Birthday bonus

by john smith

In a world where magic is real, Jeremy's enchanted 18th-birthday gifts are put to immediate use.

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Jeremy tore into wrapping paper, eager to see his next birthday present. His quick fingers revealed a box, and inside it a small sculpture of a penis, done in brass. The metal prick was about four inches long and as thick as a cigar. A flared head peeked out of the foreskin, and two smooth knobs bulged at the other end. The thing gleamed richly in the light, almost glistening with promise.

"Oh man, thanks, dad," the boy screeched, his voice rising in pitch. He held to the model up to show the group, bouncing with excitement.

"That's not all, sport," Jeremy's dad said, handing him another box. "This one's from your mom." Jeremy tore open the new package and revealed another model, this of a dick shaft about five inches long and as thick as his own.

"Mom, thanks!" Jeremy cradled the models to his chest and beamed at his parents and the crowd of laughing relatives.

"Grow up, Jer," his friend Mike shouted, unleashing a storm of bawdy jokes at the boy's expense. Jeremy blushed scarlet and grinned, too excited to care.

"Go for it, buddy," his dad urged, smiling indulgently at his newly eighteen year-old son. "We'll be here when you're done."

Jeremy bolted off the couch and pounded up the stairs, fleeing the encouraging cheers of his family. He skipped through his door and locked it, dropping the two heavy little models on his bed. He skinned out of his party clothes in an instant and tumbled down on his bed. Picking up the model of the dick shaft he held it with trembling fingers. His own pink shaft jerked upward, fattening as his body flushed with heat. Jeremy gently grasped the end of his shaft with his left hand, holding it still and straight in front of him. He put the base of the model shaft against the very tip of his cock, pressing the chill metal against his head. His breathing went ragged, his heart pounding as he lightly cupped his left hand around both shafts. Slowly he pushed his hips forward, holding the model steady and pressing his dick against the smooth base. His soft head jammed into the metal, painful until he relaxed and pulled back. Taking a deep breath he pushed forward again, and again, getting into a rhythm. The heavy metal warmed quickly in his hands, growing almost hot. Despite the pain a steady flood of precum drooled out, making it harder to keep his cockhead on target, but he kept careful aim. His mind nearly blank, his dick almost numb, Jeremy started to run his hand over the join between the two shafts, jacking lightly over the smooth metal and the smoother skin. An intense warmth flooded his entire four and a half inches, sparks of pure pleasure jumping under his fingers. Breathing in, he ran his fingers all the way to the tip of the model and grasped firmly. His entire body quivered as he drew his hand slowly back, caressing the full extended length down his dick. A shivery, sliding sensation engulfed his cock, and the boy dropped back onto the mattress as jets of cum blasted out. Jeremy's entire body tensed with the force of it, and cum dripped from his cheeks before it was done.

A towering nine inches of solid white teenmeat now jutted from Jeremy's crotch. Beads of pearly cum slid down from the massive pink head as it bobbed to the force of Jeremy's beating heart. For a few minutes the boy simply lay there, coming down from the most intense physical high of his young life. His newly grown dick drooped and fell to lay thick over his gently rippled belly. Jeremy's hand cradled the enormous mound of flesh, examining every bit of his new equipment and marveling at its feel. He rooted around for the other model and held it up, grinning as his mind flooded with new possibilities.

Selling attributes was a risky thing, done mostly by people in desperate need. In exchange for money or whatever else sealed the deal, a person would allow a mage to remove the essence of a piece of his being. It could be almost anything: the color of his eyes, the sense of touch from his hands, or his sense of perfect pitch. Physical attributes were among the most popular, and this definitely included the size of a man's dick. The essence of the attribute would be removed from the donor and bound into a brass model, ready to transfer to its new owner. Once added to the recipient's body the attribute would compound the recipient's own self; in the case of dick size this could produce some very startling effects indeed. At the moment of transfer the donor would be left with a tiny slit for pissing while the entire mass of his meat was added to the lucky buyer. Jeremy now possessed over nine inches of cock to enjoy, while some poor guy was gonna learn to do without.

