Curious cats

by FanTCMan

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“Hold 'em!” Rex set down the 150 pound dumbbells he had been doing standing curls with.

Charlie and Todd didn't hear Carl sneak up behind them. They thought they had sneaked up the stairs to the old gym unheard. They wanted to see the two muscle freaks up close. These guys were SO huge. Supposedly 350 pounds each of bulging, massive muscle. And supposedly big porn stars. From what they could see, it looked like they had the equipment for it, but they wanted a better look. When they found the door downstairs unlocked, they had crept up and hidden behind a post to watch. They didn't think anything of it when only one of them was in the gym working out. They had seen them both go in. Carl had a vice like grip on them before they could get away.

“I've got 'em,” he yelled back.

“Bring 'em in here,” Rex called.

Both boys pulled and struggled, but it was no use. Carl dragged them into the gym where Rex stood, laughing.

“Well, what have we here?” he said, when Carl pushed them down to sit on a couple of benches.

“Looks like a couple of young curious cats to me.”

“Yeah,” Carl said, “and you know what they say about curious cats.”

“Yeah.” Rex pulled up his workout poser as much as he could, but it still rode so low on his groin that it couldn't cover his pubic hair. The bulge that protruded at his crotch looked like he had stuffed a couple of large lemons and a five-pound sausage into it.

“Hey Carl,” he continued, “Aren't these the two we saw watching us before?”

“They sure are.” Carl was dressed the same as Rex, and he filled his trunks the same way. He stood behind and between the boys, one hand on a shoulder of each of them, his fingers gripping them, holding them down.

“Hey, come on, you guys. Let us go. We just wanted to see.” Todd tried to wrest himself from Carl's grip. Carl dug his fingers into Todd's flesh.

“Sit still while we decide what to do with you.”

“Lots of people want to see,” Rex growled, “but they pay for the privilege.” He paced in front of them, his gigantic thighs rolling around each other at each step.

“Carl, didn't we see them down there pointing at us and laughing?”

“Yeah. I wonder what they were laughing at.”

Charlie looked at them both, fear in his eyes.

“We weren't really laughing.”

“Either you were laughing or you weren't. We think you were. You think we're funny?” Rex asked.

“No.” Todd sounded almost like he was about to cry. “We don't think you're funny.”

Rex thundered, “Then what the fuck were you laughing at, pointing at us, like we couldn't see?”

“Nothing.” Charlie sounded as frightened as Todd. “Really,” he gulped. “It's just that, you know, you guys are so … so big.”

“You got a problem with that?” Carl asked in a measured, threatening tone.

“Yeah, something wrong with that? We like being big,” Rex said.

“No. But, you know, you're just SO big,” Todd was looking down now.

“Yeah,” said Rex, “and people pay a lot to see us perform. But you boys are probably too young to see us, right? Is that why you sneaked in here? How old are you two, anyway?”

Todd looked up, his eyes full of fear. “Fourteen,” he said.

“And you?” Carl squeezed Charlie's shoulder.

“Fourteen and a half.”

“Very young. Anyone know you're here?” Rex asked.

“No,” Todd almost whispered.

“I have an idea, Carl.”


“Why don't you go into my locker and get that new bag of vials?”

“You better hold them, then.”

Rex walked around and took each by the neck while Carl walked to the locker room and came back quickly with a gym bag. He set the bag down.

“Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?” he asked.

“Well,” Rex answered, letting go of the boys, “I was just thinking, we should have them give us a show, you know?”

“Yeah. We were going to find some guys to do it to anyway. Why not these two?”

“Wait a minute,” Todd said, “What are you talking about?”

“They're both pretty good looking, don't you think?” Rex ignored him. “I mean for a couple of kids. A little of this stuff,” he reached down and patted the bag, reached in, and took out a small vial of clear liquid, “and I think they'll go over very well. Don't you?”

“Yeah. They're perfect.”

Todd looked back and forth at them both. “No, come on,” he pleaded. “What is that stuff?”

Rex held the vial up in front of Todd. “It's something very special. Put some hair on your chest. You got hair on your chest? Let's see, big mouth. Take off your clothes.”

Charlie remained completely still, staring. Todd looked at him in panic, then back at Rex.

“Oh, please, don't make me …”

“I said, take off your clothes!” Rex roared, grabbing Todd under the arm and pulling him to his feet.

Todd kept his eyes down as he slowly lifted his T-shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor.

“No hair on your chest yet, I see. Well, we'll fix that. Go on,” Rex ordered, “Your shorts.”

Todd unbuttoned the waistband of his khaki shorts, then slowly pulled down the zipper. They were so loose on him that they fell to his ankles, leaving him in his Calvin briefs. He stopped, looked up, but Rex motioned for him to continue, so he pulled down his briefs, and stepped out of them. He stood there, looking down, his hands in front of his crotch.

