Morphogenic steroids

by RdyRoger

Rod’s dad is working on a new technology that makes small things bigger and big things huge, with incredible implications for food supplies and beyond—only it only lasts for five hours. Rod figures being bigger for five hours… that would be pretty awesome.

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“So what’s the new project your Dad’s working on?” asked my best friend George. Except it wasn’t the American “Jorj,” it was the sexy-sounding “Geeoorrge” from Latin America. He had the tan skin, brown eyes and black straight luxurious hair you’d expect with his heritage. Anyways. Cute. Sexy. Gay. Oddly unavailable. Sigh.

“Something about ‘Morphogenic’ steroids,” I replied.

“Yesterday it was all nano this and nanotech that. Now it’s all morpho—this or that. Nothing much came from it, except some face cream they can’t even sell anymore because of the nano particles getting into everything! Although… I did see a science show where they made a small rock into a bigger rock. But it only lasted about a minute!”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but Dad’s got a new angle on it. Hope it pans out.”

“What, like he’s gonna feed the planet?”

“He could, if the steroids work. He could produce cattle twice as big and twice as much meat on them.”

“Have you seen it work?” George asked.

“Just once, but they chased me out. But I got a way we can see if you’re really quiet.”

“Oh yeah! Gotta see this!”

“It’s pretty cool.”

“Maybe the cow will blow up!”

“Ugh! My Dad wouldn’t do that to anything!”

So I’m Roderick, by the way, and my Dad is an agricultural pharmacological physicist. Yeah, a new thing. But call me Rod. Or Roddy. If we’re friends.

We were in the stockroom, standing on chairs, looking thru the air vent into the lab. Neither of us said a word. At least George was the sensible friend who knew when to save the conversation for later!

There was a steer in the pen, and it looked absolutely normal, you know. Not that a bull with balls like they have is normal. God! Weird. Anyways. But when my father Dr. Peters gave the steer a tiny intramuscular injection, with what looked like an insulin needle like my friend Tom used, after just a few moments we could both see the steer was definitely bigger. A lot bulkier, as muscle tissue grew, but also the steer slowly became taller, another head taller at the shoulder, I think they would say. And all this in two or three minutes! It happened so fast you could almost see it happening. But it was slow enough that it kinda tricked your eyes until after a minute you are like, “That steer is a foot taller than his stall!” But you know that three minutes ago that steer was a foot shorter than his stall and half the volume and mass it was now!

Ummm… and then George kinda nudged me, and indicated with a nod, and yeah, the steer’s balls were huge. Like bowling balls or something. Freaky! See I knew they were trying different mixes of this morphogenic steroids—it was based on sports steroids, at least that’s where they started, but with the morph treatment it made it all happen a lot faster and more extreme. So this one was something that… well, that steer was gonna have trouble walking around. George was more interested than he let on so we hung out at the lab cause I knew what was gonna happen in about five hours or so. Unless my Dad was a genius.

Well, it was great. For about five hours. Then we heard a lot of voices, almost arguments, we’d retreated down the hall to the lounge for video gaming, but we both pretended to need the bathroom, not that the staff paid attention to us. Well, we walked to the men’s room past the open lab door and inside we could see the steer. But it was smaller again, still a big steer, but it looked just the same as it had before the injection.

“Damn,” said George, in the restroom, as we let loose at the urinals, “It completely wore off!”

I felt sorry for my Dad. But I couldn’t say anything to him, I mean, I wasn’t supposed to know what was going on in the lab, but… duh.

The next day after school I went to the lab, and he was pulling another batch of steroids from the morph-chamber. I thought that was a stupid name. But it was early days in this tech, you know. It looked like a fancy microwave oven only it had frequency emitters on all the sides, top and bottom, and even the door had one attached. So that’s where they charged up the steroid mixtures.

I looked on from the storage room, through the vent, and saw them inject the steer again. In about four minutes, the steer had swelled up considerably, just like yesterday. More massive musculature today than ever, and a foot taller than yesterday, and… um, a big set of testicles, not that a steer needed that to start with—but not as big as yesterday. This poor steer was probably really confused. Ha. I almost giggled but I stifled myself.

Almost exactly five hours later though, the steer shrank right back down. I saw my Dad put the vial of test serum into the glass cabinet with all the others. There were about 50 different versions of the steroids, and they always made a lot more than they needed. I know because my Dad said it was only 0.25 ml for the steer! That was just a little bit in a small syringe. Probably half a teaspoon or less even.

There was a long conversation about the fact the serum only lasted five hours. It seemed the energy field could only energise a certain power level in the steroids, and they hadn’t cracked it yet. You know. They didn’t know if it was the steroid molecule or the morph field or what. But they were frustrated. They kept talking about the rebound field and the activation time of the expansion field and how the math didn’t make sense.

I didn’t tell George, that first time. I knew it was a stupid risk, you know. But the thought of being… well, better than I was as a 5’8” tall slender blond twink with not much muscle tone, that was appealing, especially to the gay part of me—which was all of me of course.

So I went to the thrift store, and bought some way oversized pants and shirts. The biggest they had, I knew I could roll up the cuffs and tighten the belt. I bought a cheap pair of size-14 sandals that had been sitting there so long they were dusty, but at least I had footwear. The clerk was so bored he didn’t say anything but “havaniceday”.

As far as underwear I just went to the local gay clothing store, went inside after I gathered my courage, and bought an XXL jockstrap and an XXXL boxer brief and XXXL regular brief—bright colors, all different, but I didn’t think I was gonna be showing them off, you know. The clerk looked at me funny and I said, “It’s a gift for a friend.”

“Lucky friend.” was all he said. But I could tell he was intrigued why a blond twink was buying underwear for a giant huge hung guy. But these clerks, they have seen it all, you know? Ha.

So that Friday day my Dad headed out to a weekend conference, and I didn’t waste time.

That afternoon, right after school, I grabbed Dad’s work keys and headed to his office. They knocked off early cause Dad was gone. The lab was empty; the steer—Harvey, I think they called him—was housed in a barn in the back of the property. I snooped about the lab a bit, but nothing had changed much since I last snuck in, and anyways I knew what I was after.

I grabbed a needle, and I flipped through page after page—it didn’t seem to vary much, because after five hours the effect rebounded. Different formulas had some different size results I saw, about 20%-60% variance as near as I could tell. That was a lot I knew. So I tried to pick one that wasn’t too much of one thing or too little of another, you know? Something that the steer was still normal proportioned. For a giant hugely over-muscled super-huge hung steer, I mean.

Now I knew this worked for about five hours, and it was almost 7pm before I was ready. I chose a medium-dose steroid, from the earlier batches so they wouldn’t notice that anything was missing. Besides, it was only 0.25 ml. If that was enough for a steer it’s more than enough for a human! Unlike regular steroids, it didn’t matter if you took more—it wouldn’t last longer. However, I wondered if more would make me bigger percentage-wise for the five hours?? I thought it did, but my Dad was just working on the make it last more than five hours thing right now. It was only a percentage field increase so probably, from what I understood. I guess I’d know pretty soon.

So I stripped to my briefs, and socks, and gave myself a shot in the butt. It was easy enough, I couldn’t even feel the needle barely. It was like a tiny insulin needle, you’d have to pretend that it hurt if you wanted sympathy. So no big deal. And it didn’t seem to work. Five minutes later, nothing. I sighed. I knew it was too good to be true. So I pulled on my shirt and pulled up my khaki slacks and slipped on my shoes and shoved the needle pack and the vial into my backpack, along with the used syringe.

I guess it didn’t work on people, or the field had worn off the steroid medicine. But as I finished cleaning up I kinda turned to go and bumped into the counter. I had been in the lab a thousand times but I bumped into the counter. I shrugged it off as wishful thinking and headed to the exit door.

But then I felt a bit odd and then the weirdest thing happened. My shoe ripped, or rather, the sole tore off the bottom of the deck shoe—no, both deck shoes, I had been wearing. Because a few seconds later my other shoe tore in half. hmm… In another 30 seconds more I knew for sure that it was working—like for Harvey—not just bigger feet on humans but bigger… everything.

