Angelo and Adrian

by WordShop

Genius Angelo and sweet Adrian are both scarred by their pasts. Angelo has to accept change in his life, and accidentally, without intending it, Adrian is forced to accept a new life for which he is not at all prepared.

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Foreward Genius Angelo and sweet Adrian are both scarred by their pasts. Angelo has to accept change in his life, and accidentally, without intending it, Adrian is forced to accept a new life for which he is not at all prepared. (added: 13 Oct 2017)
Chapter One: The Meeting
Chapter Two: An Evening to Remember Angelo and Adrian are nervous, each for their own reasons, but also intensely excited by the possibilities that were starting to reveal themselves now that they’ve both seen how compatible they are. Overcoming his anxieties, Adrian decides to join the huge bodybuilder in the shower. (added: 27 Oct 2017)
Chapter Three: A Big Decision Adrian and Angelo both discover that their feelings are far more intense that they’d anticipated, leading them to a momentous decision. Newly engaged Angelo and Adrian head back to southern California, learning more about each other even as their desperate physical need for each other increases. (added: 10 Nov 2017)
Chapter Four: Transmissible? In the lab, Angelo discovers to his dismay that he may have infected Adrian with his own mutagenic capabilities, though why this was possible and how exactly it might affect Adrian were still unclear. How could he tell his husband what had happened—and how would Adrian react? (added: 22 Dec 2017)
Chapter Five: What Do I Do If…? As Angelo hunts urgently for the explanation for the transmissibility of his growth factor, the post-wedding gathering of the two families finally occurs, with Adrian’s military-minded father the wild card. Once that’s over, Angelo decides he can’t put off coming clean with Adrian, despite his fears about how his husband will react at something so important being kept from him. (added: 5 Jan 2018)
Chapter Six: Good News and Bad News
Chapter Seven: Angelo Makes a Change Angelo is devastated with guilt over his neglect of Adrian, but he comes up with a solution that involves more relaxation, family for the holidays, and in the meantime a lot of really intense sex. (added: 26 Jan 2018)
Chapter Eight: Two Muscle Monsters In Heat Angelo and Adrian are so hot for each other that they’re almost insatiable, and what turns them on even further is the growing awareness that their cocks are somehow growing while they fuck like muscle beasts. (added: 11 May 2018)
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Angelo and Adrian are two men who meet towards the end of their twenties, both with a great deal of mental and emotional scarring from their pasts. Angelo struggles the one thing that is his greatest asset, and that is his beyond-genius intelligence, abilities, and accomplishments in the world of science and academia, and Adrian is a young, very slender bi-racial adult who is haunted by his past.

Adrian is of above average intelligence, he is sweet, kind, bright and enjoyable to be around, but he is, and always has been extremely effeminate in speech and mannerisms, and in his early childhood, Adrian was raised in a military family with a Father of extremely conservative visions of the world. In his teens Adrian was attacked and beaten severely for simply being who he was.

While Angelo and Adrian are now nearly the same age, two different pathways have come together. Angelo’s life never allowed him a normal childhood his performance was everything from a young age. Adrian in his efforts to escape things he could not change has become entrenched in the world of video games, gaming, music, and dance. His biggest problem is that he is very much attracted to his diametric opposite. Adrian loves ultra-masculine bodybuilders, but because of his mannerisms, he has been repeatedly lured in, used, cast off and hurt badly as if he has no worth by those to whom he is most attracted. Angelo’s genius and creations in the world of biochemistry have rendered him into Adrian’s wet dream.

Both have problems that science cannot solve, but can they accomplish together what science cannot? Angelo has to accept change in his life, and accidentally, without intending it, Adrian is forced to accept a new life for which he is not at all prepared.


Chapter One: The Meeting

The traffic leaving Orange County had been horrific. Angelo Musciolelli, the young head of A-M Nutraceuticals, had always been the “boy genius”—graduated from High School at age ten, a University degree before age fifteen, and post-graduate degrees before his twentieth Birthday.

Now in his late twenties, Angelo had had a few “quiet,” less well-known developments, and in more recent years had concentrated his private time and efforts on a few pet projects in addition to the standard vitamins and supplements that were his company’s bread and butter. On the standardized ware, he had a full complement of researchers and scientists on staff. For the personal projects Angelo had a hidden lab reached from hidden doors well concealed in his office. In order to have privacy, Angelo had a policy that everyone had to make appointments in his own company, even his closest subordinates. Most thought that the reason for this privacy was his need undisturbed concentration on the projects they also were working on, or for crunching the numbers—it was well known that Angelo never discussed company finances around anyone. So it was also assumed that his private times were involved in one of these two activities. There was some truth in it: the CEO did work in “off-times” on company projects, but it wasn’t in any way what others working in his employ would have thought. Angelo was very quick and matter-of-fact, delegating authority on the public research projects. When he had total privacy, he was in his own lab to continue work on more private things. Often, he would work after hours for days on end if he were near some breakthrough.

This weekend away was something that Angelo both had been looking forward to and had dreaded at the same time. One of Angelo’s private developments had been sort of a cosmetic drug to cover his own insecurities. Angelo, as a child, came from a very wealthy and nurturing background, and he was absolutely unable to stop himself when it came to being competitive. His accelerated mental development had stood out, but he hated the way it also emphasized the way he lacked other physical developmental characteristics, because while he exceeded the mental capacity of virtually all of his peers, he had been the brunt of cruelty based on age. Angelo was left with a lot of unhealed wounds by the treatment he had received at the hands of other college students. And as if that were not enough, Angelo had, through trial and error, discovered that he was also gay. At least he could count on his family in that regard. Though gay in a very large Catholic Italian home was not normally a good thing, though Angelo’s parents, and his family in the end, came through for him and were very supportive.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Though it probably started out as totally altruistic, his own insecurities on one hand, and lack of time on the other, spurred him on in to some research on direct transport of nutrition to muscle tissue. For this complex “master plan” to work, he had to delve into other realms of body function involving things like hormone utilization, which was another necessary component to achieve his personal end goals. He had to achieve an unheard-of figure when it came to utilization of those hormones related to their anabolic and androgenic properties in order to have the muscle growth part work effectively.

His big breakthrough came when, after some major discoveries involving genetics, against all common sense, he had used himself as a guinea pig for trials of his own gene-altering compounds. His animal trials had not been as successful, but he was certain it was because the modeling Angelo had done had been done with human physiology in mind from the start. Angelo knew well that other corporate entities would do anything and everything possible to take away cures or even effective treatments for neuromuscular disease. Those in research knew well that as long as big pharma was reaping hundreds of billions of dollars in profits each year from suffering, anything that looked like a cure would be talked about forever but would never happen. What big pharma wanted was chronic but manageable conditions that held people at a level where they, the ill, generated the most profits for the corporations for decades so that they the corporations could milk the system mercilessly so that they the corporations could greatly enhance profit margins that were not only obscene, but had already made the very few at the very top even more wealthy.

Angelo had worked very hard on his projects and had even considered ways to eliminate or mask evidence that anything out of the ordinary was taking place. There was a poster he’d printed out hanging in Angelo’s private laboratory that said: “Fix the problem, enhance the life, and then have the method itself destroy all evidence that anything new or inexplicable is going on!” Much like one would start puberty, Angelo was working to genetically re-start puberty and in a manner that was unlike any other. There was no instant development here, but once the genetic alterations took hold, there was slow steady progress that had resulted in, for Angelo himself, a gain of muscle mass of over one hundred and sixty pounds.

In addition, the alterations he had made, had major effects on not only his secondary sex characteristics but his sexual abilities. He had, not through brilliance, but by a fluke accident, discovered a way to achieve a three thousand percent improvement in how muscle tissue received and utilized the nutrients that were needed. This made a situation where one could “over feed” muscle tissue causing it to reproduce, increase in size and strength, and because it was done genetically, nobody would ever be able to say anything other than “genetic anomaly”. What this meant was that very little exercise was needed to begin a slow process of muscular hypertrophy.

This discovery had been about three years ago. He had not initiated experimentation on himself until six months after that. The one hundred and sixty pound mass gain had taken a little over two years. Though Angelo never went around “on display” as he would have put it, if anyone could have seen him nude, they’d see no stretch-marks, no evidence anyone could point to that would indicate anything other than very hard work in a gym and an “easy gainer”.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After things had started to happen, Angelo became somewhat certain that his own insecurities had sent him down a pathway of “too big is never big enough”.

What he was working on now was research into pheromones. This had been quite complicated. The rules for creating a pheromone compound for gay males would be different than for gay females. In addition, the rules would be different again for heterosexual individuals too. Surprisingly, there was a little side pathway on this journey and that involved attraction not only to the individual but an individual with an extreme amount of muscle mass. A pheromone could cause some attraction initially, but if the person being attracted by the pheromone aid was not one who responded to muscular development, then the attracted subsided and things returned to normal.

Where natural pheromones would create a heightened curiosity or desire to know more about an individual, what Angelo had worked from was a different pathway. He needed to do more testing, but if something special came from this, he just might end up meeting his own “Mr. Right” as a sideline to his research. Angelo at age twenty-seven was very successful and had it all financially, but inwardly he was the loneliest guy in town.

Angelo was getting ready to test out several things on this little trip to “sin city”. Though he was not at all interested in competitive bodybuilding, this weekend was the beginning of a very prestigious competition. This would bring others with extreme musculature to the area, which would make a situation where Angelo would appear to be just one more bodybuilder in a very large pond of both professionals and amateurs alike. Angelo would be able to come and go from this competition without so much as a second glance.

The competition was also a cover for meeting people, to test out his new pheromone compound, he knew well that to a person sexually aroused by the extreme musculature of professional bodybuilders in general, that the prospective suitor would not be put off or frightened by his size. This weekend, a very high percentage of the competitors and even more so the audience at this particular event would provide him with the richest bounty of potential human test subjects. If the one contact he had in mind did not work out, he could just use his formula and head out around the hotels. He hoped that this would not be necessary.

When the research started, Angelo had tried a great deal to find the perfect individual to help test his pheromone.

The entire thing if he were lucky would be more of a needed rest and a little fun than a trip into an ocean of professional bodybuilders and those lusting after them. For some time, Angelo had been studying personal ads found on “Megg’s-List”.

Get past the drug addicts, get past the hustlers, get past the phony geeks that simply wanted an adventure with muscle beyond their imagination. He needed an individual with very specific characteristics in that they were both afraid and incredibly turned on by muscle mass. It was an odd combination in reality. In the group of pro-bodybuilder “groupies” there was one constant problem. It could almost be said that where some psychologists would say that the competitors were in fact suffering from body dysmorphic disorder or “Bigorexia”, those who coveted them for sexual conquests be they individual male or female in gender were even worse. Too big was never big enough. Most wanted an ideal and were on basic lifetime searches for some esoteric feature they would never find.

For some time, Angelo had been watching one little advertiser. This fellow went to such effort at detail describing himself, wanting desperately and trying to be truthful, and yet at the same time trying to narrow down what he wanted to the point that there was either an obsessive side in this fellow or a feeling of desperation in the ads he had posted.

A few hours later, Angelo was checking in to a very expensive suite in the Bellagio. It was going to be a weekend of relaxation even if the contact with the muscle-obsessed advertiser did not work.

Check-in complete, Angelo realized he had not eaten a regular meal in many hours. This being the weekend of one of the largest bodybuilding competitions in the United States meant also that to test his pheromone that Angelo initially wanted a more private setting.

Angelo had, as the “Megg’s List” poster had wanted, sent just the types of pictures requested, and had been very sweet. To say that the young fellow was interested was an understatement.

The guy was his own age, and was very much into computer gaming. Angelo took the easiest route. He lived a few miles out of Las Vegas proper in a separate city that now had become a Las Vegas suburb, Henderson, Nevada. He contacted his “test subject”, as he sardonically thought of him—though this was mainly because it was so early in this meeting phase, Angelo did not yet know how else to refer to him—he did not even know his name yet. He told the guy, knowing that there might be some nervousness, that a quiet luncheon meeting might be the best. His “date” agreed and they picked an IHOP on East Pebble Road in Henderson, which was close to where the young fellow lived with several other roommates. What he told the young fellow was that he was able to get a reasonable dinner in an IHOP and yet be in an environment far enough away from the lights and influx of other bodybuilders to where they could have some quiet time to meet. He also told him to look for a large black S-Class Mercedes in the parking lot with California plates. At the restaurant Angelo told the hostess that he was expecting a luncheon guest, and more or less described his guest. The whole thought was to take as much pressure as possible away from this young fellow.

In all honesty, with Angelo’s size, there was not too much he could wear that in one way or another would not be revealing. After reaching his present size, there was one clothing combination that usually had the right effect when in leisure. He wore a pair of heavily pleated khaki colored pants, and the equivalent of a very nice Golf Shirt. You could see everything, from the huge shelving pecs to the massive biceps, and if you looked closely, even the bulging crotch, if you looked for it, but at the same time it did not look trashy.

Angelo had almost expected to be burned, but running about ten minutes late, the hostess brought his dinner date to his table. Angelo had just by coincidence seen him through a window, getting out of a rather battered older Nissan Sentra in the parking lot, and had at that time, dosed himself with the pheromone.

The young fellow thanked the hostess, and as he did so, Angelo motioned for her to bring his guest a menu.

Instantly, Angelo felt like there was a connection between them, a chemistry, and strangely enough it was on both sides. Angelo, just based on who he was and what he had achieved, needed a certain type of person, and this young guy was pretty darn close if not right on the nailhead.

His luncheon guest was a young mix between black and white, picking up the best traits of both. He was on the darker side, but had fine features and was almost pretty in an androgynous way. He was of no more than average height, and on the thin side, but he was very well toned. His appearance was a little towards the “Goth” direction, Angelo thought, but not in a way that would be really noticeable.

Just after the meetings and greetings had taken place, and both had taken their seats, a young boy of about twelve years of age ran up with a piece of paper asking Angelo for his autograph. Angelo was dumbfounded, and his date was in shock. The young kid was dining at a different table with two adult males, and he was certain that Angelo was somebody who was “big” in bodybuilding. He wanted Angelo’s autograph. Angelo laughed, “Nope young fellow, I’m simply here on business.” But, what he did after that was kind of different. He took out his business card, which read “Angelo Musciolelli,” C.E.O. A-M Nutraceuticals.

Initially his date looked crestfallen. “You’re here on business?”

“How could I tell a twelve year old boy that I am here just for you?” Angelo said with a grin. “Not only that, if he or his family are interested in the sport, they’ve no doubt seen me by now, and if they are themselves here for the competition and go to the display areas at the convention center, they will find a booth populated by people who work for me.”

“By the way, that is the one place I am virtually guaranteed not to be,” he confided. “I hate the sales an marketing end, period.” He glanced at the boy before meeting his date’s eyes. “I have simply treated this young man as I would want to be treated myself! By the way what is your name?”

“Adrian, you can call me Adrian……”

Angelo extended his hand, and in a rather feminine way so did Adrian.

Angelo began to see things with and about Adrian that were interesting. He had described himself as feminine and a twink, but he had other, interesting sides to him. Angelo began to see a rare gift that Adrian had, that he was able to more or less “morph” in the eyes of the beholder, and become who he needed to be to deal well in any social situation. He was bright, if a bit immature, and he was an articulate speaker. Angelo was beginning to wonder about himself. Could he, Angelo Musciolelli, be finding love?

Adrian on the other hand, didn’t quite know what to do. Had he finally met a man who physically was everything he ever would have wanted and then some, but would this turn out to be more than a single meeting? The more Angelo talked, the more Adrian was becoming turned on by him. His level of desire seemed to be building and building, and in a way that Adrian had never experienced before. The one thing that was odd to Adrian was that he was slowly getting hard. It wasn’t instant, it was a process, and it took place the more he interacted with Angelo. The olive complexion, the eyes, oh fuck! He had the dark Italian features except for these incredible blue eyes! Just seeing Angelo’s blue eyes caused Adrian’s dick to throb a few more times and get just a tiny bit harder.

At this point, Adrian was both excited and nervous. One side of him was thinking that meeting this fellow was a dream, the other side was turned on, and if it were possible to have a third side, that third side wanted Angelo to take him back to his suite and fuck his little rear end till he wouldn’t be able to walk for a week!

Both meals finally reached the table, and though Angelo ate more in volume, Adrian noted that Angelo’s choice of food was interesting. He basically had some non starchy carbs or complex carbs, he had protein, he had a little bit of fats, but not much, he had chosen a salad dressing that was pretty healthy, and in spite of his extreme size it was not like going to an all you can eat and watching your date leave the restaurant manager crying! In his past dates with bodybuilders Adrian had endured that. It was one of the things that had left behind a sour opinion of bodybuilders as pigs in some ways, but this guy was different.

Adrian heard Angelo’s soft voice, as very sexy, and like everything else about him, it became just another turn on. The funny thing was that while Adrian had found problems trying to figure out who he was, he saw in Angelo maybe something very special in that just maybe, Angelo held the key to whom he Adrian really was.

After the meals were over, Angelo whipped out cash and went to pay the bill at the cashier. When Adrian got up, he had been forced to reposition his dick under the table. It wasn’t all the way up, but it was definitely very chubby. As small framed as Adrian was at his 5’9 inch height and his one hundred and twenty-five pounds in weight, the one thing he was, at least in his own mind, was well hung. His dick varied between eight and nine inches hard depending on how turned on he was.

Adrian had adopted a policy some time ago against meeting people and bedding them the first time. This was really weird, Adrian normally the cold one until reaching a certain stage, but he wanted to take Angelo somewhere and rip his clothes off in the worst way. At the same time Adrian was terrified of moving too fast.

“Well, gorgeous, we need to go do something else. Any suggestions?” Angelo purred.

Inexplicably, Adrian seemed a little tongue tied. Here he had everything he wanted in spades, and yet he was shy and fearful that as had been the case many times before this was too good to be true.

“When was the last time you were in Las Vegas?” he asked.

“I think it was with my parents and I was probably about ten or twelve years old.” Angelo answered.

“What do you remember from that trip?”

“Quite frankly, not all that much, I was still very young,” Angelo answered. “My mom and dad had a big Dodge Van that we took on trips as a family. They wanted to gamble so we ended up at I think someplace that had circus acts going over the top of the floor of the casino.”

“That would have been ‘Circus Circus’,” Adrian said. “At least it used to be.”

“All of us more or less tried to entertain ourselves while Mom and Dad left some money in this fair city,” Angelo said. “I’m not a gambler myself, because the odds are always with the house.” He smiled. “So, you know what I do for a living, thanks to a twelve year old. What do you do to pay your bills?”

This was a question Adrian had hoped to avoid. Instantly he felt so small and inferior to his date. At this moment he turned ashen white and wanted to turn and run. So far he was trying to be truthful, and yet his ego was about to be destroyed.

“Well, I work at a place called ‘The Game Stop’,” he admitted. “And for a time I was a dancer.” He looked up at Angelo earnestly. “I know this is going to sound really stupid, but, I really like my job at ‘The Game Stop’ because I know all about gaming and the games. It doesn’t pay much, but I feel good about it.”

Adrian at this moment was trying to hold it together. He was self-sufficient, if not by much and it was true that he liked what he did. At the same time he not only knew but sensed that Angelo had this ‘Monster Education’ and this ‘Monster Brain’ which made him still feel really even more inferior.

“Well, Adrian, we have two cars sitting in this parking lot, so we need to drop yours back at your place, then we can to begin the rest of our day.”

Now Adrian was even more upset. Angelo would see the dump he lived in! Oh fuck! He had never thought of that! Now he was not only feeling inferior but stupid a well.

As they walked out to the parking lot to get to the cars, Angelo looked at him curiously. “Why are you withdrawing from me?’ he asked. “Have I done or said something wrong?”

“N-n-n-n-n-n-, no, it’s my fault. Here you are, you have a great education, obviously, you have money, you are totally perfect. I’m scared, because I’m expereiencing f-f-f-f-f-feelings I’ve never felt before.”

As they neared Adrian’s battered little Sentra, Angelo put his arms around Adrian from behind and gave him a hug.

If Adrian had been frightened before, as the huge hard body closed around him, huge pecs in his back, and monster biceps around him, monster quads against his butt and legs, complete terror was in his heart and he began shaking.

Angelo gave him a very gentle kiss on the back of the neck.

That kiss, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, that goddamned kiss! Within a few seconds Adrian’s dick went from a chub to hard as a fucking rock! He had never been this hard in his entire life, it felt like his cock was going to fucking explode! It actually hurt, it was throbbing with his heartbeat! Each beat made it feel like the skin was going to split like an overcooked hot dog!

Adrian turned around, and gave Angelo a gentle kiss right on the mouth. Well he was getting some courage somewhere. His brain was starting to short circuit, thoughts were going completely into some unknown abyss, and he was certain he was not doing what he should be.

As Adrian had turned around, Angelo felt the hard lump stretching down Adrian’s leg unintentionally push into his own. Angelo wasn’t hard yet, but he could sense that Adrian was trying to control himself.

Adrian was, for some reason he couldn’t understand, so turned on that there were no words to describe it. He involuntarily humped against Angelo, and as he did so, tears started to stream down his cheeks. Adrian was mortified! He was making an absolute fool out of himself. He felt like some kind of common whore!

As they both came up for air, Adrian was still in pain, his rock hard throbbing dick was hurting like a sonofabitch! Never had that happened before

“Adrian, honey, let’s get your car back home and then we can go see the sights. However I think that the sight I’d like to see most of all would be the driver of a little white Nissan Sentra.” He brushed a finger along Adrian’s cheek. “Why are you crying?”

“Because right now I feel like a goddammed whore, and after I met you, here you were this total dream guy, I wanted to be a class act, and what I just did fucked that up completely,” Adrian said miserably.

“Adrian, what just happened did not make you look bad at all in my eyes. You made me feel sexually attractive. In spite of my appearance, the one thing I almost never feel is attractive to others.” He tilted his heads a little. “Are you jealous of my past?”

With red eyes and tears down his cheeks Adrian slowly nodded.”

“Don’t be,” Angelo said. “While you, I am guessing, had at least some form of a normal childhood, I did not. When my supposed intelligence was discovered, all I ever got told was what I could or would achieve. I never had a the experiences that normal kids have. Growing up in an Italian Roman Catholic home with a bunch of brothers and sisters was the first problem. I lucked out in that when my family discovered my sexual orientation that they were supportive. At the same time it was swept under the carpet and my brain power was drug out again. Normal kids for Christmas got game systems, sporting goods, or media devices. Each year it was like my whole family did their level best to see to it that I was a full grown adult by the time I was thirteen.” He smiled at Arian. “You see, I looked at all your various Megg’s List adds for six months before I was able to get myself together enough to answer.”

When Adrian raised his eyebrows, Angelo explained, “The last thing I would ever want in my life, mentally, would be another me. I work at times twenty-four hours in succession in the labs on my own projects, and sometimes supervising others. Yes, I go home to a big very expensive home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but when I land there, I am in a state of total exhaustion.” He shrugged his massive shoulders slightly, still holding Adrian in his embrace. “My body and what I look like is the byproduct of wanting to be truly loved. Never feel bad about where you came from. The only time regret happens, is if you have never found happiness, and never found anything you really enjoy doing.”

Adrian was stunned. He never imagined that a person with obvious wealth, power, and a vast intellect could be unhappy.

“Adrian, honey, let’s get your car back to a safe place. Right now, I want to take you back to the Bellagio, and we can begin to make some decisions about maybe a show and some dinner or something like that. I had a long drive from the Coast, and spending time with you and getting some quiet time with a real living breathing normal human being would be just wonderful. What time do you have to be to work tomorrow?”

“I’m not on the schedule until next Tuesday,” Adrian said I as normal a voice as he could manage. “Things have been slow so my hours got cut.”

Something occurred to Angelo. “Oh, if we go to a show you need some nice clothes. I don’t think that a pair of black jeans and the current attire would be quite right. Well, maybe if we added a couple of things. Do you have a black dress shirt?”


“What about a black or dark grey suit coat?”

“I can borrow one from one of my roommates,” Adrian said doubtfully. He brightened. “I do have a black leather jacket!”

“Conservative design?”

“Yeah, it was a Christmas present from my parents last year.”

“Great!” Angelo beamed. “How about a red or blue solid color silk tie?”

“No, I don’t have that. I have a black one, though.”

“Figures,” Angelo teased. “It’s that Goth thing again. Do you have a Clerical Shirt and collar?”

Adrian gave Angelo an incredulous look. “What?”

“Just testing!”

At this point, Adrian was a lot more at ease, and though his dick was still rock hard it had calmed down just enough that he could move around and not feel actual pain.

Angelo climbed into his Mercedes, Adrian his Sentra, and a few minutes later they were at an address where Adrian ran in an apartment driveway, and then physically ran back out to Angelo’s car.

“I’ll only be a few minutes,” Adrian said.


Adrian hurried in the door to be greeted by one of the roommates. “One of the ‘big arm’ people again?” he joked.

“Of course!” Adrian grinned, heading for his bedroom. He was still hard, but hopefully it wasn’t noticeable. “If there is any kind of emergency you can get me on my cell phone.”

“Where is this one staying?”


“Have a good time!”

Adrian stopped short as he rummaged through his closet. “What does that mean?”

“No offense sweetums!”

“There better not be. There’s something different about this one.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Adrian shook his head, pulling out the black shirt Angelo had requested. “Too soon to tell. He’s my age, has a good job, and I think wants me for more than sex.”

“You’re kidding.”

Adrian had been flying around the apartment at lightening speed getting things together.

He ran back out to the big black Mercedes Benz threw his stuff in the back seat and then waved to another one of his roommates walking in from a nearby Starbucks.

Angelo pulled the car away from the curb and headed back towards the Bellagio.

Back at the apartment, the roommates talked about their friend. “Did you see Adrian’s latest conquest?” one said.

“Not really, but Adrian was prancing his way along as if he was on cloud nine when he walked in the door.”

“I hope that something good happens for him.”

“Well the guy was driving a new monster black S-Class Benz.”

“Some of those bodybuilder dudes make a ton of money.”

“Did you see the guy?”

“Only from a distance.”

“Anything interesting?”

“Look, you know what he likes. The main problem is that most of the ‘muscle guys’ he’s found in the past wanted to play with another little fem guy, fuck the shit out of them because their wives won’t put out, and then they always seem to disappear back to their wife and multiple kids wherever they come from.”

“Look, we gotta keep the faith on this one, the dude may be a little fem, but he doesn’t deserve to get hurt, and he’s been hurt again and again and again on this one. Adrian is a little on the fem side, and I think that’s the way he is sets himself up for bad people.”

“I don’t know, but we’ve been through the mill on this over and over again. They act like they love him until after the sex is over.”

“Yeah, then they remain polite right up until they get on the first conveyance out of town and Adrian finds out he’s been fucked again.”

“Used and discarded.”

“Yeah, poor little dude.”

Back in Angelo’s car, Adrian was so focused on his “chauffeur” that he paid little attention to the fact that he was riding in a black Benz that probably cost nearly a hundred thousand dollars

To Angelo, the feminine quality to Adrian’s voice was not a turn off, but was instead a turn on.

“Okay, Adrian,” he asked conversationally, “who or what do you want to see?”

“Ricky Martin is at the Bellagio,” Adrian answered immediately. “Along with Cirque du Soleil. I think Cesar’s is Celine Dion.”

“Did you remember all your clothing?”

“Yes, I did the best I could.”

“Well, I think we need to head back to the Bellagio and we can check the show guides there. I need to take a shower after the long day on the road.” He winked at Adrian as he drove. “Joining me is up to you.”

On the way back to the hotel, Angelo had kept the ventilation system in the car going to mix cooled air with outside air to minimize the effect of the pheromone. He felt sorry, and though he wasn’t certain that the erection he’d felt on Adrian in the parking lot had been caused by the pheromone, Angelo could see that Adrian still had an erection on a priapic level. It could have been a legit attraction, and it could be that the pheromone was the cause. This was a nice guy and there was a part of this that he himself felt could be cruel. He was starting wo wonder whether the whole pheromone thing was less than good idea.

Though Angelo wanted Adrian in the worst way, he could now sense that Adrian had been hurt, and hurt badly. Here he was, this little guy who was kind of effeminate in some ways, and what he was looking for was his absolute polar opposite. That would tend to be the hardest road for anyone, especially if they are attracted to the hyper-masculine world of bodybuilding. While it was well known that bodybuilding had more than an average share of gay people on both a professional and amateur level, It was kind of disgusting how some of these people treated each other. Angelo was beginning to sense that he really did like Adrian.

At this same moment, things were starting to move, and Adrian was thinking he might be in over his head. His rock-hard erection was starting to wilt. Was this just going to be another guy wanting sex then dumping him? Adrian was in a quandary, he was afraid of getting hurt, in fact he was terrified at the prospect of getting hurt, and yet there was something different about this guy. He didn’t know what to do. Luckily,

Angelo was in a fog, concentrating on driving as the traffic on the streets became heavier. If Angelo had looked, he might have seen the shaking in Adrian’s hands. Adrian was doing everything to conceal his nervousness and stress.

Angelo was thinking back to a time not all that long ago.

Because as an early teen he shared a bedroom with an older Brother, Angelo had tried to hide his masturbation moments. The method he chose unfortunately led to a psychological condition, which had been named “Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome”. He had been through therapy for it, Angelo had paid for that therapy with his own money when he was in college. He had still on occasion suffered bouts of it, until he did the reprogramming of his own body.

At this point his libido was so high that he for the most part had no problem performing with a partner. Yet, being in bed with an individual you had feelings for was a time of great pressure. Angelo was afraid he was going to have problems, and this would be the most difficult for him on this issue. He was told that the greatest problems would happen if he was really attracted to an individual.

Well, there was little doubt in his own mind that he was attracted to Adrian.


Chapter Two: An Evening to Remember

Adrian laid his clothing out, but he was very nervous and unsure of himself. Adrian had a secret and so far it had screwed up every time he had tried to have actual intercourse. As a young boy in a very strict religious home he had tried to hide his masturbation, and he had developed “Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome” as a result. He was terrified that Angelo would find out. He could have an erection with no problem, Adrian’s problem was that the only way he could achieve ejaculation was through his particular method of masturbation.

Adrian could achieve an erection simply by doing his partner orally, or if he saw something he liked he would also get hard. His problem was that he simply couldn’t cum. He had tried it again and again with various partners only to disappoint them when the erection and ejaculation problems would show up. The usual effect was to turn off the sexual partner. He had saved some money and did get a diagnosis on it, but, unlike Angelo he had never had the money to pay for actual treatment. Adrian’s roommates had no idea that this was the reason that the little guy had such a problem hanging on to those that courted him.

Adrian was excited at even the possibilities now that he’d met this exceptional man, but at the same time he was absolutely terrified that he was going to have problems again and that this would switch Angelo off completely.

Even the thoughts of this possibility were causing terror in Adrian. He wanted to meet a man he could be in love with and who would love him. If he could somehow work towards getting Angelo off, maybe now, in the shower, that might take the edge off of Angelo enough to allow him to just cuddle with the man of his dreams after the dinner and show, as Angelo might be sufficiently drained.

Adrian decided to join Angelo in the shower.

As he stripped off his clothing, he was self-conscious. He had an idea how large Angelo might be, but the way that Angelo dressed he could be a great deal larger—in fact he could be nearly in contest shape. Angelo could see the way his slacks fit, the very large pecs in the shirt, the arms and the tiny waist. He knew this was going to be one hot guy, but he had no idea just how hot he was going to be.

Angelo was taking his time. He was a bit insecure because when he had formulated the pheromone he had designed it not to wash off easily, and then it took soap. In a moment of desire overwhelming common sense, right after entering the bathroom Angelo had dosed himself with the pheromone a second time. The idea was not as much about all out sex as it was to get Adrian to totally relax and to become putty in his hands. The question was, would it work in the right way?

Angelo had slipped into the shower knowing well that the steam and heat of the shower would increase the activity of the pheromone until it was depleted. The life of the pheromone was in the range of four to six hours. That was the one thing he was not satisfied with.

As Adrian entered the room, the shower he saw was immense, but the steam had covered the clear glass shower door to the point that he could not have any advance preparedness or previews of what he was going to see. There was an interesting element to this. It was sort of like unwrapping the Christmas present you knew was going to be good.

The room was alive with the pheromone but it hadn’t taken effect as yet. Just as he opened the shower door, Adrian got the blast wave of steam and pheromone and the view of Angelo at the same time. He was seeing Angelo from the back as he stepped in, the muscles rippling as he moved the high bubble butt, the body hair, the drop and V-taper of his torso.

As Angelo turned around with a very gentile smile, two things happened at exactly at the same time. Adrian got his first real view of the whole package Angelo presented, and the pheromone began to kick in again.

Though Angelo did not have a great deal of experience, he had a keen intuition. He felt the breeze as Adrian joined him in the shower. The way that his pheromone worked was that it combined with the scent of his own body. Angelo knew that man had lost a great deal, but, not all of the senses used when mankind was new to this earth. Because they became unnecessary, some senses had faded while other things took their place. Yet the barest remnants remained, and if the pheromones were magnified properly, the effect could be profound.

For the first time a thought began developing in the back of his head, about whether he’d react as strongly if Adrian used the pheromone as Adrian did with him. It might be interesting to find out someday.

Adrian did not really have time to react as Angelo turned around and gently took him in his arms.

“So nice of you to join me. I was secretly hoping that you would.”

“I –I – I – ha ha ha had to.”

“My little Adrian, I think you’re beautiful!” Angelo said, and he could hear the fondnerss already in his own voice. “There is something else,” he added, hesitant but sure this needed to be out in the open. “I am beginning to think that, aah….well….ah, that I….. you might be the fellow with whom I would like to face the challenges of the rest of my life.”

Adrian’s heart skipped a beat and his pulse quickened. He started to feel dizzy. Could it be that this was it?

“I know it’s sudden,” Angelo continued steadily. “But there is something so… special about you.”

Adrian put his arms around Angelo—or at least tried to, but actually embracing someone this size was new to him. As he cuddled up against Angelo, his dick was starting to get hard again.

At this point, Adrian attributed this to the fact that he didn’t just like, he loved what he saw physically, and he was wondering if Angelo could be really the one guy who could cope with him.

Angelo hugged Adrian and started to nuzzle around his face, slowly holding his head and working towards his mouth. Adrian didn’t know what to do, but he was not about to stop what was going on. It wasn’t only good, it was better than anything he had ever experienced.

“Baby, I want to kiss you so bad,” Angelo said. “I want to join souls, to change your world, to bring you a world you’ve never dreamed possible.”

In spite of the pheromone, Adrian’s dick was not yet rock hard, and this was also incredible. Angelo took Adrian’s head and guided his tongue into every sensuous place he could think of. Adrian had never been kissed like this in his entire life. It was good in the parking lot, but it was far better now.

Angelo then grabbed his bottle of body wash and started soaping the two of them up together. As he did so, he very gently and very sensuously rubbed his body against Adrian’s.

In this one moment shared by both of them, their two bodies became unimportant. The were two souls were meeting for the first time. Fears were forgotten, as they felt a connection that was bigger than either of them.

Angelo lifted Adrian as if he weighed nothing, and instinctively Adrian’s legs looped around Angelo’s waist and hips. The type of feelings Adrian was experiencing now were otherworldly. Something was happening that neither could explain, and neither even cared to try.

The funny thing was that if anybody watched this beginning of a coupling, nobody would have been able to figure out who was top or bottom, despite their differences in size and personality. The joining was that strong, that unifying.

Adrian couldn’t believe it could be this good. It was as if Angelo had the owner’s and operator’s manual to his body. Everything Angelo did pushed the right buttons. It was almost like an electric current was being run through Adrian’s body. The warm water and steam had warmed the shower tile wall, and Angelo moved slowly towards that wall, pushing his great weight and muscle against Adrian’s much smaller body. Adrian was running his hands over the ripples and ridges of Angelo’s back as he held on, he had wanted to feel a mass of rock hard muscle and now he was getting his first real chance. He was going to get the chance to make love to a bodybuilder.

The greatest concentration of the odorless pheromone was around Angelo’s neck and shoulders. As the heat mixed with the pheromone, it hit the already excited Adrian and hit him very hard. Adrian’s substantial nine-inch dick started a journey to erection unlike anything he was used to. It wasn’t lightning-fast like in the parking lot, but it was a progression that felt different to Adrian. The common thread was that while once he would have considered himself fully erect, this erection, like the one in the parking lot, did not seem to be hard enough. Additional blood was being forced in. It made a difference. As the size and hardness grew between the two bodies, the hard, carved muscle and hair on Angelo’s abs acted like a masturbation device. Where his condition had prevented Adrian’s ejaculation in the past, this muscley stimulation was creating more heaven for Adrian than he had ever experienced humping a bed or pillow. Adrian had not gotten off for about six or seven days and there was a good-sized load saved up.

Adrian was stiff as a piece of steel and his body still did not feel that it was hard enough. Normally Adrian would be afraid of failure or disappointing, and he could still feel those anxieties somewhere inside him, but he was so horny that he was nearly beside himself. None of his thoughts and worries mattered. He was throbbing, and the throbs of his heartbeat echoed though his entire pelvic region. There was pain from how hard he was, but the only way Adrian’s brain was playing it was that he had never hurt so “good” in his life!

As Adrian hardened and began rutting his throbbing erection into Angelo’s abs and abdominal hair, Angelo was tremendously turned on. Adrian had been making faint whimpering noises for the past fifteen minutes. Angelo wanted Adrian in the worst way. He wanted to take it slow, he did not want to penetrate him immediately, he wanted to take this little guy to the top of orgasmic delight and build it over and over again. Even without being able to see Adrian’s face well, he sensed Adrian was so blissed out at this point that his eyes were probably beginning to roll back in his head, his jaw was starting to go slack. His hands were in spasm and losing their grip, and in fact it was Angelo who was hugging Adrian to him and the only thing Adrian was doing was feeling up all the mountains and valleys of muscle. Angelo loved edging himself, and he realized that there was something special in Adrian that might make a form of “gooning,” or especially prolonged, hypnotic edging, possible while having sex with each other. Angelo was thinking that this might be the first time that his mental training from the strange sex involved in humping a bed, which he had converted into gooning skills might be handy.

Angelo, never letting go, began to move Adrian and himself around in the shower to rinse all the soap. Angelo slowly began to set Adrian down towards the floor and he had to bring him out of his trance-like state far enough that he could stand up.

Adrian was on another planet, and could barely stand after he was set down. Angelo had set two towels within easy reach of the shower door, and he grabbed the first one using it to dry off Adrian. Adrian was still hard as a rock, and Angelo noted that as he tried to dry Adrian that there was a stream of pre-cum leaking out of the end of Adrian’s throbbing and bobbing steel-hard cock.

Adrian at this point was actually a little frightened—he was totally lost, totally out of control, and he knew that this huge hunk of muscle was now calling the shots completely. After drying Adrian off, Angelo turned the act of drying himself off into a little show of muscle for Adrian. He had held Adrian’s full body weight for nearly an hour and yet he was so very strong that he had very little fatigue from doing it. Adrian realized the brute physical power in Angelo. That was also in some ways frightening simply because Adrian knew that if Angelo were to be in an out of control in a state of lust, that he would have zero power to stop the onslaught. He wouldn’t even be able to slow it down. Yet, Angelo was very obviously in control.

Angelo very gently picked up Adrian and took him over to the bed. He laid Adrian on the bed in an almost worshipful manner. He crawled on top of the bed and over to Adrian. Very gently, with Adrian still in shock at his gentleness, Angelo rolled Adrian over on his side and instantly Angelo’s tongue found it’s mark and he began to make gentle love to Adrian.

Adrian did not know what to do. This “gentle giant” was taking a totally different route than he was used to. After a while, still taking a dominant role, but guiding things, Angelo pulled Adrain on top of him. Adrian was still hard as a rock and leaking pre in strings. Angelo started to gently move Adrian’s body against his own, two hard dicks pressed next to each other, though called “Frot” or “Frottage” this was absolutely the right thing to do.

Angelo noted a number of things about Adrian’s body that he really liked. He wanted to have some fun not only with Adrian, but he would love to give Adrian what he had given himself.

Everything about what Angelo had done had served to continue to raise Adrian’s level of excitement. Angelo wasn’t doing too bad himself in this area. He was starting to leak pre as well, and this was not typical him.

Adrian was propped up on his arms as best he could be. He was humping against Angelo’s body. Those huge pecs based on the angle of Adrian’s arms were pressing against his own small ones, the hair on Angelo’s huge chest was rubbing against his nipples and stimulating them. Both dicks were trying to fill with more blood, and if they had measured, both would have measured larger than usual. More than that, though, Adrian’s dick seemed to be changing with regards to sensation. It was as if he could feel more than he had ever felt before.

His traumatic condition just might not be a worry here. If he failed at ejaculation, he was beginning to think, or at least allow himself to hope, that Angelo wouldn’t care. Adrian had an incredible desire to always tell the truth. He was, even in his Megg’s Ad, trying to be truthful at what he wanted. The problem was that most people to whom he would be attracted would not be attracted to him, at least as far as a relationship. There was something about Angelo that was really special.

Adrian was having a difficult time focusing on thought. The strange thing was that he was actually feeling like he was approaching orgasm. Was it possible?

At this point, the thoughts in the spiderwebs of Adrian’s mind were abruptly interrupted. Angelo quickly and easily exchanged positions with him. The much smaller Adrian was now on the bottom and Angelo had taken over the thrusting. Angelo had taken total control again and at this point Adrian would be helpless.

What Adrian did not know was how much knowledge Angelo had especially in the area of sex. Funny, because while he knew more than most self-proclaimed experts, it was something he studied but was very rarely was able to have time to participate in. In Angelo’s mind, he was going to take Adrian on the best sexual ride of his life and he was determined to accomplish that task. Angelo was one who was rarely defeated for very long.

At this moment, some things were starting to happen with Adrian. Mentally he was heading toward a completely euphoric state where his imagination added to the experience. This again was not normal, and in fact his inability to do this was one of the factors involved in his diagnosis. Would it be possible for Angelo to use this, taking him slowly higher and higher until orgasm wracked his body to the point of seizures? He certainly felt that he was headed that way. Did Angelo somehow know, or sense, what Adrian needed?

If Angelo viewed Adrian as “well-hung” Adrian was totally unsure what to do with Angelo. He loved giving oral, but the length and thickness of Angelo at erection was sufficient to make him wonder how he was going to even begin to get Angelo off. This was a surprise compared to his past romantic attempts. He had measured himself at a hair over nine inches erect and somewhere between six and seven soft. Angelo was when soft nearly as large in length and thick in girth as Adrian was when hard. Somewhere in Adrian’s mind he was worried in that he didn’t know what to do with Angelo sexually because of his size. The only “poles” he had seen larger than this one belonged to the phone company!

As the sweat built, Angelo could see some interesting things. Adrian was bi-racial and who or whomever the other half was, had some body hair in their genes. There was the lightest dusting of very short vellus hair on Adrian’s belly heading down to his bush, there was a light dusting of hair on Adrian’s legs and butt as well, and a little bit of hair barely visible on his chest. There was the tiniest bit of a well-shaved goatee at the bottom of Adrian’s chin. Angelo had been nearly hairless as well, before the experiment. He wondered what it would do for Adrian.

As both of these thoughts were going on while exquisite pleasure was building, concentrating on other things was in fact now an effort to keep from heading into the abyss of orgasm.

Adrian really did not want to cum, and at the same time he was desperate to come in the worst way.

At this point, the humping was becoming more frenetic and sweat was starting to pour off the bodies of both participants.

Angelo sensed that he was going to cum relatively soon, his solution was another flip placing Adrian on top. The difference was now there was sweat acting as a lube between their bodies. Adrian was now thrusting away, and was certain he was going to lose his mind. His breathing was hard, and he was moaning as the abyss grew nearer. Angelo was still in control even if Adrian did not know it.

Angelo reached over to what looked like a small cold cream jar, and with expertise that was stellar, he added a scoop of the lubricant to the area between their dicks and bellies. The cream was a modified version of an orgasm delay cream. This version which he made for his own use however was almost cruel in that it allowed the user to reach a higher and higher edge before orgasm. Angelo had tweaked this stuff from a commercial formula. He had tried it out on a Hollywood rent-boy, and before that night was over the macho hustler, himself a high-level bodybuilder, was screaming his lungs out trying to cum. He couldn’t stop, and he was at the edge but was trying so hard to get over that edge.

The cream worked two ways, it first desensitized a small amount but that part only lasted for about ten minutes. The second whammy was that as the cream and its active ingredients entered the bloodstream, the control hormone prolactin was for about an hour all but obliterated. It not only delayed orgasm but allowed the male user to be multi-orgasmic. Cum over, dick still hard as a rock and no satisfaction! Evil, yes, but the word “fun” did not even begin to describe it. The hustler in question had never had an experience like this in his life.

While working out bodybuilders get a “pump”, and the sexual smorgasbord to which Adrian was being exposed included the same phenomenon. Angelo’s muscle structure was swelling larger and larger with his efforts. What Adrian had no way of knowing was that Angelo was one of a small percentage of bodybuilders who had really huge pumps. Some muscles were more affected than others, but his arms, chest, and back were particularly susceptible to extreme pumps. The other thing that happened with Angelo related to his nipples. They would swell quite large. As Angelo neared his orgasm, his nipples and aureoles would tend to swell. Angelo knew that this was his own weakness, and that Adrian, if only he knew about this secret vulnerability, could easily convert Angelo into a whimpering cat in heat simply by playing with Angelo’s puffy, swollen nipples. He found himself hoping that Adrian would do just that.


Chapter Three: A Big Decision

That night, the world stopped for two people, and neither of them wanted to believe it.

Angelo was both terrified and at the same time feeling joy on levels he had never imagined. It appeared he had found “Mr. Right.” Every rational part of his being said it was too fast, it can’t be love, but the Angelo’s emotional side was screaming just as loudly that how would he know about love. The only thing Angelo was sure of was that his emotions were torn completely to pieces and he did not want to leave Adrian’s company.

When love-making started that night, Adrian had, based on his past experience, expected a self-serving type of individual in Angelo. The big guys usually would go through the joys of ejaculation for themselves, and then it was over. There was something new and unexpected here, and yet to Adrian it was a little frightening. The disorder from which he suffered usually placed him in a position of getting the other guy off, then, after the rest of the world had said their prayers and goodnights, he would masturbate himself to get off. Here he was now at age twenty-seven, and the truth was that he had never ejaculated in his entire life while having sex with another person. He would start and then lose his erection. This was going to be weird, and what was happening was that Adrian was remaining hard to the point of throbbing with veins showing the whole time with Angelo.

Adrian in his mind kept comparing Angelo to the others that had come before him. Angelo was so incredibly different than anyone he had ever been with. Angelo did not even seem concerned with his own pleasure. He was totally absorbed in seeing to it that Adrian was going to have the best time possible. As nice as that was, Adrian was beginning to become very concerned, because if Angelo wanted to mount him and penetrate, Adrian did not have the slightest idea as to how he would survive the penetration by someone as big as his new lover without ending up in the Hospital.

As if there was mind reading going on, Angelo, now on top again and taking a momentary break from the dueling tongues, put his tongue to use instead on one of Adrian’s beautiful ears. He whispered in a most loving way, “Honey, I want to take you to heaven tonight, but I am afraid I would hurt the one I love the most. I think we are going to have to work up to that.” Adrian had tears running down his cheeks. Angelo really did care about him. Once Adrian was reassured, Angelo rolled onto his back with Adrian still attached. He very gently steered Adrian into a place where the stimulation from the frottage alone was going to have very definite effects.

Angelo kept whispering loving things to Adrian and, for reasons even Adrian did not understand, the demonstrative affection he was receiving was turning up the burner on Adrian’s own libido. Then something most unexpected happened. Adrian was humping against Angelo and strange feelings began to build within him. These feelings built until the little guy was seeing stars, gasping for breath, and his dick all of a sudden began to throb in a way he had never experienced before. The feelings began escalate until he was losing control of his own muscles. Adrian began thrusting on his own and he couldn’t have stopped if he had wanted to. A few seconds later Adrian shot the biggest load he had ever produced between both of their abs. Yet, Adrian was still hard as a rock! Fuck, he had just cum and he was still hard as a fucking rock. That was new!

Adrian took advantage of Angelo’s surprise, and moved quickly to begin to suck him off. Something else was new here, too. Adrian could feel Angelo’s pulse in his dick, throbbing hard and strong. Angelo was so large that Adrian could not get a great deal of Angelo’s cock in to his throat, but nobody was more motivated than Adrian was at this moment. Angelo had already brought him incredible joy! What Adrian did not know was that the sheer volume of cum from one of Angelo’s ejaculations was about five times anything he had ever taken before.

As Angelo came closer to ejaculation, he was more than a little worried. He knew what was going to happen, but there was no way to explain this to the little guy. All Angelo could hope for was that Adrian was really good at swallowing loads. Fortunately he wasAngelo began to lose control of his pelvic muscles just as Adrian had, and he began to thrust involuntarily, driving his mammoth cock down Adrian’s throat far farther than either had expected. Adrian was having trouble breathing and getting the rhythm down, and was struggling, but he was determined with an incredible resolve to take everything Angelo had to offer.

Angelo’s own breath was becoming ragged. His huge pecs swollen and pumped from the exercise and shining with sweat through the fur coating were looking huge to Adrian. He redoubled his efforts to the point that Angelo was whimpering from the techniques. When Angelo finally let loose Adrian had fortunately timed things just right. His throat was a little torn up from it and the volume of the load was beyond anything Adrian would have thought possible.

One would think that rest would have been in order. But their bodies weren’t ready for rest. Both of their dicks were still rock hard and throbbing!

Adrian led Angelo back into the huge bathroom. He momentarily flipped on the shower guiding the muscular mass he so loved under the spray. At the same time Adrian had turned on the water to the very large spa type bathtub in the suite Angelo had taken for the weekend.

About the time that Angelo and Adrian had both removed a great deal of the goo from their bodies sending it down a drain, the huge spa tub was full of warm water. Angelo was almost groggy from the exertion and to some degree so was Adrian. There had been some sample bottles of bubble bath and Adrian had added those to the water in the whirlpool tub.

Angelo entered the huge tub first and lie back spreading his legs in the bubbly water. Adrian did not need a second hint. He knelt down, spun around and lie down in between Angelo’s legs with the back of his head on Angelo’s monstrous pecs. As he positioned himself he could feel Angelo’s dick still rock hard moving against his back. As he lay back Angelo’s huge arms encircled his body. Never had Adrian felt so contented and secure.

Angelo reached around to find that Adrian’s dick was still as hard as his own. After one of the strongest ejaculatory responses he had ever had in his life, his body was charged up again for more. This was either love, or it was otherworldly. He was so tired he was slightly groggy, and yet his body was saying something else.

Little Adrian was exhausted and yet, for reasons he could not explain, he wanted to suck down Angelo’s cock and get another mammoth load from him. Angelo’s cum had a flavor and a consistency unlike any that Adrian had ever experienced. He loved it!

Fortunately there was a spa heater to keep the water warm, and as a result, both fell asleep in the oversized tub. As they dropped off, their dicks softened at least partially, but not completely.

At about 4:30 a.m., Adrian awakened, realizing that he had been asleep. His fingertips were pruny, but he felt exhilarated. He went out to the bed, cleaned it up from their previous activity then went to the bath again to get the man who must be, for lack of any other explanation, the love of his life dried off and into bed with him.

If Angelo had been the leader earlier, at this activity Adrian excelled, guiding the man that was over double his body weight after drying him off.

As they both settled into bed, the last words that Adrian heard from Angelo were a sleepy, heartfelt “I love you!” If Angelo had been fully awake he would have seen the tears streaming down Adrian’s cheeks at that moment.

The only thing that Adrian kept thinking was that this was some kind of a dream. This couldn’t be real. Had he died and gone to heaven? Was he in fact still alive right now?

He tried to tell Angelo that he loved him too, but, the throat fucking earlier in the evening had really irritated his throat and he could barely croak out anything intelligible.

Adrian laid back down, and within about fifteen seconds, Angelo’s huge body rolled towards him and cuddled up to him. Again, if he could have seen, Angelo would have seen the tears streaming down Adrian’s face. The emotion was welling up in Adrian and he was trying so hard to maintain.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was early afternoon when Adrian stirred and started the process of waking up. Angelo was still sound asleep. Adrian was thinking about food, but couldn’t make up his mind on suggestions. “Brunch” because of their exhaustion, had graduated into a new class called “Linner”. Well, the first thing to do was to wake up the incredible hulk, and get his opinions“Good morning, sweetheart,” Adrian cooed.

“Urrghh,” Angelo moaned.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” At this point, Adrian had made the climb back into bed, then ended up on top of Angelo; the next step was a big sloppy wet kiss. There was still another moan but this time it was one of satisfaction and happiness.

Adrian kissed Angelo and began the tongue duel all over again. This of course resulted in two things. The first was a very happy moan from Angelo, and the second was Angelo’s dick opening the flood gates and getting hard as a rock yet again. Angelo reached up and caressed Adrian’s back and butt. Well, this created the third thing and that was Adrian also getting hard again and almost immediately.

Since meeting Angelo, Adrian had spent more time hard in the last 24 hours than he had spent in that state in the last six months.

Later, Angelo guessed it must have been left-over pheromone, or something unusual, but Adrian’s dick was literally so hard again that he thought it was going to explode! Both his cock and his balls were throbbing to his heartbeat and it was as if some switch had been turned on making him so horny that he was almost uncontrollable in his lust for Angelo.

This hardness was not unlike the way he had been hard in the parking lot. It was as if his dick was fighting to grow and stretch even bigger. It was so hard it almost hurt. As it fought to stretch and grow, the sensations changed, again much as they had in the parking lot.

Adrian very gently extricated himself from Angelo’s embrace and stood up. When he looked down, his own dick almost looked foreign to him in some way. It was bobbing up and down with each throb.

The one thing that was obvious was that there was no evidence of the horrible inhibition that had been plaguing him for years. Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome that seemed to be a thing of the past. Something about Angelo seemed to be making him better in every way. Maybe just falling in love with this living wet dream was the cure? Was that even possible?

How could he tell Angelo that if the big man were to propose marriage right now, that he would consent to be the blushing bride? Adrian’s own mind was trying logic and he was trying to talk himself into common sense, but Adrian’s sex drive and emotional state had him getting hitched forever to his dream muscle man. His mind wanted a gay wedding with all the trappings. He wanted to have it known to the world that he Adrian had finally found and fallen in love with Mr. Right. The more he thought about this the more nervous he became.

Adrian needed to think about things. He had to take time and think this through. It was too soon, this was idiotic, but he wanted Angelo with every part of his soul and he wanted him right now and he wanted him permanently. Something he could not explain was telling him that this was Mr. Right.

Adrian decided to go take a shower and see if it would clear his head.

A few seconds later, Angelo awakened to morning wood that just wouldn’t quit. What was between his legs could have been used as a pry bar it was so hard.

He realized that Adrian was not next to him and momentarily felt empty until he realized that he was hearing the shower.

He decided to get up and go share some water time with this cute little guy.

Angelo had decided, he wanted to pop the question but he was terrified that he would get the wrong answer.

In the other room Adrian was thinking about the same problem. His dick was rock hard and throbbing like a son of a bitch as if it was still trying to get even harder, his mind was in warp drive. He wanted sex, he wanted Angelo and he wanted him permanently. What if Angelo said no?

As Adrian stood in the shower, the water streaming over his hard dick stimulated it even more. The light and the water created a sheen on the dark skin of his dick. Again, his dick somehow looked different. Then he realized that for the first time he was beginning to see the veins and capillaries under the skin. He did not ever remember seeing that before? Was it something new, or was it that he had finally found someone who really turned him on and he was just stimulated that much?

Adrian kept asking himself questions. He had known Angelo less than seventy-two hours, and here he was, absolutely certain that he was in love.

Angelo was in the bedroom his eyes open. Boy, did he feel stupid! Adrian was in the fucking shower and he felt empty! What the hell was going on. Why did he need this little guy so very much, and why was he falling so very hard for Adrian. He used every resource to explain to himself what was happening. There was not one single explanation that Angelo could think of that worked.

Angelo simply decided he would have to face something he could not explain scientifically or otherwise. He slowly moved to a sitting position on the side of the bed, and then stood up heading for the bathroom. At the time he entered the very luxurious bathroom Adrian was facing away from him throbbing dick and all. He did not hear Angelo enter. The running water masked all of the noise.

Very slowly and deliberately Angelo reached around Adrian in an effort to show him affection and fortunately it was what Adrian had hoped for. If he was startled, it didn’t show.

“Morning, or should I say good afternoon, sweetheart.”

“You know big guy, I am having a major problem…” Angelo looked crestfallen, so Adrian hastened to explain. “No, the problem is I think I am absolutely in love with you and I can’t explain it. This kind of stuff only happens in the movies.”

The giant of muscle hugged Adrian and got down on one knee and took Adrian’s hand. With water cascading over both of them:

“Adrian, I have had the same problem, but, the fact is that something inside me is telling me that this is so right. I am as frightened as you are honey, but I have to ask you a question?

The color was completely gone from Adrian’s face.

“Will you marry me?”

Adrian started crying. At this point Angelo turned ashen white. Adrian saw the total terror in Angelo’s face, and again rushed out his words before his lover got too upset. “The answer is yes! A thousand times yes!”

Angelo let out a relieved breath and grinned weakly. “God, I don’t know why, but I never expected to feel the way I do about you.”

“I can’t explain it either and I have been trying to talk myself out of this, and I simply can’t do it,” Adrian admitted. “I got out of bed to try and think of why this was happening, and there simply is no rational explanation.”

Angelo met his gaze, eyes intense. “I want to take you and your belongings back to the beach with me,” he said. “And if I can have two weeks to clear some work off my desk, what do you think about a wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii?”

“Hawaii?” Adrian repeated, excited. “Can we go see the volcanoes and that kind of stuff too?”

“It’s a friggin’ honeymoon! Is fourteen days in Hawaii enough?”

Adrian realized he was moving in with Angelo, too, and was already past it. “What do we do with my stuff?”

“We have a number of choices.”

“My furniture is cheap crap,” Adrian said. “What I own I will give to the roommates. All I really have are my clothes, a few personal possessions, and Minerva.”

Angelo raised his brows. “Who’s Minerva?”

“My cat.”

“Does Minerva like other cats?”

“I… don’t know,” Adrian said.

“I have two Siamese,” Angelo said, affection for the creatures seeping into his voice.

“What are their names?”

“Ping and Pong.”

“I am afraid to ask where the names came from.”

“Actually, they were given to me on my move into my own house to keep me from being lonely about five years ago by my mother. The names came from the fact that I had been with an old high school friend playing table-tennis, just before the move. Ping and Pong are brother and sister.” Angelo considered. “Is Minerva a talker?”

“Only when she’s unhappy about something.”

“Both of mine are talkers.”

Adrian nodded. He had heard Siamese were known for that. “Where are we going to leave the ‘kids’ when we go on our honeymoon?”

Angelo shrugged. “My secretary usually takes them when I have to travel because she also has two cats. Ping and Pong are used to Pat and Mike, so Minerva should do just fine too.”

Angelo was starting to make plans in his head. “How long will it take you to clear up things here?” he asked.

Adrian considered. “Business has been slow, as I said, so if I leave the Game Stop I don’t think it will create any huge problem. My boss is also a waver of rainbow flags so he’ll understand.” He thought about the upcoming week’s schedule. “I could probably be ready to leave by Tuesday.”

Angelo nodded. “Who is your vet?”


“Is Minerva up on her shots, that kind of thing?”

Adrian again had to admit he did not know. “When we move you I don’t want any problems to spoil a quick trip to get you and Minerva into California,” Angelo said.

“How are we going to do this?”

“U-Haul truck and a car trailer.”

“My Nissan is awfully sick and tired.”

“Do you want to sell it?”

“If I can get something in better shape in California.”

“I have a Ford F-150 pickup that I don’t use much,” Angelo said.

Adrian grinned. “Geez, that would be so butch!”

“Yes, but look on the bright side!”

“What is that?”

“You’ll like the color!”

“Dear God! Please tell me it isn’t pink!”

“No dear, it’s your favorite color, black!” Angelo grinned. “It’s a couple of years old, though. A 2015.”

Adrian scoffed. “I’m driving a half-dead Nissan Sentra that is so old it might qualify for carbon dating, and you think a 2015 is old?

“Well, we can get you something more to your liking later.”

Over the next few hours calls were made in a frenzy. Adrian, to his own surprise, managed to sell the half dead Sentra to one of his co-workers in desperate need of wheels.

Adrian liked his boss a great deal so he went in to work to deliver the news he was leaving in person to his boss, whose name was Tony, and to explain. Angelo went with him, and when Adrian introduced his new husband-to-be to his boss, Tony almost fell overTony was really happy for Adrian, but as they were going through the paperwork while Angelo went in search of water bottles at the convenience store next door, Tony asked him playfully, “So, what drug did you slip in his protein shake and where can I buy some?”

Adrian smiled ruefully at him. “Look, I almost think that this is a dream myself. Please don’t make it any more unreal than it already is.”

“Have your roomies met this guy yet?”


“Would you do me a favor?”


“Get me video! I want to see actual video of those three taking one look at what you have taking you to the altar!”

Adrian eyed him narrowly, pretending to be offended. “I think I should be insulted!”

“Don’t be! Just get me the damned video! The entertainment value will keep me laughing for years! Ha, David the Dancer will be particularly interesting. He thinks he’s so fucking hot—meeting this guy is going to rock his world! Ya gotta get me pictures, movies, anything! Their reaction could completely rock You Tube!”

Adrian nodded, playing along, then checked the time on his phone. “Look, I gotta get going,” he said. “I don’t think I have anything right now on check out, but I will double check and you’ll get it back before we leave.”

Tony sobered. “By the way hon, truth here,” he said. “You’ve been one of the best employees I have ever had. I am going to be sad to lose you, even if it’s for a good reason. You know this gaming stuff inside and out!” Then he winked. “You are being cruel, you know that, right? You’re sticking me with Craig the dummy! Giving him more hours is going to drive me crazy. He can’t get his cash drawer or credit sales right half the time!” Adrian rolled his eyes, and Tony changed the subject. “By the way Adrian where are you moving to?”

“Laguna Beach,” he answered. “Angelo has a home right on the Pacific Ocean. I can go down and stick my toes in the surf daily if I want to.”

Angelo returned, overhearing the banter.

“Oh, you can walk to the ocean?” Tony was saying, sounding disbelieving.

Angelo walked up, slightly annoyed but maintaining a sense of humor. He pulled up some images on his cell. “I took these last week,” he told Adrian’s now-former boss. “This is the Pacific Ocean at Sunset from my back yard. This next shot is a stairway that takes you from my back yard right down to the tide pools.”

Tony looked him over, trying to figure him out. “You must have made a ton in real estate!”

“No,” Angelo said. “My full name is Angelo Musciolelli. I am the CEO and Corporate Owner of A-M Nutraceuticals. I make bodybuilding supplements.” He turned to his fiancé. “Adrian Honey, we really need to get moving.”

“One more thing,” Tony put in. “Where are you two going for your honeymoon?”


Tony nodded. “Please stay in touch, Adrian, I really mean it. Working with you has been a pleasure.” Turning to look up at Adrian’s future husband, he added, “Angelo, please take good care of the little guy, he’s been hurt a lot.”

Angelo recognized the sincerity in Tony’s voice and relaxed a little. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I love him a great deal. See, I didn’t want to be with another me.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adrian hesitated, but he had no choice. He had to confess his feelings to Angelo. “Angelo, right now I feel a little insecure,” he admitted. “Like any person setting up for a lifetime commitment, I’m a little scared.”

Angelo clasped his shoulder and held it. “Totally understandable,” he said. “I have my moments too, but, I see things in you that I don’t even think you see in yourself.” He changed the subject, confident that proceeding with their plans would smooth away all of his lover’s misgivings. “Adrian honey, can you drive a U-Haul truck?” he asked.

“I guess so, I’ve never tried.”

Angelo raised an eyebrow. “It’s a lot bigger than that little white Sentra.”

To Angelo’s surprise, Adrian gave him a confident smirk. “I know, but this little fem queen will do anything possible to be with the person he loves.”

“That’s reassuring,” Angelo said. He took a deep breath, thinking ahead. “We have two options,” he said, ticking them off on his fingers. “The first option is to leave just before sunrise on Tuesday morning. The second option is to leave about ten p.m. the night before. That would put us back in Laguna Beach before the worst of the commuter traffic the next morning. I can drive the truck, but driving this big black Benz is probably not going to be any easier than the truck.” Angelo paused, considering. “The only other thing might be to hold over here till Friday night and leave at such a time that we arrive back at the beach the next morning. On the weekends the traffic is still Southern California, but it is nothing like the morning commuter traffic.” A question occurred to him. “You know, I never have asked, are you originally from the Las Vegas area?”

“No, not really.”

“Where are you originally from?”

Adrian made a strange face. “This is kind of strange,” he said. “You know, this is the first time anyone has ever asked me.”

“Is that a problem, honey?”

“No, not a problem, but I have to tell you the truth on this subject and it’s pretty complicated.”

Angelo cocked his head, intrigued. “Why?”

“I have a strange relationship with my family.”

“Strange, or ‘estranged’?”

Adrian’s lips quirked. “A little of both I suppose. You see, my Dad was a drill instructor at one time at Camp Pendleton the Marine Corps training base. I am the youngest and last of five children. My Brothers are Ernie, Doug, Carlyle, Barry, and then me, Adrian. All of my Brothers served in the military, and all of them are big guys and very masculine. Imagine my father’s joy when number five turned out to be me. When it came to the macho genetics my brothers got all of it. I grew up to be… well… me.” Adrian shrugged. “My dad loves me and all that, but he has absolutely no understanding at all of who I am as a person. He can’t get around me being fem at all. I think I make him uncomfortable.”

“I’m truly sorry.”

“Well, don’t be,” Adriand said. “I have had to cope with my parents and brothers for some time now. I have all of these personality traits that make my Dad uncomfortable. It does kind of hurt.”

Angelo nodded. Cautiously he asked, “Do you want to share our wedding with your family?”

“No, not really,” Adrian admitted. “What about you?”

“I kind of wanted the wedding part to just be us,” Angelo said. “We can do some kind of ‘after-party’ later. Because this was so unexpected, I think our time with each other is more important. Would your family come to an after party?”

“I think so.”

“I don’t want to create a situation where there would be hard feelings.”

“Let me tell you something,” Adrian said. “My Dad is a former drill instructor and isn’t afraid of too much. He served multiple tours overseas, and he has seen quite a bit in his life. There is one thing that absolutely terrifies my dad.”

“What could that possibly be?”

“My Mom!” Adrian said, and Angelo couldn’t help but chuckle. Adrian smiled and explained. “After raising five sons with a white mom and a black military husband and with the youngest son being a total queen in an area where queens were not exactly accepted, my Mom can shred my Dad so badly that the worst he ever saw in combat or his own basic training would seem like a pleasure cruise compared to her.” He thought about meeting the family and felt a twinge of concern. “Are your parents going to accept me as half-white and half black, then as who I am?” he asked.

Angelo grinned. “Can you accept a big Italian Catholic family?”

“Can they accept a little twink fem queen as your chosen partner for life?” Adruan asked, smiling with him.

“I think my Mom would love whomever I married. My sister will absolutely love you and there is no question about that. My Dad sees what he wants to see in everybody, and the number one questions from him will always center around my work.” Angelo reconsidered their immediate schedule. “Let me run down to the desk,” he said. “I think I will keep this room till Friday night and we can head for California then. I need to change the reservation for the U-Haul truck.”

Angelo moved to leave, but before he got very far Adrian came over to Angelo and gave him a huge wet kiss and some tongue.

As Adrian came close to Angelo strange things started to happen. It was as if something within him was being rewired. He wanted to be fucked, and he wanted it badly, and yet he knew that Angelo penetrating him would take time. To Adrian, Angelo had the best tasting cum ever manufactured on the entire planet and he was beginning to crave sex from Angelo.

The same thing was happening to Angelo. In medical terms, he could explain reactions like heightened libido, but the lust he felt for Adrian was becoming a more and more driving force in his life. He had heard of this happening when one fell hard for a person, but he never imagined that his desires to take Adrian could be this strong and he never imagined that he wanted to take Adrian as often each day as he possibly could. That seemed odd, it was as if Angelo was losing control of his sex drive. Get near Adrian, and his dick led the way.

