Friday Flashback The Unsurfaced, Part 2 The Unsurfacing
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Friday Flashback: The Unsurfaced, Part 2: The Unsurfacing

For this week’s flashback I’m doing another round of The Unsurfaced where I collect stories with good views and votes that haven’t previously been featured in a flashback post. The rules are the same as last time: the story has to be at least six years old; it has to come from the middle third of the archive in terms of story views; and it has to have a ranking of four or more stars from five or more votes.

This time around I refined the SQL code to get a more accurate reflection of these criteria and ended up with an interesting selection, including some I’m surprised haven’t been surfaced before. Hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy, and as always make sure to star-upvote and comment on the stories you like.

The next update is tomorrow, 20 November. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting the site.

Posted: 19 November 2021  • 

This week’s flashback: