Site Update 10 November 2017

Site Update: 10 November 2017

Hey folks. Big update today! And two different kinds of stories from me. After I finished "The Winds of Brsa" and went to post it I realized I didn't have any tags that really pertained. It has some muscle in it, but it's not really about that. I settled on Fantasy, in the sense of your more lyrical kinds of fantasy door-stopper novels, but that’s not quite right either (most people on this site would expect the Fantasy tag to involve orcs or centaurs). Don’t worry, though, there will be the kinds of transformations I like to write about in future installments, and the tagging will get easier.

Much to my amazement, I have now reached thirty patrons on Patreon. This requires me to up my game, and I am equal to the challenge. If you like my work, there are all kinds of membership levels on my Patreon, from a simple greenback and up. The more patrons I have, the more I write—and all of it ends up here. I don’t do Patreon to keep some of my work secret. What Patreon does is give patrons access to mobile versions of my stories, and a chance to request scenes and stories at various levels. Beyond all that I am hugely grateful to my Patreon supporters and to all the visitors to my site. You make all the work that goes into writing my own stuff, editing the work submitted by contributors, and crafting and improving the code beyond worth it, no lie.

Next update: 24 November. Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! I want to see stories about this crazy week that we Americans make all our own through a devoted exhibition of all seven of those famous deadly sins. If you have a story, send it in!

And once again, thanks for visiting! Put up your feet and sit a spell. I hope you like it here.

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