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Bet you can’t have just one

by Ziel

Vincent was given pretty clear instructions with the new growth supplement his pal invented: “Only take one pill.”

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“Remember, just take one of them. I’m still running tests on the new formula to see how well it works, and I haven’t had a chance to run simulations for more than a single dose.” Terrence explained.

“What if one dose doesn’t work?” Vincent asked.

“Then report back to me so I can see what went wrong. Don’t even think about taking more than one until then.” Terrence explained.

“Yeah. Alright,” Vincent replied dismissively and pocketed the transparent brown bottle full of pills. Vincent had no reason to believe that his buddy’s latest harebrained scheme would work any better than the last six. Terrence was always thinking up new super drugs, and somehow Vincent was always the test subject. Terrence’s forays into super science included a hair growth tonic (which resulted in Vincent having a bad case of Hobbit toes for a week); a weight loss formula (which had Vincent doubled over the porcelain losing his lunch as fast as he could eat it); an energy drink (which had Vincent’s hands sparking like a Tesla coil for almost an hour); and the list goes on. Vincent knew he really needed to stop letting Terrence talk him into this shit, but Terrence’s latest project was too good to pass up—a muscle building formula!

Vincent always wished he could pack on some muscle. He had tried everything. He had lived on a diet of nothing but protein powder and power shakes for a month while working out every day and all he had to show for it was a vitamin deficiency which had him bedridden for a week. Vincent seemed physically incapable of bulking up. He wasn’t just scrawny; he was downright emaciated. Gaunt and gangly was a better description than skinny in his case. He knew many dudes would kill to have his metabolism, but he just wanted to be buff! Vince wasn’t just lacking in the muscle department either. Vince was hands down the shortest guy in any of his classes. It was embarrassing how many times people saw him walking the halls and thought he was a middle schooler that had somehow gotten lost on a college campus, and it was even more embarrassing how many times he was mistaken for a middle schooler in the gym locker rooms! To put it lightly, Vincent’s teenage growth spurt had been more of a sputter.

Vincent’s poor genes didn’t keep him from giving it the good old college try though. He could often be found at the gym trying his hardest to lift even the lightest weights. He strained and struggled with all his might, and still he never added a pound of muscle. He had no reason to think this day would be any different, but he left Terrence’s dorm room and wandered over to the gym more out of habit than anything else.

Vincent was halfway through changing into his gym clothes when he realized there was something jangling around in his pants pocket. He reached in and pulled forth a small medicine bottle much like the ones they give out prescriptions in. He had managed to completely forget about the pills his buddy had slipped him. To put it lightly, Vincent was leery of Terrence’s newest creation, but at the same time, he couldn’t quite bring himself to just throw the bottle away and be done with it. There was a possibility (albeit a slight one) that these pills could actually work. He could very well have the answer to his problems in the palm of his very hand! He would be a fool to pass a chance like this up. It was with that line of thought that Vincent poured out a single tablet onto his palm and swallowed it without even bothering to get a drink to wash it down.

After that, Vincent went about his daily routine like always. He trotted upstairs and got onto the treadmill. He set his preferred plan, fired up the machine, and began trotting along to his favorite tunes all the while unaware to the changes that had already begun in his body. Vincent was so completely lost in his tunes that he wasn’t even looking at himself. If he had been he could have seen his forearms steadily thicken as his formerly scrawny scarecrow arms grew into a pair of fit and toned forearms. Vincent was too trapped in his own head to notice that he was nowhere near close to being winded even as his treadmill regimen kicked into overdrive. He normally started to sweat at a brisk jog, but today he was dashing like a track star and barely even felt it. It wasn’t until he got off the treadmill that he started to realize something was off, and he wasn’t even the one to notice it first“Damn. Lookin’ good, Vinny!” came a familiar voice.

Vincent pulled out his earbuds and noticed another one of the gym regulars trotting over to him. Vincent knew Thomas only so much as they had exchanged a few words here and there. Thomas seemed like a nice enough guy, but Vincent really wasn’t one to strike up conversations with people especially people as hot and hunky as Thomas. Thomas was everything that Vincent wasn’t. Thomas stood over a head taller than short, scrawny little Vincent, and Thomas had the muscles that would look right at home on the cover of a Men’s Health mag.