“Drop those hands, boy, and turn around. We want to remember what you looked like,” Rex commanded. Todd did as he was told. His embarrassment mixed with his fear, and his heart pounded. At fourteen, he had begun to grow pubic hair and he was still self- conscious about the small, new dark bush at the base of his boyish dick. A small amount of dark hair showed at his armpits. His body was nicely shaped, but undeveloped and very young looking.

“Okay. Now you.” Carl pulled Charlie to his feet.

As Charlie stood up and started to lift off his own T-shirt, he asked, “What are you guys going to make us do?”

“Don't worry, baby boy,” Rex laughed, “Nothing we haven't done.”

Both muscle men laughed as Charlie pulled down his baggy, elastic waisted shorts and his boxer underwear with them. He didn't wait to be told; he slowly and self-consciously turned around for them.

“Very nice material, don't you think Carl?”

Charlie was a little more mature physically than Todd. His genitals were slightly more developed, with more pubic hair. He had a bit of a shadow where he shaved his upper lip, his chin and his sideburns. He was as skinny as Todd, but his body showed a touch more muscular development, giving him an athletic look.

“So. Which one first, Carl? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Rex teased, pointing the vial from one to the other. It ended pointing at Todd.

“Yes. Mr. big mouth.” Rex screwed the top off the vial and held it toward Todd.

“Drink up,” he said.

“No, come on, please,” Todd turned his head away, but Carl took his chin and turned it back.

“Drink it!”

Rex put the bottle to Todd's mouth while Carl held his head. He tipped it up and emptied the contents into Todd's mouth, which Todd reflexively spit out. The vial fell from Rex's hand when Todd spit, and Rex reached up and slapped Todd's face. It was not a hard slap, but it, and Rex's voice, were menacing as he said, “Now that was very wasteful, and this is very precious stuff.” He took out another vial and uncapped it, handing it to Todd.

“Now take this, and let's not have any more trouble.”

Todd took the bottle, hesitated, then quickly drank it.

“Good,” Rex said.

“You can both sit down, if you want.” Now his tone was soft and patronizing. “It's probably best if you do.”

The two boys sat down on the benches, their hands in their laps, trying to keep themselves covered. No one said anything. Charlie watched Todd, waiting. Within a few seconds, suddenly Todd grabbed his stomach with a groan, as though he had a powerful bellyache. Sweat started to form all over him, and his breathing became fast and heavy. Then he grabbed his crotch as though he had been kicked, letting out a sharp cry of pain.

“What …” he started to ask, but he was cut short by a severe total body cramp that hit him like a diesel engine. Every muscle in his body seized up and went rigid. His arms and legs went stiff, and he had to grab the bench to keep from sliding off. He threw back his head, the veins in his neck bulging, and let go with a moan that quickly grew to a clenched-teeth groan and then a full scream of excruciating pain. He was on fire from his toenails to the hair on his head. For several minutes he was frozen in that position, his body jerking in spasms like he was being given electroshock. As he jerked uncontrollably, something else was happening to him. Charlie watched in stunned silence. All the muscles on Todd's body began to swell with each spasm, as though a special effects system of air hoses was blowing up balloons under his skin. But this didn't look soft like balloons. Each muscle was swelling with hard, striated definition. As he jerked stiffly, the screams continually punctuating his spasms, Charlie watched Todd's shoulders grow wider and bigger, his arms grow thicker and fuller. His stomach was tightened in contraction, and his abdominal muscles began to grow and take on deep cuts and hard definition. His legs grew thicker. His whole body grew thicker and thicker with each spasm. Even in Todd's position on the bench, Charlie could see his butt growing thicker, lifting his hips. His legs were clamped together, but as they grew thicker, they began to spread apart. Between them, at his groin, Charlie saw Todd's pubic hair growing thicker and spreading on his groin. As his dick and balls flopped with the spasms, they also grew bigger, fatter, heavier. His cock started to become long, longer than most grown up men. And through the sweat, all over his chest and down the center of his stomach, short dark hairs began to sprout and become visible. Then, just as suddenly, as though he had been released from its grip, the spasms stopped, and Todd stopped screaming. His body relaxed, and, still panting, he shook his head and sat up again.

“Holy fuck,” he said, “what was that?” He looked down at himself.

“What did you do to me?” His pecs were like plates of muscle on his chest. He felt his arms, and they were thick and hard as a bodybuilder's. Between his thighs, he saw his meat, long and fat and heavy. He realized he had suddenly hit a kind of physical maturity that most guys never achieve.

“Stand up. Let's see you so far,” Rex said. “He's looking pretty good, don't you think Carl?”

Todd stood up, and it felt very strange to be so densely packed with these new muscles. He stood and moved different, like a muscleman, he thought. They made him flex, and his muscles bulged. He had seen bodybuilders like this. Sometimes he looked at those magazines and wondered what it would feel like.

“What do you think of your friend?” Carl asked Charlie.

“This is too weird. He looks weird.”

“Is that what you were laughing at? You think guys with big muscles look weird?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Todd?”

Todd was feeling the muscles of his torso and the short hair that had appeared on his chest and abs.

“This is really weird. I don't want to be a freak like …”

“Like what?” Rex demanded.

“Like us?”

“I didn't mean that. But what am I supposed do now?”

“Well, I'll tell you what you're going to do right now,” Rex said, as he reached in the bag for another vial. “You're going to take another one.”

“Oh, no,” Todd took a step backward, “you can't make me go through that again.”

“Sure we can,” Carl said, winking at Rex.

“Right now, you wouldn't even place in a Mr. Olympia contest. We can't leave you puny like that.” Rex said, and laughed.

“Yeah, and your dick would barely make a respectable bulge in your jeans. We want to see you with a bulge you can't hide.”

“Oh, please. No more. You already made me look like some kind of muscleman, and I'm just a kid.”

“Not any more, you're not.” Rex uncapped the vial in his hand. “Now take this. Drink it.”

Todd took the vial, almost whimpering as he tipped it back, swallowed, and sat back down on the bench to wait for it to hit. Again, it took only a few seconds before he grabbed his stomach, then his balls, crying, “Oh, shit!”

Then, as before, he jerked into a completely rigid position, gripping the bench, his legs shooting stiffly out in front of him, his whole body rigid. This time his screams seemed louder as Charlie watched, amazed and afraid. For the next few minutes his body jerked with such strong spasms that it looked as though his joints might pull apart. Sweat beaded up all over him and began to run off in streams. Each time he jerked into the grip of a spasm, his body swelled, grew noticeably thicker. Charlie watched, his eyes huge with fear, as Todd grew and thickened with more and more hard, dense mass. His chest mounded up with deep, full muscle, growing huge, thick, straining under the skin as he gripped the bench. The short, dark hairs on his chest and abs seemed to be filling in, darker and thicker. A line formed down his stomach from his pecs to his pubes, spreading out as it reached his groin into a dense, dark bush that surrounded his fat, heavy cock and large balls. Charlie noticed that Todd's balls were really getting big and his ball sac was getting bigger to hold them. He had never seen balls as big as Todd's were getting. And his cock, which was flopping heavily against his massive thighs, was getting fatter and longer, too. He watched his friend go into one of the spasms, and as his body slammed itself stiff and rigid, Charlie could actually see his dick get as much as a half inch longer and fatter, hanging heavily over his thigh. Todd's arms and legs were suddenly lightly covered with dark hair. He had whiskers. All of a sudden, he looked like he badly needed a shave, and the outline of his whiskers was full on his face and neck. Then the spasms let him go, and Todd appeared to sink into sitting up again.

“Well, Carl. Look at that,” Rex taunted. “Now he's looking more like a Mr. Olympia.”

As soon as the surge stopped, Todd was aware of what had happened to him this time. He could immediately feel the thickness, the mass of his back, lats thick under his arms, the full, protruding mounds of his pecs on his chest. He looked down at the sight of his chest, the hair he suddenly had, the size of his balls and his cock, lying against his huge thighs. He and Charlie used to talk about how cool it would be when they grew more mature and got grown-up hair and dicks and everything, and now that memory flashed through his mind as he looked at his body, way beyond anything he had imagined. He felt even stranger than the last time. They made him stand up, turn around, pose for them, flex his even bigger muscles. Mr. Olympia! He could see himself in the gym mirrors and he could feel the size of his muscles as he flexed them, how outrageously they bulged. They felt huge on him, and so heavy. The reflection he saw confused and amazed him. It was his. It moved when he did. It had his face, although his face looked grown up and handsome and had the stubble of a full beard. But his body was as big as a Mr. Olympia now. He had seen plenty of bodybuilding magazines, and he could both feel, as he moved and posed for them, and see in the mirrors that he was as big and massive looking as the biggest of them.

“Look at him flex those muscles.” Carl was laughing, enjoying Todd's display. “You'd almost think he liked them.”

“It does sort of look that way, doesn't it?” Rex was showing the beginning of an erection, the already huge bulge that weighed down the front of his extremely brief posing trunks growing, pulling them down even more. He grabbed the bulge, saying, “He's almost big enough to be a real turn-on. Look at that cock on him. Look at that butt he's got. What do you think of yourself now, big mouth?”

Todd was still flexing and feeling his muscles. He couldn't believe how thick and hard his arms felt. Looking in the mirror, he felt a strange rush of excitement at the sight of how big his cock and balls were, all the hair he had around them now, and the hair on his chest and down his abs, even his whiskers. It was all so strange, like it had all been applied to him, like movie make-up. But it was really all him, attached to him. The hair. The huge muscles that stretched his skin out into the shape and size of a Mr. Olympia. When Rex commented on his butt, he reached around and felt his glutes. His ass was big and full and hard. Then he thought of home, school, going to class like this, what he would tell his parents, what they would tell his teachers, the other kids, how they would all react. He thought of going to gym class, undressing in front of the other guys, going to the showers. He felt himself flush with embarrassment.

“I think you're making me into a freak,” he answered, and his voice vibrated in his chest, deeper, richer.

“But how do you feel?” Rex asked. “Tell the truth. It feels incredible to have those Mr. Olympia muscles, doesn't it?”

Todd flexed an arm again, feeling the bulging, distended bicep. He answered, “It feels really weird. Really strange.” He ran his hands across his chest, like he was really checking how he felt, feeling the size, the shape, the contours of his pecs, the deep cuts under them, then down his abs, finally lifting and feeling his overgrown genitals. “I don't know how I can go back home or back to school like this,” he continued feeling down his body, feeling the massive girth of his thighs, how they forced his knees apart. As he slowly straightened back up, feeling his way back up to his broad, bulging chest, his cock began to swell, thicken, and lift itself erect. “But, to tell you the truth, it does feel kind of good.”

“And what do you think of your friend, now,” Carl asked Charlie.

“I think he looks like a total freak. Todd, this is too freaky. Don't let them do this. A minute ago you're screaming your head off, and now you think it feels kind of good?”

“Hey, Charlie. I can't help it. It's not like I had a choice or anything. And it does feel kind of good. Remember how we always wondered what it would feel like, having really big muscles like all those guys in those magazines? Remember? Isn't that why we came up here?”

“Yeah, but not, like, while we're still in fucking middle school.”

“I know. That is really weird. But it still feels good. Imagine the guys in gym class, if they could see how big my dick and everything is.” His cock was still filling up, growing stiffer, and was already nearly a foot long.

“You mean how big it's gonna be.” Rex had taken out another vial, and had uncapped it.

“Oh, now, wait,” Todd said.

“You can't make him do any more,” Charlie sounded scared to death. This was going way too far.

“And why not?” Carl asked. “You two came up here to laugh at us, at our size. You wanted to sneak a closer look. Well, we're going to give you more than a look.”

“And looking like a Mr. Olympia isn't really the ultimate any more, as you can see from Carl and me,” said Rex, “and since you boys took the chance to sneak in here, we couldn't let you leave without the full experience, could we, Carl?”

“Absolutely not.”

Now Rex grabbed his crotch again, where his cock had grown hard and was pulling his suit down, showing part of the thick shaft and all his pubes, and he said, “Besides, I'm finding this pretty exciting to watch. You're almost fuckable. In fact, another hit, and you might just be enough of a man to fuck me. You like to fuck big musclemen? One more, and you will.”

“You really going to make me take another one?” Todd asked.

What they had done so far felt kind of good to him by now, but he looked at the size of the two of them and felt very nervous. They were famous because they were so unbelievably big. They had become famous from photo layouts and movies they made. All kinds of people talked about them, about how they were always parading around, making a spectacle of themselves, displaying their obscenely overdeveloped bodies. Everyone said they had to have taken something to get so big, because no one could get that big from lifting weights, even with steroids. And that was the only explanation for the even more obscene bulges that they were always displaying in their skintight shorts, which seemed to be what they always wore. Or maybe things made of stretch material were all they could fit themselves into. In a flash, he realized that another dose would make him as big as they were, that he would bulge just like they did. He remembered what they said about wanting to see him with a bulge he couldn't hide. His mind replayed all the comments he had heard about them, only applied to him—parading himself, obscene display, shameless showing off. But they were making him do it. He didn't have a choice. He wouldn't have a choice about having such obscenely massive muscles, or having a crotch bulge so big he couldn't hide it, that would make a big show no matter what he could wear. He thought of gym class, or walking down the hall at school like that.

He heard Rex say, “Yep. Another one. Here you go.” He looked at the vial in his hand. He looked at the size of both of them. As big as he was, as huge as he felt, they were so much bigger. He looked at the way they both looked in their tiny briefs, all their meat making those huge, protruding bulges, so outrageously full and heavy looking. A brief thought jumped into his head that he should fight this, protest it, but it was shunted aside by a much stronger feeling that if he just took it, it would be out of his control, and he would have no choice. He would find out what it felt like to have such a body, to make such a display, to walk around like that. He wanted to know.

“Okay,” he said and took the vial. He looked at it for a minute, remembering the extreme pain it was about to cause him.

