by Thorn

Men have been going missing without a trace. Only those who go missing knows what truly happens, and what types of traps they have to undergo for some misdeeds in their past.

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Author’s Note

I wanted to inform you that this series takes place in the same universe as my other stories, “Stories To Tell In The Dark” and “Dick Note”, so feel free to check them out!


It was a pitch-black room. The creaking of chairs could be heard. Suddenly the lights flashed on. Two men sat on some chairs apart from one another, separated by a table. Both of the men’s heads were tipped downward, with their bodies propped upward by a strap around their torsos.

Yawning, the brunette with a cap on his head twitched as his body shuddered. Throwing his head back he looked around the room panicked. Metal walls blocked the two men inside of the room. To the right of the man a metal door remained closed. Realizing his circumstance he tried standing but couldn’t move. Looking down his eyes widened. Both of his ankles were shackled to the chair, which was attached to the large metal square tile his chair was sitting upon. He recognized the man sitting in front of him.

“Brad, wake the fuck up!” he yelled.

Brad’s longer blond hair swayed side to side as he lifted his head. Letting out a yawn he looked around the room, taking in the situation. Noticing he was also strapped into the chair with his ankles in shackles to the seat he began to rock the chair back and forth, but it didn’t budge. “Steven, what the hell is going on?!” he yelled, confused.

Both of their arms were free. They tugged at the strap-like belt across their navels but it refused to slide. Brad tried to rock his chair again but it was useless.

To their left they heard a static noise. The blank metal wall illuminated into an old television. Static lines crossed the television screen for a while as if it were trying to reach a suitable connection to be broadcast inside of the room. After a couple seconds both men watched as the connection improved. Sitting in the middle of the picture was a button eyed doll that resembled an imp in a suit. It sat there motionless with half of its face smiling with little sharp teeth while the other side remained in a mischievous grin. It sat in front of a blank wall, propped up to the camera.

“Glad to see you two are awake. Both of you must be very confused right now but do not worry, you won’t be for much longer.” The screen twitched a bit. The lips of the doll remained motionless.

“What the fuck is that thing?! Someone get us out of here right now!” Brad was yelling, throwing his weight against the table but it didn’t budge, like the rest of the furniture in the room. He began slamming onto the table to make noise, Steven followed suit as they both pleaded.

“As you probably know by now, no one can hear you. Your screams are yours alone. You two have been brought here as punishment for misdeeds, Brad and Steven.”

The two men stopped making noise, calming down their frenzy. Both of them shuddered hearing their names being mentioned by the warbled yet raspy voice being played while looking at the doll staring into their souls.

“Both of you are well-known for your hard-earned physiques and time at the gym, gaining size and muscle. However, both of you seemed to have forgotten to exercise kindness. You two are well-known for mocking and making fun of those trying to get into shape, those who take the first step in improving themselves. That is why you two will now improve yourselves. You might know a guy who came to you two for help named Fred. Together, you mocked him and made fun of his weight saying more than the freshman fifteen had hit him. So now you two will be mocked.”

“What do you want, you psycho! Let us out of here!” Steven cried out.

“If you two wish to escape your predicament you are able to by leaving through the door next to you. However, you must first get yourself out of your restraints.”

As the audio continued to play the table began to shake a bit. Opening up in a circular shape in front of both men, different drinks in cannisters rose up from beneath the table. Both men looked confused.

“Below your seats are weighted metal pressure-plates. If you manage to press enough weight down onto your seat, you will push down onto the weight plate. Once the weight has been pushed down enough, the shackles around your ankles and strap around your navels will be released. Once both weights have been pushed down, they will activate a lever which will open the door to your freedom. In order to apply weight you must feed the weight of your ego. Each of your weights have been created to match your own individual egos accordingly. In front of you is something that might be able to assist you in reaching this feat if you choose to do so. This is only a one time offer. You only have forty-five minutes to complete this task or else the weights will lock, never being able to be pushed down. It’s your choice. Good luck.”

As the audio completed, the television screen began to be crossed with static once again. The image of the impish doll was no longer. Instead in a glaring red light formed across the screen. Forty-five minutes appeared onto the screen. To their side they each heard a lock as the door was now completely sealed shut, In front of them more beverages began to rise up and out of the table, completely filling up the table space.

“What are we supposed to do? We can’t apply enough weight if we’re strapped down. That stupid doll doesn’t even understand that!” Brad spat.

