But I will do anything

by WordShop

Twenty-two-year-old Carlos is handsome, charming, and a great looker, but with self-doubts over a lithe lean body when he always wanted muscle. So he places an ad in a personals column looking for the trainer who could mold him. Be careful what you wish for…

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Part 1 Twenty-two-year-old Carlos is handsome, charming, and a great looker, but with self-doubts over a lithe lean body when he always wanted muscle. So he places an ad in a personals column looking for the trainer who could mold him. Be careful what you wish for… (added: 29 Sep 2017)
Part 2 The Benefactor has some surprises for Carlos. Allan and Red get into the act to get a very frenzied Carlos over the top, as Carlos and the rest of the guys get the first hint of how everything is going to change now that he’s joined them. (added: 8 Dec 2017)
Part 3
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Part 1

Carlos had tried all the conventional ways to change who he was—or at least the appearance of what he was. The mere sight of a huge bodybuilder would have him hard and dripping in no time. But they were not interested in him—they were only interested in each other. Well, at least it seemed that way.

Over time, Carlos kept looking within his own local community and was not able to find a person to help him achieve his personal goals. Several personal trainers had come and gone, and to try these fellows, he had incurred some credit debt that he did not like at all.

Finally, in one of the publications that had a reputation of catering to a somewhat darker side, Carlos placed a classified advertisement.

Twenty two year old VGL GHM will do anything to become the muscle monster I have always wanted to be. Force me to workout, punish me if I don’t perform to your satisfaction, force feed me sups and other things to force me togrow into your wet dream. I don’t just want to be big! I want to be fucking huge! Willing to relocate for a man who can really get results. Open to any ideas that will work to make me a huge muscle monster.

The ad ran in several gay publications for a period of several months with no answer in any way. Carlos was really getting desperate. He was twenty-two years old. Would he still be looking when he was 30?

Finally a reply came. The reply was simply an address with the name of an MD in the region where Carols lived. Carlos was told to identify himself simply as Carlos and to say that Bruno sent him. This same password was to be given at the initial doctor’s appointment, and again at the completion of the medical examinations.

The respondent had stated that there would be no charge to Carlos and that after he had finished the medical examinations he would be contacted with the next set of instructions.

Carlos followed the directions to the letter. The examination was extensive. He had never in his lifetime expected to lose that much in blood draws. There were X-rays, cat scans, and several other tests that were so far beyond the normal realm, Carlos thought he should have gotten up and run like hell right then and there. The fascination overpowered his common sense.

Two weeks later, Carlos received an email. The first tests came back, it said, and it appears medically that you may be acceptable for my intense training program. Please report back to the same medical facility and this time you introduce yourself exactly the same as you did the last time. Again there will be no charge to you. After you introduce yourself, you are to use the code words “pellet gun”.After your appointment, your glute muscles will be sore for two weeks. During this time you are to clean up what remains of your personal life and make preparations for a move. I will contact you again in sixteen days with additional information.

Carlos again returned to the clinic. When he entered, he was told to disrobe and to lay face down upon a table. One of the MDs that Carlos had seen the last time he was there came into the room and gave Carlos two injections of a local anesthetic one in each glute almost up to the hip on each side. Carlos did not feel the rest of the procedure at all, but unknown to him he was receiving a pelletized dosage of several substances. These included an appetite stimulant, several versions of testosterone both anabolic and androgenic, another compound that would send his testicles into absolute warp drive, and a very long term release version in combination of three different PDE-5 inhibitors. The testosterone dosage alone would be over twenty times the dosage his twenty-two year old body was used to. The pituitary hormone that affected his testicles was of similar power.

The pellets were designed to dissolve slowly and the drugs would not begin to reach their full peak concentrations for a period of four more weeks. By that time, he was told, Carlos would be at his new location. These drugs would remain at full dosage for six months. All of them!

Carlos cleaned his belongings out of the apartment he shared with three other roommates, telling them the cover story that had been provided for him—that he had a new job back east, but that he had to have a lot of specialized training before he could handle the job. He told them, as per instructions, that he would not need his car any longer, as he was going into a type of physical training camp and that he would be there for at least two years before he graduated.

The roommates were stunned and thought the whole thing to be weird at best. One of thee roommates bought his old clunker for $600 and one of the things Carlos took care of the next day was to deposit the money into his bank account.

At the prescribed time Carlos received two tickets, the first an airline ticket that would take him to Dallas, Texas, and the second a bus ticket that would take him from there to a small town in a remote area of West Texas. He would be picked up there by a representative named Allen.

