Jim’s shot

by FanTCMan

Jim isn’t sure he wants to get any bigger—he’s already so muscled and so hung he attracts too much attention. But his doctor knows best. And once the shot’s in him, Jim knows being strong and hung is the only way to be.

2 parts 3,437 words Added Dec 2002 36k views (#247) 4.7 stars (16 votes)

Part 1 Jim isn’t sure he wants to get any bigger—he’s already so muscled and so hung he attracts too much attention. But his doctor knows best. And once the shot’s in him, Jim knows being strong and hung is the only way to be. (added: 1 Dec 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

—Sit down, Jim. Let me have your arm.

—Aw, come on, Doc. Not another shot. They're already teasing me so much at school. Do you have to?

—Just give me your arm. Good. Now I'm gonna do it real slow. Tell me when you can start to feel it.

—I wish you didn't have to do this to me.

—Don't complain, Jim, you know it's for your own good.

—Oh, shit, I can feel it already, Doc.

—Good. You like how it feels, don't you Jim?

—Yeah, you know I can't help it.

—You want to get big, don't you Jim?

—Oh, shit. Yeah, Doc, when you make me take this stuff, it makes want to get real big.

—That's good, Muscleboy. I want to see you get real big. I want to see you grow into a huge muscleboy. You want that, too, don't you, Muscleboy?

—Oh, yeah, Doc. I do. I really do.

—You want me to make you grow big, Jim?

—Yeah, Doc.

—Tell me, Muscleboy. I want you to tell me.

—I want you to make me grow big, Doc.

—How big, Jim?

—Really big, Doc. I want you to make me grow huge.

—You know I really want to see you get massive, don't you? You know I want to see you grow totally massive and huge, make you a muscle freak, don't you, Muscleboy?

—Yeah, Doc, I know.

—How does that make you feel, Jim?

—Scared, but hot, excited. Oh, shit, Doc.

—Do you like how you feel when I give you a shot like this?

—Oh, yeah, Doc.

—Tell me, Jim.

—I like how it makes me feel when you give me my shot.

—Can you feel it going into your vein, going all through you? You like it when I do it real slow like this so you can feel it?

—Oh, yeah, Doc. Fuck, it feels so good.

—What does it feel like, Muscleboy?

—It just feels so good. It feels like it's getting me so stoned. It feels like I could lift a house. It makes me feel hot, Doc.

—What do you mean by hot, Muscleboy?

—You know, Doc. It makes me get a boner. It makes me feel so horny and so turned on.

—You like to feel that way, don't you Jim?

—Yeah, Doc. I love it.

—What turns you on, Muscleboy? What does it make you think about that makes you feel so hot?

—You know, Doc. What it does to me. What you're doing to me.

—You like that, don't you Muscleboy?

—Oh, fuck, Doc. I love it.

—But what turns you on so much?

—Oh, man, Doc. My muscles. Getting big muscles, is so hot. And how it's making hair grow on me, and making my dick big and all that.

—Yeah, I know, Muscleboy. I know you like that. You know what this shot is going to do, Jim?

—No. What?

—It's going to make you grow more. You like that, Jim?

—Oh, yeah.

—It's going to make more hair grow on your pecs.

—Oh, shit, Doc.

—You like getting hair on your pecs?


—You think you'd like more?

—Oh, yeah.

—And it's gonna make that little trail of yours grow thick and go all the way up to your pecs. Pubes to pecs.

—Oh, man.

—You like that, Muscleboy?

—Oh, shit yeah.

—You know what else it's going to do?

—No, Doc, what?

—Can you feel it doing it? Can you feel it in you, working on you?

—Oh, yeah. Feels so good.

—Your boner looks very hard, Jim. Do you feel hard?

—Fuck, Doc, I feel so hard.

—Does your dick feel big now?

—Yeah, Doc, you know it does. You made it get so big.

—How big was it the last time you measured it, Muscleboy?

—Ten inches.

—That's a pretty big boner for a 17 year old kid. You like that, don't you?


—You like to show it off, don't you?


