The guinea pig

by WordShop

A starving college student discovers a research program that offers pay in exchange to nutrient testing to improve the health of athletes and other students. But what happens if it works too well?

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Matthew had seen the advertisement in a college newspaper and, like many, he needed money. He was not particularly fond of selling blood or plasma. Blood he could do and make a few bucks especially since he was not a common blood type, but he could not give whole blood often enough to bring in meaningful money. He could sell plasma but being able to do two blood-lettings a week still did not give him anything meaningful at twenty-five dollars a pop.

Matt went in to the student placement office and filled out the paperwork because the idea of being a human guinea pig for some new types of nutrients for athletics and college nutrition at least seemed like it should be safe.

He was directed to an office not that far from campus. It seemed like he had to fill out more endless piles of paperwork, which included detailed health information and he even had to show two forms of identification to prove that he was of legal age.

The next step was a physical. They took enough blood from him or at least it felt like enough that they could have filled a fifty-five gallon drum. He was told to report back after he received an email stating that the results of his testing were in and had been reviewed.

He reported back as instructed and waited, for longer than he would have liked.

“Matthew Stewart?” A young man who did not look much older than Matt himself ushered him into a room after introducing himself as one of the staff and he stated that his name was Andrew, but he went by Andy.

A few seconds later, a man in a white coat walked through the door. They never asked Matt if he was gay, but, the minute he met Dr. Hastings he was afraid of giving himself away because he ended up with a raging boner.

Dr. Hastings looked a little on the hipster side, with a short very full dark reddish beard and a hair style that was very short on the sides and longer on the top. Dr. Hastings had dark red hair that nearly matched his beard. He was attractive, but it was more than that. Something weird was happening in that Matt, normally very subdued and well controlled was in total lust for his Doctor. That was weird?

“May I call you Matt?”

“Yes,” Matt said, stammering. “You certainly may.”

“Well Matt, would you disrobe for me please?”

“I…I…I… ”

“Do you… have an erection Matt?”


“I will explain that to you later, but for now you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I see a ton of erections every single day.”

Matt removed his clothing as per Dr. Hastings instructions and after placing his clothing on the chair turned around facing Dr. Hastings, erection and all.

“I am not here to embarrass you by the way. Doing this in this particular order just seems to make my day as the M.D. around here go a great deal faster. If I were to have gone out and placed an advertisement for the things we wanted specifically I could not have chosen anyone better than you.” Hastings looked him over critically. “Your muscle mass is minimal, you’re about twenty percent underweight by normal standards, and about thirty percent underweight for even beginning levels of athletics. Your sexual development places you at the lower end of the scale in all secondary sex characteristics, and sexual development. All of these characteristics are well behind where your chronological age should have you.”

Matt felt like he absolutely wanted to die. “Am I sick, Doctor?”

“No, Matt,” the doctor replied absentmindedly, writing on his tablet. “The problem is that instead of going ahead and moving towards better diets we are going in the opposite direction. College students as a whole have just about the worst eating habits of all.”

“I’m sorry, Doctor….” Matt felt ashamed.

“Again, you have nothing to be ashamed of, Matt. Every day I see things far worse.”

Matt looked puzzled.

“Matt, be really happy for yourself right now. I have so far turned down a ton of people. College decompression and the resulting problems from it take a terrible toll on young people these days.” The doctor sighed. “Working in the Clinic on campus I have watched young males walk on to this campus in relatively decent shape and then manage on average to gain fifteen to thirty pounds of pure lard per school year. It doesn’t happen to everybody, but imagine my shock when I watch a kid gain one hundred pounds or more before they earn their diploma. They enter school with great hopes, they leave with the beginnings of type two diabetes, clogged arteries, kidney issues, liver issues from all the drinking, the poor diets, and so on.”

Dr. Hastings went on to explain more about what they were doing. The nutrient research they were doing was to alter not the nutrients, but how the body utilized them. If the alterations they were planning on worked, even junk food and garbage would be utilized in different ways. What they were shooting for would be a situation where the body would for example alter than excrete excessive amounts of fat, excrete alcohol and the bad parts of beer for example would be chemically altered to still be an asset. The idea was to prevent the disasters down the road. He went on to explain that once the problems had started, he simply would not be able to reverse them.

“Matt, did you know that you need fats in your diet to make hormone compounds?” he asked, warming to his subject. “What we are hoping for is to excrete the harmful portions of the fats and then have the body convert virtually everything else into the hormones it feels it needs the most. That is but one example of what we are working on and it is what you will be helping us with.”

Again Dr. Hastings stood on his soapbox, stating that as a whole college students were not getting enough exercise. This resulted in a stack of problems in that as body fat from diet and lack of exercise increased in a male, the female hormone estrogen increased a great deal. The idea was to have the body completely relearn and to make it immune from the dietary errors of the student.

