Blink and it’s gone

by Double-U

 Mark is amazed he’s able to land a date with Connor, the unbelievably hot stud who approached him out of nowhere. But things get complicated when it turns out that Connor is not who he appears to be.

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I can’t believe I’m in this situation. It almost seems too good to be true. Like I will blink and wake up from a day dream. But this is no day dream. Okay, so, a few days ago, when I was hanging out at the movies, this handsome black-haired stud walks up to me, shoulders moving from side to side, and asks me out. Me! Of all people. And of course, I stand there, starring at his perfect face and stunning body, which could stop traffic a mile away, my eyes drowning in his calming blue eyes. After he clears his throat, it dawns on me that my mind melted into pudding as I gawked at his gorgeously sculpted body. Thank god I wasn’t drooling. I mean, why would this hunk be interested in a type of guy like me—a pathetic, and slightly overweight, 27-year-old who just barely saved enough money to move out of his parent’s house?

But anyway, I was so stunned, I simply said “Sure,” and just gave him my phone number. And here’s the real kicker, he actually called me yesterday! Like, a phone call and everything—his voice still as silky smooth as the day we first met. We set up a time and a place, and here I am. Sitting in the parking lot at the steak house on the corner of Brookside and Maple.

With nothing else to do, I sit in my car, alone, and ponder on why would he want to go out with me. I just don’t get it. Could this be an elaborate prank? I stare out the window, observing families entering the restaurant. Or am I just really shallow? Well, we can call it hesitant.

I almost persuade myself to leave when my phone vibrates and I jump so high, I am surprised my head didn’t hit the ceiling. It’s him. Connor. He says that he arrived and is grabbing a table.

Well, obviously, he can’t know that I have been sitting here in the parking lot for over 10 minutes now, so I just text him back that I will be there shortly. After I spend a few more minutes contemplating leaving or not, I gather up my courage to walk in. I find the table where Connor is sitting and we lock eyes. I try to put on my friendliest smile and walk over, trying my best to look cool.

When he stands up, I see that he is wearing a nice polo and a jacket, a really expensive looking jacket. He looks spectacular. He fills it out perfectly; I can see the outline of his massive shoulders and defined arms, as well as his developed chest underneath. In the back of my head, I scold myself for not wearing my nicer jacket.

Being in that jacket, he has some spectacular definition. He looks like a committed gym rat—he probably spends hours at the gym. He even looks better than he did when we met.

We shake hands and I could tell he uses some restraint so he doesn’t crush my hand—he could probably do that effortlessly. The waiter comes over and we order some drinks and appetizers.

Connor and I exchange small talk, and it’s awkward. Or rather, I’m awkward. At least until the waiter comes back with the booze and appetizers.

I take a few gulps of my beer and my anxieties diminish slightly. I can’t help but think about his true motives for being here… with me. He’s way out of my league.

“I see you’re thirsty, huh,” Connor asks. Why did he say that? Now it is really awkward. Crap. Can he tell that I’m nervous? How do I look less nervous? I need to look more normal. Wait, is this how I normally sit? Or like this? Okay, this is a problem, I have to stop fidgeting.

“It was just a long day at work is all.” I think that is a pretty good response. I hope. He takes an interest in where I work—at a marketing agency, so we talk about that for a bit. He works as an accountant, and I don’t think I can imagine him in a small cubical. I nearly laugh at that thought.

We talk about many different topics, such as our childhood and our lives right now. Actually, it’s me who is doing most of the talking. That’s strange, now that I think about it. I wonder why he really isn’t sharing details about his past. I have been more than detailed with mine. And I’m totally sick of hearing my own voice for now. I should ask him a really good question, you know, to stimulate him to talk a lot. I’m dying to hear that sexy voice of his talk in complete sentences.

But, I guess I am a little buzzed, because say something that I normally wouldn’t on a first date. And I say, “So, tell me. I see that you’re in great shape. What’s your motivation?” I couldn’t help myself. I can’t believe I just asked him that. I mean, it really isn’t a personal question or anything like that, but… Ehh, might as well just roll with it. “Is it a hobby, or…”

Connor looks at me, as if to think about his answer. Ooh, this is going to be good. He probably has a lot of things to say about this. Most of the people I met who work out have tons of things to say about their workout and diet, and all of that stuff.

After a few seconds of silence, he shrugs his broad shoulders and responds, “Yeah… I guess.” That’s it.

I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it, so I better not push. But why not? I mean, he can just tell me that he doesn’t want to talk about it. What the hell—I’m going to go for it. “How long have you been working out?” Besides, it’s no secret that he works out—just look at him—so why not ask?