By the time Carlos boarded the aircraft he was feeling really strange. He had never been so horny in his entire life. His dick was hard more than it was soft and his mind perceived nearly everything as erotic. The erections were nearly constant! In fact though he wasn’t hard all the time he was never completely flaccid either. Carlos also felt kind of like he was on “edge” or bordering on some sort of adrenaline reaction. There was almost a mental need to exercise. The ride on the plane was in some ways difficult because he felt fidgety all the time. The bus ride was the same, but after the plane ride the much slower bus ride felt like it was taking forever. The ride was several hours of absolute agony because of it. It was as if something was really setting Carlos on edge. His emotions felt volatile to him and it was almost difficult to not feel anger at people and situations which were not within their control. This was strange, and it might just be his own fear and emotional state regarding the “unknown”. The one thing that he felt was that it was like he was a machine that had been fully laden with rocket fuel, leaving him with an energy level that was so high it was insane. He wanted to exercise to burn this off. Right now it was like exercise was a solution to things to make him feel better.

After the bus ride and about a 30 minute wait an old International Harvester pickup appeared. Driving it was a very strange fellow. He was probably a couple of years older than Carlos, very good looking, and he was the biggest motherfucker that Carlos had ever seen. No taller than Carlos, but the shirt and work pants had to be custom made. The fellow in a quiet but steady voice said:

“I’m Allan, and you should be Carlos, am I correct?”

“Yeah….” Carlos said. “Out of curiosity, why are you guys in such a remote area?”

“We tend to like our privacy.”

The drive to wherever seemed to take a long time. First state highway, then a two lane road, then a farm road, and then a really awful road that was rutted and simply looked like twin tire tracks through the southwestern Mesquite.

When they reached the property, if it could be called that, Allan pulled up to a paved area were there was a huge metal door in the ground. He typed some numbers into a cell phone and the door began to slide aside to reveal a ramp leading underground.

Allan saw the incredulous look on Carlos face. “This was a former Titan Missile Silo from the ‘Cold War’ that was decommissioned and expanded underground,” he explained as they descended. “Total square footage underground is about thirty five thousand. There is another fifteen thousand in underground garages, power generation, air conditioning equipment buildings, and the like. Though it takes a little getting used to, it’s really kind of a neat and fun place.” He smiled at Carlos. “I have everything I could ever want, and surprisingly, I could easily spend the rest of my life here. In fact, there is some chance that I may do just that.”Allan sighed.“I love it here.”

In the garage, there were a couple of newer white pickups, two white Suburbans and two specialized four wheel drive black commuter vans. There was almost a feeling like this was some sort of government installation.

As if reading Carlos’s thoughts, Allan added, “Oh, by the way, this is not in any way a government installation, but I can see how it might look like it. Our benefactor here has created all of us, and we live here as a commune in a sense. We really grow so huge that we don’t really fit in the outside world anymore, and we have so much fun, here that I don’t think any of us really want to leave.”

Allan looked Carlos over as they walked. “You are replacing Kevin,”he went on.“Kevin had to leave to care for aging sick parents and our benefactor wanted a replacement. Kevin will probably come back to visit and he will probably come back here permanently after he settles his parents’ estate.”Allan grinned.“You will like Kevin, he’s a lot of fun.”

“You keep referring to ‘our benefactor’,”Carlos said, his curiosity piqued. “Who is he? What’s he like?”

“Well, he is a much older man than the rest of us. Though we are not certain, I would guess him to be somewhere between seventy and eighty years old. He is very thin and while maybe not the most sexually attractive in our midst, he is actually surprisingly good in bed. He dotes over us like an overprotective grandmother at times. You may be invited into his bed, but the truth is that his ‘thing’ is more helping us grow, and he gets off on that aspect more than anything else.” He eyed Carlos with a wink as they entered a long, gleaming corridor.”When you meet the rest of the guys you will really enjoy it. We have sex with each other whenever we want to and sometimes it’s a group thing and sometimes it’s one on one. In a way there are some aspects to this that are kind of strange at first. We end up sort of all married to each other.” He was quiet for a moment. “When Kevin left, there was a party and a lot of tears, Kevin was crying as much as the rest of us. We all depend on each other for a lot of things.”

As they walked together, both carrying Carlos’s belongings, the talk continued.

“When will I start growing?” Carlos asked.

“Is your butt still sore?”

“Sort of….”

“You’ve already had the first implant, and that means that the process has already started.”

“I haven’t seen anything… ”

“It really begins to kick in once the delivery of the pellet implants get up to full systemic levels. Have you been more hungry than usual or normal?”


“Cravings for protein?”

“I guess….”

“So horny you can’t stand it!”

“Fuck yes on that one!”

“You’re already at the very beginning of your ride.”

“How long does my ‘ride,’ as you put it, take?”


“Depends on what?”

“Your body, your metabolism, how far our benefactor wants to take you, and a number of other things.”Allan shrugged.“My suggestion is not to worry about it. You are going to have a blast!” He glanced at Carlos again, and Carlos could see a glint in his eye. “You’re really cute, I can’t wait for you to meet the other guys!”

