Bad suggestion

by pkak2k12

 I’ve learned what I say about others happens. However, I’m still figuring out how to use it, and my best friend and little brother kind of ended up being test subjects for it.

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“So you think I can really do it, Doug?” Johnny, my best friend for ten years now, asked. He rubbed at his chest where the now tight top was threatening to unleash his huge muscletits.

“Of course, I mean you are bigger than anyone else on this side of the state in all the best ways.” I told him, watching as his clothing struggled to keep his massive frame concealed. I quickly added, “Good thing you’ve gone for stretchy clothes, normal ones would’ve shredded long ago.”

“Yeah, plus I can get them relatively cheap.” Johnny plucked at the spandex top, letting it snap back into place as it hugged the contours of his studly muscle frame. “Well, I should get going, gotta get some beauty sleep before the big day tomorrow.”

“See you there.” I gave Johnny a big grin. I watched as Johnny got up from his seat and almost exclaimed there and then. He was by sure the biggest in the state all over now, that bulge would make even the most experienced porn star blush. I suppose “bigger” didn’t define an upper limit. I’m just glad it didn’t include things like whales in the aquarium.

So that evening’s experiment went well, I suppose. Not quite everything as intended, but it did give me a better idea of how my newfound ability works. When I tell someone something, it comes true. At least, as long as it isn’t about me—I seem to be immune to my own effects, which is a shame. I’d love to go from an amateur with a slightly toned body to the biggest jacked stud in the state through a simple conversation.

However, I’m trying not to make too many changes. I don’t want to mindwipe people or suddenly change who they are, but this I can get behind. Johnny’s been my best bud for ten years, and I’ve secretly been crushing on him for at least four.

He’s always wanted to have better gains and I’ve always had a thing for muscle studs, so he’s going to smash records at the U21s bodybuilding contest tomorrow. He didn’t even have an entry until I reminded him. I just wished I asked him to practice some poses for me before he left. I guess my mind imagining what he looks like in the buff will be my wank material for tonight. I was certain I was the big guy “down there” until I accidentally made him big everywhere. Not that I’m complaining, 9 inches is a lot, it just probably looks small compared to what Johnny’s packing now.

About an hour later the door to my room burst open. “Hey, bro!” The far too excited tones of my bouncy little brother assaulted my senses. “Bro, bro, is he still here?”

“He already left, Toby.” I sighed. My brother, bless him, was still very childish at heart. At 16 I thought he’d mature a bit, but the only way he seemed to mature was growing taller and being incessantly horny. The amount of times I’d see him tenting his boxers as he walked to the bathroom, be it morning, noon, or night, was too many to count.

“Aww, I wanted to say hi.” Toby hopped onto the side of my bed. I could see he was already boned up from the thought of seeing Johnny. I wonder how much of that was due to him now being around 8 feet tall and made of nothing but burl and cock. “What are you up to?” he asked me innocently.

“Not much, just studying for finals,” I told Toby, used to his closeness in this manner. “You should probably study too, you could easily ace the tests if you took the time to go over the material.”

“Yeah, but that’s boring.” Toby flopped onto his side. “I just wanted to hang out with you and Johnny.”

“Because you have a crush on us,” I said flatly.

“No…” Toby replied. “Well, maybe a little.”

Shit, had I suddenly told my brother to have a crush on me and on my own crush?

“It’s just he’s so strong,” Toby elaborated. “I wish I could be that big and strong.”

“Have you tried working out?” I asked my little brother, seeing that he had the skinny form of someone who barely did exercise.

“Of course, but I never build any muscle,” Toby whined. “I wanted mom to get me some gym equipment, but you know how she’s been.”

It felt like a kick in the groin. My first use of my suggestion had led to my mom to becoming super rich and successful. Apparently it also meant she stopped caring about us and basically left me with some cash and the old family house to look after Toby. It was a pain at first, but a few months in and we’re going strong.

“Yeah, I know. Perhaps for your birthday we can look into it,” I said, trying to cheer him up.

“It won’t be enough though.” Toby glanced up at me, an accusatory expression on his face.

“What’s with that look?” I felt suddenly targeted. Did he know about my influence on Johnny?

“Johnny’s obviously taking something to get so big. It’s not possible otherwise,” Toby told me. I saw one of his hands subtly move down towards his crotch, lightly rubbing it. “No one’s naturally that big, even with workouts.”

“You’re right,” I agreed. I knew why he was so big, but perhaps I would be able to make it more plausible. “Johnny does have good genes, but it was more than that.”

“Ha, I knew he was taking steroids.” Toby seemed triumphant.

“No, he’s not,” I cut Toby off. “In fact, he’s never touched anything of the sort, and never will.” I think I was all right to say that. I didn’t want Johnny to be a ‘roid junkie later in life.

“Then what is it?” Toby pressed. “I wanna be just like that.”

“Well…” I hesitated, partially to tease my little brother, but also to stall for time to think of the story. “I could tell you, but you must promise to never tell another soul, not even Johnny, that I told you. Okay?”

“Deal!” Toby responded immediately. I was hoping he’d contemplate it for a little longer, but that was Toby, straight to the point on everything.

“You know how Toby likes to eat oranges?” I asked. He didn’t eat them that often really, it was just another fruit choice for lunch.

“Yeah, he loves them,” Toby said, confirming my alteration.

“Well, we did some experiments in biology class,” I explained. “We found that a particular breed of orange reacted really well with his physiology which exponentially increased his growth. Effectively every hour of lifting he did, it was doing, like, fifty when he slept that night.”

“Whoa, really?” Toby looked at me wide-eyed.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “It’s why he always gets the same type of oranges from the supermarket and eats one before a workout. It works best in puberty because it multiplies with his natural growth too.”

“Is that why he has such a massive dick, too?” Toby was openly rubbing himself through his shorts now.

“I… I suppose so,” I replied, a little taken aback. Then again, Toby, never one to mince words.

“I’d love to have a dick bigger than his.” Toby seemed to be half-fantasising it, and scarily so was I, my little brother becoming even bigger and better hung than the new Johnny.

“Dial it back a little, Toby.” I warned him. “I’m sure you’re huge down there, and…” I mentally facepalmed.

“Yeah, but I could be bigger.” Toby winced a little as his boxers were struggling to contain his huge hardon.

“Look, we worked this orange out back when we were 13,” I explained. “He’s had a few years head start on the matter. I’m sure we can find a fruit that’ll help you in the same way, but—”

“I wanna be bigger.” Toby’s now huge manhood struggled to find space in the boxers. “Guys in the locker room always made fun of me for being this big, but I always wanted to be bigger like Johnny, I just didn’t have the muscle to back it up.”

“You can, all right,” I snapped back, losing my temper a bit from his whining. “It’s probably just granny smith apples. Each time you have one of them, you’ll be getting bigger overnight.”

“Eww, I hate those apples.” Toby stuck his tongue.

“I don’t make the rules, just tolerate them,” I huffed, then realised that I just did write the rules.

“Whatever, I bet it’s all a lie anyway.” Toby got up off of my bed. I side-eyed him as I could see his painfully tight erection was ready to burst. “I’m gonna head to bed. Later.”

I watched him go in silence, knowing that he was going to look at porn for a couple of hours. Did I just turn my brother into a hung, aspiring muscle stud who has crushes on me and Johnny? I would really have to be careful what I say in the future.


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