“A while…” The waiter comes with our entrees, and Connor stops his explanation dead in his tracks—damn. To be honest though, he does look slightly uncomfortable. Wonder why… Anyway, looks like I won’t hear the end of that sentence. He does look somewhat uncomfortable. Well, at least the food is here. I’m starving.

During dinner, I do get more information out of him—his current interests and hobbies, but nothing from the past really. Maybe he has some sort of learning disability? Or social thing? But with a body like that, you could get away with just about anything.

Not before long, our plates are empty and the server is bringing the bill. Well, I don’t know if this night was a disaster or what. It was nice to stare at this hunk, with his fit torso and handsome face.

“Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom,” I say. I could use a break of carrying the conversation on my shoulders. I mean, he’s very interested in what I have to say—I even feel like he is hanging onto every word. But, nonetheless, it’s exhausting.

But anyway, as I walk around the back of his chair, I bump into his shoulder. Now, it was a complete accident, really not a big deal. As I bump into him, it catches him completely off guard and he jumps and every muscle in body tenses up for a millisecond. And then the strangest thing happens.

The whole restaurant, everything—the tables, people, waiters, drinks—everything, shakes for a fraction of a second—almost like a mini earthquake. Only we are in south Jersey—we don’t get those here. Ever.

Even the lights blink in and out a few times, which cast very interesting shadows on the walls and tables.

The whole restaurant goes quiet. No one knows what to do. The rumble only lasts for a second, and I almost lose my footing and practically fall. And just as quick as it began, it stopped. Even the fire alarm screams one or two times. The steak house is silent, the only sound that could be heard is from the faint music in the background.

What the hell was that? An earthquake? On second thought, maybe I should sit down, incase if it happens again. The entire restaurant slowly comes back to life as the threat retreats into the shadows of the past.

Connor and I just end up sitting in silence for a few seconds. I reach for my glass of water and take a few sips.

“That was… I don’t even know,” I say, my mind still reliving the shake. But Connor he looks flushed.

“I’d better go. We should do this again sometime. It was fun to get out and meet an interesting person such as yourself,” Connor says, putting some cash on the table. He gets up, and says, “I’ll call you later, okay?”

“Okay. See you later,” I manage to say before he’s out of ear range. Huh. What just happened?

Before I know it, I’m back, sitting in my car, driving home to my apartment. The second I arrive at my apartment, I plop on my bed. I can’t believe that just happened. It is almost as if he made the restaurant shake when I bumped into him. But, that’s crazy talk. Right? I wonder if I will ever hear from that muscle stud ever again. God, I hope so.

So, our date was last week, and because he ran out on me, and I am sure I will never hear back from Connor. It’s a shame—he is gorgeous. I go about my week routine—shower, work, Netflix, dinner, sleep. Oh, crap, I just remembered that I had to stop at the store today. I’ll go tomorrow.

Right in the middle of episode 6 of Gray Winter, one of the best shows on Netflix, my phone rings. It’s Connor. He says that he’s sorry for running out of our dinner suddenly and wants to make it up to me. I guess I can give it another shot. I am shocked that he called me again, so I guess anything can happen.

So, after deciding on a time and place, Greenwood Park at noon tomorrow, I eagerly count down the hours until I can see him again. 22 more hours until I see him again. 22 hours until I can feel up his body with my eyes. But, I am not excited for him to sit there and listen to me talk. I really don’t like talking for long periods of time. Whatever. It is pretty worth it.

The next day, I pull into the Greenwood Park parking lot, still pretty nervous. And what about Connor’s true intentions? I mean, he could have just been freaked out about the tremor last week. And to be honest, the tremor freaked me out a little also.

I see him waiting in the parking lot, leaning up against his shiny navy blue 4x4 truck, holding a wooden basket and blanket. It almost looks like a picture for an advertisement. Even the part where he sees me coming, and holds up his hand to wave, subconsciously displaying his large bicep. He is wearing a pretty tight tee shirt with some shorts. I gotta say, he looks as strong as a bull. His stomach is flat, and I even see some outlines of his abs. His large pecs stretch the fabric of his shirt, which lead to his meaty shoulders. And don’t even get me started on his arms. He could probably push his truck, uphill, with one arm. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

I get out and walk on over. It turns out that he packed a picnic with sandwiches and other snacks for us. And sense it’s a beautiful day, I really can’t see anything going wrong. And it doesn’t. Lunch is perfect. We talk a lot about our jobs and our current obsessions on Netflix. Even favorite books, video games, and restaurants. I decide on not mentioning the tremor, or even our last date at the steak house. It’s just too perfect a day. I don’t want to screw it up.