I slowly, methodically, inexorably swelled taller and wider and thicker and muscle piled on top of muscle I barely got my shirt—my small sized shirt—off before I swelled too much bigger and taller and… I have to say, the feeling was good. It was like I was getting high. I was completely pain free, no aches, my muscles felt like I could jump to the moon. Then I realised my pants were getting tight. I slipped those off with seconds to spare, a bit stretched no doubt, but intact. My shoes were a loss of course, but I could walk barefoot home or tape up the shoes. Then I looked into the mirror, which I had angled so I could see mostly my full body, and I saw my body just continue to get bigger and bigger and I of course noticed my junk was starting to get strangled in my S sized briefs on my L sized and growing body!!! I mean, I looked like I had a baseball shoved in the crotch only it was swelling towards softball sized!

I wasn’t sure if I was more turned on from the serum, or my giant junk, or my massive and getting larger musculature!

I had a second or two to think about why it took ten minutes on a person, and five minutes on a steer, but the ripping of my briefs (No way they would fit over my enormous and growing quads!) distracted me. I was naked, I looked down, blinked and looked at the mirror and blinked again. I was getting really tall—with muscle filling out my frame. But feeling my bones stretching longer and thicken in seconds was so weird. I was afraid it was gonna hurt but it all felt really good. Like scratching an itch you couldn’t reach for a while that was bugging you. All my life I’d been waiting to grow taller and now I was!

As I got taller and taller and my muscles grew I saw that I was completely ripped. Figured it would be that way because steroids. They weren’t designed for fat they were made for muscle development. And now apparently bone growth. And… how did they get this last thing to work? Not that I was complaining! Because the one thing that was changing the quickest it seemed was my growing cock and balls, every time I blinked they were bigger!!

So after the growth stopped, ten fun minutes I will enjoy thinking about the rest of my life, I was checking out the new body and my muscles hummed with strength and a sense of well-being. And my junk was huge, and my libido was growing right along with it.

So I discovered a paper towel can be handy to clean up more than the usual tissue sized amount of cum. Fuck. I mean, I was so turned on erotically and all my nerves were amped up to eleven, you know? I also came for about three minutes. I mean, 180 seconds. Not ten seconds or twelve seconds or whatever was normal. I mean, I shot and shot and the sensation pounded through my body as I pounded out stream after stream of cum. It wasn’t ridiculous, but I mean, shooting for three full minutes can use up two or three paper towels. whew. My size was astonishing and the orgasm even pumped my muscles. As I slowly finished and my cock decreased from rock hard rocket to plump swinging heavy chubby, I mean, the sensation of that much weight pulling at my crotch. That was almost enough to set me off again.

I tilted the mirror up and looked at my face. I nearly died. I was fucking gorgeous. Blue eyes, blond hair, tan, high cheekbones, thick powerful neck extending down to giant trapezius muscles mounding next to my head.

So the clothing from the thrift store barely fit. barely fit. I mean, it was so tight it was funny except I was so huge I didn’t think anyone was gonna say anything, you know? My legs were huge, the pants were short on my ankles, but okay with the sandals, which were too small as well, but they stayed on my feet. My size nine feet were now about size 16 or 18 maybe. I looked in the mirror and my thighs, my quads, they were so freak massive only the giant pants I’d bought could hold them. And they were skintight. Wow. And my junk swinging in the wind! WOW!

As I stood there I could see my muscles were still creeping a bit bigger, it seemed. Incredible. But that subsided in a minute. I was done cooking, you know? Wow. I took a couple of snaps using the mirror and my handy self-stick. That took a while, I wanted to document everything. Including my amazing muscle ass. Whew. My skin was perfect. Not a blemish, and mostly smooth. Just some hair at my pubes and a few wisps of gold at my armpits.

The shirt I’d chosen, it was short on my arms by about five inches, and my biceps and triceps and deltoids grabbed and pushed at the fabric. I couldn’t button the shirt across my huge pecs. So I had to leave the top four buttons undone. Not that it wasn’t a good look on me. My nipples stuck out huge and hard and fucking awesome.

I also had trouble fitting my junk behind the zipper and finally let it hang down my left leg and I’m glad that was stretch denim. I wore a loose latex red boxer briefs, but they were not loose on me, and my junk didn’t all fit. So my balls filled up the basket—umm…. more than filled up the basket, you know? And my dick hung down my left leg opening and down about six or seven or eight more inches. Whoa.

So. I looked like a gay porn star surfer dude wet dream, and I had maybe until midnight or 12:20 a.m. or so, depending on how long this lasted.

I admit I was adventurous that night. Went to the local gay dive bar, got frowns from the dancers on stage as I was taking their spotlight, and I don’t really remember the conversation but I hooked up with a guy named Naveen. He was aggressive enough to kinda beat out some of the other guys and certainly hot enough to get my interest. He was cute and Indian heritage from New Delhi and I was exotic to him and vice versa.

I did insist we go to his place. Even with my Dad gone I figured that my bedroom looked too “high school” for me now. Imagine me—a muscle giant, taking him to a high schooler’s bedroom. Too weird.

In spite of my size and strength I was very respectful and gentle and only really fucked him hard when he started begging for it. I came about six times in three hours and could have cum more. Most of my cum went into Naveen’s ass or throat. After the first couple of times he looked bigger to me. Not as big as I was but his muscles were definitely heavier and so was his already considerable cock—let’s say it was considerable and a half now. mmm. Fun. And turnabout is fair play.

So some of that steroid left my body in my cum and got into Naveen. He didn’t get a full dose and I made sure to get out of his condo before midnight. I was overcome with sensation, experience, emotion, and a new body I’d never felt before.

I went home and snuck in, so the neighbors would not see, because I wasn’t little twink Roddy. I was Big Rod Peters, as Naveen called me. Probably shouldn’t give guys my full name. hmm.

So at 1 a.m. I was starting to get concerned, as I didn’t seem to be shrinking. At 2 a.m. I was sweating bullets, and was jerking off about every 20 minutes to relieve my anxiety, thinking alternately of Naveen or George. Hey, I was horny. And I couldn’t seem to wear myself out sexually. After I came for three minutes or so I was ready to go again basically right away. So who wouldn’t?

At 3 a.m. I was at the park, letting hot guys suck me off. I couldn’t stop myself I was so fucking horny. But I was thinking about Naveen and George mostly—among others.

At about 5 a.m. I was trying to think of what to say to my Dad. The sun was starting to light the night sky so I headed home. “Guess what, Dad, it works on people for more than five hours!”

But about 7:00 a.m. I felt different. In just a few minutes, yes, I was shrinking. In ten minutes I was my skinny self. Standing there in a giant’s stretched out clothes. It only accentuated what I had lost. I wiped up the cum stained mirror in my bedroom, showered in hot steam, and went to sleep. So I discovered this lasted for twelve hours on humans. five hours on cattle. Weird.
The next day, actually it was just after lunch the same day Saturday, I was the same when I woke up. Not any different, you know. None the worse for wear except I was missing that energy and size and ultra sexuality. But I regular jerked off to the thought and also the snaps on my iPhone I had taken in the middle of the night. I ate a bunch of food and drank a bunch of water and OJ and soda etc. But I didn’t feel worn out or anything. Just a bit hungry.

I had been 6’8” tall, by the way, but proportioned like Mr Olympia.

I told George. He didn’t believe me. I showed him the snaps on my phone and he believed me then. So he wanted to try, and I wanted him to try. I really wanted someone to fuck as hot as I was when I was jacked, you know? Well, you would too.

I knew that the time I would have with this morph stuff was going to be limited, so I didn’t want to waste time. Dad would be coming home and who knows when I’d get another chance?

George arranged to let his parents know he’d be sleeping over because there was a party and there might be drinking so he didn’t want to drive home if he had a drink. They fell for it. Of course they knew he was gay so maybe they thought we…? Anyways.

Now this was about 3:30 p.m. almost, and I had figured out—on humans, twice as slow to work, but lasts twelve hours. Right? So about 4:00pm we both took an injection. I used the same steroid as yesterday and 0.25 ml again. We were in my room with the mirror turned sideways on a chair so we could see from across the room our full bodies.

I quickly stripped naked. George was uncomfortable with me standing there with my dick hanging out so I put a towel around my waist and waited, chatting about last night and anxiously staring at the clock whose hands didn’t seem to want to move… But not telling George everything, not about the sex, or Naveen, or quite how big I’d actually been.

