The journal

by Braun1

An ordinary college guy finds himself changing after a steamy encounter with a hunk named Brad, and decides to start documenting everything that’s happening to him.

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The events of the last few days are so amazing, so mind blowing that I've decided to write everything I can remember down in hopes of understanding it later.

The first thing I should note is that we really have to go back to yesterday when this whole thing started. So, I guess this is really Day Zero. I was just finishing my morning run and feeling both exhausted and exhilarated. As usual, I decided to end the run with a quick steam at the field house and then a long soak in the whirlpool. The field house is a great place these days for observing the prime men on campus. Spring football practice is in full swing and most of the guys on the team are working out trying to work off the winter bulk. I, however, could never be confused with any of these prime beef boys as I have a typical runners build, 5’10”, slim torso, tight legs, firm butt just a bit if hair in the right places. Just to finish out the description, I have shoulder length sandy brown hair (usually pulled back in a pony tail) and hazel eyes with a slim face and a slightly hawk like nose.

I arrived at the field house covered in sweat as I was really pushing myself to increase both distance and time all at once. Not the most logical method, but it keeps me improving. As I entered the locker room, I could smell that there were alot of sweaty guys there. The aroma of sweating men and grunts from the weight room immediately caused a rise in my shorts and the very familiar tingle in my cock. It was electric. I forced myself to think of exams and term papers, just to keep from going full rod. Although I had been there during many of the team workout's, spring practice was always different. Half of these studs were doing everything they could to add bulk trying to impress the coaches and the other half were working toward the definition that would set them apart on the summer beaches. I walked past the door to the weight room and there stood the dream man of the team, Brad Phillips. The team musclegod and captain. He was a junior and still had the honor of being the only guy on the team that they wanted as captain.

He was 6’3” with short cropped blond hair, a perfectly trimmed mustache and a body to die for. We're talking everything was perfect. Broad shoulders, firm pecs that stretched the tape at least to 55” with a waist of 30” the taper was dramatic. His legs are like long columns of muscle with 20” calves and 32” thighs. He should have been a bodybuilder instead of a football player, but his two most outstanding features kind of throw off the proportion. He has enormous arms, taped and published in the school newspaper at 23” flexed and then there was his less published, but better known (at least to the guys in the locker room) appendage—Brad sported a cock that would have made a porn star stare. It was at least 8” very thick even completely flaccid and hung below were balls the size of lemons. He said that it prevented any bodybuilding shows because there was no way he was “jamming that meat in a tiny bikini and strutting for some judges.”

Brad was just finishing a set of squats. Straining, his huge quads were pumped and striated. Veins covered his legs which were almost completely hairless. His entire body was covered in sweat and the floor was actually wet around where he stood. The 400 lb. bar now firmly back on the rack he turned toward the mirror giving me a great view of is perfect solid ass. He flexed his huge thighs and squeezed his butt. I thought I would cream my shorts right there and then. He noticed my stare and turned to his training partner and said, “Looks like Geoffs really enjoying the show.” I didn't realize it until then, but I had become completely hard and my shorts were tented out like I had stuck a cucumber in there. Needless to say, I was mortified. He just went on flexing and I turned and ran for my locker and the steam room. I figured I needed some place to calm down and a steam was the ticket. I managed not to see Brad again until I was leaving the gym. He was standing by the door and talking to one of the cheerleaders. You know, big boobs, tight sweater type. He looked my way and started laughing and talking behind his hand. I just knew he was telling her what had happened in the weight room. I couldn't stand it and I ran. I kept running all the way across campus. With this cheerleader the event was sure to make the evening news. Brad was always kind and a real gentleman, I just couldn't believe he could be that cruel. As I approached the science labs and was rounding the turn for home, I heard then felt an explosion. One of the labs windows was flying out and black smoke was pouring through it like a smokestack. There was a second explosion and then a third. I started to run toward the building to see if there was anything I could do to help, and was knocked flat on my back on the ground as the a fourth explosion rocked the air. I guess I was knocked out then, because the next thing I remember being helped up by an EMT who was trying to ask if I was OK.

All I could hear was a loud ringing in my ears and feel like I was sitting in molasses. There was black foaming glop everywhere. I had been covered with it and the EMT was trying to clean it out of my mouth and nose so I could breathe.

I had actually been hauled about a hundred feet from where I last remember standing and that area was now a swamp of this slime. The EMT had cleaned my airway and asked if I was OK. I told him that I felt ok, but just a bit slimy. He smiled at that and it was then that I realized that he was gorgeous. This gorgeous guy had given me mouth to mouth and I had slept through it. Just my luck. EMT Harris then checked me over and said that I looked OK and if I wasn't feeling dizzy, I could go back to my home and get cleaned up. There was nothing I wanted more at the moment. I asked if he thought I should go to the hospital, but he said that if I felt sick or dizzy in the next couple of days, I should go to the campus health center and have myself checked by one of the doctors there.

I walked home, dripping black slop everywhere. When I reached the front door to my apartment I decided to strip right there and make my way for the shower. It took over an hour of showering and cleaning to get the gunk off of me and out of every crevice in by body. Looking in the mirror I could see that the slime appeared to have darkened my hair to a more medium brown and stained my skin a deep tan. I thought, cool, I can never get a decent tan, being fair skinned, but this looked as good as any tan I'd ever seen. I felt hungry and exhausted.

It was only around noon, so I decided to check the fridge and basically attacked it. When I was finished, there were no leftovers, cold cuts or bread left. I decided that it was time for a nap. Although I rarely can fall asleep during the day, I felt so tired, I just had to curl up on my bed and in moments, I was asleep.

I slept all afternoon and through the night. My dreams were a combination of exploding buildings and fucking Brad Phillips. Brad's huge cock rammed in my ass and stroking deep inside. His huge pecs heaved and flexed as he rode me like a stallion. His sweat was dripping down over his brick like abs, which were pressing against my throbbing cock. I could feel his cock swelling inside me.

With each thrust it seemed to get larger and larger. His muscles were pumped and he threw a quick double biceps flex and that was all she wrote for me. I shot load after load all over my chest, his chest, the bed everywhere. More than I had ever cum before. He just kept thrusting and thrusting. I couldn't believe the intense pleasure I felt. I placed my hands first on his huge pecs, pinching his nipples. Sliding my hands down over his abs I could feel the heat of our passion. Then I began rubbing my own stomach and could feel the immense tool thrusting deep inside me. Again I was hard and I could feel my juice building in my balls. Did this guy ever stop? He reach down with is huge strong hands and stroked my cock. The heat of is hand and the strength of his pounding was more than I could take. I shot again even more forcefully than before and cum was now welling up in my abs as well as being all over my face. I could feel my ass try to tighten around his cock, but it was like trying to squeeze a steel rod. Brad then did something I did not expect…He reached down with his incredible arms, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me against his chest. Then he kissed me with the full force of his powerful body. He came inside me with such force that cum was running down his cock and dripping off of his balls. Brad pulled his massive cock out of my ass and shot three more huge streams of cum onto my face and torso.

I woke in the early morning, not believing that I had slept the whole day away.

I was covered in drying cum and realized that I must have shot several times in my sleep. Let me just say, I am not a morning person. Normally it takes a crow bar to get me out of bed, but this morning I had to take a piss so bad there was no putting it off. I stumbled out of bed in the dark and staggered toward the bathroom. Nothing seemed to be working correctly. I even banged my head on the door jam and stumbled into the wall. I took my normal position standing over the toilet and let loose. Man did I have to piss. I'll bet I stood there for five minutes just, pissing and pissing. When I finally finished, flicked and flushed.

I decided I may as well just get the day started and reached over to flick on the light. Still not really awake, I couldn't seem to find the switch. It seemed lower than it used to be. I stood in front of the sink and when I found the switch I nearly had a heart attack at what I saw. Someone else was staring back at me in the mirror. It took me a minute to realize that it was me. The sheer look of horror on my face was quickly replaced with curiosity. Somehow my hair was now black as night, I had a square handsome jawline, eyes so incredibly blue I must have blinked 20 times wondering if this was still a dream, even my mustache was black and the three or four day beard on my face was completely black. My face was broad with sharp cheekbones. I was truly good looking, stunning. That was just the beginning. My hair now ran halfway down my back and was very thick and wavy. The light switch should have told me, it wasn't lower, I was taller. Much taller. I hadn't hit my head on the door jam, but the door sill. Standing straight I found that my nose was equal to the top of the door, I must be over 6’6”. I started really looking at myself now. I had grown hair all over, no not all over, just in all the right places. I had huge muscles. My pecs were like mountains, I had to bend to look over them. My arms would easily match Brads, I thought, and just look at the size of my hands. How had I not noticed these monsters as I pissed? Then I thought…my cock…?? I looked down and grabbed it in one of these incredible paws and hefted a huge piece of meat. At least a foot long maybe more, and so thick that even my new hands could barely get all the way around with it soft. I then noticed my legs.

All I could think was WOW. Huge bulging muscles everywhere. Even my calves jutted out in bold triangles of power when I flexed them. Soft black hair covered these two mountainous tree trunks. I was fucking huge.

I bolted from the bathroom almost ripping the door off it's hinges. Rifled through my desk to find a tape measure. I wanted to see just how big I had grown. I measured my forearms, flexing my hands made huge cables of muscle writhe under the skin. They were 16 inches at their largest. I reached down an grabbed my cock, but then decided to save that for last. My arms measured 26” flexed, my chest 65”, waist 30”, quads 35”, calves 23” and I was 6’9” tall. I grabbed the bathroom scale, but it only went up to 300lbs and I left it spinning. All this flexing had made veins stand out in bold relief all over my muscular body and I was feeling me incredibly horny. Reached down between my huge thighs and grabbed my now huge cock. It felt heavy with blood and was already half hard. I started stroking it and it quickly came up to full measure.

I wanted to see how big it was, but didn't want to stop, the pleasure was so intense I though I'd shoot right away. I didn't. I must have beat it relentlessly for about 5 minutes before I felt the beginning of orgasm, deep in my, now, huge balls. I stopped and grabbed some lube from the night stand and slathered it all over this huge shaft. Stroking slow and easy, both hands working my new toy, my precum was flowing out and I guessed I really didn't need the lube. I reached the point of no return and could feel the sensation of blast off deep within my body and more cum shot out of my dick than ever had before. I shot not only all the way across the room, but the cum was soon dripping off the walls and ceiling. I came and came. I must have shot about a dozen huge streams. Before my huge new toy got soft I grabbed the tape measure.

It was 14” long and 8” around with a head that flared to 9” around. My balls were the size of tennis balls and hung low in their sac. The intensity of my orgasm left me dazed. Was it real or a dream?

I decided to take a shower, as now not only was there dried cum in my hair, but also wet cum everywhere. The shower seemed small and far too short for me, but I made due as best I could. After toweling off and shaving, I realized that probably nothing I had would fit this new body. I rummaged around looking for anything that would fit. I finally found a tank top that used to be too baggy for me, now it was like a second skin. I also found an old pair of my ex- roommate's workout shorts and strained to get them over my thighs. After I positioned my huge cock, it was evident that I was never going to be able to hide anything about my body. I was getting horny again, but more than that I was hungry. After yesterday's feeding frenzy, I knew there was little left in the kitchen, but I was willing to eat just about anything, when I remembered that I had some of that bodybuilder protein powder from when I had tried to put on some weight a few month's ago. I looked at the bodybuilder's picture on the label and then flexed my huge biceps and thought how small he was and how I used to wish for guys like that to let me suck their cocks. Now I was the huge monster and before the day was out, someone was going to suck my cock.

I went through the entire package, mixing and drinking six blenders full, but I was still hungry. I downed the last of the milk that I had and decided that I needed to find more to eat. I knew there were no shoes in the house that would fit so I squeezed my boat like feet into a pair of sandals and as I passed the mirror I flexed a little and damn if I didn't look even bigger. The tank top was straining to contain my huge pecs and the shorts looked like they would split any minute. I headed for town and store I knew sold bodybuilder sized clothes and supplements. My car seemed way too small and even with the seat all the way back, my huge legs had no where to go, but I made the best of it and arrived a few minutes later in the parking lot of the sports shop.

The clerk at the counter stared at me and his mouth dropped open, I guess I was a site. He was a cute blond with a great ass that I had admired from afar every time I was previously in the store. I told him what I wanted and he said he could easily fill the order but that I should try the clothes on just to make sure that they would fit. It was an amazing feeling. Here was this hot kid that used to never give my skinny body a second look and now he looked me over like he was trying to memorize every bulge. He said that if I wanted I could use the storage room to change, as I was probably too big to comfortably use the regular changing rooms. I said ok and grabbed my selections and he showed me to the door of the store room. He smiled again and it almost took my breath away. He was very handsome and one buff little stud. I asked if he would like to watch me change, and he said that there was nothing he would like more, but that he would loose his job if he didn't watch the counter. I managed to throw him a smile and a wink and he said I should let him see each outfit. As I tried each item on, I couldn't believe the sizes. Yesterday they would have seemed like tent's but today even the triple-x's were snug across my shoulders and chest.

The shorts were filled with my cock and balls and only the largest jock would contain my meat.

The clerk had said that this was the size jock usually used by football players with a protective cup filling up the extra space. By the time I had finished trying on the last of my selections I was incredibly horny and needed badly to get off. My cock was pushing up beyond the waistband of my new shorts and wanted relief, so I pushed some huge boxes against the door and slipped out of the shorts. I grabbed my enormous dick and scratched my amazing balls a few times. That was all it took and I was completely hard. Was my cock even bigger, it sure looked that way from my vantage point. Veins bulged out all around my thick shaft and I stroked like my life depended on it. The pleasure was so intense that I knew I would blow at any second. I could feel my huge balls rising up and soon I was shooting my thick spunk everywhere.

I cleaned up the best I could, wiping up my huge loads with my old clothes that I'd have to throw away anyway and then moved the boxes and headed back into the store. The clerk asked if everything was OK and I replied fine, but that I needed to find some new shoes. He glanced at my feet and there was that awe struck look on his face that said, “not even if we are lucky”. He measured them at size 17 EEEE. He said that he could order me some, but that he didn't think they could be in before the following week. I couldn't go a week without shoes so I asked what were the largest he had and he said size 15 EEE. I took them and crammed my feet into the small sneakers. I thanked him and gave him my phone number so he could notify me when the rest of my order was in. He promised he'd call, and if I wanted he could even deliver them. I told him that would be just great. I handed him my plastic and was on my way with 10 new shirts, 5 pairs of shorts, 5 jocks, the sneakers and 10 bottles of weight gain protein powder.

Almost $800.00 and I knew I couldn't keep that up very long.

When I got home I went straight for the kitchen and started mixing shakes. The hunger was almost painful. After I finished off one full container of the powder, enough normally for two weeks, my hunger had subsided enough for me to think what was next. I was feeling really strong and really horny, so I decided to see just what these muscles could do. I flexed a few different poses in the totally inadequate mirror in my bedroom. Mental note: get a bigger mirror. I could swear that I felt bigger than before, but that was crazy wasn't it? Never the less, the rag top I was wearing felt tight across my shoulders and chest so I grabbed the neckline and tore it open, exposing just to top of the crevasse that was the beginning of my pecs. It looked so hot, I reached in and the feel of the hairy hardness was amazing. I felt a stirring in my crotch and said enough is enough, I am not going to jerk off again today. I'm going to find someone to do it for me. I split the sleeves of the rag top to give my massive arms room and changed into a clean jock and some, what on any other guy would have been, baggy shorts.

