Weekly Update 12 June 2021
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Weekly Update: 12 June 2021

This week I returned to “Body Game: Encounter 813” thanks to a nudge from a noble Patreonite, and I enjoyed reconnecting with the process. For those unfamiliar, the Body game stories involve ten turns of escalating changes, levels of intensity, and overrides mapped out by random pulls from long tables in an Excel spreadsheet for seven characters who have more and more to deal with (in more ways than one). My first love is creating the setup for things (which is why my author page is littered with chapter ones), but a story like this is good to come back to because each chapter and round is like a new platform. Anyway, there’s two chapters of that and a lot more below, so find what you like and enjoy the fuck out of it.

With this update I’ve reverted to a contents listing with the chapters and descriptions at the top of each multi-part story, in place of the pagination buttons that only showed the part numbers. The chapter list is in a scrolling window to keep it from getting too big (and yes, there is such a thing a too big, sometimes!), so if that shows up wonky in your browser or platform please give me a shout. I plan to make a few more systematic changes to the site over the summer, and your feedback and heads-up notes are always appreciated.

Friday’s Flashback gathered stories about kings and princes, so check that out if you missed it. The next update is a week hence, 19 June. The update after that, 26 June, will have a bit of a Pride theme, so contributions along those lines are especially welcome. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff: