A super costume party

by Redouan

It’s Halloween and Josh’s friend loves to go to Halloween costume parties. Josh hates dressing up, so he has to deal with the dilemma: will he wimp out, or will he show up and show off as a superhero?

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“Josh! Please stop being so lame again! Just join us, we will all be in costume and joke around!”

Dave’s voice was kind of harsh. It was October, Halloween, and that meant that Dave, my best friend was going to force me to go to one of the costume parties in town again. He loves those dress up Halloween parties. Unfortunately, I kind of hate those parties. I hate dressing up, as I prefer to just go out as myself. I was deciding to not go this year. Last year was a disaster. Dave had the stupid idea to dress up as Bert and Ernie. Of course, I was Ernie.

“I’m sorry man, I already told you… I am not going this year.”

“Yeah, you will! You are not going to bail on me. I really don’t understand why you are so paranoid about dressing up, it is not that serious dude. Just let go and have fun.”

It is not that I do not understand why grownups like dressing when a party is involved. I just don’t like the way people start acting. Girls just dress like sluts and men either put in zero effort or act so masculine that they seem dumb! Strutting around like they are some army guy or a lifeguard. I could never act around like that… maybe it is my own confidence…

Without much more persuasion Dave left our apartment for the rest of the day. I was sleepy, watched some tv and fell asleep tired of thinking of a way to bail out without hurting my best friends’ feelings.

In my sleep I had the weirdest dream. As I floated above the sky, above the city. There was no way for me to get down as I floated, just a weird voice echoing somewhere in the distance. “Be confident and you will be able to soar above everyone you know. You will be the biggest most bulky guy around town, no one will be able to resist you….” The voice was making me nervous and sweaty as the thought of being a huge dude makes me uncomfortable. I get so sweaty, that I wanted to wipe my body off with my hands. I shouted out in discomfort as I felt my naked body. I was covered with big bulging muscle, so full and bulging that they feel blown up. My plump full pecs bounced as sweat dripped on top of them, my thick strong thighs were contracted and well defined. My skin was shiny because off the sweat, I felt like my body was not my own. Yet my dick seemed to enjoy it. Right before my hand was able to reach it, I woke up!

I heard people. Confused, I looked around. My penis was oddly a little hard from my dream, but I wanted to quickly forget it. It seemed too real.

I jumped up, embarrassed, when I saw several people in our living room, hoping people would not have seem me having some weird wet dream. “What is going on!” I asked awkwardly.

Dave showed himself behind the guests. “Sorry, man! I forgot to tell you. We are having a party at ours tonight this time! We just came in.”

I immediately became angry. “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

But Dave calmed me down and led me to his bedroom. “Okay… I am sorry man! But you just always dislike my plans. I figured I’d just do it to show you that you can have a good time at these parties. You eventually always do! And I still have an idea for our costume together!”

He walked to his closet and took out a skirt and top, and… a cheap Superman outfit. “We are going to be Superman and Lois! I am going to be Lois, you will be Superman….”

I stopped him there. “No no no no… no, man! I drew the line at Bert and Ernie… I am not going to be Superman! Why the hell did you go out to buy an expensive costume like that?”

“Dude, it’s just for fun! It was not expensive. I got it for like 5 dollars at a secondhand store. You don’t have to do anything! Just stand next to me the whole night! I promise! I will deliver some jokes I thought of. You can just have your beer and get to know some people….”

Dave! Come check this out!” somebody shouted from the living room.

“I’m coming!” Dave shouted back. Before he left the room, he turned around to me. “Please Josh… Don’t be such a bummer this time….”

I was left alone in his room feeling sad for disappointing my best friend. I looked at the cheap Superman costume Dave provided for me, laying on his bed. It was stuffed with filling to represent muscles, but they did not remotely look real. The cape you had to attach with Velcro. The costume seemed worn, like it had been in possession of someone for quite some time.