—Well, this shot it going to make it grow bigger, again. It's going to make it grow twice as big this time. You like that?

—Oh, fuck yeah, Doc.

—Is that okay?

—Fuck, Doc, a twenty inch boner? Sure. That's okay. That's great.

—And what else is this shot going to do to you, Jim?

—Make me grow bigger?

—Yes, it will. You want to grow bigger don't you?

—Yes, Doc.

—It turns you on, doesn't it, Muscleboy?

—Yes, Doc.

—You like growing for me, don't you, Muscleboy?

—Oh, yeah, Doc.

—I'm going to make you huge, Jim. Is that what you want?

—Oh yeah, Doc.

—Really huge?


—What do you want, Jim?

—I want you to make me grow huge, Doc.

—How huge, Muscleboy?

—Extremely huge, Doc.

—That's good, Muscleboy.

—Oh, fuck, Doc.

—What, Muscleboy?

—I just feel that going in me, working on me. It feels so good.

—That's good, Jim.

—I can feel how it's going to make me grow. Oh, man, I feel so stoned.

—Just relax, Jim.

—Oh man, Doc, I feel so stoned and so horny. Fuck, this stuff makes me so hard.

—You like feeling like this, don't you?

—Oh, yeah, it feels so hot.

—You gonna have the biggest dick at Fairview High?

—Yeah, Doc. Gonna have a huge cock. Oh, man, I'm so horny.

—You want to cum, Jim?

—I think I'm going to.

—Don't touch your dick. Just look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

—I see a big muscle guy, Doc.

—Is that all?

—I big hairy muscle guy with a huge cock.

—Yeah. That's my Jim. You like what you see?

—Yeah Doc. Making me huge. Making me grow. I don't care how much they tease me.

—Good boy. Are you a stud, Jim?

—Fuck yeah, Doc.

—You a big horny muscle stud?


—You feel like you could cum just looking at your body, Jim? Big muscle boy?

—Yeah Doc, oh, shit, yeah.

—Good. Go on. Just let it go.

—Oh, fuck, Doc. Oh, man. I'm growing so huge. So fucking huge. I feel so hot, so turned on, Doc. I'm gonna cum.

—Go on.

—Oh, fuck Doc. Oh, man. I love my muscles, Doc. Oh, man, my pecs are so huge, so thick, my guns, oh fuck they're so fucking thick and huge, and my dick. Huge fucking cock. Oh, God; Oh, fuck, my cock is so fucking huge. Oh, fuck, Doc, I'm gonna cum. Oh, man, Oh, Jesus, Doc. Ohhhhhh. UUnnnnnhhhhh. Aawwwww, God!! Oh, yeaaah!!!


Part 2

Jim looks at himself in the mirror. He can clearly remember getting the shot from the doctor last night, not wanting it, not wanting to grow more, and then getting that feeling the shots always give him. It embarrasses him to think about it. Getting hard in front of the doctor, talking about loving his muscles, feeling so turned on about them making him grow like this, actually standing there and cumming right in front of them. He remembers the rest of the evening, doing poses, flexing, acting like some kind of totally nasty kid in love with getting big muscles and getting a huge cock, showing off his body, letting them play with it, God, he can hardly even think about what he did. So embarrassing.

He looks at himself in the mirror, thinks about when he woke up a few minutes before. Turning over in the bed, feeling the thickness and heaviness of his body, bigger than when he went to sleep, and the meat of his dick and balls flopping as he turns. Getting up, going to the mirror. Holy shit. Last night he looked like a very muscular 17 year old dude with a small but nice treasure trail from his belly button down, some hairs sprinkled on his pecs, and a cock that felt big at the time, hanging about 7 inches soft and boning up to a thick 10 inches. Now he's looking at a guy, him, that looks like a real, hardcore bodybuilder. He's got what looks like a two day growth of heavy, dark whiskers fully covering his jaw, neck, cheeks, where yesterday he had little more than teenage whiskers in spotty patches.