The changes to the schedule that allowed them to hang around till Friday night were easily made. Angelo made a couple of telephone calls back to his Secretary letting her know of the delay and the reasons, and she laughed and was begging to meet Adrian—as if somehow that was not going to happen.

When Angelo returned to the hotel room, their minds were not on reading the paper or what shows were on the Strip. Adrian was on the couch, staring at the flatscreen but not really watching it. Angelo walked in, and without saying much, Adrian winked at him, smiled and began to strip off his clothing.

By the time Adrian was standing there nude, it was obvious that his dick was no longer soft, and was growing in size. He winked again at Angelo, and as if it was written into some sort of weird supernatural script Angelo’s own dick began to inflate.

Angelo began his striptease half jokingly, trying his best to imitate a trashy stripper, and humorous or not, Adrian’s dick was well on its journey to another monumental erection. Getting there happened really quickly. Again! This was one of those weird erections where being as hard as a tire iron was still not hard enough!

Just seeing Adrian get hard and grow that way turned Angelo on, and he too was on his way to an erection very quickly.

Shortly after Angelo revealed unintentionally that at least his genitals liked the idea, Adrian with a wink headed for the bathroom and headed for the huge shower. The water cascading down his body felt great.

Whoops! He had forgotten a towelHe quickly walked out of the shower and caught sight of his own body in the huge mirrors. He was amazed at how really good he looked. It seemed as if his body was just brimming with energy and it actually looked better to Adrian than it had ever looked. Maybe love just did that to a person!

Angelo came through the door a few minutes later, stripped and throbbing. Fuck! This was kind of weird! Adrian’s skinny body showed every bit of definition possible, each muscle could be seen as if it had been individually carved in marble. They weren’t big, but the definition was excellent.

Angelo walked around behind Adrian and started to rub his huge body up against Adrian’s back. Again, something strange in the air started flipping switches in Adrian. At the same time Angelo was rubbing his hands over Adrian’s chest and abs. He could feel the hardness and the lithe yet supple strength hiding in Adrian’s body. The muscles there were small, and they were perfectly defined standing in relief, again they almost looked a little larger to Angelo, but that again had to be caused by the true romance he was feeling for his love.

Slowly, Angelo turned Adrian around and started to actually make love to him. Each time they made love to each other things seemed to intensify and get better. Angelo was becoming more turned on, and yet the same thing had been magnified to Adrian what seemed like a hundred times. Angelo then did something unexpected to Adrian. He took his rock hard dick, lifted Adrian slowly and then slid that rock hard erection between

Adrian’s legs to where the granite hard erection literally was holding Adrian up. As his been said, Angelo was extremely large, and his erection on thin lithe little Adrian went under Adrian’s balls and what was sticking out the front, and there was still large enough to penetrate any stray asses that would have been around. Adrian’s mind started to melt when he realized that at times he was being held up and was in some ways straddling that monstrous erection. He could even feel Angelo’s heartbeat between his legs and the hardness to Adrian was beginning to take Adrian to a huge sexual abyss he was afraid of.

Adrian only weighed a little over a hundred pounds and was tiny compared to Angelo in almost every dimension except one. He wanted Angelo inside him and he did not know why he needed it so badly. It wasn’t a longing any more, it was a craving as if he was starving to death and the only way to take nourishment was cum up his ass.

Angelo humped and thrust his dick between Adrian’s legs. Adrian was reaching a new state of erection still harder and now in a weird state between tingling and numbness. By coincidence to keep from cramping in some way, Angelo moved to where Adrian could see himself in the huge mirrored wall across the bathroom. Then something even stranger began to happen. Adrian began to leak precum profusely. Strings were coming off his dick and the weird thing was that these strings of pre started to make contact with the head of Angelo’s monster cock. As Angelo pulled back on his thrust, Adrian’s pre was dragged back and started to spread natural human lube in a number of places under Adrian’s balls, between his legs and all the way back to his rear end. Adrian’s natural size was already very large and he was in a normal state about nine and one half inches long. The super erections he was having now looked larger than that. Even at full erection, Adrian’s dick had a downward curve to it. Pre was continuing to drop in strings and add more and more lube to Angelo’s own dick. The smell of the pre in and of itself was not only erotic, but intoxicating. Angelo did not realize it, but he was slowly turning Adrian into a wild, sex-crazed animal. Every thrust and retraction added more and more pre, and knowing that he was so turned on added to the fire in his loins too. As Adrian saw strings reaching from the end of his cock to the floor, it just kept turning up the heat of the moment.

Soon Angelo was beginning subconsciously to hear noises and voices from Adrian’s brain and it was as if Adrian was saying the words. Gasp…Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Fk Fk Fk Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Meah Meah Meah Meah O O O O O O Oh dear God please just fuck me! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Adrian was so hard his dick was throbbing, pain had been replaced by a strange new sensation. He did not believe he could get any more turned on than he was right now.

Adrian knew something outside of the ordinary was happening to him. He did not know what it was, but whatever it was, this wonderful gorgeous man was giving him something he could not even begin to describe or fathom. He had to get Angelo inside him and he had to figure out how to do it soon. He knew he was literally going insane with desire wanting to be penetrated and he didn’t fully understand it. Some kind of instinct was taking over. He had to do it, and he didn’t care now if he died trying.

Adrian was so turned on, he wondered if he still had the ability to speak. His mind was screaming, his body was screaming in desire, would his mouth work?

Momentarily, Angelo set him down and began to turn him around. Adrian’s iron-hard prick was oozing streams of pre into the copious amounts of hair on Angelo’s abs. Adrian mentally momentarily chuckled thinking that with all the time that he and Angelo had spent in the shower were they going to drain Lake Meade?

In a flash, after a fast kiss Adrian ducked down and as a quick last resort to stop the onslaught in his head, Adrian very quickly went down on Angelo. Adrian did not even begin to have any clue as to how he was doing it, but he was seemingly deep-throating an organ that could have easily been transplanted on to an elephant in his own mind, and he was doing it successfully, which was really weird.

Angelo was at this point totally out of control, and grabbed Adrian’s head in his powerful hands and started thrusting into Adrian’s mouth in long but quick strokes to get himself off. There was something other-worldly going on for him as well, because he felt that while explosion was imminent, he was not certain that he would be at all sated.

If Angelo could have seen Adrian’s neck he would have seen the penetration of his monstrous organ as it slid in and out. Somehow it did work and what had changed? Why did it work? How was Adrian getting any breathing in? There were many questions that would have concerned him on an apocalyptic level if his brain had not been hell bent on the simple act of ejaculation!

Adrian was getting air in somehow, but he did not know how it was taking place.

All of a sudden Adrian could feel Angelo’s cock start to swell larger with each thrust as he neared his end.

Angelo was very close. He was in another world. He was mentally praying that Adrian, his beloved Adrian, would survive this. He no longer had control of any part of this act.

Angelo gasped in, inflating his chest to the maximum as the moment descended upon him, every muscle shown in high relief as sweat poured off of him in rivers, he was moaning, he was crying out, and just as the ejaculation was triggered by strange coincidence he penetrated in such a manner that the entire ejaculation was shot like a firehose into Adrian’s stomach. Adrian was alive, holding his breath because he had no choice and he felt rope after rope of cum flowing into him.

Adrian, still miraculously holding his breath with an unknown level of skill could feel his belly and digestive tract swelling with the sheer volume. As the skin of his belly began to stretch with this act, it began to itch and strangely enough, that itching sensation triggered a full onset orgasm and ejaculation in Adrian.

Rope after rope shot onto the shower floor, and yet his own dick remained rock hard as he finished.

Though it seemed like an hour to both Adrian and Angelo both, the volume of cum that Angelo had pumped into Adrian was monumental. Yet, like Adrian, Angelo’s cock did not go soft either, and he had received no relief in any manner from his ejaculation. He was in fact even more horny than before the monumental blow job.

Angelo pulled out and was just as hard as when he went in. This was unexplainable in any rational manner in science or medicine up to this time.

Adrian momentarily fell to the floor, and for a few minutes gasped for air. Angelo was both crestfallen and at the same time very concerned for the little guy he loved so very much.

Adrian opened his eyes and began to stir. He seemingly was not mad at all and his own dick, just like Angelo’s, was still rock hard. It was throbbing and moving with each heartbeat. Both of them were so aroused and the monumental nuclear coupling they had just experienced had not even taken the edge off of either one.

Adrian, with some assistance, stood up and hard dick and all got under the shower. The only thing was that his normally very tiny twenty-six inch waist had ballooned to a larger size due to the belly full of come.

“Honey, I am so sorry, I love you, I pray I haven’t hurt you in any way, and I cannot explain how or why I was unable to stop!”

At this moment Adrian was trying to find his voice, which was hoarse to say the least considering what had been down his throat.

In a very hoarse voice, Adrian said, “I’m the one that wanted it that way… and what’s really strange is that I am ready to go for another round. I might be a little hoarse for a days or two—but I am so fucking horny that I still don’t know what to do. We are both still standing here with rock hard raging and throbbing boners! Any suggestions?”

They moved to the bed. After a little cuddling with dicks still as hard as iron, love making resumed, but this time it was more gentle. Adrian tried to accept Angelo at least a little, but until he had time to do some a lot of stretching in stages and over time, they both understood that Adrian accepting Angelo completely would be roughly the same as childbirth with tissues not designed to stretch like those of a birth canal. They frotted together and soon were cumming again in a way that still only took the edge off their need.

Things did calm down a little and for reasons for which both were grateful rock hard erections finally began to relax, but not really soften. Both dicks were swollen and were not returning to their normal size just yet.

Though the sun was setting both simply decided to go spend some time in their suite’s spa tub. There, immersed gently swirling warm water, they both fell sound asleep.

Amazingly, the main entertainment attraction up to this point for both had been each other. Shows and other things had faded into trivial unimportance. Adrian had been very lucky in that one of his co-workers had found the money to buy his battered little Sentra and that made Adrian feel better.

In an apartment full of gay roommates, the presence of Angelo attached to Adrian presented complete and total bewilderment and a form of total mental chaos to people who could not believe what they were seeing. Little Adrian the one always hurt, it appeared had finally won the biggest prize possible. Angelo fussed over him as if he were the most important thing in the world. He let Adrian do what he could, but if the item was large and or bulky Angelo was the one who loaded it into the rental van for the move.

While it was totally unintentional, the wardrobe Angelo was wearing added to his effect. He wore a tank top “wife-beater” type shirt and a pair of jeans that hugged every curve and ripple. Every massive, perfectly shaped muscle was on display, and the three other roommates were simply in disbelief.

The bodybuilding competition had ended with one of the normal top competitors winning the title. The way things had gone, Angelo could have cared less about the business end. In fact, based on phone relays, the employees working the supplement tables were not even aware that the CEO of their company was in town.

Fortunately with good packing a smaller van than was originally needed was able to carry the load, making Adrian’s driving duties easier. While it wasn’t ideal, as the two vehicle caravan pulled out of Las Vegas and entered the highway, even this was exciting to Adrian. At this stage, at least he had moved up from a disgusting and tired little Sentra to a nearly new rental van. It had a decent radio, it had air conditioning that actually worked, and even driving at the speed limit the beaches of Southern California didn’t seem too far away in his eyes.

Though they had eaten before leaving Las Vegas, various beverage breaks and finally a food break in Victorville were in order. After braving the typically molasses-like traffic in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, when they finally got to their destination, Angelo’s beach house, the couple had been on the road nearly twelve hours.

Between the stress of driving and completely changing his whole life, Adrian was an emotional wreck. He had never even imagined anything like this.

The home had been built by a former movie mogul after the talkies had come in, and the entire inside of the home was in a nautical theme and resembled a seacoast cottage on Martha’s Vineyard. The yard, or what little Adrian could see of it at night, was beautiful, with landscaping that had many of his favorite kinds of flowers.

Both of them were exhausted, but Angelo had one thing he absolutely had to do. The rear yard verged on a private beach on the Pacific Ocean, and Adrian’s first ocean sunset was not something he wanted his man to miss. He tossed a bathrobe to Adrian after putting on one of his own favorites. Grabbing two small wine glasses and pouring a tiny bit of white wine in each, he took a bewildered Adrian by the hand and led him out to the vast rear terrace. There were some very sturdy chaise lounges that would easily take the weight even of someone as big as their owner, and Angelo sat down first after sitting a wine glass on an occasional table next to it. He motioned, and Adrian sat down in front of the man he loved. Angelo reached over handing one of the small wine glasses to Adrian. As both watched the vivid sunset in silence neither could see the tears in the eyes of the other. The greatest gift had happened for both.

Angelo had only three words, choking back tears. “Welcome home, sweetheart.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning, they unloaded the rental truck and returned it to the local branch of the rental company. For now, Adrian’s belongings were stored in a guest bedroom.

Angelo and Adrian had breakfast the next morning and then, for a little over a week before their marriage and honeymoon in Hawaii, Angelo had to go back to work and clean up the paperwork that had been left before he had met the young man that had changed his life.

Airline and hotel reservations had already been made. Angelo’s family was told of the event and so was Adrian’s mother. The agreement was that they would have their marriage and honeymoon as something simple and civil in Hawaii just for them, and then a celebration with friends and family would take place later on the terrace of the home in Laguna Beach.

Before leaving for work Angelo absent-mindedly handed a large keyring with a big bunch of keys to Adrian. “If I take you on some sort of guided tour,” he said, “some would say that I was showing off. Later I am going to run over to Irvine to my office, clear the more urgent paperwork and sign a few checks, and then I am planning on coming home to my husband.” Adrian felt a happy flutter in his stomach at that.

“I think that the refrigerator is pretty well stocked,” Angelo went on. “There is a freezer in the basement utility room area, and that is also well stocked. The extra set of keys to the black F-150 in the garage are on top of the dresser. I added you on to the car insurance this morning on the net, so now you are covered. The insurance stuff with your name added on is under the truck keys. I know you didn’t have much so there is an envelope with two hundred bucks on the same paperwork. If you feel you need anything, there is Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Are you at all familiar with this part of the world?”

“No, not really,” Adrian admitted. “I was kind of planning on trying to integrate our stuff and get at least my clothing put away.”

Angelo nodded. “Because of how we had to pack it, you may need to wash some stuff and re-dry it. There is also a box of clothing hangers in the basement next to the water heater and water softener.” He checked his phone. “It’s about ten now. I plan on being home by 2 if I am lucky, and 3:30 if my luck goes to hell in a hand basket. Just so you get used to things quickly and don’t worry,” he explained, “it will take me about thirty minutes to get to my offices in Irvine from here. My normal commute times vary depending on traffic and events around this area. Las Vegas, has its problems like any major city, but when it comes to traffic management, Southern California is far worse. A light traffic commute can be as little as forty minutes, and a rush hour commute can take ninety over the same exact route.”

“So why’d you settle here, if the traffic’s such a bitch?” Adrian teased.

Angelo smiled ruefully. “Founding the business in this area had a great deal to do with the proximity of my parents. The truth is the tax structure here is costing both you and me money. We will probably be talking about moving somewhere down the road.”

Adrian raised his eyebrows. “Where to?”

“Probably Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have a few more things to check before I say that for certain however.” He sighed. “Okay, the sooner I get my fuzzy butt out of here, the sooner I can get back. Because you are going to be working hard at getting settled in, I was kind of figuring on taking my beautiful baby out to dinner tonight. The computer is up, sorry, it’s a Mac by the way… Do you speak Mac? If not, my extra laptop is a PC and it is on the table next to the Mac.”

Angelo moved in close and gave Adrian a very slow, soul searching kiss, which had Adrian getting throbbing hard again, then pulled away. “Whoops! That is giving me ideas that would keep me from getting anything done at all.”

Glad to see that the feeling is mutual, Adrian thought. In the few seconds of the embrace and kiss, Adrian had gotten rock hard and the bulge in his pants was enormous.

He watched in a daze as Angelo pulled away reluctantly and left. A few seconds later, Adrian heard Angelo’s Mercedes start and he could see the car pull out on to the street a few seconds after that. Here he was standing here with a huge hard-on, and it was taking its sweet time going back down again, that was for certain.

Love, or whatever, had certainly turned his erectile difficulties around. Before he had trouble getting hard when he wanted to, now in Angelo’s presence he could pop a crowbar out of his crotch in seconds! He was trying to think of the best words… “A pleasant annoyance”? “A magnificent unwelcome gift”?

Adrian’s cat, Minerva, was exploring the house and had already found the shared cat box. Well, in the eyes of the cat, this meant she didn’t have the house to herself. The indignity of it all! Wherever these other occupants were, I must try and find them!

At about 2:30 a telephone call came in to Adrian’s cell phone. He unfortunately didn’t get the message as he was in the basement on his fourth load of laundry, but he picked up the voicemail a few minutes later. “Hi there Hon! Just left the office and need to run by the secretary’s home to pick up Ping and Pong. I am on my way home!”

Wandering Angelo’s vast house Adrian found he was in an oddly melancholy mood. He and Angelo were nearly the same age. His own parents had encouraged him, his father was more emphatic than that and he was now a young adult on his own. Look at how much Angelo had to show for his effort, and how little Adrian had to show for his. Some clothing, a loving pet, a five-year-old flat screen TV, two computers and a small fortune in computer gaming supplies. Not much to show for twenty-seven years on this rock, he mused. He was going to have to make changes in his life, and that was for sure.

Well, Adrian wanted to be clean and beautiful for his beloved so he decided to go take a shower, and maybe get started the personal overhaul thing.

Adrian stripped out of his clothing and walked up to the mirror. This was not good! He really had let himself go! His hair needed attention, and that was another thing, he had to find a hair stylist or salon who knew how to straighten his hair.

There was also a patch of hair on his chin. In fact it looked like there were a few new hairs starting to grow there. Well, I guess that was to be expected. The next step was the shower. There was a window in the bathroom that admitted light, and the sun just happened to be right as he was washing himself. Strange, as the sun hit his chest and belly there was down like fine hair there. Well, that was interesting. Here he was now in his late 20’s and it was looking like puberty was starting again! What a laugh! With as often as it had been erect over the whirlwind of recent days, it was no wonder his dick looked bigger. It had been so rarely soft! Maybe it was the unfamiliar strength of those monumental erections that was doing it. God! Imagine the nightmare! All of a sudden turning totally “butch” at twenty-seven years of age! The only thing that had ever been “butch” about him from the time he was very young to the present had been his somewhat oversized dick—and compared to Angelo’s he still looked like he’d never even gone through puberty the first time.

That got him thinking about another potential problem. How was he going to stretch himself out enough to make certain that he wouldn’t be hurt when he was penetrated? Just the thought of that and he was feeling a tingling sensation again, and he knew what that was! Crap! Crap! Shit! Shit! Save that for his time with Angelo, jacking off is difficult anyway, don’t do anything that might bring back the evil monster of the “TMS”. Nope! His dick had worked more than fine for a couple of days, no more, no more, no more, Angelo simply wouldn’t understand!

Going out to dinner would be nice, but Adrian wondered if he actually shouldn’t fix something for Angelo. They were getting married, and he was overjoyed that he had met Angelo. Adrian didn’t like stereotypes, but had a sense of humor when it came to himself, because if there ever was a stereotype in many ways it was himself and he fully admitted that one.

Angelo was on his way home, though. Better save the cooking for tomorrow night, and make it a surprise. Crap! He was supposed to pick out a restaurant! Could he be gallant and simply let Angelo do it? That didn’t sit right. He was trying to turn himself around, at least a little.

Looking through his options, it appeared that there was nothing that wasn’t more about money and trendiness than substance in Laguna itself. To get good and familiar food was going to mean driving slightly north to Newport for places like Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, or sea food fare at the Rusty Pelican. The Yard House was a possibility, but it looked a wee bit too much like a sports bar. Sports bars and fem guys were not a good combination. Want a bad recipe, Adrian? Take one redneck idiot, add booze and sports on the television with team names that Adrian wouldn’t have recognized on a bet and you get another little fem guy getting hurt either verbally from some idiot or physically. Of course this meant that Angelo would defend him, and then very likely Angelo would take the guy out and use the guy to mop the parking lot. Nope! Not going to combine the necessary ingredients or even near to that! Cheesecake Factory looked for now like the safest bet at this point out of the quick choices.

Ok, the next problem was what to wear. Oh, Lord! Adrian knew well he would be doing laundry for a week! Because of the rushed packing, after four loads the clothing looked more like “permanent wrinkle” than “permanent press”. He was going to have to conform to some standard. Initially he would have thought, “take me as I am and let the world adapt to me”, but now maybe that thinking didn’t seem so smart. He also knew he was going to have to get some other clothing fitted, maybe a little different and more adaptable than in the past.

Adrian had looked over Angelo’s entire wardrobe as he’d put his own things away. He had some sort of trashy stuff that fit his personality, which may have come from a few appearances in gay bars, but as a general rule Angelo’s wardrobe was extremely tasteful and fitting for a man in his position in life. While there certainly were a few suits in the closet, it appeared that Angelo wore certain cuts of jeans and western shirts a great deal. The fact is that a good pair of tight jeans and the right cut of Western shirt along with boots and a buckle on Angelo would have had Adrian ripping his pants on the spot.

From his own clothes, Adrian picked out a pair of slacks and a decent pull over shirt that would look really good on him, knowing that Angelo had similar things in his wardrobe. Tight enough to reveal and lose enough to conceal—a class act. What a hoot! A month ago, he would not have chosen this clothing at all, and now it seemed so right! His life was so different. He was now living in a home that exceeded the price of the house of every known relative he had ever had in his entire life combined!

Here it was after the fact and now Adrian was really beginning to think. Here was this guy who was the best wet dream Adrian had ever experienced and he was real. He obviously was so concerned for Adrian and it was also obvious that there was real substance to this guy. The backs of his eyes burned a little.

Adrian was getting dressed, and was so lost in thought that he had not noticed the black Mercedes entering the garage.

Adrian had been crying over his fears and trepidations on the subject of commitment. When Angelo entered the room, Adrian was dressed and with a smile but it was obvious to Angelo that Adrian had been crying. His eyes were puffy and red and his face was slightly reddened from his expressions.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“I am finally getting my skinny little ass married to the man of my dreams and now I am scared of virtually everything. I am scared that I won’t be able to live up to the commitments. I am scared I won’t live up to your expectations. I am scared that I won’t be able to find a job. I am scared that I will somehow fail you.”

“Do you know how normal that is?” Angelo soothed him. “Many years ago, I had a conversation with my father on this very subject. While it was not an arranged marriage, what my parents had was relatively close to one. My dad talked a great deal about how frightened he was. It seems that his own father had talked to him telling him how frightened he had been as well.”

“You’re lucky!” Adrian said. “On the subject of marriage and sex my dad never talked to me at all.”

“Why not?” Angelo asked, puzzled.

“Because of his son the fucking faggot!”

“You mentioned the courage your Mom had in dealing with your Dad.”

“Boy that was the truth!” Adrian said. “I remember one of the many fights over me when I was younger. My dad always talked about his rank as an officer and that he was in command of a great number of men, which for a black man in a predominately white command was some feat. He mentioned how many men and started quoting battle statistics for Vietnam and a bunch of other things. His idea about my Mom was that she could be ‘replaced’. Her come back was that he was in trouble right there, because it would take 1,200 men to do the work she did over virtually everything, including the damned military politics.”

