Four legs for kyle

by Josh Dugan

It never hurts to ask.

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Kyle had been reading several stories he'd seen at; he was really into them.

I was, too; I'd turned him onto them after discovering the site a year or so earlier. It had been a bit of a gamble; I hadn't been sure how he'd react. Since he was a tae kwon do student and seemed to appreciate the beauty of male legs and feet, it seemed like the odds were favorable that he'd like it.

And like it he did! I was glad it was cool with him that I told him about he site; and he found a new four-legged world in the stories and pics there.

Often during our later foot massage sessions following his tae kwon do classes and a hot tub together afterwards, we'd discuss some of our favorite boytaur images or stories.

It felt wonderful to massage each other's feet while we cooled off, naked in the hammock, still steaming from our hot tub, and we'd both be so boned we'd have to come there and then. In my mind, I liked to imagine Kyle four-legged, and wanted to mention it to him.

Again, I was worried about the chance that it might freak him out, but hoped he'd be as turned on by the idea of being four-footed as I was. I'd tested the odds by making a little comment one afternoon after our hot tub, while we were relaxing on the hammock, massaging each others' feet.

I had thought of him four-legged, while he was doing my feet and I was doing his. It almost felt like I was doing my own; we more or less worked the same parts of each others' feet at the same time. Anyway, I decided it couldn't hurt to try seeing if he'd be into having four feet.

“Man, your feet are beautiful,” I said.

“They are so handsome, and I think they're really sexy.”

“Thanks,” he smiled, kind of pushing them at me, comfortably.

I kept massaging them, wondering in my mind if I should tell him what I was thinking, because I was worried that it might bother him. But he could only take it as a compliment, I told myself.

So I risked it, and said, “Sometimes I fantasize that you have four of your beautiful feet, and all four of them are in my lap. I've dreamt about it, and in my dream I feel like I'm in heaven looking at the four of your beautiful feet. I massage them, first one pair and then the next pair, and then all four feet randomly.”

He visibly colored at the compliment, and I could feel his hardon grow under one of my feet that was resting in his lap.

“I've always thought that would be hot,” he managed to say.

“Always?” I asked. His feet searched out my major hardon as mine found his.

“Since I saw the boytaur site,” he said.

He blushed, his eyes meeting mine. He seemed embarrassed to tell me something for the first time: “And also since I told tae kwon do class members about it—they are all becoming boytaurs.”

I was too stunned to speak, but my boner seemed to grow four of its own feet, it became so hard.

“We all decided to do the boytaur thing when we realized we could do it if we wanted badly enough, so we decided to go for it,” Kyle said.

I so totally boned Kyle's feet seemed to notice it; they sort of probed my hardon unconsciously with their soles and toes as Kyle tried to read my stunned reaction.

“When?” I finally asked, amazed I could say anything.

“Well, everyone already went for it, except me,” Kyle said.

“I wanted to, very badly. But I was worried that it would bother you if I had four feet. I didn't want to lose you.”

“Oh, man…” I said, amazed at my beautiful Kyle.

“You'd be awesome with four of your feet. I would go crazy for it.”

We smiled; Kyle sighed a huge warm sigh of relief, and he flushed, moaning with arousal; knowing it would be a turn-on for me, he relaxed and let himself become a boytaur for me. First, he let the two feet I was massaging become larger and even handsomer. Kyle's handsome feet began to warm and grow under my hands; the large feet gently pushed against me.

Also, his well-muscled, lightly hairy legs began to add muscle and length; I felt new warmth along my sides as the hammock began sagging lower as Kyle's legs grew longer and more heavily muscled. Kyle laughed gently, smiling a smile I'll never forget.

“For you, man,” he said.

“I was hoping you'd like me like this.”

While I was still holding his newly enlarged handsome feet, I lifted them up and looked beneath them; sure enough, what I had been starting to feel was beautifully apparent to see—two more of Kyle's handsome legs and feet snuggled between my sides and the hammock.

I realized that my legs were now sandwiched comfortably, under what were now Kyle's longer, more muscular front legs resting on mine, with my legs resting on Kyle's new, equally long and muscular hind legs.

“Oh, man,” I kept saying, hardly being able to think, much less say anything else.

I repositioned Kyle's four long, beautifully muscled legs, with his gentle help—it was beautiful to see all four thighs working their smooth, long muscles as Kyle lifted his four handsome legs so that they were all resting on me.

I gathered his four ankles together, making the four large, beautiful feet a handsome, relaxed bouquet of beautiful male feet. I kissed the four handsome soles, unable to stop feeling all four of Kyles's warm, handsome feet, my hands unable to stop massaging all four of them, so heavy on me and so beautiful.