Fuck this shit, this will look so stupid. I thought of the pretentious dudes who wear superhero costumes to parties. How they joke around with girls… For a moment I held the costume in my hands but then I shook my head and turned around to tell Dave that it was just not for me.

But then that voice came back, the weird echoing voice form my livid dream… It startled me. “Don’t walk away from your destiny, Josh… You are meant to be big and strong… you are meant to show off and save your best friend.”

I laughed. Some weird fantasy is not going to put me in an awkward situation.

“But your best friend relies on you, Josh…”

This time it felt like the voice was coming from the costume laying on the bed. It weirded me out, but my feeling of betraying Dave became quite strong. My hand moved to the costume. Well, I know Dave is right. What could be so embarrassing about dressing up as Superman… It is not like the suit was skintight anyway.

So, I striped down to my undies tossing my clothes aside and put on the cheap Superman costume. It was looser than I thought, and the fake muscles moved around every time I took a step. It did not make me feel more confident wearing it, but somehow wearing it, I was ready to do this for my best friend.

I stood there in front of the mirror, laughing at myself with the fake muscles. I am not this kind of guy… But why does it bother me so much, anyway? Just do this shit and have a laugh! So, I took one courageous breath and stepped out into the room were all the guests were already drinking and having a good time.

All of them were men. Probably friends of Dave. They looked around at me when I walked in and started laughing.

“Look guys! Superman came to safe the party!”

Wo wooooo!”

I laughed as I walked towards the people. My face turned red. But I stuck to my role and did some Superman poses. People laughed. Some guy dressed like a party girl in a wig ran to me. “Oooh save me!! Hold me!” he said jokingly. He was clearly already super drunk.

In the moment I felt very awkward and did not want to act on it. But the voice returned to my head. “Look, these men want you, they are starting to feel your strengthening presence. Hold him!” I was confused, the voice was starting to feel like my own thoughts, but I was certain I was not the one thinking like that. And yet I found myself reacting to the guy tossing himself in my arms as I tried to lift him jokingly. He almost fell but laughed as I helped him up again.

Dave walked towards me and at first was confused but then smiled. “Does anyone else need saving?” I say to him jokingly.

Dave laughed. He was clearly happy that I did put on the costume but I could tell he was also a little confused that I’d put it on before we could show off and make an entrance together. “I just wanted to get into my role before you join me,” I said to him.

“It’s okay, man, I really appreciate you join the fun for me. And… you look kind of fine man… you look more confident when you show off.”

His expression changed when saying that, and a feeling of weird brotherly love struck me. He never complimented me like that. But was it brotherly? I smiled back at my friend and did some smug joking poses as he laughed. It felt amazing being looked at like that by him.

Then I felt something weird. The fake padded foam muscles around my chest randomly started sticking to my body. Awkwardly, I tried to get them off. When I did they would loosen, but after a while kept sticking to me again. Am I getting this sweaty under the costume? I wondered.

Dave started talking to somebody else, so I walked to the kitchen, feeling under the suit with my arm. I was not sweating but the padding in the suit felt weird. After I loosened the padding away from my chest, I removed my arm from under the suit but then the padding would stick to my arms and legs. Maybe it was just some suction because the suit is so cheap?

Awkwardly I joined the guys again. Some dude was talking to Dave. “I really like this crappy Superman suit man,” the guy told me. “Luckily it is a little loose and not that tight spandex shit. I saw some guy wearing one yesterday and he looked stupidly skinny and sweaty. But this looks funny!”

I chuckled. “Well, those dudes just are searching for a reason to show off that they visited the gym once, it looks ridiculous,” I said mockingly.

Dave grinned. “Who cares if it would be a tight suit, though. You would look fine either way.” I laughed and blushed looking at Dave while holding my chest up to make it seem bigger. That made the padding feel even more weirdly clingy. I moved around in my suit to try to loosen it again, but the voice would not let me.

“He complimented you… Your presence is starting to get bigger. Do you feel their envy? Do you feel how good it feels to get stronger?”