“Other guys?”

“Yes, right now there are a total of eleven of us including you. When Kevin returns to us there will be a total of twelve. We usually bunk two to a room so that we can be there for each other. My roommate was Kevin until he left. Our benefactor suggested that I become your mentor and roommate.”

“Out of curiosity… when will I meet ‘our benefactor’?”

“Possibly tonight. He’s a little different because of his age, but on the whole you’ll really get to like him. Just remember that he is of very advanced years and because of that he comes from a different time and place in the world. He’s kind of ‘proper’ and came from somewhere in England I believe at one time. He’s been here in the United States since World War II.”

Carlos frowned. “If he was an adult at the time of that War he would be considerably older than eighty.”

Allan considered. “Could be. His sense of humor and ways of putting things are so different. He makes me laugh a lot.” They arrived at a suite of rooms so large they might be called palatial. “Here is our quarters.”

“This place is fuckin’ huge!” Carlos exclaimed. “We each get a Queen Sized Bed?”

“As big as we are, or, as big as we may become, our benefactor thought that huge sleeping arrangements might be better.”

“Oh….” Carlos looked over his new friend, wondering about how big the guys got here. “You’re my height, and you’re—what, two hundred and sixty pounds?”

“No, at the last weight and measurement time I was two-ninety-five.”

Carlos’s brows jumped up. “That’s unbelievable!”

“Mark is about three thirty, he’s bigger than I am, and, his roommate Ty is about my weight right now. We all help each other with the things we can’t do any more.”

“Things you can’t …do?”

“Yep, there are things I can’t do anymore,” Allan said. “I suppose it is a bit embarrassing, but all of us have a few things we can’t do, depending on the size of our muscles. When you start getting really fucking huge you will lose some range of motion, but, that is something to celebrate. There are celebrations for all of us when we reach certain milestones in our growth. The losses around here are actually gains. We have some weird celebrations, but in time you will be celebrating with the rest of us.”

“Isn’t this kind of hard?”

“No, not really, our benefactor provides all of us with the things we need to live lives as normal as is possible for the size we reach. Based on what he has already told us, you will be most special indeed.”

Allan sat on the nearest bed, which creaked slightly under his weight. “The first stages of training are difficult of course, but the diet and supplements minimize that to a point where after a couple of months you won’t even blink an eye at it. There are ways that with the scientific knowledge and medical knowledge that our benefactor has, that he gets ten to twenty times the results of any average trainer. Because of his frail condition and very advanced age, he doesn’t actually act as your trainer, we all train each other. In conventional bodybuilding competitions there is a rivalry where each person competes against the other, but in our communal life style we get rewards not only for what we gain in muscle mass, we also get rewards for what all of our group combined accomplishes as well.”Allan paused, considering what else Carlos needed to understand.“The other thing is that there are many kinds of rewards we get from each other. We all in a sense love each other wanting not only ourselves but the other guys to get as big as we can possibly grow them.”

“Isn’t that encouraging “body dysmorphic disorder” or “bigorexia?” Carlos wondered.

“Yes, but what a wonderful thing it in fact is.”He eyed Carlos shrewdly.“You have it too or you wouldn’t be here.”

Both of them had been talking for a while, but finally Allan encouraged Carlos to begin to disrobe so that they could shower. Allan was so big and beautiful Carlos was feeling inferior and was hesitant but did disrobe. The minute the air hit Carlos’s naked body, though, there was an immediate effect. Before he even began to look at Allen, his dick started to get hard.

“Now, I am going to ask for your help in my removal of clothing. I am going to bend forward at the waist and I want you to help me remove my t-shirt. To do this, what you do is to walk up to me and place your groin at the top of my head. You reach forward and gather my t-shirt and then pull it forward over the top of my torso and head.”

Carlos could see a fine stubble of hair all over Allan’s back and all the way up to where the stubble joined the hair at the bottom of his neck.

It was unexpected, and as if Allan was reading his mind yet again, his new friend said, “You may note the stubble on my back. Kevin shaved my back just before he left on his trip. This is one of the things we do for each other. Some of the guys let their body hair grow out at times, and it doesn’t take very long for that to happen.”

Carlos grimaced. “Well, I guess I am lucky. As you can see I don’t have any body hair. I can’t grow a beard either, so maybe I’m off the hook on that one.”

“The supplements you are on will very likely change that. You’ll meet Red at dinner. When he got here he didn’t have a single hair on him, and now I think that Red is the hairiest of all of us. Red is a nickname, his real name is Michael, but because of his bright red hair everybody quickly started calling him Red. You may earn a nickname from the other guys and no matter what it is, it is a good thing. It means acceptance by the group, and it will probably happen over time.”

