They came from outer space

by WordShop

 Playing with meteors can have strange side effects. Two young brothers living near a military base find themselves changing from exposure to meteorite dust.

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Aptly named after George Hale, the man behind the Mount Wilson Observatory in the San Gabriel Mountains just outside of Los Angeles, the Hale Meteor Shower was an event to be celebrated. The shower was to last a couple of nights and the area around Landers, Twenty-Nine Palms, and the Morongo Valley in the desert above Palm Springs, California, would be a prime location for viewing the nightly rain.

The Ankrums lived on a rather deserted desert road in the upper desert not far from Palm Springs, California. Their acreage, overlooked a great deal of expanse of open desert. Not far away was the Marine Corps facility at 29 Palms, and there was a place called Landers that was rumored to be a favorite landing spot for UFOs.

The meteor shower was promised to be one of the largest in recorded history, and would come in waves, the whole thing lasting as long as several months. The first part of the shower would be the most intense.

Ankrum Senior worked in a civilian capacity for the military in radar tracking. His job had been good for him, but it had not been good for his two sons Morris, called Morrie, and Carlson, or Carl for short. They as a family had moved a number of times thanks to Ankrum working as an independent contractor with the military, and this had negatively impacted both sons in that they were still in high school at ages where most would have already graduated. Morrie, now 21 years old, and Carl, 20, were only now free of secondary school and starting at a local junior college.

The other problem was that both Morrie and Carl had been born very late in life for their parents. This had led to some developmental problems. Both Morrie and Carl were smaller than average and looked far younger than they were in reality. The Ankrums had moved so many times that no one doctor was able to finish anything that they had started with regards to medical testing, so no one had figured out why. Morrie was only about 5’7” tall, and Carl was no more than 5’3”. Both were physically unprepossessing, which at times was not a great thing for them, making them subject to the typical harassment that most kids in their predicament get from the standard issue high school thugs. Their father, however, just left all that to his wife. He was a man married to his job and his wife at the same time, and the job usually took priority, with the family at a far lower level of importance. They had only been at this most recent assignment for a little over a month with both sons in yet another new school. This would be the eighth one in six years. Mother Ankrum was still getting the house put together, and there had been no time for the medical search to start yet again. Finding a specialist was difficult to begin with, and with the specialized problems that both boys had, it was more difficult than that.

Father Ankrum would come home, saying over and over again that the attention he was paying to his work now would make them all more than comfortable in their retirement. There was enough assurance this time that Father Ankrum was going to be at this assignment for an extended period, so instead of renting, as they’d normally done in all the different towns and cities they’d lined in, they had bought an older but comfortable ranch home. This gave Mother Ankrum some assurance that her husband was at least serious about being here more than six months this time.

The home itself, built in the 1960’s, was a typical ranch style and was like a lot of houses built for retirees who had migrated to that area when economic times were stronger. The place did have a nice view, and the square footage was generous at over three thousand. The heating was a little antiquated with wall furnaces, and the place was on propane instead of natural gas. There were fortunately several wood burning inserts in three fireplaces, which were very high efficiency, and Father Ankrum had instructed his wife to begin the process of laying in wood for the winter that would be coming their way soon.

Mother Ankrum wanted to get the yard planted before the really cold weather set in. The home had been purchased from an Estate and the people handling the Estate had allowed virtually every bit of plant life in the yard that was not classifiable as a weed to die. The weeds on the other hand were thriving beautifully. The back yard of the home had a ten-foot block wall that kept out the rattlesnakes and the other wild life that was not wanted. Right up next to the home and visible from the family room was a neat old twenty by forty foot swimming pool that needed a great deal of work. Well, again the house was a bargain because of the neglect, so what was… was. It had been a very nice home when it was built and in spite of needing cosmetic attention the bones were really great.

The front and rear had planters around the perimeter of the yard and Mother Ankrum, being a woman of practicality, planted things that would give them something back for the very expensive water that they gave each plant.

Beyond the pool area were some old antiquated and neglected horse facilities. The whole property was fenced, and fortunately that fencing was in good shape.

The rearmost wall behind the swimming pool was being planted in various kinds of berry bushes, which had been bought on sale. Two of the bushes that had been planted went into shock, and immediately died. Morrie and Carl dug them up. They were supposed to have thrown the remains away, but the afternoon of the chore was hot, their energy level was low, and they wanted to simply get done and get in to where they could be under the roof and under the climate control of the refrigerated air conditioning. They simply took the remains of the plants and threw them as hard as they could back near the abandoned horse facilities. As they were walking back towards the house, they could see something that stood out. There was a device that a service guy had called a “water chiller” and instead of the normal kind of air-to-air heat transfer, this unit immersed the coils in a bath of cold water. Boy, did that thing work great.

The boys had cleaned out the remainder of the swimming pool and had done a good job. The rear yard had been cleaned up, and it was a night in late September that is only possible in this part of the country. Their father was at work as usual, Morrie and Carl were sitting out on the back patio. It was nine-thirty at night and the temperature was still well over 90 degrees. Mother Ankrum had spent money on a mist system for the rear patio area, and after carefully reading the instructions, Morrie and Carl had done a perfect installation.

That was the first night of the Hale Meteor Shower, and there were tails and burning chunks of rock falling all around at regular intervals. Mother Ankrum was inside watching an old classic movie on cable, and the sons were playing on hand-held video games on the rear porch of the house while watching the intermittent light show.

Then, without warning, the sky above them lit up with the intensity of a police helicopter floodlight, only it clearly wasn’t that at all. The light coming in over their heads was a blinding blue-white brightness that glowed with incredible intensity and extinguished at about two hundred feet above their heads. It was headed toward the area just behind the fenced-in portion of the yard near the old horse barn. Before either boy could get up, a strange sound carried over the property. It sounded like a huge bag of some powdered substance had been thrown against a wall or other hard surface. Both boys walked out around the fence through a gate, but they couldn’t see anything.

They thought about it and decided to check it out in the morning when there would be light to see by. School would be starting the following Monday and they still had a few more days of summer vacation before they had to face the abuse in yet another new place.

The next morning, due to circumstances beyond their control and another shopping trip where they would act as the beasts of burden, the inspection of the meteor or whatever it was landing area (if there was anything) was completely forgotten.

They were in their mother’s mini-van and the radio was tuned to a kooky station down in Palm Springs that played really old music from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. It was all syrupy ballads sung by crooners of that era. “Mom, can we change the station?” Morrie said.

Just then, a news announcer took over from the cavalcade of sappy music. “This is Ward Dondell bringing you the latest news from the desert empire,” the newsreader said. “Last night we were treated to one of the most spectacular light shows in United States History with the Hale Meteor Shower. The shower will continue tonight, and according to scientists at Pacific Tech, the first wave of the shower should begin to slow down by this weekend. This area has been one of the greatest areas for viewing the shower. Television news crews from the major networks in Los Angeles have all converged on the Coachella and Morongo Valleys for tonight’s show.