We knew we would have to make love, then and there, and we did, in new ways I could never have imagined. I came harder than I have ever come in my life, loving Kyle for growing his four beautiful legs for me.

He loved me for hours, his four legs loved and caressed me, and he fed and pumped me endlessly, unable to stop coming from his enormous penises, now that he had a second penis with his second pair of legs.

We could not stop loving each other.

For days, we could not keep our eyes or our bodies from each other. I loved Kyle four-legged, and he loved being a beautiful boytaur for me. One day as we snuggled, his four long-muscled legs lazily surrounding mine, he asked if I would like to go to one of his tae kwon do practices. I became aroused at the thought of it—his handsome young classmates, athletes all, would be four-footed now. They were beautiful this way, for sure.

I couldn't believe it, seeing his newly four-legged tae kwon do class gracefully moving on their handsome pairs of feet; it was beautiful to see his classmates and their new height; all were taller, graced by two or three beautiful pairs of legs, silently stepping barefoot as they performed their exercises with their newly muscled, lengthened multiple pairs of legs.

It was good to see them so beautiful as boytaurs.

“I feel so cool,” one of Kyle's classmates, Jon, smiled at me, as he walked his four bare feet across the tae kwon do classroom to where I was sitting, mesmerized.

“I always feel like dancing,” he said with a smile.

“It's so fun standing and moving with four long legs!”

Jon looked great on all four of them, too. He was enjoying the feeling of leg on leg, his left legs snuggling each other's long smooth muscles, his right legs enjoying each other in the same way. He said he had never felt so sexy and beautiful as he did with four long-muscled legs, and four beautiful shapely male feet.

Another tae kwon do student, Brad, felt the same way; he was seated on a pile of beautiful folded legs, all of them his; they sprawled and relaxed, his lovely pairs of big handsome feet playing hide and seek among all the miles of smooth leg muscle.

Their classmate Tom watched them, smiling and aroused, enjoying his own multileggedness. He was seated on the large window sill nearby, his shapely male legs comfortably splayed along the sill and spilling a few beautiful bare feet on the floor.

The handsome boytaurs were beautiful as they performed the amazing, arduous exercises, which were all the more beautiful because of their multiple legs.

I understood one of the reasons Kyle wanted me there, and I was glad: to be his sex partner, so he could have someone to make love to afterwards, while the rest of the handsome boytaurs released their beauty into one another in lovemaking for hours on end.

I loved him for that, and always will. And I'll never forget how the next time I visited, when I brought my laptop to the tae kwon do class, all the barefoot students sat close to each other on the floor, their beautiful foursomes and sixsomes of feet splaying everywhere as they excitedly passed the laptop to each other or scrambled over to it on their multiple bare feet to look at the what I brought in to show them. They thought it was so cool to see themselves written up at!

“The only thing cooler than reading about us as boytaurs is being a boytaur,” Jon laughed, as he and Tom spontaneously started tumbling all their legs together, and, with the whole class, made love for several hours before to loosen themselves up for enjoying their multiple-legged exercises.

Kyle and I relaxed together on one of the large exercise pads after we finished making love, with Kyle's four legs comfortably wrapped around me as I lay back against his chest. He noticed me looking at his hands. “I think I know what you're thinking,” he smiled. We both became majorly boned. I knew he would love being wristfooted for me.

Eventually, it happened, not too many months later.

Kyle had gotten so incredibly cute, but in a very muscular, masculine way, since becoming a boytaur.

The physicality of boytaurdom really agreed with his body; his physique had become so relaxed yet muscular that he had developed a kind of easy sway in his heavily muscled shoulders, yet his face remained boyish and acquiline, with the ready smile always playing on his beautiful lips.

Kyle and his class of tae kwon do boytaurs had all become more muscular, given their extra genitals, extra testosterone, and the extra strength of their four legs. The classes were longer but more fun than ever for them, with romping, running, galloping, wrestling and lots more mating, how that they were all four-legged or more.

I was there for all of it, and loved the endless mating with Kyle as his classmates mated with each other, so beautiful on their four boytaur legs or the six boytaur legs that some of the handsome young athletes had grown.

Always beautiful of body, Kyle thrived as a boytaur. His back had broadened and become thick with beautifully sculpted muscle, as had his chest. He had developed quite a stallion-like bearing, with his gloriously muscled torso rising from its narrow waist, which in turn sprung from the four magnificently muscled hips of his four legs, his four muscle-sculpted legs awesome down to their four beautiful feet.