“Todd, don't.” Charlie cried.

“Shut up, little baby,” Rex said to him, “he doesn't have any more choice than you're going to. Go ahead, big boy,” he said to Todd.

“Shit,” he shuddered, “Here goes nothin'.” He swallowed the contents. He sat down again on the bench, this time grabbing on in anticipation, and when it hit, he threw his head back and let the screams come as he went rigid with the force of the first cramping spasm. Charlie's eyes bugged as he watched his friend's continuing transformation. Todd jerked again and again into stiff, violent contractions, and each time he went rigid, his muscles ballooned with new mass. Veins covered the muscles like thick cords. Several times his grip on the bench was forced loose as his back thickened and widened against his monstrous arms, forcing him to grab for a wider grip. His growing thighs forced his ankles and knees farther apart with each spasm. His facial stubble filled in, heavier and thicker, the whiskers growing until he had a short but dense full beard. As the plates of muscle that were his pecs swelled fuller, broader, deeper, and denser with thickness beyond merely massive, the hair on his chest filled in, short and silky but dark and dense. The line of hair down his abs darkened, but never obscuring the bricks of muscle it flowed between. His cock had gone soft again, as soon as it hit him, and Charlie watched, astonished, as it grew even larger than before. It just kept getting fatter and longer, creeping over the side of his groin, growing toward his hipbone, thicker and heavier, until the head reached the dimple in the side of his huge globe of glutes. When the burning contractions finally released him this time, he sat up, grabbing the unbelievably thick plates of muscle that hung heavily on his chest, not aware, yet, of how monstrous they had grown.

“Oh, man, that really burned that time. Holy shit.”

“I'm sure. Stand up and let's see what all that burning accomplished,” said Rex, still holding onto his cock, which, at this point, had grown so hard that it had outgrown being able to fit in the poser any longer, and had popped out the top and was lengthening up his belly.

Todd stood up, and immediately he was fully aware of the extreme result of this final transformation. He felt it in the forced wide spread of his stance, the solid mass that had distorted his torso to such width and thickness that his arms rested heavily, high on his lats, way out to his sides. His chest was so massive he could no longer see over his pecs, but the mirrors revealed to him the carved column of his abdomen and the outrageous cock and balls hanging from his groin. Staring back at him now was a third monster of muscle and unbelievably exaggerated masculinity, and he loved what he saw and how he felt. He glanced quickly at the other two and back at himself. He was as huge at they were, and he had a hard time grasping it. He turned. From the side he looked as thick and heavy as a bull. He flexed his arms, and the mass formed by the contracted biceps and triceps showed his upper arms to be bigger than his head. He took a few steps to feel himself walk, and the incredible mass of his legs and arms became a moving reality, feeling almost like his hip joints were near to flying apart as his huge, hard legs rolled thunderously around each other, his arms swinging in wide arcs to counterbalance the shifting of his crushing weight.

“Man! This is totally fucking strange,” he said, as he turned, grinning, back to the other three. “I am as big as you guys.”

He felt the size and shape of his enormous pectoral plates with both hands, investigating their thickness, the massive rounded contours, the hair on them, the depth of the cuts under and around them.

“Amazing!” he said. “Feel this fucking muscle! This is so cool!”

Charlie was watching his friend with his mouth hanging slack-jawed. “Can you put him back, you guys? Really! You can't leave him like that. How could he go home? How could he go back to school?”

“Wait a minute, Charlie,” Todd said, still exploring himself, feeling down the heavy, deep ridges of his abs, the line of hair down the center of his stomach. It widened and spread out and finally joined up on his lower belly with an amazingly dense, big, thick bush of pubic hair surrounding … his hands reached his big, long, fat cock and he felt it, lifted it with both hands running one down its length until he was holding its big head, “Look at this, Charlie! This is so wild. Talk about making a bulge I couldn't hide, even if I wanted to. Christ, who would want to hide a cock like this?” The giant member in his hands began to grow hard, lengthen, thicken, the veins full to popping with hot blood. “Can you imagine the guys in gym class getting a load of this?”

“Todd, what are you saying? Look at you!” Charlie sounded afraid, really afraid, now.

“Yeah, I know. Look at me. I'm fucking hot, Charlie. And I'm so fucking horny. Let them do it to you, Charlie. I want to see you get like this. I want to fuck you with my big cock, Charlie. I want you to get a huge cock and fuck me with it.”

“Todd, don't. You're really scaring me. Look what they did to you!”

“I think the little boy is jealous of his big stud friend,” Rex said. “What do you think, Carl?”

Carl laughed. “Well, look at the poor boy's tiny little prick. Wouldn't you be?”