Angelo stroked Adrian arms. “While I didn’t have certainly what you had, I didn’t have any great advice either. What I had was an education and some of it fortunately was in psychology. The only line that my Dad kind of had in jest was that my mother cried through the whole wedding and that she had the good part. With the bills and the size of our family he’s been crying ever since.”

Angelo sat down and hugged Adrian to him. “It’s okay honey,” he said. “I would be actually more worried if you didn’t have doubts.” He brightened as a thought occurred to him. “Oh, one other thing! I opened my files at work and brought home something for you to see just so you know.”

Adrian looked it over. “It’s a medical report!”

“Yep! Look at the diagnosis.”

“Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome?”

“You have that?” Adrian gasped, looking up at his man. With difficulty he admitted, “I… I… I… have it t-t-too.”

“I know.”

Adrian gaped at him. “How did you know?”

“You told me.”

“I did?”

“It was in one of your Meggs List ads.”

Adrian didn’t remember putting that in, but he must have, in a fit of brutal candor. He shook his head at Angelo. “Why would you want me, then?”

“Because of your absolute honesty. I returned again and again and again to that particular ad.”


“Because you put the feelings of somebody else first, not wanting to disappoint or hurt them even though you were frightened. See, to me you have the courage of a lion and inside that little body beats the best heart imaginable. There is nothing that could ever replace that.”

Adrian looked down at the report in his hand. He felt light-headed at the revelations. “How did you fix yours?”

“Because it is a psychological condition created by our masturbation techniques as a kid,” Angelo explained. “It isn’t really a medical issue. From my experiences with you over the past few days,” he added slyly, “I’d say that odds are against it appearing ever again.”

“Did you do anything? Or… give me anything?” Adrian asked.

“Not at this point, but if it shows up again for either one of us there are a few things that probably would fix it that I know of.”

Adrian stood up hugged and squeezed Angelo. “You know I love you.”

“Things are going to be just fine.”

“Look at that.” He saw that Ping and Pong, the two Siamese cats, were lying on one pillow, and Minerva, a cat of the “brand X” variety, was lying on the other one. No growling, no hostility, but the noses were definitely exploring the scents.

“Did you decide on dinner?”

“Well, if it’s okay with you I did pick a restaurant. You said Laguna, but the only thing I saw was up the coast a little bit in Newport.”

“Actually that is more than okay. I forget myself that this little berg on the coast can be one of the worst tourist traps.” He looked around. “Someday I will tell you the story of this house and why I bought this one.”

“This is beautiful,” Adrian gushed. “It is absolutely wonderful. By the way, I am still alive right, I didn’t die or anything to get here?”

“Nope, you’re still very much alive.”

“I dressed down somewhat for the occasion.”

“I noticed, and I am very proud of you for doing that.”

“Maybe I am going to have to re-think some things,” Adrian added.

“Well, in life, there are only three things guaranteed.”

“What is your version? My Dad’s only had two.”

“His line was probably death and taxes right? Such an optimist! The third thing is change.”

“I wonder what else I am missing out on?”

“I can think of something!”



Angelo picked that moment to move very romantically up against Adrian and gave him a kiss to end all kisses. In seconds Adrian’s dick snapped to full erection and this time it popped through the leg hole of his underwear making a monstrous bulge down his right leg. Angelo picked that moment to gently press Adrian’s body to his own and grab under his butt cheeks. Adrian moaned as the pressure in his dick was nearly unbearable it was so hard.

“Uh… Uh… I feel like I’m gonna rip my pants!”

“Well, what do you say we take a break on that one and resume this after dinner and desert?”

“Probably a great idea.”

“Oh where were we going again?”

“Cheesecake Factory.”

“That works for me, good sized portions and then cheesecake! However, I can think of another good sized portion I want to enjoy… and a form of cheesecake.”

“Shut up or my dick is never going to go down!”

Angelo grinned and changed the subject. “By the way, while I was at work I added you to our medical insurance today. You now have full coverage.”

“Thanks, hot stuff.”

Dinner was great as was usual for this particular restaurant, and the drive back along the coast was great. After they got the car in the garage and made their way into the house both wanted sex. The one thing that was bothering Angelo was that his already higher than average sex drive was really getting a bit annoying at this point. Men who had attracted him in the past fell by the wayside in his fantasies, but the mere thought of anything to do with his love Adrian had him in a rut nearly instantly.

The night was warm, but the ocean breeze had a chill. “Did you get any exploring done, honey?”

“No, my clothes were a mess. I needed to wash everything. I did four loads today between the time you left and the time you got back. I still have a ton more to do.”

“Let me see what it’s like outside,” Angelo said, moving toward the doors that led onto the back deck. “I want to introduce you to some real special things about this house tomorrow.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“Yeah, but what I want to show you won’t take all that long.”


“Would you like some hot tea or hot chocolate or something like that?”

“No, I’m okay for now.”

“I am really horny for my love little one!”

“I know because the minute I took my clothing off my dick started hanging full and heavy.”

“You think we should do something about our condition?”

“As soon as possible by my guess.”

“I brought something special home from work for you to try.”

“What is it?”

“It is a new kind of cream we are working on that prevents stretch marks in bodybuilders skin.”

“Aren’t those considered a kind of trophy?”

“Well, they are a sign of good and relatively rapid growth of muscle tissue where the skin is not able to keep up. Given the choice most bodybuilders would probably choose to live without them.”

“What am I supposed to do with this cream?”

“You’re supposed to use it in your butt, sweetheart.”

“Okay…” Adrian said. “Is it safe?”

“It has been shown to add greatly to elasticity in the things we have tried, and it works very quickly, but we don’t know how it will work in a case like this. We know for certain that it in and of itself will do no harm, but, stretch enough for you to take me completely is something we don’t know.”

“What about the tissues of your dick?”

“For it to do a great deal there it would have to penetrate a number of layers simultaneously. Based on the types of tissue there might be some temporary enlargement, but I doubt anything permanent.”

“There are going to be some guys who will be disappointed in that fact. There are a few who really need to add to their posers more than their biceps.”

“We’ve never tried it, but, if it were able to do that one we would never need money again and all of both of our families would be billionaires!”

“Why are you taking so long?”

“Cleaning out.”

“Cleaning out what?”

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Nope, that is something I always do!”

“Always like every day, several times a day?”

“No, silly, only when I think I am going to be penetrated by something that had a former home as a monument in Washington D.C.”

The air at the coast was a great deal cooler and there was almost a chill in the air in the master bathroom. Opposite the large shower there was a fireplace and a hearth that was absolutely exquisite in Adrian’s eyes. Not only a fireplace in the master bedroom, but one in the master bathroom too! This was an incredible house!

Adrian had done a clean out, and with a chubby he entered the bathroom and turned on the hot water. A few seconds later, Angelo entered the bathroom and pushed a few buttons on what looked like a remote control. The fireplace lit itself and there were now flames dancing over the gas logs. Adrian had never seen a gas fireplace that looked so real before. He pinched himself again just to make certain he was not dreaming this whole thing. Angelo was mystified at his action.

Adrian saw his curious expression. “I’ve been doing that all day!”


“Because subconsciously I must still think that this is a dream and that I am going to wake up from it!”

“Do you want to wake up from it!”


“You’re going to end up all black and blue!”

“Most would say by my skin color I’m already black!”

“Yea, but you’re going to add purple, then all kinds of other colors!”

“This should leave after a few days of disbelief.”

A few minutes later, the gas fireplace turned itself down to low, as the room was already warm and cozy.

Adrian took the tube of the skin elasticizing agent and thoroughly applied a great deal to his anal canal. The interesting thing was that this stuff felt like one hell of a great lube so he slathered a bunch of it on his dick as well. There must have been some desensitizing agent in the product because the sensations in Adrian’s dick completely changed and what he felt now was really pleasant.

Angelo had just put his stuff on the top of the dresser and made his way into the bathroom.

Adrian was in a shower now that was very large, but it was really nice. It did not have the feeling like it had room for stadium seating for an orgy, but there was definitely room for sex in any position for at least two very large people.

In the few moments that had passed, there was no visible sheen on Adrian’s dick of any kind as the product had absorbed, but the great and unfamiliar little sensation remained.

As Angelo made his way in to the shower he set two cups of hot cappuccino on the bathroom counter. Adrian looked puzzled.

“Just in case!”


Every time Adrian looked at Angelo’s body it was like his favorite wet dream all over again.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Eight days later, Hawaiian Airlines flight 3780 departed at 8 a.m. from LAX with two people hoping for a peaceful honeymoon. The flight landed at Honolulu International Airport in just under six hours. This was not the end of their journeys but was a beginning. As had been promised, the first part of the honeymoon trip was spent on Oahu, in Honolulu.

Angelo himself was excited to get on a charter boat the next evening for a special tour of the lava flows of Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii. This night they would stay at the historic pink giant the “Royal Hawaiian”. The wedding would take place on Maui, and they would spend their honeymoon proper at the Four Seasons Wailea Resort on Maui where an ocean-front prime suite was waiting for them.

Adrian had still not come to terms with the financial power of his new husband. Adrian was not in any way a user, nor did the idea of a sugar daddy appeal to him even a little bit. In order to feel good about himself as soon as he got back to Southern California, he had to get a job so that he could at least contribute to their income.

The wedding itself was just a simple, quick service handled by a local gay minister. Several of his office staff witnessed the ceremony. They had picked out simple wedding bands. There was a time when Adrian would have wanted something more, but his vision of the event itself led him to keep things simple.

The bathroom at the Four Seasons was as posh as the one that had been at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. What was strange was that Adrian was mentally comparing the bathrooms—and the strangest thing was that the one he liked best was the one that they had at home back in Laguna Beach.

When it came to sex, they rode a rollercoaster of want and passion. There were times when both were exhausted and then seemingly within an hour completely recharged again and ready for a new round. Their record at the hotel was seven times in one day. They were also working toward new levels, new experiences. As of this point in time Angelo had still not penetrated him, but Adrian had taken what seemed like a fifty-five gallon drum of cum from Angelo and to the point that he was certain that he was gaining a ton of caloric content from his efforts.

One of the really strange things was that Adrian now was able to ejaculate simply by giving his own new husband a blowjob, without even needing to touch himself. It was also as if the volume of the ejaculations for both were increasing. It was as if something was changing and sexual potency was somehow on the rise. The flavor for Adrian was becoming not at all routine—if anything it was getting more intense. The more he drank down the more he wanted. Both had been greeted every morning with painful, monumentally priapic erections until the need was relieved. During the day there was some control, but by night-time, they had to head back to the hotel room to get some relief. The moment the clothing came off, both erections would be throbbing and bouncing. Adrian still felt he was losing his mind in that to him his already large cock was looking to be growing again. That was impossible. He was twenty-seven years old and well past puberty!

The noncarnal part of their honeymoon was made up of simple things. Finding out more about the details of each others’ lives, the likes, the dislikes, the favorite colors, the places they would like to visit before they were too old to do so, their favorite foods to eat out, their favorite foods to fix or prepare, their favorite deserts, their favorite and least favorite movies and music, and there were lots of surprises.

Adrian was surprised to learn that in spite of being of Italian heritage, the one food that Angelo did not love was Italian. He learned that while Angelo was not horribly picky and a horrible critic, the music with Angelo tended to drift back to the dance bands between the 1920’s and the early 1950’s. He tended to like doo wop rock from the 1950’s and toward the 1960’s. He also loved classical music. He was very knowledgeable on the subject of music in general. He even knew some things about the music that Adrian liked.

Angelo learned that the one thing that Adrian could not stand was fast food, and any form of fried chicken specifically. He did not like fried foods in general. He found that Adrian ate the foods he could afford, but at the same time he avoided anything fried. He learned that Adrian liked fish to eat and he liked seafood in general, but did not like preparing it. He preferred white wine to red, hated sweet wines, would not drink beer or hard liquor in any form, liked casseroles if they were healthy and not high in fats, and he loved vegetables in general in most forms. Some things were a bit difficult in that Adrian had not had the exposure to different cuisines that he had enjoyed. Adrian had never had the privilege of many foods—he had considered Taco Bell to be “Mexican food”. He liked a number of kinds of music, and tended to like Lady GaGa, Celine Dion, and a number of the more talented soloists and most tended to be female.

Angelo was somewhat disturbed when he learned how much he had actually missed based on his studies. He knew his childhood had not been a normal one but to some degree he began to come to the conclusion that his parents had tried to make him a forty year old by the time he was fifteen!

The only cloud on their idyllic sojourn came in the form of a telephone call from Angelo’s company. It appears that there had been some partying added to expense accounts in Las Vegas that had been outside the rules. When his secretary gave him the figures, the only thing Angelo said was that he needed an audit of the expense accounts of these two employees for the past year. He told his secretary that he would make his decisions after he saw the actual figures as to what he was going to do about it.

Overall it was a great honeymoon with not only sex, but a great deal of cuddling and even a number of movies that were available through the television at the hotel. One of the things that Angelo had remarked to Adrian was that he was not current on the latest movies simply because he rarely had time to go out and see them. When certain projects were going, he told Adrian that the hardest times for both would be those times that he had to personally oversee things. This little “expense account” fiasco was just one of the types of things that people who own businesses have to deal with on a regular basis.

They would be flying back to the mainland the next day, and it had been a great time for both. Adrian and Angelo both purchased some “high label” shorts, swim trunks and about $600 worth of Hawaiian shirts, which they both liked. If Adrian had known the amount of money that this honeymoon cost, he probably would have been very upset. He couldn’t understand because he had never had or been around this kind of wealth before in his entire life.

On the flight back home there were a series of movies and a great deal of piped in music and sleep for both. Angelo seemed stressful and Adrian had learned to read stress and anger in Angelo. He suspected that there were two employees that were not going to be very happy after they returned to Orange County.

They took a shuttle service back to Laguna from Los Angeles and Adrian got a taste when that shuttle cost them just over two-hundred dollars for the ride alone.

They managed to get their luggage and packages out of the van and on top of the fee Angelo tipped the driver. After they got their bags up to the master bedroom suite, the clothing came off and both were fresh enough to want to have yet another encounter. Before doing this, Angelo called his secretary and mentioned that he would pick up Ping, Pong, and Minerva the next day. He reminded her he wanted to hold on the expense account meetings until after the full audits were completed. The secretary was told just to say nothing at this point. It had occurred to him to look into the cell phones the guys were using. Did they have and use company cell phones when they were in Las Vegas? She said she would find out.

This conversation wilted both erections ominously, and Adrian could tell that there was a great deal of concern in Angelo’s voice. “Is everything okay?” he asked.

“I am sorry, hon,” Angelo said. “There are some things here which could paint a very bad picture of the two employees. I’m sorry, and I had hoped that this kind of thing would not trouble us for at least a few weeks.”

“Why, is it that bad?”

Angelo shrugged, not sure yet how bad it was. “There are things charged to credit card accounts that look like cover businesses.”

“What’s a ‘cover business’?”

“A cover business is a way for people participating in illegal activities use to be able to take or charge against credit cards.”

Adrian was taken aback. “Oh my God! How does it work?”

“In prostitution, for example the card will come back with a charge for something billed to an innocuous sounding name that actually belongs in truth to a hooker or a prostitute. These days, believe it or not, drug dealers do exactly the same thing.”

“You’re kidding!”

“I wish that I was.”

“Once we begin to determine who these companies in fact are, we will begin to know more.”

“How does that affect you?”

“Well, not me personally, but, it can hurt my company.”


“If the money was either a charge for their services, for themselves or for a potential client, it could implicate my company in use of prostitution as a reward for something. On a secondary level, it could be a case of the purchase of illegal or controlled substances from a dealer of those substances in exchange for… services rendered.” Angelo considered. “The problem there is that if the illegal substances were for example anabolic steroids, it could discredit this company and imply that instead of using our products that in fact we were purchasing illegal steroids to feed to those bodybuilders who represent us and who are the top competitors in their field. They do the juice and we end up a contributor simply because some jackass getting a paycheck from me, against company policy, made a decision to do something for some as yet unknown reason. There is also some chance that this stuff is all legit and not anything I have to be afraid of.”

“I’m sorry if my asking about this bothered you.”

“No, sweetheart,” Angelo reassured him fondly. “You married a Corporate CEO, and it is just a matter of learning what those of us in this industry go through. If you work in the supplements industry there are simply people who have never been in a gym in their lives who have a desire to end the sport of bodybuilding, period.”

Adrian nodded. “Every industry has this problem.”

“Yep, every year there are people out there who want to bring down a businesses or corporations that manufacture things like, say, high performance automobile or truck parts. The reasons vary. Some think that by bringing down the entire industry that they are going to clean the air because the manufacturers have all the answers. That sadly is not the answer and these people are uneducated in the fact that the aftermarket sometimes comes up with the solutions before the manufacturers do. The Chevy Corvette has been a target for years. Some individuals feel that higher performance cars that offer any form of excitement shouldn’t exist. In reality there are people out there that have control issues. They feel that if they themselves don’t like something that nobody else should like it either. The worst of it is that many groups have organized and funneled money into political campaigns. On the other side of it, there are Corporations that do not assure the safety of the products they make.” Angelo looked over at Adrian and realized he was rambling. “Okay, enough about Corporate America. I love you, baby… Let’s get back to what we were going to do. That seems like a whole lot more fun!”

Adrian began the process of removing clothing and placing it in the laundry hamper. Angelo had temporarily disappeared from the room. Adrian had been on the plane and he wanted to shower and clean up before the lovemaking. He stepped on the bathroom scale and the digital readout stopped in a few seconds at one-hundred and thirty-seven. He had gained ten pounds! What was going on here? How had that happened? Probably all the food on the trip! He moved towards the bathroom mirror and noticed that he had to shave his chin again and there were a few more new hairs making an appearance and darkening. Again, maybe it was the sex that was affecting something. He quickly took a touch of shaving cream and cleaned his chin again. He had shaved only two days ago. Normally his relatively hairless body or at least it used to be only required grooming about once a month.

Lovemaking that night was incredible and it seemed like they were in a contest with either rodents or rabbits for the mating ritual. The whole time Adrian had been treating his anal canal with the special cream that Angelo had brought home from work. He would also slather some on his dick and rub it in. It altered the sensations and the change felt really good. He was not exactly certain what it was doing but the painful strength of the erection seemed to fade to a very pleasant tingling sensation and that was great.

He was really getting desperate to try having Angelo penetrate him. The last night in the shower before leaving Hawaii, Angelo had taken a finger and penetrated Adrian with that. Tonight as they cleaned each other off, remembering how much Adrian had liked it, Angelo did it again.

Adrian’s erection was bobbing up and down to his heartbeat and he experienced sensations he didn’t even believe were possible. Adrian wrapped his legs around a standing Angelo in the shower. It was at that point that Angelo had introduced the fickle finger of fate to Adrian’s butt. Adrian’s lithe body began to writhe in total nirvana. His dick stuck in Angelo’s belly was leaking pre like a fire hose and it was as if some sort of monumental explosion was building inside. His cock was trying to stretch the skin still, but the cream made that tolerable instead of painful. His nipples were tingling as they rubbed in the hair on Angelo’s chest. His muscles were tensing and relaxing now involuntarily and when they tensed it was like they were contracting as hard as they could possibly contract. It wasn’t really painful, it was just unfamiliar. The oxygen evidently was a little low so Adrian’s breathing was getting a little deeper and harder.

Adrian was starting to see stars because of anoxia caused by all of the exercise. “Baby, you gotta fuck me! Please dear God you gotta shove it in, I feel that somehow I need this and I don’t know why! Oh, please, I am fucking begging you, I need to be fucked, I need this so fuckin bad, I am so fucking horny that I am nearly out of my fucking mind!”

It was at this point that Angelo had reached around and with his strength he shifted his grip on Adrian and again decided to penetrate him with the equivalent of a digital rectal exam. He changed his strategy and set Adrian down on a wide section of the shower dam, this lifted Adrian up just enough to allow Angelo better access. Angelo knew that Adrian had lubed his rear up with the cream and he felt that the lubricant qualities of the preparation should allow him to penetrate without pain. As Angelo worked his finger in towards the prostate gland, Adrian thought he was going to lose his mind. Angelo positioned himself in such a manner that he could shove his tongue down Adrian’s into Adrian’s mouth where two tongues began a duel of love. Adrian’s body was nearly going into seizures from what was happening. When Angelo’s finger worked it’s way in it was as if somehow Adrian’s ass was trying everything to get him to bypass the finger and go directly to the cock. Adrian’s dark eyes started to roll back into his head and every muscle in his body was going through spasms and the most erotic feelings and these were new, as good as sex had been up to this point, what was now happening was a whole new universe.

For some reason, the pheromones Adrian was giving off were pushing buttons in Angelo. Without removing his hand he lifted Adrian as if he weighed nothing and wedged him between the bathroom shower wall and himself. He was trying to maintain control and was pushing two-hundred and seventy pounds against Adrian’s much smaller body. For the first time Adrian could really feel one hundred percent of Angelo’s muscles working and working hard. His back was rippling and his pecs had pumped up huge from his efforts. His biceps, triceps and his fucking back was a rippling mass of muscle. For the first time Adrian really felt all of Angelo’s muscle and he felt it concentrating on or he perceived it was all being directed at turning him on to a level that would be of another world.

The feeling and the pheromones between the two were pushing buttons and flipping switches at an incredible rate. Angelo was about to go out of his mind and he wanted to penetrate Adrian in the worst way. He knew that if he did it in his present state of excitement that he would have zero control of what would happen. It took everything Angelo had to not flip Adrian around and to use him as simply a masturbation toy. In fact, Angelo’s mind was really fucking with him on this. His imagine had Adrian, sweaty and steamy all muscles tensed in contraction bouncing up and down in his own monumental rut on his dick and purely satisfying him. He could see in his mind’s eye that Adrian was helpless and his imagination had seen Adrian with an erection nearly the size of his own at full erection flopping up and down as Adrian served as the worlds largest masturbation toy.

Adrian was in another world right now. He could no longer focus, he could no longer speak, he reached the point that he was in such an ecstatic state that he didn’t care if he died, he couldn’t even beg any more. His eyes had rolled back in his head, and all the sensations he was experiencing had taken Angelo’s finger and had made it into a cock. In his mind Adrian was getting the fuck of his life!

In Adrian’s case, it was as if a monumental volcano was about to erupt, the feeling of pressure was building. His cock was trying to get harder or stretch or do whatever the fuck it was trying to do ……his ass was involuntarily gripping Angelo’s imagined cock, his prostate was like a white hot poker and there was a sensation of swelling inside him that he could not explain. It was new, it was not explainable, all he knew was he never wanted it to end. It was as if something had completely short-circuited and he felt not only an ejaculation of monumental proportions but some kind of other thing coming. Was this going to be something like some new kind of orgasm. All he could do now was to moan softly, nothing else was working, the muscles of his body were locked in to spasm. The muscles of his ass were starting to lock down too, and most interestingly enough the sensation had multiplied to where he felt no pain but it was like his cock was most certainly going to explode from the pressure of the erection.

