay down next to him, his right hand caressing his newly grown chest.

“Hahaa... Fuck I was sweating so much, haha... And you my big man? Did you enjoy it?”

“Me? Big? You are just as muscular as I am, Jeremy. And you look fantastico. I am so happy that I finally got a chance to talk to you. I always thought you are cute but now... look at you my man!”

Marco slapped his partner’s pec.

“Spending my life like this with you will be perfect.”

“Don’t you mean would? If you say will you are certain that it will be great.”

“Oh, I am certain, compagno! You are the one true friend I need. I can for sure say ti amo.”

“Heh, I understood this part. I love you too, Marco.”

They gave each other a heartfelt kiss and kept laying like this on the floor for the next 5 hours.


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