See, George wanted to be bigger and try it but didn’t want to get too big. I hate it when people at the gym say that. Ha. I knew if he knew what I knew then… he might not want to try it, even temporary.

I was watching the clock on the wall slowly tick off the seconds. At just about ten min, I felt it. It was like a little bit of forgotten warmth returning to my muscles, my regular aches and pains faded to nothing, and I looked down and saw my abdominals were bigger.

I looked at George. He seemed to just be feeling it himself. “Better take off your shirt and shoes and pants if you wanna save them!” I told him.

He was a bit bigger and taller than I was naturally, almost everyone was, but his shirt was only a medium that was way getting tight. Rip. Too late. He tore off the shirt as it ripped, took a bit of doing as the fabric was wrapped tight around his swelling pecs and shoulders and upper arms. But as he grew stronger he managed easily. He tried to get his jeans off. They were skintight and I saw there was already a considerable trouser snake bulging in the tightening fabric on his right thigh, creeping towards his knee. George couldn’t get the pants even unbuttoned, over his expanding bubble butt muscle ass. He looked at me helplessly.

“I told you,” I said. Then I wondered why he was staring. Oh, yeah, I was a lot bigger already. He was staring with adoration. I flexed my bicep, looking at the huge and hugely growing muscle, turned to look at him and smiled. He shuddered, he was overcome. I forgot that I was pretty good looking when I was on the morphed-up stuff. I looked at him and my towel slipped off, my cock already easily 8” long and and fat and growing, not even hard, and he was beautiful. I mean, he always was to me, but now he had perfect skin and teeth and cheekbones and a square jaw and a thick muscular neck…

Seconds later he was in my arms, we were kissing, making out, and feeling each other’s muscles growing. That was a crazy ten minutes. His jeans just tore off of him, and a minute later his briefs ripped wide open. I think we both came twice as we were growing. I loved it. I swallowed his cum, thinking about Naveen last night. I didn’t think anything would happen, but it was an experiment.

So the growth did stop. Eventually. Now I’d expected it as George was bigger than me anyways, but he was bigger than bigger me anyways too. I was 6’8” again, like the night before, exactly the same, as it seemed, and George was closer to 6’11” tall and his muscles and also his junk were expanded way beyond mine. It figured, I thought. His muscles were incredible, I have to say. And feeling his giant balls and huge dick in my hands was amazing.

I was still the smaller guy. We made out some more, of course, and after about five minutes I felt my muscles growing, my bones stretching, my giant junk expanding enormously. Yup… George’s cum had contained something of a dose which worked on my body, even when the straight stuff only worked so much.

George of course noticed I was still growing but it turned him on. I sucked him off twice more, because why not? I could feel his hands smaller than mine, growing smaller on my triceps and pecs and deltoids as i grew. I was 7’2” tall when it was finally all done including the last jolt of growth from the second round of blowjobs.

Well, we didn’t go out that night. There was food in the house and I felt a pang in my heart as I thought of Naveen. Damn it why was love complicated?

We downloaded a lot of porn on the computer, and tried a lot of things I wasn’t even aware you could do. But I was now a sexual athlete as well as a muscle man. I could pick up George—even giant George, and hold him effortlessly so long as I could balance. We had a lot of fun.

In the early morning, I saw the time was drawing near that we would change in about an hour, so we carnally went nuts for that last hour. And then, for five min and then ten minutes after George was back to normal—he’d rebounded—I was still larger from his dosed cum I’d taken later, still about 6’ tall and muscled like a heavy weight bodybuilder with a cock so big it would never fit in posing trunks, and I took advantage of that to seduce him in his normal body with my handsome looks and huger muscles and cock and fuck him and get him to cum one more time. I got to make love to him as the George I’d had a crush on but in the body of a superhero. So freaking hot!

After that, in a minute or two, I was back to normal. So weird to see this powerful, hard, giant muscle just rebound, shrinking back again. Was hardly fair. But it just shrank away and I was completely… weak and ordinary again. I wasn’t weak you know, I went to the gym. I could bench 135 pounds with a spotter. Yeah, pretty weak.

We cleaned up pretty quick. There was a bit of awkwardness when you’re suddenly no longer a sex machine, but George was sweet and headed out to make an appearance at his home. We had one more night together, tonight, if it all worked. My father was coming home Monday morning, but…

I went to the lab that Sunday and stole more of the syringes, there was a giant box of syringe boxes in the storeroom, and then I went and took some vials and transferred about two ml from the bigger vials into the new ones. I was going to try one of the more extreme ones tonight. I was hooked. By which I mean I was gonna try one of the steroids that worked 30% bigger on Harvey than the one I’d tried. And apparently had more effect on male sexual characteristics. Those giant balls, I was thinking. But it was more than that.

I took a quick nap, was woken by George ringing the doorbell. He came in with a shopping bag he’d bought a bunch of clothes for his night out. Smart, planned ahead. He wanted to go out. He wanted to be worshipped. I didn’t think it was a bad idea myself… I took the more extreme steroid and injected each of us with 0.25 ml. That was about 3:30 so we should be ready to go about 4:00 p.m. and it should last until 4 a.m. or so… so we thought.

I felt anxious, almost jittery but the feeling was reasonably minor and I noticed George was the same. Nerves, I thought. It was definitely different than the last injection… those were smooth, now I felt like I was anxious and almost shaking. It felt more powerful, more of a thing… oooh… I might have made a mistake I was thinking.

Right then the phone rang. I answered it. Dad was calling to see I was okay and to say he was going to stay four more nights in DC if I promised to behave.

“Dad,” I said, “I think I can promise you I will mostly just stay in and watch a movie or have George over and play video games or something.”

“Okay,” he said. “Are you getting a cold? Your voice sounds rough.”

“No,” I said in a fake higher register. “I’ll be okay. I’ll call if I have any needs.”

“Okay, Champ.” Click.

I coughed a bit. I could feel my neck growing and my voice was rougher all right. I was already swelling with muscles. My voice was naturally dropping to a lower register. I reached up and felt my neck and adam’s apple… my voice box was growing as I felt it. It felt abnormally large. But my voice was abnormally low—at least for me.

“I’ll call if I have any needs,” said George in a fake mimicry, which he failed at as his voice changed right in the middle. Ha. He did look fucking hot as his muscles thickened and his voice box grew visibly larger sticking out of his neck. I decided not to tell him the good news yet. Not sure why, maybe I was distracted by his insanely hot growing body.

“Do you wanna go out?” asked George, looking at the clothes he’d brought.

“Fun first!” I said.

“Fun first!” he agreed.

By then I already had his big cock in my mouth, and I swallowed a couple of his loads and then got him to shoot one inside me. He was happy enough for me to be the submissive, he hadn’t correlated his cum with making me bigger than he was.

So this was strange, because this time at 13 minutes both George and I were both the same size as yesterday. But because of the stronger steroid, we both kept growing—bigger, bigger, bigger again—also, this time, we both developed a hairy chest, from the different steroid. I was hairier everywhere, truthfully. Pubes, legs, forearms, I was wider even than yesterday and George looked like a thug bodybuilder. I stopped for five minutes at 6’10”, George grew to 7’2” tall, and then I grew again to a staggeringly hugely massive 7’5” tall. George just worshipped me as I grew. And, you know, the giant junk. Dick bigger for sure, but our balls were twice as big as yesterday. Five inches, maybe six in diameter. Maybe seven. I couldn’t tell cause I was bigger so my estimates were gonna be smaller cause I was bigger. Whoa!

We fucked until dark, then dressed. We also shot video and took pictures of our sex acts, and shot romantic side by side kissing shots, etc. I wanted to be able to relive this later, you know? If I only knew. Okay, so…

I wore special red briefs, hugely stretched giant lycra basket, and the giant jeans I had previously worn didn’t fit but George had an extra pair of stretch utility slacks that I borrowed that fit tight as a drum on my legs and ass, and more bright red in a huge XXXXL t shirt that was 100% lycra. Fortunately, it all fit, well enough, anyways, as the lycra was incredibly stretchy.

George wore black stretch jeans he’d somehow found to fit him. Maybe they weren’t stretch fabric, but he stretched them anyways. Ha. They were tight but perfect. He wore a voluminous linen shirt that fit and he was hot as fuck.