It weirded me out and made me want to get out of the suit. But in a strange way it was enjoyable, too, like this was meant to happen.

The padding became so attached to me that it felt like it was merging with my body. I pulled at the fabric trying to get it to loosen but it would not let go anymore. And it felt… good. After pulling at myself several times I did lose the will to fight it as I did not want to come off as awkward.

Dave’s friends started to look at me while I was still struggling a bit to fight it as I tried to get to suit off one more time. My mind was shifting from wanting to get the suit off of me, to enjoying it somehow merging with my body.

“Are you okay, dude?” some friend of Dave’s asked.

“Sure! I just am a little sweaty. Don’t mind me,” I responded as I could not help wiggling around a bit.

“Are you sure? That suit of yours seems to look different as a few minutes before…”

“I think the suit is falling apart from the inside—it is quite cheap. And… you know, I have been hitting the gym, so I thought why not show it off a little?”

I freaked myself out a bit hearing myself say that, as I had never in my life hit the gym. But for some reason I needed for those guys to know. My body even felt a little bigger as the padding was not coming off anymore.

“Ahh, I see man! I thought you did not like guys who wear costumes to show off their gains.”

“I was joking! Those guys still look puny. I, on the other hand…” I said as I flexed my bicep for the guys. Only then I realized a muscle had grown under the cheap costume, it clearly pressed against the material as I flexed. This made me snap out of my moment of showing off.

“Yeah! Sick gains,” the guy muttered a little awkwardly, as he clearly did not expect me to say something like that.

I turned away from the conversation and quickly made my way back to the bedroom. There I found Dave in his underpants as he was finally changing into his own costume.

“Dude where did you get this Superman costume! I’m feeling really weird,” I said to him a little anxiously. “Something is happening to me, I think I need to take it off.”

“It’s from a secondhand store, I am already told you, man. Just relax if you feel uncomfortable, I will be out in a minute.”

“No, dude, listen to me! It is doing something to me, physically. The material is changing my body!”

“Don’t be weird man…”

“Feel my arms, man!” I asked him desperately. Dave reaches for my bicep and starts to squeeze it.

“Yeah, you do seem a little more buff man. But that’s nothing new! I have seen you getting your workouts in.”

“What are you talking about? I have never worked out in my life. These muscles just popped out of me from nowhere, and the padding in the suit is almost gone!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, man. Just be proud that it shows now,” Dave said as he passed by me.

I gaped after him as Dave left, headed to the bathroom. Am I going crazy? I thought as I felt around my body, my arms and chest clearly having a little more mass to them that just a moment before. The ugly muscle-padding inside the suit was all gone, and I had not even noticed it. For a moment I stared at myself in the mirror.

“Weird…” I said as I felt at the suit. I did look quite nice though—a little more mass is never wrong. I wanted to see those gains for myself real quick. My hand reached for the zipper in the back, but I could’t seem to find it anymore.

“Dave, Dave! Can you help me find the zipper?” I shouted at him at the restroom.

“Zipper? What zipper?” he shouted back. “There’s no zipper.”

“What do you mean? There was one just a few minutes ago.”

“No there isn’t. Those spandex suits never have a zipper in the back.”

“Spandex! This is not Spandex… I would know if it was. Then I would definitely not worn it.” I called back to him in confusion. My hands reached for the back again as he returned to the room, and my eyes got bigger as I feel silky smooth spandex on my back. My gaze quickly went to my chest as I felt the costume becoming tighter around my torso. A wave of tightening went from the upper part of my body down to my legs, swiftly morphing the loose fabric into tight lycra all around me.

“What… Spandex…?” I said softly, confused, still reacting to Dave’s answer as I wiggled and observe my arms and legs which are now tightly clad in blue shiny lycra.