I decided that the car was just too uncomfortable, so I walked into town with my duffel bag on my shoulder. I was headed for a small gym across town from campus. I wanted to try out this new body in a less public setting than the field house gym. I had seen this small hole in the wall gym a few times and seen some pretty big guys coming and going, so I figured it would satisfy my desire to both heft some weight and find someone to take care of my ever ready cock.

On the way I was the center of attention. I heard several “Oh my god's” and a few “damn's”, it was an incredible rush to feel like the town's topic of the day. As I entered the gym I saw is was just as dark and dungeon like as I had expected. Small desk in front, no attendant, cement block weight room with every kind of free weight you can imagine, and a lockeroom and shower at the rear. All of it was bathed in the dim white light of the buzzing fluorescent fixtures overhead and no windows. The buzz of the lights was soon replaced by some hard pounding rock n'roll so it wasn't all bad. Just then the desk attendant returned. I guess he had been changing the music as he looked like a rock n'roller with better than average muscle. He stared at my chest, arms and then blatantly at my basket.

I just smiled and said, “Hi, I need a workout, how much?” he replied automatically that it was $5 a day or $15 a week or $40 a month. His mouth was actually hanging open. I handed him a five and that seemed to bring him around.

He was cute, long sandy brown hair, framing a slender face with green eyes and a tight little body. I would have to guess he was about 5’7” 150lbs. He had a baggy shirt on, but you could tell he spent quite a bit of time in the gym. He had a nice set of forearms and hands and he wore those tight bike shorts that show off everything from the waist down. He had a very nice package, firm little ass and good thighs. Of course, it would take both of his to even come close to one of mine, but that was ok. He showed me where everything was and told me the rules. It was like he was in some sort of trance. He kept is eyes on me as we walked through the gym and lockeroom. Several of the guys were checking me out and I could feel eyes all over me. It was getting me real hot.

Most of them seemed to be leaving and I was more than a little disappointed.

I decided to start with some bench presses. I loaded a bar with 350lbs and positioned myself on the bench. Just as I was about to grab the bar this incredible crotch appeared above my face and in a deep stern voice, “never without a spotter, son”. The voice and the crotch belonged to a huge guy named Jake. At least he was huge from this angle. He offered to spot me and I just said, “thanks” and pressed out 10 easy reps. This was amazing, it felt like I wasn't lifting anything. Jake and I switched places and he pumped out ten reps.

From this angle I could see that he must have been about 30 and had spent most of that time in the gym, 5’11” and about 240lbs with light, almost white, blond hair pulled back in a tail and very blue eyes. His face was hard to gage as I pretended to strained with the weight, but as he stood up I noticed a ready smile and a hefty shift in his shorts. Jake then says, “Ok done with warm-up?”

I nod. “Good, let's get on with it.” He grabs some more plates and the bar goes up to 400lbs. I easily complete my set and he struggles a bit with his. He asks if I want more and I nod. He grabs some more plates to take the bar to 450lbs.

I look him square in the eye and grab another few and take it to just over 500lbs. He gets a worried look on his face and says “I'm not sure I can spot you with that much.” I look around and only the rocker is left in the place beside Jake and I. “Don't worry, I can handle it, really.” He looks a little stunned, but after I finish my set I can see a stirring in his shorts. I stand up and take off my shirt and flex my massive pecs. Striations ripple across as they flex and his mouth drops open. I'm feeling bold and more than a little horny so I say, “I can think of a great use of that open mouth.” He immediately snaps it shut and we both chuckle. Jake says he was really finished with his workout when I got here and that he needs a good shower, but if I want he can keep spotting me. I say thanks, but all I've got left is shoulders and arms and I'll be heading for the shower too. I watch as is great ass moves to the lockeroom.

Nice hard bubble butt on that man.

I walk over and grab a couple of 100lb dumbbells and easily pump out a few curls. It appears that there is no end to my strength and with no one else around I grab the big dumbbells at the end of the rack. They look like they've never been used. They are marked with a big white 250 and I heft them up and easily curl them as if they were nothing. The pumping does seem to be having an effect, however, my arms look bigger. Pumped. Veins popping up and swelling.

I force one of these monster dumbbells over my shoulder and do triceps extensions. Nothing, it feels like nothing. I walk over to the barbell rack and lift the whole thing off the floor. Grunt. Damn this feels great. I grab the nautilus machine, one with four stacks, over 1500lbs plus the machine and easily lift it. I feel invincible. Muscles swelling and pumping. It was then that I heard an audible gasp. I turn around and there is the rocker. “Damn buddy, you are the strongest son-of-a-bitch I've ever seen” he states with his eyes as wide as saucers. He looks worried and continues with “I'm sorry, man, I should have told you when you got here that the gym closes every Thursday between 2pm and 6pm. I'm not sure why, but it's always been that way, so I've got to lock up soon. I'll be happy to wait and let you out after you've showered. OK?” All the while he is talking he is watching my body and most of the time his eyes are glued to my crotch. I must have been half hard and he was more than half. His tight spandex shorts showed the outline of a very respectable piece of meat. I smiled and told him that it was fine and I'd know better next time. He went up front an locked the door and changed the sign to closed. As he leaned over the desk to put the keys in the drawer I got a great look at his ass. Just what I needed. My cock sprang to life and I headed for the showers. As I entered the locker room I could see steam flowing out of the shower and realized that Jake must still be in there. I quickly stripped and walked for the showers, towel over my shoulder instead of around my waist as usual. This new, powerful body was making me bold. I was horny as hell, and Jake appeared to be the answer to my need. As I walked into the shower I could feel my huge cock slapping against my thighs.

There was Jake all muscle, all blond, so sexy you could just eat him alive. His huge muscles all flexed and tensed. I then realized that he was standing under a shower beating his cock to a pulp. At first, he didn't realize I was there, I just stood and watched. Finally my own cock, now fully hard and being caressed by the water from his shower, was ready. I laid a hand on his chest and squeezed firmly and said, “Can I give you a hand with that?” His response was shock and a smile. He stepped away from the flowing water. I reached down and grabbed is thick meaty cock and slowly, much more slowly than he had been, slowly stroked him. Squeezing precum on my hand and rubbing it all over his cock. He looked up at me and said, “I wanted you the second you came in that door.” Now it was my turn to smile. “And I knew when you hung your crotch over my head while I was benching.” He then reached up, grabbed on to my shoulders and pulled himself up my body. I could feel his muscle against mine and it was driving me nuts. I grabbed hold of his tight ass just as he kissed me. His lips met mine and I parted them just a little and he drove into my mouth with incredible passion and skill. Squeezing his ass just seemed to make him loose control even more and he started stroking my cock. “Man, how big is that thing, it must be better than a foot long?” he asked with a groan. I said that it was more like 14 inches and hadn't been satisfied in a long time. He then started rubbing my cock with his. I was definitely fully hard and swelling. Still holding his butt cheeks, I raised him up easily, kissed and sucked each of his pecs and lowered him again so he was now strattling my cock. The feeling of shear power was intense. This huge powerful man was being fully supported on my cock. I grabbed his hips and used his crack to stroke my own raging cock.

His balls were sliding along my shaft and his cock was rubbing my abs. He just started moaning in pleasure.

It was then that I noticed the rocker standing in the shower doorway watching us and stroking his dick. As I noticed before, quite respectable. It was at least 8” of uncut glory with a thick shaft and nice broad head. He smiled and I smiled back and said, “Why don't you join us?”. He moved so fast that he slid the last few feet on the wet tile. I thought he would fall into us, but he stopped just short and immediately went to work on the head of my cock, which was protruding between Jake's thighs. I was lost. I couldn't hold out much longer, but wanted very much to fuck big Jake. Just then the rocker reached between Jake's legs, just below my cock and grabbed my balls and squeezed. Jake was sucking and biting my nipples and stroking his own cock and now this beautiful young boy was sucking the head of my cock and squeezing my balls. I lost it, giving both of them just a quick warning, “I'm gonna cum.” and I did. Stream after stream of cum splashed over the boy's chest, all over the floor and between Jake's legs.

For a second I though it was over—boy was I wrong. Jake began squeezing his legs together and thrusting his hips and I stayed hard. Never letting him droop, even an inch. I could tell he was close and he grabbed me hard around the neck, pulled himself up and kissed me, all the while humping my gut with his hard rod.

Soon my pecs and abs were covered with his cum. I picked him up further, holding him by the waist and sucked in his still throbbing cock. I sucked in all that was left and licked him clean. This gave the boy his first opportunity to see all of my cock and he took full advantage. Licking and stroking every inch. There was no way he could possibly fit more than the head of it in his mouth, but he was determined to taste all of it.

I looked up at Jake and down at the boy, then back up to Jake and said, “I want to fuck you….Now.” He looked a little worried, but nodded. I looked back down at the boy said, “what is your name anyway tongue boy?”. He looked up smiling and around his still licking tongue said, “Steve.”. “Well, Steve” I said, “Jake's ass it about to get the ride of his life, how about getting it ready for me?” I lowered Jake so that his ass was right at eye level with Steve. Steve dove in. To say Steve was passionate bout rimming Jake was like saying the Pope is a little religious. I started nibbling on Jakes pecs. Sucking his nipples and Jake was soon writhing in pleasure and begging me to fuck him. I raised him and began then lowered him toward my still incredibly hard cock and Steve just kept right with us. I could see the look of amazement on Jake's face as my hot steel rod began entering him. I eased up a little, but it was not easy as Steve's hot mouth was all over my shaft as I entered Jake. Then the boy turned face up between my legs and started licking my balls as he held onto my thighs, hanging there like some sort of monkey. I was quickly loosing it again and press Jake further down on my cock. He wrapped his legs around my waist and started pulling up and down on my dick. The intensity of this hot stud was amazing.

Here I am, with two studs going all out to pleasure me and I'm out of control.

The boy has moved behind me and is now beginning to try to get at my ass. More and more of my huge cock disappears into Jake and it becomes more apparent that he is lost in lust as his eyes just sort of glaze over and the sweat begins pouring off of his body. He shoots again, stream after stream all over my gut, his ass tightens and I can hold out no more. I can feel the explosion building and racing along my cock and bursting deep within his body. I must be washing his guts with my cream as soon it is forcing itself out of his ass and there is Steve, just waiting. He is able to lap up some before it runs down my powerful legs onto the tile floor, but Jake collapses onto my chest and I can feel my dick softening inside him. Poor Steve looks little sad that this huge cock wasn't pouring inside of him and I just smile and tell him that there is plenty of time. I then notice that of all of us, he has not yet cum. I gently set the exhausted Jake down on the floor and grab the boy by his waist. I pull him up and kiss him deeply. He responds quickly by grabbing my neck, sucking my tongue into his mouth and wrapping his legs around my waist. He begins thrusting his cock against my abs, already slick with Jake's cum. I can tell he is close as his dick is rock hard and throbbing. I pull him tighter into my body and am rewarded with load after load of teen spunk all over my abs and crotch.

I finally pull away from his embrace and let him down to the floor. He must be feeling good because now he doesn't take his eyes from their lock with mine and says, “Why don't we get cleaned up, get something to eat and head back to my place. It's not big, but we could get to know one another better.” Just then Jake pipes up “Well my place is big and you would both be welcome.” I just smile and nod my assent. Both guys help me wash up and I squeeze into my clothes and we head outside. It turns out Jakes the only one with transportation so we all climb in his truck. His truck is huge, one of those tall beasts with tires as high as your waist. With Jake and I in the front there is little room left for Steve so he jumps up on the back and we take off. We stop off at a market and he picks up some steaks saying he'll fix Steve and I a meal we'll never forget.

Which is great news because I'm starving again.

We must have driven for about half an hour before we turn down a lane off the main highway. It's paved but definitely a private drive. We drive on and on through the forest and start up the side of a mountain when all of a sudden the trees part and there is this huge gate. Jake hits a button on the dash and the gates open. He is grinning from ear to ear, like the cat who just ate the canary. Turns out that he is basically this filthy rich stud, all of it inherited and has never had to work a day in his life. We round a stand of trees and there is the largest house I've ever seen. All stone hard, just like Jake. We pull up in front of a six car garage and unload the truck. Steve jumps off the back, I swear he is more, I don't know, sexy than before, I'm not sure what it is, but he is really turning my crank. Jake gives us the tour.

The place is a dream come true. Eight bedrooms plus a master that has the largest bed I've ever seen, two swimming pools each with two jacuzzi's, a full gym in the basement with steam room, shower and sauna. There is a billiard room, dining room, living room, office and a library. With almost a full commercial gym in his basement Jake's got everything you could possible want. I can't believe it and ask “With all this, Jake, why do you bother with the gym in town?” With a sly grin and knowing look in his eye he returns, “I own the gym in town and it is a magnet for finding guys like you two.?” And then he says he going into the kitchen to fix us dinner, that it would take about an hour so why don't Steve and I take a dip in the pool. I tell Steve to go on ahead and I follow Jake into the kitchen and tell him that there is no way I can wait an hour to eat and did he have any protein supplements that I could chow down on until dinner was ready? He pointed me back down to the gym and said what I wanted was behind the bar there and I should make myself at home.

I found all kinds of supplements and half filled the commercial looking blender with the powder and half with water, mixed it up and sucked it down. It tasted bad, and had the consistency of pudding, but by this time I was ravenous. I chugged down some more water and as I started for the pool I spotted the scale.

Since I couldn't weigh myself earlier, I went over and stepped on. It was one of those heavy duty type used in doctors offices, but much bigger. I slid the height measure up and was amazed that I now me sured 6’11”, that was two inches taller than this morning. Damn, I was still growing. Then I checked my weight. I kept adjusting it and the balance did not move until I got to 480 lbs. Amazing, I was almost three times the size I was just yesterday. The gym had an entire wall of mirrors, so I took off my shirt and started flexing. I was looking great. My shoulders looked big as basketballs, arms like bowling balls. Flexed my biceps were huge and hard. My abs rippled with striations and my legs were unbelievable, thick cords of muscle running from my waist to my knees and my calves were more like cows. All this flexing had my veins pumped and standing out in bold relief on my arms and legs.

The bulge in my shorts told me it was time to find Steve for a little pre-dinner fun.

As I walked out of the basement I could hear him already in the water. I was wondering what I would wear but figured that my shorts would do OK. The pool was huge like everything else I'd seen here and it was no real surprise that when I saw Steve emerging from the pool as I approached, he was stark naked. He walked over to me and, without a word, reached down and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down and off. He reached up and took my cock in his hand and kissed the head. Then he turned around, wiggled his butt and dove into the water. When he surfaced, I was waiting for him sitting by the edge of the pool.