“In local news, young actress Lilly Lohman was arrested last night in Palm Springs. We don’t have any details, although we’re told there was some question about her sobriety. Law enforcement agencies have not released either Miss Lohman or the results of blood tests to determine the cause of her erratic behavior.

“In national news, the unemployment rate is down to 5.5% and is continuing to fall. Jobless claims in the State of California fell by over fifty percent this last month indicating the economy may be—”

“Mom,” Morrie broke in, “this is really boring.”

“Okay, Morrie, but you need to switch to the oldies rock station so that your poor Mom does not have any more things to rattle her nerves.”

The newsreader was still droning on. “Local weather will be changing to rain tomorrow night,” he said, and his mother signaled for Morrie to wait under the weather report was over. “A storm front is approaching us from the Gulf of Mexico. The storm will deposit heavy rain over the next twenty-four hours, but will leave clear warm and sunny weather for the weekend.”

“Oaky, Morrie you can change it now.” Morrie switched the station to the oldies rock channel, as requested. At least it was better than Eisenhower-era ballads.

“Is Dad gonna do that yard work soon?” he asked.

“Your Father is tied up with the installation and evaluation of a new radar system out near the Marine Base,” their mother said. “I suppose that things will get better on the yardwork detail level when he finishes this project.”

“When will he finish?” Carl put in from the back seat.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him.”

“I would, but he’s never home.”

“I understand how rough this is on the both of you, but your Dad’s work right now is very important,” their mother said. She sounded both cross and a little defensive. “He is working on a totally new system that could revolutionize radar.”

This piques Morrie’s curiosity. “What kind of system is it?”

“I don’t know dear, you would have to ask your Dad, and it is probably not one that will have any details disclosed.”

Morrie huffed. “No surprise there!”

“Where are we going?” Carl asked.

“The Lowe’s, in Palm Springs.”

Carl frowned. “What do we need there?”

“We are going to repaint the whole house inside,” she told them. “That’s why the new draperies I purchased have not been hung up replacing the old ratty ones that were in the house.”

Awwwww, mom!” both boys whined. Their mother ignored them.

“Is Dad gonna help with this?” Morrie pleaded.

“Dears, I want this done before you start back to school next week.”

“Are we getting all the paint right now?”

Their mother had all this planned out in her head. “Probably everything but the kitchen.”

“Do I get any say in what color my room is painted?” Carl asked.

“Well. . . sort of. I will pick out a group of colors for each of your bedrooms, and you can pick from among the ones I choose. Is that fair enough?”

“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Carl said.

That night the meteor shower returned, and the countless flaming objects could be seen as they fell from the skies. Both Morrie and Carl were in bed when a second meteorite came down into the horse paddock area. Like the first it hit quietly and with little ceremony.

The following morning the skies were dark as the storm closed in on the desert community. By noon, the clouds had opened up and the rain was pouring down.

At about three in the afternoon the power failed, and telephone calls were made to the electric company, though without immediate effect. By seven o’clock, the power was still not restored to the Ankrum residence so Mother Ankrum, having decided it was simply too difficult to try and cook anything without power, piled her two sons into the van again and headed for the local Denny’s.

In fact, the power was not restored until about eleven-thirty that evening. Father Ankrum had arrived home at about an hour before stating that he needed to be back at the facility at seven the next morning to resume his testing. He was in bed and asleep in minutes.

The next day the sun came out, giving them the bright and hot day they’d been promised for after the storm. As always happens when the sun hits wet ground, though, the humidity soared.

Mother Ankrum had left Morrie and Carl home alone. She had met up with one of the other “radar widows” and together they were headed down to Palm Springs to one of the larger malls to purchase some clothing for their respective husbands.

As the temperature heated the ground and the humidity went up, Morrie called out to his brother, “Hey dude! We fuckin’ forgot to check out back and see what happened with that weird noise!”

“Whatever it was sure sounded strange.”

“Ya wanna go look and see what happened?”

Carl shrugged negligently. “We got nothin’ else ta do!”

“Let’s go now, check it out and then we can get on the PS3 for a while.”

“What do ya wanna play?”

“Hey, I don’t know, maybe we could find some broads and have an orgy.”

“Yeah right!”

As they changed their clothing they looked at the thermometer in the window of the kitchen. The outside temperature was ninety-six and the humidity was over seventy percent.

As they walked around the fence and out the gate towards the horse area, there was a really interesting smell. Both were getting really horny from the odor, whatever it was. From about twenty feet away they noticed that the two berry bushes that they had thrown had ended up in a pile of soft sand, and the sand and those bushes were covered with a weird powder that almost had a pearlescent sheen to it. The strangest thing was that these two plants, which had been pronounced dead, now showed signs of life from a distance. There were even a few new leaves.

By the time that the two boys were within ten feet of the plants, the odor became very strong and arousal seemed to overcome them both.

“Shit!” Carl exclaimed suddenly.


“Shit, Morrie, my fuckin’ cock is getting hard as a fuckin rock!”

Morrie looked over at the crotch of his brother’s pants and could see an obvious lump.

“Damn, this is fuckin weird, so’s mine!”

Carl looked over and could see that his older brother’s crotch was packed more tightly than before. “Fuck, Morrie, you remember that time we jacked off together?”


“I am so fuckin’ horny that I can’t stand it.”

“So am I!” Morrie agreed.

“What should we do?”

“Fuck man! I don’t fuckin’ know, but—you know, this is kind of neat.”

“What do ya mean?” Carl asked.

“I’ve never been so boned in my fuckin’ life!”

“Me too!”

Morrie was staring at the powder-dusted bushes. “We’re still about ten feet away,” he mused. “What would happen if we walked right up to them?”

“Morrie, this is kinda weird, but I know what you mean.”

Both boys held their breath for a few moments and walked the remaining distance until they were right up next to the plants. When they took a breath there was an immediate, powerful effect.

“Oh, fuckin wow!” Carl exclaimed.

Within a few seconds the erections both had increased ten fold in intensity and their hips involuntarily started making thrusting motions as if they were fucking. Morrie waved to Carl and they both held their breath and moved away from the plants to a distance of about thirty feet. With that the erection strength and the thrusting stopped.

“What do we do now?” Carl said.

“This is really cool!”

“Morrie, what do you mean by cool?”

“Dude,” Morrie explained, his eyes alight, “something about this shit is better than the strongest dose of Viagra. If we could bottle this stuff, we could be the richest kids on the fuckin’ planet.”

“But—we need to control it to make anything, Morrie,” Carl said.