We went to gay town.

I’d forgotten Naveen. He saw me with George and made a beeline to my table.

I made introductions. Then nature called and I went to the bathroom where I gave a few queens the thrill of a lifetime when I hauled out my 13+ inch mostly flaccid cock at the urinals (hell I gave myself a thrill), and when I came back the table was empty. A few minutes later George and Naveen returned, Naveen explaining that George wanted to see his new car. I thought it might be something more but Naveen stayed for a drink and after ten minutes his tight black shirt was tighter and so was his basket! Naveen had sucked off George. Ha. His growth was impressive but nothing compared to ours, so George didn’t even notice. I did notice Naveen had a dark beard shadow and hair on his chest where I could see on his unbuttoned button-down shirt.

But I decided to not tell George about my Dad’s longer vacation. Later, when George and I were leaving, I gave Naveen a hug and said, “See you soon!” and whispered “tomorrow” in his ear. I could tell he heard. He gave an imperceptible nod of his head, and George was making a muscle for some college kids. Ha. I felt Naveen’s crotch… Definitely bigger than before. Hot. And he seemed more turned on and eager.

I took George dancing. I have to admit it devolved into an orgy at some rich guy’s house, but George and I wore out all the others. No matter how much I fucked my cock 15” long firm and hard and 3” wide across the top never got sore and chafed. It was even wider at the base. Fucking fantastic. Anyways. I realised the lightening in the sky was our impending Cinderella call and we got out of there with a few excuses, most were asleep, and made it to my car. I’d had a few drinks so George drove. He had to adjust the seat forward twice on the short drive home. When we arrived I was still a giant muscle man and George, well, he was sweet sexy George and I thrilled him and dominated him for a half hour until I shrank down. Then we had regular sex which was nice, but no way as intense as muscle orgy sex, which seemed like our nerves were on a heightened sensation and response, to put it mildly. Not just the bigger junk, but way more responsive too. But it was still fun. I promised George we’d “figure out getting big again soon,” and he was happy. I meant it too.

But I was damned disappointed about the fact I knew my Dad wouldn’t let this go on, and even his science-headed muddle would notice something eventually.

I napped then went to the office and took more from the vials. If he had a lot in a vial I took more. There was still plenty left and… well, they weren’t gonna use it. I went home and realised I had an apothecary shop in my bottom drawer. Vials and syringes and notes in handwriting on the vials…

I called in sick to school, I’d told George I was gonna do that to rest after our exertions, and he thought my Dad would be home. Well… I did nap. After I went clothes shopping.

Then I took the highest steroid result from the lab, measured out 0.35ml, more than ever before, and injected myself at 6:30 p.m. I hadn’t used this one yet, but it was the most extreme I had found although I was in a hurry it was close to 60% of increase but I wasn’t sure if that was me or some base line. Anyways I’d told Naveen 7:00 p.m.…

This one was interesting. I felt almost like I was a giant bear, you know? I mean my muscles were so fucking strong. My junk grew ridiculously large in addition to the extra muscled musculature and height. I really was like a porn star wet dream. Especially if you liked really hairy porn stars. By the time it was done with me I was 7’three” tall or so. I stepped on the scale and it went to 350 and that was as high as it goes and I was heavier than that. All muscle too. Built thick. Woof! After I dressed I didn’t look so improbable. Well, I did, but…

I met Naveen and we didn’t say anything, just went to our cars. I followed him home and went in and made him blow me three times and then I fucked him three times. I was happier with the result. Naveen developed quite a crevice between his larger muscle pecs and was at least three or four inches taller and like I’d mentioned, on this steroid my junk got bigger, so did his. Super fun sized! I would say his already large endowment doubled. Me? Mine was much bigger even than his, but I was so turned on it was a bit hard to pay attention especially when I had a hard on. I wondered if I had any blood at all in my brain my dick was so hugely erect and throbbing reddish purple once I really got going. wow. Veins I didn’t know were there stuck out all over the surface of my giant dick like a road map. Hot!

I still towered over him but he was muscled up and that was sexy. I did wear him out early in the evening. Only about ten orgasms in the poor guy. So I went shopping for a hookup.

I met a cute guy named William, he was sorta like me when I was not on the morph, short skinny and brown hair though, and I took him to his place, he was kinda high so I shot him with the same steroid I took earlier. Yup. I’d been on the ride four hours, but this guy had from 10 p.m. to at least 10 a.m. for the biggest hallucination of his life.

So he grew. That was a given. But he grew to about 7’3” tall and his junk was really huge. He was massively huge hung, even bigger than me, and then when he reached his full height the muscle growth really hit him hard. He Man had nothing on him.

I sucked William off three times. He was a cum fountain. Ha. And I grew some more. Maybe my biggest yet. 7’6” tall. Phenomenally huge. My upper arms, flexed, were 27 inches. Fuck.

Well, I fucked this guy a lot. He was close to 7’3” tall but after taking four of my loads he was 7’6” tall and thicker proportionally than me. My cock was just—fucking insane. So thick. Four inches wide across the base, and testicles each bigger than avocados. Large avocados, you know? Hanging low in a swinging scrotum. I actually slapped the guy with my cock, and then my balls. He loved it and begged for even more. I don’t know how often we came. six times an hour, didn’t matter. couldn’t stop if I wanted, my head was buzzing with muscle power.

I left him eventually though, went to a bathhouse and yelled, “who wants muscle?”

“I do,” said Naveen from behind me. I was enthusiastic enough we found a private room. He knew I had some magic steroid… at least. He and I’d been changing sizes and it was unmistakable to him. Especially earlier tonight. Ahem.

“This is a one-time twelve hour ride!” I warned him.

“I understand,” he said. This was 2:30 a.m. I made him turn around and jabbed the needle in his ass and pushed in the plunger. In a minute he sighed.

“Thinking about growing?” I asked Naveen.

“No, I feel it already,” he said. Which surprised me. I looked at him. I’d just given him the shot. He was already slightly swelling. Must be because of my loads earlier, I thought. But he started to seriously grow. He grabbed his 17” bicep which was quickly expanding with more muscle, dense hard and strong, towards 18” and beyond. He looked at his crotch, his swelling abs, and up at me and said, “I’m on fire.”

Turns out he was sensitive or perhaps sensitised to the steroid through exposure from me. I should have thought this meant something but all I saw was Naveen turning into the biggest Indian most massively hung tallest muscle man I’d ever seen.

Of course he fucked me. Of course I grew even bigger to 7’8” tall, who knows how heavy or muscled?

Well, Naveen was pretty cool about it. When I came down Tuesday morning he watched me shrink mostly, then he fucked me, then he watched me shrink more, then he fucked me more, then he watched me shrink back to almost normal. I was a bit bigger I think because of his recent fucking and the steroid in his cum.

He was excited by my 18-year-old twink body. I was a huge turnon but he couldn’t fuck me now, I was too small. I jerked him off. He still had six hours to ride, until 2 p.m.

“Take some more!” he said. And it seemed so reasonable before I knew it I shot myself with a different extreme steroid. Taking 0.4ml meant about 4 a.m or so. So that meant 4:30 p.m. including the changing.

“Give me more, we’ll last the same!” he said, which seemed reasonable. But Naveen was already so giant. I was still a little twink, but remembered I could grow more from Naveen’s cum. So I shot him with 0.35ml of the same steroid he was on when he presented his rounded hot muscle ass bubble butt to me. I felt the needle go into the muscle fibers and pushed on the plunger.

I looked at my arm… I was already getting bigger. It was definitely bigger than my twink arm. I knew it hadn’t been ten minutes yet! I looked down right then and realized my junk which had been returning to normal size slowly shrinking was suddenly growing again.

As all this happened Naveen gasped and exclaimed, “What a rush! so fucking hot!” I remembered he reacted fast on the first shot. This one seemed to rock him. He just breathed for a minute or two, like I was doing, then he looked up and his eyes were full of lust, his shoulders swelling and his chest pushing out heavier and hanging down as his arms lengthened and piled up with muscle.

Then I realised something was different with me. I was growing, the steroid had reversed my shrinking, but my cock and balls had still been huge and while the rest of me was mostly normal… Was this my new normal? Because my junk was growing fast and so were my muscles. But I was gonna end up with an insane cock if this continued. And it did.