“Oh… Hey, Thomas.” Vincent said awkwardly. Vincent tried his best to avert his gaze from the smokin’ hot hunk that was now standing directly before him. Vincent tried to tear his gaze away from Thomas’s fit pecs that strained against his open-sided muscle shirt. Thomas was practically bulging out of his clothes. His sculpted lats flared out the sides of his open-sided shirt, and his pecs jutted out so far that Vincent could even catch a glimpse of the dude’s nipples poking out around the shoulder straps. It was times like these that Vincent was almost glad that he was nothing special down south. Had he had more to show, his stirring semi would have been painfully noticeable in his jogging shorts.

“See? I told you, just keep at it, and your hard work would pay off eventually, right?” Thomas said pleasantly and even went so far as to lay a hand reassuringly on Vincent’s shoulder.

“I’m not one to give up that easily,” Vincent responded, but his tone was a little uncertain. Vincent was finally starting to awaken to the fact that something was odd. Thomas seemed like a nice enough guy. He wasn’t one to tease Vincent about something like that, but at the same time Vincent couldn’t bring himself to believe what Thomas was saying. Vincent had checked himself in the mirror just this morning. He was as scraggly as always. He had nothing to show for his months at the gym so why was this guy praising his progress? And there was something else weird too. Vincent couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but Thomas’s grip felt weird. It wasn’t the first time Thomas had clapped a hand on his shoulder. It seemed to be a standard procedure for Thomas whenever he was holding a conversation with anyone. Vincent couldn’t claim to be particularly comfortable with physical contact, but he made an exception for someone as hot as Thomas. Usually Vincent’s bony shoulder didn’t give Thomas’s hand a good perch to rest on, but today it seemed that his shoulder filled out Thomas’s palm as if it was made for it. Vincent couldn’t reconcile what he felt with what he knew to be true so he glanced over at his shoulder and damn near did a spit take right in front of his crush. There was no doubt about it. Vincent had some very real muscle definition in his shoulder! His normally loose and airy gym shirt was now comfortably snug around his chest and shoulders. This made absolutely no sense, but Vincent wasn’t about to argue with it. The only thing that Vincent really knew at the moment was that he needed to get a better glimpse at what had happened to him.

“Uh… you doing ok? You look a little shook there.” Thomas said.

“I’m… I think I’m alright. I think my lunch is not agreeing with me… actually, I gotta go.” Vincent mumbled awkwardly. Part of him hated to dash like that. He knew he was leaving Thomas in a lurch. The buff stud was probably even worried about Vincent’s health after Vincent pulled a vanishing act like that, but Vincent needed to haul ass to the restroom, and indigestion made a perfect cover story.

Vincent slipped into one of the stalls and immediately set to work scoping out his body. He had some nice musculature on him! He wasn’t buff or jacked by any stretch of the imagination, but he was definitely fit. Vincent lifted his shirt up and ran a hand along his flat tummy. His gut was firm and had just a faint trace of shaped abs. His chest had just a little bit of a bulge to it. He had pecs alright. They weren’t huge, but they were definitely there. Vincent flexed and posed in the privacy of the little stall. He could feel his muscles moving as he struck one pose and then another. He could feel his abs flex and his pec bounce. He could feel his biceps bulge, and he could feel a very different sort of organ stir to life as well. Vincent’s cock felt fantastic. He was getting so worked up by his own lean, lithe bod that his cock was getting good and chubbed. His thick chubby lolled about in his shorts so heavily that for a second Vincent was sure that his cock was bigger too, but he quickly wrote that off as an impossibility. He didn’t think about it too long though. He was so excited by his body that he just wanted to feel his muscles as much as he could. Vincent felt his abs and his arms. He ran his hands along his lean thighs and his faintly sculpted calves. He couldn’t believe how good he looked after just one pill.

An idea steadily crept into Vincent’s head. If one pill had taken him from scarecrow to track star, what would a second one do to him? Would it make him anywhere near as hunky as Thomas? What was the possibility that Vincent could get even bigger and buffer than that? Vincent could hardly fathom what it would be like to be so fantastically ripped.