And just as it began, it’s over. Just like that. I even invite him over to my apartment next week for a movie, and he agrees! He promises me that he isn’t going to bail out at the last minute, and we part ways.

I am pretty excited to hang out with him. Alone. To maybe get something physical. So far, it has just been like handshakes and stuff. I hope we get more intimate.

Speaking of intimate, we did start to text each other a few times a day, talking about small things that happened to us.

Until finally, today is the day. The day that I have been waiting for. It has been a long week at the office, so this is a nice reward for my hard work. I hear a knock at the door, and it’s Connor. He looks sharp as always, but he is covered up a little, thanks to his hoodie. Damn the temperature changes outside. It was beautiful last week.

I welcome him in and gesture over to the couches in the living room. Connor makes himself at home by rolling up his sleeves and unzip his hoodie. His hoodie is tight in all of the right places.

I can tell his upper body is very compact and tight. And now that his forearms are revealed, are they as cut as I remember. I try not to stare too long and join him on the couch. About 30 minutes into the movie, Connor casually puts his arm around me. It feels heavy on my shoulders and it turns me on. Instinctively, I slide over closer and lean myself on his chest. His body is warm and I can feel his chest rising and falling with the rhythmic sound of his breathing. His body is indeed very dense, but also quite comfortable.

I fight the urge to move my hand up and down his stomach, and I think I can fight it. That is, until he ever so slowly, moves his hand up and down my arm. This is definitely something new. Now, like I said, I am not fit. I haven’t ever been to a gym before. But just continues to rub, his hands warm and soft.

Our eyes are still glued to the tv screen—the movie still rolling. I feel so… so… at peace. And safe—like nothing could bring me down.

And boom, just like that, the movie is over. Apparently, a whole hour passed. I have been soaking up this new brand of feeling that I have been experiencing, thanks to Connor.

We sit there, watching the names roll down the screen, and I don’t want us ever to move from this couch. It is just too picture-perfect. I know it sounds crazy, but I am afraid to blink because this could all be gone before I know it.

And then the movie ended, and it was time to get up.

And just like that, I run my mouth without thinking. “God, you’re so hot.” The second I hear myself saying it, I almost regret it. That was really only supposed to be for my brain only. At least I am honest.

I sit up, avoiding his eyes by pretending to organize the coffee table. Connor puts his hand on my shoulder. “Hey.” He gently pulls me back, my eyes still avoiding his. “From where I come from, what’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside.” Wow. What a perfect response. I move my eyes towards his, and his face is warm and kind. I feel instantly better. Man, is he a keeper or what?

And he leans in, and I lean in, and just like that, we’re kissing. It’s just a short kiss, but it felt like an eternity. I put my arms around his back, and he did the same. Our chests pushed together as one. His pecs felt like some sort of firm cushion against mine, and his powerful arms wrapped around my skinny back. And I felt safe in those few seconds. Like nothing else mattered.

After the kiss, we both leaned back on the couch, digesting the latest events in silence. This relationship has been nothing short of a dream come true. I can’t believe it, still. I keep having to convince myself that this is not some sort of hidden camera tv show. And then, another thought that has been rattling around in my head reemerges.

I turn my head toward him. “Hey, so I wanted to ask you something,” I say. Connor remains silent, but slightly nods his head. “I was wondering if you wanted to… to partner with me at the gym? I could really use someone to nudge me in the right direction and mentor me.” I really can’t tell what he is thinking because I have not looked at him since I have said anything. I just feel so… exposed. I am letting one of my walls down, and I hope I don’t get crushed. “I just…”

Connor puts his hand on my shoulder. I can feel its weight and the potential power it could wield. “Say no more. Really. I think it’s a splendid idea and I would be honored.” I look over into his eyes, which are soft and kind.

“Yeah?” I can’t believe it was literally that easy. In retrospect, what was I so afraid of? Him laughing in my face? I think we’re past that.

“Of course!” Connor says, enthusiastically. Just the thought of me, one day, being as big as Connor sends a wave of excitement from my cock. “Only good things will come from this experience, and believe me, I can make you into something greater.” Connor lifts his hand toward the ceiling and follows it with his eyes and I started to laugh. I can see the determination in his eyes. “You know, actually, this could happen sooner than you think.”

What did he mean by that? I give him a confused look.