Naveen was gonna end up with insane everything if he grew. And he did. He was growing taller than 8’ and muscle morphed massively, when I decided to suck him off. that just provoked more growth in me. I was 8’ tall. Naveen was probably 9’ tall. But it was okay my cock was 24” so I could fuck him and it would be very pleasurable. I fucked him for hours, we pleasured each other, we were high as kites on adrenaline and testosterone and steroid. Well… Eventually, it started to stop. First we felt our energy ebbing, then we saw our size diminishing, and Naveen’s giant genitals, even they shrank. Mine lasted longer, and Naveen wrapped his arms around my cock and pressed his cheek against it. But even so, eventually, it was my turn. And my cock and balls slowly shrank. It didn’t hurt, but I was so saddened by it by the loss of the amazing sexuality. I didn’t like thinking of being me. But soon, there we were. Naveen, older than me, taller, more handsome than I thought myself, and even decently endowed by human standards. I, blond, short, skinny, and I thought not very attractive. I didn’t like myself so how could I believe anyone else could?

I hugged Naveen, he was very tender, and I left, and drove home. I was tired. I fell into bed and didn’t wake up until the sun was just going down. I thought long and hard about my life, I had two more nights before my father returned. I just didn’t know what to say to him. Nothing, obviously. I guess I could copy his files and try to figure out what he’d done, how it worked… But it seemed I didn’t have quite his genius for that. Maybe I could copy what he’d done?

As I was thinking the sun went down and it was night. I looked across to where my satchel was casually slung over the back of my chair, with all the steroid I had taken from the lab in it.

I knew I would feel better. I really needed to feel better. I called Naveen and gave him my address. He promised to arrive in ten minutes. Ten minutes. Ten minutes.

I found that I’d taken two syringes and filled them with 0.2 ml of one steroid, and another 0.2 of another steroid. I did the same for Naveen. And I filled some more of a third into my syringe too. Why not?

As I heard him pulling into the driveway I injected myself and felt the warm rush. I ran down the stairs, a bit clumsy as I was already growing, and I opened the door, Naveen was in my arms. “You’re already bigger!” he said.

And I jammed the needle in his deltoid, through the thin cotton shirt, and injected him as well.

“Uhhooowwww…..!” He uttered. I guess the steroid combo was hitting us with a punch. unnnnhhhhhhh!!! warm!!!” he said. “ahhh feels so good.”

I felt it too, not like Naveen, I thought, but I was already admiring 16” biceps on my previously skinny arms. But I knew that was just a fraction of the growth ahead. I sat down on the stairs as Naveen leaned on the bannister railing. I watched as my legs lengthened, and kicked off my shoes. My jockeys were already stretched out and bulging with cock, balls, and ass. I pulled the shirt off over my head. Already I had a six pack forming, and pecs pushing out proudly, and my deltoids were swelling fast… all happening in just minutes, and still I grew. I looked at Naveen and I felt that rush of sexuality. He was panting, his muscles, bones, junk all growing quickly. He looked at me and he had that come fuck me look in his eyes. I pulled off my tattered briefs and was naked. Even my socks had given up the ghost and burst, tearing off my giant feet.

I don’t know quite what happened next except Naveen was bent over standing at the bottom of the stair and I was fucking his ass as hard and fast as I could. “Come on Rod! Fuck me!” Naveen roared. He had a big voice, especially augmented. Somehow that just provoked a tidal wave of feeling in me, my cock swelled hard and continued to grow bigger, and I shot into Naveen as I was growing. He fucking loved it. He said he could feel my warm cum in his ass spreading through his body. And he started growing a bit faster.

I had no less than three complete orgasms in a row, one after another. It was amazing.

We were different this time, with the mix of steroid. Naveen was smooth and darker, almost black skin, I was light and very hairy chested, but with black curly pubic and body hair, which Naveen thought insanely hot especially when he was shooting cum on my chest. Anyways I had another long fuck session with Naveen. I felt guilty about George, of course. But he arrived right about then anyways. He started to get mad but I just held up a syringe and he presented his ass for the injection. Hot.

Naveen wasn’t very interested in plain old George, but Hot as Hell Muscle God cock monster George he really liked. George watched Naveen and I making out, and he gave me a blow job and swallowed which gave him a jump start on his growth. Naveen was so turned on by my giant muscle that he ignored George until suddenly he looked over and George was looming near as tall as the ceiling and his muscles were growing—blowing up fast—like a time lapse of a balloon. And it didn’t look like it was slowing. Georgie suddenly groaned and his junk expanded fast in his briefs. Naveen was on his knees in a second, pulling down the briefs, and worshipping the nine-inch cock which quickly grew to 23 inches. Okay, maybe I overdid it on George he was so massive, but Naveen swallowed his load and then was fucked by George and caught another load and then Naveen was growing taller and his bones were cracking and his muscles swelled enormously and his cock hung down, a firehose to his knees. The three way we had was epic, almost no speaking it was all gasps and exclamations of pleasure and climax. Finally we took a break to raid the kitchen and shower. I swear our muscles grew as we ate.

So we fucked for two more days—and then went back to normal size until my father came home, and then I pretended everything was normal. Dad knew it wasn’t but… I managed to not fall into a depression, and I felt a little better. After a while Dad stopped worrying. I kept waiting for him to leave town again. I was halfway thru the school year. Finally one day he was so happy. “What’s making you so happy?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just I finally cracked a problem.”

“Gee Dad that’s great!”

Now you know I was addicted to that sexual rush. So you know that when Dad headed out the next day I snuck into the lab, which means I showed up to visit. I got a glimpse of Henry the bull. His name was Henry, turned out. He was huge. Bigger than ever, about two heads taller than usual. A giant steer! Like, huge junk too.

Just right in the middle of the day, no one paying attention, taking notes, watching clocks… And this bull was huge. I contrived to hide in the stockroom, as I sometimes did, and waited until the building was empty. I walked over to the glass cabinet, saw clipboard hanging next to the stall, and went to the vial with the new steroid that’d been used on Henry. Not Harvey. The large glass vial, brimming full with steroid. I took twelve syringes, filled them, capped them. The vial was still full. Each syringe had 1.0 ml of the new steroid.

I went to Naveen’s, after I called George. He met me there.

The three of us, we looked at each other and knew what we were doing. I injected myself, and then the other two really quickly. No backing out now. Permanent. At least I think so. I felt that warmth, but this time it was like a strong tide that hit me like a wave, and I was glad I was against a chair so I didn’t fall. Naveen, he was reeling from the heat. George was not so crazy as we were, but he felt it strong too.

So we waited. nothing. Still waited. Still nothing. At sixty minutes I started to say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t even feel warm anymore, I don’t feel anything special.” And Naveen looked at me and I swear he looked just a little bit bigger. I said so. We all looked at each other. There were very slow changes happening to us, like this could take all night and maybe the next day even. Or were we imagining it? This was how my Dad figured it out he just slowed it way down so that the effect lasted a lifetime.

We watched a movie. I swear I was maybe a half inch taller at the end of the evening. Maybe not. And so it went, for the next month, until we reached our very tall new heights. And even so muscle continued to grow for another month after that.

My father didn’t figure out that I’d taken the steroid until I was almost 6’5” tall on week three. I of course didn’t realise how freaked my Dad would get, but he took me to the lab for some tests. Then he measured me. I was 6’6” tall and 340 pounds then and growing. Looked great. Smooth this time, which I was a bit sad about as I liked being a hairy man monster muscle stud, and after he measured me he said I was gonna stay this way for about 100 years. In other words, longer than I would live.

Awesome. But he was absentminded. He told me they were remaking some of the steroids with the slow growth, trying to find the optimum steroid for world hunger and stuff. But he left to take a call and I looked at the papers he’d gestured at. I realised the steroid I liked best with the huge genitals and muscles and especially the hairy chest had been remade as a 100-year steroid. I couldn’t resist… I tried, but I had to have it. Those orgasms were insanely intense and the giant junk was so sensitive and hot and the muscle made my whole body feel like a giant penis all over.