“You remember what Uncle Gary gave us?’

“Yeah, he gave us that fuckin’ War Surplus Gas Mask. I wonder—”

“You know where it is?”

“Yeah!” Carl was excited now, too. “It’s in a box in my bedroom closet. I’ll run and get it.”

“Fuckin Hurry up, dude!”

Carl literally ran at full speed, the erection wilting completely by the time he reached the gate to the block wall fenced part of the rear yard. He headed for his room and started looking for the box with the gas mask in it. Their mobile life had trained them to keep things in boxes, and this new long-term assignment was only now softening up old habits.

Morrie moved away another twenty feet and his own erection began to subside. Interesting, he thought. It was definitely related to the distance between himself and the plants with the weird powder.

While Carl was looking frantically for the box, Morrie decided to do a little experiment. He opened the fly of his pants, and pulled his dick and balls out into the air. He felt a strange very mild tingling, but not much else. He left his dick hanging out and sucked in some air. He was not down wind from the plant and, as expected, nothing happened. He almost ran the distance until he was standing within two feet of the plant. His dick was in the air stream and this time it hardened instantly and the strange tingling increased tenfold.

Morrie then quickly evacuated back a safe distance from the plant and his dick went soft again. Was the cause the plants, now polluted with this weird stuff, or was it the powder itself?

Carl was still not back yet—by this time had gone through one pile of boxes and still had not found the gas mask—and Morrie then decided to play with fire. Wat he would do was to clear his lungs as much as possible for a few minutes, run over, and then with his dick hanging out, he would take a couple of big breaths while standing right next to the plants and powder.

His soft dick and balls were hanging out and he took slow deep methodical breaths from where he stood away of the plants, the idea being to clear his lungs of any residual. He held his breath and then walked slowly over to a distance about three feet from the plants and powder again. This time he did nothing other than expose his dick while keeping his breath held like a diver. The sensation on his dick was like a thousand fingers massaging and it came to life without his breathing in the air. It took about ten seconds, but again his dick returned to aching hardness with just his dick exposed to the fumes or air from the powder.

Carl was inside and was about to go nuts. He knew he had time, but the normal sexual curiosity of a teenager gave his brother’s experiments an incredible level of importance. He absolutely had to find that damned filter respirator.

In the back yard, Morrie had retreated again to allow his dick to relax back to a flaccid state. It was starting to get a little sore from the degree of erection, but, he had one final test and that was to take a very high dosage both from atmospheric exposure and from breathing in the air around the contaminated area. He didn’t know what would happen, but, he had to find out.

With a will of iron Morrie mustered up all the courage he had and this time, holding his breath, he walked slowly and orderly back into the contamination zone. His dick started getting hard at about ten feet away and the degree of erection climbed steadily until he was again harder than a steel bar. His dick was so hard it was throbbing with each heartbeat and as he looked down he saw veins on his dick for the first time. The foreign appearance of his dick caused him to gasp in a moment of inattention, and that momentary lapse was like putting gasoline on a fire. Within a few seconds it was as if the only thing his body was concentrating on was making his dick harder. The erection became very painful as it tried to stretch the skin. His hips started to involuntarily move and he was fucking the air before he knew it. In about ten thrusts, he was ejaculating like a fire hose, and the strength of his ejaculation sprayed droplets of cum on the powder and on the berry bushes. It stopped only for a few seconds and then he came a second time. He did the best he could to put some distance between himself and the contaminated area. When he got back out of the range, his cock felt like it had been run through a ringer, it was so sore. He was sweating and his breath was now coming in jagged gasps. He felt lucky that Carl had not seen what had happened.

Inside the house at that moment Carl found the box he had been looking for. He opened it and found that the respirator had come with a number of different filters for different purposes. He took the respirator set out to the back patio, set it on a patio table and went to find Morrie.

Morrie was sitting in the dirt at the base of the fence on the back side with his dick still hanging out. He was covered in sweat for many reasons and his breathing was finally returning to normal when Carl found him.

Morrie looked up at Carl. “Dude, that stuff is awesome, whatever it is, but we gotta find a way to control it. The hard-on it gave me damn near made my dick explode.”

“I found the respirator, what do we do?”

“Is there an instruction book with it?”

“Yeah, there is!”

Morrie took a deep breath. “Give me a hand getting up.”

“What are we gonna do?”

“We need to deal with that stuff whatever it is before Dad finds it.”

“Why? Oh, that was stupid, yeah, we gotta deal with that stuff quickly.”

Morrie’s brain was churning with ideas. “Mom got some real big paint brushes yesterday, get two of them.”

“Mom’ll be pissed if you use her new paint brushes for dusting duty.”

“We can clean them easily.” Morrie remembered something. “There are a bunch of old screw-lid jam and jelly jars in the garage in a Mason jar box.”

Carl snorted. “Why did Mom keep and move those stupid things?”

“I don’t know, but right now I am glad she did,” Morrie said. “Take that box into the kitchen and quickly hand wash all the jars. Be certain to dry them thoroughly We don’t want the powder to stick and clump together.”

Carl looked at his brother narrowly. “Why do I have to wash them?”

“Because while you are doing that, I will be reading up on that respirator, trying to figure out how to do some personal environmental clean-up,” Morrie explained. “If I can get this to work, you gotta watch me, because we gotta do this in shifts.” He thought of something else. “Are there any of those zipper-seal sandwich bags?”

“Yeah, there are five boxes of them, Mom bought a case at either Sam’s or Costco.”

“Do you know where some rubber bands are?”

“Yeah,” Carl asked, exasperated at all the questions, “but what are those for.”

“We gotta drop our pants and put our junk in bags and fasten the bags around with the rubber bands to keep the fumes or dust from this stuff from penetrating our clothing and getting on the skin when we’re working out there.”


“Little Brother, enough of that stuff will get through your pants to make your dick hard as a rock over time. The longer the exposure, the harder it’s gonna get. Take it from me, it will reach a point where the fuckin’ thing hurts so bad that you can’t stand it. Again we don’t have contamination suits, so we are going to have to improvise just like the dudes who cleaned up Chernobyl.” He looked over toward where the row of bushes were, unaware of what had happened to their fallen compatriots. “We’re going to clean up a portion of that stuff and give it to those damned berry bushes. The bushes seem to like it, and the stuff could do really great things for some jack-off sessions if we can simply take our super hard-on mix into our bedrooms in the form of some berries. Mom and Dad will never suspect, because the same kind of thing will be growing around the pool in back. These would be our own special harvest. If we move this shit around enough, Dad will never come back here and if he does he gets nothing. You know he’s a lazy SOB when it comes to doing anything around the house. If we disguise things, this becomes ours alone.” He nodded, satisfied with his plan. “Let’s go get something to drink,” he said. “I’m getting thirsty, and I think Mom made some limeade this morning.”