Vincent completely ignored his pal’s warning and hastily popped another pill in his mouth. Once again he swallowed the tablet dry and waited for the changes to take place. This time Vincent was watching and waiting. This time he could actually feel the changes happening. He could feel the warmth coursing through his muscles. It felt fantastic. It was definitely more powerful than it was last time—there was no way he could have been so oblivious to his changes if they felt this good the first time.

Vincent posed and flexed. He could feel his muscles getting thicker. He could feel his pecs pressing against the front of his shirt. He could even feel his quads fill out the legs of his shorts. He had never known what tight clothes felt like. He was so scrawny that even the smallest men’s size clothing hung off of him like a toga, but today his normally loose work out attire fit him like a second skin. In fact, Vincent could see the shape and contour of his pecs pressing against the front of his shirt as he looked down at his chest. Vincent couldn’t stand it anymore. He needed a better angle, and he knew exactly where to get one. He bolted from the stall and practically sprinted to the sink. He skidded to a halt in front of the mirror and gasped at what he saw. He was HOT. He looked like he had been a regular at the gym for years instead of months. His thick pecs strained against the front of his shirt, and even the contours of his abs started to show against the front of his shirt. His quads filled out his shorts perfectly as did his ass. Vincent had never had much in the way of a booty before, but now he had a firm, muscular butt that pressed against the back of his shorts. His muscles weren’t all that were bulging out though. Vincent could hardly believe his eyes. He had a very defined package protruding in the front of his pants. His cock was looking amazing. Vincent couldn’t believe his eyes. Even more amazing than his newly minted muscles was that fat cock that slung between his thighs. The bulge made it look like he had a softball in his slacks.

Vincent had just left the toilets, but he did a quick 180 and ran back to the stalls. This time he strode up to a urinal and set up shop. He didn’t need to take a piss, but it was the only place he felt comfortable whipping his dick out. He stood there between the partitions, pulled down his pants, and ogled at the fat piece of meat that spilled out. Vincent had never had an impressive cock. His softy had been about as big as his thumb, but now his semi looked like something out of Jules Verne. His chubbed up cock was almost a foot long and as fat as his wrist! His nuts were almost the size of softballs.

Vincent was so fixated on his cock and muscles that he was completely unaware of other changes. The partitions on either side of him usually stood even with his shoulders, but now they didn’t even reach his armpits. He was so fixated on how well his muscles filled out his shirt that he didn’t even realize that the bottom hem of his shirt usually hangs down past his pockets, but now the bottom hem barely even reached his hips.

Vincent was so excited by his new size that he knew he had to show it off for the rest of the gym to see. He strode forth from the locker room and out into the gym proper. Vincent tried his hardest to stop his shaking. It wasn’t that he was nervous. He was excited! This was everything he had ever wished for and more! He was hot, hunky, and HUNG! And his clothes did nothing to hide how fit he was nor how much he was packing in his pants. His buff bod and big bulge caught the eyes of more than just a few folks at the gym. It seemed all eyes were on him. Everyone was muttering amongst themselves about who that new guy was. Nobody recognized him, but that made sense. It should have been impossible for him to double his body mass in pure muscle in the span of a single day, but thanks to Terrence’s pills Vincent could do all that… and more.

Vincent was already fighting the urge to take another pill. He was already as huge and hunky as he had ever dreamed. He was already the envy of everyone at the gym. He was already one of the hottest guys in the gym, but… who was to say he couldn’t take things further? He hadn’t even taken half the bottle. What would happen if he took another pill? Would he go from fitness model to football star? Would he go even further? How big could he possibly get? …how big would he want to get? Without even realizing it, Vincent’s hand was forcing its way into the narrow gap of his pants pocket. His shorts were so snug that he had to struggle to even get his fingers into his pocket. Pulling the bottle out was a chore and a half, but when he finally did pull it out, he found himself staring at the unremarkable bottle. Some part of his mind was urging him to think this through. Some small portion of his consciousness was trying to shout at him and tell him that this was a bad idea. His friend’s words from earlier echoed in his head. “Don’t take more than one.” Terrence had said, but Vincent had already taken two, and look what that had done for him! He had already disobeyed Terrence’s orders. What would it matter if he did it again?