Dave’s hands reached for my shoulders as I check myself out, gripping traps and delts I hadn’t had before. “Why are you acting like you didn’t put the suit on yourself, man? People are not that weirded out anymore by guys wearing Spandex costumes! You look super sleek with it on. That ass of yours is popping in it, too,” he added, winking at me in the mirror.

“Dave, what the hell is happening to me… I can’t go out like this…” I said nervously.

“Huh, of course you can, dude! Just show off a little! You love showing off!”

“What do you mean? I don’t! You don’t understand! I think this suit is slowly turning me into…”

“Shhh… relax man. It’s just some tight material, nothing is happening or changing. I’m just happy you wanted to go out as Superman for me dude! So let’s go and check on the party out there and impress people with your gains.”

“N… no… Dave!” I tried hard to get a word in but Dave was done with me complaining as he pushed me out there into the living room, giving me no chance to make up my mind.

“I will be out there in a bit! Just have fun, dude!” he said behind me as he closed the door of the bedroom shut. Some eyes turned to me as I enter, but most guys seemed to just be joking around with one another or dancing to the music from Dave’s playlist. I took a deep breath as I walked further into the living room, trying to calm myself down and not feel embarrassed as I forced myself to try to get used to my new skintight wardrobe.

“Just act casual… You are just having fun at a dress up party,” I said softly to myself. I decided to go grab a drink, so I made my way past some guys near the kitchen. At first, they didn’t seem to take notice of me, but my flowy red cape caught one of the dudes’ body as I pass him.

“Hey, Superman! That cape of yours is quite big,” he said as I found a glass to pour myself some wine.

“Hah, yeah, I guess, it’s been touching everyone I pass since I put on the costume.”

“Flowing behind that broad back of yours, it must be hard to move around in a crowded room.”

“Broad back… It depends on what you find broad,” I said as I laughed.

“Dude, don’t be so shy! Have you seen yourself in the mirror before, Supes?”

I turned around towards the window of our apartment and took a good look at myself. For some reason I felt the need to be big, like my body needed to expand for it to be normal… as if I had always been a big guy before. I stared at the S on my suit and focused, and, all of a sudden, I saw my chest widening right before my eyes. A feeling like pure power was bulking inside me. My whole upper body started to expand with size and mass, forcing me to contract my torso, which slowly bulged with two heavy, fully formed pecs pressing against the S, stretching the blue lycra forward. I let out a little gasp, feeling like I was dreaming… like I was in a daze between sleep and consciousness. But every movement I made with my arms and chest felt real.

Every time my eyes movd away from my reflection and back again, it seemed like my arms had grown further apart as my chest widened by the second. The same thing happened with the arms themselves, slowly thickening with muscle as fine bulges of bicep stretched the blue lycra, which took the strain everywhere, clinging to the muscle without any sign of a rip or tear. I pumped my arms like I was lifting weights in a preacher curl, and with every pump my arms got fuller, forming curves and lines that never existed before. The skintight spandex supersuit seemed to stretch wider with me as I grew, like it wanted to be wider… like it was finally being filled up with the man that needed to wear it.

“I think you see now what I mean dude! Are you done admiring yourself already?” the guy was asking me as I snapped away from focusing on myself becoming bigger and stronger. I let out a little yelp as I realized I had been transforming right in front of them, so focused on the fact that my body was expanding by the second.

“Uh… yeah, quite big, huh!” I said, a little dazed, not sure how to even begin explaining what is going on with me. “Weird that I just grew bigger like that, don’t you think?”

“Grew? What do you mean! You have always been this big as long as I can remember, every time I have seen you around here at Dave’s apartment. It’s always amazed me, to be honest. You must put in a lot of work at the gym”

“No—no! I just grew! Right in front of you. I just grew these pecs, man!”

The guy laughed at me like I was going crazy. But I knew I was not imagining this. Why was everyone reacting to me like nothing is going on? For a second my gaze moved back to the reflection in the window, at the Spandex clad man with a huge torso filled with muscle. I felt weird to think that man was actually me.