“Morrie, what do we do if Mom or Dad find this stuff?”

Morrie grinned. “I have a solution for that too. Did you notice that there is a plumbing access panel in the back wall of your closet and my closet? That panel allows repair of the sillcock type faucets just outside on the house wall. We can easily hide the stuff in the walls.”


Both sat down for a few minutes, Carl to recover from the fear of losing the respirator and Morrie from the excitement of the absolutely mind bending series of ejaculations he had just experienced. Morrie dropped his pants and started to reconfigure the sandwich bag to cover his dick and balls, then he carefully placed two of the larger rubber bands around the base of his dick sealing the air and any powder off of his dick. Carl did exactly the same thing.

A few minutes later, the two were out in a dirt horse paddock cleaning up powder and carefully separating it from the soil. They then carefully scraped up about 80 percent of this mzaterial and placed it into a total of about four very large Mason jars. They then used a shovel to scrape the rest into a sort of deliberately haphazard planting around the two rejuvenated berry bushes.

They then did everything to make it look like nothing had ever happened in that area. The only thing that did seem at all unusual was that the two formerly dead berry bushes actually looked a little better than the ones that had been planted inside the area where all were supposed to have been planted.

The jars were very tightly sealed and placed very carefully in two secret hiding places. It was time to test and see if their improvised form of decontamination had worked.

“Take your pants, shirt and socks off right now,” Morrie instructed his brother. “And don’t screw with the plastic bag yet.”

“Why, Morrie?” Carl asked.

“Because some of that powder made it onto our clothing,” his brother explained. “We need to rinse the pants and shirts and pour the water on the berry bushes. Then we need to wash the pants very thoroughly.”

“Okay, makes sense to me.”

Morrie glanced around at the stuff they’d brought with them. “Here’s how we do it,” he said. He ticked the steps off on his fingers. “First, we strip off the clothing and leave the bag on. Second, we place the clothing in that 5 gallon bucket with water in it. Third, we go in and shower very thoroughly, and don’t take the bag off until you have cleaned and rinsed twice.” He checked to make sure Carl was following. Carl nodded. Morrie went on: “Fourth, we get dressed in clean clothing, but we use a cut up big 55-gallon plastic trash bag to keep from slopping the water onto us while we take the water clothing and all out to the private harvest berry bushes. Fifth, we bring the wet bucket and our clothing including the tennis shoes back in and throw all of that in the washer and wash it twice before drying it.”

Something occurred to Morrie, and he pulled out his cell phone. “I need to call Mom and see where she is at so we don’t have a problem.” Morrie called his mother. “Hi, Mom, how are you and Mrs. Nelson doing with the shopping?” Pause. “You’re still at the Westfield Mall in Palm Desert? Would you consider picking up some burgers at the In and Out Burger on the way back?” Another pause. “Since you’re still shopping, why don’t you and Mrs. Nelson just eat there? You can get some In and Out for us, and we will be happy with that.” Another pause. “You will, that’s great! What did you get Dad?” Pause. “He will probably like that. What time is he due home tonight?” Pause. “Not till after nine? Well, I hope that he is enjoying his work. Thanks Mom!”

Morrie’s plan, at least to the best that they both knew, seemed to work. After they did everything and then watered down the area again, they could both breathe and expose themselves near the plant with very little effect. That seemed to cinch it: it must just be the powder that was that crazy.

When they were finished they took a bag of specialized fertilizer and spread it very gently over the back yard berry bushes around the pool and then gave what was left of the bag to the private harvest out near the horse paddocks.

So far, it had all gone as expected. The plants were fertilized, in several different ways, everything was cleaned up and was stored in very well hidden places, and then the diversion ran its course. There was nothing more to be done, and before too long all the business with the berries and the powder was forgotten as the boys moved on to other projects.

While their thoughts were shifted to other things, the alien powder was doing its thing. The berry plants had adapted very well. What neither knew however was exactly how well. When Morrie had ejaculated uncontrollably on the plants, his ejaculate contained a great deal of information that created a mutation in this strange powder. The powder wasn’t really a powder at all—it was a nutrient-based life-form that had originated from an exploded star many centuries before even their grandparents were born. It would adapt to new surroundings providing nutritional values that native animal and vegetation were unable to obtain in a given world. It survived, because it was valuable and protected by the life forms who ate it. In exchange for helping the propagation within plant life, the life form rewarded those who consumed it.

The junior college year passed, and as usual, Mother Ankrum was too busy trying to survive in a rather dismal marriage to get either Morrie or Carl in to the doctor about their below-average physical development. They still were not growing and things were not changing for them, but the Ankrums survived in spite of themselves.

As winter came to an end, and Spring began to come to the upper desert, the berry bushes around the pool began to get leaves and started doing everything berry bushes did to bear fruit, and maybe a bit more. The berry bushes back by the horse paddock had done even better, virtually doubling in size over the more cared for ones by the pool. As the weather warmed, the berry bushes began to bear fruit.

All this time Morrie and Carl had ignored the powder. The berries would be the easiest way to do things without raising suspicion or alarm if anything was going to happen. (The berry bushes in the rear yard had adapted because of Morrie’s ejaculate to only be biologically active in humans. While many kinds of wildlife tried to get the berries in the yard, none touched the ones by the horse paddock.)

The plants that Morrie and Carl had tended in secret just happened to do things in their own way. While the plants inside the yard were prolific, those out by the horse paddock had maybe one quarter the quantity of fruit on them. The berries on the paddock bushes seemed to have a strange appearance as well. They were elongated looking vaguely like a penis with a glans on it. The stem grew from where the urethra would be. All this suggested to Mother Ankrum that there was probably something wrong with the berries from these bushes, so when she picked berries she confined her picking to the bushes in the yard.

She bustled into the kitchen with some of these one weekend morning. “Morrie. . . . Carl. . . . Would you like some early raspberries?”

“Yeah Mom, that sounds great!”

Morrie had not forgotten their crop; he had just kept his mouth shut, quietly letting his Mom know that maybe the plants had been genetically damaged and that might have been why they initially died the previous season. He volunteered that they would be great ornamentation for the back area and that even if the fruit did not work out, a few bad trees that didn’t do anything anywhere else might do well back there. He volunteered that the berry bushes probably were surviving because the area once held horses and that the horse dung was probably providing a great deal of fertilizer.

“Mom?” Morrie asked. “Where are you and Mrs. Nelson going today?”

“We’re going down the hill to shop for furniture,” their mother answered distractedly. “Your Father has given me permission to get new living room furniture, and I need to find what will go with this house.”

“Where is Dad, anyway?”

