A new life

by ChangeRedhawk

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“Okay.” Oceana asked for the umpteenth time, “Where is he?”

“He’ll be around soon enough Ana.”, I reply. Why did they assigned her and I on this mission.

You see we’re not human. Well at least I’m not human, anymore. We’re fae or fairies if you prefer. We were sent to “reclaim” one of our lost “children”. He lives in this nice beach house with a swimming pool. The fae of our house like water. So this mission is not all that bad.

“You know Aric I’m missing classes because of this guy?” Here goes Ana again.

“Will you relax.” We hear the doorknob jiggle. “See, he’s back. Now let get this observation over with.”

He walks in caring a bag of groceries. He heads for the kitchen. When he sets down the bag we both do a double take.

“Wow!” Ana whispers, “He’s a hunk isn’t he?”

I’m not going to agree with her out loud. “What would I care. I’m a guy.”

“Oops sorry.”

She was right though. What we have here is a 6 foot tall, muscular, tan beach jock. He has dirty blonde hair and sea green eyes. Looking at him is turning me on.

“Um Ana?”


“Could you go and report that we have made first contact.”

“What but…”


She blinks at me. “Ok. I’ll bring you something to eat on the way back.”

“Thanks, and take you time.”

She leaves. Great. I get to ogle over this surfer giant by myself.

He’s spends most of the day milling around the house. I wish he let me see more of himself. A tank top and sweats aren’t bad, but I hate teasers. He does answer a personal. Whoever he talk to will be over in a hour.

An hour later The doorbell rings. I wonder what type of person it is. They walk in and its a GUY. Not just any guy but THE GUY. The one who shrunk me in the first place. If it wasn’t for the fairies who rescued me I would have been his pet fish forever.

“Hey I brought over some beers. Care for one”

What? Don’t drink it man! Dang! I can’t below my cover yet.

“Sorry. Don’t drink beer.” Good. Don’t let him give you anything.

They talked for a while. I’m trying my best not to go out of my mind. I’m thinking of ways to warn him of danger and to get revenge on the shrinking dude.

“Hey you want to see me swim?” the surfer ask.

No don’t take him to your pool. He’ll try to shrink you.

I get outside before they do. Now what. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent Ana away. They strip and… and… and… WOW! I finally get to see the surfer’s package. He’s huge. I just stare at him. He jumps in the pool. “Hey old man take off your undies.”

“Watch who you calling old man.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He pulls the old hunk into the pool. They start kissing.

“Mmm Peppermint?” the surfer says. Peppermint? Oh no.

They continue kissing. The surfer’s groping every part of the old hunk.

“I’m gonna fuck you. Right here, right now.”

“Okay but…” The surfer didn’t give the hunk a chance to defend himself. He just started into him. I hope he does start shrinking now. (No pun intended)

“Oh man! You’re so tight! I love tight places!”

He’s not shrinking. He growing! He getting bigger physically. Sweet irony.

“Please, Stop! You’re too big!”

“Now there’s a new one.” He continues fucking him, getting bigger by the minute. The waves he’s making would be killer to someone my size. The more the hunk struggles, the bigger the surfer gets. He so big he’s standing out of the pool now. The hunk looks like a large rag doll, compared to the surfer. The surfer lays him on the edge of the pool and finishes humping him. He came for a while. So did I from watching him. The last thing I remember before passing out from pleasure is of him picking up the hunk.

After a couple days of observation. I find out that his name is Jason and he loves water as much as we do. He’s nice to fish and very defensive of the seas. He’s defiantly one of us.

I’m relaxing in his aquarium, in my merman mode. Its not a Jacuzzi but it will do.

The fish wonder who I was for a minute and then totally took me for one of them. I would have fallen asleep if Jason didn’t return from his jog.

I swim up to the glass. He looks great. He’s got a nice coat of sweat on him. He mills around for a while.

“Hey, fish? It’s dinner time.” Oh oh.

“Okay folks, here comes dinner? What on Earth??”

Well, so much for a good first impression. I swim up to the top, switching from merman mode to my “somewhat” normal form. “Okay. Don’t freak out. I mean you no harm.” He’s just staring.

“I’m well I’m a …”


“And you umm. Do you remember anything about your true parents.” Now he’s got this strange look on his face.

“Are you saying my true parents were fairies?”

“That’s not entirely true.”

“Explain yourself.”

Okay here it goes.

“You’re part fae, and…”

“And what?”

“Part giant.”

“You’re say that my true parents…”

“Hey, I’m just telling you what was told to me.”