Now Todd joined in laughing, too. His hard, swollen chest mounded higher and thicker with the effort of forcing his immense arms around his pecs, flexing and pushing them together as he stroked the length of his huge cock. He looked at Charlie, almost taunting now.

“Hey, Charlie. It feels amazing. Really. And you're not going to make me do this alone. Come on, you guys, make him get like me. I want to watch it happen. Don't be afraid, Charlie.” he said.

“Come on, Todd. I am scared. I'm really scared. I don't want to do this. Look at you. Maybe you want to stay here and do this, but I've got to go, really. Please,” he pleaded and started to turn toward the door.

Carl grabbed Charlie's arm. “I don't think so, little guy.”

Rex had already taken a vial out of the bag and had uncapped it.

“Come on, Charlie,” Todd said. “You may as well just do it. I promise you're going to like it. Don't I know you?” he asked, still stroking his cock slowly, looking hungrily at his friend's panicked face.

“I don't know you!” Charlie shouted at Todd, then tried again to pull his arm from Carl's grip, yelling, “Let me go!”

“I don't think so,” said Carl as he got behind him, shoved him down to the bench and took hold of his head from behind, forcing open his mouth.

“Down the hatch,” Rex said as he forced the vial between Charlie's lips and teeth, pouring its contents into his mouth, then forcing his mouth shut and tipping his head back. He had straddled Charlie's legs, and now as they both held his head, Rex's hard cock, as fat and heavy as Todd's, hung over the top of his briefs and slapped against Charlie's chest. Charlie's eyes wildly looked from the big cock to Rex, holding him, to his friend. Suddenly his swallowing reflex betrayed him.

“Good boy,” Rex said and released his hold.

“Oh, God,” Charlie coughed, sputtered, “Oh, fuck!” But it was too late. Rex stood up, letting Charlie out of the vice grip of his gigantic thighs, and as soon as he did, Charlie started to try to get up.

“Please,” he cried, but the word stuck in his throat, changing into a moan of sharp pain, as he grabbed his balls. He looked at Todd, who was nearly licking his lips in anticipation of seeing his friend change. Charlie's eyes showed pain, shock, and betrayal in the instant it took for him to sit hard back down on the bench, almost doubling over, holding his groin like he had been kicked. He looked at Todd again, and at the two other huge muscle freaks, terror on his face as he realized it was hitting him so hard and fast. And then, suddenly, just as Todd had done, he grabbed reflexively for the edge of the bench as his body went rigid, his legs shooting straight out in front of him, his torso stiffening back, every muscle contracting so hard that he could not suppress the screams he heard coming from his own mouth. He was on fire. Again and again he felt his muscles relax for a fraction of a second, just enough to wind up for another unbearable contraction that would seize him with fire, lava pouring through every cell, exploding inside every muscle, slamming into him, through him, a volcano of fury.

Todd was hypnotized by watching his friend, watching the rhythmic contractions that jerked his body stiff again and again. He saw his friend start to expand, balloon, his muscles growing denser, more defined, bigger with each contraction. He saw the beginnings of a few short hairs appear on his chest and abs, his groin growing hairier, and his legs and arms. He saw Charlie's dick and balls, flopping each time a contraction grabbed his body, become bigger and thicker. As Todd watched, he felt himself getting more and more turned on by it, and by the gigantic size of the cock he was still stroking, slowly. He felt a thrill he had never known. As he watched Charlie's pecs growing thicker and wider, he felt the incredible mass of his own bunched between his huge, heavy arms as he jacked his cock. Even Charlie's screams were erotic to him, because he felt the direct link between his friend's pain and the growth it was causing. He felt the erotic high growing more and more extreme until suddenly he found himself exploding with an orgasm so powerful it curled his toes. His groin jerked and spurted hot cum, shooting it again and again until the floor in front of him was wet with a puddle of steaming cream. Todd had been so engrossed, he hadn't even noticed that Rex and Carl were both jacking off at the same time until he heard their groans of pleasure as they both came.

“Yeah!!” Rex said.

“What do you think, big mouth muscle boy? Is this fun or what?”

“Yeah. This is fun. When do I get to fuck with this big cock? Shit. I'm still horny as a motherfucker. One of you studs gonna shove a huge fucking cock into me? I want it, man. I want a huge fucking cock.”

Charlie was still jerking with spasms, looking now like a junior contest bodybuilder, his cock and balls twice their size, a shadow of whiskers on his face.

Carl laughed. “Listen to him talk. I think we might have created a monster, Rex.”

Rex was going into the bag for another vial.

“I think you're right. Maybe two. What do you think, big boy?” He uncapped the vial as Charlie suddenly stopped and slumped into a sitting position.

“Definitely two. Hey Charlie. How'd you like that?”

“Shit. Are you kidding? I can't do that again.”