“He left this morning for Goldstone with Mr. Nelson.”

Morrie frowned. “What’s at Goldstone?”

Mrs. Ankrum sighed. “There is some kind of problem with the computerized controls that move one of the dishes up there, and someone recommended your father as a consultant.”

Morrie nodded. “When will he be home?”

“I don’t expect to see him until Monday night,” their mother said.

“Are you going to be in Palm Springs or Palm Desert?”

“I don’t know dear.” She raised her brows at Morrie. “Why?”

“Just… before you leave down there, would you stop at In and Out Burger and bring home some Double Doubles?”

“I guess so, dear.” She smiled at her boy. At least his appetite was normal. “Where’s Carl?”

“We found a ton of unused sprinkler pipe in the big shed way in the back of the property,” Morrie said. “Carl and I dug some trenches and we are running some lines so that water can be run out in the old horse area for some fruit trees.”

“Is there water back there?”

“Yes Mom, there is a capped water line that was used at one time to get water back to the horses.”

Mrs. Ankrum considered this. “Wait until your Dad gets home to splice into the house water system.”

“We don’t have to, Mom,” Morrie said. “There is a valve in the line at the side of the house so we can do it without jeopardizing the house water system in any way.”

“I’m glad you’re taking the initiative dear. I can’t get your Dad to do anything domestic any more.”

Morrie ignored the aside about his father, as usual. “We are going to make an area for some fruit trees right behind the pool fence.”

“Yes, dear, but remember I have to ask your father about budgeting for the trees themselves.”

Morrie shook his head. “One of the guys at school has a bunch of little tiny trees that his family doesn’t want,” he said. “If I can get them for free, can we have them? They’re pretty sad looking, but maybe they can be saved.”

“That would be nice dear, but, the water up here is expensive, remember that.”

Morrie nodded, satisfied that the next stage of his plan would be able to proceed. “Okay, Mom.”

A brief, bright honk sounded from the direction of the front driveway. “Oh, I hear Mrs. Nelson out in front,” Mrs. Ankrum said. “I better get going.”

“Have a good time, Mom.”

“I will,” his mother said, collecting her purse from the counter. “Maybe we can all go to a movie or something at the Theater in Rancho Mirage this weekend.”

“That would be nice Mom.”

“See you later, and give Carl my Love!”

“Okay, Mom!”

Morrie watched as Mrs. Nelson’s car made its way down the driveway and out towards the street that would take them down towards the main highway and then on down the hill into the Palm Springs area. Morrie and Carl both had wanted to try their special berry harvest for a while, but so far there had been no way that they could have uninterrupted access. If they had some sexual side effects from eating the berries, at least now they would have a period of quite a few hours before their mother would be home.

Out in the back yard, in a huge shed that had had its best days several decades before, Carl was sorting through everything they needed. He’d found tons of pipe, fittings, and all of the things needed to make enough of a watering system to irrigate not only this property, but five more.

Morrie locked the front door and made his way back to the shed where Carl had already cleaned up and sorted a ton of stuff he had found in boxes.

“What’s all this?”

“It’s kind of neat Morrie, look at all the shit I found!”

Morrie gaped at all the detritus. “Holy Shit!”

“Shit what?”

“Your prowling may have just discovered some real prizes.”

“What do you mean?”

Morrie cocked an eyebrow at Carl. “That my younger Brother is a milking machine.”

Carl frowned at him. “A milking machine?”

“We need to lay claim to this shed, little brother.”


“Is there electricity out here?”

“Looks that way,” Carl said. He’d seen some plugs on the wall where the switch was. “Hey Morrie, what is this compressor looking thing?”

“That, little brother, is a vacuum pump!” Morrie was grinning. “This day could not get much better. I remember seeing this dump when Mom and Dad bought the house, but I never thought in a bazillion years that it could have such interesting potential.”

Carl was still confused. “What do you mean, Morrie?”

Morrie sighed, but he was smiling affectionately at his brother. “Carl, there are times I wonder about you.”

Morrie flipped a switch and the old light bulbs on the ceiling came to life. A new odor drifted around the room. “What’s that smell, Morrie?”

“The heat from those light bulbs warming up the dirt dust and mold that have been attached to them for some time.”

Carl nodded. They looked over their hoard for a while, moving things aside to see what unexpected treasures might be underneath. “I wonder why people left all of this behind?” Carl asked.

“Mom and dad bought the house through an estate sale,” Morrie said distractedly. “One or both of the people that lived here must have died.” His eyes lit on something and widened. “Carl, look here! Here is a container with a bunch of brand new teat cups—and the sleeves look good!”

“Shit, Morrie, look at all of this plastic tubing, there must be a thousand feet of it.”

“Look over there at the clear thick Lucite Tubing, there is a pile on a rack and there are a bunch of different sizes from about and inch and a half all the way up to five or six inches.” Morrie looked over the haul in wonder. “There is also a ton of sheet Lucite and a bunch of tools out here to work with it.”

“What are you thinking of, Morrie?”

“Well, little brother, I’m thinking that we don’t have to be the littlest guys for much longer! At least in one area,” he added with a wicked grin.

Carl was getting a little frustrated at the way his brother’s imagination leaped ahead of the moment. “What do you mean, Morrie?”

“We can make the best dick pump stuff with all of this. And other fun stuff too,” he added. “We need to get out here and place this stuff all in order for our own use.”

“What’ll Mom and Dad say?”

“Get real Carl!” Morrie scoffed. “Our dad wouldn’t notice if the entire shed was beamed up by aliens!” He looked around with a proprietary air. “I think we can fix this place up and make it ours.” He glanced up at Carl. “Let’s go in the house and clean up, but we need to harvest some of our own berries first and see what they do if anything!”

“Sounds good to me!”

“I thought that it would!”

First they went in to the house and grabbed a Tupperware bowl that was rarely used. They harvested what must have been fifty or sixty berries from the bushes they had cared for and then took them into the house to clean them. The now-genetically-modified plants, meanwhile, took this as the signal to produce more berries so that there would be more there for this species to enjoy.

The berries smelled really good, and both Morrie and Carl took and ate a few as soon as the washing was finished.

Within ten minutes of eating the first berries, a few things began to happen, at first invisibly. Inside both Morrie and Carl an alien life form was doing some remodeling. Cellular change was beginning. And a little behavioral change too.

Morrie and Carl unselfconsciously peeled off their clothes and decided to go into the family room to watch television. Screw it, the clothing was not needed, they would sit back and just enjoy relaxing for a while before their showers and leave their outside activities for the later afternoon and evening.

The life form would treat this new human species like it did to all others. To reward the species in the area of its ability to procreate and reproduce or have reproductive activities, it would make the species more attractive to those who might want to copulate with it, and it would enhance pheromones to make the species attractive on every sexual level as well. Instinctively, it did everything it had to do to reward its host.