Slowly with increasing level the sensations continued to build in Adrian, he didn’t know how much more was possible, but his body kept betraying him because the sensations continued to increase. It felt like there was something virtually inflating a number of organs down in his pelvic area. As the molten lava began to rise in the volcanic shaft the sensations continued to increase, Adrian began to moan louder, he wanted to scream, but it seemed that every bit of his energy right now was focused on whatever it was that was coming.

Angelo was out of control, he simply could not stop, he wanted to make the event whatever it was happen for Adrian. Sweet little Adrian was his and he wanted Adrian to have the best. The pre-cum had been leaking out of Adrian it seemed like in gallons. It had been steadily oozing out of Adrian’s diamond hard cock, running down Adrian’s cock and belly, mixing in the hair and running down Angelo’s belly and right now it was creating really bizarre sensations as this monumental quantity of pre-cum started to drip on to the shower floor from two sets of balls. What a weird sensation!

All of a sudden Adrian’s sensations began to flood. His moans grew a great deal louder and though his mind thought it was forming words, what was coming out was not in any manner intelligible. Louder and louder it became until it was kind of a wail. Just when Adrian thought it couldn’t get any stronger, it multiplied momentarily about ten thousand times and he almost screamed as the dam literally exploded. He shot rope after rope of ejaculate, after the tenth rope he was certain he was going to die as he counted eleven—twelve—thirteen—fourteen—fifteen—where was all of this coming from he had to run out soon—seventeen oh fuck! They were slowing but the contractions were getting stronger!—nineteen—they grew still stronger—twenty—and finally after he hit twenty-two the hard contractions stopped but a flutter of small contractions continued. He couldn’t fucking believe it! His dick was still iron hard after all that!

As Angelo set him down the urge was uncontrollable—where the strength of thought came from Adrian did not know. He immediately, before the reactions of a very tired Angelo were possible, started to do to Angelo precisely what Angelo had done to him. A long thin finger went up into Angelo’s butt, and this was totally unfamiliar to Angelo. Adrian had already taken Angelo’s monumental cock into his mouth and with the last gasps of energy he had he was determined to give Angelo just as much pleasure as he had just enjoyed. He might have been frightened if he had looked down. His own cock was throbbing as hard as it had before his own out of body experience, and was again dripping clear seminal fluid.

Angelo had always been a top, and, as a result, was not used to prostate stimulation. Adrian did not know how he was doing, but he was doing well enough to be lighting a fire in Angelo that was raging. Adrian’s muscles were barely working, Angelo’s far larger muscles had it not been for their mass would have failed, but his mass had kept him going, and he was tired, but chemicals in his body were beginning to betray him as well!

Slowly Adrian worked Angelo to the point that he was a whimpering helpless man unable to leave the sensation, and at the same time, too damned tired to continue. He did not know how he was going to remain standing as the onslaught of Adrian’s oral skills worked him to a place he had never been before. Adrian brought him to a white-hot ejaculation and this time Adrian was smart enough to get Angelo’s cock to the right position to take in the cock and get the head in a position to where semen and seminal fluid would not get into his lungs. He did not even know how he knew the information much less how he instinctively figured out how to do it, it was just the instinct of a master cocksucker I guess!

When Angelo came it was not unlike Adrian’s, the ropes just kept coming. Adrian counted Angelo’s, and if he had any satisfaction, he had topped Angelo by two.

The water was still on when both simply collapsed on to the cum covered shower floor!

Lying in the water, both fell asleep for about twenty minutes.

When they awakened, Angelo was sore, Adrian was damn near immobile. Angelo lifted Adrian with difficulty and got him under the shower to rinse off the cum and seminal fluid, then did the same for himself. He placed Angelo on the bathroom rug while he cleaned up the shower, and when he stepped out of the shower Adrian was lying on his back sound asleep.

Again in a very tired state, Angelo lifted Adrian from the floor and with some incredible balancing acts dried him off before laying him down in the bed.

There was something great but there was also something abnormal going on with what had happened. Angelo was an expert at this sort of thing. What was happening to both of them?

He was supposed to be to work at ten the next morning. He was thinking he better call one of the guys in the blood labs and have some blood work done on both he and on Adrian just to make certain.

The next morning Adrian could hardly move. His muscles were so sore it was as if he was going to have to remain in bed for a week. This was also of concern for Angelo. He was aware that the level of exercise versus muscle mass was not something that Adrian’s lithe little body was going to take to all that well. However, Angelo managed to get Adrian out of bed the next morning and get him to the lab for some blood draws. A and M Nutraceuticals had the expertise because they did research to improve their products. Why were both of them horny on a priapic level? Why were they insatiable? And other things were happening as well.

Angelo had sort of planned this anyway. Angelo was not certain that the supposed illusion of Adrian’s cock growing was an illusion and he wanted to be certain, and if there was a problem, they needed to catch that fast. Odds were against it… but what in the fuck was going on?

Angelo took Adrian in to his office for the first time and just had him lie down on a rather comfortable couch after the blood draws while he reviewed the findings to date two possible problem employees. Adrian dropped off to sleep, dreaming of Angelo’s big dick pushing roughly into his ass.


Chapter Four: Transmissible?

For the next few days Angelo spent his time worrying about both Adrian and to a lesser degree himself. What was bringing on this extreme libidinous condition? What ever it was, this was the best aphrodisiac he could ever imagine. If he could figure out this one and bottle it many more millions of dollars would be his. Yet there could be complications here. Angelo’s muscle mass had defended him and he was still sore, but doing well.

Adrian was not doing so well and was a mess. Two days after the sex marathon he could hardly move, the blood panels that Angelo had suggested and to which his in house doctor had agreed were extensive. In spite of his own extreme muscle soreness he still wanted sex in the worst way. Adrian lay there with monumental erections tenting the sheets in his sleep and while in pain. The sexual escapade that they had both participated in had lasted nearly seven hours in duration. Angelo had not realized that until he put Adrian to bed. Great in porno novels and imagination, but not as great when it’s real!

When the medical reports came in, things were just simply weird. The extreme soreness had come from simple lactic acid build up as normally takes place during and extreme workout. That was relatively easy to remedy. In both cases testosterone levels were nearly off the scale and the hormone balances were off. A great deal of the testosterone produced was being converted over to DHT, which had that process at abnormally high levels as well.

Angelo was now in a quandary as to what was causing things. He would get both he and Adrian on some supplements in the meanwhile which would take care of the lactic acid overage.

Angelo had made some arrangements with a couple of his own in house MD’s to get some testing sufficient to rule out any possibility of any form of tumor which was ruled out. At this point they knew what it wasn’t, now he had to figure out what it was.

Adrian was making a fast recovery and getting better every day. Just to do a “follow up” the A-M blood labs took more blood from both Adrian and from Angelo. This time the blood would be diverted to his own private laboratory. The rudimentary tests only revealed that the testosterone and DHT levels were still abnormally high, and that levels of several other hormones were very low or absent. In a bit of a mystery a few things were explained. The hormone prolactin was nearly absent. In a female this caused lactation or the formation of breast milk. In a male it was used as a control hormone that was released on ejaculation. When the prolactin was introduced to the blood stream the erection and the immediate desire to continue sex was effectively chemically eliminated. This was what wilted erections.

In a small percentage of males production of the hormone prolactin is either abnormally low or absent entirely. Those men consider it a blessing from heaven simply because they do not lose their erections and they can keep going until semen and seminal fluid run out or until total exhaustion takes over.

Both he and Adrian showed that they were not producing prolactin at all. If a kid discovers this during puberty, it’s a gift from heaven; when that production ceases without explanation, though, there is something amiss. Angelo up until the recent flurry had been a prolactin producer. The extreme stimulation that the lack of prolactin would influence would also account for the excessive libido in both and the very short term satisfaction before sex was on each of their minds yet again.

The supplements to correct the lactic acid had worked wonders for Adrian. He wasn’t back one hundred percent, but, he was moving with some efficiency. Angelo had scheduled a few hours in his private lab this day at work. He was going to do some blood analysis.

After the morning telephone calls were completed, Angelo told his secretary to hold any and all calls except from Adrian, and that he needed a few hours in the lab to check his own findings on the analysis of a new supplement. The fact was—it was all a ruse. He knew what to look for and he was going to analyze his own blood and he was going to analyze Adrian’s.

Three and a half hours later during the analysis Angelo’s face turned ashen white. This was impossible! He was finding genetic markers that looked like those which would be found in his own blood analysis after his own genetic treatment.

How was this possible? Adrian had not received the genetic modifiers! Did Angelo somehow infect Adrian? Was it possible to infect Adrian… or anyone else?

If this was the case, how was he going to tell Adrian?

Angelo was feeling total terror at this point. How would Adrian take the news, and how would he feel about Angelo at that point?

What would Adrian look like and what would happen to him. Mentally, would Adrian be able to cope?

Even though most gay men would consider this a gift of the Gods, fem cute little Adrian might not feel that way. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Married to the most wonderful little guy and now this happens to fuck it all up!

When Angelo arrived home that night it was obvious to Adrian that he had been crying and crying hard. “My God!” Adrian asked. “What happened?”

“We’re okay financially, it’s nothing like that.”

Adrian moved to comfort him. “You know, I love you, you are the man of my dreams, you can tell me anything!”

“No, right now I am possibly the man of your worst nightmare, but I have to work through some things mentally before we talk about it.”

Adrian started tearing up, his worst fears confirmed. “I know it, I’ve done something terrible and you want to divorce me.”

Angelo walked over and held Adrian to him. “No sweetheart, I love you more right now and that part just gets stronger every day.”

“Oh God!” Adrian gasped. “You found something in my blood-work and I’m going to die or be really sick!”

Angelo smiled weakly down at his husband. “No, you are quite probably the healthiest person on this planet right now.”

Adrian drew in a breath, reassured. He didn’t want to talk about this anymore. “Angelo honey, come on, let’s go get in the shower and we can have a little fun before dinner.” A thought occurred to him. “Oh, by the way, those supplements I have been taking, will they cause me to gain weight?”

Angelo frowned. “Well, you’ve been eating more simply because the food has been available and we have been very active since we have been together.” He shook his head. Seeing how easily rocked Adrian was had made him reluctant to upset him further until he knew the whole story. “Adrian my darling, before we talk, I am going to want to have a few more answers myself because there are a few things I don’t know.”

“Okay, let’s head for the shower and we can kiss and cuddle. I want you inside me in the worst way.” A slow smile bloomed. “A few days ago I went out and found a place where I could get something to begin stretching out my little butt just for you!”

Angelo did not know what to say, if the damage was done, the damage was done.

The late afternoon sun was setting and the light danced through the shower. Angelo was slightly disturbed when he noticed the start of some very light vellus facial hair on Adrian in the area of his sideburns, it was fine, but it was just starting to grow. There was a very tiny fuzzy shadow on Adrian’s upper lip and there was evidence of the patch on the bottom of his chin spreading.

At this point, everything was very gentle, and it was an absolute act of love between two people in love with each other. Adrian’s dark skin shone beautifully with the light, but Angelo now looking could see signs of vellus hair on Adrian’s cheeks and when the light was right there was the very start of very fine hair now covering Adrian’s chest and belly. The interesting thing was that Adrian had not really noticed that he was starting to get a six pack. What was weird was that Angelo as turned on to Adrian as he was now was actually beginning to imagine the transformation that might be ahead of Adrian and that in and of itself was a monumental turn on. He hoped that Adrian would not want to Divorce him. Nothing was certain yet, but there were signs that something was definitely happening.

The temperature in the shower was slowly rising and so were two very hard dicks. “By the way, when Mike Bradshaw ran that blood-work, he ran full STD panels on both of us just to make certain that there was nothing that either of us had to worry about,” Angelo said. “That said, if it goes that far, the condom is up to you.”

Ever so slowly, both were getting more and more horny.

“I love you and I will leave it up to you,” Adrian said serenely. “When I first saw you I knew I had nothing to worry about.”

“Have you ever tried ‘gooning’?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a special masturbation technique where you keep edging and edging. In the beginning you’ll need a partner probably to do it. Basically you hold yourself right at the edge of ejaculation and stay there as long as you can.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Adrian said as Angelo caressed him. “Sounds interesting.”

Angelo moaned in response to Adrian’s arousal. “It really is different… and really hot. Did you lube your butt with the cream before getting in?”

“Yeah, I lubed actually three times today.”

“Three times?” Angelo asked in surprise.

Adrian’s naked need glimmered in his lust-darkened eyes. “I want you to fuck me so badly, that simply shoving that damn cream up my ass has been giving me a roaring fucking hard on!” What Adrian did not mention was that whatever cream was left over was being rubbed into his cock. It felt good and if he was turned on, there were no uncomfortable sensations.

“You may have advertised yourself as ‘fem’,” Angelo smiled, appraising his man appreciatively, “but there is nothing fem about your body. Every muscle you have is perfectly toned! You have no excess body fat and to me you are the hottest complete package I have ever seen.”

“Do you wish I was as big as you are?”

“No,” Angelo snorted. “I wish you to be the best Adrian that you can be, and the main thing I have against bodybuilders is that many are really full of themselves. I wanted a sweet, honest, loving human being, and your Megg’s List advertising was absolutely the truth.” He kissed Adrian sweetly and added, “You are a great person, you have a great work ethic, you are perfect no matter what your self perception is.”

“I never wanted to be a big guy, but the main reason is that I felt that if I had to spend more than one hour in the gym three or four days a week, I would be neglecting my non-existent social life, and I also as a matter of fact never thought that I had the genetics for looking like you do.”

“Honey, let me tell you something, the best way I can explain me is to say that I don’t have the genetics to look like I do,” Angelo said. “But let’s move back to the matter at hand. We were interested in having sex, did we forget that?”

With that, Angelo playfully grabbed Adrian and pulled his greatest love to him.


Chapter Five: What Do I Do If…?

Angelo’s research continued. He did not want to say anything to Adrian until he was absolutely certain that his genetic modifications were indeed transmissible. The other problem is that at some point it could be likely that Adrian would also be able to transmit the genetic modifications if that were the case.

When was too early, and when was too late to talk about what was going on? Here he was, newly married to the love of his life, and now he was faced with telling him the absolute truth at some point. Angelo’s problem was he did not yet know what the absolute truth was. Would Adrian only receive a part of the modifications that Angelo had done to himself, or would he get the whole enchilada? Then there was the other side. The genetic modifications that Angelo had performed in himself also played into, and were a major enhancement to his own genetics. If this were transmissible, would Adrian receive just the modifications, or would he receive those modifications plus some rag tag and unpredictable part of his own genetics. If Adrian’s family genetics were substantially different, the combining of a full strength modification and those genetics too could literally make his poor sweet Adrian into a genetic muscle monster.

In a few weeks, there was to be a party and at that party he would meet all of Adrian’s family. Angelo’s family lived an easy drive away. They had grown used to the size of their son.

It had taken Angelo some time before the changes really became noticeable, but again that was Angelo’s metabolism not Adrian’s, that was Angelo’s total genetic makeup. He had to tell Adrian the truth simply to prevent unintentional spread. Since there had been no penetration as yet, the transmission had to come from sputum. They had been sucking face nearly constantly since they got together, his research had to check the potency of what had happened.

Angelo had played around with a few others after his own transformation. The only one he had not stayed in contact with was the male hustler on which he had tested out the pheromone before connecting with Adrian. Angelo had to find that ass for rent! Fuck, a male prostitute had the potential to spread the modification all over the place in no time at all. The next question was what would he do with this guy if he found him? Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! This was going to be a major headache! Enough time had passed that the prostitute would be showing something even if he never saw a gym other than in pictures if anything was going on. Maybe he would not be showing all that much, but Angelo had to remember, he had to remember everything, and he had to know for certain.

The other thing Angelo had to know was: would his modifications transmit to a female?

Over the next few weeks Angelo pulled a couple of all-nighters, telling Adrian that he was working on a very important new supplement at the lab. He was in fact out prowling in every dark corner trying to find that damned male prostitute. Angelo was scared of Adrian finding out, but he was more scared of what could happen if this thing were found to be easily transmissible. Adrian had instructions to call on his cell in an emergency, as the lab phones were not in operation other than a message after business hours anyway.

The family gathering was coming, and Angelo had to meet Mom, Dad, and the brothers. Family gatherings were not something that Angelo loved under any circumstances.

The day of the celebration party came. Cars came from parts of Orange County and Adrian’s family showed up on an incoming flight. Angelo had a stretch limo at John Wayne Airport to meet his new in-laws. He felt he could have better control that way.

The day of the party fortunately was absolutely beautiful beach weather. The wind or breeze in the cove on top of which the home was perched that day was perfect. The tide-pools down at the water line were clear as a bell, the breeze came from the South up the coast rather than from the ocean in to the shore and that was another blessing.

By the time Adrian’s family all arrived, Angelo’s family was already there.

The first huge comic moment was when Angelo’s mother quickly embraced Adrian’s mother. The two mothers hit it off so quickly, it was scary. By coincidence, when Adrian’s mother had hugged her newly married son she commented on his gaining some weight and muscle. Angelo could not have planned it better if he had staged it. His own mother immediately told her new cohort that Angelo owned a company that made bodybuilding supplements.

“You know it was absolutely amazing!” she gushed. “He must really know what he’s doing, because he went from only a little larger than your darling Adrian to his present size in what seemed like only a year or two. I am certain that Adrian under Angelo’s nutrition plan will have Adrian growing to be as big as he is in no time.”

Of course, Angelo felt that good ol’ Mom came on a wee bit strong, but what the hell—she was a loving Italian Mom!

Adrian’s father was staring into the sky as if looking up to God. Adrian’s mother turned to her husband and let him have it right on the spot! “You’ve always wanted him to be bigger, more like his brothers,” she said. “Now if it happens, maybe you’ll get the idea that love indeed can conquer all!” She huffed, throwing an arm around her growing son. “Dear Lord, husband! Give your son a frickin’ chance. Look at these surroundings. Our family including the last three deceased generations combined could never afford a place like this.”

Adrian’s mom left her husband’s ego a bit battered and then walked over to Angelo’s mom. “I’m sorry Rose—may I call you Rose? My husband had a military career, he seems to think that if the whole world were run like the Marine Corps., that the world would never have any problems. He is so very quick to forget that when you get to the absolute top you get civilians!”

At this point, Adrian was looking a little green around the gills. Rose Musciolelli saw Adrian’s reaction and walked over to her new son-in-law and gave him a big hug. “When you married my son,” Rose said, “you gained another loving mom, ‘just in case you need one’. And remember we are Italian, we can get very vocal but we all love each other!” She looked at Adrian’s mother consideringly. “By the way, Adrian, is your mom Italian at all as well?”

“Surprisingly yes, Mother Musciolelli,” Adrian said. “She was from the northern part where blonde hair and blue eyes are very common. My Mother’s maiden name was Ciccioni.”

Angelo, anticipating meeting the brothers, had expected monsters the way that Adrian had described them. The largest, however, was Carl, and he was probably in the area of about five-ten and about one eighty in body weight. All of them had the ability to grow facial hair and all of them seemed to be far less vocal and or boisterous than Adrian’s dad.

The final arrival was Angelo’s sister Angie. Where Angelo was actually very quiet and reserved more like his father, Angie was outgoing and very expressive. Angelo had described her as “animated”.

Angelo had purchased a bunch of steaks and some chicken breasts in case anybody did not do beef and Adrian without being asked managed to do one impressive job preparing them.

There was some dancing later at which time Angelo proved with little doubt that he was not a dancer. The couples who had the most fun were Adrian dancing with Angie and with Angelo’s mother, Rose. Later in the afternoon, as the sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean, Adrian’s mom and dad sat on a double-wide chaise lounge watching the sunset. Both had tears in their eyes at the beauty of what they were seeing.

The next day, a parade of cars took the two families down to the San Diego Zoo and they all had lunch at a restaurant in Balboa Park. There was a great organist playing a huge out door pipe organ as they all dined. It was definitely going to be a weekend to remember. If there was anything that was a background to the whole thing, it was that Adrian’s family was doing impressions of Adrian’s former roommates. They could not begin to figure out how fem little Adrian had managed to meet and marry his polar opposite.

When flights left John Wayne Airport to take Adrian’s family back home, it was a sad moment in many ways. One touching moment was when Adrian’s dad went over and in a totally unfamiliar way grabbed Adrian to him and hugged him.

Ernie, Carl Doug and Barry watched in shock as their dad spoke in a voice loud enough that all could hear. “Adrian, you have chosen a pathway in life that for years I have not understood. You went with what you knew to be right and you plain did it on your own. There is a great deal you don’t know and I want to tell you right now that I am more than impressed with your….er…ah… ‘life partner,’ and forgive me if I didn’t get that right.”

At that moment he stared at the other four brothers with a glare. “Now, as far as you other four goldbricks, your Mom and I have bailed all of you out of various situations at multiple times.” He looked over his other sons. “Adrian is the youngest, and my meeting with the Musciolelli family has proven that your youngest brother—much to my embarrassment—has found the best person he ever could have had to share life with. General George S. Patton, when he took over the command of the third Army, found the command of his predecessor in total chaos. One soldier was found asleep on the floor of a makeshift barracks, he kicked that soldier in the butt not knowing that this young Soldier had not been permitted sleep in the snafu’s that had taken place. Once he heard the explanation from the Soldier, Patton told that soldier: ‘Get back down there, son, you’re the only one in this whole fucking place that knows what the hell he’s trying to do.’” He grimaced and turned to his wife. “Help me out here dear, I’m screwing these words up, and that’s a first for me!”

Adrian’s mother responded with a wink, “Angelo, I can personally attest it is not a first for him!”

“Shut up General, I’m doing the best that I damned well can at this moment!”

Adrian’s mother was unfazed. “Your dad has not been the best dad and I know that. You and these great people have proven to me that at least you know what you are trying to do, and after talking to Angelo here, I know well that he will be able to give you the love and guidance that I have failed at so miserably.”

Adrian’s father then turned to Angelo. “Angelo, in my entire life I may never understand this whole thing, but after meeting you and your family and seeing their acceptance of the whole situation, and how loving they were towards my Son, I look forward to your help in making me a better person. If anyone can do it, I think you two can.” He kissed Angelo on the forehead and the went over and kissed Adrian in the same manner. “I have been so wrong…. All I had to do was look, and I thought I was, but I was fucking blind.”

There was no doubt that this had been a circus. The limousine had again picked up Adrian’s family and the new couple followed along in the Mercedes. Adrian was nearly silent on the entire drive back to Laguna. Traffic was heavy and as a result Angelo had been concentrating on his driving.

All of a sudden Angelo heard a sob… He looked over to see the tears streaming down Adrian’s face and he didn’t know what happened. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“My fucking father has never apologized to anyone for anything in his entire life. Here were are the two ‘queers’ and when you come into my life something like this happens. I’m the one who doesn’t understand this time! Damn it! Here I am heading for my twenty-eighth birthday and he has never said I am sorry to anyone! I don’t believe what I have seen in the past few days.”