“Do you have a nickname?”

Allan blushed red in the face and upper shoulders. “Yes, but to me in the beginning my nickname is a little embarrassing. In fact I actually have two. The first is ‘Holland’ and the second is ‘Princess’.”

“How did you get those two names?”

“Well, I have this unique ability to be able to… how can I put this nicely…assimilate the largest cocks and I really enjoy being fucked. My actual last name is in fact Holland, but the nickname is unrelated and came from the ‘Holland Tunnel’ in New York City. And the Princess part came because again I love being fucked.”

At this point Carlos was blushing, too. He thought about all the huge cocks Allan was no doubt used to enjoying. “Well I am afraid I’m going to be a disappointment in that area.”

“Probably not for long! The supplement implants you have already and those you will be getting will begin to make both your cock and balls grow, and others will magnify that later even more.”

Allan began to take his pants down as they continued to talk. “I was smaller than you are right now when I received my implant pellets for the first time. You will be getting more supplements in many ways from now on.” Allan blushed again, but he also sounded proud. “As you can see I have grown.”

Carlos looked down and saw a cock nearly totally soft that was easily a foot in length in that flaccid state. It was the biggest soft cock that Carlos had ever seen. “Holy Shit!”

Allan smiled, and placed his huge arm around Carlos’s shoulder leading him into the bathroom. The bathroom was not unlike the rest of the suite. It was fucking huge! There was shower stall space for four people, a large two-man spa, a massage table, and in a separate area there were two commodes.

Allan reached over and kissed Carlos on the cheek, guiding him gently into the shower area. He turned on the water, but initially Carlos did not see where it was coming from. There was a small more private and separate single stall with full body shower-heads all adjustable. Allan guided Carlos in and then with little ceremony he began to slowly move in towards Carlos. Very gently he reached over, drawing Carlos to him. As the muscle monster—already larger than anything Carlos had ever seen—drew his face in close, their lips met and Allan’s tongue parted Carlos’ lips. No doubt about it, Allan was a fucking fantastic kisser! It did not take long before Carlos was trying just as hard to turn up the heat in Allan. In both cases, there would be no disappointments. Carlos was a great kisser, too.

Carlos was already hard as a rock. The process of erection took longer for Allan. What was really strange was that Carlos was having sex for the very first time with a male in nearly his own age group, equipped with muscle mass in excess of anything he had ever imagined possible. During that time, slowly, Allan’s cock was inching down farther and farther, and over time it started to after reaching about eighty percent of its final erect length, it started to rise. Carlos was startled momentarily when Allan’s cock, while still in the process of erecting, slipped between his legs. Carlos’s cock strained against Allan’s cut abdominals. Unknown to Carlos, if he had measured, the drugs were working, as he had probably gained a small amount of both length and girth himself.

The truth was that Carlos was in a state of total rut… and he was becoming more and more dominant towards Allan.Carlos had a moment of insight into Allan’s mind after everything Allan had told him.Allan had secretly hoped that this would happen, knowing that the incredibly high and still increasing testosterone levels that Carlos was experiencing might at least temporarily tend to make Carlos very sexually aggressive. Allan was a total power bottom and he had plans to take advantage to make Carlos as aggressive and dominant as he possibly could at this early stage. He had always wanted to be fucked repeatedly again and again as some guy over time grew to an unimaginable physical size with equivalent physical strength. He wanted to be screaming as the growing monster cock between Carlos’ legs nearly tore him apart.

Carlos was beginning to experience unfamiliar feelings. He had never in his entire life fucked a bodybuilder, but he was beginning to see Allan as smaller and smaller in his mind and the hotter he became, the more he was feeling a sense of power he had never known. In his mind, his own cock was growing larger and larger, and when he looked at it, the small real increase looked far larger than it really was.

It truly was harder than it had ever been even, to the point of being painful, and for the first time, veins on the surface of his cock were visible. In a slightly delusional state brought on by sheer out of control libido, Carlos was getting the idea that forcing a fuck on Allan was something he was absolutely compelled to do. The idea of Allan defending himself never even occurred to Carlos. Allan wanted a really rough fuck! As “power bottoms” often do, Allan was playing Carlos like a professional violinist on a Stradivarius.

The hardness in Carlos’ cock continued to increase until it was throbbing and bobbing up and down with each heartbeat.Carlos’s pulse raced as his mind filled with one idea. He had to take this huge muscle man and make him his own.


Part 2

While Carlos was not much more than average in size at this point, Allan knew that growth was going to happen. They both had a good time in spite of Carlos’s “shortcomings.”

At dinner that night near the end of the meal, a very elderly gentlemen walked into the room. He walked over and motioned one of the other young men to move over one seat and he took a seat next to Carlos. Carlos had been unusually hungry and had stuffed himself with food that evening. He was so full it was almost a little difficult to move.