After a minute or two, Connor breaks the silence. “You know, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this with you, or with anybody for that matter, but I feel like now is a perfect time… It just feels right, so… here it goes.” Connor takes a deep breath. I sit up straight and turn to him. He repositions himself on the couch, leaning forward.

Wait, tell me what?

“Try to bear with me for a few seconds. Okay?” He pauses and waits for me to agree. “I’m not exactly what you would call a… human.” Connor’s voice gets low. He is either messing with me, which seems very out of character, or he’s crazy… But, fine, whatever. I will hear him out. He has been nothing short of a great guy. And my soon to be trainer.

So, I decide not to say anything. I just slowly nod a few times. Hopefully, he will clarify on his own. I don’t want him to get aggravated because the last thing I need is a big guy wrecking my new apartment.

Connor looks at me, gauging my reaction. After I say nothing, he continues. “I’m a being from a higher plane…” It looked like he was going to continue, but he stops. He breaks our eye contact a few times. His face is stone cold serious. I keep waiting for his reaction to break into a smile, but he never does. Maybe he is joking. I can’t tell.

“So, you are a… being… from a higher plane.” Huh. That wasn’t so bad… he could have been an ex-convict, right?

“There is more.” Of course, there is. “That thing with that tremor you saw before, at the restaurant…” Connor begins. That catches my attention. So, it was Connor who did that? Connor nods his head. “Yup, that was me. I can, uh, how to say it, I can alter reality in this space time. Normally, I have it under control, but you took me by surprise.” Well, that explains the tremor. But it’s a little far-fetched. I mean, come on. Does he think I was born yesterday?

Before I have a chance to reject what he was saying, he says, “Just, let me prove it to you.”

I could play along for a bit. I guess it won’t hurt. He really is a great guy, even though he just got weird sort of.

“…All right. Uhhh, what about…” Maybe he is playing with me? Like roleplaying in bed. Oh, maybe. Okay, what should I say… “What if you… stripped to your underwear…” Okay, I think that was a good response. Maybe this is some sort of game. Connor shrugs his shoulders, and in a blink of an eye, literally, a fraction of a second passes, and he is sitting on my couch, wearing nothing but his boxers. He didn’t move, he didn’t get up, he didn’t make a sound. Nothing. One second he is wearing his clothes, and the next he is practically naked. And the sight is marvelous. And I think my brain is broken.

Connor is ripped. He just stares at me as my eyes explore his athletic body. His arms are curvy and toned with muscle. His pecs expand outward and they form a small dip on the way down his chest. He also has eight clear cut abs. I watch his chest inhale and exhale and watch how his muscles move.

What just happened? There is no way he could have ripped off his clothes that fast, while I was watching. How did it happen? Could it be true that he is an ascendant? Meanwhile, Connor is just staring at me and shrugs his shoulders. “So? What do you think?”

I am pretty sure my mouth is wide open. My mind is desperately trying to rationalize the irrational. Could it be true? It has to be. The odds are probably one to a billion, plus or minus a few thousand. I put up a finger, trying to grasp the situation that is completely out of my control. “Okay, let’s take this in steps.” After Connor nods, I add, “Okay, higher plane. So like, what, another dimension?”

“Just let me put on something a little more comfortable…” and in an instant, he is wearing the same clothes that he was before. “Essentially, yes.” Okay, one question down, ten zillion to go. “And in that dimension, we exist purely as energy. I decided to live on this plane, or dimension if you want to call it, after my first trip here years ago. And I never left. I loved feeling the different experiences that this place has to offer; And I still do.” Connor reaches for my hand. I am hesitant at first, but then submit. He holds my hand. His hand is so soft, and so firm. Like a hand that could pull you out of a sinking ship. “Experiences even as simple as holding hands. To even feel the other person’s heartbeat. To feel the life-giving blood pulsing throughout the millions and millions of blood vessels and veins.” We sit there in silence, feeling each other’s rhythmic heartbeats. “That’s something we don’t have where I come from.”

“Ok, so if you exist as energy in that other place, how do you have a body now?” I ask. His story is somewhat far-fetched, but after what I just saw, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. And it also helps that he is a muscle hunk… oh, and the fact that this stud is actually into me.

“This body is just how this reality saw me, based on how I carried myself over there.” I nod. And boy, did this reality treat him well.

“And that is why you haven’t really talked about your childhood.” It’s all coming together. Connor nods his head.

“You know, if I knew this before, we could have been watching the movie on one of those ultra HD 4k tvs.” Connor raises his eye brows and glances at my tv. It’s now a brand new 4k tv.