“No, Brad, I think it does. We clearly have to do something and fast, we don’t have a lot of time. I don’t want to be stuck here forever, man!”

“You’re right. There’s too many people I haven’t fucked yet.” Brad groaned and shook his head.

“Forget about that right now! We got to get out of these damn restraints. Clearly we have to do something with these drinks.” Steven’s voice quivered as he focused his gaze upon the different beverages sitting upon the table.

“Whatever man. If all we gotta do is drink whatever shit is in these cups then so be it.” Brad took the initiative, reaching his big arm onto the table grabbing the first cup in front of him. He directed his gaze down into the cup seeing that the beverage was murky, much like swamp water. Leaning his nose down he took a sniff. “Dude, it smells like protein!”

“What?” Steven grabbed a cup in front of him, examining the contents. He followed Brad’s lead and took a whiff. “Hey dude, you’re right!”

“Let’s get to chugging, bro!” Brad threw his head back along with the drink. His adam’s apple bobbed as the contents flowed through his mouth and down into his stomach. Crushing the cup against his forehead, he chucked it to the side off of the table and grabbed another. Steven followed Brad’s initiative but was chugging slower. The guys at the frat house often had wicked parties and Brad was the champion chugger, undefeated. Steven on the other hand could handle his liquor, but could never drain a keg as fast as his fellow brothers.

While Steven was onto his second drink, the pile that was forming on the floor next to Brad was piling up. The former beer-pong alignment that the drinks created was now being ruined by the purging of drinks. Steven finished his second cup and slammed it onto the table, belching. He felt a pressure in his stomach as if he were bloated with some bad gas that wasn’t passing. Looking up to see how his buddy was fairing shook Steven. Steven gulped as he took notice of his fellow frat brother. Or should he say, fat brother. Brad’s varsity jacket was visibly straining against his body. The once fitted blue jacket with white sleeves was no longer hugging the body that it had been once before. Brad seemed oblivious to the entire thing, continuously chugging more beverages down onto the table. The strap against his stomach was starting to dig in deep.

“Fuck is this strap getting tighter as more time is passing?” Brad looked at Steven who was looking directly at him. His eyes were wide and wild, sweat began to drip down his brow. “What are you looking at, bro?”

“Brad… look at yourself man!” Steven yelled, all of his fear rushing into his voice.

Brad steadily looked down to see what Steven was looking at. There was a moment of silence before Brad scream. “What. The. Fuck.” Brad began sweating as his hands traveled along his body. Immediately they darted to his stomach. The tight varsity jacket was now straining against his stomach. Long gone was his hard-earned eight pack he had developed from ample hours at the gym. Brad’s face drained of color. “I feel like I’m gonna vomit!” he choked out.

Steven was afraid to look down at his own body. Deciding to rip off the band aid he looked down and screamed, realizing what was happening to his frat bro was also happening to him. Having only had two drinks, Steven’s own varsity jacket was being filled out more but not as much as Brad. Brad felt up his face and noticed it was a bit rounder and that his pecs were now softer and not hard with muscle. Steven began shaking in his chair before actually shaking the chair.

Let us out please! We’ll do anything!”

The television continued to count down, now at thirty-minutes. The imp’s laughter could be heard through the television. Clearly whatever it was that was putting the two jocks through this was still watching from wherever they were.

“Bro I’m getting so fat! How the hell am I going to bed chicks? My hot summer bod is ruined! I’m like winter weight but on crack!” Brad stifled a moan as his hand brushed past his stomach, the sensitivity of the expanded flesh being an unfamiliar sensation to him.

“We only got thirty-minutes left dude. Either we get trapped here forever and starve to death or overfeed ourselves to get out.” Steven was the one working to think rationally amongst the two, trying to keep himself calm for what he was doing to his body. Brad looked frustrated, but he nodded his head, slowly moving his hand back to the tabletop, grabbing another drink.

“Let’s not try to think about it. How about we just keep chugging alright dude? Just like at the frat house, remember? We can do this.” Steven gave a worn out smile to Brad.