He stands there quietly for awhile. I hope he’s not going to do something we’d both regret.

“So you’re here to… take me home?”

“In a manner of speaking. Yes.” Another quiet moment.

“Who are you and what am I?”

“I’m Aric, I’m a member of House Aquarius. You are also a member of House Aquarius. You will become the House’s protector.”

“Ok. Does that involve Magic.”

“A little.”

“But, I don’t have a magical bone in my body.”

“I wouldn’t say that. Do you remember the last guy you had sex with?”

“Yeah, what of it.”

“Did you notice how big you were.” He smiles on that one. “The same size as normal.” I had to laugh. He’s too gorgeous to get angry at.

“What I’m meant to tell you is that House Aquarius thinks that you can change your size from being as big as you are to something bigger or to as small as me.”


After another retrospective moment he looks at me and ask. “Were you watch me when I did that guy?” Now its my turn for a quiet moment. “Did you like what you saw?” I answer quietly. “Yes.” He’s beaming. “Would you care for a close up?” I just nod my head.

He pulls me out of the aquarium. Walks over to the couch, sets me down on its arm and starts stripping. He was nude within a minute. He sits down on the couch beside me. Him, just looming over me has me hot. I think he’s enjoying it too.

“Well, ready for your close up?”

“Yes.” He picks me up again and set me down on his hardening dick.

Up close and personal, his dick is huge. I just sitting on it watching this large flesh plank extend in front of me. Plank? There’s a thought. I stand up and start walking on his cock. “Oh! That feels great!”

I walk up to his cockhead and then sat back down. I poked and prodded his head with my hands; occasionally hitting it with a bioelectric jolt. “Damn! That feels weird. Keep it up!!”

I scoot back a little so I could get my arms around his shaft and start hitting the bottom of this cock with jolts. He’s losing it now. Every jolt I give him makes his dick larger. I look back and sure enough, he’s growing again. “More! More! Give me more!!”

He’s getting bigger and harder every minute. I couldn’t tell how big he’s getting but he’s so big now that holding on is becoming a challenge. I slide down far enough to be back at his base among the expanding pubes. A good thing to. Soon as get to his base, then his giant hand covers the top part of his cock. He jack off while I’m holding on. I scared he might accidentally crush me, but it’s exciting. The vibrations of his cock before he came was enchanting. I forgot where I was. I’m covered in cum. The next thing I know I’m being licked clean. This is when I cum. His warm tongue was just too much.

After that, we just sit there. It looks like he’s fallen asleep. I was deciding on leaving when he said, “I think we need a shower.” I smile at that one. “I think you’re right.”

He carries me to the shower. He’s got a shower rack, so I have something to stand in. He pulverizes a bar of soap and gives me a piece. Watching him shower was turning me on. His huge pecs. His washboard stomach. I’m drunk with passion.

After the shower he asks “You want to spend the night, little man?” “Sure.” He makes me a bed for me on his chester drawer out of a pillow and a towel. And there I fell asleep.

Some time late at night I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Oh Ana, not now!”

“Hmfh who’s Ana.”

“What?” I roll over to see Jason. He’s my size. “Wow”

“I’m not gonna get use to this size, Aric.”

“I did.” Before he could say another word I started kissing him. My tongue probing his mouth. I make my way down his front. Neck. Pecs. Abs. Dick. I down his dick in one swallow. He just leans back and lets me suck him. He’s enjoying every minute of it.

Ten minutes later,

“Stop!” He pulls me off his dick.

“What’s up Jason?”

“I want that ass of yours”

“Well, cum and get it.”

That’s all he needed. He pins me down quickly and doesn’t give me the chance to adjust.

“Damn, you tight! Just like I like it.” He just starts humping me. No mercy. It feels great. He keeps going deeper and deeper. I look up to see him getting bigger. I don’t know if this is a good thing but I can’t stop him. Actually I don’t want to stop him. “Hurt me man! Hurt me!”

He keeps his growth up until he’s twice my size. I feel a rag doll, being tossed around by a rabid dog. I cum first, all over my chest. He pulls out of me and cums all over me again. Even at this size he cums like a giant. When he finished he walks to the edge of the chester drawer and steps off. He now back at his normal size.

“That was amazing, Jason.”

“That might be the only good thing about shrinking powers. I get to do you. So maybe being your protector might not be bad at all.”

“Jason. With that power you can do me anytime you want.”

“Well then you can show me this world of yours, Aric and I’ll give that butt a well deserved workout.”

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