“Adrian my darling, what did your father mean when he referred to your brothers as ‘goldbricks’ and in such a negative tone of voice? I could see them wincing and shuddering as that statement was made.”

“What it means, my darling husband, is that he’s going to do an audit of the books. Two of my brothers have tried marriage, and so far it has not worked for either one of them.” He sighed. “Ernie and Doug’s efforts ended in failed marriages. Dad can’t see, or at least hasn’t up until now that it has been the fucking military bullshit that has wrecked both of the marriages. Never home, none of the marriages ever had children, and none of the wives had anything more than token husbands. Then there is Doug, who has never been serious about anyone or anything, and Carl is so tied up with his military career that I think he’s bucking for General and may be a ‘lifer’. Last I heard, Carl was promoted to Lieutenant. That was another issue—the military and college educations. Dad insisted that they’d get all the education they ever needed in the military, and if they wanted college afterwards then the government would pay for it. Sounds great, but, if they had gone on to college, the education in and of itself would have greatly advanced their military careers from the beginning. Dear old Dad, always shooting his mouth off, but he never listens.” Adrian looked out the window glumly. “I suspect that my Mom funneled family money to help pay for the Attorney’s fees for the two of them anyway, and good old Dad is down on the others because they are not moving up in rank fast enough to satisfy him, so he considers them to be failures.”

He turned to his husband. “Angelo, I’m sorry about the crying, but the truth is that my family is one fucked up dysfunctional mess. Both Ernie and Doug served in the Middle East, and Dad was not happy because they did not come home decorated, or hating the people, or even worse hating the cultures. What I saw today, I only hope is some kind of beginning. Oh, and the only way I know all of this total bullshit is because Mom told me. Dad is military through and through—including the ‘cover ups’.”

It had taken about eight weeks of looking before Angelo found the Hustler at a gay bar in Long Beach. He said hello. The hustler had not forgotten his business and thought that he might have a customer, but Angelo paid for his drink and disappeared. It was obvious to Angelo that the hustler in question had not picked up the genetic mutation. Now he just had to understand why his darling Adrian had.


Chapter Six: Good News and Bad News

Angelo had exhausted every avenue of research he could even begin to contemplate on both himself and on Adrian to explain how the transmission of the genetic material had taken place, and still he had failed to explain how that material coming from one human being had linked up to that of another human being creating what appeared to be a better and stronger genetic blueprint. This stopping point, was now a full two months after the family gathering. Adrian was now up to just over one hundred and fifty pounds. He had started at about one twenty-five to one hundred and thirty. What he was gaining was muscle mass and it was not body fat. The time was here, he was going to have to tell Adrian what he knew so far. He had made excuses, and still had not penetrated Adrian in any manner. He was afraid if his semen or seminal fluid played a role that it might speed this up. Until things had been worked through, he didn’t want to upset the apple cart or terrify Adrian. Now, that the only one affected appeared to be Adrian, he simply had to tell him and explain.

That night, when he got home, he took Adrian out to dinner at a little bistro not far from home. The meal was decent if a bit overpriced, but the idea was to cut time for dinner so that the discussion was what was going to happen, and that blood sugar which can make all human beings emotionally unstable was not going to play a role in the discussion or the mood swings to follow. Angelo had psychologically tried his best to prepare himself for the worst reaction possible, but the truth is in a case with no precedent, there is no known way to do so.

After dinner, they went home and Angelo decided that the spa room in the basement might be a good location. That room was very comfortable and was designed to look like an underwater cave and grotto. Angelo still wondered how he had ever found this place simply because the odds of finding another like it were nearly nil. The ceiling had been set up to look like the ceiling of a cave, the floors were flat polished rocks set into a concrete base that had been dyed to look like dirt, the spa itself was lit from underwater and the room glowed with lighting from under the water of the spa. If the users desired there was an overhead waterfall that shielded the users even more. Options included piped in music and several different bubble and air jets. There were even jets that injected various scents into the water that would come out as a gas in the bubbles.

After they had stripped, kissed and cuddled, long enough for food to digest, they headed down and got into the nice warm water.

Adrian had been anticipating Angelo having to explain something, but, he had come to trust Angelo’s total honesty and there was little doubt in Adrian’s mind that Angelo would put his own life on the line. As time had gone on, Adrian realized that the man he had chosen to share his life with had more of the qualities of character than his father had claimed for the entire military.

“Honey,” Angelo began, “I have owed you an explanation for a great number of things for some time. The problem is I wanted to give you an explanation based on fact without even the slightest hint of fiction.”

Adrian settled closer to him, indicating his willingness to listen. Angelo went on: “Some time before we met, I committed in the field of science and research one of the worst of sins. I used myself as a guinea pig for something I was working on. This in many ways was a complete success, but, like everything in life, there are trade offs. There is no explanation because I tried a hundred times to duplicate what has happened with us in the Lab and I did this without success one hundred times. Some time ago, I injected myself with a compound which contained altered DNA which I created. I did this by using a common but harmless virus which would remain in my blood stream for a couple of months until the work was done. This is what and how I was able to genetically alter myself. Over time, I did tests on myself and though you won’t believe this, my current appearance came without a great deal of effort at any kind of gym. My appearance is incredibly deceiving in that when the genetic changes I made in myself were complete, what had been created was something that in the wrong hands could be a devastating and horrible weapon. My physical strength is proportionally far higher than any professional bodybuilder my size and far higher than many who would dwarf me in size. It appears that for some reason and I must know how if and when I can, that through our sputum that part of this genetic modification was transmitted to you. Even more strange is that my modifications including part of me linked up to your own DNA and augmented it. What you are experiencing now is what I experienced as I became this huge pumped behemoth that I am, My supplements are of top quality and there is nothing I make with my Company that I am in any way ashamed of. I did this years ago and based on my multiple Doctorate Degrees never encountered any reason to think that what I did to myself could ever go beyond me in any manner.”

At this point Adrian was sitting motionless and expressionless. This was scaring Angelo tremendously, was an explosion about to happen? “My darling Adrian, I apologize to you and I am filled with regret that this has happened. The problem is that an apology is not adequate and at the same time I do not know what else I can do. If you hate me and never wanted to see me again I would see my life as being over because I am desperately and totally in love with you.”

Adrian remained expressionless and motionless with no reaction at all. Angelo started to shake and his eyes started to tear up and he started to sob and then started to cry. For a few minutes Adrian just sat there transfixed on this huge muscle hulk crying like a baby.

Adrian stood up and walked over to get a towel. Angelo took this as a sign that Adrian was leaving, and he started really wailing and losing control. He blamed himself and it was as if part of him were being brutally murdered by this emotionless display. Angelo however was in such an emotional state that he did not really see things closely. Adrian had just gotten a towel and had wiped his own eyes of tears. The spa, the humidity and related things had covered that Adrian was crying silently for Angelo. Adrian set the towel back down and started to walk across inside the spa. Angelo did not see this, his head was facing down toward the water and he was still crying very hard. Adrian very slowly made his way across and placed his hand under Angelo’s chin. He very gently lifted Angelo’s head. Angelo looked up and saw kindness not anger or scorn. What? What? What? All Adrian said was, “I Love you! You, Angelo. You.”

He cupped Angelo’s face. “Angelo, when I married you in Hawaii I knew I was getting something far from the ordinary. I also knew that my life would be something far from the ordinary. I must admit that with this news you far exceeded my expectations, but if one marries a genius there are, as I have heard you say numerous times, ‘certain trade-offs’ that I am going to have to deal with.”

He let his hand slide town over Angelo’s massive chest. “I started to suspect something out of the ordinary some time ago. I meet you and miraculously I am seemingly cured of a problem with intimacy that has plagued me for years that was horrifying and embarrassing. It stopped everything for me, and I know it was what got me emotionally hurt so many times. In addition, the worst part as you yourself know is that ‘we’ brought this one on ourselves. Before I met you, I was terrified of any form of anal intimacy. Even though we have not done that to this day, I am no longer terrified of it and in fact with you I want it in the worst way because I am stupidly in love with you. I am an absolute total fem bottom in every respect, and I want my husband to try and make a baby in me. However, in a sense I think you already have done that if one looks at this present situation with a sense of humor!”

“I… I… I don’t… know what to say, sweetheart.”

“Angelo, then for Pete’s sake, shut the fuck up and let me talk for a minute!” Adrian said it with a smile, like he knew how shocking it was for the littler man to be the one giving orders.

“Okay …. Okay!” Angelo said, wiping his eyes.

“First, I want to make love to my husband in the worst way. You have been a little distant from me, but after your explanation I can certainly understand why or at least why you thought you had to be. Right now, even though I am not hard I want to take you up and make a mess upstairs in the bed, in the shower, on the bathroom floor! I am so fucking horny that even Rogelio the Gardner is starting to look good!”

Adrian’s cheeks pinked, but he carried on without a scrap of hesitation. “I have shoved a ton of that stretching cream up my ass and I can now take a fairly large facsimile of you up my rear end without shedding a drop of blood. The other discovery I have made my darling is that I can cum multiple times. That’s new, and I rather like it! There’s more, but, I would rather demonstrate for you than tell you because I want you to ravage my little body while it still is a little body! We can go into the gory details of what I can expect a little later and right now I want sex! I want it standing, I want it on my back, I want it with my butt in the air, and I am so fucking desperate you wouldn’t believe it. I knew instinctively that something like this was coming in some way, and I knew you would in fact explain it. I am so horny that I want the explanation of what I can expect in nice little stories that will get me so fucking turned on that I am begging for it! Because I am begging for it!”

Adrian’s eyes bored into Angelo’s, his need obvious in his eyes and the quickening pulse at his throat. “Angelo! Can I make it any more clear! I want you to fuck me without mercy, I want to have you inside me! I know I am gonna cum ten times because no matter how much I fucking jack off, an hour later I am ready to go again! I know and or knew you had something that you had to work out. I am sorry sweetheart, I think that no matter how big I get if that happens, that I will still be a little bitch bottom in heat!”

That night Angelo did penetrate Adrian. It was unlike anything that either had ever imagined. Angelo’s fucking actually seemed to scratch the horrific itch that had developed in Adrian. Angelo on the other hand enjoyed the ejaculation to end all ejaculations. Somehow it was as if there was some control circuit regulating the sensations inside Adrian’s butt. If Adrian had wanted to get pounded hard, he certainly got his wish. With the worry and the uncertainty and the semen samples Angelo had not jacked off since the family departed. After long delays and stressful diversions, that night they found what they both needed more than anything else in the world.


Chapter Seven: Angelo Makes a Change

Adrian and Angelo began to return to having a normal sex life. Angelo basically told Adrian that his growth was not unlike puberty. It came in spurts—it would accelerate, then it would slow to a stop for a while, then accelerate again.

The little patch of hair on Adrian’s chin had grown larger, and he now had to shave far more often. The hair on the sides of his face began to grow more quickly. It was a private guess in the back of Angelo’s little log-book that a full beard would probably take Adrian six months, but that a heavy beard might take a full year. There was the beginning of noticeable hair on his butt, thighs and below his naval.

Adrian had reached one hundred and sixty pounds. They were not really big, but Adrian actually had pecs! There was a little nipple tenderness, but Angelo told him to expect that part.

Adrian was really beginning to doubt his own sanity. Where he had been afraid of muscle growth or changing before all of this happened, he was discovering things that he had never imagined.

Even now, nearly thirty pounds more muscle on Adrian had not eased the concerns Angelo had raised over this issue. One of Adrian’s greatest loves was lying on top of Angelo with his smaller pecs pressed into Angelo’s huge ones. The pressure to him against his own growing and developing pec muscles now ignited a fire whenever it happened and stimulated him to near insanity. The other area where Adrian had begun change was his dick. When they had met, Adrian was already hung way above average and would have been considered a monster in some circles. His nine plus had increased to a little over ten when at fully priapic erection levels.

But it appeared that whatever was happening was also restarting something in Angelo himself. When Angelo ripped a polo shirt, he made a discovery that really had him pushing the panic button! He himself had gained ten more pounds, and was now at two hundred and seventy!

With his height, he was already in the class of a competing professional heavyweight bodybuilder. Angelo had been asked by several promoters about competing, and his answer had always been an emphatic “absolutely not!” In the beginning it had been a pestering annoyance, but now, after the first hundred times it was becoming a festering puss filled boil. Anytime he encountered somebody new, he got the question. This was just a beginning of Angelo wanting to leave the beach home and do the more corporate thing, appointing or hiring others to take his place.

In the time since his marriage, Angelo had, due to business considerations, had less and less time for Adrian, and if the inquiries about his own competition ambitions (or lack of them) had become a headache, he was having major problems with the idea that he was not as attentive to the love of his life as he wanted to be. His emotions were starting to become raw and the cause of an internal conflict more and more.

The next eight weeks had been best described as horrible with business meetings and constant unplanned commitments. On five of the evenings during that time, he had not arrived home to Laguna from Irvine until nearly ten o’clock.

The more understanding Adrian had become over the situation, the more the feelings of guilt plagued Angelo. Even their sex life had, based on time constraints, been cut back to a trickle. Angelo had resorted to jacking off in his office restroom, and with little doubt, Adrian had resorted to doing something similar.

While it was only a total of about eight weeks of mayhem in his schedule, this was not getting better. The Christmas holidays were not that far away, but a sudden upsurge in business for Angelo threatened that, too, if he stayed in town. Angelo was swearing under his breath. “Fuck No! They’re not going to take away my first Christmas too!” With that, Angelo stepped into the outer office outside his own. He asked his secretary, “Would it be possible for you to clear my schedule from November 15th through January 5th? If you have to, move things up or move them back. Oh, and can you babysit Ping, Pong and Minerva for that time?”

A sly smile came over his secretary’s face. “A romantic interlude, Mr. M?”

“You have no idea,” Angelo said grimly. “In our business a rush like this at this time of year is sort of unusual. I need to get out of here today and go home to my other half before this insanity destroys my marriage.”

Angelo got what he needed, and headed for the parking lot. Parked next to his Mercedes was a black F-150 that looked familiar. He looked at the license number. It was his! Adrian was somewhere on the premises. He walked into the lobby and smiled at the receptionist. “Margie where is Adrian?”

“Oh, he’s in the gym training with Tim.”

“Training with Tim? Margie, how long has this been going on?”

Margie considered. “I would guess somewhere between six and eight weeks, Mr. M.”

The color fled from Angelo’s face and he tried to cover up the fact that he was shaking. He had been home, they had shared a bed together, and yet he had been as blind as Adrian’s father. Angelo was totally emotionally overcome with grief at what he had done. “If he had to go into the corporate gym and get help, what kind of husband am I?” he muttered to himself as he stalked toward the corporate gymnasium. “Don’t answer that one Angelo! You’re a fucking worm!” These were the thoughts going through his brain. Then at the last second he turned around before heading into the gym and decided not to do it. He appreciated how Tim had filled in, but he walked out of the lobby. He did not say anything other than “see you tomorrow” to Margie as he passed the receptionist and left the building. He got back to the parking lot, got into his car and headed home.

When Angelo got home, he immediately stripped, threw his dirty laundry in the wash and then headed up to the bedroom. As often happens in a situation involving trauma and self-realization of his own failings real or imagined, the emotions in Angelo began to build and build. Angelo had made himself a promise that if he were ever lucky enough to find the perfect person to share his life with, this was not going to happen. He had also made this promise directly to Adrian, the first night they were together in Hawaii after their ceremony. That realization made things even worse!

The dominoes of guilt began to build and build until there was an internal firestorm. As if designed to throw him over the edge, he started surfing through the satellite television stations and what pops up but a bodybuilding contest. In a seeming coincidence that was purely emotionally driven on Angelo’s part the torture began to escalate when a young black bodybuilder stepped out in his posers for an interview. While in reality there was little resemblance between this fellow and Adrian, Angelo’s guilty brain was re-writing the whole script. Finally, when Angelo thought that there was no way anything could get worse, the young bodybuilder walked over to a table and held up a huge bag of A&M Nutraceuticals protein powder and started to talk about how A&M Nutraceuticals was the most caring company. He then talked about the brilliant CEO who cared so much about everyone using his supplements.

Being a genius, being a millionaire, being in love and newly married—it was all gone now. The only thing in Angelo’s mind was his failure to the one he so dearly loved. Total emotional instability was placing words in Angelo’s brain, words like workaholic, uncaring, emotionally detached, narcissistic, and greedy. Angelo absolutely amazed himself at his ability to find ways to beat and bludgeon himself nearly to death with each self-created attack drawing more and more blood.

With no knowledge that Angelo had even been there, Adrian finished his workout with Tim and headed for the parking lot. When he found Angelo’s Mercedes missing, he wondered what was going on, but assumed that he had gone to close some business deal. He felt proud of his husband. Adrian fully understood and accepted that they lived the lavish lifestyle they did because of Angelo’s work.

Traffic was far heavier for Adrian than it had been for Angelo. He slowly made his way back from Irvine to Laguna. The last eight weeks for him had been tough, but he knew that the change he was experiencing was going to happen no matter what. He was in a very strange state over this and he did not know how to share his feelings with Angelo. Angelo had been so traumatized by what had happened, but Adrian was beyond healthy. His tiny frame and at times feminine mannerisms had definitely been who he was, but if that changed in any way would that be bad? Not only that, Adrian had laughed endlessly thinking of a huge two-hundred-seventy-pound bodybuilder walking out on a stage and opening his mouth to have pure pink chiffon flow, if and when that happened.

The only thing Adrian cared about was that he was being the best Adrian that he could possibly be. Adrian’s more recent insecurities were that he could, by being who he was, in some way inflict problems on Angelo. For that reason he was frightened of the change and in a major way, as it happened he felt that the change itself could maybe be good, but his own act of facing that change, and accepting his own new appearance, was where the problem lie. Angelo had been so busy with the Company of late that he came home, ate, and literally crashed. He was not physically exhausted, he was mentally exhausted, because he had to keep his company on the top of the heap, and it was that tireless work which was doing it. From the beginning, he knew how fierce the competition in the sports supplement industry was.

As he pulled into the garage, he wondered what was going to happen with dinner. After opening the door, he walked by the laundry room and found Ping, Pong and Minerva lying on baskets of dirty laundry.

In the time that had passed, Angelo had worked himself from love for Adrian and feelings of guilt into a terrible emotional state.

Adrian heard some things that were just a trigger for him—sobs. Angelo’s sobs. He went up the staircase at about two hundred miles per hour. He found Angelo in bed bawling in a fetal position. He could get no information from him. Angelo was crying too hard. Not knowing what to do, Adrian tore his own clothing off and got into bed as quickly as was possible. Adrian was panicky too in that he didn’t know what to do because he could get no communication. Adrian slipped under the covers and grabbed Angelo. He hugged Angelo to him, trying to calm him down. In about fifteen minutes, the three cats entered the master suite and all jumped up on the bed. Things had calmed from hard crying to soft weeping. The cats, not unlike Adrian, were trying to figure out what happened to that big strange animal to upset him so much, padding in close and trying to help with the cuddling, and surprisingly the cats joining in did begin to make a difference. Adrian just decided to keep his mouth shut and comfort him until this episode had passed. Between Adrian and two cats it took about forty minutes and Angelo dropped off to sleep. Adrian had more or less figured out that this was not business related, it had to be something different.

Angelo slept from about 5:30 in the evening to about eleven. When he awakened he looked like he had been run over by a truck. There were still no words, but when Adrian asked him if he would like some chicken soup Angelo nodded. Adrian turned the television on and found a documentary on Thomas Edison on PBS.

When Adrian re-entered the room with some soup he was wearing a bathrobe. The temperatures here on the coast had dropped, and Adrian was carrying a tray with two bowls of soup and some herbal tea. The three cats had their noses up in interest, wondering if the soup was anything they would like. After the soup Angelo fell asleep again in Adrian’s arms. Adrian was still trying to figure out what the hell had happened. He had, by this time deduced that the problem had to do with guilt over the transmission of “whatever” to him. At the time that had happened, Angelo’s last melt down had been nearly as severe as this one, but the duration was shorter.

Adrian felt the love of his life start to move at about 1:30 in the morning.

Adrian cuddled and then popped the question. “Van you tell me what’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“I guess I owe Tim a substantial Christmas Holiday Bonus.”


“Because I thought when training time came it was a place that I personally would be able to create an excuse to walk away from the other crap and at least share that time with you.” Angelo looked up into Adrian’s beautiful eyes. “As God is my witness, Adrian, the escalating business and problems I have had keeping the company competitive and on top have frazzled me to the point that I broke promises to both myself and—even worse—to the most important person in my life. There is no excuse for this. I am a corporate CEO and the creation of this company throughout its history has, at times, become a nightmare. I am taking us on a trip for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. The only way that I can guarantee that I am going to have time with the one I love most is to get out.”

“Where are we going?”

“I have a friend in real estate over in Santa Fe, New Mexico looking for a really super big house that we can lease.”

“How are we going to get there?” Adrian asked, knowing Angelo would have planned out the whole scenario. “The drive would take several days.”

“I was initially thinking of flying up and renting something, but may be I will make a date change or two in this deal. If there is a bunch of snow, the F-150 has four-wheel-drive and we could take whatever we want that way. I want to begin to scout out some property while we are there anyway.”

Adrian smiled. “I guess I’m kind of lucky that I had not started a job.”

“Honey, the one thing that we don’t need is more money. I want you to work if that is what you want to do, but with all the stuff that’s happening and my decision to revise my role in this company, let’s wait a little while on that.” He added, “In fact, sweetheart, I am pretty certain that Derek would hire you in his Real Estate office once we get up there. I know him well enough to know that he is probably short handed.”

“Angelo honey, didn’t we talk about a family Thanksgiving?”

Angelo shrugged. “That is still no problem, we can host up in Santa Fe. Your dad and mom are retired, your brothers are all active military, and that would get your mom some fresh air. My mom and dad have a few business interests and Angie works for my dad, so that would not be a problem either.”

Adrian pushed a little more, wanting to make sure Angelo had thought all of this through after he’d been in such an emotional state. “Angelo, Thanksgiving is only about six weeks away, don’t you think that this is kind of short notice to find someplace?”

“We will need 4 or 5 bedrooms,” Angelo said. “Let me call Derek and revise the house somewhat.”

“And how much is this going to cost?”

“Probably a lot, but, this is our first Christmas together and I can guarantee you that this Christmas is going to be, to quote a famous BBC comedy, ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. If we want to share it with family, we share it with family. But Adrian honey, my personal income from A&M exceeds anything you would probably imagine. Don’t worry about the money.” He considered. “Actually… before you and I met there is a Hollywood personality who has repeatedly pestered me about the beach house and has been offering me absolutely incredible amounts of money to buy it. I told him the last time we talked that that I was considering selling it, but I had to get something settled first. You were the something I wanted settled. In fact, with all the taxes in California, I have been looking at relocating the whole thing for some time anyway.”

“What about all your employees?”