Both of the ex-jocks grabbed a cup and gave a good ol’ “Cheers!” before chugging the contents. Drink after drink the two men swallowed the murky contents in the drinks. Both took turns belching and groaning as they felt their bodies expanding in their midsection. Steven felt the belt now getting tighter against his stomach much like it had for Brad. His own stomach was now the biggest it had ever been in his life. His previous six pack was replaced with a solid gut of flesh. Steven rubbed his swollen stomach, feeling the heft that he was not accustomed to when he heard a pop. Glancing up he saw that Brad was much bigger than he had been last time he looked at him. By now, the blue varsity jacket had lost one of the white buttons that ran up the center. Visible belly flesh could be easily viewed from Steven’s side of the table. Brad was visibly sweating and audibly huffing.

“I can’t—” he huffed “—keep going.” His stomach gurgled and groaned as if it was hungry, wanting more food. Brad fingered his bellybutton that was now exposed between the two lower buttons, feeling how deep it went.

“We gotta Brad. We can’t quit!” Steven picked up another drink and threw it back down his throat as if it were a shot. Brad just continued to sit there, looking lifeless and tired. The buttons on Steven’s own varsity jacket strained. His own pecs had now softened by this point, approaching what Brad must have been like ten minutes ago at the pace they were going. Reaching up to his face, Steven squeezed his now puffier cheeks. Slapping his face and shaking his head, Steven grabbed another drink and chugged it.

Turns out, that was the final straw for his varsity jacket. Following in Brad’s footsteps, the button on Steven’s jacket had burst, exposing his own belly button. His stomach pressed hard into the belt when he felt a shake and rattle. Suddenly there was a click. The belt over his stomach loosened up and a mechanical whirring filled Steven’s ears. The belt retracted off of his stomach and back into the chair he was sitting into. The cuffs on his ankles followed suit with another click. Throughout all of his chugging he hadn’t realized the table was getting a little higher as his chair sunk down a bit onto the weighted pressure plate.

Without a second thought, Steven got out of his chair before it could possibly strap him down for a second time. He did not want to chance that. As he got up his stomach bumped into the table, causing him to get pushed back and hit the chair. His stomach was now round and leading the way proudly. He flexed his biceps and noticed they still maintained their definition and then his pecs. Unfortunately, his pecs lost some definition turning more into tight man-boobs but they still looked decent. Of course, the biggest blow was his overgrown stomach. For old time’s sake he tried flexing his abs but instead felt his stomach tighten up and then loosen once he stopped. Steven was smiling and laughing in glee, glad to be out of his chair. Sure it sucked what happened to his body but he didn’t care, he could just work it off again. Turning over to the television he flipped the screen off with both his hands.

“Take that you little fuck! Haha! You may have made me fat but at least I’m free!” Steven rubbed his nose and stuck his chin up. “Come on, Brad, let’s go.” Steven turned to look at Brad, but his smile fell. Brad was still stuck in his chair and even bigger. Now, his stomach was close to bursting a second button but the lower part of his belly was hanging out from under the varsity jacket. Brad looked like he wanted to cry, clearly frustrated. Taking a glance at the screen Steven saw only fifteen minutes had now remained.

“Fuck, I thought we’d both be freed at the same time. I guess this is what that little fuck meant when it said our plates would be weighted according to our own egos.” Steven took pity on his friend, feeling bad for him. But that was no way that frat bros would just abandon another bro. That was against the code of bros. “You got this Brad! Just a little more. You got this!” Steven began cheering Brad on, walking over to him.

“I can’t do this anymore, Steven. Just look at me!” Brad’s ego was shattering. He was sobbing, looking down at his stomach and his inflated man-boobs. Who the hell can love this?!” he wailed.

Steven clasped his hand onto Brad’s shoulder. “Self-love my dude! You know that, you spent hours looking at yourself in the mirror. You got to that body once and you sure as hell can do it again. You always said you wanted to be the biggest you could be, just think of this as that…but in a different way.” For some reason Steven was getting a little turned on by Brad. Even before, Steven sort of liked the way Brad always talked about being the biggest in the frat house and wanting to be the biggest in the gym. It sort of turned him on, but he never told his bro that. Before Steven knew it, his hand had moved from Brad’s shoulders to his stomach. He felt the heft of his bros stomach. It was much heavier than his own. Brad groaned.

“How about I help you, big guy.” Steven brushed his hand through Brad’s golden locks, smiling down at him.

Brad’s puffy face looked back up to him and smiled. “Okay bro,” he said, and then wiped away his tears.