“Then I have to watch my diet and eat only healthy things, Dr. Hastings?”

Hastings looked initially puzzled. “No Matt, you’re going to be the luckiest guy here—if I can’t find more like you! You will get to do everything wrong and have your retrained body fix it all for you! You’re going to report back here once a week and we can work with the time schedule completely.” He seemed to remember something. “One thing, Matt….”

“Yes Dr. Hastings?”

“Please don’t go out and get yourself killed in a car or motorcycle accident! Right now you’re about to become the first of the six-million-dollar college students!”

Matt frowned. “What do you mean, Doctor?”

“Succeed or fail, Matthew, the labs working on this will have about six million dollars invested in you.”

Matt was aghast. “This seems like a lot of responsibility Doctor.”

“I understand that you’re majoring in medical research chemistry?”

“Yes, Doctor, that is true.”

“Helping me here can guarantee you a job and a continuing education on someone else’s dime. I know you’re in here on scholarships, but we could start picking up your tuition and offer you a salary in addition if this works.”

“Do you want me to look for other recruits?”

“Yes, but we will have to train you on that one. Two things, Andy will give you a couple of injections on the way out, and… can you be here after your last class Friday?”

“Yes, I guess so. What do I get on Friday?”

“We are going to harvest a tiny little bit of bone marrow.” And with that, Matt received a series of injections from Andy and headed back to the dorms.

The visit and the shots had been on Monday, and Matt returned on Friday. The bone marrow harvest was a miserable and painful procedure, but, according to Dr. Hastings it had to be done. On Sunday afternoon the modified bone marrow hung in a bag like an I.V. and Matt had is newly upgraded bone marrow back.

Matt was still in some discomfort from the bone marrow harvest, but Dr. Hastings had said that the discomfort would be gone in a couple of days.

“Doctor, is that the last bone marrow?”

“We will know quite quickly if this is going to take off and go like it should.”

“What’s the alternative?”

“Varying degrees of success!”

“Doctor, what’s going to happen to me?”

“Basically, Matt, the main thing we are looking for is a reasonable body fat percentage and an increase in muscle mass.”

“Could I get anything else?”

“Well, the most likely thing would be changes in your secondary sex characteristics based on the increased hormone levels.”

“Will I get any taller?”

“No, Matt, basically there is a thing called bone closure that takes place and the x-rays we have of you that was done with the testing stated that you’re pretty much there. I suppose a couple of inches might be possible, but I would say highly unlikely. When you filled out the questionnaires the dietary part was ideal. At least in the beginning we don’t want you to change anything. In a month or so we may add in some better proteins and some better carbs. Remember that if this works you’ll be able to metabolize and use all of the nutrients which you couldn’t do before.”

“How long will it be before we know if it’s working?”

“If we’re lucky, probably by end of next week. Matt, the main thing I want you to remember is that you are not allowed to change your diet until we give you permission. I also want you to keep a list of everything you eat and again do not be embarrassed about it.”

“Okay,” Matt agreed.

“Again, the reason for this is that we need to know if and how well the marrow modifications are working. You could totally invalidate the tests without realizing it.”

By the following Wednesday Matt was not feeling right. The first thing was that he was so horny that he wanted to copulate with virtually everything that walked. His smallish cock was hard more than it was soft, and with the frequency of the hardons he was getting this was the first time Matt was really happy to not be hung like a horse—they would have been obvious. The other thing was that he was just kind of sore and stiff.

Matt’s dorm room did not have a scale. Up to this point, his weight and his body had not particularly pleased him and he didn’t want to be reminded.

Matt reported back to Dr. Hastings the following week with his dietary intake notes and for a checkup.

“Hi Andy, any other new recruits?”

“We have a new potential recruit being given his interview by Dr. H right now. Sorry, that is the hold up.”

“It would be nice not to be alone,” Matt said.

“By the way, Matt, I hate to ask this as it seems so personal, but are you gay?”

Matt hung his head sheepishly and looked at the floor. “You didn’t ask that on the questionnaire.”

“It wasn’t asked because we don’t care.”

“Then why are you asking me now?”

“Because I have seen you checking out both myself and Dr. H.”

“I’m sorry, did I offend you?”

“Not in the slightest.”

“Andy, is it OK for me to ask you a question?”

“Dr. Hastings said he would explain the erection last week and I guess he forgot.”

“Oh, that… Yeah, the thing is that we determined in order to do this we have to inspect everything. Were you still erect in the examination room?”

“Shit, I have never been harder in my life! It was almost so hard that it was a little painful.”

“Matt, do you see that thing in the upper corner of the room?”

Matt looked where Andy was indicating. “Yes, it looks like one of those automatic air freshener gadgets.”

“That’s just what it is. But we modified that thing and created a chemical spray that triggers an erection response. It is odorless and the dispenser is nearly silent.”

Matt gaped at him. “Why would you need to do that, Andy?”

