Site Update 11 May 2018

Site Update: 11 May 2018

Hey folks! A couple of significant continuations this week. The unlikely heroes of “Super Hard Planet Champions” are back and they’re already in over their heads. And I also revisited “The Leave-Behind,” where Aaron is figuring out the possibilities of extra fingers and a very hot muscle hunk who’s just discovered a craving for being touched by them.

Plus there's a lot more going on, so check out everything we have to offer. Please leave comments and star ratings to give the authors feedback—all I ask is that you never downrate a story because you’re not into the kinds of changes in it. That is not cool.

Profound and humble thanks to everyone who’s backing me on Patreon—you guys are the ones pushing me to write over the last year more than I ever did before. If there’s something you want to see, message me and I’ll slot it into my to-do list. And thanks to everyone who comes to the site. It means a lot.

Next update: 1 June. Enjoy the new stuff, enjoy the old stuff too, and thanks for visiting!

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This week’s new stuff:


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