“A little too late, I know, but there you go.” Connor points his hand to the tv. Just like that? I kind of feel like this is cheating, but let’s be honest. This is going to be fun. Real fun.

“So, tell me, how does it work? How do you just… change reality?” I ask. He can see my interest flowing out of my body.

“It’s hard to explain. I just… think it and it happens. It’s like I can recode the fabric of this spacetime. And I’m almost always in control, so it isn’t a subconscious thing.” What are the odds of this next level being having an interest in me? Wow, and to think that I almost stood him up at that steakhouse…

After a while, I manage to ask him a question that was buzzing around in the back of my brain. ”So, tell me… why did you chose me out of practically everyone on the planet?”

He doesn’t answer right away. “Because I am a good judge of character. I can tell that you are a good person and you have a good head on your shoulders…. And the fact that I saw you, and something just… I don’t know, clicked.” Connor looks into my eyes and I could almost feel him peering into my head.

The intense eye contact between us was just too much, resulting in the need to look away. Is he being honest? He looks pretty serious.

There is a second or two of silence, which gives me some time to remember our previous conversation—about the training. I also remember his last comment, which sparked this whole unreal revelation.

“So,” I stand up from the couch and glance around the room as I speak. “Tell me. What did you mean by that last comment?” The anticipation is killing me. What was he implying? Could all of this be true? Are there more of his kind blending into the human race? The thought of that kind of crude power in the hand of evil sends a shutter though my spine.

“About it being sooner than you think?” Connor stands up from the couch and walks over to where I was looking through the mirror hanging from the wall. I can see his huge mass approaching and turn around to face him.

“Yeah. Were you just saying to…”

Connor cuts me off, and says, “I could bulk you up a bit, if you want. You know, to give you more confidence in yourself. I know from experience that going to the gym for beginners is more than just going to the gym. It’s a confidence sort of thing. I could give you a head start, and then later this week or something, we could head over to work out together as partners.”

Oh my god, yes. Yes. Yes. “You can do that?” Connor nods his head. I try to make myself look calm and collected. When I woke up this morning, I never thought that this would be happening. Connor lifted his hands and places them on my chest. Here it comes! Connor closes his eyes; his breathing slows considerably.

His eyes shoot wide open and he drops his hands. “Crap. They found me.” Connor says, under his breath.

Wait, what? ‘They?’... ‘Found?’ Connor sees my confused look.

“Look, I may have left some things out.” Left somethings out? I take a step back. “People like me are not allowed to come to this dimension. And I was pretty sure that I covered my tracks, but I guess I didn’t do as good of a job as I thought.” I turn around to peer out the front window, overlooking the street below, instantly getting the feeling that someone, or something, is out there, watching my apartment. Of course, I don’t see anything out there, except for Connor’s blue truck parked on the side of the road. “Look, I’m sorry. The last thing I want is to have you get tangled up in my mess.” I turn back around, facing him.

“It’s fine, I guess,” I say. I am not too mad, but I don’t have the full picture, or really any of the details.

“Before I go, I do want to uphold my offer.” Wait, what? Was he still going to, you know, beef me up? I guess the training thing is off the table now. Maybe forever…

The overhead lights begin to blink on and off, which ends in a shutter and a soft bang. In an instant, there are two large men, dressed in all black, standing by the front door to my apartment. I involuntarily take a few steps back. This is all new to me. So, I guess, these men are like Connor and are from Connor’s dimension.

Connor walks up to the two men, who do not look happy. Connor’s hands are raised up to show that he has nothing to hide. Both men look oddly similar, which must be due to the fact that I can’t really see them; my living room lights burnt out and we were all standing in darkness.

The two men are around 6 foot, and wildly muscular. Like I said, they are wearing all black, and from the looks of it, they are wearing some sort of black caps on their heads.

“You thought you were clever enough to escape, and be hidden from our efforts to find you,” one of the men says, his voice booming. I can feel my insides rattling as each word escapes from his mouth.

The other man began speaking, “You are coming with us. NOW! And don’t even think about running from us, because where ever you go, we can find you. We are locked on to your bio signature.” Connor glances back at me, and he could see the fear, confusion, and worry on my face. What is going to happen to him?

“All right, all right, you got me. Just let me say my good byes to my friend, and then you can take me away.” Connor points at me behind him. The two men look toward each other, and whisper.

Both men nod, and one of them says, “Fine. But you only have a few seconds, so hurry up.” They continue their iron stare at the two of us as Connor turns around to face me.

I shake my head and try to ask him what was happening, but he puts a finger to my lips, quieting me.