Walking to the mirror, his legs have to roll around each other because they are so thick. His arms are sticking out from his sides, and under them his lats flair out. His muscles are defined fiber by fiber under his skin, and veins have popped out all over while he slept. His pecs, so thick and wide they stick out and fold over his ribs, have a short, silky coat of dark hairs swirling all across them, and that treasure trail grows all the way up from his pubes to his pecs, just like he remember the doc telling him it would, thick and dark. And his cock hangs heavy, swinging over a pair of egg-sized balls, it's fat, wide, completely soft, at least at first, and must be a foot long. By the time he gets to the mirror, he's already getting hard. He's embarrassed by looking so big. Shit, how can he go to school like this? But somehow, in spite of his embarrassment, it turns him on. He flexes an arm. Whoa! It must be like 18, 19 inches! Now his cock is completely hard, arching up from his pubes, and he remembers the doctor telling him he was going to make it grow to 20 inches. He feels his hairy pecs and his deeply cut abs and strokes the 20 inches of super-sensitive meat, almost like it's someone else's body, even though the intensely sensual feelings are definitely his own. When he cums, it rocks him. He clenches and explodes with a feeling he's never had before, a kind of masculine power, strong, hot, and so mindnumbingly erotic that nothing exists except the body he's looking at and his orgasm, surging euphoric sexual pleasure.

But then it's over, and he showers, shaves his heavy beard, not believing the dark, full shadow that's still there, and all he can think about is going to school so big. His cock will show big time. So will these balls that are so big now. He's dressed, looking at himself, and outside his room the doctor is calling for him to come out, and he knows he's going to have to get another shot, and what it's going to do, and he is so embarrassed he wants to hide, to run away.

He can't believe they are making him wear these clothes. Even if there are a few other guys going through the same thing, it doesn't ease how incredibly embarrassed he feels. The shorts they've given him fit like skin. There's no underwear under them, or lining, and the white material stretches so thin, it clings to him and shows every curve and bulge of muscle, and, most embarrassing, they go deep into his butt and around his package so every detail of it shows. The material is so thin, he can almost see through it. The dark shadow of his pubes shows through. He can see each ball, packed up front because his thick legs push everything forward. He can see the curve of his dick coiled up in front of them, lying sort of off to the side, the rim of the head clearly defined, the whole thing just so fat and big and obvious. The legs of the shorts ride so high on his thighs that they make the bulge of his meat look even bigger, and the waist is cut really low. God, his pubes have spread so much and got so thick that they are spilling out over the top. The T shirt they've given him barely reaches his waist and fits as tight as the shorts. The sleeves barely cover his delts. There's at least six inches of abs and treasure trail showing between shirt bottom and shorts top. This is he uniform now, his and the other three guys, and he can't believe he has to wear it. He looks so, so musclebound. He doesn't want to be so muscle-bound. How did he end up as one of the guys to test this stuff? Why has his dad offered him up to the institute for this project? Why did he have to be here in this tiny desert town, anyway, stuck and being made to go through this?

He feels a tear fall onto his cheek.

“Come on, Jim.”

The doctor is out there with another shot. He has to come out. “Please,” he says when he comes out. “Not again. Look at me already. This is so embarrassing.”

But the doctor just ties the latex tourniquet around his arm.

Jim feels his stomach lurch like at the top of a roller coaster. Every time it gets more intense, every time, no matter how much he tries to fight the feelings, he knows it will take him over, even how he feels. The panic grips him, but another thrill shocks him in the groin, and he knows as the vein is being tied off that something in him is excited. He wants to pull his arm away, but he can't. I wouldn't do any good, but he can't anyway. He feels another tear fall and turns his head away as he feels the needle go into his vein, then the familiar heat of the formula spreading, invading his cells, flooding his mind.

The doctor is saying, “Tell me when you feel it, Jim.”

He's sinking and rising at the same time, and his body is starting to vibrate, tingle, that electric, sexual feeling.

“Yeah, okay, I feel it.” He hears the words coming out, and the deep resonance of his voice surprises him.

“Does is feel good, Jim?”