The second model was something else again, and Jeremy's new dick rose up at the thought. This model, encompassing all of a man's genitals, contained the man's entire sex drive. Once Jeremy accepted it the donor's dick would never interest him again, while Jeremy would have all of the man's lust, stamina, and drive added to his own. He'd heard of stories where taking an extra sex drive had strange effects, like suddenly being overwhelmingly attracted to horses, or turned on by umbrellas. It was possible to be oversexed, and to never be able to move without springing wood, but Jeremy was sure his parent's wouldn't have given him anything dangerous.

Absorbing this attribute would be a little trickier. Jeremy's dick was rock hard and leaking again, and the boy gently ran the model over the tip of it, coating it with precum. He started to rub the cold metal against his dick, rolling it against the shaft and nuzzling it down into his balls. Still rubbing, Jeremy inched his body over to his nightstand and grabbed his tube of hand lotion. He popped the cap and squirted a huge glob onto his dick, working the now-warm model to spread it around. Intensely eager now, he dumped another stream of lotion over his balls and slid the model down, into the join between his legs. For a minute he pumped the model back and forth, angling under his balls and into his crack, his other hand gliding on his dick. The head of the model worked at his hole, pushing at the tight little bud. The metal was as hot as his flushed skin now, and Jeremy lay back and pulled his legs back in the air. The model's smooth tip poised right at his hole and he increased the pressure. To absorb the new attribute he had to get the metal dick completely inside him, and his eagerness made him careless of any pain. The model head pushed in, he pushed out, and with a burning stretch the head slipped in. His ass burned, the pain stabbing up through his dick and making it wilt. Desperate, Jeremy forced the model deeper. The widening shaft pried his hole open further until it bottomed out at the hard metal balls. Spraying more lotion under his balls and over his hand, Jeremy twisted the model, working the rounded bulges against his stubborn ring. His arm trembled, the muscles standing out as he fought to get the metal inside him. More pain, a determined heave and a sudden hot relief. The model disappeared into him and his hole spasmed shut.

Jeremy lay back gasping, a huge fullness under his belly. His strained ass twinged, and twitched, and clenched as his swollen dick bobbed in time. His entire body writhed as the fullness expanded, swelling through his body and lighting every nerve. Jeremy's lip's pulled back in a rictus grin and his entire conscious self exploded through his dick. Endless streams of cum poured out, drenching his upper body as every muscle tensed. Finally it ended, leaving him a young man in a too small skin, still burning for release.

An hour later Jeremy awoke, exhausted and dazed. The heavy weight of flesh on his groin reassured him, as did the fire that burned through his body when his fingers brushed his dick. He jumped in the shower and dressed, walking heavily back down to his party.

By now most of his guests had left, leaving only Mike and his parents. None of the adults looked up from their cards as he plopped down on the couch, but Mike came over and dropped down next to him.

"Dude. What's up," Mike half-whispered, his eyes dropping to Jeremy's crotch.

"Not much, now," Jeremy replied, "but it was before."

"So. Um. What's it like?" Mike's gaze was intensely curious, fixed on the soft bulge so clearly visible beneath Jeremy's shorts.

"Big. And cool." Jeremy could hardly begin to tell his friend what had happened, and from the heat of his still-buzzing crotch he knew that telling wasn't the answer anyway. "Wanna, um … see?" Mike's eyes grew huge at this, but after a second he nodded. Jeremy led the way back upstairs.

The door locked behind them and Mike seated on the bed, Jeremy unzipped and stripped down. His skin flushed in the cool air, glowing pink as blood rushed to his newly grown cock. Mike's eyes were fixed on his bobbing monster, and stayed fixed as Jeremy walked over to the bed. He sat so close to his friend that their thighs touched, bare skin to khaki. Jeremy's hand dropped to his dick and began to pump, unknowing.

"Damn, kid. That fucker's huge." Mike's voice was envious, as his hand hovered almost protectively over his crotch.

"Yeah. And I cum more now, too. Twice, huge, in an hour." Jeremy's still-raging dick attested nobly to his new stamina. His right arm, pumping, brushed Mike's and stayed in contact.

"I need to get off again. Wanna jerk?" Mike hesitated a little, awed and jealous of his bud's new tool, but nodded. Jeremy watched as he stood and stripped down to his ankle socks, then sat back a little bit away from his friend. Jeremy's hand was matched by Mike on his modest five incher, the two boys pumping and watching as each pleased his own. Somehow, Mike found that Jeremy was now pressed against his side, skin to skin and mingling sweat in the tense heat.