“Just listen. I have to go with them.” With them? What is he crazy? Those men look they could rip him apart with their pinkies! Connor’s expression remains neutral and calm, despite the growing worry and confusion on my face. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. And I’ll make sure they will leave you out of it. But listen. I still plan on keeping my offer.” What? Really? Right now?

Connor closes his eyes, and I can tell he is focusing on his breathing. What is he doing? After a second, Connor continues, “Look under your bed, okay? I just put something there for you.” Of course, he can’t change me now, not with the two threatening men watching us in the corner. One of the men begins to tap his foot. “Follow the directions, and just have fun.” Connor leans in and kisses he. He puts his hands on my shoulders. “I will be back, I don’t know when, but I will be back.” The determination in his eyes burns bright.

“Okay, and Connor, thanks for everything.” He nods and I pull him in for a hug. This could be the last time I see him, at least for a while. He gives me a quick squeeze back and lets go. Connor turns around and raises his hands.

“Alright gentlemen, let’s go.” And in an instant, Connor and the two men are gone, leaving me in my dark living room, alone. What just happened? I walk over to my front door, and look out into the hallway. Yup, empty. They’re gone. I close the door and take a deep breath.

This whole day was crazy. It was then that I notice that my hands are subtly shaking. I decide to have a nice warm cup of tea to calm me down. So, I guess it’s true. Connor isn’t from this dimension. I take a long sip of tea and place the mug back on the counter. A thousand thoughts buzz through my mind. Will those guards, or whoever took Connor, be back?

I finish my tea, which did its job of calming my nerves and my mind down. Now, I guess I should go check out that box under my bed. Really, it could be anything. Could it really be some sort of appearance changing thing? Only one way to find out.

I leave my empty mug on the counter and walk into my bed room, not knowing what exactly I would find under my bed.

I kneel down and take a look under my bed. There is the normal stuff, you know, the things that are under everyone’s beds—old books, storage containers, shoes, and other miscellaneous things. But, in the corner, there is a somewhat large rectangular box with what appears to be a red ribbon. That must be what Connor was talking about.

I take it out from underneath my bed and place it on my desk. It’s just a simple rectangular cardboard box, wrapped in a big red ribbon. Pulling off the ribbon, I stare at the lid of the box. I have no idea what could possibly be inside this box, but whatever it is, could it really have appearance altering abilities?

My heart begins to race as I think of all of the possibilities. Could this be a joke? Could he be joking with me? Could it just be a pair of workout sweats and some sneakers?

I slowly remove the top of the box to see… … what are these?

Really? Clothes? … And underwear? Is he kidding? Is this a … wait. There’s a letter. Okay, this should explain what is really happening.

Dear Mark,

Sorry for the unexpected events that occurred at your apartment this afternoon. I was definitely caught off guard. I know you have tons of questions for me, so here are a few answers. Beings from my dimension aren’t allowed to exist in your reality and those guys, I guess you would call them cops, were from my dimension. But essentially, they caught me and are bringing me back to face charges. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but don’t worry about me. I’m also positive that those men, or anyone else from my dimension, will not come back to prosecute you or harm you or anything like that.

But anyway, I’m a man of my word, so the contents of this box will help you to shape up and gain confidence. Now, unfortunately, I will not be there to train you at the gym like we agreed, but this should give you a head start.

Now, there’s a pair of underwear, sweat pants, and a sweatshirt. These are no ordinary clothes. Put them on before bed and leave them on for at least 8 hours straight. They will start the second you fall asleep.

And this is a one and done thing. They will be gone when you wake up. You will see what I’m talking about in the morning. And one last thing, the effects stay with you permanently. Don’t worry; it’s only meant for you to get a head start for the gym. So, that is all the time I have to make this letter. By the time you are reading this, who knows where I am. But just remember, have fun, and be confident in your actions. Be a leader.


Connor Terranova

I place the letter down and take a deep breath. Wow. So, Connor is gone. Totally out of reach—well, at least for now. It is a shame. Of course, all of the good ones are from another dimension.

Now, I guess there’s only one more thing to do. Time to examine these clothes.

The pair of underwear, boxers to be more specific, is neon green and looks like it would fit me just right. I feel kind of embarrassed even about thinking of me wearing it.

The sweatpants, which is just a plain gray color, looks super large. Don’t know what that is about. I place them on my bed, revealing the entirety of the pale blue sweatshirt, folded up nicely.

I have to admit, I was a little worried about wearing the sweatshirt all night, but it’s a nice light material.