“Ah, Carlos, I am your benefactor,” the old man told him. “By the way, the man reason I go by that is that my given name is, I’m afraid, a disaster to pronounce. We all have our crosses to bear in life, and alas young man, my name has always been one of mine. My last name has twenty-nine letters in it. For me, a personalized license plate would take two cars, and if I had ever gone into private medical practice, my name would have covered half the front of the building.”

“May I ask a question sir?”

“Sir?” the Benefactor repeated. “How respectful….”

“When you were young what did your friends call you?”

The old man regarded him with a tear and at the same time a glint in his eye. “Well, young man, it kind of makes me sad, I have out-survived nearly all of my friends, there may be only one or two left at most.”

“Well, what did those friends call you?”

“In my youth I was called Alos,” he said, pronouncing it All-ose. “I think I may like you a great deal, Carlos. You have some courage to ask me, and that is admirable.” The old man with a very slight tremor reached forward and pulled Carlos face to him kissing him on the forehead. “Have you met everyone yet?”

“Yes sir, Allan introduced me when we came in here for our meal.”

“What do you think so far?”

“I have never met other people this size who were my age.”

The Benefactor turned to the others. “Gentlemen, over the next week or so I want each of you to discuss your lives and coming here with Carlos. Tell him your stories from beginning to end. All of you have far more in common than you have differences inside.” He then directed his attention to Allan specifically. “Allan, I want you to share Carlos with the others,” he told him. “We have not had a transformation from the beginning in a while around here and I know that each one of you wants to share in this as much as is possible. Just remember, all of you need to share your experiences with each other. Because Carlos may take this farther than any of you so far based on his genetic profile, he is going to need your help, your guidance, and your personal attention in increasing amounts. He will especially need your love.” He looked at them all solemnly. “Remember, that with each and every one of you, your love for each other on both a singular and on a collective level is the most important thing to make this all work.”

Carlos noted that everyone listened to him with great attention and visible fondness. The Benefector continued his speech, wanting them to know how important his directives were. “In my research,” he explained, “I have discovered that Carlos here is most special. Based on genetics, Carlos is the first to exceed a ninety-five percent match. He has the potential, to exceed the size of everyone here by a substantial amount. Currently our largest, Mark, had a match of seventy nine percent. Gentlemen, Carlos is so far our record holder at ninety eight percent. At a certain point gentlemen this could become very frightening for Carlos as well as yourselves. See, we don’t know how far we can take the human body as we enter this new realm. Every one of you is a leader, a ‘vanguard’ if you will. The closer we get to one-hundred percent the more complicated this may become.”

At this point, Carlos was ashen white in color and his hands were trembling. The Benefactor saw this, and he moved closer to him. “Are you frightened young one?”

Carlos nodded. “How. . . . How. . . big will I get?”

“Young one, we have no way of knowing at this time.” He turned again to the others. “Gentlemen, right now Carlos is frightened, what do you think would be the best thing to do?”

One by one, the others slowly formed a line near Carlos. Each one knelt down, bringing their faces closer to Carlos’s. And one by one they pledged to him, face to face, to become a support team.

When Allan knelt, he kissed Carlos on the mouth very gently and said, “I will be there to help you in each and every way, I will help with washing, I will help with drying, I will help with everything.” He looked at the others and said: “Right, guys?”

In a chorus, the others responded, “Right!”

Next in line was Red. “Bud, I am there for you too, a ninety-eight is fucking unbelievable, and I don’t care what it takes.” He, like Allan gave Carlos a kiss on the mouth and did so in a way that was so sweet and sincere that both Carlos and Red had tears in their eyes. “You’re doing this for all of us, Carlos. What we learn from you may apply to and greatly help all of us later.”

The next of the dozen was Mark. “Carlos, I hope that we can become more than great friends. I know that you don’t know me yet, but my size may leave me uniquely qualified to help, if and when others cant, because, you see, I am still growing.”

All of the others gave Carlos a kiss and pledged to help him on a singular and they on a collective level pledged their help for the difficult times ahead. When Carlos sat back down the Benefactor retook the chair next to him.

“Carlos, when I saw your numbers in the final blood work,” he said, “I was in shock. I was amazed when Mark came up with a 79 percent match.”

“May I speak, Sir?” Allan broke in.

“Yes, of course—and what is with this Sir stuff?”

Allan cast a smile toward Carlos. “Anything else seemed impolite.”

The Benefactor ducked his chin. “Proceed.”

Allan turned to the young newcomer. “Carlos, to give you an idea what this means, I am two-hundred and ninety five pounds of muscle and we are nearly the same height. My number is only sixty-two percent. Mark is over three hundred and thirty pounds and still growing and he is seventy-nine percent.” Allan bit his lip. “Carlos it may be possible for you to exceed six hundred pounds.”