"Damn," Mike breathed again, reverent in the presence of that tower of meat. Jeremy slowed his stroke, showing off the entire length of his dick, then angling it toward his friend. Mike jerked, and watched, as the swollen pink head reached toward his leg. A slight twist of Jeremy's body brought the hot flesh down on his thigh.

"Dude." Mike's hand paused as he stared at Jeremy's cockhead. A thick pulse of precum oozed onto his skin. "Dude," he whispered again. Twisting further, Jeremy drew his dick up Mike's thigh to his hip and back, leaving slime trails on his pale freckled skin.

"Dude." Mike's voice was so faint as to be inaudible. Jeremy pumped his hand down to the end of his dick and continued, his fingers gliding over his friend's soft thigh. His fingers overlapped Mike's as they wrapped around his friend's shaft. His dick slid over to rest on the top of Mike's thigh as his body turned sideways on the couch, his torso pressed close against Mike's chest. Jeremy guided their hands over Mike's dick, worshipping its length as his slid up the side of Mike's soft belly. For a few minutes the boys stayed there, jacking one dick with the other pressing into the soft skin of Mike's stomach. Jeremy slipped his leg over Mike's and turned his body, planting his hand on the couchback next to Mike's head and rolling his body upwards, bringing his dick level with Mike's mouth. Jeremy stood here for a minute, slowly pumping his dick, letting drops of precum fall on his friend's stomach.

"Uh, dude," Mike whispered, his eyes almost crossed as the tip of Jeremy's dick drew nearer. Mike licked his lips, and again, and then the spongy head touched them. Mike kept his mouth closed for a beat. Jeremy jacked once, precum beading on Mike's ruby lips. One quick dart by Mike's tongue swiped it away, and flicked the tip of his bud's dick. It did it again, then again, and slowly Mike's lips parted to let Jeremy's monster glide through. Only half of Jeremy's new dick fit inside, but his fist wrapped around the base and jerked delicate strokes. The head lay heavy on Mike's tongue, and it was a full minute before Mike's hand resumed its own work on his cock.

Jeremy's lean hips started to saw back and forth, drawing his dickhead over Mike's hot tongue. The young man simply sat there, letting his mouth provide Jeremy with a nice wet hole to fuck. His friend picked up speed, going a little deeper with each thrust, and soon the back of Mike's throat was coated with free-flowing precum. The boy swallowed, on the downstroke, and Jeremy's cock popped right through to peek down into his throat. Jeremy pulled back and kept the next few strokes shallow, letting Mike cough a little and get used to the notion. Soon Jeremy's dick was back and deeper, working its way balls deep to his best bud's lips. Though he didn't know it, Mike had done something only a few adults could do, taking a nine inch dick all the way. Jeremy stretched up on his toes and relaxed, his entire huge dick buried down Mike's throat. Pulling back only to let his friend snatch a breath, Jeremy spent the next five minutes plugging his buddy's throat with cock. Finally he pulled out, fully, and let Mike recover.

As his friend gasped and breathed, Jeremy stroked his cock and pondered what to do next. He had a good enough notion of fag sex to know that one big border had yet to be crossed, and though the idea felt weird his dick pulsed at the thought. Leaving Mike to sit he picked up the tube of lotion and greased his dick. Jeremy knelt between his friend's widely spread legs and poured a puddle of lotion down the base of his balls. Dropping the tube and gripping his dick, Jeremy guided his fat head in between Mike's smooth cheeks. Mike's gaze sharpened on his face as he felt the hot touch of bare cockskin between his legs. Jeremy's cockhead nuzzled in under Mike's furry balls, the fat orbs parting in their baggy sack to rest on either side of his shaft. Sliding down into the crack Jeremy felt Mike's hole with the tip of his dick, stopping there to jack his shaft and rub on the little ring. Mike sat frozen on the couch, his hand wrapped on his dick, the dark red knob peeking out from his fist. The boy stared wide eyed at Jeremy's sparsely furred groin, the hot little nudges of Jeremy's dick on his ass sending shivers through his belly.