I have no idea what will happen in the morning, but whatever it is, it will be epic. I strip down and pull on the boxers, sweatpants, and sweatshirt. Now all I have to do is sleep. I don’t know how easy that will be.

I awoke to sunlight pouring through the blinds and shining in my eyes. I roll over to shield my eyes into my pillow. I always sleep in on Saturdays. Who knows what time it is, but I refuse to open my eyes to look at the clock. Until I remember last night. Screw sleeping in.

I open my eyes, sitting up in bed. I am completely naked. Who knows what happened to the clothes that I put on last night. Wow. Was Connor not kidding. I yank off the sheets, revealing my new toned body. Any doubt that Connor was lying, or just plain crazy, dissolve into the back of my mind, forgotten.

Let me take a real look, and get out of bed. So, there I am, standing in my room, in my new birthday suit. And man, am I not disappointed.

My stomach is flat. Like, I mean, FLAT. There is no fat there what-so-ever. AT ALL. NONE. I usually have suck in my stomach to hide my belly, but I don’t have to do that now. I even see abs rippling down my chest. I feel them. They are pretty toned. My hands move up toward my chest. Same thing. My pecs feel fuller. Tighter. Denser. This is…well… new.

I am very tight looking and streamlined. I lift my shoulders, amazed about my new hard chest. My abs are even more defined now, and I run my hands down my chest. It feels as if my abs are armor, living armor, that are protecting my stomach. I suck in my stomach and watch my abs follow.

This is crazy. I grab a new tee shirt and put it on. It is kind of hard to do. I feel like I am stretching it. My shirt is essentially skin tight, leaving nothing to imagination. For the next ten minutes, I just stand there, in my room, moving my arms around, feeling the fabric of my newly tight tee shift strain and stretch.

I soon realize my legs, and how sturdy and heavy they feel. It makes sense, I need more powerful legs to hold up my new mass.

And now that I examine it closer, my dick seems larger too. I swing my hips back and forth, letting my dick gently wag to and fro. Yup, definitely larger. Oh Connor, what a pleasant surprise.

Oh Connor. Wherever you are, thank you. This is amazing.

After putting on a clean pair of boxers, I ready some breakfast and flip on the tv. Of course, I forgot about the 4k HD tv until I saw the monster on the wall. And I even have the special 4k tv channels. I settle on the news and relax. After all, it is a little early. 8AM.

After watching the morning news, I take a closer look at my new 4k tv. It seems larger than last night. I run my fingers along the side of the screen. It almost looks like it is a darker color—closer to black instead of the dark gray color that it was last night. And the cable box is in a different place. I begin to notice small changes with my new tv, but I quickly dismiss them because it was dark in the apartment last night. It is probably nothing.

I take a shower. And I take my sweet time, feeling all of my new features. And by ‘sweet time’, I mean like a half an hour. I let the water run down my chest and back. I no longer feel flat, but thick. I feel my new width thanks to my larger pecs and meatier back. I think my cock will never get used to this. Total waste of water, but it was worth it.

After stroking my larger cock for a few minutes, I put on some fresh clothes. I decide to go for a run at the park down the street. Normally, I can’t run for more than, I don’t know, 5 minutes. But now, I don’t know the exact time, but I can run for a while.

On my way back to my apartment, I catch sight of Connor’s navy blue 4x4 truck. It’s strange that it is still here, but then again, who would really move it? I wonder where and how Connor is doing right about now.

Back at the apartment, I decide to take another shower to wash off the sweat. But after reaching for the bar of soap on the shelf after I rinse myself off, I feel a burst of dizziness, but only for a second. I try to wave it off, but my skin begins to itch and burn. Subtle at first, then becoming more painful. I jerk backward, my feet losing their grip on the wet shower floor, and I slide to the floor. The pain from my irritated skin hides the fresh pain of my fall.

Frantic, I reach for the shower thermostat, twisting it to cold, in hopes of cooling down my now fiery red skin. I scream out in agony, wanting the burn to diminish. It even feels like it is growing to a climax. The shower water is ice cold by now, but I can’t even feel it.

I need to get to my phone. Dial 911. It’s even hard to breathe. I am just taking short breathes. Could this be sun poisoning? Still sitting on the shower floor being drenched in cold water, the room begins to spin. Faster and faster. I don’t think I can get up.

Is this the end? What is happening to me?

I feel quick, sharp pains all over my body, forcing me to close my eyes. I scream out again, but this time, the burn dissipates. And the dizziness. And the pain. The ice cold water from the shower is still raining down on me and I shiver, feeling it for the first time. I pound on the shower controls to shut off the water.