“Look at yourself, though, Charlie. You look so hot,” Todd said, stepping over to his friend, taking hold of both his muscular arms and lifting him to stand. “I wish you could see it happening. It was so hot, watching you get bigger, I had to jack off.”

“I did see it, Todd. Remember? I watched it happen to you.”

“So? Doesn't it feel great?”

Charlie was looking at himself in the mirrors, now, feeling the size of his pecs and arms, his new thickness and density, and his dick began to swell. He lifted it, watched it grow, realizing how much bigger it had grown as well. He could hardly deny he was turned on by what his body felt like.

“Okay, I admit, it does feel good to be muscular.”

“And to have a big dick?” Todd said

“And to have a big dick.”

“And to get all that hair?”

“Yeah, that, too.” Charlie felt the silky fur that had sprouted on his chest and abs.

“But he doesn't even have a big dick, yet, and he still looks like an overgrown boy with a few muscles,” Rex hissed. “Here, sissy. Take this and put on some real size.” Rex held out the open vial.


“Fuck, yeah, Charlie. Do it. Get big like me. Let's be fuckin' huge together, man.”

Charlie still felt afraid of being such a freak, afraid of the pain, but now he knew how turned on he felt by what had already happened to him. He looked at Todd, at his thick, hot massive muscles, at the outrageous size of his cock and balls and the hot, sexy body hair that defined and framed his muscles, his crotch, his insane masculinity, and he knew he wanted to do whatever it took to be his equal.

“Shit. Give it to me.” He took the vial and drank it down fast.

“Here I go!” He sat down on the bench and waited for the few seconds it took to hit him. When it exploded in his groin with its unbelievable power, he grabbed the edges of the bench, screaming, “Oh, fuck. Oh fuck! Fuck me!!” And he slammed into the first rigid contraction, sweat pouring off him, his dick going instantly soft, but staying fat as it hung to the side of his groin, already starting to grow. His screams came freely, one after another, each one sounding like he was being torn apart.

“Oh, man,” Todd said as he watched Charlie's muscles begin to swell again with dense, hard, bulging mass, “I'd like to fuck him. Right now, while he's growing. Can I? Can I fuck him and feel him grow? Help lift him up, you guys.”

Carl looked at Rex. “Why not, man?”

“Yeah. Fuck, yeah. Let's see it. You get his other arm.”

Charlie was too locked into his contractions to resist, or even to think about trying. His body remained rigid as the two men lifted him from the bench to a standing position; he could not have stood on his own. Todd was so turned on he was nearly in a frenzy. He got into position behind Charlie, holding his enormous, throbbing rod against Charlie's ass. His buns were growing bigger, thicker, harder by the minute, but Todd's determination parted them, even in their vice-like contractions. He thrust the fist-sized head hard into his friend, literally lifting him off the ground with the force of his animal desire. Charlie screamed again, louder this time, as he slid down the thick shaft, roped with distended veins, until the two were in total body contact. Todd instinctively thrust his hips, driving his tool hard and deep, as Charlie's buns gripped his cock like two pillows of granite. He couldn't believe how erotic the whole situation was. He reached around, grabbing and massaging the growing mass of his buddy's pecs. The bigger they grew, the harder he massaged them, swelling in his grip, folding deeply over his buddy's ribs. He felt like he had a baseball bat attached to his crotch, more sensitive than he could fathom, and the size of him inside his pal turned him on still more. Within seconds he came, another explosion stronger than the last, and he knew he was filling his buddy's gut with his unbelievable manhood. And when the ejaculation was over, he felt Charlie still rigid in the throes of spasms, getting heavier and thicker, and he realized he was still hard, still horny beyond comprehension. The hair on Charlie's pecs was getting thicker under his hands, and he continued to pump, wanting to drive himself home, harder, deeper. He came again, twice more, before the spasms came to a stop, just after his third ejaculation, and he lifted Charlie off himself, amazed again at the length of his cock as he pulled it out and let Charlie down.

Rex already had the third vial ready.

As soon as Charlie was on his feet, his own dick grew hard with the realization, the sensation that he was the size of a Mr. Olympia competitor. He grabbed his pecs, flexed his arms, took hold of his cock, felt the adult hair on his groin and his abs.

“Fuck, man,” Charlie said, out of breath, “I never knew anything could be so hot. Gimme that stuff, man. Make my cock as big as his so I can ram him the way he just rammed me. Give me muscle, man. Make me huge, too.”

“I thought you were scared, Charlie. I thought you didn't want to be a middle school freak.”

“Well, maybe you just fucked the fear right out of me, asshole.” He took the vial from Rex and drank it down.

“Yeah!” he said as soon as he swallowed. “Make me fuckin' huge!”