Jeremy pulled away and scooted back on his knees, putting his hands under Mike's knees and throwing the boy's legs over his shoulders. He pulled Mike's hips forward to the edge of the couch, forcing him to lay back on the cushions. His hand's on Mike's hips, Jeremy's dick pushed into the very base of Mike's crack and swept upward, sliding neatly into the valley between his firm asscheeks. On every stroke he felt Mike's pucker rub the head and underside of his cock. Five happy minutes spent long dicking the crack was enough, and Jeremy pulled back a little to place the tip of his dick right at Mike's hole. Feeling his bud's rod pause there, Mike woke from his trance.

"Hey. Jer, hey," Mike whispered, lifting his head to peer into his friend's face. "What…#034; The boy's eyes rolled back and his lips hung slack as Jeremy pushed and wiggled his dick dead center between Mike's cheeks. He didn't try to enter yet but pushed on it hard, working at the ring. Jeremy didn't think but knew instinctively that to get his monster inside he'd have to move slow. Even with his doubled sex drive he knew it'd be much more intense to do it right. The boy went from driving at Mike's hole to rubbing his cockhead around it, pushing the tight muscle to relax.

Mike's strong soccer playing calves squeezed around Jeremy's neck, his socked feet rubbing together behind his bud's head as a strange pleasure lit his body. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the feeling, and let his ass loosen a tiny bit. Jeremy felt it as his head notched in slightly giving ring. Tiny firm jabs worked it further in, the tight flesh surrounding the tip, and he hauled his dick around in circles to further widen the ring. Slowly, slowly the head pushed in, Mike whimpering as his ass continued to bloom. One bad moment and Mike's eyes flew open as the widest part of the head slid in, but once Jeremy felt his boy's ass swallow the knob of his new cock, nothing was going to stop him from getting it in to the hilt. Leaning his weight on Mike's hips to pin his friend to the cushions he slid his dick forward. An inch in, and Mike gasped.

"Jer! Jer! No…#034; The last word trailed off into a deep moan that vibrated all down his tight body and up Jeremy's cock. Another inch followed, and another. Faster, Jeremy's shaft slid smoothly in, Mike's hole opening before it to take the thicker base. Mike's body arched up, his legs dragging his bud's bare torso down and helping plant the last inch of cock inside him. Mike's firm nutsack pressed against his belly, his own looser balls dangling against Mike's ass, Jeremy paused to savor his first fuck. That it was a guy, that it was his best friend didn't matter in the least as the sheer raw pleasure of Mike's tight ass sucked at his dick. He jammed his hips against Mike, not getting any deeper but feeling the boy's insides squirm against his dick.

The trip out was fun, back in was funner. Mike's legs fell down from Jeremy's shoulders as the fifth thrust went home, his heels hooking behind Jeremy's ass to haul the boy forward. Mike's hands found Jeremy's as they gripped his hips, and his fingers clung to slender forearms that tensed as they heaved his butt to a better angle. Jeremy's balls slapped on ass as his cock squished inside on its coating of lotion and precum. His amped sex drive roaring, Jeremy growled and seized Mike's left leg, raising it up and forcing the boy to roll with his cock still buried. With Mike now belly down over the edge of the bed Jeremy rammed in, lost in the heat and sweat as Mike writhed beneath him.

"Uh, uh, uhhhh, man, fuck! Fuck! Me!" Mike found his voice at last as Jeremy's dick tripped something inside him to set his entire being burning with pleasure. No more laying there, no more letting Jeremy do the work. This was his first fuck too, and if he was getting instead of giving, well, his ass had no problem with that.

"Bitch, fuck, you bitch! Your cock is in my ASS! AHHHHH!" Mike's bellow stunned Jeremy for a minute, until the boy lunged backward to get things moving once more. Now both teens panted and cursed and thrashed, trying to put every inch of cock into Mike's hole as often as possible. The bed creaked, Jeremy's chest pressed on Mike's smooth back, his hard nipples sliding in their mingled sweat. Not missing a beat Jeremy got one foot planted on the floor, then the other, and crouched over Mike's outthrust ass, his entire body now ramming down to feed dick into his buddy's chute.