Even as a silent internal war raged in his head and in his heart, Vincent popped open the pill bottle and shook a couple pills into his palm. He once again tossed them into his mouth and swallowed without so much as a swig of water. It seemed the second the tablets touched his tongue he could already feel the changes coursing through him. It seemed like the very instant the pills entered his mouth he could feel himself growing all over again.

Vincent’s already snug clothing quickly became tight across his bulging body. The fabric was stretched so taut across his phenomenal musculature that it started digging into his skin. The collar of his shirt dug into his neck so hard that it made a noticeable indentation. His shorts were so snug that his cock actually hurt from being smashed in there so tightly. His balls felt like they were being squeezed hard enough to give him a stomach cramp, but he knew this would soon pass. He could already hear the telltale sound of fabric snapping and popping. The fibers of his clothing were giving out on him at a surprising rate. Small tears formed on his shirt. The bottom hem of his shorts began to shred right up the sides as his thigh swelled outwards to sizes far too large for his shorts to handle. His muscles were surging, but that wasn’t all that was growing. The growth this time was much faster and more intense. The changes were so rapid that Vincent could actually see the world getting ever so smaller around him. He wasn’t just getting buffer—he was getting bigger! Vincent was steadily growing taller and taller!

Vincent looked down at his bulging body and chuckled. His t-shirt was looking like a crop-top. The lower hem of his shirt barely even reached past his pecs. There were large tears in the fabric that gave a clear view of the thick, toned pecs that hid beneath. Vincent’s thick, sculpted abs were so swole that he could easily lose some quarters between those cushions. His swole quads were as thick as oak trees. His massive thighs were so huge that his shorts had shredded up the sides from the bottom hem all the way to the waistband. His shorts were looking more like a loincloth than a pair of jogging shorts, but they failed to serve the basic function of even the most rudimentary garments. Vincent’s massive cock had spilled out the side of his shirts. The tip of his massive dick dangled down almost to his knee. His fat cock was as thick as a pool noodle and then some! One of his enormous, softball sized nuts dangled out the side of his shorts right alongside his schlong while the other massive ball strained against the inside of his shorts on the other side.

By the time Vincent’s latest growth spurt tapered off, his shorts were literally hanging on by a thread, and his shirt wasn’t faring any better. His clothes just needed one last little push, and he was more than happy to give it to them. Vincent hunched forward and flex with all his might. His shoulders and back muscles bulged out as did his pecs and biceps. There was a brief moment where the fibers of his workout shirt groaned in protest, but then suddenly, his shirt split right up the back. Like a butterfly bursting from its cocoon, Vincent’s beefy body spilled out from beneath his undersized shirt leaving him clad in nothing but his shorts, and his shorts barely even classified as a garment in and of themselves. It only took the weakest of tugs at his waistband to get to give out. The tattered shorts flitted to the floor like a discarded plastic bag.

Vincent stood up to his full height and stared down at the other folks in the gym. Even the biggest bro on the gym floor was barely eye level with Vincent’s nipples. His head nearly hit the ten-foot ceiling of the gym lobby. There was no one who even came close to rivaling his sheer muscle mass. Even Thomas, Vincent’s former idol and current crush, had a wingspan barely half that of Vincent’s own. Vincent posed and flexed for the awed audience. His pecs were the size of king-sized pillow. His biceps bulged out the size of basketballs. Each individual abdominal muscle was easily the size of a football. The looks of lust and envy he was receiving from the peanut gallery made him even more excited. The adoration was intoxicating and invigorating. In no time at all, his fat chubby had grown into a massive erection. His rock-hard cock was easily as thick almost as thick as the punching bag with hung in the corner of the room. The tip of his rigid, pre-dribbling dick stood up to almost his nipples. His enormous, beach ball sized nuts dangled down past his knees.

