Biweekly Update Friday, 6 January 2017

Biweekly Update: Friday, 6 January 2017

Happy new year, everyone! It so happens that 2017 is the twentieth anniversary year for this strange and glorious website. It all started in 1997 when I decided to set up my own place on the web for stories I wrote and stories I liked, and now I'm … well, I'm a little bemused that it's still going strong. But I'm delighted that folks are finding stuff they like here, especially stuff that's a little unusual and hard to find, and I honestly enjoy writing stories for Metabods more than ever.

My contribution this week, appropriately enough, is a resurrection of one of my oldest stories, a continuation of something I first wrote and posted back in late 2002. It's actually a Patreon request—anyone pledging over a certain amount on Patreon can prompt me to write a brief vignette on a past story or the themes I tend to write about, and in this case I couldn't stop at only a few hundred words. But I love that the first post of the 20th anniversary year includes building on a story from over 14 years ago.

There are a couple more throwbacks in this update—the FanTCman story is a classic that should have been posted here back when it was first written, but there are a few of his that fell through the cracks that I'll be adding in over the coming weeks. The Josh Dugan centaur/hextaur story is also an older story that I somehow missed, but which is back here where it belongs, seeing as how Josh was the writer who first inspired me to submit my multilimb fantasies two decades ago. (The Nifty archivist's aggrieved reaction to having a second author submitting multilimbed-themed stories was the direct precipitator of this site.) The second chapter of "A New Coffee" was also written and translated from the French a while ago. (The original French version is on the author's Facebook page.) There's also a smaller throwback to my last update two weeks ago, just before the holidays, as not one but two of the stories below are belated Christmas-themed adventures.

You may have noticed the new logo, with its understated reference to the 20th anniversary. There will be other celebratory stuff later in the year, so stay tuned. (I'm trying to imagine what a 20th anniversary special story should be like, but all that's coming to me so far is me meeting up with four of my previous incarnations to fight Cybermen and a Raston warrior robot in the Gallifreyan Death Zone... Don’t worry, I’ll keep thinking.)

Next update will be Friday, 20 January (and no, it will not be Trump themed). See you then!

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