“We will help them find homes, and if you’re working for Derek up there that may just give you a major foot in the door in real estate. How many real estate brokers can claim a hundred sales in their first year guaranteed!” His phone buzzed on the night stand. “Excuse me honey, Derek is calling me right back! Cool!”

After they talked, Angelo was even more excited. “Adrian, he has a deal for us!” he said. “There is a furnished mansion up off of Bishop’s Lodge, and it is 7 bedrooms, 9 baths, and over thirteen thousand square feet. We can have it for the Holidays! It is a listing for sale that is in probate! Our rental might get us a foot in the door if we want to buy it at an absolute bargain price. The heirs do not have the money to sustain this property and are interested in a quick sale. Derek said that the owner was in ‘show-biz’ and died last year. The guy was in production and was some sort of a genius. Derek said that the property looks like a movie set and the furnishings are included.”

At this point, Adrian was still in shock. The money Angelo could throw around was something that Adrian was having a hard time getting used to. Throughout his entire life, Adrian had been forced to be very frugal watching every penny, dividing rent with several roommates, watching what he spent on food, to Adrian, an ice-cream bar was a major treat.

Adrian decided he did not need to know how much this was going to cost. It would probably just upset him. To Adrian, wealth on a level where you can have anything you want was almost out of the realm of his comprehension. At the same time, he really didn’t worry because he and Angelo had been shopping for things many times and Angelo did not just spend blindly—he tried to get the best deal on anything he purchased.

Things had calmed down from Angelo’s guilt trip and that morning Adrian headed back to Tim for his workout.

“Adrian, let’s run some measurements and see how we are doing.”

“Okay, I guess we need to do that, but I think my other half will always be the really big one.”

“I don’t know what supplements he has you on, but dude you look like you’re growing fast. Weight is at 164. That is four pounds in two weeks Adrian! That is fantastic! You’ve put nearly two inches on each of your arms in the time we have been working together. Neck is up to a great sixteen in the same time! Chest, that is great you have added two more inches to your chest and that also over the past two weeks. Bravo! I think you’re going to grow a pair of pecs that might dwarf Angelo’s.” He looked Adrian over consideringly. “You know Adrian we all have our good groups and our nasty muscle groups. I am really envious of your glutes… I work and work mine, and I still have no butt!”

“Yeah Tim, I may have a great ass, but I hate my legs! Angelo has these really neat calves and I can see the bulge and the shape in spite of all the hair! He also has great thighs—or, oops, quads I think you call them—and they have striations and shape. Mine are still skinny.”

“Well Adrian, Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

A great deal of Adrian’s growth had taken place when Angelo was stuck at work, and that worried Adrian a great deal. To Adrian, it was another place where Angelo could become upset and lay another guilt trip on himself. The one interesting thing was that Adrian was experiencing things he had not imagined. As his size increased he actually began to see himself differently. He had picked up the best from both of his parents and Adrian wondered if he was going to turn into some massive stud with guys throwing themselves at him. How would he cope with that. He’d have to ask Angelo about it because they had been out together when things like this had happened, and Angelo always found ways to be really cool about it. Coping with being the center of attention in this way was out and out weird!

Two days later, Angelo was called away for a 48-hour turn-around business trip. He didn’t say much to Adrian other than he would be back very quickly, but that there was a possible Christmas surprise involved in it.

Christmas surprise! What could Angelo possibly do to top Thanksgiving and Christmas in a Santa Fe mansion! Adrian had used Google Earth to tour some side streets in the Bishop’s Lodge area that Angelo had mentioned—There were some incredible homes up there!

Telephone calls were made and to Adrian’s shock Angelo’s prediction had been dead accurate. His mother, without even consulting his father, said, “We will be there with bells on.” Angelo’s calls to his family basically said the same thing and in fact Angelo’s mom laughed and said that getting away from home for Thanksgiving this year would be a great thing. She had considered asking Angelo and Adrian to their place, but with a disgusted tone she mentioned that Angelo’s father had made a mess getting ready to repaint her kitchen and dining room. He had torn it up and so far that was as far as it had gone! Meanwhile Angela, his sister, was working on a rather unsuccessful relationship. Of course Mama Musciolelli had to tell Angelo everything and then give all of her motherly advice. Angelo just sat patiently and listened to the whole sordid story grateful that these things only happened a couple of times each year.

Upon his return, Angelo kept mum about his “business trip” and was in a great and very jovial mood. And there was one other thing—by the time he returned to California he was so horny he could not stand it. He wanted to get his other half and immerse himself in total lust for the next 24 hours straight! He had the next two days off and he wanted time with his love or “lust” for the moment anyway.

Angelo wanted Adrian in the worst way. And he had hopped in a fast Mercedes heading from John Wayne Airport down to Laguna as quickly as he could. He had a number of things in mind to make this night a sexual smorgasbord to remember!

After stripping off his clothing he went downstairs to the basement level to a very small but complete gym that he more or less kept for times that were off. He decided he wanted to do everything humanly possible to place Adrian in a place to totally lose control and he wanted his darling to ravage his body like the fiercest top imaginable and he wanted to do the same for Adrian.

Though it was not deliberate, he had never told Adrian about the pheromone research project that he had abandoned. Yet he did have quite a bit of it left. The trick was that he had to not only douse himself with this, but douse Adrian with it too so that Adrian’s pheromones would take away his own controls as well.

In addition, for the sake of the sex he brought home some hormonal amplifiers that they had been working on and on which they were doing research. They didn’t last all that long but they had a couple of really unique properties. They could ramp up testosterone production to astronomical levels for about 24 hours. That was a problem in and of itself. They could get the production and amplification, but as a bodybuilding supplement it really was not all that good. Angelo had tried two of he pills himself and his balls ached and swelled with that effect starting about 35 minutes after he swallowed the dosage, and he had to jack off during that period about a dozen times. In addition the other down side is that his sperm production had been elevated as well making each of that dozen or so loads far larger than normal. Though as a bodybuilding supplement it was probably useless, he wanted sex constantly during that period, and he wanted to use both the pheromone compound and this to bring both himself and Adrian to an absolutely enhanced boil!

Angelo sent a very arousing and romantic text to Adrian basically telling him that he wanted to ravage his body all weekend.

Though he had finished his workout with Tim, when Adrian saw Angelo’s text he flew out of that gym at the speed of a stealth fighter plane! He had not even bothered to shower! Sex! Let me the fuck at it!

To make it less obtrusive Angelo had placed the pheromone in a little atomizer bottle. It was his intent to head into the gym to pump himself up as big as possible, add some sweat and then a dose of the pheromone. He would dose Adrian and hopefully add a little sweat to his lover as well. They would both need hydration so he would take the two testosterone amplifiers and place them in their water bottles. To cover any flavor he cut up two limes and worked those into the water bottles.

The whole idea was that he wanted Adrian as aggressive towards sex with him as he would be with Adrian.

Adrian made it home at break neck speed, and not more than fifteen minutes later Angelo heard the sound of the F-150 pulling in to the garage. He greeted Adrian in a small pair of specialty X-rated underwear.

“I’m going to head down to the gym and I think I will pump myself up for my other half!”

Adrian stood there wide-eyed feeling the heat.

“I want to be as big as possible for my baby!” Angelo grinned. “Here stud, have some water. You look a little parched.” He handed him the bottle laced with the hormone amplifiers. Angelo then tipped up his own bottle as Adrian nearly emptied his in one series of gulps. “Why don’t you get those clothes off and make your self more comfortable?”

As Adrian left the room to strip, Angelo sprayed himself with the atomizer fully knowing that the minute he started pushing iron that Adrian would get a nuclear dose of the pheromone.

There was a small atomizer bottle sitting on Adrian’s nightstand, and the note on it simply said “Get your fuckin’ clothes off stud, spray yourself liberally with this, and get your ass down to the gym!”

Adrian had upended the bottle and finished off the lime flavored water. During Adrian’s absence, Angelo had done the same.

It was too late now. The pheromone was there and the sweat in the gym would magnify that. The hormone amplifier was already entering both blood streams and in a very short time things were going to get very interesting.

Angelo had already been pushing some iron when Arian returned to the gym, he was sweaty, his chest was starting to pump, and his bi’s and shoulders were already beginning to swell. Angelo walked up to Adrian placing his sweaty arms around him and gave him a kiss. The kiss was like plugging Adrian into a 220 volt electric socket. He was standing there in a pair of speedos and with little time to even catch his breath, he started working on Angelo.

While things had become more normal, both cocks started to tingle. The two pheromone compounds were starting to take effect. For some reason, Adrian started pumping himself back up. Angelo did not know it yet, but another part of Angelo that had transferred to Adrian was his ability to pump and get huge swelling pumps. Adrian went over and was doing cable crossovers then he did some work on his bi’s and tri’s, then he really went to town on his chest because he wanted his own pecs to be as swollen and pumped as possible when this really got hot. He loved the feeling of his pecs pressed against Angelo’s.

Evidently the hormone amplifier was beginning to kick in because it was almost as if Adrian was competing with Angelo for the biggest pump. It was almost like a frenzied effort at some weird form of domination! Adrian was working harder than even Angelo would have imagined.

Both worked out trying to pump to turn the other on, and Adrian was in attitude holding his own against Angelo.

Adrian still had on a pair of speedos but his cock was slowly tingling and erecting in that weird way. Angelo still had on a pair of posers but the bulge there was growing slowly by the minute, Adrian’s cock head was headed towards his right hip and Angelo’s was headed toward his left.

Both saw a feral, hungry look in the eyes of the other and smiled.


Chapter Eight: Two Muscle Monsters In Heat

Both looked at each other with strange animalistic looks, and it was almost as if they were sizing each other up in ways that neither had thought of before.

Adrian finally charged in, grabbed Angelo with little delicacy and rammed his tongue into Angelo’s mouth. It was obvious to Angelo that the aggression he was looking for was apparently there. The smaller Adrian in an unexpected move through good timing and determination simply threw Angelo down on to the floor. Adrian was so horny that he wanted every single part of Angelo and he was going to start taking it right now.

Angelo was not hurt, but to say the least he was taken by total surprise. Adrian weighed about one hundred pounds less than Angelo at this point. Angelo however was curious as to what Adrian had in mind. The minute Angelo was on his back, Adrian climbed on top and was grinding his crotch into Angelo’s with a vengeance. The pheromones on both at this point were filling two dicks with blood and though they were not instantly hard, the sensation was such that it wouldn’t be long before they were.

The sweat increased, the pheromone increased, the hormonal stimulation increased, and it was as if Adrian’s strength was multiplying as these effects took place. Angelo was actually surprised at the physical strength Adrian had. He was not going to let it be too easy, but he would not hurt Adrian for anything.

In a move that only took a couple of seconds, Angelo flipped on top of Adrian and decided to try and take charge. By now, both dicks were well on their way to hardness.

In this position, Adrian was given access to Angelo’s nipples. He started working on Angelo’s nipples with a vengeance, which received a series of loud moans in reply. Angelo then pinned Adrian, and did the same. As was expected, Adrian had a small but noticeable amount of gyno at this stage of his growth. This literally turned Adrian’s nipples into nuclear erogenous zones, fuck. Angelo had experienced the same thing during his own growth, and he had mentioned to Adrian that this new erogenous zone would be a permanent gift. The small amount of swelling would disappear over time, but the sensations. Wow.

Adrian again managed to flip Angelo onto his back with nearly superhuman strength.

“Think you’re gonna take charge of me fucker!” he barked. “No fuckin’ way. Your super DNA or whatever the fuck happened and is still happening to me is going to make me the power bottom, that will have you begging for mercy, you huge muscle fucker. I’m going to take control, and I am going to be the ‘best nightmare’ of your fuckin’ life. I am so fuckin’ horny, you bastard, that I am gonna make you suffer and squirm. Baby is gonna work his Daddy into such a lather that he won’t know what to do!”

“Well you little fucker, you go ahead and you give it your best shot!” Angelo growled back. “I still have a hundred pounds on you fucker. I’m just fuckin’ toying with you!”

Angelo and Adrian at this point were both hard as fucking rocks. The combinations of Angelo’s experimental enhancement agents were doing their fucking best to get both of these huge cocks to sizes they had never reached before. To maintain his position of power, Angelo carefully let his full weight crush down on Adrian again. That was a mistake. Adrian immediately felt his body tingling all over and a massive surge of adrenaline hit him like a freight train. In spite of being outsized, the strength was multiplying exponentially. Adrian was like an animal in heat. Angelo was surprised to find that Adrian was more of a challenge than he would have imagined in his present inflamed state. “Fuck,” he thought, “This little fucker is lot stronger than I thought!”

The momentary distraction had Adrian in microseconds ripping of his speedos exposing a huge inflamed dick that popped out for Angelo to see. It flashed in Angelo’s mind, “It has to be over ten inches in length now, and might make eleven if the strength of the erection continues to increase. Oh, the premature ejaculation agent in the hormone stimulator, yep we’re both gonna make sizes we’ve never seen before!”

Angelo took control back again, pinning Adrian on his back, and this time it was Angelo’s garment that disappeared. Adrian gasped when he saw the size and the huge rope like veins all over the surface of Angelo’s cock. He wanted that dick up his ass in the worst way. Shit, it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch in the beginning, but, as soon as that huge ridge near the head started banging his prostate, he knew that he was gonna cum and fill a fifty-five-gallon drum with the stuff. Adrian didn’t know how right he was considering the agent to prevent premature ejaculation. The absolute epitome was contained in the agent within the hormone stimulator that would flat line the prostaglandin. This meant that the control hormone was fuckin’ gone. They would both be delayed but they would be spurting cum until there was simply nothing left to spurt out. After each ejaculation both of their cocks would still be hard as rocks, trying to get bigger and harder and there would be no relief and no satiation of the sex drive.

Angelo thought back to when another “out of control time” had resulted in a seven-hour marathon of total unbridled or uncontrolled lust for each other. That time he was sore, but poor Adrian had suffered terribly until he received dosages of supplements that counteracted the lactic acidosis. This time, the little fucker was on supplements and was in the gym. They might be sore when this was over, but, the quick correction of the “lactic acidosis” would minimize it and shorten the duration to where Adrian should be back or nearly back to normal by Monday.

In a moment where common sense went bye-bye, Adrian ended up on his belly and was prone. Angelo had a tube of his special crazy lube within reach and was at that lube at a flash. Before Adrian realized what was about to happen Angelo had already applied a large dose up his ass.

This time Angelo could now see fine hair all over Adrian’s ass, and if this all kept growing and spreading Angelo was going to have competition in the hairy ass department.

Knowing that he would not injure Adrian he simply jumped on top and shoved his monster cock in for a “hole in one”.

“That’s all you have to give me fucker?” Adrian cried out. “ I can take that easily!” What Adrian didn’t know was that Angelo had only shoved about half way in on the first thrust. When the second thrust hit Adrian’s butt it wasn’t quite so easy.

“Oh…Oh….Oh….Fuck, Fuck, Fuck….Oh…..Shit. Dammmmmm!” Adrian was now gasping. “So—fucking—full. Damn you, you hit it on the first time. Fuck. Damn I think I’m gonna fuckin’ cum already damn you!” Adrian, unaware of all the chemical assistance, had now lost this part of the battle. In an act that neither could really understand other than as a moment of sheer brute strength, Angelo picked up Adrian with his rock hard dick still remaining in Adrian’s ass.

In spite of Adrian now weighing somewhere north of one hundred and sixty pounds Angelo held him up still impaled on his own dick, they were now facing a wall of mirrors. Angelo grasped Adrian to him and began to thrust initially very gently. Adrian started working his ass on Angelo’s cock in hopes of getting him off before his own dam burst. Adrian’s huge and growing cock was so hard it would not move easily and each movement or wave of his cock actually hurt a little bit.

“Angelo, fuck, fuck, on the cabinet over there,” Adrian gasped. “My dick is hurting from the movement. Walk me over so I can put some of that ass stretching lube stuff on my dick. Fuck, oooowwwww, gasp, let me get some of that stuff on so I can enjoy this a lot more!” Angelo complied. Adrain, still impaled, smeared a huge glop of the stretching cream all over his own dick with his right hand. Within about two minutes the pain in his cock had as usual morphed into a really pleasurable feeling. What Adrian did not know, and what Angelo did not realize, was that the continued use of Angelo’s stretching cream designed for a totally different purpose was literally penetrating into him well enough to give Adrian’s nearly twenty-eight year old dick a slow series of microscopic growth spurts. What Angelo had not thought of either was that the excessive amounts that Adrian had shoved up his ass had, over the past few weeks when used as a lube, had started to do the same thing to him!

Within a couple of minutes, the magic cream and changes in sensation had turned Adrian on even more.

With Adrian now facing the mirrors, Angelo started to resume the gentle thrusts.

The coronal ridge of Angelo’s dick was giving Adrian’s prostate gland one hell of an internal massage. Within three minutes, huge streams of pre were dripping from the end of Adrian’s rock hard and throbbing erection down on to the flooring. Because everything was wired together, Adrian was headed for some form of nirvana. It was as if every part of his being was now being redirected to his pelvis. While Angelo had noticed the new beginnings of hair growth on Adrian’s ass, Adrian was now experiencing a new sensation as the thrusts of Angelo’s pelvis and his very thick pubes and abdominal bush rubbed against the new hair on Adrian’s butt. That was starting to light additional fires inside Adrian.

“Aww fuck, fuck Angelo,” Adrian gasped. “Fuck meeee, Ah sheeeeettttttt!” and the moans and groans were escalating from Adrian’s verbal expressions. This was turning Angelo on, so both were spiraling higher and higher.

“Daddy wants to fuck you till you can’t walk!”

“Oh fuck, fuck me, daddy. Fuck me until I can’t even stand up!”

The sweat was multiplying on both, and the special cocktail Angelo had made up before sex, unknown to both, was going to take them both farther than they had ever been before!

A few minutes later, Adrian reached down with his right hand and grabbed his own raging boner. It felt huge, totally different than in the past, and it felt totally foreign. The vein structure was swollen to the size of lead pencils, the dick was so hard. It was as if it had been carved from a piece of steel. Adrian’s eyes began to roll back into his head.

“Damn it Angelo. I gotta cum. Angelo please make me cum. My dick is gonna fuckin explode. I am fuckin beggin’ you Angelo. Please let me cum, damn it! Damn it. Oh God, please fuckin make me cum. Fuckin make me spray the whole fuckin mirror. Damn it, I’m sittin right on the fuckin edge, and I can’t fuckin cum. Angelo, fuck me, my dick is still trying to get harder and to grow bigger!”

Angelo reached around and grasped Adrian in a different way and began to stroke Adrian’s dick and fuck his ass at the same time. If Angelo had been smaller or if he would not have possessed the physical strength it couldn’t have happened.

Adrian was starting to lose control of his body and involuntary twitching and thrusting was taking place in him. If Angelo had not been so well endowed his own cock would have dislodged him from Adrian’s butt.

Angelo felt Adrian’s dick and had never felt anything like this. It was swollen well beyond it’s normal size. At this point, the cock had probably gone from five and a half inches in circumference to maybe as much as seven inches. The veins were hard ropes on the shaft, and length-wise it was probably up to the eleven-inch mark.

Adrian had reached another world!

Angelo started thrusting into Adrian’s ass like a madman also realizing that he himself needed his own first ejaculation.

Adrian was crying out. “God Angelo! I…I…I…I…think that something is fuckin wrong! I…I…I…c…ca….ca…can…can’t fuckin cum!”

Adrian was beginning to feel like hot molten lava was forming and coming to a slow rolling boil somewhere inside his pelvis. It was like that lava was expanding and growing, creating a type of fullness that was totally unfamiliar, and yet the more this feeling grew and expanded like something being inflated inside him, it was even more of a turn on.

The feeling had reached the bottom of Adrian’s dick near his very swollen balls, and was slowly moving up the rock-hard shaft. The sensations were becoming unbearable for both. Angelo wanted to cum now, and he wanted to cum in the worst way.

Adrian was inch-by-inch starting to lose more and more control of his own body, nerve impulses were being scrambled, his body was writhing, he was involuntarily clenching his own ass on Angelo’s monstrous cock, and involuntarily clenching at the time Angelo’s coronal ridge was banging his prostate. His eyes had rolled back in his head and he was wailing in time with Angelo’s thrusts and in time with his own writhing thrusts. Angelo was hanging on for dear life not to drop Adrian, but he too was losing control and his own pelvic thrusts were now strong enough to push a 747. All he could do was to prey that he didn’t permanently injure Adrian. His control of his thrusting was now instinct and was being ruled by parts of his brain of which he had no control.

As Angelo’s thrusting started to reach a crescendo, it was more like he was using Adrian as a masturbation toy than like he was making love.

“Angelo……ooooooofffffffffuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk. You’re getting fuckin’ bigger, Angelo. Oh Angelo, you’re getting fucking huge inside me. Oh God, Angelo, you’re gonna split me in half!”

Just when Angelo felt as if his own dick was going to explode from the pressure of the erection, his dam finally exploded.

The explosion on Angelo’s part was not at all minor. Angelo had so far counted twenty-four ropes of cum and it was still spurting.

Adrian had the good fortune to read the changes in lubrication in his ass as Angelo came, and that sensation pushed him over the edge. His rocket ride began on Angelo’s first rope and was still going. His dick was still as hard as a piece of steel and it was waving around in the air spraying cum all over the room. Angelo counted thirty-one ropes of cum for himself and if he would have counted, the number for Adrian was quite similar.

Angelo very gently set Adrian down and turned him around to where they were face to face. Very slowly, lovingly and tenderly Angelo began a tongue dual with Adrian and Adrian’s response was immediate.

Standing next to Angelo, Adrian’s dick was still hard as a rock and he was so horny it was as if he had not ejaculated in weeks even though his last ejaculation was only a matter of minutes before.

The tightness of the skin had two rock hard dicks pressed against each other as the love making shifted gears. Each could feel the dick of their partner throb with the heartbeat of the other.

The second ejaculation came about ninety minutes later, the third was about two hours later, and they were now working on the fourth.

With the pressure of each ejaculation both dicks had continued to swell. As they were heading for number four, Angelo’s scientific brain measured Adrian at nearly a foot in length and probably a little over seven inches in circumference. Angelo had in the excitement swelled from his normal six and three quarters, to probably about seven and a half in circumference, and his length had gone from his normal priapic level of about a foot in length to nearly thirteen and one half inches in length. Still horny as all hell, and still ready to go for another one, Angelo lovingly and gently carried Adrian from the basement gym area up to the very luxurious shower in the Master Bathroom of the beach house.

Angelo had carried Adrian into the shower and was showering both of them off under the spray of the hot water. The sex continued until the next morning.

Both were incredibly sore and in many places. Though both dicks were soft, they were both still very much swollen from the previous night’s activities. If swollen was not a turn on, both dicks were actually really sore too. Adrian got up first and without a word grabbed a tube of the stretching cream. First he slathered it on Angelo’s semi and then on his own.

With everything beginning to wear off and both sore as hell lovemaking lasted about an hour. This time both passed out from exhaustion.

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