Vincent was massive! He was beyond huge. He was hands down the biggest guy in the gym. Hell, he was the biggest guy to ever live. He made Samson from the bible look like Simon from the chipmunks! He was so incredibly huge, but he could already feel that nagging desire gnawing at the back of his mind. He could get bigger. He had several pills left. He had over half a bottle. Just four pills had turned him into a veritable titan. What could another five do?

Vincent’s hands were shaking as he tilted the bottle once more and poured some pills onto his palm. The sane and rational part of his mind was screaming at him to stop. There was no need to get any bigger. He was the hugest guy around. No one came close to rivaling him. He was in a league of his own. With each pill he downed the effects became more intense. If he took any more there was no telling his incredibly enormous he could become, but as the sane part of his mind continued to plead with him, Vincent’s desires steadily took over. He wanted to be huge so bad. He wanted it so bad that the thought of not taking any more pills physically pained him. He could feel the aching longing in his heart pleading for more. Vincent tapped the bottle again and poured the last few pills onto his palm. By this point the tablets which had looked to be the size of dimes were looking more like Tic Tacs in his enlarged palm, but he knew they would still pack a punch. It was with that in mind that in mind that he tossed the entire palm full of pills into his mouth and waited for the next growth spurt.

The next growth was less of a spurt and more of a surge. His muscles rapidly expanded outward, and he grew taller and taller by the second. He was growing so fast that as he looked out at the audience he could see them shrinking away. Soon he was so tall that he had to hunch over. His back pressed against the tiles of the ceiling, and still he was rapidly growing. He staggered out of the lobby and into the main exercise room. The tall ceiling in there gave him much more room to grow, but even now he could tell it wouldn’t be enough. He was already over ten feet tall and growing by the second. Vincent stood back up to his full height and stared down at the small people that stood around him. Even the tallest guy in the room barely reached Vincent’s waist. Most folks were eye level with Vincent’s crotch. They stared in awe at the towering titan and the titan’s cock which was now as thick and as tall as the beefiest bro in the gym. Vincent’s exercise ball sized nuts were now so huge that they hung down to his shins, and still they were growing larger and larger. Vincent couldn’t help himself. He chuckled and flexed as he grew larger and larger. The surge of growth was addicting. He wanted to get bigger. He never wanted to stop growing. He knew he’d never get enough of the looks of awe and envy from everyone he saw. Even Thomas himself was staring up at Vincent as if he was some sort of god. It was intoxicating. Vincent basked in the sensations of the growth and the rush of adrenaline that came with being so universally adored by everyone. He soaked up the praise and reveled in the strength he now had, and he knew he was still getting larger. The people around him looked smaller and smaller by the second. His eyes were high enough off the ground that he could look out over the second floor balcony and see all the people who were jogging away on the treadmills. It was now time for an entirely new group of people to realize what had been happening downstairs.

A few of the braver people in the upstairs loft ran to the edge of the railing to check out the studly titan. The rest either bolted for the stairs and hung back towards the walls. Vincent just continued to chuckle and grow. Soon his chin was even with the railing. His entire, massive head loomed over the second floor loft, but his growth didn’t stop there. He continued to grow and swell. He packed on muscle pound after pound. He grew inch after inch, and all the while his cock and balls were swelling faster than the rest of him. Soon he had to hunch over just to even fit in the room. He was so tall that he filled up two floor worth of space and then some. He eventually grew so huge that his back pressed against the ceiling as if he was Atlas holding up the world. It was at this point that Vincent realized that if he didn’t do something he would soon bring the whole building toppling down on him and his adoring fans. He slowly and awkwardly squatted down. His beefy bare booty made landfall atop the various workout benches and weight sets. The metal bent and crumpled like tinfoil under the tons of masculine brawn. Vincent was so big and burly that his beefy butt cheeks filled almost the entire workout room floor. He had to pull his knees in close just to fit in the small room. His wide shoulders nearly filled the entire room wall to wall as well. He was cramped into the workout room like a sardine in a can. His massive, shed-sized nuts sat heavily on the ground between his legs. His humongous cock stood straight and tall directly in front of him. The tip of his enormous dick reached right up to his chin. With his body filling so much of the room, there were few places for the tiny people to fit in with him. Many had left the room for safer locations, but there were a few who were either too enamored or too cramped to leave. Among these folk, Vincent spotted a few familiar faces including that of his crush.