I take a breather. What the hell… and I look down at myself. I was too distracted before to notice, but I now am wearing the plain gray sweatpants and pale blue sweatshirt from last night. They are with cold water and I frantically pull them off my body. But Connor said in his letter that these clothes will disappear forever after I use them.

The pair of neon green boxers is also stretched around my waist.

It’s time to get out of this fucking shower. As I stand up, I feel totally normal. Strange. As if the past burns and pains never happened. But as I look at myself in the mirror, still wearing the green boxers, I am different. Bigger.

I am bigger. Much bigger. Twice as big. Like those guys who walk around the beach and think they’re all that because of how big they are. I even grew a few inches. I look like I’m 6-foot, 6-foot-2 even.

This time, my pecs push out further and form a deep gorge in between them. My abs are perfectly formed and push out. Everything is tight. Ultra-tight. I grew more. I could easily be compared to Connor’s physique. And not to mention by cock is a monster now. I place my hands on it. It must be like 10 inches by now.

Was this supposed to happen? Connor did not say anything about this in the letter.

I close my eyes, feeling myself up and down. Reveling in the new compact feeling. My new mass, supported by my newly powerful legs, feels strange and foreign to me. I turn to view my back in the mirror, which has a perfect V shape to it. I mean, aside from the worrying thoughts I have about the recent events, I am kinda excited about my new figure.

The sound of my growling stomach snaps me back into focus. I think I need some food in me. I don’t know what just happened, but I think it has something to do with Connor’s miracle clothes. I don’t think that was meant to happen. The clothes he gave me were meant to disappear, yet, somehow, there they are, laying on the floor of my bathroom, soaked.

I grab a towel, dry myself off—feeling the new mass around my body—and walk naked over to the fridge, examining what to chow down on for lunch.

The mirror hanging in my living room reflects my new muscle self back at me, and I stand there, cock hardening. My stomach growls again. I walk over and flip on the tv so I can properly enjoy my lunch, but the tv is all snow. Which is strange, considering it was working beautifully this morning. After deciding to turn it off, the most peculiar thing happens. It appears as if… as if the tv screen is brightening and then darkening.

I have never seen anything like this… especially on a turned off tv. As I get closer, of course it stops. Was it just my imagination? Is the longer than usual run getting to me? Could it be my eyes playing trucks on me? I cross my arms, my newly muscular arms, which nearly distracts me, but I stay focused and wait for the anomaly to happen again.

Just before I give up and return to lunch, it happens again. But my closer examination of the tv makes my jaw drop. The tv screen is not brightening and darkening. THE TV—the whole thing, the wires, screen, cable box, everything, is fading in and out. It’s as if it is deciding if it is real of not. And then it stops.

What is happening? Is it because Connor placed this TV here?

You know, the tv does look different then when I looked at it last night. Do you think… no.

Is the distorted tv related to me gaining more mass? Is both the tv and myself becoming more distorted? Or altered? Maybe because Connor is no longer in this dimension?

I am lost in thought for a few moments until the tv begins to fade again, only this time, a lot more violently. More or less, it is blinking in and out of existence. Like one second it is there, and the next second I blink and it is gone. Just gone. I stand in silence, watching. Shocked. Amazed. I have never seen a solid object, just blink in and out, as if I was in the matrix and the game is glitching. And then it just stops existing. It is then when I totally forgot about my steaming lunch sitting on my granite countertop.

I stand, mouth wide open, standing in front of a blank wall. The wall that used to house my tv. It’s just gone. My tv is gone.

My mind begins to race, and so does my heart. Beating a million mikes a second. Was that supposed to happen? No, right? Connor wouldn’t do this… I’m pacing the living room floor, hands on my stomach, feeling queasy. If that happened to the 4k ultra HD tv that Connor replaced for me with his reality altering abilities… and now it is gone, along with my original tv…

What is going to happen to me? I frantically rub my hands up and down the sides of my body, as if to confirm the fact that I still exist. My mind shifts into over drive. If that happened to the tv, what is gonna happen to me?

What do I do now? I look at the clock. Noon. Four hours since my alteration to my body. And the 4k tv lasted for…17 hours. So, I only have… 13. If it works the same way.

13 more hours to figure this out before I cease to exist. I stop pacing in front of the mirror that is hung on the wall. I stare into my eyes, feeling my heart pounding—hearing it pumping blood throughout my new body—the sound deafening.

What is gonna happen to me if I don’t figure this out?


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