Mike let his head fall onto the cushion and reached down under his belly for his dick. A bare second after his fingers wrapped around his shaft he exploded, showers of cum soaking the carpet and the awesome waves ripping through his body wringing Jeremy's dick almost painfully in his ass. The boy's entire body flopped about under Jeremy's weight and finally lay still, balls drained and mind numb with pleasure. Jeremy slowly pulled out, unregarded by his spent friend, and sat back on his heels to pump his shining dick and gaze at the flushed, creamy skin of Mike's back. For a few minutes Jeremy let his friend recover, keeping his dick awake but not happy with long slow strokes of his fist, until he'd had enough. He sprang to his feet and leaned over Mike, grabbing the lager boy's hips and hauling him up. Mike's feet left the floor for an instant and he abruptly found himself standing folded almost double. His hands frantically braced on the couch back and Jeremy steadied his hips. The huge firm heat filled him again as Jeremy lined up and thrust to the hilt. There was no warm up now as Jeremy fucked him hard, nailing his man cunt with all the power of a horny teen buried in his first hot hole and closing fast on the edge.

Mike's cock dangled beneath him, swaying thickly as the blood rushed back to the half-deflated mass. Precum poured down as Jeremy turned him out for almost ten minutes. Conscious thought faded in the furnace of pleasure roaring in his gut, and the boy was so far gone that drool hung from his slack lips as Jeremy neared the end. Searing jets of thick boycum flooded his gut, Jeremy pumping until his dick stopped jerking and then resting with his cock buried full in Mike's ass. The boy slid slowly from Mike's thoroughly ravaged hole, letting the soccer player drop like a puppet with his strings cut as his only support withdrew. Mike lay crumpled in a heap and Jeremy staggered to his desk chair to recover.

After about five minutes Jeremy's heart had slowed and his breathing eased. His dick was a little more than half hard, and bobbed in the warm air as he shambled over to grab a bottle of water out of his mini-fridge. Jeremy drained the water in half a dozen swallows and perched on his bed to consider the heap of sweat-drenched boy at his feet. Mike's eyes were slitted, just the barest hint of blue showing under the blond lashes. His breathing was slow and even and his skin was flushed pink. He hadn't shown the slightest awareness as Jeremy moved about the room, and he didn't stir as Jeremy's bare toes slid gently up his thigh.

Jeremy spent a minute playing with Mike's limp dick, caressing its sticky skin with his foot. Jeremy's own dick rose in response to the touch, and he covered it with a fresh coat of lotion. Laying down behind the boy, Jeremy spooned up to him, cuddling against his broad hairless back. His dick nuzzled in between Mike's asscheeks, sliding through the puffy gaping lips with his own fresh cum greasing the way. Mike sighed deep in his throat as bud penetrated his body once again. The boy stirred a little, pillowing his head on his clasped hands and snuggling his ass back into Jeremy's hips. Then he went still again and drifted as Jeremy pleasured them both with his new-massive dick.

Jeremy took his time, gently gliding a few inches back and forth in his buddy's butt. He draped a slender arm over Mike's chest as he worked, liking the closeness he felt with the body pressed along his. Eventually his fingers drifted down to find Mike's dick and work it, awkward but sincere. Mike evidently appreciated it as his dick stiffened, but the boy remained in a blissful daze and made no conscious move. Slowly, almost tenderly Jeremy's dick released a second dose of cum into his friend. This thinner load joined the pool in Mike's gut, and the boy's own cum drooled out in response. Sated, the boys slept.

It was Mike moving under him that woke Jeremy the next morning. The sun streamed bright through the windows, half blinding him and gilding Mike's form a pale gold. He slitted his eyes and gazed down the length of Mike's body, the tiny red mound of Mike's nip jutting large as his head pillowed on his friend's chest. Mike shifted again, his belly rising as he drew a deep breath. Jeremy rolled off to lay beside him, their shoulders touching as they faced one another from a few inches away. Mike's blue eyes opened and stared into him.

"Mmm. Morn'," Mike whispered, his body tensing in a long stretch.

"Hey," Jeremy replied, grinning.

Mike's sleepy eyes drifted closed again as he untensed, letting Jeremy drink in the sight of his beautifully relaxed form. How could he have thought even a few hours ago that he'd think of his best friend as beautiful? Beautiful was for girls, and yet on this morning, in this light, Mike was it. His dad's heavy tread down the hall ended any thoughts of exploring that idea today, but he had no interest in not thinking it again. With the sun fully up, the two boys eventually rose to face the day.

4,359 words Added Jan 2006 27k views (#433) 4.9 stars (13 votes)

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