Thomas looked so tiny compared to the now titanic stud. Thomas didn’t even compare to even Vincent’s cock. Vincent’s massive dick so thoroughly dwarfed the tiny heartthrob that Thomas could easily have slid right inside the slit of Vincent’s colossal cock, and judging by the look of silent, lusty awe that Thomas was giving the now massive Vincent, it was clear that Thomas would enjoy such a venture. In fact, Thomas was so enthralled by Vincent and his massive cock that the tiny dude had scaled up the side of Vincent’s shed-sized nuts and was now staring up at the towering cock. Vincent’s cock was so massive that Thomas’s wasn’t even half as tall as Vincent’s dick. The enormous spire of Vincent’s cock was so huge that it was wider than a set of double doors. Thomas couldn’t even stretch his arms all the way across the puffed up ridge along the underside of Vincent’s enormous fully boned cock, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He rubbed his tiny, toned body against Vincent’s gigantic cock. All the while pre oozed out the tip of Vincent’s dick and cascaded over the tiny form of Vincent’s crush. It seemed the feelings were at least somewhat mutual.

Vincent was so hot and bothered both by the rush from his growth and the adoration he was receiving—especially the adoration from a certain specific little dude who was grinding up against his cock. Vincent felt like he could cum at any second. He was so horny he just wanted to stroke one out right then and there, and he was long past any semblance of modesty. He gripped both hands around his massive cock. His dick was so huge that even his titanic hands couldn’t wrap all the way around the thick, meaty spire. Even if he were to connect his two hands thumb to thumb he still couldn’t get the fingers to meet on the other side, but that was fine with him. He leaned back against the concrete wall of the gym and began eagerly pumping his massive cock, taking Thomas along for a ride in the process. Vincent could feel the form of the tiny guy writhing and wriggling in his hands which just made him even hornier. Thomas was so small that he could have fit completely in the palm of one of Vincent’s hands!

Vincent was so horny from the growth and from the looks of lust from his fans that he had been close to creaming the whole time. As such, it wasn’t long before he reached the end of his stamina. His massive muscle rippled and flexed with each heavy breath he took. Sweat glistened on his enormous muscles making them appear even more fantastic than they already were. His body shook with enough force to make the entire gym tremble. Vincent’s massive cock began to buck and lurch in his hands. He tried to hold out for just a bit longer, but it wasn’t meant to be. He let out a loud, low moan and then the spurting began. Huge, thick ropes of spunk arced into the air and splattered against the ceiling. Ropes of jizz shot over the railing and splashed down on the second floor loft. The thick shots of spunk dripped from the roof and splashed down on the floor of the gym thoroughly coating some of the more adventuresome audience members, but none of these people were near as drenched as Thomas. Thomas had been laminated in pre long before Vincent had even began cumming, and the spurts of cum that oozed down Vincent’s cock coated the tiny stud even further. Thomas was literally dripping spunk by the time Vincent was done, and not all of the jizz that clung to his skin was Vincent’s. Thomas had creamed his own shorts while being pinned between the titan’s palm and pillar.

After blowing his load, Vincent began to come down from the high that he had been riding. For the first time he was able to really take stock of just how massive he had become. His broad, barrel chest was as wide as a billboard. His enormous cock towered like a grain silo. He was now so enormous that his head brushed against the ceiling even though he was seated flat on his ass. He was almost two stories tall while seated! He had to be pushing fifty feet in height! It was when Vincent began to come down from the afterglow that he began to realize the first problem. There was no way he could get out of there. He filled the entire room and then some. The doors were all too tiny for him. The best he could do was burst through the wall like the Kool-Aid man. Just thinking about what it must look like to see a fifty-foot tall titan crash through a solid wall of cement got Vincent’s cock twitching to life all over again. What would the rest of the world think when they saw him? He had made a scene in the gym, but the world out there was even bigger. Fifty feet didn’t sound so impressive stacked up against Sears tower. Vincent smirked as he wondered if it would be possible to talk Terrence into making another batch of pills. Who knows? Maybe he could even offer a few to Thomas as well.

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