Carlos’s face paled. He turned to the old man in dismay. “At six hundred pounds… how would I be able to move?” he said.

“Young one,” the Benefactor told him, “we will care for you on a level that is unbelievable. In your case the exercise component of your growth will have to be controlled or limited or indeed you could grow such a great amount of muscle mass that various muscles could conceivably block the movement of adjacent groups.”

“At a ninety eight percentile there are going to be many things we cannot even begin to predict,” Allan put in. “All of us have experienced growth of our cocks and balls as you know, but considering that Mark who as has been said is still growing is nearly fourteen inches flaccid and his erect length is just under twenty inches, we have no idea where you’re going to end up. Red, who has developed the most body hair, is by percentage not much higher than me.”

Carlos was shaking, wanting the size—and surprisingly even knowing what it could bring didn’t change his longing. “Sir, can we control this?” he asked.

“Yes, to some extent we can,” the old man said. “Once muscle movement is impeded so is exercise and that would cause muscle atrophy right there. At the same time your ability to process nutrition and your utilization of the various hormone compounds that control this type of growth are in numbers that are unheard of.” He considered. “Here are the problems with that number young one. It is going to take very little exercise for you to grow to monstrous proportions. You will grow without it regardless. Your sex drive will become nearly relentless and you will need to ejaculate as often as every two hours. Your appetite will of course increase to support this and your production of seminal fluid and spermatozoa will be outlandish.”

He turned to the others. “When you gentlemen talked about servicing, it will be that and on a level you never imagined,” he said. “You will have to service his needs around the clock. No single male would be able to keep him sexually satisfied. This will affect his muscle mass as we all know, and it will impact every single secondary sex characteristic.”

Carlos was reeling in every respect. He was going to change and there was no way that it could be stopped now.


Part 3

Carlos went to sleep that night rested and relaxed as anyone could be. Inside him things were happening. Because the Benefactor wanted to accelerate the effects in all of his men, he, like anyone else would, had laced the food with a number of complementary drugs and supplements. As this was Carlos’s first night in the “Family Compound,” it was also the first night for the food and supplements.

At about three in the morning Carlos began to have the most erotic dream he could ever have even imagined. The sleeping Carlos was having such a great time that the noise he was making in his sleep awakened Allan. The imagined activities had the covers thrown off. Carlos was not awakened by his dream at all, and actually seemed to go farther down into it as it was progressing. This was the most erotic dream that Carlos had ever had in his entire life, and his own brain was creating and layering one fantasy on top of another.

Allan noticed the intensity and figured out that this was one of the Benefactor’s new concoctions. Why not take advantage of it…..

Allen slipped out of bed and moved very gently over to Carlos’s bed. He gently crawled on top of the bed and under the tent he found Carlos’s cock hard and throbbing—and it was on a level far in excess of the one earlier in the late afternoon.

Allan slipped down the bed and gently took the cock in his mouth. At the same time Carlos simply re-wrote the dream to include a blowjob at this juncture.

The dream elixir that had been given to Carlos was specifically for the penis, but nobody knew about it… yet. Other drugs that were in Carlos’s food intensified both the feelings and the erection to an unheard-of level. The drug cocktail had included a common drug used to prevent premature ejaculation. What this in fact did was to cause the feelings to continue to build. It is normal in this situation for the blood pressure inside the corpora cavernosa to increase as ejaculation neared. In this case, however, the pressure had increased probably three hundred percent. Carlos’s dick was swollen and continuing to swell. Veins had appeared all over the outside of the shaft, and instead of the normal smooth appearance, these had swollen to where they were clearly visible. Carlos was not “cut” and the skin on this cock was stretched so tight that the normal loose skin that he had earlier was no longer loose.

As Allan was working on the cock in question very quietly he heard the door open and the Benefactor walked in. The Benefactor spoke in a soft soothing voice:

“Do not let me interrupt you Allan, I can see my latest discovery is working,” he said softly. “Please continue, and I hope that you will pardon the curiosity of an elderly scientist trying to assure safe success. Young Carlos is the first to try my latest formula for penis growth. I am pleased with what I see so far.”

“May I stop momentarily, Benefactor, to ask you a few questions?”

“You may.”

“What is this, and can I try it? Can I ask that?”

“Of course. Young Carlos here is the first to receive it because he is a virgin case. In yourself as with all the others, you have, over time—well, you have had many other things to do this same thing. Young Carlos here is the first virgin case to receive my new discovery. I want Carlos on this for a month or so to compare against current methods.”

