An uneven exchange

by Mr Arbitrary

 Max tries to indulge his foot fetish in secret, but his boyfriend James catches him and makes an unusual exchange.

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Max crept silently to the end of the bed while his boyfriend James slept. Quietly, and taking care not to wake him, he pulled back the covers just enough to reveal James’ perfect feet, and smiled as he was greeted by the big, bare soles.

Max had done this countless times before with other guys—past lovers, friends, roommates; his relationship with them wasn’t important. He simply had an insatiable desire for male feet. And while he could never bring himself to admit his fetish to anyone—even the guys he slept with—he would always indulge in it while they slept.

This was the first time he’d tried this with James, but he was pretty good at not waking his subjects while he did his thing. He knelt down and carefully leaned forward to sniff his soft soles. The scent was intoxicating; the incomparable smell of male feet, and James’ really were perfect. Max felt his cock harden in his briefs as he took a deep inhale of the wonderful smell. He sighed contentedly, keeping quiet as possible. He leaned in further, gently pressing his nose and lips against the soft flesh of the arch of James’ right foot, planting a kiss on the sole. James didn’t stir, and Max smiled with relief.

He began slowly licking the foot, touching himself through his briefs as he did so. After a few minutes of this James hadn’t moved an inch, and Max grew bolder. Having licked James’ right sole from heel to toe, he carefully began moving James’ left foot to a better position. Ever so slowly, he gripped the ankle and gently guided it so the sole was facing up, the perfect position to continue his worship. Licking his lips, he leaned forward again kiss the foot, savoring the feeling, when—

Thwack! James rolled over in his sleep, neatly kicking Max in the face with his right foot. Max couldn’t help yelping as he fell backward, rubbing his cheek. The bedside light turned on, and he looked up quickly to see James sitting straight up in bed.

“Max? What the fuck happened?” James asked, sleepily rubbing his face. “Are you alright?” As James returned to full consciousness he noticed a few things; his right foot was damp, and Max had a hard-on beneath his briefs and was blushing furiously. In his somnolent state it took him a few seconds to put two and two together.

“Were you…licking my feet?”

Max didn’t know how to react. He’d never been caught doing this before. He tried to think of a convincing lie, but realized there was practically nothing realistic he could have said. He also realized that he was saying nothing, which was almost worse, so he sighed heavily, and decided to tell James the truth.

“Okay, James, please don’t be mad…” He said, standing up, unable to look his boyfriend in the eye. “I was. I really like feet, James, OK?” He stood and waited to be ridiculed, or for an angry response, but he heard nothing for a minute, until James finally piped up.

“So…you want my feet?” James asked; and something about his tone of voice made Max look at him, to see a curious grin forming on James’ face. In an instant, Max’s hopes were raised—was James into having his feet worshiped?

“Y-yeah, I really do! I mean…I hope that’s okay?” Max asked, blushing further still.

James gave a bemused smile as he raised his eyebrows. He flexed his feet, drawing Max’s gaze instantly as he spread his delicious toes before curling them again.

“Well, if you want them, Max, you can have them!” he said, leaning back on his hands. “Just press them both against your face, and they’re all yours.”

Max smiled, and practically fell to his knees in front of the feet before him. He could hardly believe his luck—James was into it! Wasting no time, he gathered James’ feet together at the ankles, and leaned his face in, pressing the big, male feet against his face, covering it entirely. He inhaled deeply, smiling against James’ smooth soles, and…began to feel…very sleepy…

Before he could process what was happening, Max was out cold.

When Max woke up, he was back in bed. Light drifted through the windows, meaning it must be morning. He noticed James wasn’t in bed with him. What had happened last night? Max groaned as he recalled being caught in the act, worshiping James’ feet. Then he’d…passed out? It was confusing. He sat up groggily, and lifted his arms to rub his face. To his surprise, a pair of feet planted their soles against his face.

He withdrew sharply, shocked, holding his arms out. There were feet on his wrists! His hands had turned into feet! As Max stared, slack-jawed, at his new appendages, he realized they weren’t just any feet, either—they were James’ feet! Max couldn’t believe this was real, but he could feel the feet there at the ends of his arms. He tried moving them, wiggling the toes and flexing the soles. It was surreal. How had this happened? And where was James?

He looked around, panicked, and noticed a note on the bedside table. He quickly reached for it, but knocked the table with a flailing foot as he tried to grab it. Yelping a little, he reached again, slower this time, trying to compensate for the fact that his hand was now a foot. He fumbled awkwardly with his toes for several seconds before he scrunched the paper up between them, clumsily using both wristfeet to unfold the note. He held it up between his toes and read it.

“Morning Max!

“I wish you’d told me you wanted my feet sooner. I’ve been looking for a guy I could give them to! I’ve always hated feet, so thanks for taking them off my hands. Speaking of which, thanks for the hands! I’m already getting used to walking on them!

“Obviously, since I hate feet so much, we’re not going to work out. I mean, you have four feet now! But I’m glad we were able to make each other a little happier by swapping our body parts. It was fun while it lasted!


Max dropped the note in disbelief. James had done this…somehow. He thought Max had actually wanted to exchange his hands with feet! And now he’d broken up with him. That part wasn’t as bad as Max had thought, they’d only been dating a few weeks anyway, and now that he knew James was some kind of limb-swapping freak, Max didn’t mind so much that he’d left. But he did mind that he’d left with Max’s hands!

He stared at James’ feet, weighing down his wrists. How had James even done this? And was there a way to reverse it? As Max pondered this he absent-mindedly curled and flexed his new toes. The sight was distracting, and Max found himself getting a little hard watching James’ perfect feet wiggling in front of him.

As much as he tried to resist thinking about it, having James’ feet on his wrists…was actually pretty hot. He held them up, soles facing towards him, and admired them. He had longed to worship these feet since he first saw them. A thought entered his mind: what’s stopping him now? They were his feet now, after all, even if they were in an unusual place. Hmm…unusual, sure, but having them on his wrists meant it’d be so easy to worship them whenever he wanted…

Max gave in, bringing the wristfeet to his face and pressing the soles against his cheeks. He gasped—he knew it’d feel great to have those soft soles against him—but since they were his feet now, he could also feel his face through them…and it felt hot to touch himself with his wristfeet. He began licking his toes, moaning at the double pleasure of not only worshiping feet but having his feet worshiped, and lay back into the bed, his cock achingly hard. He needed to jerk off, and realised he would have to do so with James’ feet, which made him even harder.

He kept his left wristfoot by his head, sucking on his own toes, as he lowered his right wristfoot to his crotch where he moaned as he began stroking his length with James’ foot. He moved the head of his cock between his big and second toes, his mind reeling from the fact that he was giving himself a foot-job with a foot on his wrist, as he moaned uncontrollably around his toes. He didn’t last long before he came all over his toes, which he swiftly brought to his mouth to lick clean.

Max lay panting in the aftermath, his heavy wristfeet resting either side of his head. He turned to look at one and playfully wiggled his toes. He smiled. Maybe having James’ feet for hands wouldn’t be so bad.

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