“Those pecs of you don’t grow in a day, man… I mean, you did not put this tight suit on for nothing right? If you have it, flaunt it!”

“No… you’re right they don’t grow in a day,” I heard myself say distractedly, turning back to him. “I am quite big though.”

“Can I feel your guns?” the guy asked as he looked me over, his tone growing more flirty. This weirded me out at first, but I realized it also made me feel good. Never in my life had I had a request like that before.

“Go ahead, bud,” I said with a growing confidence.

The guy moved in close and slowly felt my bicep through the lycra. I flexed for him, contracting a strong ball of muscle. The guy slowly started stroking it, feeling the well-defined lines of my arm.

“You must enjoy being this strong…” he said longingly. “Do you get a lot of girls in your bed?”

“Uhh, yeah, it is quite something. Girls, I’m not sure,” I added, a little uncertainly as the guy seemed very admiring.

“Come on, why do you sound so unsure of yourself, Supes? Be proud of what you are!”

“Hah, I am not actually Superman! I am just dressing up.”

“Dressing up? But you look so convincing!” The guy seemed mesmerized by me, almost smitten—like he had his mind set on being with me. I felt a little uneasy, like I was inhabiting a body of a lustful Adonis that was not supposed to be mine.

The door of the bedroom flew open and Dave entered, all done up in a short tight dress and a flat, out of the bag long wig.

My eyes quickly went to him, trying to catch his attention, as the uneasy situation I was in with the guy next to me almost clutching my arm needed to end. Luckily, he made his way to me as soon as he saw me.

“Oh hey look, there is my big Superman friend! Are you enjoying the party?”

The guy next to me seemed to snap away as Dave approached and let go of my hand. He shuffled back to his friends like our conversation had never occurred.

“Did putting that ugly outfit take you so long in there?” I said mockingly.

“Not everyone can look so good as you, Supes, just accept what I am able to transform myself into tonight with the budget I have.”

Why is everyone only calling me Superman? Even Dave.

“I have a name you know,” I said. “Josh, remember?”

“Josh? Is that your alter ego name when you are not on duty, Supes?” Dave said as he smiled. “Why don’t we sit and drink over there. I could use a beer!”

I nodded—I could use something to get my mind off of what was happening to me this evening. I followed Dave to the sofa where two more guys were sitting. We squeezed in next to them with me in the middle. I had to flow my cape over the back of the sofa so it was not in the way. Dave opened two cans of beer for the both of us.

“Cheers, bud,” he said

After I took a sip my eyes and hands went to my lycra clad legs as I sat there on the sofa. They were a little small compared to my upper body, and it made me feel uneasy looking at them. It was the same feeling I had before my torso had grown, as if they were meant to be thick and well defined as well. It was unnerving to have all these contradicting feelings of needing to become bigger but at the same time feeling uneasy about actually being muscular.

I took two huge sips and finish the whole can of beer, hoping just to make my mind drift off a little.

“Dude, Supes, calm down! You are already taking so much space on the sofa with those thick legs of yours, now you also want to be the first one to be drunk! You are not going to leave any room for us left!” Dave joked.

My mind raced as I feel the alcohol starting to work. And my eyes focused on my lower body.

“Thick legs…” I mumbled softly. Slowly spurts of growth started to show. I contracted the muscles that formed around my legs as they widened and thickened, sculpting themselves into well-defined shapes in my thighs and lower legs. They slowly started to swell up so big that they even started pushing Dave and the other guy next to me to the side, forcing them to move away a little. I admired myself as I seem to widen, slowly stroking the lycra covering my legs as they grow.

“Yeah! Thick legs pushing us to the side! Why did we even try to sit here in the first place, you knew we wouldn’t fit,” Dave said mockingly.

“Watch out, Dave, or you might turn into a woman for real if you keep mocking me,” I responded to him. There was still zero reaction from any of the guys next to me as my body kept swelling bigger and bigger right in front of them.