As the two other men talked, Carlos was shifting gears again in his sleep and his cock was so hard it was throbbing. In fact it was standing up and so erect that moving it in any direction other than what it was doing from the pounding of his heart elicited a groan from Carlos still in his dream world.

“Benefactor, his cock appears to be swelling and growing larger.”

“Yes, Allan, it is, and it still has quite a way to go.”

“How much will he grow tonight?”

“Well the swelling from this treatment will of course recede. In the swollen state young Allan he may gain as much as three centimeters in length and an equivalent amount of circumference. When the swelling goes back down to normal, he will retain, I am expecting about point five centimeter to one centimeter of that size. Dear boy, while that doesn’t sound like much, it would mean in fact an incredibly fast growth rate.”

During their conversation Carlos’s body was starting to sweat and have a glowing sheen, his cock was visibly swollen in both length and girth.

When Allan took Carlos’s cock back into his mouth Carlos’s dream shifted back to the best blow job of his life. When Allan moved in and out slowly, he could feel a pounding in the surface of Carlos’s cock unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Allan was thinking that he was going to encourage his own bottom tendencies because over the next month it appeared that Carlos was going to start gaining size and at a very rapid rate. What nobody realized was that with Carlos’s high match percentage, and the exercise he was getting from the involuntary pre-ejaculatory muscle contractions, he was getting one major workout. Muscle groups were contracting and relaxing and it was everywhere as Carlos was in his sexual nirvana.

A few minutes later, the benefactor excused himself and decided that watching the things Carlos was experiencing was quite exciting indeed. He was going to retire back to his own chamber.

While Carlos did not wake from the dream state, it seemed that if Allan said things to inflame him even more, that he was indeed hearing and augmenting the dream. Allan watched Carlos writhing and was beginning to see more muscle definition as the night progressed. The Benefactor was correct as well—the penis did continue to swell. Strangely, Carlos’s balls also appeared to be swelling as he neared his ejaculatory plateau. While the addition of three centimeters in length did not appear to be all that outlandish, the girth or circumference was a different thing entirely. Going from a very mundane six inches in length to seven and a quarter is noticeable but not crazy, but going from five and one half inches to six and three-quarters in circumference is indeed slap you in the face outlandish.

In the deep recesses of Carlos’s mind he was feeling as if his cock was going to explode, the pressure was so great. It wasn’t painful really, but it felt in some ways frightening. At the same time those feelings were increasing in intensity and he was almost afraid of what was going to happen when it was time to get rid of the load. In the past few seconds, a new change was becoming obvious to Allan. Carlos’s cock had reached an unimaginable state of erection to, and all of a sudden, pre was appearing and in sufficient quantity to create some kind of record! Allen of course wanted to be fucked by this magic cock at the first opportunity! The amount of human lube being generated would make the fuck mind-blowing for Allan. Allan, as large and muscular as he was, based on what he was doing to satisfy Carlos was also getting a very heavy physical workout. Allen had just noticed in a mirror that he himself was starting to get one hell of a pump.

Allen decided to redouble all efforts, and he really went at Carlos in a manner that was almost like an attack mode so that he could get Carlos to cum. The Benefactor had not mentioned anything about cum volume, so he had no idea what to expect there. Exhaustion from the marathon had in the interim wilted Allan’s cock. After the pre cum flow had started Allen’s cock grew extremely hard. Was it possible that Allan was getting some effect from the pre?

Carlos was shining in sweat, his musculature highlighted in high relief as he started to inflate his chest and gasp for air. The sounds were between ahh…ahh…ahh and uhh…uhh…uhh with each downward plunge Allan took.

“Common you little fucker,” Allan growled, “you’re wearin’ me out tryin’ to get you off. You need to cum and you need to cum bad don’t you? I’ll just bet you wanna cum worse than anything right now don’t you fucker!”


“Yeah! That’s right, fucker, you ought to see the size of your fucking huge dick right now, dude! It’s growin’ fucker, and your’re gonna have the biggest mother fuckin’ dick here!”


Red came into the room after heading to get a snack and then hearing all of the sexual nirvana going on. Red took a peek to see what was going on and stood watching for quite a while.

Allan realized they weren’t alone. He turned and grinned at his friend. “Red, I’m fuckin dyin’ here man trying to get this guy off!”

“What happened to his fucking dick?”

“Benefactor gave him something new,” Allan explained. “Carlos is the first to get it!”

“Lucky fucker!”

“Red, dude, come on, I have been at this for four friggin’ hours man! I know he has to be right at the edge!”

“Ooh…..Nice and sweaty, and pumped too! I’m so fuckin’ horny from watching this. If I help you, will you fuck me? If you don’t help me get this hot little fucker off, I may not have any energy left!”

Red moved around and started nibbling on Carlos’s nipples. That made an immediate difference. It was as if Carlos was going to either erupt or die!