He swam over to me with beautiful fluid strokes. I couldn't believe how beautiful he looked and moved in the water. He swam right up between my legs and sucked the head of my cock in his warm mouth. He looking up into my eyes and I could see his desire, his lust, his craving in those deep green eyes. He held my huge balls in one hand and stroked the shaft with the other. I was in heaven. This beautiful boy wanted me and at that moment I wanted him more than anything in the world. He pulled his mouth off my now almost erect cock and said, “I want to drink you. I want it more than I've ever wanted anything else.”

and I just smiled at him and he went to work. His mouth was incredible. The way he licked the shaft with his tongue was so slow, hot and irresistible I knew it wouldn't be long before he got his wish. Not wanting to cum yet I reached down and pulled out of his mouth, placed my hands under his arms and lifted him out of the water. I pulled him up along my body, feeling his abs slide against my swollen dick. I held him tightly as I kissed him firmly on the mouth. It was a kiss that could have gone on for hours. Our tongues wrestled as our lips pressed tighter and tighter. I stood up with him still in my arms and couldn't believe how light he felt or that his feet were dangling somewhere around my knees. We moved to one of the chaise lounge chairs that surrounded the pool and I laid down with Steve on top of me. He pulled away from my mouth and began kissing his way down my body. his hot mouth leaving a trail down my chest over my abs, licking me all over until he got back to his real desire, my now, more than ready to shoot, cock. He buried it in his mouth sucking more and more vigorously as he could tell I was close. This was one champion cocksucker. His mouth was hotter than ever and I began bucking into his mouth but he held on tightly, sucking harder and harder. I could feel that this was going to be one amazing load and my dick swelled with the first shot. Steve was ready and started swallowing as fast as I came, drinking nearly every drop of the first several shots, then it was more than even this hungry stud could handle. Cum was soon dripping off of his chin and still he sucked. He licked up every drop from his face and my shaft. Then he crawled back up my body and kissed me again with an even increased passion. I could taste my cum in his mouth. It was a great feeling, him laying on me, and not a bad taste either.

Then the strangest thing began to happen. Steve pressed up away from me and a look, I can only describe as horror and pain, crossed his face. Then he curled up in a ball almost a fetal position and rolled off of me. I was up and catching him before he hit the ground. He was definitely in pain, but I could not see the source. Tears were running down his face and I picked him up and ran for the house. I screamed for Jake and he came running. I gently laid Steve on the floor in the living room. By this time Steve was having what appeared to be convulsions. His eyes were open and searching. My mind was racing. Could I have hurt him? Was it possible that I held him too tightly and cracked some ribs? Then as suddenly as it came, the pain was gone as if it had never been and Steve was just lying there on the floor of the living room with a peaceful look in his eyes. Motionless like a fallen statue. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Jake gasped and said, “He's growing.”

Sure enough, he was getting bigger and bigger. His body was transforming before our eyes. His shoulders broadened, swelling and striating. His pecs were pulsing, flexing and un-flexing and getting broad and thick, real thick. His arms looked bigger and thicker and his legs were swelling, huge slabs of muscle appearing everywhere on his body. Pulsing with power his veins stood out in bold relief all over his arms and chest. His legs were soon longer as were his arms. He was getting taller and thicker. Power was evident he was now pounding the floor with his arms and I could feel the floorboards shake. His huge arms were bulging with each movement and his thighs were striating. His cock was growing as well, although completely flaccid, it was big.

Almost as thick as mine and getting longer. His balls were as big as oranges and his entire body was getting hairier. Thick curling hair was growing on his chest and abs, down through his already hairy crotch and swirling down his incredibly thick legs. Even the already long hair on his head was getting longer. He had to be at least 350lbs no and the growth showed no signs of stopping. But just as quickly as it had begun it stopped. Then in what appeared to me to be one final power spurt his new muscle bod was more ripped than any bodybuilder I had ever seen. I mean, if he had had an ounce of fat on him before, it had gone into hiding. He was in a word, magnificent. His, now huge, cock was rockhard and throbbing, several bounces off of his abs was all it took and he shot like a man possessed. He grabbed it with both hands and there was cum everywhere. Soon his dick subsided and he licked the cum off of his hands. He passed out again. Jake turned to me and with a bit of fear and awe on his face said, “What did you do to him?” I returned, not taking my eyes off of Steve, “All he did was drink my cum.”

We both examined this huge stud lying on the floor. Steve was starting to come around. He reached up with his huge paw like hand and rubbed his eyes, like he was waking from a deep sleep and said, “Damn, what you two looking at and where's dinner, I'm starving.” Jake took the lead telling him that we were looking at the finest looking stud ever to grace his floor. Steve started to stand up and was thunderstruck at the sight of himself. He was incredible. As he stood he was at least 6’10” and every movement of his body caused his incredible muscles to bulge and flex. He was nearly my size, in every way. Then he looked at me and then back to another part of his body. Then at me again. He then asked how it was possible and I spent the next few minutes recounting what had happened to me the day before. Steve kept looking and flexing, he was so hot now it was making me hard again. He just said one word, “How?” I told them how I was even smaller than him just a day ago.

About the explosion at the science lab and the slime. Now I have this super body and an evidently, supercharged cum. Jake glared at me and said, “I hope you've got some of that supercum left for me.” I just smiled and said, “All we can do is try.”

“I have no idea how it works.” Steve was still a little out of it. Not able to move correctly, then said he was starving and headed for the kitchen. Jake and I just looked at each other and then at the incredible ass that was heading down the hall.

Jake also had a look of hunger in his eyes, but it had nothing to do with dinner. He walked to me and as I reached down to kiss him, he just lowered his mouth away from mine and toward my already hard cock. He said, “I've always wanted to be a freak. The biggest freak I could be.

I've tried everything I could to be huge and I sure hope that,” pointing down the hall with his thumb, “was no accident.” He took my cock in his strong hand and gave it an iron like squeeze. All I could do was moan. Steve's transformation had me so hot it wouldn't take jake long to find out. His other hand soon found my balls and he started giving them the workover of their lives. I was soon ready to shoot and he hadn't yet taken the monster in his mouth yet. He then released my dick from his iron grip and plunged it into his mouth and soon had it throbbing. I loved the way his tongue licked every part of my cock and balls. Balls that were churning at the sight of him. The broad, tan shoulders flexing has his hands reached for my chest and then stroked my tits. As his hands moved to grab my hard butt, I guess I kind of lost control.

Soon I was slamming my huge cock into him. Deeper and deeper. Just as I pulled out, he would grab hold of my hips and pull the monster back down his throat. His strong hands spread my butt and he soon had a finger worked up my hole. I was quickly rapid-fucking his mouth. Once he found my magic button, I could hold back no more and he began to suck even harder. His own cock looked to be on the verge of shooting and he hadn't even touched it. The explosion of cum down his throat was unbelievable. Each shot felt like an electric shock. I swear I came more for Jake than I had even for Steve. He swallowed it all, every last drop. He quickly pulled his mouth off of my cock and proceeded to lick it clean.

I held on to him, not even wanting to think what could happen. Just as it had with Steve, Jake's entire body spasmed as if in pain. His movement, however, was more forceful with the power of his body. I held him tightly so he couldn't injure himself. He too curled up into a ball. I laid him on the sofa as he started to relax. His face was angelic, so totally relaxed that he looked like a teen, not a 30 year old muscle stud. Then it started. He stiffened. He was growing. His already huge shoulders went from bowling ball size to basketball. Wider and wider they grew. His arms from softballs to bowling balls. As they flexed they hit amazing peaks of striated muscle. It was incredible to watch. He was becoming much larger than I could have imagined. His beautiful body was becoming freakishly huge. His pecs were soon even broader and very very thick. His neck was as big as some normal guy's legs and his traps pushed up toward the side of his head. His already ripped abs became so tight I can't describe it and I swear his waist was smaller. His torso was showing off muscle even I had never seen. He kept growing for a long time. His thighs were like a relief map of human, or is that inhuman, muscle. His skin while beautifully tan was now paper thin. Every muscle was as if etched in marble and while had be slightly hairy before, now he was completely smooth. When I say completely, I mean completely. His once hairy crotch was now almost void of hair. His pits had only a slight covering. His dick was enormous. It was almost as big as mine and just as thick. The only difference was that where mine was veiny his was completely smooth.

Like an alabaster pole with a crimson knob. And it was throbbing with each breath, each heart beat. I couldn't resist and covered that magnificent pole with my mouth. He began thrusting and soon his huge pole was buried deep in my throat. I was stunned when I felt his nuts slam into my chin. I never thought I could take all of that amazing dick. His pumping became frantic and out of control. I could feel his huge dick swell another size larger and then I was rewarded with the most cum I had ever felt, running, no shooting down my throat. Jake's entire body was thrusting that load, and I drank as much as I could get. He was incredible.

As he pulled out and I began to breathe again, I felt dizzy, stunned. I noticed that for the first time, since my original growth, I felt full.

Satisfied and incredibly relaxed. I felt like I could take on the world. Like I was the baddest, biggest, mother-fucker, every to walk on the planet. I was charged with nuclear power and I wanted more than anything to just fuck and be fucked. The gleam in my eye must have looked a bit frightening to Jake as he stood up and moved a step back.

I just smiled and said, “Man, that was the most unbelievable cumload ever. Let's find Steve and get you something to eat.” He just shook his head and said, “Yeah, I'm starving.” He was now also incredibly beautiful. Jake stood now about 6’9” and had to go at least 400lbs. He tried to pull his shorts back on and gave up when they wouldn't come up past his thighs. He just ripped them to pieces and let them drop to the floor. He pulled me to him and we stood there kissing, tongues lashing, pushing deeper until I felt his cock rising again. He released me, slapped me on the ass and just purred, “Thanks big guy, let's eat.”

I followed Jake to the kitchen, getting hornier with his every step.

His butt looked like two hard basketballs squeezing each other for room.

His back was a rippling road map of muscle and his legs, well his legs were so large and powerful he had to do that bodybuilder swing-the-leg-around walk. It was so sexy I felt like just grabbing him and chowing down. When we got to the kitchen, Jake motioned me to look over his shoulder into the Dining room, there was Steve finishing off the last couple bites of food. The table was completely bare. He just looked up and his face turned red with embarrassment. He grinned sheepishly and said, “Sorry guys, I was just so hungry I couldn't stop.” Jake started to get angry, his grip on the door jam tightened and it splintered with a loud crack startling all of us. I stepped in saying that it was OK and we'd find something else to ease the hunger.

Jake was stunned and just stared at his hand. Steve was falling all over himself apologizing as he followed Jake and I back into the kitchen.

Steve looked even bigger. Jake went over to the fridge and very gently pulled it open, as if he were not sure of his own strength anymore. He reached in and grabbed a gallon of milk and up ended it, sucking the entire gallon down in just a few gulps. He turned to Steve and I and said, “Sorry guys, but I only cook once per meal, so it's everyone for himself.” He the broke into a big grin and started laughing saying, “God this feels good.” I looked around and then realized that he was laughing at the site of all of us. He had milk all over his chest, Steve had food all tangled in his hair and on his face and I had the mother of all hardons just swaying in the breeze and all of us were completely naked. We were a sight. All three of us attacked the fridge and the pantry and stuffed ourselves silly. There was very little in the way of food left in the house when we were done. Jake ate more than either Steve or I and was still hungry and these two were still visibly throbbing with growth.

Jake said he wanted to see this muscle, flexing his arms into the most amazingly peaked double biceps pose I'd ever seen, and we should go down to his gym and see what we could get into. Steve was amazed at how much larger Jake was, and said that I looked bigger too. All three of us had relaxed by then and were not starving. I felt fine and was hoping this satisfied feeling would continue. Once we got to the basement gym, I started mixing all of us some supplement drinks and we each had a mug full as we moved around the gym. Steve was standing flexing his huge arms, shoulders so broad he had to turn to get through the door and pecs that looks more like furry half moons. Steve was the epitome of a hairy muscle stud. Jake on the other hand had almost no hair at all, but he didn't care. He said he'd probably shave off what was left because he loved the way his smooth skin felt next to my own hairy muscle. He was finding out that there wasn't a weight in his gym that he couldn't lift. He loaded up an olympic bar that he used for squats with 1200lbs.

Stood under it like it might be heavy and squatted. I was right there and after he pressed it back up on the rack, he turned to me and planted a kiss on me that I'll never forget. When he had pulled off of me he said, “I just can't believe how fucking strong I feel.” I smiled, very contented, and said, “Baby, you ain't felt nothing yet.” I turned and grabbed the bar with one hand, pressed it off the rack, lowered it and did one arm curls. After about 20 reps I switched hands and did another 20. Jake was standing there with his mouth open and his huge cock rising. I then looked over at Steve, who had been watching us, and winked. Giving him a “watch this” look. I walked over, standing right in front of Jake and flexed both arms as tight as I could. His cock went to full mast so fast it bounced off of his rock hard abs with a slap. I just smiled and said, “I told you once today that I could find a good use for that open mouth, and I still can.” Steve broke out laughing and he got us all going. We were soon all flexing and pumping and feeling and swelling. Before long it was very evident that we were all very very horny.

Jake grabbed Steve, taking him unawares and scooped him up in his huge arms, looked over his shoulder and said, “follow me big guy.” He bounded up the stairs across the living room and up another flight to his bedroom. I was not a step behind when he suddenly stopped at the foot of his bed, unfortunately, I didn't realize he was stopping and, well, I didn't. I ended up bowling them over and all three of us ended up in a mass of muscle on the bed. Steve pulled out from under Jake and I and pulled us both apart. Then he started kissing us, first me then Jake, then back to me, then back to Jake, his tongue was all over us. It was going to be a good night.

I was laying spread eagle on the bed between the two largest, strongest, most beautiful examples of manhood I could have wished for and they were now both working on my cock. Jake had the head shoved so far down his throat I thought there was no way he could possibly breathe and Steve was taking my balls in his mouth and finger fucking my ass. I was truly in heaven. Or so I thought. Then it got even better. Steve got up to three of his huge fingers working and stretching my ass and playing with my prostate and Jake had turned into Mr. Hoover. I had no idea what would happen if he sucked down another load of my cum… would he become even bigger? Would he explode? Would his body rip itself apart trying to grow? All I knew was that I wasn't going to let that happen. I was quickly falling for both of these guys and I wasn't going to let anything happen to either of them. I could feel myself getting close and did not want to cum yet, so I reached down and grabbed Jake by the head and pulled him up to my face and kissed him. I could taste my own precum as our tongues wrestled and he started squeezing my pecs, pinching my nipples and sucking my tongue. My hands were all over his incredible body pressing his into mine. I could feel the pulse of his heart and it was racing. His hard cock was pressed against my thigh and I found his hard, round incredible ass and forced my hand between is cheeks. Oh, God how hot, how tight, I had to have him. I removed my hand and gently lifted his head from mine and pleaded, “Please, Jake, let me fuck you?” He could hear the need in my voice and smiled like a cheshire cat. Meanwhile, Steve was loosing no ground once Jake had move off my cock, he was on it with abandon, still working my ass as he now had a fourth finger in and was working on getting the thumb in there too. I looked down at his incredible body, hair flowing all over me and said, “Steve, I want you to fuck me while I fuck Jake.” He sat up on his knees, reached down between his massive thighs and grabbed his cock with a look of 'you want a piece of this' and I came right out with, “yes, I want it all, fuck me big man.” It was like whatever I wanted these two enormous studs were more than happy to please. Steve nearly bounced right off the bed as he jumped to get on all fours and I suggested that we may want to do this on the floor as the bed may not be able to handle all three of us humping hard. Jake agreed and assumed a position of resting his hands and chest on the bed with is knees on the floor. I was right behind him. You would not believe the sight, his back rippled with bulging muscle, no pro ever had cuts like his, as I position my huge cock, his glutes were flexing and unflexing and his hamstrings looked like huge cables. I reached around and stroked his cock, squeezing this incredible shaft and pressed the head of my cock against his perfect pink pucker. Steve was behind me and I could feel his body pressed into mine. His huge hairy chest rubbing against my back and his hands were still busy in my hole. I pressed forward, slowly, not wanting to hurt Jake with my huge pole and I couldn't believe how hot and tight he was. I applied a little more pressure and his ass opened up and my cock slid in so fast and easy that I fell forward onto him. He gasped and then growled like an animal. Such was his pleasure. Moving so fast had dislodged Steve's hand from my ass, but he quickly moved in to start working me again. Jake was amazing, it was as if his ass was custom made for my cock. It was firm and tight, and hot and felt like a satin vice. I moved in and out just a bit and he moaned loudly. I motioned for Steve to get into me and he started to inch forward. I could feel the hot head of his huge cock pressing against me, I was a little worried that I couldn't take all of him, but soon he was buried to the hilt and grinding in me. Now I was truly in heaven. I turned my head around and Steve attacked me with a passionate kiss. I looked him in the eye and said, “fuck me, fuck me hard buddy.”