Steven grabbed another cup and told Brad to hold his head back. They were going to mimic what Brad often did in frat parties, chug from the keg. First went down one cup then the next. Brad continued to keep swallowing the beverages that Steven was pouring down his throat. Brad was taking them all like a champ.

“Keep it up big boy. You’re doing great!” Steven wiped a bit of the murky liquid off of Brad’s chin. “You’re getting there big bro.” Steven pressed his own inflated belly against Brad as he leaned in to grab another cup for him to swallow. By now all of his buttons had burst along his stomach, letting the entire thing hang out and free. It was round like the globe. Steven forced another drink down Brad’s throat. Unable to resist his size, Steven grabbed as much of Brad’s stomach as he could, giving it a shake. Both men could hear the sloshing from inside. As Steven continued to slosh Brad’s stomach he felt the belly expand outward more, rounding out further. Brad let out a moan as he felt his bro rub his sensitive stomach. It felt so good. Was he missing out on this the entire time?

Once again, there was that laugh from the imp. Both men looked back at the television and saw that only five minutes were left on the clock and that Brad was still not free of his chair. Three cups remained filled on the table. “Think you can down these last three, piggy?” Steven smirked.

Brad couldn’t resist smirking back at Steven and gave Steven’s tummy a rub. “Of course bro.”

Without hesitation Brad grabbed one cup while Steven grabbed another. Brad forced the beverage down but his forehead was now sweating. The final button on his varsity jacket was straining on his chest, both inflated man boobs looking so round and supple. Steven wanted to bite into them. Handing over the second drink Brad chugged it down like no tomorrow. Two minutes flashed the screen. By now Brad couldn’t stop groaning and complaining how tight the belt was. Steven couldn’t blame the poor dude, his tummy flesh was hanging over the belt and looked red from all the pressure. Brad was moaning and thrashing himself around, really feeling the pounds get added onto his already tremendous figure. Both men heard a tear. This time it wasn’t from his varsity jacket but from the pants he was wearing. The seams down the side had split due to his growing thighs and ass.

“One more bro. One more and we can get out of this creepy joint.” Steven handed over the final cup to Brad. Brad gulped. He had been having trouble getting the last four or so drinks down since he was feeling so full. With his good bro Steven pushing him and cheering him on, Brad was able to do it. Taking a moment to breathe, he inhaled then exhaled before chugging the final contents. Slamming the cup back on the table the familiar mechanic whirring made itself present with a click as the belt strained tremendously against Brad’s heft. It nearly sounded like it was going to give out. The cuffs around his swollen ankles snapped and freed him. Both men’s attention was turned toward the door which has also made a click as the lock was now taken off.

Brad and Steven gave a sigh of relief seeing that only sixteen second remained left on the clock, nearly trapping them in the room permanently. Brad groaned as he tried to pull himself out of the chair but was not used to the size of himself. He must have weighed more than his personal best when fit! Steven helped pull Brad up and out of the chair which caused him to fall against the table, making it creak. His large belly crushing the cups that were scattered across as trash. With newfound step Brad took he felt the wobble of his stomach sway from side to side. He couldn’t even see his feet anymore, but he didn’t care. He was just glad to be free. Steven took notice of Brad’s newly grown fat ass and gave it a slap.

“Looks like you did some growing back here too big boy. All that fat looks good on you bro.” Steven bit his lip.

Brad moaned as he felt the slap of his ass and then his face turned a little red, “Thanks bro. I couldn’t have done it without your help.” Brad pulled Steven in as close as he could, but both of their bellies fought for space. Ultimately, Brad’s was winning.

Both men waddled over toward the door which had unlocked itself due to the men’s increased weight. Steven managed to fit through with no problem but Brad on the other hand had to try different position from going stomach first, ass first, and going in sideways. It was a bit of a struggle, but both men had exited the room with the door locking shut right behind them.

Sitting in a grand chair in front of a bunch of television screens a dapperly dressed man with red skin, horns, and tail watched the two newly grown fatso’s exit the room. His laugh matched that of the imp doll that sat in front of the television as the two men engorged themselves.

“Excellent, going all according to plan. Now if that little lust demon hadn’t taken up more of my time I could be a quarter of the way through this by now.” The voice was raspy and hissed. Aesma fixed his tie and dusted off his suit before turning some knobs, browsing through the channels of televisions in front of him. He stretched and scratched at the scruff on his chin. “It’s been a while since I got to play this game. Might as well enjoy it, I guess. Which group is next…?”

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