So before he got back I took some syringes, filled them, shot myself with one 0.35ml, and quickly stuck the rest in my back pocket. I felt the warmth rush through my body, hotter than before, but after ten minutes it subsided and my Dad came back in and I apologised etc and left to take the bus home.

I sat down on the bench seat on the bus and some jerk came in and got really close to me, kinda flirty, so I slid over into the corner, to pretend to give him some room but really to get away from him. I felt the rough seat corner where it joined the bus frame pinching and I was jammed into the corner. Then a very large woman squeezed between us and I was pressed further into the corner. I guess I was gonna have to learn to deal with being large. And having men and women clinging on me. Ahem.

I then felt warm and sleepy from the heat on the bus and the stress of my Dad being freaked and dozed a bit but I woke up barely in time for my stop and I got off and walked home. My keys were sticking me in my back pocket but I was used to having everything jammed tight in my pockets because giant muscle, you know? So I ignored it until I got in the front door ( the housekeeper was there so it was unlocked) ran to my room, and then I threw down my backpack, and took off my XXXL jacket, and my button down shirt which was too tight as usual, so I just had on an XXXL red muscle stringer t shirt, which was a lot more comfortable and sexy. I liked feeling sexy. I looked at myself in the tall mirror I’d propped in the corner. I was hot. No question and gonna get hotter. Or bigger. Is that the same thing? I admired myself for a minute, started to get turned on but didn’t want to jerk off with the housekeeper there so I decided to finish changing and shower. I didn’t shower after gym much as I was kind of a show, you know? So I showered at home after school.

Then I dumped everything from my front pants pockets on my bed, and reached back and I thought I was gonna find my keys in my pinched tight back pocket, but instead I found the syringes. I had been in a huge hurry and hadn’t capped them. I realised I had stuck myself. Figured I wouldn’t feel it my muscle hide was so tough. But I slipped off my slacks, and the needles slid out of my ass, and I stripped off the slacks, and I pulled the six needles from my pocket. Two of them were empty. Four looked okay. I suddenly had a panicked thought. I turned and looked at my giant smooth left glute in the mirror, and I saw two small red spots on my ass. I had shot myself with more of the super beast steroid! as I thought of it. I looked in the trouser pocket, but the fabric was dry, as was the fabric on my underwear and the skin of my ass. Only one other place the steroid could have gone—into me. Fuck. I guessed I’d shot .seven ml into my ass, two syringes of 0.35… and I’d already shot 0.35 into my ass earlier. Oh fuck. And this was the permanent 100-year steroid. I’d shot more than 1.05 ml of the steroid that 0.25 ml of made a bull double in size.

No wonder I’d passed out on the bus. It was from the rush of the injection. I was still hot and sweaty. I looked at myself in the mirror. Smooth blond muscle surfer dude was staring back. But for how long? It was February. What would April bring to my life? There was no stopping it.


So for the first week I sorta pretended nothing was going to happen. It was that slow a change and I was in denial. I was an inch taller. And I switched up to XXXXL muscle shirts. No big deal, I was sure that would be that. I kept growing—soon I was 6’9” and a bit more muscle. I was hung about 12” erect about then. Pretty damned horny too.

I guess I was horny as ever but I was always horny. Naveen and George and I took a lot of comfort in each other. But I was scared to tell them what happened. They commented I was more muscled, but I told them I was exercising at the gym. I mean, I was more muscular than they were, but they hadn’t had the super beast steroid as I came to think of it. They just thought I was growing with them from the smooth muscle steroid we’d taken the month before.

They liked my huge junk, and maybe it was a bit bigger than them, but that wasn’t a huge difference. Couple of inches here or there, no big deal right?

But then week two after the super beast injections happened. I started having hot flashes, but they didn’t last long. Usually I was kinda hungry after, but I just ate. I was super ripped, even more than usual, that was the biggest difference I noticed on week two, and my body was more vascular. And my junk was bigger, as in, I mean, my balls were heavier. For sure. But I was still smooth muscle blond surfer dude, and so that was okay. I was 6’9” tall. cool. I liked it. Junk was bigger and muscles were growing but still smooth. So maybe that super beast steroid didn’t work? Or maybe it would just be weak, right?

On week three I started to experience severe changes. I was definitely way taller, I mean, a week ago I was 6’9” and now I was 7’ even. And my muscles were a lot denser and super strong, pound for pound. I tore a dead tree stump out of the garden with my bare hands. That was when I knew I was really changing more than before. I told George what I’d done but he laughed, he didn’t think it possible, by which I mean he wasn’t strong enough to do it so why would I be? Oops. I had a fuckload of energy and I was also super fucking horny but I had Naveen, who loved the fact I was now such a fucking super shooter. And that I was bigger than him. I had better sex with Naveen than George, but please don’t say I said that to George. It was just a thing we were in sync.

At the beginning of week four, I woke in the night, face down in bed and covered in sweat. My junk was hot and sweaty. I thought the window was closed but I looked over and it was wide open to the night air. And then I thought about getting up but I passed out again.

I slept through the next day, missed school, Dad was at work so… I slept around the clock. When I woke up the following morning, Tuesday, I felt pretty good. I climbed out of bed. Felt a bit wobbly but I had been sleeping a long time. I scratched my chest and stopped cold. There was hair on my chest.

I turned slowly to my full-length mirror. Then I stepped back so I could see all of me. I had to step back to get a full body view because, I was taller. And hairier. My eyebrows were now almost dark brown. My hair on my head was still blond, but it seemed any other hair on my body had multiplied and spread and was getting darker and darker. I had a very dark brown beard shadow. I was easily 7’3” tall. I was a giant. I had checked. After about 7’ tall it was considered you were a giant. If you cared about something like that.

I looked at my body. Even stretched taller, it was obvious I was a lot more muscled. And I had black hair crawling up my abs from my sleeping shorts, and I had coarse black curly hair growing thick between my pec cleavage, which was a lot bigger with my giant new super thick pectorals, and I also had a bit of a dusting of thin curly hair across the whole of my pecs. I had a lot of black hair in my armpits, and I had a swirling of black curly hair on my legs.

I pulled down my tightly packed sleep shorts and my junk descended between my legs, and kept falling down towards my knees. I was almost off balance but I kicked off the shorts and stood up tall. Tall-er. I had huge balls covered in black hair, but I could tell that only because they were so big, about five” in diameter because my cock, flaccid, was about twelve inches long. And about three inches wide. Completely flaccid. I had a forest of black curly hair where before I’d had thin blond pubes, now I even had hair growing about two inches up the base of my cock. Fuck it looked hot. I stepped forward and looked at my face in the mirror. Definitely more masculine, not just the hair. Not brutish but maybe a bit dangerous if I scowled. I looked damned hot. Handsome. I liked it. And then while I watched, starting to get turned on, it seemed my beard grew in a bit from five o’clock shadow to short four day beard, and I felt my pecs get hot, warm all the way through, and they swelled with growth, and I watched as the thin black hair across their big expanse exploded into a coarse curly black swirling forest of super hot masculine fucking hotness.

I turned sideways. I now had a hairy ass, but it was so muscled and perfectly formed it was so fucking hot. I turned back to the front. My chest was covered with black hair, but my muscles were so huge that the hair didn’t do anything to obscure my size or definition.

Fuck!” I said, and my voice rumbled in a new bass register that practically made me cum. I was excited, and my cock started to swell into a super erection. But as that happened, I watched in astonishment as my height inched up another whole inch, and my muscles swelled with massive growth, adding about 50 lbs in about two minutes. Why was this happening so fast? Was it the extra steroids I’d injected and then of course I’d accidentally tripled that with the two syringes I’d injected myself in the butt with accidentally in the bus? Probably. My getting horny just triggered some more growth—higher metabolic rate I guess. Then I saw my cock swell—not swell—but grow, flaccid, another inch thicker. My flaccid dick was like 4” thick. Then I noticed that my balls were growing too. They were about 5” in diameter now. At least. fuck.

The other syringes were carefully stored, I hid them in my mattress, deep inside, so even a casual inspection wouldn’t show, and sewed the seam shut. I didn’t want anyone, even my father, finding them, and I didn’t have any plans for them. Obviously I was plenty big and hugely muscled and was looking at maybe another month of growth ahead of me!