He started slamming into me with his new huge cock and I was in paradise. I was also buried to the hilt in Jake who was squirming his ass from side to side and once Steve got into a butt slamming rhythm, I start slamming into Jake. We must have gone on like that for almost half an hour when I felt Jake shutter and the dominoes were falling.

Jake reared up and threw his head back and came all over the bed and the far wall, I lost it and started shooting deep inside of him. After a few shots, I pulled out and shot a few more times on the bed and floor.

Steve screamed an filled me more than I had ever been filled. Then he too pulled out and blasted the back of my head with a shot or two.

We collapsed into a heap of sweating, cum covered muscle all over Jake's bed. We lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy and basking in what was, for me at least, the most incredible sex of my life. Finally Jake said, “Would you two get off of me you weigh a ton?” Steve and I burst out laughing and we crawled up to lay on either side of this blond giant. I had to chuckle because we looked like some kind of oreo cookie. Steve and I with our dark hair and skin and Jake with the blond shaved look. We were content to just lay there and bask in the milk our cookie was dipped in. There was cum all over the room.

After the three of us showered, (there was no way that we could fit in the show together), Jake showed us to another bedroom. We had pretty much trashed his room and especially his bed. At first I thought it was time for round two, but the look on Steve's and Jake's faces said they were just done in. I felt fine, but I guess they were still getting used to their new bodies and I had had mine for a whole day. We did decide to sleep together, not wanting to be parted. Jake laid down on one side of me and Steve on the other and both of these super men were soon curled up in my huge arms using them for pillows. I have to say that, looking back, I was never so happy in my life. Their deep breathing soon lulled me to sleep and the first day of my journey is over.

I woke early the next morning and glanced at the clock on the night stand. Five o'clock and I was wide awake. I've never been a morning person, but evidently my body was ready to begin the day. I had to piss and the giant morning hardon was staring me in the face, almost literally. My cock was so big that it stretched up and over my mountainous abs and the head rested in between the beginnings of my huge pecs. I flexed it a time or two and it slapped against my gut with a deep thwack. My feet were hanging over the bottom of the bed and I surmised that I must have grown some again. I flexed my thighs, just to see them bounce and they actually shoved against Steve and Jake away slightly. I thought surely it would wake my giant bed mates, but they were evidently sleeping deeply. I moved them off of me as gently as I could and slid toward the bottom of the bed. Standing and looking back at them, they were truly the most beautiful men I had ever known. Steve looked to be at least 7’2” and around 380lbs. with all his manly hair in just the right places. His huge cock, at least 15” was standing straight up as he slept on his back. It was waiving with each breath and looking perfect. Jake must have gotten to 7' over night and looked a little shorter than, but much broader than Steve, maybe 425lbs, his dick was no smaller but even more perfectly beautiful as it was completely smooth, where Steve's was uncut and veiny. He lay on his side and had one hand wrapped around it protectively.

I stood there just watching them sleep for a moment, before the urgent need to piss returned and I headed for the bathroom. I must have pissed for about five minutes, gave myself a few shakes and decided not to take a shower as I might wake the boys. I headed down to the gym to see how much more I had grown overnight, as the bathroom mirrors had left alot to be desired. As I descended the stairs I heard the breathing and grunts of someone working out hard. I knew Jake and Steve were still asleep, so I wondered who this could be. As I slowly entered the gym I peered around the door and what I saw sent an electric shock to my cock.

He was huge, he was black and he was beautiful. Laying on the bench doing heavy incline presses with his chest heaving and his skin glistening he was incredible. I could tell from his face he was young, much too young to be so huge. He had to be at least 240lbs, all beef.

He was too into his workout to notice me enter, but as I approached he placed the bar back on the rack and stared. Lying down the way he was it was difficult to tell how tall he was, but he must have been about 5’11” or 6'. He had on tiny red workout shorts that left nothing to the imagination. He was well hung and as he sat up I could see the full outline of a semi-erect cock being held a bay by a jock obviously straining with its load. He hadn't said a word but his eyes were wide like a deer in the headlights. His body was almost completely hairless, he even shaved his head. He had a broad, square deeply chiseled chest with large nipples and brick like abs to die for. His legs were huge and flared. He was well cut showing each muscle with deep separation and his arms were more than large. Pumped mountains hanging from his amazingly wide shoulders. His eyes were a liquid brown with golden flecks and as I got closer they, if not his lips, smiled at me. When I reached the end of the bench, he went to get up and I motioned him to stay right where he was. He seemed to smile as if to ask what I was doing there buck naked.

“Hi, I'm Geoff.” I offered as a way of greeting. His hand shot up, reaching for mine and he just said, “Troy.” I told him he looked fantastic and whatever he was doing, was surely working. Then he smiled and my heart stopped. Here I was, probably twice his size, complementing his form. I already had him figured for the silent type, then the floodgate opened and he explained that he was just about a year out of high school and Jake had met him at the gym downtown when he was only 13 and had taken him under his wing, so to speak and told him that he could workout here any time he wanted. Jake had, obviously, provided him with everything he needed to progress. He worked 7pm-3am so coming here to workout after work really was great. He just kept on talking, but I wasn't really listening. His voice was deep, very deep, and smooth as silk. Then he shocked my socks off. He finally said, “my god, you're huge.” Without another word, he reached out and grabbed my steel hard cock and began to stroke it. I hadn't even noticed that I had gotten hard, just from listening to this kid. I let out a loud moan and he smiled again. I could see the bulge in his own shorts growing and helped him remove them. He had at least a 10” cock. Jake definitely knew how to spot potential. It as amazingly proportioned, long but not too thick. The head flared and was bright burnished red. Now he was licking my piss slit and I was about to loose it. I wanted to hold back so he could have the full effect of what he was about to become. If, that is, I was still producing supercum?. I pulled away from him and reached down and picked him up like he weighed nothing. Carried him over to a wrestling mat and laid him down. He again reached for my cock and I grabbed his hand and just said, “Not yet.” Troy looked disappointed until I reached down and spread his legs. I licked my way from his perfect diamond shaped calves up to his amazingly large balls.

The smell of his funky sweaty crotch was driving me mad and I took all of his cock in one swallow. He gasped and grabbed my head. Troy was now fully hard had swelled up to about a foot long and much thicker. I thought he would loose it immediately, but he held on and I started to really work his fine tool. He began running his hands over my shoulders and arms. I could feel the cum just building in my balls and quickly moved to 69, pushing my dripping cock into his hot mouth. He sucked hard and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. He could only take a few inches of my fat rod, but he more than made up for it in effort. I started thrusting into his mouth and he was deep in mine. He lost it first and shot load after load down my throat. I wasn't far behind and thrust hard into his hungry mouth and came. His lips were so tightly fitted around the head of my swelling cock, that he had no choice, but to swallow or drown. He swallowed and swallowed and I kept on cumming.

It was intense to say the least. I was rewarded by another shot of Troy juice just as I finished. We lay there at peace for a second or two and then Troy was pushing me out of the way and doubling over in pain. It looked even more intense than when Steve had transformed, but Troy was bigger to start with and I hoped he would be bigger to end with as well.

I didn't have long to wait as he started growing almost immediately.

His breath was ragged and his eyes were bugging out. He just stared at me and I walked over to the bar and started mixing protein drinks. I filled up every jug and picture I could find and carried them over to the mat. He was already up at least 50 lbs by the time I got back and he was still growing. His body just seemed to be swelling, larger and larger, keeping in his perfect proportion. The first thing I noticed was his cock, it as at least 16” and still swelling and rock hard. His already chiseled abs were swelling into more like cobblestones, and his chest just kept getting thicker and thicker. His cleavage was quickly turning into a striated crevasse. His pecs were so broad, his chest looked steel plated. His shoulders were already so wide and huge that he would have trouble with regular doors and his legs were gigantic. At least 40” and still swelling. He started trying to talk, between his panting breaths, and just said, “Hungry.” It was almost a growl. I put the first jug to his lips and he grabbed it and sucked it down so fast, I couldn't believe it. He was sweating like a mad man and between swallows he was panting for air. The second jug of protein drink went just as fast and he just kept on drinking and growing. As I watched him lift the jugs to his lips, I could see the completeness of his growth. His arms must have been at least 30” around and he had to have at least a 25” neck, traps that pushed at the side of his head and a back so rippled with thick and sinewy muscle it looked like snakes playing under his ebony skin. Still growing. When he emptied the last of the juice he stood up. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Here was an 18 year old, at least 500lb, 7’6” superman with a 20” cock. that had a smile from ear to ear. He was looking me straight in the eye. It was amazing, neither Jake or Steve had matched me in size, but Troy did, almost pound for pound and this after I had grown for a full day.

I could not believe it when he spoke, his voice was even deeper than before. He looked at me, then at himself in the mirror and said, “Man, this is fucking hot.” Almost a tiger purring. And then over and over as he posed like a pro, “I can't believe it, I can't fucking believe it.

I've dreamed of this all my life.” As he posed, every muscle was in bold relief. His biceps were so peaked and striated, there was no way he even looked human. His arms were bigger than most peoples heads and his legs looked bigger than tree trunks. But, his most impressive feature was his ass. I couldn't believe how tight his ass looked. It was cut and striated and hard and square and looked like a couple of raging beasts fighting under his skin as he flexed and flexed. I was so hard, just watching this incredible stud, I couldn't help myself and I walked up behind him and pressed my cock up along his crack and back and press my balls under his butt. I thought I would shoot right there and then, he wasn't just hot looking, but was incredibly hot. As I pressed my chest into his bulging back, I could feel his heat his body. It was hot like a fever.. He just kept flexing. I could feel his hard muscle flexing against mine. His incredible glutes were squeezing my balls. I could barely reach around him, he was so huge. When he lifted his arms for a double-bicep pose, I slipped my hands around him and reached for his pecs. It was electric. His skin was completely smooth, no hair at all. I grabbed his nipples which were huge and hard and his mantra stopped and a moan to give the dead a hardon escaped his lips. I could feel his purring all through the length of his body. He surprised me again, quickly turning around, his fat cock slapped against my thigh and his huge hands grabbed either side of my head and he pulled my lips to his. I swear the electric was on full voltage as our tongues wrestled and he ended up sucking mine into his mouth. He started to ease down my body, but I caught him under his arms and lifted him for another kiss, and so I could go down on his magnificent cock. I wanted his first super cum all to myself. Knowing how it would make me feel, but more than that, to give him all the pleasure I could. With our bodies pressed tightly together, I slipped down his sweaty torso, sucking and biting all the way. He was close to loosing it. I barely got the head of his incredible tool in my mouth and he let go with an unbelievable amount of spray. Even I had a hard time coping with such an abundance, but I managed I kept on sucking after he stopped cumming, his moans were louder now and he was thrusting even harder. I could feel his cock swelling again and soon I was rewarded with another load of his tasty spunk. Again, I was in a haze of satisfaction. My body began to feel warm all over and I knew then that while others might grow from my cum, the only way I was truly satisfied was swallowing their loads. He reached down and hauled me to my feet, as if I weighed nothing and again plunged his talented tongue into my mouth. Only now, he was again tilting his head back and looking up at me. Their cum must also be making me grow. His hands were all over me, feeling every muscle pressing his body tighter and tighter against my own. My cock was still hard and leaking precum everywhere. Troy began rubbing his body against mine, literally jerking me off with his body. I was ready to explode when he stopped suddenly, stepped back and turned around, got down on all fours and squeezed and relaxed his gluteus. Who was I to refuse? But, I wanted to see his face so I picked him up and carried him over to the bench. For the first time I got a good look at his amazingly small hole. He grabbed is ankles and pulled his legs wide and said, “fuck me.” I wasted no more time and plunged into him. Forcing my cock deeper and deeper, I knew I wouldn't last long. He was so tight and hot. He showed now signs of pain, so I thrust in the last 8” all at once. My balls hit his ass with a thwack and I pressed my mouth down to his and kissed him as I ground my spewing cock inside of his tight hole. I couldn't' stop. I was again loosing control of my lust and just lifted myself up and started driving into him, hard and fast.

Faster and faster. He was grunting now with each thrust and humping back at me. His ass tightened even further and I watched as an arch of cum shot out of his cock and splattered against the wall. He shot at least 5 shots against the wall and another 5 or 6 hit him square in the face.

His whole body was flexed tight. Ripples of muscle and incredibly deep striations all over. Even his neck was flexed. I blew again and cum was soon gushing out of his ass, running down the bench and puddling on the floor.

I collapsed on top of him and he just wrapped his huge arms around me and held me, both of us panting so hard I wondered if there was enough air in the room to satisfy us. He licked my ear and said, “Geoff, you can work out with me anytime” and we both laughed so hard we fell off of the bench. He showed me where the gym showers were and as we showered and washed each other, I explained the whole story to him. The explosion, the scene at Jake's Gym, Steve turning into a super hairy muscle stud, Jake's incredible smooth golden mega bod and then we decided to go up an wake the boys with a cum shower. He couldn't wait to see Jake. Evidently, Jake was more than just his muscle mentor. We dried each other off and Troy told me he was glad he didn't have to work today. I was glad I woke up early enough to find him still working out.

We decided that we were both pretty hungry and had better load up for the sleeping beauties, so we mixed up some more supplements and downed a few dozen protein tablets and Troy started posing again. Flexing those huge biceps was just getting me in the mood for our little prank. I joined him flexing, but he was a pro. Even giving me pointers and I asked if he had competed. He just laughed and said, “Yeah, I'm the teen state heavyweight runner up.” I just shook my head and said, “Not any more. You are the champ in my book.” We both laughed and headed up stairs. I peeked in and as we suspected, both Steve and Jake were still fast asleep. Standing at the foot of the bed, I reached down and grabbed Troy's semi-hard cock and whispered, “Man, I just love your cock.” Troy smiled and grabbed mine, smiling to say he felt the same. He whispered “I can't believe how big Jake looks.” Then he just stared at the sleeping giants as if to memorize every detail, all the while his firm grip on my dick never faltered. His rod was now full hard and we were both leaking precum to the point of dripping. With my other hand I stroked his mega arm. His forearm looked like a ham wrapped with steel cables. He flexed it for me and veins bulging everywhere you looked.