This time, all three of them watched as he felt it rocket to his groin and out into every cell, throwing back his head and bellowing like an animal as he cramped, contracted, went violently rigid again. Like a time lapse morphing cartoon, he thickened and expanded with each spasm, his mass exploding, veins snaking all over the ballooning surfaces of his muscles, his balls between his massive thighs growing bigger, big as tennis balls, the sac growing longer and more generous to accommodate them, his cock growing fatter, thicker, heavier as it draped over his thigh, its head mushrooming to the size of a fist, like Todd's, growing nearer and nearer the bench as the shaft grew longer and longer. When it stopped and he stood up, this time he was delirious with how incredible he felt. He looked in the mirror at how his arms, as big as hams, rested almost straight out from his bowling ball shoulders, and how his legs looked, so massive in their girth that his knees were forced apart into a bent position. His cock hung to his kneecaps, until it began, immediately, to grow, to fill with hot blood, throbbing with his uncontrollable excitement.

“Fuck yeah, Todd. You were right. This is fucking incredible.”

“What do you think, Carl? Are they fuckable now?” Rex said as he pulled off his trunks, his equally gargantuan cock hard and standing out from his own hairy crotch like a pole.

Carl already had his trunks off and was holding his cock with one hand, his pec with the other. “Hell, yes. Why don't we test them and see if they could be our kind of movie stars.”

Charlie looked at Todd and felt such a rush of erotic desire he couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe any of this.

“Let me just feel those muscles on my buddy for a minute, and you guys can do anything you want. Anything. Todd, I can't believe how hot you look, how hot I feel, man. This is fucking amazing. Come here.”

“Sure. Go ahead. You two just get off on each other while we give you a little extra something to take home.” Rex motioned to Carl to move around behind Todd while he got in position behind Charlie. As Todd and Charlie explored the vast dimensions and deep cut creases of their new, insanely massive muscles, each intensely aware of their suddenly developed, extreme physical masculinity, so sexual, so erotic, they felt themselves being impaled on the throbbing tools of the two freaks who had given them this gift. They accepted them with sweaty gratitude, working with them, turned on beyond their wildest fantasies by the sensations, jacking each other off, sucking on each other's cockheads, feeling the size of their bulging arms, their rock hard boulders of pecs. For the next hour, the four of them enjoyed every possible combination, and their hunger was insatiable. Finally, still hard and wanting more, Todd pulled himself free.

“You know, we've got to think about going home and stuff. How are we going to do that?”

“Shit. I don't care,” Charlie said.

“Guess we'll just have to go home and tell our folks that these guys gave us this stuff they take and did this to us. What are they going to do?”

“My mom will probably freak out,” Todd said.

“And your dad won't?” Charlie teased.

“I know both mine will freak. My mom already found some bodybuilding magazines and asked me if I liked that, and when I told her I did, she said she hoped I would never do that to myself.”

“What did you tell her?” This was Rex.

“I told her if I could, I would. She said, not too big, she hoped, and I said I hoped as big as I could. She said she thought I was crazy. Now I guess she'll know.”

“Well, you guys go on home and get that all worked out. You're going to have to work out something about going to school looking like that, too. I'd love to watch that. You can come back here any time for fun and games. You know where we are. And maybe we'll shoot some film with you two. People will pay a lot to see you in action, just like they do us.” Todd had picked up his shorts and realized there was no way he could fit into them now.

“What do we wear? I never even thought about what we could wear.”

“Shit, Todd. I'd love to walk out there nude. It's weird, but I feel like I really want to show off. I want to see people freak when they see this.” He grabbed his cock, which had grown soft again for the first time in over an hour and still grazed his kneecaps.

“Well, you can't do that,” Carl said, but you can come close. In fact, I think you'll have to. The only thing we have here is some of these trunks.” He went to a cupboard and took out two posers, one white and one pale pink.

“We had them made special to hold all this meat and still be as skimpy as they could make them. Believe me, this fabric is so thin and stretchy, you'll be showing off plenty.”

“Cool,” Todd said, taking the white pair. They got into the trunks and laughed when they looked at themselves in the mirrors. Carl was right. The suits were so small, they exaggerated how enormous their bodies were, and they covered so little that they exaggerated how hairy their groins had become. The material clung to the contours of their huge testicles and horse cocks that, even scrunched in the pouches, protruded and hung heavily, revealing the details of veins and the flares of the rims of their bulbous cockheads.

“Hey, stud,” Charlie said, strutting around the gym floor, enjoying the way his mammoth size moved. “Look at me. Do you think anyone'll notice?”

“Oh yeah. Let's go.”

And the two of them strutted down the stairs, out onto the street and walked toward home, parading their new super maleness, the enormous bulges of their baskets bouncing before their thick, hairy thighs.

“You know what I can't wait for, Todd? I can't wait for our first gym class.”

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