“Because a great number of guys your age when they are under pressure have trouble getting an erection at all under pressure,” Andy explained. “The next problem is that they are embarrassed by the erection. If we induce it chemically, put the patient’s mind at ease and move forward without reacting it is far easier on the patient. Dr. Hastings measured your penis, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did.”

“If we had asked you to masturbate, it would have applied even more psychological pressure. On the light end of the whole thing your erection measurement would not be accurate because you would not have been all the way erect. On the heavy duty end we absolutely need to track that measurement because of the greatly increased hormone levels. The worst possible scenario would have been that you would not have been able to achieve an erection out of fear. There are in fact two dispensers, the other one is in the men’s restroom down the hall. The other thing is that on your first time here, you would have freaked out if we had come at you during the interview with an insulin syringe loaded with Quadmix and asked to give you a shot in the penis on just meeting you.”

“Jeez, that must be awful!”

“Actually, those shots are not at all painful if the proper injection technique is used, or if you use an auto-injector. Those shots are a common treatment for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.” Andy checked the wall clock behind him. “I am sorry, I need to go and see what is taking Dr. Hastings so damned long.” He smiled brightly. “We always have little glitches around here.”

A few minutes later Andy returned with a college-aged black male. The newcomer was somewhat shorter than Matt, and probably even thinner.

“Darren, if you are accepted you need to meet Matt. Matt has already been accepted for our program, and in a few days maybe you will be too. Just give me a few minutes and let me get some additional paperwork for you. Then as soon as we have the results in on your bloodwork, we will notify you to come in.”

Matt smiled at the new recruit. “Darren, are you a student at the University like I am?”

“It’s Matthew…Matt right?” Darren replied. “I wish I was…My Dad is one of the sanitary engineers on campus and he found me this because I need money to buy a car so I can go to work. I don’t think that I will get enough to go on to school.”

“What were your high school grades like?”

“Oh, I got good grades,” Darren assured him. “The problem was that they were just not high enough to qualify me for any kind of scholarship, at least through the high school.”

Matt thought about this. “What are you doing next Wednesday?”

“Nothing,” Darren admitted. “If I don’t have a job by then, which is doubtful, I will be home watching the tube same as usual.”

Andy returned at this point. “Excuse me guys,” he said, smiling at both of them. “Remember me….Andy?” Darren nodded, clearly impressed by Andy’s attractiveness. “Matt,” Andy said, “we should have Darren’s test results back by Tuesday afternoon, could you come in on Wednesday evening?”


“Because Dr. H is pretty certain that Darren is going to sail through this with no problem. You will be a little more than a week ahead of Darren, and you will be able to tell him what to expect at and after the secondary major physical at that time, that way there will be no ‘anxiety’.” Matt could see the sort of sly little smile on Andy’s face. “If everything goes well, Darren, you’ll get a couple of shots just before you leave, and they will need to harvest some bone marrow probably Friday night.”

Darren was frowning. “I’m beginning to not like the sound of this.”

“The reason I am here is that I do have a scholarship,” Matt said, “but my parents aren’t rolling in money either and I am just like you, I can’t get steady work. My living expenses and my food is the big fucking problem. Based on what we will be getting, a long as we are part of this program you won’t get rich, but it is far better than trying to sling burgers or some other crap like that.”

Darren cocked his head at him. “Where are you originally from, Matt?”


“Why are you going to school here?”

“Because for my major this University has the best rep in the U.S.”

“Oh….sounds cool.” Darren’s eye caught the clock on the wall behind Andy. “Fuck dude, I gotta catch the bus to get home!”

“I have a car,” Matt volunteered. “I can take you home.”

“How far away do you live?”

“About 6 miles down that way,” Matt said. “Darren, you have a girlfriend?”

“Naw dude, I got a problem with that one.”

“No great chicks available?”

“Naw, it ain’t that. Matt, I don’t wanna cause you to freak.”

“I doubt you could.”

“Well, here goes…’s because I am really into other dudes!”

Matt grinned. “Strangely enough, so am I!”

Darren, obviously surprised, looked around the office. “Is this some sorta gay thing?”

“Not according to Andy, because it was not on their questionnaire.”

“Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t see it either. So what is this big physical thing?”

“It’s really nothing major,” Matt explained as they headed out of the office together. “They just do a physical exam, sort of like you’re going into the military, and then they take all kinds of measurements including your height and weight and stuff like that.”

“Oh. Do they do the finger up the butt thing too?”

“Yep, they sure do,” Matt admitted ruefully. “But Dr. Hastings is really good, he’s in and out so fast you barely notice he was there.”

They went on talking, and Matt found himself feeling curious about what would happen when Darren was exposed to the magic erection elixir. Maybe he’d go through it again, just to keep Darren from getting scared.

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You might be looking for: “The guinea pig” by JayPat.

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