His upper arm was now in constant tension as he stroked. His cock was swelling even more and beginning to feel like hot steel as he got closer. I know I was about to loose it and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. His head snapped around and soon our faces were locked. My cock pointed directly at Steve and Troy's pointed at Jake. It soon became too much and we shot. Ribbons of cum were hitting the guys in the face, on the chest on their legs on the cocks…everywhere. Jake opened his eyes first then Steve lifted his hand and scooping my cum off of his chest, licked it clean. Jake smiled and said, “I see you've met Troy.”

After the introductions were done. Troy and I looked at each other, smiled dove on top of them, causing the bed to break and all of us ended piled on the floor.

Jake grabbed Troy and started stroking his hard, defined, incredibly smooth muscles. I could see in his eyes that he was in full lust for this young super stud. At that point I lost track of those two because Steve was chewing on my left nipple and all I wanted was more. Steve rolled me on to my back and slid up my body until we were crushing our mouths together and tongue wrestling like hungry lizards. As he ground his cock against mine, I could feel every bulge of his massive frame.

His huge arms wrapped around me tightly and his hairy thighs pressed against my own. Then he pulled his mouth from my own and licked the sweat from my face. He then whispered, almost a growl and yet a plea, “Please, Geoff, make me bigger.” He pulled up then and looked me straight in the eyes. He was so beautiful, his sandy brown hair now fell past his shoulders and down his back, framing those electric green eyes, that danced and sparkled like they had a life of their own. I smiled, “Buddy, if you want it, you know how to get it.” and I flexed my cock against his for emphasis. He moved so quickly, I could almost feel a breeze. His mouth clamped over the head of my massive rod and his tongue was like a pleasure machine. It swirled around the head and dove into my slit, I had to concentrate so as not to loose it too quickly. I was holding my own until he did, what I would have considered impossible, and taking a deep breath, plunged his mouth down over my enormous shaft. I could soon feel is nose buried in my hairy crotch and my cock being massaged by his powerful throat. I knew I was going to loose it when he abruptly pulled off, panting for air. Steve stood up, and I was shocked. His body was dripping with sweat and he was panting like a marathoner at the end of the race. He smiled and said, “I don't want you to cum yet. I want this to be your biggest load ever and make me into a monster.” There was no denying him anything, and I loved it.

Here was the most beautiful hairy man, I've every known and he was begging for more of me. He lifted me to my feet and then grabbed my cock and led me from the room. As we were leaving, I looked over at Troy and Jake just in time to see Troy's massive black pole sliding effortlessly into Jake's tight ass. I knew from experience that Troy was going to have the fuck of his life.

Steve led me down to the gym and walked over to the bar. My balls were now aching for release and precum was drooling down the shaft and dripping off of my balls. Steve pulled me close and kissed me again and said again, “I want all you have to give, but I want to be ready, this time.” He grabbed a couple of bottles of liquid supplements, that I hadn't noticed before, from behind the bar and, still stroking my cock with one hand, he raised the bottle to his lips and swallowed the contents. Then he grabbed the other bottle and placed it at my lips and said, “drink”. I sucked it down completely. The he drank another and said, “I think, I'm ready, how about you big guy?” I had to ask, “Steve, are you sure you want to do this?” He smiled, never missing a stroke on my ready to burst cock, “I've wanted this forever, the muscle, the power, the sex, it's more than I ever fantisized..more than I ever dreamed..Yes, to be as big and sexy as you, is what I want, more than anything in the world.” He replaced his hand with his mouth and started stroking my dick. Looking down on his broad shoulders, I could barely imagine them even bigger, but I was too lost in the passion of the moment to give it much thought. If Steve wanted this, then so did I. I would give him all I could. I lost all sense of time as he deep throated me again and again. He was all over me like a sucking machine.

His hands moved between my balls and my butt and as he played with my twitching ass, I could feel myself loosing control. He must have sensed it as well, because he chose that instant to ram his finger up my hole and immediately he found my prostate. I could hold back no longer and began to unload what felt like gallons of cum down his waiting throat.

He sucked and I came and came and came. I began to see stars, it was so intense. Lost in the feeling. Who knows how much time passed? I barely noticed when Steve pulled, or rather fell off of me. I looked down just as he doubled over. I couldn't believe it. His hard rippled stomach was actually distended he had swallowed so much cum that even his powerful abs couldn't stay flat. I was spent and knelt down next to him, trying to keep him from hurting himself as he thrashed about, bellowing in pain. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped and his body went completely ridged. His gut was flat again and I guess he had absorbed all of the power cum. Then he began to shake, just a slight tremor at first, then it was building to more forceful convulsions.

Each convulsion seemed to cause him to get bigger. His muscles were thickening. Mighty pecs exploding with power. His shoulders, already larger that any bodybuilders, got even larger. His neck was now thicker and he was still growing. His waist appeared to narrow or was it just his torso getting larger and larger? His head was soon lifted off of the floor by his expanding back. His legs were getting thicker and huge veins swelled all over his body. His arms were amazing, huge as basketballs, laying along side a torso that was still expanding. His calves were now so thick and cut that, had he still had his previous thighs, they would have rubbed together with each step. The process seemed to be slowing, His body hair was thicker than ever now and was like a fur rug across his mountainous pecs and abs. At first, it did not appear that his cock was going to join in the growing, but just as I noticed this it sprang to life and was immediately hard, throbbing, swelling. Easily now as large as Troy's and still swelling thicker and longer. The head was now as big as a fist and throbbing a deep purple, slipping out of its cowl, begging for release. I barely closed my lips on it and flicked it twice with my tongue and was rewarded with an incredible load for the second time this morning. His cock was throbbing in my fists as I stroked and pulled, I wanted every drop he had to give. I drank and drank and was feeling more and more satisfied. I could feel it spreading out all over my body. This was far more intense than it had been with Troy or Jake. I couldn't move.

My mouth was clamped on the head of Steve's massive cock and could not move. When he was finally spent, I released and fell on top of him. I could feel his massive tree trunk thighs flexing against my pecs, but still couldn't move. The satiated feeling was stronger and stronger. I felt myself being lifted and realized that Steve was pulling me up along his body, pressing my body into his. He held me tight and I could feel him swelling, but he had stopped, hadn't he? Damn, it was me that was swelling. He flipped me around like I weighed nothing so he was looking in my eyes. First, I could feel our massive pecs pressing into one another and then our cocks pressing between two incredible sets of abs.

As I swelled, Steve just started whispering and holding me against him.

The incredible heat of our bodies was causing us both to sweat rivers.

I could feel our bodies pulse with the last of the growth and I realized that while our pecs were a matched set, my feet were lower than Steve's. I was again bigger.

After lying there for a few minutes, I knew Steve would be hungry, but he made no motion to get up lest he push me onto the floor. I stood up rather off balance. It was kind of like being drunk, but this drunk was on muscle, sweat, sex and power. I reached a hand toward Steve and he looked up at me in awe. That wondering gaze of a boy, looked completely out of place on this incredible stud before me. His hair was longer than ever, reaching down his back to the incredibly swollen bubble butt. The hair on his chest was a little darker and it seemed to get darker as it worked it's way down his torso, to his nearly black hairy crotch. His cock hung almost to his knees and was so thick, you just knew it couldn't be real. His balls were the size of grapefruit and hung down almost half the length of his cock. Standing before me was the epitome of the a male. Powerful beyond words to describe and sexual beyond anything mortal. Steve leaned into me and kissed me deeply.

Cupping his huge hand behind my head pressing gently to add more force to the kiss. He pulled away then and said, in a deep and drippingly warm voice, “thank you, big guy.” He moved behind the bar and fixed us both some shakes. As he mixed, I looked over my body. I was now even more enormous than I could have imagined. I was at least 7’11” tall and had to weigh over 600lbs. All muscle, except for the gargantuan piece of meat that hung between my powerful thighs. Even I was amazed as I flexed in the mirrors. My biceps flexed up as big as my head, and my pecs were like boulders hanging hard and tight from shoulders and traps that would never fit through a normal doors again. My gut was so tight and hard that my abs and obliques were in constant relief even when not flexed. Flexing my quads and hamstrings brought every vein in my legs to the surface over incredible thick cables of muscle. Steve walked over and handed me a blender full of whatever concoction he had been mixing and grabbing my ass, he said, “the view is just as incredible from back here.” We chugged down Steve's mix and I felt I had to have him. Now. I grabbed his amazing hairy hard ass and squeezed with my huge hands.

Kneading it and rubbing my cock against his. We were both hard and dripping with precum. He nuzzled my ear and tongued my neck and purred, “Fuck me, baby, I want you.” Well it doesn't take a load of bricks to get me going so I lifted him up, just as I had done to Jake the day before, and lowered him onto the enormous head of my prick. His weight pushed him down along my shaft until we were completely locked together. He started squeezing my cock with his tight ass and I started lifting him up, but he stopped me and grabbed on to my neck and began pulling his body up and down my shaft. His muscles were all flexing and relaxing as he used the new power of his body to pleasure my swelling cock. Just then, his body was rocked with a tremor and he threw his head back and started unloading all over me. His cock shot creamy white spunk all over my chest and face. When his ass clamped down on the base of my cock, I lost control and started thrusting with all the power I could muster. His body was trembling and I could feel the waves of pleasure pulsing through him. My load was building and I knew I was going to explode, so I lifted him up until only the head of my cock was still inside of his tight hole, and then dropped him. As he slid down my shaft, I lost it, blowing an incredible load deep inside of him. He collapsed against me and we were both sweating like pigs. He threw his arms around me and I walked toward the showers, with him still impaled on my dick. The warm water of the shower seemed to bring him around.

He kissed my shoulder and my neck and rubbed his dick against my abs. I could feel small shudders run through his body.

After a few minutes he lifted his head and kissed me. Then he comes out with, “I hope the other guys aren't upset.”

“Why would they be?” I ask him puzzled. “Because that was the last of the supplements we just finished and we'll have to go for more.” I just smiled. Well we'll just have to go to town and stock up, I wonder if that cute Blond at the sports shop was working today?

I lower Steve to the floor and wash him completely, he returns the favor and after we dry off we head back up to see if the other two are interested in a little trip to town.

Steve and I had some trouble fitting through doorways on the way back up stairs to where we had earlier left Jake and Troy. I mean, after all, we had each just added about 20% to our size. We both had to stoop and turn sideways to fit through and at one point Steve gave me a shove to 'unstick' me, even though it was just playful. When we finally reached the bedroom, Jake and Troy were nowhere to be found, so I called out for Jake and got an answering “down here” from the pool area.

When we I arrived by the pool, it was like a scene from a movie. The air was the cool of a spring morning, but the water was warm, so there was steam rising, making a sort of fog over the area. I was just about to call out again, when I heard Troy's moan and we followed that to the jacuzzi. Jake had his huge alabaster pole buried deep in Troy's hot muscular butt, as Troy leaned over the side, bracing himself with his long massive arms. Two smooth massive muscle studs, just going at it like there was no tomorrow. Beautiful. Steve put one hand on my shoulder and looked up at me with those big green eyes, and I knew he wanted to join our muscle bros in the water. His huge nearly 20” cock was rising and so my desire. Then Troy lifted his head to look at us and even with Jake going at him hard and heavy, he stood up and said, “Oh, my god!” Jake momentarily disappeared behind Troy's giant frame until Jake grabbed him by the back of the head and shoved him back into his bent over position. This forced Jake to shutter as Troy's ass tightened and soon he was evidently creaming that ass with an amazing load. Troy's eyes were wide locked on us and evidently Steve and I were a sight to behold. As Jake collapsed on Troy's back, obviously spent, Troy stood up again. His cock was standing at attention and he lost it, showering both Steve and I in ribbons of thick white spunk.

Steve started licking all of Troy's load from my chest. But, feeling that we needed to break this nonstop sex cycle for a moment, I grabbed him and fell into the pool holding him tight. He was not amused, and tried to dunk me a few times when we resurfaced. After a few minutes of this water play we climbed out of the pool, just as Jake and Troy were toweling off from their own version of water play. We all sat down on two facing lounge chairs and I could see immediately that Jake was more than admiring the changes that Steve and I had gone through. He reached over and began to stroke my incredibly thick cabled thigh and I put my hand over his and told him we needed to talk. “Jake, I'd love nothing more than to see just how big you could get, but we're out of fuel. There's no more supplements and very little food and you'd be starving in no time.” He didn't seem surprised, just disappointed. He looked at me and then at Steve and smiled, “Well, we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?” Without another word he got up and went in the house. Troy then seemed to come alive.

“Man, I can't believe how big you two are. It's so hot. Geoff you must be eight feet tall? And Steve, I can't imagine all that hair, but it looks so sexy on you.” Steve was actually blushing a little. I mean, you have to remember, Troy was one nice stud before all of our transformations started, and now was a monster of muscle, almost as big as Steve. I could tell that Steve was very taken with the huge black man. And none of us were really used to being so huge. I mean, take a minute here to see from our eyes. Jake and Troy were well muscled pumped up studs yesterday. Used to all the attention that it brings, but Steve and I were still just average guys in our minds eye, but the outward appearance was giant fucking stud bears that were now in a constant state of HORNY. Takes a while for one's inner view to adjust.

Troy was sitting across from Steve, just looking at him in lust. Acting almost shy. The desire was hanging in the air thicker than the fog. I could hear Jake coming back, so I told them, “Why don't you guys go get aquatinted, and Jake and I will work out how we're going to get more food?” Steve looked up at me and smiled and Troy didn't need to be told twice. They were up and disappearing into the fog, Troy leading Steve by his instantly hard cock. I hoped that Steve would enjoy his first encounter with Troy as much as I had.

Jake came back and sat down just as the guys were disappearing, “Where are they off to?”

“Just getting to know each other? After all, you've had Troy to yourself for years, and I think he want's to try some fur for a change.” Jake just laughed and reached over and kissed me lightly on the mouth. “We're building quite a stable, aren't we?” Jake purred. Now it was my turn to laugh, because I was just thinking the exact same thing. Then Jake was all business. “When the boys finish 'getting aquatinted', I want you and Troy to go to town for the supplies. I've got an idea and if you agree, you won't have to worry about anything ever again.”

Well let me just say I was puzzled, but Jake went on, “I would like you to stay here, with me. I've always had this idea of turning this place,” he waived his huge paw at the house and surrounding woods, “into a sort of haven for men like us. Men who want to explore the possibilities of muscle. You know how I tried to mentor Troy and it was working out beautifully, then you fall into my life and it's turned upside down. Fantasy becomes reality and I would like you to be part of that reality.” I start to say something about him not being able to get rid of me, but he stopped me with, “no, just let me finish, then you can decide. There are some other guys I'd like you to meet and grow if that's still possible, and we could go out searching for guys that really want this (for emphasis he throws a quick flex of his right arm, sending the muscle there bouncing into a peak, a mountain is more like it. He goes on, “I don't know what the possibilities are or care if the guys are like Troy, big to start out with, or just regular guys like you were, as long as they want to push the limits. And I want you to be a part of it, well the major part really. So what do you think?” I was astonished. Jake had just verbalized a fantasy of my own, at least a fantasy I'd been having since yesterday. A small community of studs. Now that would be interesting. He was just sitting there with his amazing superman, freaky muscle, looking at me with eyes so blue, I knew I could loose myself in them, and deny him nothing. He had this sad look on his face like I might say no. And I knew if I didn't answer soon, he was going to push the idea away. I smiled then and told him that it was a great idea, as long as we took it slow and did it right. I was really concerned about two things, who would choose the guys and how do we keep everyone from finding out about what I could do. I got this immediate image in my head of being strapped to some cum milking machine for the military to grow giant soldiers, and was immediately wary. Well, the smile on Jake's handsome face was all it took to drive those fears away. He said that he and I would decide if a guy was really a size freak or wanted to be and candidate and that he would doeeverything he could afford to keep our haven private. Then he reached over, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. It was as hard, deep and passionate a kiss as I had ever received. He pulled his body into mine and pressed our bodies together. Just as my dick was starting to lengthen, he pulled off of me and stood up, smiling a wicked grin, and said, “We'd better wait until you and Troy get back from town big guy.”