Another species in this situation might try to enslave, but that was not the case at all. All this species did was to give pleasure to those that hosted it. The life form was a tireless worker that would help an immune system if needed, it would assist in repair of other functions of its host and it would assist in killing off things that would harm the host in any manner. The alien species needed the host to survive and as a result it did everything possible to help and prevent harm to its host.

The life form fed off of the waste products in the tissues of its host and in some cases excess body fat, if there was fat tissue to feed on. It would assist the species in any and every way to be the best sex machine that it could.

One other thing about this alien life-form affected the way it interacted with the boys. Once its host was infected, the life form had the ability to learn, from the behavioral patterns of its host, how to give that host the most pleasure.

That night things started to change for the brothers, but the initial effects were subtle. As they slept that night, erotic dreams filled the night on a far more graphic level than they usually experienced. Both awakened the next morning lying in puddles of their own ejaculate. Both were also experiencing penile and testicular soreness, which they attributed to the intensity of multiple ejaculations.

Meanwhile, their mother was amazed at how productive both boys were, taking on the jobs that their father should have been doing. They amazed both parents with their prowess in construction, including installing decorative wood rail fencing around the front of the property.

The boys were not fools. They were doing monumental amounts of work around the house in order to acquire the tools for the work that they wanted to accomplish for themselves. The more work they did, the more money their father approved to get work done. Their father was proud was that the work the boys were doing was well done, and, in his own selfish way, he was glad that if they did the work, he didn’t have to.

There were a few things that “Dear Ol’ Dad” did not notice. One was that the quantity of paint purchased was enough to paint not only the white split rail fence, but also their new shed “playroom”. Little by little the shed was being repaired and fixed into their exclusive domain.

The boys did secure a number of tree seedlings from the families of some school chums. The trees had not done well in their original locations, but had not completely died—perfect for the treatment given to the berry bushes. The former horse area now completely fenced around its perimeter had trees planted in such a manner as to block view of the shed from the house and from outside the perimeter of the yard of the property.

At the same time, unbeknownst to the brothers, the problems that they had were also being repaired. During that time the basic reprogramming and cellular changes slowly and methodically continued. The only effects that both had noticed were the constant and absolutely monumental morning erections and the soreness in their balls.

Evidently, at one time there had been some kind of metal structure on the property and the metal roof sealing paint which was a silver color was used to paint the inside of the shed windows worked to keep prying eyes out. Because Morrie and Carl had offered to add new roll fiberglass insulation to the house to make it more energy efficient, the two teenagers had actually convinced their father and he went out and bought the materials. Of course, a few rolls of that fiberglass insulation found their way into their shed playroom as well.

A few weeks later, a detour off of one of their normal routes gave them the greatest gift of all. Sitting on the ground next to some trashcans was a very large high efficiency room air conditioner. It had definitely been used, but the question was could they have it? They walked up to the home and were greeted by an elderly woman wearing an oxygen tube in her nose. They asked her if the air conditioner had been hers and if they could have it. The elderly woman stated that she suffered from breathing problems and had to have refrigerated air conditioning installed in the entire house. Of course they could have it. So it was that, after a great deal of effort, their shed playroom now had an air conditioner for those extremely hot summer months. There were even a couple of abandoned electrical circuits to make it easier for them to install it.

All the while, they remembered to enjoyed periodic bowls of their special berries when they had the time. The berries (and the life form they contained) were slowly doing their work. The life form had not received any specific signals as yet, and was waiting patiently for the next stage of its purpose.

Carl looked up from his breakfast cereal one morning. “Morrie, I wonder when these berries are going to start doing something.”

Morrie had been thinking about this. “I think that they actually are,” he said, “but we have been so busy preparing for things that we have not simply had any time to do what we need to do to make things happen.”

“What do we have to do?”

Morrie stirred his cereal around awkwardly. “I think we need to really jack off some more.” He met his brother’s gaze cautiously. “Have you noticed the fact that we are both having wet dreams every night?”


“I think that there is some sort of trigger,” Morrie said, “and we just have not found it yet.”

“Probably,” Carl mused. “Should we go and try and find more of the powder?”

“I was kind of thinking about that,” Morrie said. “A bunch of those meteorites came down up in the hills, I bet there is a ton of the powder in some places up there. There are even some caves up there, and it is possible that there could be some places where a great deal of that powder may still exist.”

Carl was surprised by this. “You think so? What do you think would happen if we brought out a little of the powder stash?”

Morrie smiled. “I actually had that in mind.”


“I was thinking about when school let out. Mom is going with Dad to a conference in Hawaii for a while the week after we get out of school, what about then?”

“How long do you think they will be gone?”

“Mom said something like a week, but, I overheard Dad and Mr. Nelson talking and because it has to do with this new tracking system Dad and Mr. Nelson developed they could be gone for a month to six weeks.”

Carl nodded. “What about money?”

“Look, after all the work we accomplished around here without goofing off, I know that Dad in his own way will see to it that we have no shortage.” He shrugged. “Remember that we both have driver’s licenses and we also will have Mom’s car this time.”

Carl wasn’t used to having unfettered access to a car. “I forgot about that.” He blew out a breath. “We’re both old enough to vote, but we’re a year behind where we should be in school because of the constant moving around.”

“Yeah, well, because of the military there are a lot of others in our graduating class with the same problem,” Morrie agreed. “Sammy Castle will turn twenty years old two months after graduation, Dave Dodge will be nineteen, Marty Stevens, Gary Michaels and Walter Winters are all like us.”

“Any ideas about what you want to do after we get out?” Carl asked.

“Yeah! Let’s get jobs as porn stars!”

“Would be nice wouldn’t it?”

“Summer vacation is only a couple of weeks away, let’s be patient,” Morrie said. “If we continue to do a great job, I am going to use some political strategies to get both Mom and Dad on as many vacations and conferences as possible!”

Carl grinned. “Do you think you can actually do that?”

“I’m damn sure gonna try!”

Both Carl and Morrie could not have been more accommodating to their parents. In their free time they had managed to nearly complete all of the work that Mrs. Ankrum had wanted her husband to do. The home had been painted inside and out, the yard landscaped and a drip irrigation system had been installed. There was even a hidden line that fed their private and more personal plants.

A split rail fence had been erected and painted, landscape lighting had been installed, and thanks to the boys’ hard work their home was, for the upper Morongo Valley towards 29-Palms, becoming a palace compared to many in the area.

As the weeks passed, the genetic changes needed to really make things happened began to accelerate. The life form had in fact done a far better repair job than any earthbound doctor could have ever imagined. A great deal of time had passed since the original Hale Meteor shower and the discoveries that Morrie and Carl had made. During that time the cellular structures of their bodies had been greatly altered by the life-form.