“Aww, fuck,” he says as he feels it turning more intense and more erotic, like just standing there in his body is a sexual experience.

“You know we have to make your muscles bigger, don't you Jim?”

“Yeah, aww, fuck, yeah, I know.”

He can feel his body now like never before, the size of his muscles, the new hair he's grown, the size of his cock and balls in his shorts, and the size feels so unbelievable. This is the feeling he doesn't want, but it's overpowering him and becoming the only thing he can think of. His muscles are so huge already, and his cock, and balls, and, damn that shit they're putting in him, it's starting to feel good again.

“You don't really mind it now, do you Jim? You don't really mind growing huge muscles, do you? You like it, don't you? Can you feel the formula in you now, working? Can you feel it going in, changing you?”

He can feel it. He can feel it reorganizing him from his cells out, and knowing what it's doing to him is turning him on, exciting him, even while his mind is struggling to resist sinking completely into it, fighting and losing. But it feels so good, why fight? Why not just let go, go with it. He has no choice, anyway. “Yeah, I feel it. You know I do.”

So what if the other kids stare, tease him, he starts to think. It's not like he can help what they're doing to him. He reaches up and feels the thick mass of his pecs, remembering what they looked like in the mirror, and he can feel his cock stiffening.

“Why don't you pull down those shorts, before you get them all messed up, Jim?”

Jim pulls them down below his balls without stopping to wonder. His cock stiffens, springs up, arching toward his abs, so thick and heavy, oh God, so long, so fucking hot to have such a big fucking cock.

“Did we get it to the 20 inches we hoped, I wonder?”

The doctor hands him a tape measure, and Jim watches himself measuring it, his manhood. subsuming everything else as they both focus on its size.

“Only 18 inches. Well, no matter, after today's infusion, it'll reach fully two feet in length, at least. Now the circumference looks good,” the doctor says, as Jim pulls the tape around its girth. “Already 8 1/2. But 10 or 11 is going to make you quite the young stud, isn't it?'

Waves of sexual arousal are sweeping over and through him now, and he watches his cock start to jerk, imagines it growing that big.

“Oh, fuck, doc.”

“Go ahead, Jim. Let it go. You're gonna be one huge muscle boy, aren't ya, Jimmy? Huge, massive, muscleboy with a huge cock. Makes you feel hot, doesn't it.”

Jim is thinking about how hot he feels now, feeling his lats, so thick under his huge arms, he legs so thick they push apart even while they squeeze against each other, his pecs, so wide and thick, sticking out so much. Fucking musclebound kid stud. He knows he's going to go to school, and all day while he's walking around, kid's are going to stare at him, at how huge his muscles are, how thick he is, how big his cock is, and his balls, how his uniform shows everything. God, he feels so hot now, so turned on. Fuck he loves how they're making him grow, turning him into a freak, a total stud, nothing but stud, huge fucking stud. He imagines how he's going to feel, getting bigger, thicker, walking around school, feeling so massive, growing while they all watch, getting SO massive, his cock probably twice as big, even soft, showing his big prickhead, everyone looking at him, aww, fuck he wants it so bad now, and the doctor is still forcing more formula into his vein, and he feels so hot all over, every cell of him is alive and sexual. Fuck, so sexual, so hot, so HUGE, growing, bigger, so much bigger, awww, fuck, so fucking huge and thick, so massive, so hot, so hot, so UUuuunnnnhhhhh His cock sprays cum as the doctor slides out the needle. His orgasm grips him in waves of unbelievable pleasure. He shoots for a full minute. Finally, he's able to bring his focus back. The doctor hands him a towel and he wipes down his incredible prick, staring at it with complete adoration as it softens. He pulls his shorts back up, arranges it with his balls—God, are they already bigger, or is he just really loving how big they are now?--and begins to move his incredible body, one rolling step at a time, feeling his arms swing against his lats, a huge, cocky grin on his handsome young face, heading for the door, thinking about the looks he's going to get when he steps up into the bus.

2 parts 3,437 words Added Dec 2002 36k views (#247) 4.7 stars (16 votes)

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