Ben Dover and Neil Down

by Cris Kane

A pair of nerds figure out a way to be popular and studly, at least for one weekend.

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“Ha, look at them! They don’t know what hit them,” Ben said, trying out his new pipes for the first time. Trading his nerdy squeakiness for the deep commanding tones of Logan was definitely an upgrade. He held up his phone so it could be seen by his best pal Neil, who was now standing behind him, inhabiting the body of Logan’s best buddy Austin.

Neil had been extremely skeptical of Ben’s plan from the get-go, but seeing was believing. Wimpy Ben and Neil were now comfortably encased inside the bodies of two tall jocks while, right there on the phone’s screen, was a live feed of two scrawny teenagers, freaking out as they looked down at their skeletal bodies, trapped not only in a basement storage room of their high school but also in the bodies of Ben and Neil, their favorite targets for abuse.

If Ben’s calculations had been wrong, it would have been Ben and Neil stuck in the basement all weekend, subsisting on peanut-butter sandwiches and Pepsi Max until the janitors opened the door on Monday morning. But Ben had thought through the plan thoroughly. All he and Neil had to do was lock themselves in the storage room and wait for their adversaries to take the bait, knowing that Logan and Austin would be unable to resist drawing closer when they entered the locker room and discovered Ben’s laptop streaming hardcore porn. As soon as Ben saw on his phone that the jocks were huddled over the computer, all Ben needed to do was press a button on his phone to trigger the pre-programmed electrical surge which caused the consciousness transference that Ben had read about online.

In a split second, it was Ben and Neil who found themselves in the locker room watching two breast-augmented blondes frolicking in bed, a subject which held no interest for Ben or Neil. Just being in Logan’s body gave Ben an immediate rush he had never felt as a weedy five-six science dork. The muscles of his arms and legs felt fully engorged with power, as if he had four extra erections besides the one rapidly growing inside Logan’s cozy gym shorts. He’d never dared make eye contact with the star wrestler before, but now he could stare straight in the mirror and drink in Logan’s sculpted features instead of his own pale and pimply mug.

Ben slammed the laptop shut and reached under the locker-room sink for a second phone he had hidden there. Ben couldn’t resist making a Facetime call to his prisoners, who stared with fear at the ringing phone on the storage room floor before Logan summoned the bravery to pick it up. He answered in Ben’s unconfident warble. “Hello?”

Ben and Neil waved into the camera on the phone. “Hey, look, Austin, it’s Ben Dover and Neil Down!” said Ben, invoking Logan and Austin’s standard nicknames for the nerds. “Locked in the closet together. How appropriate.”

Staring at his face and Austin’s onscreen, Logan quickly pieced together what had happened, as impossible as it seemed. “How the fuck did you do this, you little faggots?” Logan wasn’t particularly smart, but he was Stephen Hawking compared to his toady Austin.

“What’d they do?” asked Austin in Neil’s almost girlish voice.

Logan turned to Austin, exasperated that he had to explain this. “They switched bodies with us, moron.”

“Ohhh,” nodded Austin. After puzzling it over for a few seconds, he asked, “Who did?”

Logan punched Austin in the arm for being such an idiot, although the fist landed with little impact, fueled as it was by Ben’s anemic physique. “Who do you think, numbnuts? Ben Gay and his butt buddy Neil.”

“Ohhh,” Austin nodded again before asking, “How?”

“I don’t fuckin’ know. Who the fuck cares?” Logan turned back toward the video screen where he could see the nerds that had overtaken their bodies roaring uproariously. “Laugh it up, you cocksucking pricks, ‘cause we’re gonna kick your fucking asses.”

“And how are you pussies gonna do that?” Neil chimed in from over Ben’s shoulder. Neil was getting hard just being so close to Logan’s body, its traps and pecs straining against the loose tank, its bulging shoulders and biceps shifting beneath the skin. Neil had volunteered to take Austin’s angular, less pumped body, just so he could ogle Logan. Besides, this had all been Ben’s idea, so he deserved to have the hotter bod and the handsomer face and the lusher hair and what they knew from showering after gym class was the bigger cock.

Neil always thought Austin looked kind of weaselly, so he figured he was getting the better part of the deal, but Ben wasn’t anticipating that he would spend much time looking at Austin’s face this weekend. When he wasn’t fucking Austin’s cute little ass or getting sucked by his pursed little lips, he planned to be tooling around town in Logan’s Mustang, going to parties with the popular kids and generally basking in the adulation that seemed to come automatically for Logan. And as always, people would see Austin hovering nearby, eager to do whatever Logan wanted.

“We’ve left some sandwiches and soda for you boys,” Ben smiled into the camera. “And don’t worry, we’ve each told our parents that we’re staying at each other’s houses, so no-body will be looking for you. I would say ‘don’t do anything we wouldn’t do’…but the two of us are planning to do lots of things that you wouldn’t do.” Ben cackled wickedly.

Logan roared into the camera, contorting Ben’s face into a mask of outrage. “You fuckers, you just wait until Mon…”

With a smug smile, Ben ended the call and shut off the phone. He’d made sure the phone in the basement was blocked from making outgoing phone calls, so Logan and Austin wouldn’t be contacting anyone who could help them escape prematurely. On Monday, Ben and Neil would return to the school bright and early, and the swap would unfortunately be undone.

Ben and Neil would be discovered to have been locked in the storage room since Friday, only reinforcing their images as pathetic accident-prone incompetents who were also probably secret boyfriends. Ben and Neil were used to the jokes and innuendos, but at least for once they would have had a fucking fantastic weekend.

Logan and Austin would find themselves back in their real bodies, feeling disoriented, forgetful…and unusually sore in unexpected places.

And Austin would discover that he really liked that soreness.


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