“Hey Red, switch off with me, I need to get some nipple!”

“Hey, fuck, Allan, look at your dick!”

“Holy shit!” Allan exclaimed, looking down. “I didn’t even know I was hard! Talk about weird!”

The change in positions helped. Allan and Red started varying their techniques on Carlos. The nipple work on Carlos was making his nipples swell, and that was erotic for Allan and for Red.

“I have an idea!” Red said suddenly. “I might be able to fuck the cum out of Carlos if we do this as a team effort. I start banging the fucker’s prostate, that should do it!”

Red lifted Carlos’s legs and placed his knees over his shoulders. Allan grabbed some extra pillows and used them as padding underneath Carlos’s butt and lower back as Red was holding the light fellow as if he weighed nothing. Red held his legs and just as he was moving up to penetrate Carlos, he noticed that his own dick was steel hard and he had not even noticed.

Carlos had been producing so much pre that Allan took a bunch that had leaked down and liberally tried to get as much as possible into his ass. He then worked with one hand at taking pre and using it to lube Red’s dick very thoroughly. Carlos was making so much that there was an ample supply and both Allan and Red seemed like they had swallowed an incredible amount.

When Red’s dick was lubed to the point that it was ridiculous, Red placed the head against Carlos’s ass and began to gently press forward. Both were shocked that such a big cock fit so easily. “Ah fucker, his prostate feels like it’s a fucking baseball! This will definitely work!”

Very gently Red inched his way in until he sensed how long his strokes needed to be. As Allen sucked and Red fucked the vocalizations from Carlos became a great deal stronger.

“Uhh…uhh…uhh…uhh….oh, shieeeeeeeeetttt fuck meeeeeeeee!”

Unfortunately for Allan, the dam broke on his down stroke, and at that point Carlos had full penetration of his throat! When Allan tried to pull off he had not noticed that Carlos had moved his hands and as he came he had Allan’s head locked in a death grip. Luckily Allen did know how to hold his breath because Carlos’s pelvis reared up and he started thrusting like a madman. Allan received the biggest load he’d ever had directly down his throat. Mark’s loads were unreal, but this seemed like a great deal more—and Carlos had been in the compound less than 48 hours! Fuuuuck, he thought as he finally pulled off Carlos’s enlarged tool.

A few minutes later, under Red’s intense fucking, another small ejaculation happened. This one was blown on to Carlos belly and chest. Just the sight of this was enough for Red, and he blew his load up Carlos’s ass.

Up to this point Allan had achieved no release, and his dick was swollen—possibly from something in Carlos’s pre. Allan collapsed onto Carlos’s bed and was gasping for air. His stone hard dick was so hard, it was barely able to wave around with the gasps.

Red quickly went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up bringing a washcloth to clean Carlos which he did. Allan was still on his back covered in sweat with his dick looking even more angry, and purplish from the strength of the erection.

Allan was very turned on by the total covering of dark reddish body fur that Red had. It was very dense virtually everywhere. And more would probably grow in.

As Allan was lying there gasping, his eyes had a pleading look. “I’ll take care of it dude!” Red said with a smirk. With that, Red got on the bed and went down on Allan!

Meanwhile, Mark had awakened from all the noise. He quietly crept into the room.

“Jeezus!” he murmured, seeing the total disarray of bodies. Carlos was on his back passed out with a monstrously swollen but now flaccid dick, Allan was on his back next to him, legs overlapping Carlos’s, and Red’s extremely hairy ass presenting towards him with his dick hard but flopping back and forth as Red was trying to get Allan off.

Mark recovered himself. “Want some help?” he offered.

Red winked up at Mark. “Yeah!” he said. Red and Mark worked on Allan as he recovered. Red and Mark then flipped Allan around, placing his ass at the foot of the bed After gently recovering the pillows that had been used to prop up Carlos, they were placed under Allan. This time, Red positioned himself in classic 69 and initially fed his own cock into Allan’s throat. He then waited for the extremely huge Mark to position Allen so that his “Godzilla Cock” could penetrate Allan’s butt.

Allan was so tired and yet so very hard at the same time. The Benefactor had to be alerted on this one! Growing was one thing, but being unable to achieve an ejaculation on this level was really less than practical, especially with the intensity of horniness involved.

Good luck smiled down on Allan, though, in that while his erection was indeed swollen just as Carlos’s had been, he was building towards his peak quickly. The size of Mark’s dick didn’t hurt in that respect. It wasn’t for nothing that Allan had earned the nicknames “Holland” and “Princess” because of his total love of being a “power bottom”.

Everybody involved in helping Carlos that night had multiple cumshots with each other while Carlos laid asleep and recovering. His dick was still swollen a great deal when he awakened, sated and yet hungry for new experiences with his growing cock.

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