Both had gone from total wallflowers to become two of the most popular and desired friends to have in their entire school. Little did they know that it was a new and alien type of pheromone that was causing their popularity. By now, the life-form had figured out that both Carl and Morrie were gay. It didn’t care—it knew that if they had pleasure, that they would protect its continued existence. The life form had in its own strange way figured out that these creatures on earth liked sex and for them to do well, the best approach was to begin to share the same desires as Carl and Morrie even if they didn’t have anything to worry about.

In the intervening time, both had been biding their time and had been busy working on their playroom. They had scrounged enough to nearly soundproof the inside of the shed, their random finds and the things that their father had unknowingly paid for had blacked out the windows which had been painted over in white on the outside, sealed the door, paved the floor, carpeted the floor and the walls, added electrical connections, built a soundproof enclosure for the vacuum pump, added multiple connections for tubing and tubes with small valves, and a garage sale from a neighbor who had once worked in the automotive trades netted about ten old vacuum gauges. They had accomplished more with less than many building contractors. By the time school had ended for the semester, things had changed, both had friends, and though they didn’t know it yet, this was going to be a very interesting summer.

The following weekend, with stern warnings about destruction to the home from both parents, and a little trepidation, both parents were driven to Palm Springs Airport where they boarded a flight for Hawaii. Mrs. Ankrum phoned her sons after landing in Honolulu and talked to both, and hung up reassured that nothing unusual would happen back home. All was well with the world, and her sons were good boys.

The weather as it usually does in the desert had warmed up. Daytime temperatures were in the high 90’s, and though nowhere near their peak for the year, night time temperatures were in the 70’s. The brothers were a little excited. Cyberspace had provided them both with enough information to build everything that they wanted, and there had been enough in the way of supplies to begin to make things happen in a big way.

After carefully studying the construction of vacuum pumping equipment, and the designs of the milking cups over the weekend, both Carl and Morrie worked tirelessly building enough vacuum pumping equipment to have a “pump party” of monumental proportions, with heavy lucite cylinders of varying lengths and diameters. After studying some of the high priced flared and oval cylinders built by some of the high end manufacturers, in an almost genius fashion, they figured out how to improvise and build the equivalent equipment. It was like there had been a birth of two perfectionists.

The following night they took the mini-van and made a trip down to a couple of adult bookstores where they purchased some reading and visual aids to help the night along. It had not been that they had not thought of it before, but there had been no way to accomplish this task without their parents asking questions or wondering where they had been. They had their cell phones with them, so if the parents called, there would be an answer immediately. These were two honest and trustworthy young men, and there was no desire to offend anybody. They had been left a rather large pile of cash, and, since they had been thinking that they might want to get a few others involved in the games, there was both gay and straight porn.

For the first time, later that night, they decided to head for their shed and sex play area. What was amazing was that to the casual eye, even inside the area had been cleaned, it simply looked like a well organized storage shed with enough care in how things were stowed away to make it usable as a mini-recreation room. Even a parent would only see were the recreational aspects, if they didn’t look too closely. Morrie and Carl were adept at scrounging, and even before the parents had absented themselves they had found some old reclining chairs and a number of other things. Around the perimeter of the room was what looked like work benches. Underneath the benches, and hidden from view, were numerous attachment points with valves for vacuum tubing, and they had managed to get the old milking machine working like a charm. The pulsator had been in need of repair, and even its repair had been hidden in the home repair budget. The total for all the parts was less than ten dollars, so Mr. Ankrum never even questioned what check-valves, gaskets and other small parts were for. If he noticed it, he would assume that it had to do with the watering system.

That night would be the first night of relaxation. Tomorrow, they would get their gear together and see what else could be found that would supply them with more of the precious powder.

That night, a camping ice chest was packed with ice and some soft drinks and taken to the shed. At ten o’clock they shut down the main house and retreated to their own lair.

“That friggin’ air conditioner has its good points, but it makes this place either too hot or too cold.” Even as Morrie said this, he was thinking, I almost really like sweat, there’s something sexy about it.

“Yeah!” Carl answered. “I’m already sweating like crazy, and I am not really all that hot.”

“What if we lay some beach towels on these chairs? The damned things are so old that they are made out of naugahyde.” Morrie looked over the sticky-looking fake vinyl with distaste.

“A lot of ‘naugas” must have died for these things!” Carl said, as he retrieved a couple of towels from the supplies they’d stocked the shed with. He handed one to his brother.

Morrie took it with a grimace. “Carl, that joke is so fuckin’ old that nobody would steal it!”

“That’s probably a good thing.”

They draped the chairs with their towels. Morrie licked his lips, looking around. “What da ya wanna try first?”

“How about the milking machine?” Carl suggested. “I already jacked off four times today, and I feel like it didn’t even take the edge off.”

“I know what you mean.”

“If we start… growin’ or sumpthin’, I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Carl said, his voice quavering a little at the idea. “These teat cups are fine now, but if we had big dicks they wouldn’t fit.”

“Yeah, I been thinking about that,” Morrie said. “I worked out a design and supplies that we could use to make bigger ones.” He went over to the workbench counter top and flipped a hidden switch. Very quietly, the vacuum pump came to life.

He blocked off the lines that were not needed on the pulsator, and then attached two long lines with teat cups to the two remaining intake ports. There was a long length of two vinyl tubes reaching from the milking heads to each of the teat cups. One tube served the stimulation process and the other one carried the milk or in this case semen away from the sheath. Simultaneously both took the teat cups and, sitting in the now towel-covered cushy chairsd, they placed them on dicks that had gone hard when the sound of the machine started.

“Shit! This feels fucking weird!” Carl said. When Morrie glanced up at him, he grinned and added, “Let me rephrase that: It feels fucking great!” He gasped. “Jackin’ off never felt this good!”

“Shit, you got that one right!” Morrie said, raising his voice. “It’s only been on a couple a minutes, and I think I am gonna cum again!”

“Oh Fuck!” Carl responded. “Holy Shit, me too!”

“Fuck Carl!” Morrie shouted. “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooossssssshhhhhhittttttt!!!!!” After a few seconds of stunning orgasm Morrie melted back into his chair. “Goddam Carl!” he gasped, panting. “I just came what seemed like a gallon and my fuckin’ cock is harder than ever! Fuck, I think I’m ready to go again!”

Carl was too busy gasping for breath to respond. Each rope of his cum was accompanied by a huge deep breath and he was still cumming

This was a new educational moment for the life form the brothers had become enmeshed with. This species very much liked the sensation of what they called “cumming”, and in its own alien way it was already thinking something along the lines of What can we do to make it better? There would be… improvements.