I have to admit even though I was now a giant I fucking loved being the blond surfer God with the black body hair. I thought it was so fucking masculine I turned myself on if I even looked at the hair sticking up from my shirt collar, or the hair on my forearms. And it made it more of a chore to clean up after I came. I took a lot of showers. But I fucking loved the way I look. And I was hornier than even before. Kinda screws with your judgement.

I thought about offering it to William, that guy who’d had that wild night when he was high and I shot him up with steroid. I mean, the sex had been so hot I still thought about it. He was a seductive sexy fuck.

But that had been temporary. Would it be wise to make another giant man? Of course I wanted to. So I contrived to find him at a club by following him there a few weeks later. He saw me and recognised me and wanted me. “You’re even bigger than I remember,” he said.

“I am bigger,” I told him, and then I told him. I told him about the choice I could offer him. But I told him I wanted him to try a twelve hour shot instead first when he wasn’t impaired, just to be sure, and then if he wanted (and he wasn’t a dick when muscled up) that I could give him the permanent shot.

Dad was gone a few days to Washington and I was horny as fuck so we went to my house and I still had the syringes of temp steroid. I shot William with a strong dose, and then watched him grow and grow. He sure was hot handsome and slippery fun. He was about 7’ tall, and we climbed on my bed and started fucking. My favourite part was me sitting up and him sliding down on my cock and facing me and kissing me while he bounced and rode my giant cock. I thought we might wreck the bed because two muscle giants but I didn’t care I was so turned on.

My ass did bottom out the mattress but I didn’t care because I was so hyper sexed. After we both shot a huge mess he fell forward into my arms and I held him and he begged for the permanent shot. But not stupidly he promised to be nice and treat people well and use his strength to help people whenever he could. Well, I believed him. He slept in my arms a while, and I dozed. It felt so warm and good with him sleeping in my arms. I could get used to that…

The next day, After he was normal, he waited downstairs cause I didn’t want him to know where I stashed the permanent stuff. I slit the mattress seam open and carefully searched inside. I pulled out four syringes. one was okay but the other three were empty, and one of those had a bent needle. I realised I had been sitting on them while William rode me and I bottomed out on the steel box spring. I slit the mattress wider and searched. No stains inside the mattress. I looked at the mattress top and there were a few pulled threads where the needles had stuck up through the top. I suddenly freaked and grabbed my underwear from the night before. It was bright yellow lycra (yeah well why not show off I wasn’t gonna ever be inconspicuous again) but there were three tiny marks of dried blood. I reached around to my right ass, which corresponded to the underwear, and yeah, I was a bit sore. In one spot. I looked at the underwear. There were no other stains so the steroid went somewhere else. Like, into me. Then I remembered I had fallen asleep with William, and I felt so warm and comfortable…. I had definitely probably had another 1.05 ml of the muscle beast. Fuck! But I was only six weeks through the first muscle beast dosing at this time!!!

I took the last syringe downstairs and injected William. He used my sofa to sleep off the rush. But he was disappointed when he woke because I reminded him it would take eight weeks for the whole change.

He left but promised to visit in a week. I went upstairs. I was horny, hungry, tired, frustrated and scared. What was gonna happen to me? I collapsed on my traitorous bed and fell asleep. I awoke feeling better, but discovered I seemed a bit taller, maybe more muscled… oh God. I was horny x horny squared. I had never felt so fucking horny. I touched my rampantly erect cock and fireworks exploded in my brain. I stroked and I thought I was gonna stop breathing. I never felt such intensity. WTF had I done? So stupid!! Right about then I felt my hot load ready to pump and I sprayed a huge load, stroke after stroke of hot creamy cum. Fuck so hot.

After about an hour of that sort of thing, and I was still fucking horny, I managed to shower, clean up and dress. I wasn’t much bigger than yesterday, I told myself. I was a bit sore in the joints and bones, but I’d been stressed you know? And all that sex with William probably made my joints sore. I went through the week in a daze, alternating crazy wild sex with George and Naveen and wondering when William would be big enough for me to fuck him properly.

At the end of the week, I was 7’5” tall. Fuck. Still sore a bit but feeling somewhat better.

William texted he was gonna come over. When he arrived I was pretty surprised. He was having a strong reaction to the steroid, he’d grown about three inches in a week. So he was already about 5’10” but pretty strong for his age. A ten-inch dick hard. Hot. Otherwise was pretty much the same, I mean, he looked hotter and stronger and more handsome… we jerked off together for a few hours until he was exhausted. I was gonna have him fuck me but he was tired. I knew in a few weeks he’d be able to keep up with me and keep going! I wondered if he was having a big reaction because he’d just come down off of the temporary steroid when I injected him? Might be. Maybe he wasn’t 100% back to himself or something?

Anyways I knew I was still looking at seven weeks of changes. I was pretty sure the smooth muscle guy steroid had run its course and now the super beast had ahold of me. It wasn’t letting go either.

I had a violently wild nightmare at the beginning of week six. I mean, I was feeling scared in the dream, but I was so strong and I was in a jungle and I had to fight the enemy, who was hiding, and I found a still pool of water and I looked at my reflection and I was a giant huge muscle fuck. I mean, I was, in the dream, easily 15 feet tall with a four foot long flaccid dick and gigantically long arms, hugely muscled with 60 inch biceps, my hands were massive, long fingered, strong and wide and thick across the palms, there was hair on my palms in the dream, I had hair on my shoulders, and I heard something and stood tall and looked around, but didn’t see anything, and then I glanced down again and my legs were bigger than any I’d even thought possible before. Insanely massive upper legs, big around as an oversized oak barrel. I was a muscle monster. I was horrified, repulsed, but also turned on. I heard the enemy behind me, but I was frozen, I couldn’t turn around, and that’s when I woke.

Well, I woke up a bit. I’d never had sleep paralysis before. But I knew it when it was happening to me. I felt this intense feeling of dread, and a ringing in my ears, and I knew there was a presence right over my shoulder. Which was dumb, I was laying on my back on my bed, the covers thrown off, covered in sweat, breathing hard, my left arm splayed across a random pillow, and I couldn’t move.

I was so freaked out I felt a weird reaction. I felt a heat in my whole body. I could see my left arm and my chest from where my head was on my pillow, and I saw my pectoral muscles swell an inch thicker. I saw my arm inch longer. I saw my bicep swell a few more inches in circumference. I could also see my raging boner sticking up, but it was growing again, another inch longer at least, thicker, fatter, dripping precum. I forced myself awake with a supreme effort of will and sat upright, and my giant cock was gonna stick me in the eye if I leaned forward any more. I was drenched with sweat but the ringing was gone, the dream was over, I could move my newly massively huger arms and glancing down I saw my gigantic pecs covered with curling black ringlets of body hair. Just then I felt my legs swell with muscle, a bit more, and stretch longer, another inch…

Well, you know me. I really enjoyed giving myself a blowjob. I shoulda tried it sooner. Anyways it was a great way to take the edge off after that nightmare. But that image of me in the dream, that haunted me.

I got out of bed the next morning with a louder thump. I realised I was gonna have to tone that down or break the floorboards.

You’ll want to know I was now 7’7” tall. People were commenting on me using steroids, if only they knew the truth, or asking if the doctors could stop my growth…

My Dad loved me just the same. I just made sure to be super careful when I hugged him. I had to be gentle. I wasn’t gonna break anything, I wasn’t a monster, (not yet, a voice in my head whispered) but I was stupidly strong. He didn’t know anything about my “overdose”. But I hoped. I hoped that it would stop. I was plenty tall, you know.

I wasn’t muscle bound, I was actually really limber and fast, and when I entered a room I just ducked under the door with a quick sideways twist for a second and it wasn’t a big deal and it wasn’t that thing I feared, that I wouldn’t fit through a door. But I was more like a cat. A cat with gigantically huge muscles.

An unfamiliar voice—a friendly baritone—was on the phone and I didn’t know who was calling until I realised it was William. Who wanted to come visit. He was calling and I realised it had been three weeks. Well, I was preoccupied.

Dad was at work so it was perfect. I greeted him at the door and looked him up and down and then back up again. “Whoa!” I said. I looked him back up because two weeks ago he’d been 5’10”. Now he was close to 6’8” tall. After three weeks. Hmm. He was definitely muscular but not what I suspected he would become.