I knew he was right, but I wanted him. He stood up, turned around and said, “Follow me”. We walked through the house to what I suppose was his office, it had a large deep wooden desk and the wood paneling matched. It was lined with bookshelves with every kind of book you can imagine. It also had a computer set up behind the desk and Jake sat down and began punching up some sort of finance program. I heard the modem kick in and he started typing away. It was fun to watch him work on the standard sized keyboard with his now huge pawlike hands, he adjusted quickly and soon was keying rapidly. I turned my attention to the bookshelves and saw just about every bodybuilding book ever written. Many of them with the bindings cracked or pages dog eared. One whole wall was lined with them, and I knew then that Jake had been serious about'always' wanting to be a big muscle stud. Just as I was pulling downone of the books, Jake turns toward me and says, “You are now a rich man, Geoff, I've transferred $100,000.00 to your bank account and paid off everything I could find.” Your credit cards should be here in a couple of days, and our new company is called Haven, Inc. My lawyers should have all the paperwork ready by Monday. So what do you think of that….partner?” Again I was shocked and the look on my face must havessaid it all. He just leaned back in his desk chair with his hands behind his head and biceps flexed and smiled like a cheshire cat. I told him it didn't feel right for him to just give me all that money, and he replied that it was pocket change and after all I had given him, it was nothing. He said we would be equal partners in the new company and as soon as I wanted, I could move in.

Then he threw me the keys to the truck and his wallet and said that I should fill up that truck with as many supplements as I could find, and buy the stores out if I had to. He said that I should just sign his name and get anything I wanted. I asked if he didn't want to just go along, and he said that he wanted to get 'aquatinted' with Steve as I had been hogging him all to myself. He also wanted to let Steve in on our new venture, if I thought he'd be interested. Interested, damn, Steve would probably give anything to be part of our scheme. Jake and I then hunted through his bedroom drawers and closets to find clothing that would fit me and Troy for our little excursion to town.

Several torn garments later we found a pair of stretch shorts that would fit over my quads and a tank top that didn't rip as soon as I slipped it over my chest. I was still marveling at the sizes when Jake walked up with something for Troy to try and said, “I'll be waiting to rip those off of you as soon as you get back.” I told him, “Don't worry, by that time I'll be so ready, they'll probably rip themselves to bits.”

We found Troy and Steve just coming back into the house when we went back downstairs, both looking flushed and dripping with pool water.

They had evidently taken a dip after getting 'aquatinted' and were looking for some towels. We got them dried off and explained the arrangements for the supply run. Steve actually looked disappointed that he wasn't going with me, until Jake reached behind him and grabbed is ass. Then they were off to the bedroom and Troy and I were off to town.

Getting into Jake's truck was an easier step up this time, but I had a hard time squeezing behind the wheel. Troy noticed and said I should just let him drive. So I threw him the keys and hopped into the passenger seat and we were off. Watching Troy's huge arms flex and pop as he drove really had me going after a few minutes and I could feel my shorts getting tighter in the crotch. His huge cock was press tight around from his crotch to his hip. Our shoulders were so broad that even with me hanging my right arm out of the window, our delts were rubbing and squeezing together. I was so hot by the time we got to the sports shop that I thought I would explode. Then I thought of the cute guy who was there yesterday and I almost creamed my shorts. I looked at Troy and asked if he would help me with the clerk and maybe we could ask him to join us for some fun. He was more than willing as he knew just who I was talking about. The guys name was Mario and he had been a year ahead of Troy in school. “Mario, and he's a blond with killer blue eyes?”

“Yeah,” Troy returned, “his dad's cuban and his mom's swedish or some such, and believe me he may get his hair and eyes from his mom, but what hangs between his legs is all from dad. I remember he used to be one of the biggest guys in the locker room. His dad is a huge guy, you should meet him.” I'd have to remember that.

Troy pulled the truck around to the back of the store and backed it up to the loading dock. We slid out and I for one was happy to be out of the cramped space. I led the way around to the front of the store and sure enough, there was Mario standing behind the counter. He was very hot looking in his skin tight shorts and muscle shirt, showing a well defined chest and shoulders. You could almost see his cute rippled abs through the shirt. His long dirty blond hair was pulled into a tail and he took one look and me and said, “Damn, man, you look even bigger than you did yesterday. What's your secret?” I leaned on the counter, and flexed a little for him and returned, “Do you really want to know?”

“Hell yes, you are the biggest man I've ever seen.” Just then Troy steps from behind me and also leans on the counter, “Hi Mario, remember me?” Mario's crotch is now showing signs of extreme arousal, “Troy? My God, you look incredible. Your so huge. How is this possible?” Troy was smiling from ear to ear, what with Mario almost drooling at his body. “Mario,” I said returning his attention to me, “we are in need of a rather large order of supplements, probably all you have and all the real large clothes you can find.”

“Uh, sure, man, anything you want.”

I gave him Jake's credit card and we started picking out cases of supplements and emptying clothes racks. Mario then says, “There's some more in the stockroom. We just got a shipment of this new supplement in this morning. It's supposed to be the latest thing. It's called 'Liquid Muscle,' and advertised as being very potent.” Troy smiled at me and said, “We'll take it all.” Mario led us back through to the stock room and as I entered, I noticed Troy locking the front door and turning the sign to closed. I just gave him a wink and turned back to Mario. Watching his cute tight little ass squeeze together as he reached for a case of the supplements. I walked up behind him and pressed my body into his back and said, “Let me get that down for you.”

When he turned around, I noticed his cock stretching up beyond the waistband of his shorts. “Man, you must like what you see” I said blatantly eyeing his cockhead. He blushed and said, “Sorry, I just can't help it with all this muscle in here.”

“Please, can I touch it?”

he pleaded eyeing my chest. I set the case down, stood back up and stretched a little. Then seeing the look in his eyes, almost worshipful, I grabbed his hands in mine and pressed them into my hairy mounds of pecs. He started rubbing and Troy moved in behind him. Soon he was sandwiched between us and his face moved toward my chest. His tongue was hot and very wet as he licked my left pec all over as he roamed my torso with his hands. Troy reached down and ripped open the case of liquid muscle and grabbed one container, tossed it to me and then grabbed another for himself. I downed mine and heard a muffled, “That's supposed to be enough for two weeks,” from my tongue boy. Mario had worked his way into my arm pit as I was drinking and was giving it a royal going over, licking and biting. I grabbed him by the ass with my other hand and lifted him so I could rub our crotchs together. He was loosing it fast and I didn't want him to cum yet so I broke contact. I looked at Troy and told him to get another bottle of the liquid muscle and give it to Mario. He sneered at the taste at first, but then proceeded to finish most of it before gagging and dropping the remainder on the floor. Troy undressed, ripping his clothes off and Mario was soon stipped of his shirt and shorts. His body was amazingly tight and hard and his, at least, 10” uncut very thick cock was drooling ribbons of precum. He watched in awe as I ripped my shirt down the chest and just left it hanging there and said, “So, you're sure you want to know our secret?”

“Right now, I want you, I want you bad” Mario said as he began to peel my shorts down.

My giant cock was more than half hard as he took it into his hands. He was having a hard time balancing at the height of my cock, too short when he stood, and too tall when he kneeled. But Troy came to his rescue, sliding his own huge dick between the boy's legs and lifting him to the proper level. Mario was too entranced with my cock to notice right away when Troy wrapped his arms around the boy and began stroking both their cocks together. I motioned for him to take it slow because I wanted Mario not to cum until after he had taken all of my load. Mario was amazing. His hot tongue was completely wetting my crotch. He slid his mouth all over my huge cock, drinking up the precum that had begun seeping out. He stroked the length of it with both hands and then started squeezing my balls. The sensation and situation were really getting me hot. I looked down into Troy's deep brown eyes and let him know I was almost ready to blow, when Mario began licking the huge head of my dick. I nodded to Troy and he reached up and pushed Mario's head down on my throbbing cock. It almost lifted him up with the force of it's throbbing and then I blew. I could feel this one from my toes to my head and Mario was shocked as load after load forced it's way down his throat. I was still cumming when his whole body tensed and I knew it had begun.

Troy held him tightly as I pulled my cock out of his mouth with a pop and finished creaming, shooting my load all over their chests. Mario was just coming out of the pain when I regained myself and Troy had him held firmly. He had laid back on the floor with his huge cock still stiffly standing between Mario's legs. Mario's whole body shook and convulsed and he fell silent. We waited and finally it started. He was growing. His beautifully firm pecs began swelling…steel plates should look so solid, his shoulders broadened and thickened, deep striations appeared and there was deep separation between his shoulder and his swelling arms. His beautiful firm legs began to swell and his already tight abs began the thicken and separate. I started to feed him the supplements as he came around. And his growth took off. Troy's massive frame was soon being at least mostly obscured by Mario's own phenomenal development. He drank hungrily and had finished his fifth bottle when his growth seemed to subside. His cock started stretching and lengthening, getting huge, swelling thicker and thicker, like a loaf of very brown french bread and his balls were soon the size of tennis balls. What little hair he had in his crotch was gone and he was completely bare from the neck down. Troy moved around and waived his huge cock in Mario's face and soon it was deep in side unloading a huge amount of cum down Mario's throat. Mario's newly swollen cock was twitching and swaying and I saw his balls ride up and I dropped on top of him taking his now at least 18” rod down to the balls. He thrust once and unloaded stream after stream down my throat. I could feel the warmth spreading through my body and even though I didn't feel any bigger, I did feel content, satisfied and warm all over. Troy pulled out of Mario's mouth and laid his huge softening cock between the new bronze mountains that were Mario's pecs. I was just laying there between his huge thighs savoring the warm feeling as Troy got up and started to help Mario to his feet. He pulled him over to a mirror, “So big guy, what do you think of our secret?” Troy teased.

“Oh, god, Oh my god,” was all Mario could come up with in his now very deep and sexy voice. Troy just chuckled as Mario posed. He was beautiful. Bronze colored skin with no tan line in site, just squeezing and flexing, mountains of muscle straining under is paper thin skin, stumbling a few times like he was drunk. Troy looked at me, “Was I that out of it the when it was me?” I just hugged him and purred, “Yes, baby, you were, but you started out alot bigger and evidently could handle the increased size more easily.” Mario finally turned around to us and said how much he loved this, how he had wanted to get bigger, but that he just couldn't seem to pack on size. He walked over and kissed me. Then moved over to Troy and kissed him. Passion was mounting in both of them. Soon they were both hard as proverbial steel rods and I pulled them apart for a second.

With my arms around their shoulders I explained, “Guys I need to go by my place and get a few things. You two get the truck loaded and whatever paperwork done and when I get back, we'll all (I was stroking both their butts now) go back to Jake's and see what we can get into.”

They stopped and helped me find some clothes, a pair of sweats and a muscle shirt that I had to rip down the chest halfway to get to fit, and then they were back at it. I pulled my hair back into a tail and found a pair of sunglasses that fit. I knew I had plenty of time to get to my place and pack a few things. I threw some of the liquid muscle in a gym bag, in case I got hungry, and as I turned to leave saw that Troy had already worked his enormous cock into Mario's golden ass and was pumping like a madman in heat. He defiantly liked top as well as bottom. I just smiled at my two beautiful studs and locked the door behind me.

Walking to my apartment I definitely got stares and gasps. I mean these sweats fit more like tights and my left thigh looked like I had stuffed a fat salami donw there. The shirt was so tight it may as well have been painted on. It was only about noon so the streets were busy. I saw two fender benders, of which, I was most likely the cause. I saw several people that I knew, but none recognized me, who could, I was at least 4 times the size I was before and didn't stop. I just kept walking, trying to stay to the side streets so as to not cause any more wrecks. I kept thinking about Jake's idea. It could turn out great, but it could also be dangerous.

We'd have to be careful. Too much publicity too soon and we'd have every nut in the world at our doorstep. Then, I thought, what the hell we're the strongest guys in the world, if they can't take a joke, fuck'em. I got to my apartment and realized the keys were at Jake's in my duffle bag. I swore a few times and then just reached down and turned the knob, I knew it would wreck the door, but what the hell, I wasn't worried about coming back. The knob just turned as if it were unlocked, but it also came off in my hand as the door swung in. I could barely squeeze through the doorway and thought for a minute that I was going to have to rip my way in, but I was able to squeeze through. The place seemed so small now. My head kept bumping into light fixtures and getting through the bedroom door proved impossible. I had never noticed that it was a smaller doorway before. So I just stood in the doorway and pressed my hands outward on the frame and it splintered. The walls next to it gave way and I could get through. I packed a few things that held value, for me at least, and stacked a couple bags in the living room. I figured I could replace everything else, my stereo was nice, but I'm sure Jake had a few and I was never going to fit in any of my clothes again, so why bother. Just as I was picking up the bags to leave, there was a knock at my door. Since I had trashed the lock, it swung open and I got the shock of my life, there stood Brad Phillips in all his glory. Pumped to the max, blond beauty of my fantasies. Man who could fuck til morning, if my dreams could be believed.

He was 6’3” of football stud with giant arms hanging from shoulders that looked like he didn't need pads. He was wearing a White tee shirt and green running shorts with white jogging shoes. All of it set off his ever tan skin and amazing legs. I tried to remain cool, but it was Brad that was stunned. After all, here was this giant looking at him with lust written all over his face. Some guy standing in Geoff's apartment that was at least twice his size. “Ah, is Geoff home, um, I mean this is his place, right?” Brad was stammering, Mr. Self Confidence himself and he was shaking in his boots. I was thinking fast for once “Yeah, this is his place, he'll be back in a minute, why not come in and wait for him short stuff.” I could seem him bristle at this comment, but I was going to have some fun, before I rammed my two foot cock up his perfect muscle bubble butt.

And I was going to fuck him silly, that was already certain. He caught my attention again, “So, you a friend of Geoff's”

“You could say that.”

He extended his hand to me, “Brad Phillips, nice to meet you.” I grabbed his hand only I didn't let go, his grip tightened, so I decided to really play this out. I gripped him tighter, just enough to see pain start. “Brad Phillips, huh. The same Brad Philips that was making fun of Geoff outside the field house, the same that wanted to know if he was 'enjoying the show' that Brad Philips?” I continued to squeeze his hand, and he was so stunned by my menacing that he was turning white as a ghost. With my other hand I reach over and closed the door, squeezed the door frame in from the side so there was no getting out and then returned my attention to Brad. He was definitely worried. So I decided to turn it up another notch. I grabbed his neck with the same hand I had just crushed the door jam with and lifted him off of the ground and slammed him against the wall, leaving his feet dangling. He started pleading, “Please, Please, you don't understand, he didn't understand.

Oh man, I just came here to see if he was OK. Please don't hurt me.