“What is that supposed to mean? You mock me for dressing up as a girl, while you are dressing up every single day of your life!”

I get a little claustrophobic from sitting in the tight spot next to the guys, so I stand up. And a little weirded out by Dave’s response as he keeps telling me I do stuff I have never done before.

“Every day? This is the first time I have worn this suit! How could I live my life and go to work if I would wear this every day!”

“But you do, bro. You are Superman! Why wouldn’t you wear it every day?” Dave responded, confused.

“I am not Superman! I am Josh! Normal everyday Josh, your roommate!” I said, starting to get angry that no one in the room understood what I was going through. My pumped-up muscles clenched and tightened as I coldn’t help myself from getting heated up from frustration.

“No one has ever called you ‘Josh’, Supes. So please calm down, and let’s start by removing that huge superboner from out of my face…” Dave said as he points at my junk.

The guys around me laughed as Dave said that, laughing and staring. Not just at me, but at my junk. My cheeks started to turn red as I moved my hand down to the red briefs covering my dick.

“What is this weird, twisted fantasy…” I mumble. Even as I said it, my dick started to harden underneath my hand. I could feel the blood being pumped into it like it normally would when I would stroke one out. But now it just grew, bulging under my red briefs. It did not take long before you could see a well-defined outline of my dick pressing against the lycra, like I had nothing on underneath it. I kept my hands off of it, like that would help to calm it down.

The guys continued to just stare as my dick hardened and started to throb. It let out small amounts of precum, making the red briefs a little wet.

“Oh shit guys, there we go again! One of Supe’s outbursts,” Dave called out to the other guys who seem to know what he is talking about. “Guys, give him some room. Just let him do his thing!” They watched in fascination as I couldn’t help myself from watching my throbbing boner get bigger.

“Ugh… So much pressure building up… What the hell kind of boner is this, man!” I shouted out in pleasure and confusion. I was slowly getting hornier, too, and that was overruling the shame I felt for having a hard dick in front of these guys.

“It is your superboner burst, Supes! You have them occasionally. I guess it is a little price you have to pay for being Superman,” Dave said in an explaining tone, like it was the most normal thing ever.

“Wh.. What? That does not make any sense bro! Uggh—” I moaned as I threw my head back and felt the first burst of cum filling my red briefs, making them soaking wet. After that I tried my hardest to calm down, but my dick would not allow me to do so.

What do I do, bro,” I started shouting as my body contracted.

“Just let it happen!” Dave said calmly.

My dick throbbed and bulged as I moved my hands to it as it slowly grew and stretched out. As hard as it was already, and having cum so hard my briefs were fully wet, the quite average-sized dick of mine started to expand forward like it was looking to find a way out of my briefs. And it did, too—it seems my blue suit underneath had a convenient hole for my dick, only covered by the red Superman briefs. With a little help from my hand and my dick pressing the briefs down, I revealed my now grown, quite large dick to the guys around me. I felt the need to show them my hard member, not only because of my sudden extreme hornyness, but also because my body seemed to want to.

“Damn! Dude, look at that superdick! I wonder how it feels to have that thing hanging between your legs?” one of the guys remarked.

“Yeah, do you think his cum is as powerful as his body?” another guy said.

“Yeah, it is! His supercum is quite the treat to taste!” Dave responded. “But we need to help him a bit, time to put those admiring words to action guys!”

Sux guys, including Dave, stood up and circled around me as I kept stroking my dick in front of them. The pressure and pleasure I felt made my body almost freeze like a statue. I couldn’t do anything until that huge boner was dealt with.

“Dave… uggh, did you know this would happen to me… if I would wear the suit?” I asked, as even though I was not able to fight it in any way, and I was far transformed from the guy I was a few hours ago, I wanted to get some explanation what was going on with my body.

Dave was the one who stood behind me, moving his hands to my lower back and letting themglide softly over the silky tight lycra covering my ass.