After three more heroic, earth-rocking ejaculations, both brothers were on the verge of passing out from pleasure. The alien form made plans. Increase production of what they call “cum”. Increase sensations to increase stimulation. Note location and DNA required to make alterations in reproductive organs.

After about five minutes of silence, Morrie came out of his delirium and with a dry throat said, “What da ya wanna try next?”

Carl was a little sweaty, as if he’d been exerting himself, but he had a huge grin plastered on his face. “Let’s just try regular vacuum pumping.”

“Did you read all the stuff on the net about how to do it right?”

“Yeah, yeah yeah,” Carl said languidly. “Low vacuum level, off and rest about every eight or nine minutes, repeat the same.”

Morrie considered this. “With the developmental problems we had holding us back,” he mused, “it’s pretty likely that most of the structures will let us grow. We may get a whole lot bigger than we would have naturally because these structures have never matured as they should have.”

The warm summer night and the high humidity in their playroom meant liquids flowing very well, and there was lots of soda and bottled water on hand. Both Carl and Morrie were hyper-hydrated, if there is such a thing, by the time the lucite cylinders and equipment were brought out and prepared. This wasn’t just about thirst on a sultry night. The best vacuum pumping results, the brothers knew, were achieved when there was plenty of water in the body’s system to convert to lymphatic fluid.

When they went to clean it out Carl and Morrie were surprised to discover that the milking container now had enough semen in it from both their ejaculations to cover the bottom of the container, to the point that the metal bottom could not be seen. Knowing how small normal ejaculations were, the brothers were amazed. It was just a coating of spunk, but that coating would have filled two shot glasses—maybe a bit more

While Carl was using a flower sink to rinse out the container of the milking machine, Morrie was putting away the rest of the hoses they’d used with it and making certain that his vacuum distribution system was ready to go. He had marked the vacuum cylinders that he and Carl had built for themselves and was preparing the rest so that they could sit back down and begin the expansion process.

It was only a few minutes later that Carl had finished washing the teat cups, flushing the lines, and putting things away.

Throughout this whole time, a life form was trying to figure out what was needed and what was next.

“Morrie, you want a refill on the Dr. Pepper?”

“Yeah, we need to stay really well hydrated.”

“Before we get started I need to take a piss.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“Everything is hooked up and ready, go ahead and fire up the vacuum pump.”

Carl went outside to drain his bladder and did not notice that where he pissed created an interesting little stream that ran a few feet over and into one of the special berry bushes that they had planted. Morrie followed him out and started peeing a few feet away, wuth the result that one of the trees that had been planted and had not been doing too well was the recipient of Morrie’s stream of urine. It had also been fertilized with some of the alien powder. Another plant species being altered to supply food and enjoyment to this earth species, noted the alien.

They both walked back into their lair and sat down in the chairs.

“You ever done this before?” Carl asked.

“No., but I have been studying a lot about it.” Morrie answered. “These cylinders were really time consuming to make.”

“Yeah, but if we had paid for them it would have been over a hundred dollars each.” Carl said. “All these supplies were quite a find.”

The lucite cylinders were lubed and placed over two raging erections. Inside each of their hosts the alien species were trying to figure this one out. It would take a little time.

“This is beginnin’ to feel really good,” Morrie murmured, relaxing into his chair.

“I know, it is sort of a strange feeling. Intense, but not as intense as the milking machine was.”

At this point the lymphatic fluids were beginning to dialate pathways and head towards two dicks. They weren’t expecting too much to happen, not yet. The brothers knew that with pumping the first time takes quite a while to get size increases. Over time, as the pathways enlarge and carry more fluid more quickly, the speed of enlargement increases.

“I think my dick is getting bigger now,” Carl said. “The texture is beginning to change.”

“Yeah, I think mine is starting to swell too.”

“Morrie? How long are we going to pump tonight?”

“I don’t know,” Morrie said. “Are you feeling tired?”

“No, not really, I was just wondering.”

“We are still on the smallest cylinder sizes, and these cylinders are not that much bigger than our dicks are.” Morrie shrugged. “Let’s just stay the course and see where things go.”

After a while Carl started to feel a mounting pleasure tingling through him. He looked over at his brother in surprise. “Morrie, I think I am getting horny again and we just shot off, that seems weird.”

“Yeah, Carl, me too,” Morrie said. He confided, “I think that our special stash of powder has some enhancement properties that we have not even found out about yet.”

Carl’s eyes widened a little. He immediately thought about the idea of guys being enhanced, and his unflagging dick seemed to get even harder. “You think we should share this?”

“Let’s see where this takes us,” Morrie said. “But in the end, I think that we are going to have a great deal of fun—and I think we can make some bucks on this too.”

“Really? Ya think?”

Morrie grinned, feeling his own tingling coursing through his balls and iron-hard prick. “Little brother, if this stuff ends up like super Viagra, we are going to be really rich. Who knows what else it can do!”

Carl grinned basck at him. “I think we need to find out!”

About two hours into their session, both dicks had thickened to the point that there was not a great deal of air space around each one in each of the cylinders. Neither of them had ever thought of themselves at all as well hung, but the increase in thickness at least was giving them a very slight preview of what enlargement might be like.

The alien life forms were still exploring possibilities, pondering what to do to help, but that was still in the details and their main priority was that they had to begin to understand the strange sexual habits of this human species. All species have sexual habits in one way or another. To survive here on Earth, they simply had to take the time to analyze everything and modify accordingly.

A few seconds later a cell phone rang.

Morrie answered at, half mortified and half giddy with hilarity at the idea of talking to his parents maked from their secret playroom while they vacuum-grew their super-hard cocks. “Yes Mom,” he said, keeping his voice as normal as he could. “We are doing just great. Do you want to talk to Carl?”

Carl took the phone and said, “Hi Mom! We’re kicking back and just slowly working on the yard like we told you we would.”

“Your father earned a big bonus!” their mother enthused.

“That is really cool!” Carl said.

“Looks like you are gonna get to finish the house the way you want!” their mom said. “We’ll have some extra now, and your father said he’s impressed with you boys and your initiative!”

“He said what?” Carl said. “You’re kidding! Morrie is going to flip out!”

“I’m glad you’re excited. We love you both.”

“Love you too Mom.”

“By the way, what’s that strange noise?”

“The noise?” Carl said. “Um… that’s the garbage disposer?”

“Oh, I see. You boys have eaten? A good dinner, not just junk food?”

“Yes, Mom,” Carl said, looking down at his huge erection in the tube. “Morrie has been fixing dinners, he’s a better cook than I am, but I am learning.” Carl realized he was suddenly very close to cumming again. Hurriedly he shoved the cell phone back at his brother. “Here Morrie, talk to Mom!”


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