Please.” I threw him across the room, and stood over him trying to look as menacing as I could muster. Did he really want me to believe he was concerned about a guy he barely said 'Hello' to. Here was this stud of my dreams, totally within my control and I can't explain it, I loved it. To see this huge guy who wouldn't give me the time of day, just a couple of day's ago. He was scared. I thundered in my deepest tone, “Just what are you talking about that I don't understand, Geoff told me what you did..laughing at him with some cheerleader.” He moved to one side and I stamped my huge foot, shaking the floor for emphasis. “Don't move worm and start talking, if you want to see tomorrow.” Now he was truly rattled. He started spilling his guts, “I can't believe, Geoff could believe that. I was just teasing him in the gym and the cheerleader is my sister and knows, ah, well she, ah, well she knows, and what I said to her was that I thought he had a great ass.” I was stunned, no shocked. Well, well I thought. Big Bad Brad the stud thought I had a great ass, what does he think of what I've got now. He went on, “I heard this morning from a paramedic friend of mine, that he was caught in the science lab blow up and came here to see if he was OK, Oh god, please don't hurt me. Don't you see, I've got to find him. It's all my fault. If that's what he thought…. then he ran away… Oh god, no… Too late..I'm always too late”. He was sobbing. I reached down and he shrank away from my hand. “Please, don't….” I knelt down and grabbed hold of his shoulders as gently as I could. Pulled him up to me and kissed his tears. “Brad, it's OK, I won't hurt you. It's OK. Don't worry, everything is fine now.” He continued to try to get away from my grasp, but that was unlikely as I had him in strength by about 20 times. He was still shaking but was calming down. I finally was able to let him go, but didn't want to.

My cock was raging hard and I wanted him, more than ever. I pulled his body next to mine and pressed his chest into my cock. I thought “Brad, I want you, I want to bury my cock so deep inside you we never come apart.” But I said, “I never wanted to hurt you.” He looked at me then, all over, but when our eyes met, they locked. He got this puzzled look on his face and asked again, “Who are you?” You look familiar, but I know I've never seen anyone as big as you before. I'd remember if i had. Man you're so fucking huge.”

I didn't know what to say. I'd already told him Geoff wasn't here, but after his revelation, I couldn't lie again. Instead I stood up, towering over him as he was kneeling on the floor. I put myself between him and the door and flexed. “You like this?” He was curious. “I always wanted to be big. Big like you. For the last two years, I've watched you, wanted you to notice me, knowing I didn't stand a chance.” I could see, the idea forming in his eyes. “You were the big ladies man. King stud of homecoming. Football hero. I was just an underclass runner with delusions of lust.” The light bulb was going off I could see the realization forming. Then I turned around and hit a back double biceps, flexed every muscle in my back and squeezed my glutes tight, splitting the side seams of my sweats with a loud rip. “So, my campus heart throb, what do you think of my ass now?” He stood up and I turned back around. By now my cock was rock hard and oozing precum by the bucket. What was left of my sweats, quickly fell away revealing my enormous manhood. Brad stood there stunned. His eyes were glued to my swaying cock. He stared and started stammering again, “Huh, Huh, Huh, How?…It can't be.. It's only been two days…I can't believe it… Geoff? Is it really you??”

“Oh, it's me all right, and I want you and am not taking any fucking 'no' for an answer” I returned with a leering grin. “But you're so big, I could never, I mean I've never, you can't” and this look of fear came over his face. Fear, but also desire. He kept staring at my cock, like it was some swaying cobra only he was the one being hypnotized. So, he was a top that had never bottomed. Things were about to change. I took a step closer, “Go ahead, touch it. It doesn't bite. I may, but it doesn't.” He looked mesmerized.

Reaching out to touch it as though it was a hot poker, barely touching it, then a little more. I moved another step closer and it was poking him in the gut. I reached down and took off his shirt. His massive pecs rose and fell with each breath. He reached out with both hands then and stroked my massive rod. I reached out and cupped his pecs with my hands and squeezed.

He was firm, but no match for the strength in my hands. I grabbed his shoulders and then squeezed his huge biceps. Man, he was beautiful. My dick was now covering his abs with precum, but I wanted his ass. Almost as soon as he started to lick my cock, I picked him up and laid him flat on his back on the kitchen table. He begged, “No, please, you're too big.” I reached down, just as he had in my dream and picked him up, pressed his body into mine and kissed him. Deep and hard and my tongue was working overtime. We kissed for a long time. Then I laid him back down and told him, “You are a big guy, Brad, I know you can handle this.” And I smacked my cock down on his footlong rock hard dick and then moved it to his ass. There was enough precum to lube ten tight holes, so I knew he'd be OK. I pressed slowly, and he tried to squirm away across the table, I grabbed his thighs and pulled him back and subsequently impaled him on my cock. His scream, I'm sure, could be heard for blocks, but no one came running. As I buried more and more of my cock into him, I could see he wasn't going to last long. After I had gotten a little more than a foot in he was covered in sweat and his own massive dick began shooting. He splattered cum on his face and chest, and still I plowed. I knew it was OK when he started moaning, “Oh god yes, oh yes, Geoff, fuck me, take me, harder, fuck meeeeeeee” and he shot again, this time all over the table and floor. I rammed the remaining foot of my cock into him and he whimpered and was breathing raggedly. Sweat ran off of his chest and his abs were filling with it and his own cum, he was beating the table with his arms. I could feel my own load building, like it was starting at my toes and going to shoot out of my head. Waves of pleasure were flooding my senses. I couldn't hear. I could barely see. I was going to explode. At the last moment, I grabbed the base of my cock and pulled out of his hungry ass with a loud plop. Precum ran out of his ass all over the table, it was slick with our juices. I grabbed Brad by the waist and spun him around so his head was hanging over the end of the table. He was completely lost and I rammed my cock down his throat and exploded. He didn't even have to swallow, although he was. I had never shot with such force, before or since. I was afraid for a second that he couldn't handle the volume, but he was like a hungry animal, drinking every drop. I pulled out then and my spent dick slapped down between my thighs.

Brad yelled as every muscle in his body seemed to contract at once, he jerked back and forth so hard, I thought he'd break his neck. Then he was silent, calm and peaceful. Beautiful. His whole body tensed and it started. Man, I thought, I hope he's ready for this. He began to shiver and convulse. And…grow. The big boy was getting bigger and I do mean bigger. He may have been 260 lbs when he walked in, but was soon passing 360 and getting taller. His huge renowned arms were turning into the size his legs had been just a few moments before. I reached for the duffle with the liquid muscle stuff in it and poured a bottle down his throat. He was still not really conscious but was starting to come around. His shoulders were now hanging over the top of the table and his knees were able to bend over the other end. His steel plated pecs were covered in blond fur. It just kept getting thicker and spreading up to his massive neck, down over his abs which were at least three inches deep. His crotch was incredibly hairy and I watched as the hair spread down his legs to his knees and then I could see no more.

His thighs were becoming so thick that they now were obscuring that end of the table. Thick cables of muscle and bulging veins rippled under his skin. He drank two more bottles of the supplement and this time reached up to wipe his mouth. I could tell he was coming around. He finished a fourth bottle and a fifth. Enough to supplement a bodybuilder for 10 weeks. His mighty chest was heaving and with each breath it seemed not to return to its original position. The crevasse between them just kept getting deep and deeper. Fine striations rippled with every flex. His cock was also almost my size it had been thick as mine and the mushroom head would have fed a family of four. It looked like a one eyed python and swelled to rock hard in a few seconds. His balls were the size of large oranges and I could literally see them churning. I reached down and stroked his cock, he smiled, and then I buried it down my throat. I didn't know if I wanted to be bigger, but I wanted his cum. I reached down and grabbed his balls, gave them each a squeeze and sucked harder than I ever had before. He exploded. Huge floods (you couldn't call these shots) of cum were blowing down my throat and then I passed out, completely overwhelmed by the feeling. I woke after just a few minutes, with Brad holding my head and stroking my face with a dish cloth. I could feel his hard cock pressing against the back of my head and he just looked down at me an smiled. He leaned down and pulled my head up and kissed me, deep and passionate. Then he again rested my head in is lap saying, “So, I guess you're not really mad at me after all.”

I laid there with my head in Brad's lap for a little while. He just kept running his fingers through my hair and looking into my eyes. I wonder what he saw there? What I saw made my heart open wide. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled and he looked so innocent. His close cropped blond hair had grown out to a funny cute page boy length. The kind that gives you bangs. His teeth were as white as snow as he smiled. In a way he looked like a child.

Yet this was all man. His lips were thick and full and I just had to kiss him again. I then stood up and pulled him up with me pressing our bodies together. My head banged off the ceiling and his came up to about my chin.

I didn't matter though. We were in another world. Not a word was exchanged, but we both knew each step, like we had done it for lifetimes. Brad was amazing, so incredibly handsome and now so huge. He seemed to have peaked at about 425lbs and 7’2” tall. He kept running his hands across his chest and down his abs, through his incredible blond body hair. Squeezing and feeling his muscles. His pecs must have jutted out about 5” like a shelf and the striations were easy to see, even with all that hair. His abs were a monumental eight pack. His shoulders were amazingly broad and each movement of his hands caused them to flex and striate even more deeply. His hands were big, like Jake's paws. His trademark arms were enormous. There are no other words to describe them. Just take the most incredible biceps and triceps you can imagine, cover them with splits and striations showing every muscle fiber and double it and you might come close to imagining Brad's. His thick forearms looked like a couple of hams with steel cables stretched over them. His thighs were hard to see, from this angle, but I could feel his immense new cock pressing against my own.

Soon his hands left his body and he wrapped them around mine. He just stared into my eyes saying, “Damn, Geoff, you're so fucking big. I'll bet you are as much bigger than I am now, as I was bigger than you before, probably even bigger. God this is hot. I can't believe I'm so horny.” All I could do was smile. Pressing us together again and raising his mouth for a kiss. His strong hands soon found my ass and began working the muscle and crack. He began rubbing his hardening cock between my legs and pressing my cock up along his massive torso. I could feel his shaft sliding back and forth beneath my balls and I was soon hard and leaking precum like there was no tomorrow. All this while, my tongue was captive in his mouth. He purred like a lion in heat and soon pulled away from the kiss, looked up into my eyes again and said, “I still want that cute ass of yours.” Well he didn't have to ask twice. I took his hand in mine and walked over to the living room. I just bent over and grabbed hold of the back of the couch, looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. Well he needed no more encouragement either and knelt down and was soon tongue fucking my ass with abandon. His tongue and lips felt amazingly hot and wet as he worked my hairy crack and slid in and out of my pucker. He was very good at this, it was defiantly not the first time for my fantasy man, and in just a few minutes I felt one then two fingers. I pleaded with him not to wait, just to fuck me. But he just shook his head and with an evil smirk drove another finger in, grinding away and licking my balls at the same time. Then he had four in and was pushing like he was trying to shove his hole hand in there. And he was. At first I could believe there was any way he could get it in there, but he sure seemed determined. Sweat was beginning to run off of my back and down across his hand, further lube for the job. Then he growled and gave a mighty push and it was in. His whole fucking hand was in my ass and I screamed. This was the first pain I had felt since my transformation and I guess my ass snapped tight around his wrist because he was soon yelling as well. After what seemed like an eternity the pain subsided and he started working it. In… out… and all around. It was like he had it in to the elbow, but having twisted my neck half off, I could see it was just up to his wrist. He just kept up the pressure and soon I could feel the writhing of his cabled forearm and I knew he had rammed in almost to his elbow. I could soon feel is swelling, flexed bicep pressed against my asscheek and knew he could go no further. The pressure was immense, but I could take it.

All I could think at the time, was man I wish he would fuck me. He must have known what I was thinking, because at that moment he pulled his arm out and with all the force of his new improved body, he rammed is cock into me to the hilt. I groaned and moaned like I had been bodyslammed. His cock was now every bit of 22” and thick as his wrist. He ground his crotch against my ass as he churned my guts like never before. I felt his steel plated furry chest press into my back and felt his teeth bite into my traps. He was an animal and wild with lust. I couldn't imagine this was MY wild man.

He reached around my waist and began stroking my steel hard cock with both hands, stroking in time to his thrusts, but then he pulled back and could no longer reach around, so he grabbed hold of my hips and began mind numbing thrusts with the entire length of his cock. He pulled out until my ass grabbed at his mushroom head and then pulling and pushing with his arms and legs, sweat was running off both of us now and I could feel my own orgasm building and I was wetting down the floor with precum. I guess he sensed my closeness because it was at that moment he drew all the way out of my ass, leaving it for a second, feeling very empty. Then he slammed back in, pressed our bodies together tightly and grabbed my cock in a tight squeeze and pulled. I exploded all over the floor and couch and my ass snapped shut. He screamed again and unloaded with a flood and I was filled with his cream well past capacity and our cum mixed on the floor. Brad collapsed on my back with his softening dick still deep in me. Panting and sweating we just stayed there letting the waves of pleasure wash over us. Finally, I could stand no more of that position so I eased him off of me and onto the soaked couch. It broke with the weight of both of us and I started to chuckle. Brad was still in a haze as I leaned over to kiss my wild beast. I licked the sweat from his face and when I reached his lips he parted them for me to enter. I pulled back and just looked at my animal, even spent and covered with sweat and cum he looked beautiful.

Just then the phone rang, I didn't want to move, but since Mario had my number from my previous visit to the shop and I knew I had taken longer than anticipated, I grabbed it. It was the Troy and was wondering what was taking so long. They had the truck packed and had even made a grocery store run and were more than a little ready to get back to Jake's, so they could really get down to some fun. He sounded more than a little anxious. I told him that I had gotten 'distracted' by a friend and asked if they could come by the apartment. After some hasty directions, I hung up the phone and shook Brad out of his haze. I told him I'd explain everything on the way to a friends house, but that we needed to get cleaned up and find some clothes to fit because my ride was coming. He was kind of on autopilot, just doing whatever I told him to do. Watching him almost stagger around the apartment I started to get hard again, but knew the guys would be here in no time. I went into the bedroom and found the clothes that I had bought two days ago and realized that I could probably find some to fit Brad, but I was going to be out of luck. I looked up to see Brad just standing in the bathroom stareing at his new body, with his mouth hanging open. When I tried to enter the doorway was again too small. He turned to look at me and smiled, “Geoff, thank you. I don't know how it's possible, but thank you. I feel great and if this is a dream, then I don't want to wake up.”

“I'll tell you all about it later, but now we've got to get ready” I returned with a kiss.

He had cleaned up some with some towels in the bathroom, but I was still a mess. So he grabbed a one towel and ran it under the tap, grabbed another and came out into the bedroom and proceeded to wash and dry me all over. He was getting me very hot. Before I was completely dried, I grabbed the towel away and told him to get dressed. I had laid out some white spandex shorts and a tank top for him and as he dressed he looked pleased with the fit. Flexing a little. Looking great. I knew I was going to loose it if I didn't distract myself. I finished drying and forced myself to think of other things, like how was I going to get back to Jake's naked. I really didn't care if anyone saw me, I loved this body, but at the same time, I didn't want to get arrested or anything. Brad came to my rescue, he found a pair of shorts and split the seams to the waist and crotch, so I could get them over my thighs (positioning my cock proved a problem, but Brad just said, pull it around your hip, so I did) and a string tank that he ripped up the sides and then once it was slipped on he pulled the sides together, tightly stretching the material, and tied it with small knots at the side. It looked funny, but it covered enough so I wouldn't get arrested and I really liked the way it left my abs visible. He stood back and looked at me, appraising his handiwork and said, “Good enough to eat.” I stroked the side of his face and kissed him again.