I remembered that even the morphogenic steroids were steroids. By which I mean, they worked better on some guys than others. And they had found their perfect match in William it seemed. I had shot him with the super beast steroid, which always turned me on when I thought of that name, anyways, we went upstairs, I cautioned him not to walk too close to me on the stairs so they didn’t break, but in a minute we were in my room and then in another second he was in my arms. He felt good. His hands were examining my gigantic muscled biceps and deltoids and pecs. He really liked my giant hairy pecs.

I pulled his t shirt off over his head and saw his chest was ripped and he had a lot more muscle than I suspected, he was just stretched tall. Also he had a black forest of pubes sticking up out of the waistband of his jeans and that same curling dark hair was spread across his abs and between his pecs. Not much on his pecs yet. I grabbed his dick, easy enough to do when it was 12” flaccid, and stroked him erect in a few strokes. His eyes almost crossed.

“God I love your hairy chest!” he said. “I hope mine gets like yours!”

And then I was stroking him, getting him more and more excited, I whispered how his pecs were gonna grow huge and wasn’t that a turnon and how hot his pecs were gonna look covered in dark curling hair.

Well, it worked. Yay! Just like with me getting turned on, my provoking William made his pecs swell and he shuddered a second and was another inch taller and his newly bigger pecs started to be covered with rapidly growing black hairy curls. He looked down and lost it. Shot on both of us. I wiped us down with a towel, we did some other stuff and showered together later.

Then we were laying on my much abused mattress, and I was looking at him, naked and glorious. Tall, muscled, huge dick, handsome handsome handsome face. Well. I was admiring the view and he said, “Oh God, it feels so good just being here with you.” He smiled a dreamy smiled and kinda relaxed and his muscles swelled up a bit, and he grew a bit bigger, taller. I know I wasn’t imagining it because as it happened William said, “Oh yeah!”

That’s what you call a clue. Anyways he seemed terrific and promised to visit again in a week. Maybe sooner. He was magnificent. Well, for a guy who was only three weeks and one day on his 100-year super beast steroid ride. He still had five weeks to go. Maybe more. Wow.

Well I finally had to admit to Naveen and George what happened. At first they were hurt, then they thought it was funny, then they realised I might be too huge, and offered helpful suggestions, all of which I ignored. I had asked my Dad what the deal was and could it be altered, and so on?

Well, I omitted the I fucked up and overdosed part but he told me there wasn’t anything to be done. Anything he did could even kill me. Maybe in the future, after everything was for sure settled down, then he might be able to do something, if he had an eight foot cube morphogenic field generator. From what I understood, that was practically impossible. Scaling problems. One foot cube, okay. Eight foot cube, would take a nuclear bomb to power. So it seemed impractical.

And I was getting bigger and bigger. Did I mention that yet?

One month into the series of last injections, I realised that the first three shots must likely have run their course. So I had another three shots in me, that would run for another four weeks.

Well, I was 7’8” tall. So that was doable, I could stand upright in almost any room. And it was pretty impressive when I stood upright. So I knew that based on blah blah blah before, I might not get any taller.

I am so stupid. Sometimes I think I figure out this stuff and then whammy.

This particular whammy was triggered by a rather intense sex party. George and Naveen and William, who was now 7’1” tall, and really looking muscled. Well, to be honest, he was looking like Mr. Olympia’s big brother. Well, all introductions had been made, it was intense, hot, overwhelmingly hot sex—I was flying on a high—edging but instead of edging just going from orgasm to orgasm to orgasm. So the others were taking a break and I was showing off I admit it, jerking myself when… I suddenly felt overcome. It wasn’t like fainting, it was like incredible strength flooding through my body like a floodgate had opened and rushed through my bloodstream. I was out of it. I was almost frozen, cumming, and…

What the others saw was me rapidly swelling. Growing. Morphing. I gasped and opened my eyes and i looked down at my arm and it was thickening with more and more muscle. I remembered that horrible dream but didn’t care anymore so I came again and again. Probably didn’t help. Anyways.

I was growing, shuddering, and whatever had been holding back flooded through me. I felt my fingers being forced open as my cock swelled further. I felt a weird aching in my balls, and I felt it growing in sensation as they grew and grew. I think I was drooling just a bit. I felt my bones stretching and changing. I felt my face and my entire skull stretching and changing. I couldn’t feel it but even more hair was growing on my body.

Finally it stopped. I gasped, drawing in a huge breath of air, and George said, “Holy Fuck!”

I was taller. 8’2” tall. I was wider. Not quite as wide as a 30” door. Did you know the normal human carriage is about 18” shoulder to shoulder? So I was about 27” wide. It was hard to say though because when I was exercising, and got a pump, I really blew up. Ha.

When the boys left I looked at the changes. I was grateful I had ten-foot ceilings in my house. In the mirror, propped in the corner, I saw the man that I had become.

Me, Roddy the blond twink. I was now Big Rod Peters, the biggest guy you likely ever saw. I was tall. I was wide. I was hung with 14” flaccid and I looked to be 5” wide flaccid as well. My balls were about 6” in diameter, along their longest measure. I was muscled like no one I’d ever seen. I still had a trim waist but I discovered it was later 38”. Because I was so huge, 38” was almost slender on me. Except everything on me was built of power. For power. I was still handsome, blazingly so it seemed, although I learned not to gaze at people too long as my aspect seemed fierce when I was thinking. I was bigger, which meant I was bigger. When I kissed someone, my lips were thicker, softer I hoped, my tongue was remarkably long and thick, and even my eyes, my face, seemed although handsome perhaps that of a demigod, larger than life, yet alive.

I still had golden blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, but was pretty masculine because of—well, the size of my junk, the enormity of my muscles, and the black body hair was kinda the topper. I loved it, truthfully.

But then I’d spent my life up until now being a tiny blond twink. I used to wish I looked older, or was bigger, and now I looked about as masculine and mature as you would ever want.

My Dad was okay with it after a while.

The last weeks of the change just piled on more muscle, but I was still able to walk through a 30” door. If I ducked and twisted sideways. Yeah, I was about 30” wide myself. ahem.

The others, Naveen and George, they were nowhere near my height or size. They were well under 8’ in height, although being 7’2” and 7’3” did manage to make them very impressive.

William, that scamp, well, he vanished for weeks six and seven. Then he called and wanted to visit.

He was 7’6” tall and muscular—muscled like me, proportionally, I was just bigger. His junk was huge, he was a hairy monster, and sexy as fuck. He knew that I’d love his new body and I showed him he was right.

He seemed to have lost whatever taste he had for party life, I mean, no drugs, not even alcohol. Of course with our change, see, it was all the sex and muscle and power, sure, but also we felt good. I mean, we felt good. Our bodies didn’t ache, we didn’t really tire easily at all, and I’d wake up and feel my entire being suffused with a wonderful euphoria of well being. It wasn’t anything like being drunk or high, it was just the way mankind was probably supposed to be or maybe was going to evolve to be or—well, it felt good. And then I had that thought.

It would not go away. See, I still had syringes of the smooth muscle and I knew I could get more of the rest, although I was more noticeable now I could still get into the lab on the evenings during weekends.

Oh, what? You ask what thought?


It’s that the steroids could be not only injected but… they could be absorbed in the stomach or maybe even through the skin. Not that big a deal, if it was the twelve-hour steroid. But what about the 100-year steroid? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I put the thought aside, but it kept coming back.

And I found myself sneaking into the lab at midnight on Friday. Which means I borrowed the keys and I spent some time reading up on what they’d made. Well, there were some improvements. I dived into the literature, and was glad the lab had no windows. I mean, no one outside could see someone was there.

So I loaded up some vials and swiped a few boxes of syringes. I didn’t load any syringes. I had learned my lesson. Or so I hoped. Well. I had seven different 100-year steroids. I used my camera to snap pictures of the test results and I labeled the vials very carefully, in order of manufacture, so that the dates on the test sheets would line up. I didn’t think, what if they tested the steroids out of order of manufacture.

I was so sure I was so smart. And I was thinking about Gabriel. Good name, right? Gabe was a friend, who’d been a bit weirded out by my growth, but finally confessed he was a bit jealous. He was an average size guy, 5’10” tall, etc. I thought about Gabe and grinned.

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