Even at home, he loved to flirt naked with me, knowing it drove me crazy when he did a horse-like prance on his four bare feet, his front left and right rear feet prancing in alternating steps with his front right and his left rear feet. He kind of jogged/pranced this four-legged horse-step, which jiggled his heavy sexual organs underneath, while he let his hands, shoulders and face take on an innocent pose, as though he was a boyish body builder riding around on four sexy legs, quite innocent of their male sexuality and the erotic bounce of his handsome, huge genitals.

The combination of his sweet, boyish face with its clear-eyed smile and his ultra-male, four-legged sexuality was driving me wild, much to his delight and much to the arousal of his big guys, his frontal and hind genitalia. With that sweet face and all that body, the beautiful sleekness of his hindquarters and his four powerful male hips, Kyle was all boy, all man, all horse, all legs, and all beautiful as he laughed and teased me, loving me aroused and out of my mind over him.

I loved riding him and roughhousing with him, sometimes catching his legs and tripping him as I grabbed all four of them, making him helpless with laughter and arousal.

One day I had just caught him, shiny and sweating after we had been laughing and wrestling and chasing each other around for what seemed like hours; just when I was really out of breath, he'd do that four-legged horse jog and sort of flick his hind ass at me, looking over his shoulder while prancing coltishly on his four bare feet; it was so provocative I'd have to try to catch him no matter how hard it was.

It happened while we were finishing up with a bout of wrestling and chasing. I had brought him down from behind and was hugging his lower back, my arms around his waist, his hind legs hugging my hips and legs, when he rolled his torso over onto one arm and said, “I think I can do it.”

I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but as I stood up I grabbed his arm and helped him to his four feet. He walked his four legs and four bare feet around the room a little, and he seemed to concentrate, holding his powerful forearms together at the wrists, hands down with fingers spread, and he kind of pushed them down and brought them up a couple times.

“It feels right,” Kyle said, turning to face me, and he did it again a couple times, pushing his arms down and forward with his wrists touching and fingers spread, saying “Shoomp!”

And there they were, as his eyes widened and his beautiful lips parted in an awed smile, and he held them up for me, a big pair of heavy, handsome wristfeet, perfect, sleek mates to each other and perfect copies of his four legs' beautiful feet.

Suddenly, in his big muscular four-legged body with the wide shoulders, he was all boy, trotting his bouncing penises and his four big legs over to me on their four beautiful bare feet and holding the big, sleek wristfeet together, wrists touching, in front of his chest, searching my eyes—and finding my delight reflected in them.

I couldn't believe I was actually doing it, but I was feeling Kyle's beautiful sleek wristfeet, loving their warmth and sleekness and kissing their beauty—they felt wonderful, the sweet pads, the sleek musculature of each wristfoot and their long, deep arches, the splendid swell of the tops of each wristfoot from wrist all the way along to the graceful, perfectly sculpted toes.

I was grabbing them and kissing them and kissing Kyle's lips and hugging his huge muscular torso—I could feel the big handsome wristfeet awkward yet graceful as they were pinned confusedly between us, even as Kyle's four big feet lost their hold on the ground and we both fell over in a tumble, suddenly warm, wet and reeking with massive ejaculations as we came and came, lost in each other's kisses.

My hands wouldn't let go of the huge, beautiful wristfeet, which Kyle kept near me or on me, on my face, my shoulders, my chest. He loved touching me with them, and I held them to me, unable to stop kissing them or kissing Kyle as we came and came. Even as we came, he laughed, loving the feel of his heavy, beautiful wristfeet as they swayed heavily from his wrists, loving me catching them, loving to muss my hair with them and to feel my face and body with them.

I must have slept. I awakened, still lying comfortably naked on the floor, entwined in Kyle's four warm, heavy, beautiful legs, pressed against Kyle's sleeping torso, so close to his beautiful face, his lips slightly parted in a peaceful, sleeping smile of repose.

I realized that one wristfoot of his was comfortably planted on most of my shoulder, and my face was actually resting on it, which made me instantly hard; the wristfoot's arm sleeping on my chest.

I moved my hands slightly and realized that they held the other large wristfoot warm in their relaxed grasp.

I reached and gathered Kyle's beautiful boytaur body close against me, wakening him slightly; I felt both his penises warm and enlarge themselves against me, which made the blood pound in my veins.

Kyle was relaxed against me, blissed out, almost drunk with our afterglow. His eyes still closed in a smile of pleasure, he gave me a sweet, warm kiss.

“This is sexy,” he breathed with a warm sigh.

“Dude, you don't know,” I smiled, holding him closer, returning the kiss and nuzzling the beautiful wristfoot so warm and comfortable under my cheek.

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