Friday Flashback Cummencement Day
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Friday Flashback: Cummencement Day

For this week’s expedition through the fabled storylands of the Lost Continent of the Archives, I’ve collected ten tales that hinge on graduation ceremonies in one fashion or another. As the transition-point between the artificially insular academic world and the new realities to come, commencement always seems to seem like a moment between the two, possessing both unreality and mundanity and belonging to neither. It reminds me of Hekate, goddess of magic, who bridges the borderlands between the mortal veil and the domains of the gods, partaking of both and beholden to neither. It’s a good place, in other words, for a bit of fantasy on the way to other things.

The next update is tomorrow, 29 May. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

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This week’s flashback:

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