There was a knock at the door and I told Brad that, now he would see what I've been up to for the last two days. I ripped the door open and set it to the side, there was no salvaging it anyway. Mario stood there with his mouth hanging open, looking so cute you just wanted to eat him alive. “Man, if you get any bigger, we'll have to put up scaffolding just to look at you.”

“Your no slacker in the size department your self, Mario” I returned, he was evidently adjusting well to his new size. He threw a quick couple of poses and then caught sight of Brad. His eyes were wide and he actually licked his lips, “Brad Phillips, Oh my god, you're huge. So this is the friend who distracted you, Geoff, no wonder you've taken almost 3 hours.” I couldn't believe it had been so long and my thoughts immediately slammed back to Steve and Jake who must be starving by now. “Guys, we gotta hurry, we've got two incredibly hungry men waiting for us, so let's load up. You can get better aquatinted back at Jake's.” Both of them grabbed the sacks I had packed and we headed for the truck.

Troy was in lust the instant he saw Brad, but I told him we needed to hurry and get back. He agreed, but his eyes never left either my body or Brad's the whole time we were loading my stuff. The truck was packed with cases of supplements, bags of food, boxes of clothing and my stuff and I quickly came to the realization that there was no way the four of us could compact ourselves into the cab, jump seats or not, there was almost 2000 lbs of men and one truck. I looked across the parking lot to my totally in adequate car and quickly discarded that idea. Then Brad pipes up and say that he and I could follow in his car. He motioned to a totally cherry, 1967, caddy, convertible with a flaming red paint job. Well, it was worth a try. I reminded Troy that, if we got separated, he would need to wait for us at the gate to Jake's estate, or Brad and I couldn't get the gate open. He just laughed at me, saying that there was no gate in this world I couldn't open, and I should look in a mirror more often. I knew he was right and laughed out loud and it was infectious. We all started laughing as we climbed into our various vehicles. Brad was already in his car putting the top down, when I got there and he moved the seat all the way back, but it was still not confortable for him.

I stepped over the side of the car, my weight making it sag a lot and he looked at me and laughed again because my knees were almost in my face. He said, “why don't you climb into the back seat and that way you can at least sit up right.” I complied and just for fun said, “Brad, you're the cutest chauffeur I've ever had, follow that truck.” As we were driving to Jake's, I explained the whole story to him. He just listened quietly and nodded every so often. Even in the car we were attracting attention. Once stopped at a red light he even flexed a little for a pedestrian who wandered over to the car and actually felt his incredible arm. Then I stood up and flexed and the guy, took one look and ran, I guess I must have looked jealous or something. I could also see that Troy and Mario were having some fun flexing for the mid- afternoon crowd on the sidewalk. I continued the story of the last few days when we got out of town and when I got to the part about Jake's idea for a muscle retreat, Brad's head swung around. He had this look of intent interest on his face and I assured him that he could be a part of it, if he wanted. He said he'd show me just how much he was interested as soon as we got there. I was happy he wanted to join us, this was going to be more than I could have imagined.

When we finally arrived at Jake's, there was no welcoming committee as I had expected, so we unloaded the food off of the truck and dropped it in the kitchen. The guys must have gotten hungry because there were pizza boxes everywhere. I counted 20 just in the kitchen and there was a trail of them all the way to the pool. There we found Jake and Steve, lounging in the sun each with several empty boxes next to them and each with a large pizza on their laps, just chowing down. Jake looked up and then over at Steve, and said, “See, I told you they were fucking around.” We all had a good laugh and Troy and I made our introductions. I could see, at once, that Steve had eyes for Brad and the feeling was mutual and Troy was acting very possessive of Mario. I thought to myself, “Good, we're going to get along, just fine.”

I hadn't seen Jake walk over next to me, but I sure could feel his rising dick when it pressed into my thigh. He put is arms around me and said, “I sure hope your not worn out, because I'm well fed. Let's let the boys get better aquatinted, you and I have unfinished business.” He took my hand and led me into the house.

Jake led me through the french doors into his huge living room and across to the office and pulled me down as he sat on the big black leather sofa. He was still holding my hand in his and he raised it to his mouth and kissed it gently. I was, frankly, a little surprised. He was becoming more of a gentle giant each time I saw him. I was definitely falling in love with him. He was so beautiful, so huge, and I had this deep warm feeling inside every time he touched me. I noticed that he had pulled is long blond locks back into a braided tail that ran most of the way down his amazingly wide muscle knotted back where it was so thick it ended in a huge brush. His blue in blue eyes were checking me out all over and I could help but return the inspection. He was sitting there completely naked and so completely smooth. His skin was like bronze, but softer than silk. His giant muscles were in constant motion, playing under his skin, even as we just sat there checking out each other's changes. It was only a few seconds, but felt as if I was drooling over each detail from his amazingly square jaw to his at least 20” alabaster cock (which was slung over his bulging wicked thigh), to his calves that were so thick they pushed is big feet, with these very long toes, away from the couch. When I looked back up to his face he was watching me check him out. He'd caught me and he was smiling. “Are you ever going to stop growing? You're soon going to burst out of even those clothes. Even though you look great in them, I think they cover too much.” He reached for the buttons, but I grabbed his hand and told him to wait a minute. He looked puzzled. “Jake, please, in a minute, I've been thinking alot about your idea and as long as we're careful, I'm in.” He laughed. It was a huge full body belly laugh that brought tears to his eyes and it just kept on like he was going to roll off the couch and onto the floor in a minute. “Careful, Careful, God, I do love you… Careful… You are the one who can't go to town for some groceries without bringing home two newly huge boys to our ever growing, what was it you called it this morning, our stable.”

He continued laughing and it was infectious because I knew he was right. Ever since that first night when Steve and he had such a reaction of overwhelming growth and sexuality, I wanted more. More men, More muscle, More everything. And I still did. “OK, OK, Jake you are right. I'll be more careful. Its just, I really wanted both of these guys, before the accident and I thought they never gave me a second look, and now, well now they can't get enough. I couldn't help myself.”

I was willing to say just about anything, just to get him to stop laughing, and that did it. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Well, my giant cum factory, I hope you're ready because I'm going to help MYself.”

I couldn't refuse this guy anything, but I had to stop him again. I told him to hold on one more minute and ran to the truck for a case of the liquid supplements I wanted both of us to have all the fuel we'd need.

Jake, obviously, wanted to be my size, and I wanted him to have whatever he wanted. I decided on my way back from the truck that I wouldn't drink his load, so hopefully we'd be closer to the same size once he finished growing. I wanted to make love to him, not just fuck. When I got back to the den, he was on the phone. My turn to wait. He was teasing me with is muscle, flexing his arms, his legs, his abs, and stroking his huge cock. I decided to play it cool so I just sat down on the couch and ripped open the case and started drinking. I must have finished three full containers when he finally got off of the phone. He was very pleased with himself over something. He crossed the room and as he did he told me that the call was from his architect and we could start planning additions to the house and a new gym complex on Monday.

I stood up, folded my mammoth arms across my chest, looked down at him.

“So, I'm the one who is moving too fast?” I sneered as I arched an eyebrow and tried to look as displeased as possible. Jake wasn't buying it and he reached toward me, took the huge bulge of my cock in his hand and ripped it right through the shorts. In pieces they fell to the floor. He then reached up and tore off the tied on remnants of the tank top and threw it on the floor. “How's that for too fast?” he chucked back at me. Then he buried his face him my chest and started nibbling on my tits and stroking my now fully hard cock. “Man if this thing gets much bigger, even I won't be able to handle it.”

“Well then, buddy, we'll just have to make you big enough to deal with it.” I grabbed another bottle of the supplement and told him to drink it. Then another. He looked like he couldn't drink anymore and I told him it would make the growth work better if his body was fed first, that it had worked for Steve and Mario, and he downed another. It was dripping off of his chin and he pushed me down to sit on the couch and then very gently spread my legs apart and licked the oozing precum off of my cockhead.

I was in heaven. His mouth was so warm and wet and gentle, I know this was going to be amazing. His tongue left my cock and started all over my quads. He looked up and said, “Flex, big guy, I want to feel this hard muscle with my mouth. Let me love your giant legs.” He returned to his tongue action as I straightened my legs and watched my own quads rip into fine striations muscle split and strained like the skin would burst. He licked and kissed his way up both thighs, all the while squeezing and playing with my balls. The tension was building as he inched is way toward my crotch. Then, still feeling mischievous, I closed my legs on either side of Jake's head. “So, stud, want pillars like these? You had better get back up here. I'm close.” and I slapped my cock down on his head. He reached up and spread my legs again and instead of sucking me off, he attacked my balls, sucking and twisting and squeezing until I though I would die if I didn't cum. He rammed his fingers up my ass. He reached for my chest and started pinching my nipples when I started to feel my load moving up the shaft for blast off. He wrapped something around my cock and pulled tight. Then I felt something brushing my balls, it was like a thousand silken feathers and I was done. I grabbed his head an slammed his mouth over my cock just as I erupted. “Suck me, Suck me, oh god, suck me.” Wave after wave of my life juice was flooding into him. I was lost to the world long enough for him to drink me dry and lick up the excess. Then his mouth was gone, but I still felt something pulling on my dick. I looked down and there was Jake suspend from my dick by is braided pony tail face down on the floor. I reached down and picked him up. He was already beginning to quiver.

His skin was on fire as I lifted him to the couch. His quivering was quickly becoming shaking and then he let out a scream to wake the dead and fell completely quiet, unmoving. Then the waves started again.

Violent waves shaking his already huge body to growth. His legs straightened as every muscle in his body tensed and the arm of the couch flew off and bounced off of the wall across the room. He was swelling rapidly and I started feeding him the supplements. His shoulders pushed wider and wider overhanging the side of the couch easily by a foot or more. His huge arm slumped down on the floor and he kept on growing. I must have been extremely intense as his eyes were wild and he was moaning and groaning and still he grew. Bigger, thicker, taller and stronger. His cock was also pressing up, first to the top ridge of his abs, then up between his pecs. His shaking was now starting to subside and as I knelt beside him and started to stroke his face, I could see that even his face had changed. It to looked harder and stronger, the cleft in his chin looked deeper, his jaw line was more square. He was bigger than any man I had ever seen, appeared every bit as big as I was. Which meant he was just over 8' tall and 700 lbs. So solid, so beautiful. I kissed him and grabbed his newly swollen cock. I only stroked and squeezed it twice and he started shooting all over both of us. His chest was heaving with his release. He reached over and pulled me face to face in a long, hard kiss. I was on top of my magnificent stud, and we were mouth to mouth, pec to pec, cock to cock, thigh to thigh and feet to feet. I finally had a partner my own size. “So, lover boy, how does it feel to be as big as the 'giant cum factory'?” I purred as I tongued his right ear. “Feels fucking incredible, mmmmmm, except for the lead weight on my chest.” I moved to get up and his strong arms pulled me back. Wrapped around me like the were made for just that purpose. “I didn't mean you should move, not ever. I want you to stay right here. I love you.” He said it, I felt and we fell asleep just like that.

We woke several hours later, it was just getting dark outside and Steve was pounding on the door, evidently trying to rouse us for dinner. I had to admit, I was hungry and Jake was probably starving. He was still sleeping and he looked so peaceful I wanted to let him keep on sleeping.

It was not to be however, because Steve pushed through the door and just stood there looking at us, with desire in his eyes.

“You guys are fucking unbelievable, but Mario has dinner almost ready and I'll bet you need a shower, I can smell the cum from here. Man, you look plastered in it.” As I tried to get up, Jake and I had to peel ourselves apart. The cum and sweat had sort of glued us together and it sounded like we were trying to separate a huge piece of velcro, or get up after sitting bare assed on vinyl. Jake stood up and Steve could see now that he was every bit as big as I was and he turned and went back down the hall. Already telling someone, “You guys are not going to believe this.” Jake and I went straight down to the gym showers without stopping to show off his new bod. We were both covered in dried and drying cum, so we figured we had better shower first. It was a challenge getting Jake through the doors. He hadn't had a whole day of this size to get used to it like I had. Flex here, relax there, duck, push and you're through. He was getting the hang of it by the time we made it to the shower. We quickly washed and dried each other and headed back upstairs to the kitchen. The boys were already in the dining room and when Jake pushed through the door, I actually heard forks drop, glasses break and exclamations by all. The guys had tried to 'dress' for dinner, but Jake and I were still butt naked. Well, we'll have to find clothes later. I was hungry and we were not to be disappointed. Mario was a terrific cook. There were salads by the bushel, soup by the gallon and a broiled salmon for each of us. He was immediately elected cook, but said, not again without help. Dessert was basically supplement bars and the liquid supplement and we moved to the living room, because Jake wanted to talk.

Jake presented his ideas to all of them, as if there he and I had decided that this was the best thing to do. I agreed, so I didn't argue. I could see by the look in their eyes, that every one of them was for it and every one of them wanted to get just as big as the two big boys sitting on the floor. There was a lust for muscle written all over them. The pairings were just as I had expected. Jake and I were on the floor. Steve and Brad were on one couch and Troy and Mario were on the other. All of us were casually, in one way or another, touching those nearest to us. For me this meant my left hand was firmly planted on Jake's big round hard ass. He was feeling the muscles of my back move as I rubbed his glutes. Jake surprised me then by charging them each to decide on another man to included in our 'haven'. And he wanted them to decided right now. Everyone seemed to have someone immediately in mind. Steve had a 'friend' from the gym who would do anything for muscle. Troy wanted to bring in his little brother who had always idolized him. Brad said that he wanted to invite his EMT friend Rob, who had also been the guy who saved me with mouth to mouth. When we got to Mario he was quiet. Jake said that he had to name someone and it should be someone he knew would want this kind of amazing change in their life. He looked up at Jake, “Well, there's only one person I can think of and you may think it's weird, but that's my dad.” Troy almost choked on the protein drink he was gulping. He looked straight at me, “I can't wait, and you guys won't believe Mario's dad is really Mario's dad and,” looking straight at Mario, “I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you, why don't you go call him and get him here now?” Jake stopped them by saying that everyone should call their suggested new members to our club and have them arrive the following morning. Over the next several minutes there were trips to the phone and everyone returned with a smile, except Brad. “Rob can't come in the morning, he's on duty and no amount of persuasion would shake him into calling in sick.” Brad looked very unhappy. Jake just smiled. “Don't worry, Brad, I'll fix it so he can be here.” He walked over to the phone, dialed a number and we heard him start the conversation, “Hello, Mayor Thompson, this is Jake Masters and I need a favor…….” Brad was dumbfounded, but happy. When Jake returned he had that pleased with himself look on his face. He looked at Brad and said, “He'll be here and he's got a week's vacation to enjoy it. Politician's will do anything for my campaign contributions.” We all got a chuckle at that. Jake was definitely getting off on being in control of this powerful crew and suggested that we move this party to the gym. “I want you pitiful excuses for men to see what this new, improved, body can do…..and so do I.” His cock rose to attention and all of us were soon on our way to what should definitely prove to be a very hot night.

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