“Shhh, bro… No worries. We don’t judge you for your random Superman cumshots. Let me just help you ease thought it,” Dave said as his hands stroked my ass, until he went lower and finds my balls. He grabbed them through the lycra and massaged them gently.

“Hmm, such full balls,” Dave cooed, his lips close to my ear.

I felt my balls swell up with seed while Dave massaged them. It made my dick throb and burst out with another big shot of seed, right onto the two guys in front of me. They didn’t seem to mind, and one of them even tasted the cum with his finger.

“Damn, it does taste quite different. Almost a little bit like muscle milk!” the guy said, surprised.

“It sure does! Superman seed is said to be full of protein,” Dave responded.

“For real? Then we should hit the gym after helping supes out for sure!” another guy said.

“Sure, why not! But Supes needs some help now guys! Go ahead and massage our horny muscle hero,” Dave instructed.

The guys stood closer to me as I felt their hands starting to stroke my body all over, caressing me like I had never felt before. Their hands slid over the tight, smooth blue lycra, massaging my bulging body all over. Two guys focused on my arms, two on my chest, one sat down and massaged my glutes while Dave held his place as he focussed on my ass, carefully kneading it like a dough.

It felt amazing, being engulfed by guys massaging me, worshipping me.

“Flex for us, Supes!” one guy urged as he wrapped both of his hands around my bicep. I flexed for him, and then my other arm, and my pecs. I felt the need to flex for them constantly being locked in a bulging pose, it felt so amazing.

One of the guys moved around to his knees in front of my huge throbbing dick as I felt another load coming, touching the tip of my dick with his tongue. I shot my load into his mouth as I moan out in pleasure. His whole face was covered in white.

Again, after cumming, my body still did not feel released from pleasure. The guys continued to massage and worship my body as load after load seemed to build up inside my balls, swelling up big again and again. The guys took turn to receive the loads. But my cum seemed to come in bigger shots every time, so that soon I was not only covering the guys with spunk, but also making our whole living room wet with cum.

The rest of the party people still drinking and having a good time around us seemed to not mind that much what was going on in the middle of the room, like milking a bulging Superman was what happened every day in this building. Every so often one of the spectators seemed to be interested and took a turn to receive my load.

After more than 10 guys had received theirs cum explosion from me, I felt my body getting sated at last. Dave was the last one to be placing himself in front of me. I felt tired of being milked and trapped in the constant pleasure. “Dave… I. Will it be over?” I asked, sweat dripping down my forehead.

“Sure, Supes. I will be the last one,” he reassured me.

“I mean, will I turn back to Josh?”

“Josh? Who is Josh, bud? You keep calling out that name…”

“I… I was Josh.”

Dave got to his feet and placed his hands on my full pecs, starting to feel up them a bit.

“This suit is who you are bud, nothing more. You always have been since I met you, walking around in that skintight suit all day, showing off your muscles and that big bulge. But if you want me to call you Josh then that’s fine. Josh the Superman! Now, let’s finish your loads!”

Uugh…” I moaned out in a final outburst of pleasure, but also my helpless frustration. Dave received my load while closing his eyes, cumming all over him like I had no control over my body.

After that last load I felt completely exhausted. My big body fell down back on the sofa and refused to move, and I sprawled there, surrounded by my cum.

“Thanks, Supes!” some of the guys said as they patted me on my shoulder. Not long after that the party slowly came to an end. Guys started to leave and some of them seemed to be ready to head to the gym to lift some weights as they received my protein-boost.

“I hate costume parties…” I grumbled as I put my giant dick back into my red Superman briefs. My dick had grown so much that I was unable to hide it as it pressed aggressively against the lycra. Nothing seemed to return to normal, to when I was Josh. My body felt like it was supposed to be this way, big and bulky. And I knew that that “Superman outburst” would come again one day soon…

“I should have dressed up as a Marvel hero,” I said tiredly, closing my eyes again.

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